> There’s currently no way to respec characters, so choose your allocations wisely.LOL

> There’s currently no way to respec characters, so choose your allocations wisely.LOL

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>>523375651Cause the game isn't out yet

>>523375651Everytime I hear news about this game it just keeps getting shittier and shittier.

>>523375651Level cap at launch is 150, no way anybody has hit that right?

>>523375651>respec when you can unlock alll skillsretard

That sounds like shit that can be fixed. All these live service games can launch shit and end up just fine later like Sea of Thieves. But what you can't fix is how fucking ugly it is.

>>523376375No one plays SOT anymore...>>523376375

>>523376487That's because you can't play it solo because Rare is Raretarded.

>>523376205According to the trophy list, no one has done it yet on PS4.

This game looks fucking terrible, but I'm still buying it because I have fucking nothing else to play, worst case scenario I refund it and wipe my hands of it. I'd feel more shameful about it, but I just witnessed people going nuts about paying $60 for ports of games that play better on emulators.

>>523375651That’s like Diablo, or Fable (I think)Give great care as to where you place your points or what feats you develop, because there’s no going back ...

>>523376105Careful, the capeshits have been on edge ever since some tranny made a video making fun of the game.

>>523375651The multiplayer doesn't work anyway so who cares

>>523375651Does anybody even care about this game?

>>523376262>>respec when you can unlock alll skillsBut you can't unlock all the skills. That's something they even admitted to when promoting the game, and even shilled it as a positive "Your Black Widow/Hulk/Thor/Iron Man/etc won't play the same as somebody elses Black Widow/Hulk/Thor/Iron Man/etc". Why would they let everyone unlock all the skills?

>>523376852bro don't you'll kill all prospects of a future deus ex

>>523377651All prospects of a future Deus Ex died with that awful Mankind Divided game.

>>523375651just hope they're faster than bethesduh was with fallout 76 and don't wait two fucking years to add it

>>523377763hardly, the game didn't meet expectations but still turned a profit. if marvel licensing wasn't on the cards they probably would have done a lower budget sequel.

What do you even do in this game?I've seen damage numbers and skill points or some shit.. So it's an RPG? Is there any depth to it at all? Can you make really over the top and fancy "builds"? What's the online like? What do you do online? What do you do in singleplayer?

get this capeshit out of my face

>>523377763This Avengers game has a lot of the bad things in Mankind Divided but turned up to 11

No Respec is based. Makes you actually think out what you want to build. Many old games did it like that.The issue here is that's it's in a shit game like like so therefor it's completely wasted because no one is going to buy this pile of shit.

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>>523378164its like destinyso its terrible

>can't make your own hero with their custom superpowers making them unique>have to play as some generic shityawn. missed a big opportunity there. making your own superhero would actually make me consider pirating this.

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>>523376375Why does it look so ugly, why does it look like I'm playing a 720p game stretched to 1080p instead of just 1080p. Yes I have dynamic resolution turned off, yes I realize 1080p is a poorfag resolution these days. The whole game just looks blurry.

>>523377530You can unlock all of the skills but some of the skills have 3 options that you can swap from. I'm playing Hulk first and already unlocked most of his skills.

>>523378585Something to do with TSAA, or whatever. One looks better than the other.

>>523378413Just play DCU Online.

>>523378413Play DCUO or CoH or something.

>>523379478>playing DCUO when City of Heroes private servers exist

I don't feel like re-typing it and copy-pasting is gay>>523273356tl;dr This game has perfected Shield Throwing I could give a fuck about the rest. And yes you can spec all skills retards

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>>523379554i rather not play with socially needy fat old white men who spend their time talking about wanting to fuck their close friends daughters while they barely even get full erections anymore.

>>523380269what the fuck are you talking about

>>523380176Post a video. Fucking people on Twitch make this game look like ass because they all suck.Still waiting for someone skilled or at least not retarded to play this game.

Why do I never see anyone playing Thor?It's always Captain America, That Muslim Chick and IronMan

>chAracter progression choices are meaningfulMuch more of an rpg that anything else this year then

>>523378261No, it exists to artificially pad out playtime as the player has literally no idea what abilities will and will not scale effectively based on the levels, enemies, scenarios, and gear options presented with them. You can only truly think out your build once you've finished the game, because thats the only time you have all of the necessary info.

>>523380887Cap's the best, Kamala a cute and Tony is a fan favorite

>>523381415So Thor sucks?

>>523381196How exactly does that "pad' out player time? That doesn't at all affect the time it would take the player to finish the game, nor does it affect post-game play.

If they launched with more Avengers this game would have bigger hype. I'd rather play lego Marvel>>523380621I just pulled up Critical's stream and he fucking sucks at the game.

can you turn off screen shake? I saw some guy playing hulk and I got a headache

>>523380319sounds like he's projecting

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It just feels wrong to see Hulk do a small amount of damage to a human enemy just because he's undergeared

Holla Forums still crying?

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>>523381748Honestly kind of like playing as hulk the least, I feel like I have the toughest time living as him.

what the fuck are the stats in this. i had higher stats with lower level gear but equiped a higer power level gear with lower overal stats but it made me do more damage????????????????????????????????/


Can kamala change the size of her vagina bones?

>>523381894BASED cosmetic

>>523380176its called Shield Slash not Shield Throw!

>>523376205I'm having trouble breaking 53.

>>523375651why would there need to be a way to respec when you can get every skill

>>523378585>1080p is a poorfag resolution these days?

>>523383512It's been like 10 years since 1080p was the standard

>>523377530you should try playing the game instead of parroting some eceleb

>>523381696lol how stupid

>>523382141the whole concept of gear 'power' is retarded and I hate how this is a thing now, it makes no fucking sense to mereminds me of anthem had level 1 gear that was the strongest gear since they fucked up gear scaling

>>523378164I wanna say its like Warframe I guess, since that was the only comparison I could make. I couldn't tell you if it's just as grindy though, but it was definitely grindy as hell.Game didn't really hook me as much as I hoped it would.

>>523375651>the option to respec for $0.99 will be available in a future update.

>>523380887Kamala is unironically good. Her basic attacks are AoE, her hardest hitting combo can be spammed from the air so she's safe from melee, her intrinsic is an auto-evade with a self heal, she can spam parries even with no energy. And Embiggen is probably the strongest ultimate in the game.

>>523377530>"Your Black Widow/Hulk/Thor/Iron Man/etc won't play the same as somebody elses Black Widow/Hulk/Thor/Iron Man/etc". Why would they let everyone unlock all the skills?See the skills with the checkboxes? You can only pick one of those skills with the boxes from each column, so unless someone picks the exact same skills as you do their character won't play the sameso for example someone might have their thor set up so that when he flies in he does an AOE, someone else might have his thor that shoots lighting while he flies, etc. It's not super deep customization but it's something

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>>523382993You know what user, you are correct I should have known better I main Cap in UMvC3

>>523384109I haven't bought the game and I only played the beta. Isn't there enough skill points to buy all of them? The level cap is 150 which sounds absurd but each level gives you a point doesn't it? Also can you show the entire skill tree for ironman, hulkbuster felt disappointing to play so I'm hoping he has some unlockable skills.

>>523384109Can ALL skills be unlocked?



>>523375651>respec in a game where you can actually acquire all of the skills in the treeokay buddy

>>523384109So the skill trees are completely different from the beta?


>>523375651>here's your Avengers bro

>>523387908>>523388102Yeah you can unlock every skillhulkbuster gets a few more attacks from the hulkbuster skill tree, the skills didn't sound good enough for me to blow 5 skill points on it before other things>>523389389no the beta only had the primary skill tree and that tree didn't change on any character

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