This game is hard and unmerciful for a modern Mario game, I don't know how reviewers or newer players will react to it

This game is hard and unmerciful for a modern Mario game, I don't know how reviewers or newer players will react to it.

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ITs not hard, its just poorly designed so it has a few difficulty spikes sprinkled here and there but the levels are difficult because they either control poorly or are handled in a wonky fashion. Most modern Mario games also save the harder stuff for the end game.

Expect rage over sandbird and pachinko.100%ing it is pretty rough too without using a guide due to the Blue Coins. I went years and years before finding all the ones in Noki Bay.

>>523375025literally stop moving for 1 second and slow down

>>523375025Hardest part of the game is that the camera can be a massive cunt, but you'll get used to it eventually.

>>523375025When you barley touch the stick, Mario moves too much.Sunshine controls are not great.

>>523375238This, there's not real difficulty, it's just that the game has a lot of instant-fail segments where Mario can't touch a surface or generally obtuse elements.

>>523375025I can't fucking jump on those mushrooms in pianta village

Will Nintendo fix the glitch that makes it so you don't have to wait 5 minutes for a boat so that you can bring Yoshi?

>>523375267True story here, I did pachinko on my first try

>>523375267Even with a guide I had to use a YouTube walkthrough to find all the Noki Bay coins. The blue coins in general were a pain because the game stops and prompts you to save every time you get one; it always made me feel like I had done something wrong.The Pachinko level is just plain bad.

Why does everyone hate the Pachinko level? It used to be my favorite as a kid, and only takes a couple lives at most.

>>523375025Blue Coins will send people screaming into the streets once they realize there's no way to check which ones are exclusive to which shines.

>>523375267sandbird is easy its that leaf poison river one

They'll give it a 10 because they know not to upset your cult, don't worry about it

I'd love for you guys try and play any game posted on /vst/ if you think Mario Sunshine is too hard.

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>>523377968Most people struggle with babyshit, rampant casualization happens for a reason. Strategy games are wtf-this-is-for-nerds-and-nolifes-tableflip tier.

It's only hard for 100% completion 'cause of blue coins and a few bullshit secret courses, rest of the game is fine. Most people don't even 100% games.

>>523377502Asking you to save made you feel you did something wrong? Why?

>>523377801I'm really hoping they take the opportunity address this issue.Otherwise, I'm expecting the Switch version will at best be a straight port of the Gamecube version with maybe>High-resolution higher bitrate video cutscenes>The option to skip these cutscenes, so you aren't forced to do nothing for five minutes every time you start a new game>Wide screen support, with some things like pause menus or cutscenes adapted>Various small bugfixes>Possibly adjustments/improvements to how paint effects are doneThe game is dropping just two weeks though, so the ROMs are already final.Who knows, maybe the Switch version can be reverse-engineered in some way to backport the improvements/fixes.The game might literally just be a wrapper/emulator like Galaxy on Nvidia shield, with a few higher resolution or filtered HUD elements.It won't fix that the reward for collecting 120 shines is extreme disappointment.

>>523375238>>523377148>it's not hard, it's the games fault not mineLOL

Panchinko level is ez, and if you die during that level you suck

>>523377751Because they suck at it which means the level is bad

I'm a chuckster!*throws you to your death*

>>523378212>Most people don't even 100% games.Mario and Zelda games tend to be the ones that people make more of an effort to 100%, because doing so represents enjoying 100% of the content available.When you consider 100% of the content available in 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, Sunshine is the weakest entry just because of blue coins. Even when considering Galaxy's 242 stars because you're basically just playing the game a second time as a slightly different character.

Funniest part of this game is the filler>Shit, the game is way too short. Add in blue coins>Shit, the game is way too easy. Add in random floating platforming challenges that take away the entire gimmick of the game >Shit, deadline soon. I don't know, just have Mario break a bath tub Bowser is inAnd yet none of it was fixed and never will be. Amazing.

Do you think they'll fix the god-awful boat steering for mt corona?

>>523378551lmao this. never seen it broken down like this but its true. the game was made in 1-2 years and they were butthurt at rare for upstaging them with banjo. they tried to make an epic adventure like banjo tooie but dont have nearly the same talent or designers to make a cohesive world with comprehensive objectives.

>sunshinefags are going to get even more uppity and defensiveCan't Wait

>>523378592It might actually be worse when you consider>No octagonal groove for analogue stick>No analogue triggers on standard controllersI sure as fuck hope that Sunshine has Gamecube Conroller adapter support like Smash Ultimate. This is a rare case that you actually want the Gamecube controller's analogue triggers for F.L.U.D.D. nozzle control.

So people think the hot tub is a bad boss fight now?

>>523375025imagine modern journalists trying to beat the parts with the spinning platforms

>>523377148You mean like bottomless pits or lava? The things that make platfotmers challenging?

>>523378696>they were butthurt at rare for upstaging them with banjo. they tried to make an epic adventure like banjo tooie but dont have nearly the same talent or designers to make a cohesive world with comprehensive objectives.They got the last laugh in 2017, when they made Odyssey which was just a Banjo Kazooie game with a Mario skin.

>>523378875I thought it sucked when I was 12 and still do.

>>523379074uh huh

>>523377148You mean elements that are designed to challenge your platforming ability? Yeah, why would a platforming game have those?Doesn't mean it's not possible to have poorly designed ones though like Chucksters

>>523379023and it was a piece of garbage. oddyssey sucks and nintendo will never able to replicate the charm and intricacy of rares n64 games. they sure will try forever though. mario galaxy 1 isnt so far off

>>523378875Cmon dude it always was. Although to be fair sunshine has some good ones alike king boo and the eel.

>>523379168To be fair, neither will Rare.

>>523378851>I sure as fuck hope that Sunshine has Gamecube Conroller adapter supportSwitch has native support for it, you can use it for every game on the system and the system menus, eshop etc., it treats it like a generic USB controller though so probably treats the analog triggers as digital

>he unironically likes mario sunshine

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>>523378875You basically just Rocket Nozzle over everything, and the only real threat is falling off the rim.

>>523378696Rare was a hollow shell by that point so it really didn't take much to upstage them. Their best years were already behind them.

>>523379284Mario if he dead

>>523378875It was always bad. You don't interact with Bowser or Bowser Jr. at all.The hot tub should have been the intro to the boss fight, not the final boss fight itself. Use the F.L.U.D.D. rocket ground-pounding to prepare the player for a boss fight that actually required this, instead of simply smash five targets.

>>523379261nope. 1996-2001 was a very rare, one time thing. its next to impossible to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

>>523379215I fail to understand what makes it so bad. Dodge some missles, launch into the air to ground pound, get back to the main platform, and dodge the slime. Seems like standard boss fare. It's also hilarious. I can understand not liking it to the extent that you can dislike any boss fight that doesn' fit your tastes, but I fail to see how its objectively bad in any capacity.

>>523379267I mean that's literally what I mean by Gamecube controller support. Smash Ultimate doesn't treat it like a generic USB controller, it recognises that it's a Gamecube controller and supports controller mapping accordingly and independently.

>>523379168Galaxy was boring at its core. Only really fun on a first playthrough because the game was more like a rollercoaster ride. A nice spectacle, but ultimately platforming challenges were way beyond easy, even by Mario standards.

Nigga whatIt's the most forgiving Mario game minus a couple shines

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>>523379004>>523379147He means shit like the squid surfing. Touch anything and you're done. Sometimes.

>>523379348>It was always bad. You don't interact with Bowser or Bowser Jr. at all.Don't see why thats neccesarily bad.

>>5233793831994-2001. DKC games were incredible.


>>523379396Conceptually it's just awful though. You aren't really fighting Bowser, you're surviving environment hazards that scarcely threaten you if you just keep moving around the perimeter.It's an extremely easy boss fight and a dissatisfying conclusion because it's over so quickly.

>>523375025>heh, nothing personal kid

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>>523375025It's aged poorly. Nearly every mission in the game feels like filler, the (lack of a) camera is abysmal, and its just a mediocre slog. Games like Jak and Daxter were outdoing Sunshine a year before release. Hell, Galaxy is just as boring.If the game journalists give the collection a 9/10, or hell even an 8, that'll prove just how much Nintendo bias they have.

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>>523379481it definitely is but it still is very memorable and interesting for that first time. >>523379571im a chad zoomer and dont care for 2d platformers. but i will accept that since they are called some of the best games on the snes

>>523379593Dude Sandbird was not that bad. This fucking board, I swear.

>>523379593Real talkWhy the FUCK do I keep seeing people say that sandbird is hard? Seriously, that shit doesn't even come into my mind when I think of hard things in sunshine. Sandbird was a fucking cakewalk and I can't even imagine how people found it hard.

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>>523379540Consider boss fights in 64, Galaxy, Odyssey, or 2D Marios. They all generally involve trading blows with Bowser, getting up close and finding some unique way to hurt him.Bowser Jr is usually fighting his toys and contraptions, since he's just a child.

>>523379615I mean, the hot tub is more interesting that the 64 boss fight for sure. Oh, grab bowsers tail then throw him a couple times? That's a good boss fight? Just because you vaguely interact with bowser? In sunshine, bowser is still attacking you the entire time. It's just that you are using the enviornment to defeat him. That's fine by me. Additionally, I have seen many people claim its cheap. Is 64's Bowser any harder? I don't think so.

>>523379825I don't know either, user. The watermelon festival is way worse. game is going to be so obnoxious wearing headphones, oh my fucking god.

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>>523379825"it spins and I fall down because I am bad at videogames"

>>523379929Yeah, the only things that come to mind are pachinko, melon, that secret yoshi leaf stage, and maybe chucksters.

>>523379826I mean.... yes they did do those things. I don't see how that makes them any better. I find Sunshine's more interesting than most of those. I think defeating Bowser via enviornment is just as good. And Bowser is still trying to attack you himself. SMB 3 Bowser is defeated via environment unless you bring an attack powerup.

>>523379825The sandbird itself takes a long while to reach the summit, and missing a red coin amounts to failure in what's basically an autoscroller.People who struggle with sandbird struggle with patience or learning from mistakes.>>523379902I still think 64's Bowser battles are better, because they challenge you to manage Bowser's attacks, manage to grab his tail, and then manage to successfully throw him into a bomb, three times in the finale. It takes actual skill and makes good use of the newly introduces analogue controls.These days it wouldn't really pass for a final boss but I think conceptually and in implementation, it's pretty good for their first 3D instalment.

>>523379826>2D Marios>trading blowsYou cause Bowser to fall to the bottom in 3 by getting out of his way, and run to an axe to drop the bridge he's standing. You can optionally use a fire flower, but it's jusy faster to do it the other way. World, yeah, you are 100% trading blows. In that one, there's no other way to beat him.

Game's just a gimmick fest for their physics engine it sucks.Only good levels are the ones without the FLUDD so like 3 of them.

I'm playing it for the first time, game is pretty fun.also, HD textures yay or nay? I just grabbed them from the wiki

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>>523379826Also, see >>523379902

>>523378319>the pachinko machine's physics being wonky was on purpose

>>523380195Sorry, meant to say in 1, you drop the bridge with an axe

>>523380239The HD textures are fine. The aspect ratio and 60fps are better things to get.

>>523380183>Dodge attacks>Grab tail>Throwvs>Dodge attacks>Ground pound sections of the map>Get back to main platformWow, I really see the difference now

>>523375025I hope more people call out how fludd controls like a raging boner

>>523380195You have to appreciate that in most 2D Marios, maintaining power ups when reaching a boss fight is a reward upon itself. You have something that can defeat the boss faster.Most of the 3D Mario titles don't use a power-up system where you lose powers upon taking damage.

this kills the modern game journalist:

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at least make some adjustments to the retarded missions like the one where you ground pound something to get the right fruit, and PLEASE for the love of fuck add a blue coin counter for each episode.

>>523377968strategy games are oranges to platformer applessunshine is pretty easy, but the skills it uses are completely different to strategystrategy games are for high IQ only

>>523380417I can't wait

>sirena beach in HDyep, looks like comfy is back on the menu

>>523380417This kills the Holla Forums too. People are already bitching about shit like sandbird in preparation.

>>523380327The ground-pounding and main platform recovery is piss-easy though. The only challenge is movement in 3D space, and performing a minimum of nine super-jumps. You aren't even at risk of running out of water, the only real threat is misplacing your ground-pound and missing the mark.There's a small risk of not making it back up to the platform if you get hit by spill-over, and it's still very easily avoided because you enter the battle with everything you need to solve the battle.Mechanically it would have been better if you needed to change nozzles during the course of the battle, or at least obtain the nozzle that enables super jumping. Maybe after surviving attacks for a short while, Peach throws you the nozzle so you can actually finish the battle. That's an instant improvement.

>>523380279It actually is. They main difficulty comes from the physics and its clear they were trying to make it so that you couldn't just get all coins easily by messing with the physics. It was a flawed attempt at adding difficulty but I can beat it every time easily.

>>523378551I also think Petey Piranha and the big Blooper are the only non-Bowser related boss fights intro with cutscenes.

>>523380681Plenty of people fail to get to the main platform tbqh. It's as easy as 64's boss fight.

They NEED to fix this janky shit

Attached: DE986BBD-139F-48B8-B01A-EAABB9C118A9.jpg (400x300, 30.05K) is some entertaining content for sunshine fans.

>>523380835>boat controls randomly invert mid stagewhy

>>523380417I like how this was brought in one of the galaxy games and the prankster comet version still wasn't as hard as the original because it was slowed down

>>523378551>No sprites other than 1-6 on stages count for unlocking new stages, including hidden spirites and blue coin sprites>the frustration trying to get garbage sprites like the fucking poison leaf level, or collecting blue coins, or god forbid 100 normal coins, all for nothing if you're not going for the 100% completion. Very cool.

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>>52338079764's boss fight is more of a struggle for learning players than Sunshine's final boss fight, anyway.The final act of throwing into bombs is something that even skilled players occasionally miss the mark on, since Mario swings really, really fast.Even then, the concept of smashing Bowser's bathtub is still goddamn lame compared to 64's boss fight, fighting Bowser in the sky, dodging shockwaves and fire breath, grabbing him by the tail and throwing him into bombs or the abyss as the very stage beneath you crumbles into a star shape symbolic of your journey to that point.

>>523375267Sandbird is tough but fair, the pachinko can go fuck itself.

>>523381115This is the thing I never got about sunshineIt's the linear shine collection so important that they couldn't allow you to do them out of order or with alternate methods?


>>523381115>SpritesYou mean Shines. Sprites are characters, not objects.But yes, Shine collection is entirely meaningless in Sunshine, the only real progression is clearing chapter 7 of every stage.The stage and nozzle unlocks based on collecting shine totals becomes incidental to clearing chapters 1 through 6, making hidden shines and blue coins completely worthless.It's something I genuinely dislike about Sunshine's progression. 64 lets you pick your challenges, which 16, 30, 50, or 70 stars are you up to collecting in order to beat the game? It can be mostly any of them, only a few in the beginning are truly required for progression, as a majority are available at any point during a level, sometimes depending on which caps you've unlocked.

>>523381594Not him but they are called shine sprites

>>523381662Oh, right of course they are.But it's still weird to refer to them as just "sprites" rather than "shines".

>>523381189Smashing bowser's bathtub at the top of a volcano over a flooded and destroyed city, dodging missiles, fire and slime while trying not to fall off is hilarious and epic. You can make anything sound good or bad based on whether you describe it in simple or elaborate terms. Skilled sunshine players fall off the final boss fight almost as much as it happens in 64 tbqh. It's common in speedrunning to choke on the final boss.

>>523381842Took me longer than I care to admit to figure out what he was talking aboug

people meme about the pachinko machine but this shit right here is the worst. the yoshi ride over to the pipe is arguably worse

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>>523375025It’s hard because it’s unpolishedJust like Sonic Adventure 2

>>523382337what's hard in SA2? The only thing that caused me genuine trouble in that game is mad space. fuck that rouge level


>>523378252Because getting a blue coin would cause the game to be interrupted and this dialog box to appear with no fanfare. It was like getting an error message on the computer.

>>523375025okay Gerstmann

>>523382491I hated the space knuckles level too. Shit was wack. But yeah other than those two I'm not sure what could really be considered hard in SA2.

>>523380607>getting past the manta fight and realizing there is a full hotel to exploreSirena Beach is one of the best Mario levels hands down. Aside from the lame beach cleanup mission.

>>523382207This one was hard but fair. The pachinko machine is unfair in that invisible forces would propel you around the machine in unintuitive ways.

People meme too much about difficulty I'm afraid to give it a try. I fucking LOATHED how outdated SM64 feels after playing Odyssey, yet it's such a nice game when it works and when you don't have to stress yourself over outdated mechanics; motion controls in Galaxy were fucking obnoxious as fuck too, there was a level with a moving platform and you have to jump while being flipped upside down and for some reason it was annoyingly difficult to me; also the fucking spring mushroom memories kill all my interest in replaying through Galaxy again.

>>523375025really damn glad i sold my copy of SS for $75 like a month agostupid idiots, buying up all the 1st party shit like its gold only for THIS to happen.

>>523379168Peak contrarianism

>>523380660There is no defending the garbage physics in the pachinko level.

>>523379481Agreed, did not find Galaxy great the second time.

>>523382491>the kart racing stages where you can't touch the walls

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>>523378319>Mario can die on from touching fuck anything during Blooper

>>523379720Why does Nintendo make snoys seethe so hard?

>>523384916>It's a Nintendo vs. Sony problem>Not a fanboy vs. realistic Nintendo veteran problem

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>>523375025It’s really not though. I’m bad at video games and I beat it. There were a couple secret stages I had to replay. And some frustrating parts that took several tries. But a lot of the really frustrating and hard stuff like the watermelon thing aren’t even required to beat the game

>>523378317Yeah remember pic/related it can actually be modded same as the PC version if your switch is hacked

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>>523375267>Expect rage over sandbird and pachinkoEverybody says that but then I played them and got all the red coins on like my third try. I’m getting the feeling that people consider a game hard if they have to replay a section more than a couple times these days

>>523379168Rare was extremely overrated. I never liked any of their games except for maybe DKC on SNES. Their n64 platform games were really bad collectathons. I thought Goldeneye and Perfect Dark both sucked. So did that Jet Pack whatever the fuck it was. I bought rare replay but I only played it for 10 minutes total. “What a neat collection (never touches it again)”I agree that Odyssey was meh after I played it, however, I no longer agree with that. I went back and started over and it’s got a lot of charm and it’s fun. I didn’t try to 100% it before and I am trying now and really enjoying it.

(((>>523385928)))>Rare was extremely overrated.Terrible opinion.

>>523385339Sandbird took me very many tries as an 8 year old.And that is probably around the average skill of a gaming journalist.

>>523384886Oh those and the car ones. Mario kart muscle memory kicked in for those

>>523379720Your opinion is complete shit. I played SMS when it came out and didn’t like it, didn’t even get halfway through. Tried it again a few years later when the Wii came out. Got farther didn’t care for it. Tried it a couple years ago and I thought it was one of the best games I’ve played in years. The setting, which was too different in 2002, was really fresh and different. The music was good. Controlled really good after I got a handle on it. Secret stages were great. It wasn’t too too easy like recent Mario games are for the most of the time.It’s aged wonderfully. The camera is mostly fine with one exception, the rear side of pinna park. The game obviously wasn’t complete when they decided to complete it and neither was wind waker but they’re still both fantastic. Jax and Daxter aged like milk in comparison and was never really good from the start, all those naughty jew games are overrated American garbage

>>523375025I beat this when i was barely a teen. You fucking literal casual.

>>523386204Rare was extremely overrated. That’s not a jewish statement and it’s hilarious you’re implying I’m a jew. I’m the most genocidally antisemitic shitposter in this thread. Their n64 games are bad games.

>>523381594Even Galaxy let's you do that to some extent. You can skip stars and entire galaxies if you don't feel like doing them and still get to Bowser

>>523381013Depends on if you're on the front half of the boat or the back half.

>Corona Mountain is still not a full level>Still having to spray Shadow Mario 7 times, making the game linear as fuck>Turbo nozzle still a useless gimmick >Blue coins still being a thingHow can they port an unfinished game and call it a day? There is no fucking excuse

>>523375025It's tremendous. If you know, you know. I hope the shitters cry

>>523387593Supposedly this is going to be the E3 build since Nintendo apparently lost the source code to the final build, so it will be even more incomplete.


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>>523386589This is a good opinion

>>523387593Turbo Nozzle is fun though

>>523378317They absolutely aren't gonna fix blue coins.Expect people to complain about having to play the game with a checklist to make sure they don't miss any.

which is harder to 100%?sm64 or sms?

>>523388357It is but everything the nozzle can do, the water slide can do it better

>>523375025It is without a doubt my favorite Mario.I play it every summer as a ritual.64 is a timeless classic that defined 3D platformers.To me Sunshine was a refined version of 64 and the direction the 3D Mario series should have gone.Yet everywhere I turn I see people shit on it because a 3D platformer offering them any semblance of a challenge baffles and irritates them.There are puzzles in it based around figuring out how to reach a shine, and that is too much to ask from a lot of people.Meanwhile Galaxy was half-step toward the linear trashfire that is the Mario 3D Land series for braindead baby retards, and a lot more people show love for it than sunshine.

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>>523388525>Blue coinsSunshine. No contest.You can do everything in 64 by paying attention whereareas you need a guide or tons of patience for the blue coins

>>523388650>linear trashfireHot take. You have more freedom in Galaxy than you do in Sunshine

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>>523388171Not him, but it's a rumor going around since the sound effects in the trailer are the ones from the E3 build and not the final release.

>>523388954God please no

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Zoomer here, I'll play 64 but never really liked the look of sunshine so will probably skip it. I played super mario world but galaxy was my first 3d one

It also requires analog triggers to play, so this is going to be a disaster.

>>523385928this is so dumb. rare was a master class developer from 1994-2001. no one remembers their early snes and nes stuff and their post n64 stuff is average at best, with a few stand outs here and there with viva pinata and sea of thieves. but rare pretty much propped up the n64 by itself and turned what would be a gamecube/wii u tier console into one of the all time greats with intense nostalgia for it.

>>523388827You absolutely need a guide for blue coins or at least keep written track of what coins you got where and in which shine.I think playing through both La Mulana games without a guide would be easier than getting all the blue coins in Sunshine they're that fucking bad.

>>523379593nigga literally just move with the bird as it turnseven as a child I got this shit down

>>523389040R button for high-moderate spray.ZR button for full power.Don't need anything else.

>>523388525Sms by far, no comparison

>>523389040They could just map one of the other shoulder buttons to spray lightly


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>>523389683Honestly, how hard is it to properly align yourself? I see people failing at this all the damn time but it literally doesn't look that hard.

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>>523389768It's ok once you know what to do, but you need to die first to know how

>>523388650But sunshine was a step in the direction they went with the new games with more floaty controls and more linear levels.I do like sunshine, but you are kidding yourself if you don't see that that galaxy was just another step in the direction sunshine had already taken

>>523377825This. Anyone that thinks otherwise has brain rot or never played the game.

>>523383210>fair>has the most evil Mario pipe in Mario history

>>523389768It doesn't look hard but those mother fuckers can be just a fair bit finnicky and kid me threw my controller over those sons of bitches.

>>523389997Seriously why does it exist.

>I'm a chuckster!Sunshine was always shit compared to 64 anyway

>>523375267It's always that last blue coin that drives you insane and without telling you how many are per episode or plaza you have to memorize it or get fucked. Tooked me years also to find the last one as i had to look at a guide to not get fucked by my poor memory.

>>523389836Sunshine had worlds that felt lived in and plenty of secrets to discover. Galaxy was literally just 2d Mario in 3d


>>523389683Here's the really fucked up thing. All those new players that get to them for the first time? Several of them are going to have joycon drift and won't be able to position themselves reliably.

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>>523390186>plenty of secrets to discoverDoesn't mean they were good secrets. The blue coins are the best proof for that

>>523390184Sunshine was the game that made me give up on 100% games.And I played fucking Donkey Kong 64.

>>523390154Good lord just hearing that just made me remember the seething hatred i had as a kid because of those mother fuckers killing me with their stupid excuse to throw you off the stage! So many lives lost on that bullshit level.

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>>523380835>>523381013>not understanding torqueThe boat is fine. It's physically accurate and easy to control if you aren't a brainlet.

>>523389768It's a lot of annoying trial and error, and sometimes even the slightest wrong angle will send you off course. I like a good challenge, but the Chucksters are more of a half-baked mechanic than good level design. Fortunately it's only one shine.


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>>523390731Not many people have been in a position in their lives where they've had to steer a boat using a squirt gun.

You only need to clear up to Episode 7 of every main area to beat the game.The hardest missions are all optional.

>he thinks reviewers will bother to play the games againThis will be easy money reviews, they'll just parrot whatever they remember of it and call it a day

>>523390773>half-bakedThe best way to describe all of Sunshine

>>523378592Anyone else never have an issuebwith that? It was pretty easy

>>523390897Which brings up the question of why do half of the shines in the game do fucking nothing?

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>>523375025if it has better controls itll be fine


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>>523391129It wont.

>>523391114Isn't this the case in every 3D Mario with Stars? A lot of them are simply for 100%'s sake. After all, the bar for simply beating a Mario game shouldn't be that high.

>>523377968My rts friends are absolutely retarded at platformers. Terrible comparison.

>>523391129Controls are perfect outside of two mini-games.

>oh man, new stage>boss>collect 8 red coins>find the secret level>bosses revenge>chase shadow mario

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>>523391068True, and I'm someone that still really likes the game. It's incredibly unpolished, and this would've been the best time to re-release it with some QoL improvements, but apparently we're just getting a 1:1 port.

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>>523391239Because the other games give you a number to reach to reach the final boss. Which you do is up to you.In Sunshine you HAVE to do the 7 stars in every stage to get to the final boss. All the other content has no impact on that.

>>523390149It’s because they knew that the map was hard and they wanted to leave an out for a game over. Unfortunately they didn’t recognize that it’s even worse than a game over.

>>523391343>Fucking Gooper Blooper shows up for a THIRD time in a completely unrelated stage

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>>523391239Except in the other 3D mario, a star is universal. One gotten from Peach's secret slide, catching a rabbit, or various other hidden secrets will count towards the unlock of a door the same as anything else that you've gotten from an actual level. In sunshine, the same can't be said. If you take a break from the main levels to collect every possible hidden shrine you can before, say Noki Bay, you are no more closer to unlocking Noki Bay and towards beating the game, despite having more than a dozen shrines than you would if you just barreled through Sirena Beach

One part of the game I really liked was the episode of Sirena Beach where you get the Shine Sprite in the indoor pool. It was sort of a 3D version of the ghost house levels from Super Mario World where you had to figure out how to advance to the next room, which you don't see a lot in Mario games.

>>523391682I know it's just an example, but the autist in me had to point out that you only need any number of Shines to unlock worlds in Sunshine, it's only the final area that specifically requires all Shadow Mario missions to be done.