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>>523375524Gears died after 2.

>>523375524A GIANT... WORM???

>>523375640What? 3 was the best one lmao

*puts fingers on earANYA


>>523375852>le epic buff carmine>shits on the story the first two games spent building up>worse horde modeNo.

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>>523375524"Anya, did you get that? It's a giant worm! They're sinking cities with a giant fucking worm!"


>>523376060>dtbf everyone in gears is buff its jsut their new armor had nothing covering the armsstory was fine, cope

>>523376060>>worse horde modeStop lying on the internet


>>523376060Horde mode was fine. Campaign wasn't. For me best multiplayer mode is in Judgment where you can play as Locust monsters. Even Judgment has more interestign single player than 3.

>>523376060>le epic buff carmineso?>shits on the story the first two games spent building uphow?

>>523376060>shits on the story the first two games spent building upWhat was shit on? There was never some meticulously plotted out overarching plot, they just made shit up

Enter Locust Chadnadier

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>>523376710Beast mode was in 3 as well?

>>523376060>le epic buff carmineImagine being upset that the older Carmine is actually bigger than his younger brothers. Also, he had practically no bearing on the story and only did two relatively cool things.>shits on the story the first two games spent building upIn what fucking way? The first game established that the Locust are bad and hinted that they have a queen. The second game built on that by heavily implying that they were mutated humans who were fighting against lambent locust and also hinted that Adam Fenix played a larger role than anybody knew. The third game delivered on all of that you massive faggot.

>>523376848No. Only inovation was horde mode with Brumbacks, Reavers or defences.

>>523376060>Buff man bad You literally make no sense

>>523376848>>523377272Beast mode was on 3 too

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>>523378362Beast mode was criminally underrated. I wish it made a comeback but was longer instead of 12 rounds

>>523376060>how to spot a sony faggot larping (easy mode)

>>523376060>zoomer doesn't remember voting to save or kill based carmineend yourself mane

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>>523378604>>523378493>>523378240>>523377026>>523376785>>523376776>>523376710>>523376635>>523376391Jokes on all of you, I never even played 3. Thanks for the (You)'s.

>people trying to do the old veterans liking always the first and second game but not the thirdWhy is it always like this bros?

>>523376060 I agree with this guy. Two has a better campaign because its not design around 4 player coop so the levels aren't empty barren wastelands

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>>523378946The campaign is unironically worse.My opinion is 100% objective and fact because the only games I feel nostalgia for are 1 and 2 because my 360 RRoD before 3 came out, I played it the entire series again this year when I bought an xbone x.It goes 1>2>judgment>3>>>>>>>>>>>>>4>5

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>>523375524It's pretty cool that the worm's carcass houses a village now

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>>523379262>judgment>better than anything

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>>523379559You can suck on my nuts you fucking piece of shit.People Can Fly has literally never made a bad game. They've made games nobody likes, but they aren't bad.Suck my dick and choke on it

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>>523376060typical le contrarian bait

>>523378362Really? I played on xbox with RGH. Maybe it was in update but i really don't remember playing it in 3. Ok.

>>523380352It was always there at launch but after a while hardly anybody touched it which made getting the savage Theron skin a bitch

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>>523378953better mp maps too. fuck esports and their symmetric maps with no barricade spots

>>523376060Clayton was great, fuck off.Anthony was still my favorite, but Benny had the best arc. And worst death, goddamn.New trilogy Carmines are okay but seem to be stuck in a rut of trying to be different but still playing up the old Carmine memes.

>>523375524Gears 1-3 had a certain charm to it, it's a dead franchise now tho

>>523378362>>523378465Overrun or whatever the Beast Mode vs Horde Mode thing was called was the only good part of Judgement.

>>523376814Oh hey sup bro, wanna hit the gym get some bacon and then fuck some whores?

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>>523380943I mean, yeah. The story was about her. It was supposed to be. Her grandmother was the fucking locust queen, that's interesting and that twist was one of the biggest highlights of the shitshow that was 4. She wasn't even bad as a protagonist but the advertising was awful though.

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>>523375524what killed gears bros, I miss it

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>>523381352>What killed gears brosThe guy that got fired and recently as a result brought it back from an untimely demise. Gears 5's campaign was pretty good, horde mode is shit until they let us play as whoever we want to though.

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>>523380943At what point did you realize she's just Rey?>Grandparent is the final boss of the original trilogy>Friends with a black guy>Forms a bond with a hero form the original trilogy (Han for Rey and Marcus for Kait)>Romantically involved with hero's son (Marcus tells JD in 4 he's got an interesting girlfriend and he doesn't deny it but when he goes full edge they probably broke it off)

>>523379680>he actually liked bulletstorm and judgement

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>>523381504Having similar plot points doesn't make her Rey. If she were Rey she'd be solving all of her problems just by believing she could do it and pulling a lancer out of her ass and Not failing to save her comerade

>>523381504>>523380943I honestly don't mind Kait. It wasn't the most elegant solution, but she was a pretty good way to reopen the various Locust plot threads that Gears 2 set up but 3 utterly failed to deliver on because Cliffy B decided he wanted to be a lefty faggot and make a commentary on how OIL IS THE REAL MONSTER U GAIZ while also dickriding the zombie fad.

>>523381206Sure thing bro

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>>523381449They honestly need to fix how they do character unlocks and make achievements fun again. Both are fuckin grindfest

>>523381719>Cliffy B decided he wanted to be a lefty faggot and make a commentary on how OIL IS THE REAL MONSTER U GAIZ while also dickriding the zombie fad.If imulsion wasn't heavily implied to be the source of Sera's problems from Gears 1 I have no idea how you'd miss that>>523381813Lets go to Waffle House or just some local joint bro? Ill drive.

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>>523381927The lambent civil had been a thing since at least Gears 2 and imulsion has always been bad, sure, but turning it into full on zombie virus bullshit when you had all those unexplained Locust plot points (why were the Locust temples thousands of years old if Locust were made in a lab a few generations ago, for example) was clearly just done to capitalize on the zombie hype of the time. Which is why I'm glad Gears 5 delved into some of that. And quite frankly I don't know how anyone was surprised that 5 would be focused on Kait after the way 4 ended. Mostly I'm just pissed we didn't get any JD/Fahz chapters to explain the complete 180 their characters took between the secret lab chapter and the UIR ruins chapter.

>>523382356>chapters to explain the complete 180 their characters took between the secret lab chapter and the UIR ruins chapter.One could easily argue they realized they were dicks before and apologized. It would have been better to explain why JD came to that conclusion but someone who admits they fucked up is more interesting and likeable than someone who is stubborn about it.

>>523382594Oh trust me, I don't mind the 180 one bit, but I wanted to see what made the two such fast friends. It also would've made a nice contrast to the more experimental and exploratory open world chapters of Kait and Del if we alternated between more traditional linear chapters with JD and Fahz. The campaign needed some sort of (meaningful) padding as it ended way too fucking fast.

>>523381635Dog must be sniffing itself because this picture is cringe

>>523383070This I can agree on. I beat Act 4 and when it cut to credits I said, "wait...thats it?" It was a short but sweet campaign but it did need more.

>>5233792625 is better than 4 though


>>5233832084 is better just because of the aspho fields scene at the beginning. That part alone is better than all of 5

>>523383093 Based

>>523380943DId the lead writer get fired between act 2 and 3? Because Act 3 plays completely different than Act 2 in terms of story. Or was it just backlash to the whole "JD is the bad guy now" preview?

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>>523375524that sounds fucking stupid what happened to the Locusts?

>>523378604this was my first experience with game devs working with the community and i loved it

>>523383421>>523383547All your Base

>>523383579I legit think JD centric content got scrapped. Sort of like the scrapped Gears 3 content that turned up in Judgement or that alternate "stealth" chapter got scrapped in 2.


>>523383421>>523383862>>523383626>>523383547Its Based on this




>Classic Marcus>Classic Dom>Classic Baird>No classic ColeWhy?

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>>523381635What's not to like about bulletstorm?



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>>523375524Gears was always boring desu. Barely managed to finish the first. Started 2, got bored. Never touched 3.


>>523384868>>523385268>>523385412>>523384786>>523384371>>523383956>>523383862>>523383626>>523383547>>523383421>>523384039>Based Based




>>523376848Pretty sure he's talking about Overrun. I only played the demo but I had a lot of fun with it.

>>523376060le epic buff carmine was the best idea, they just massively failed to execute it in-game.

>>523386490>>523386469>>523386437>>523386378>>523386043>>523385523>>523385412Samefag samefaging in samefag thread


>>523386697Here's your you

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>>523386876>>523386798>>523386697>>523386490>>523386469>>523386437>>523386469samefag with photoshop

>>523375640As per a couple trilogies that generation, great initial entry marred by some tech issues and growing pains trying to do new things followed up by a second entry with incredible tech and visuals but lacking the creative vision or spark that made the first one so good, but still a solid entry.Both the perfect Gears of War and Mass Effect games don't exist because they would be some combination of the tech/graphics from 2 and, and the game systems and story from 1.Ultimate Edition does probably fulfill that but it doesn't really count when the game's been out for 10 years already. Not quite as mind-blowing.The third entries can be ignored for both.


>>523375524How to bring back 00's, feels?




>>523376060>shits on the story the first two games spent building upexplain yourself

>>523387529>Seeing The Departed in theaters>This comes plays in the

>>523376848He's referring to Overrun in Judgment where it was PVP COG vs Locust AI + Locust Players horde mode.

>>523381719The Imulsion thing was already set up in the end of 2, though. I don't get you retards, I really don't.



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>>523388082see >>523382356Embarrassing to call others retards when you can't even follow a simple reply chain.

>>523375524Has it ever been explained what the cause of Sera's weird ass weather is? Razor hail and whatever fucking thing they included in 4 or 5 I forget the name of. Also while I get that Locust are an offshoot of humanity that doesn't really explain how they have multiple races completely separate from each other (With only one example of a true Locust female) or their symbiotic relationship with the worm, reavers, Brumaks,Seeders and the spider things. And then 2 said that the Kryll essentially lived in the Hollow and that E-Day is ultimately what let them out and that they got massacred by the Lightmass bomb, but how did the Locust survive being trapped in the dark ass Hollows with them for that long? They use torches and shit for the most part and clearly have to be used to light since all of them (besides the Berserker which I assume is blinded at birth to make reproduction easier) aren't near blind.

>>523386378Copy that Delta, based on what?

>>523385293On hardcore mode, right?

>>523383507it shit all over the book. we couldve had a vaguely stealth mission with the commando squad and a crazy boat/helo

I don't cling to the past and make excuses over aesthetic differences. The best Gears is the one that currently has an active playerbase.

>>523390379Nice try user. You're going to have to try harder than that though.

>>523389790I meant that I barely managed to finish it because it was so dull, not that it was too hard.