Why did they remove the iconic colors?

Why did they remove the iconic colors?

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>>523375509YEAH colors are for children, like nintendo

>>523375509Why does every person that had hand on experience with it say it feels awful to use?

>>523375509>iconic colors>on the least iconic controller

>>523375509It is spelt ‘colour’. And it is so Sony can sell you a classic controller later on.

>>523375509They will sell them back to you in the form of another $80 controller. Even hardware has dlc now

>>523375509So they can sell it back to you as limited edition throwback controllers. Duh.

Trying to be apple. Aka souless

>>523375673>colourSwallow semen, bongoloid.

Color doesn't provide for a deep and mature cinematic experience.

>>523375673>outing yourself as a europoor


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>>523375509>iconic colors?What are you a fag?

>>523375673You lost the right to condemn American English when you got eternally BTFO by Colonials and the French

>>523375509minimalism is the new meme, fuck /gd/

>>523375509To appeal to modern faggy sensibilities to make everything look like an Apple product.

>>523375673You got your smug condescension loicense current?

To sell DS5 variations for 80 dollars after a couple of months with "classic look".I will be waiting for a while to see if PS5 is worth or not, and if i care i will be buy a 3rd party controller, because fuck DS after 2.

>>523375509Ink doesn't grow on trees kid

>>523375673Will the eternal anglo ever stop seething?

>>523375509Real answer: Colorblindness is a huge concern these days, so keeping the default buttons monochrome helps when button prompts come up in games. Nintendo went the monochrome buttons route two generations ago and they've kept it up ever since.

Vita did it years ago, but I understand why you would forget since no one bought it

>>523376563>implying they aren't using ink to print the symbol on the acrylic

>>523375631Zero people have said that

>>523375509Colors are for videogames.

Unironically looks better even some ds4 got rid of the colors

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>>523375631Because there's no excuse for using a controller in 2020. Fighting games are for subhumans, and platformers are better with a responsive keyboard.

>>523375509Because minimalism is the epic trend

>>523376894Bullshit. Show me one PlayStation game whose button prompts are colors without discernable shapes.

>>523376894I still prefer color code buttons, but I feel its more okay with the letter labeled buttons.When I first used a PS controller after mostly playing Nintendo/Xbox, it took me a bit to get it into muscle memory hitting buttons labeled by Shape, and the colors are what help solidify the recognition.

>>523375880I like you


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>>523375673In Britain, it's اللون

>>523375509RGB lights when you press them.

>>523377324How is it minimalist, the thing looks massive and the design screams Windows Vista era reject.

>>523375509Because we aren’t allowed to have fun anymore. Things are regressing.

>>523375509>OMG why did they remove the colors!?!?. Mommy Sony pls bring back the colors!!

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>>523376894>because some people are color blind we all need to sufferFuck you.

>>523375509japan hate trannies but sell them cosoles anyway

>mfw Americans say herb with a silent H.

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>>523377015They might actually be laser engraved on the back of the button, which would explain the lack of color.

>>523377917Wait, am I not suppose to say herb with an H?

It's probably because of accessibility for colorblind people meaning that the prompts in games just have to be the shape anyways. As is, there are a lot of Ps1-2 games that don't even use the color in tutorials. I personally like them, but it is not surprising when the shapes have more direct impact for most people.>Jump and press the O buttonvs>Jump and press the red button

>>523377908Playstation 5 isn't a japanese console.

>>523377275looks sexy

>>523375509>white good>colors bad

>>523375673seething americans ahead, friendobut remember, they speak english, so when they insult us they insult themselves

Why wont these cunts release the controller ahead of the console so i can get one for my PC already.

>>523378329No game has even said the red button

>>523377929fair enough. Looks like it's cheaper than printing it

>>523378329It doesn't really matter for the controller since nobody looks at it while playing games, they better keep the control prompts with color tho, symbol + color is proven to be far superior for recognition

>>523378684>it took conquering an entire continent to get away from you mouth breathers long enough for us to fix the flaws in the English language that you still use to this day


It's not like the color blind couldn't tell what the shape was even if it were colored so I don't see why they would leave out the color.

>>523375509Well at least the symbols won't disappear with time. Specially if you're a sweatfag

>>523375509>Why did they remove the iconic colors?so later on they can make 'classic theme' controllers for 79.99 plus tax plus tip

>>523375509Why is it not another dualshock is the better question

>>52337996130th anniversary soon

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>tfw colorblindCan someone explain what seeing purple is like... I know it’s often regarded as a female color. I just wonder what a brand new color must look like. Someone try to explain it

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>>5233755091) Cheaper for them to do 1 color and2) So they can bring them back and sell you a Throwback Edition one in a few years.

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>>523375673>>523377917>>523378684>>523379193A lot of American English is actually closer to 17th/18th Century British English than modern British English is. You guys changed a ton of spelling and pronunciation after we left, and there used to be regional dialects in Britain that sounded quite similar to modern American English but they were mostly wiped out after radio and TV standardized British English. A lot of "American" terms are obsolete British ones that go back to Middle English too, like "fall" instead of "autumn." Oh, and then there are things where both countries used two different spellings or pronunciations interchangeably and then settled on one or the other, like tire/tyre.

>>523380578it's like a dark bluish pink color.

>>523380578It's like blue except higher frequency

>>523380578You can't accurately convey a color to the colorblind any more than you can make up a new color in your head you haven't seen before.

>>523380578Purple is a top tier color. Get a pair of those colorblind glasses.

Someone said they light up the iconic colors when the controller turns on. Is that true?

>>523380908I want to. I seen some videos of people putting them on and I really want to see myself

>>523375509Because it would look retarded on white controller

>>523379219>>523375631Postt a source

>>523375509colors are for kids, thats the reason this console has the 3 most mature colors white/black/blue.

>>523375673you fucking weirdos are the sole reason why they spell water fucking ウォーター on the labels in Japan instead of the goddamn plainly obvious ワーター and I will never forgive the butchery of your own language that you routinely commit nor the international atrocities it has caused

>>523380578Also colorblind and got some of those Enchroma glasses as a gift. I'm red green colorblind and seeing purple for the first time was fucking nuts man.

>>523382023>ワーターNo, the former is a lot closer to the actual pronunciation.

>>523375509Gradual homogeny of producys

>>523376894>Colorblindness is a huge concern these daysTo whom?

>>523375993>>outing yourself as a europoor

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>>523376894You're full of shit. I'm colorblind and work in a field where we have to make design decisions based off of colorblindness and being ADA compliant. it's 100% about contrast and not about "having colors" or not

>>523375509Because epic gamer time is serious business

>>523375509people remember them more by names than color like cross and oh

>>523375509Insider here They didn’t. The colors show up as a light display within the symbols You’re welcome


>>523382246This. The other user is a retard who doesn't know how hepburn works.


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>>523375673it is spelled spelled

>>523383275this thing is going to have a 2-hour battery life

--523377305>M+KB>Platformers>Racing>Puzzle>RPG>Sports>Action AdventureWhat a fucking idiot. Actually I'm going out of my way to make sure this post doesn't get a (You).

>>523375673British English is fast becoming irrelevant. You lost your empire and withing a generation or two you'll lose your language.

>>523383451Anything is preferable to So*y d-pads. Not that playing 2D platformers on a keyboad is bad anyway.>>523377305Here's the (You) the zoomer owes you.

>>523380424>30th anniversary soon>born the same year the ps1 releasedThanks for making me feel old

>>523375509minimalism is soulless as fuck

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>>523380578its like seeing black with red mixed in and its nice and rich and pure

>>523375509Copying Nintendo as usual.

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>>523384378Why do you even need battery life to watch a movie?

>>523375509ONE RACE

>>523375509soulless modern minimalism, the end goal is for everything to just be monochrome featureless spheres

>>523382246If you got a funny bong accent, sure.

>>523375804I like to call this aesthetic "tech brutalism" (specifically from non-apple entities since they always do an even worse job of it). You could argue that 90s beigemania was more brutalist, but at least back then creators weren't as afraid of adding punches of color or weird shaping.

>>523384985>RPG>controller>oh boy i sure love using half my abilities and taking forever in menus>action adventure>controller>oh boy i sure love having the camera point at random directionsembarrassing