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Other urls found in this thread:>>523379702Not's

>>523374754The most kino movie of all time. I still have vivid memories of renting it from Blockbuster and watching it at night while my step-dad beat my mom.

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We just keep winning, OVAbros.

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>Full South Island theme My God. It's beautiful.

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>>523374970That's cool user. Did they get a divorce?

>>523374754Who cares


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>>523374754I'll never forgive myself for losing my VHS copy of this masterpiece.

>LEAKEDCan i get a quick rundown?

>>523378076Someone was confused by Look-a-Like because apparently some version of it had different lyrics from the original. They contacted someone who worked on the OVA to clear things up, but he said "fuck it" and just gave them the file of the original track, and the rest of the OST too while he was at it.

>>523378076Someone emailed one of the people in the Japanese VHS tape credits & they just emailed the entire soundtrack when they asked for the lyrics. Think about how many game soundtracks are just sat on someone's computer because they didn't think anybody cared.

>>523378076Some Russian guy interviewed a person who worked on the movie/OVA recently and asked what the lyrics for Look-a-Like were since they're indecipherable for some lines. Instead of the lyrics, the person in question sent the full song instead. Said person wished to remain anonymous, but he did work on the OVA many years ago.

>>523374754>full South IslandGenuinely made me happy. Thanks to all.


>>523375254And that's okay, the sooner you come to terms with it the better.

>>523374754I love the OVA stuff. Sounds like JP CD music.

>Rushing to EggmanlandLate night weekend viewing kino

So anyone gonna have the balls to make a movie night of this or what?

>>523378273>>523378274This reminds me of the uncompressed audio leaks from old Nintendo games a month ago.

nice, now where's the download?

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>>523374754>That unused track 09Just think how many games and anime studios are sitting in gold with tons of unused songs from a time you can only imitate right now

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>>523379382It's like uncovering fucking ancient artifacts

>>523374754uhhh where's the download?

>>523379702Why would you want to download it? Just listen on Youtube.

>>523379382Atlus does it all the time>>523379702Not OP, but as far as I'm aware of, there is no download links as of now. The group who found it aren't going to make a download link

>>523379948even just audio, youtube compresses quality

>>523379992>The group who found it aren't going to make a download linkThey are, they're just being faggots and drawing it out to keep eyes on them for as long as they can.Apparently the download links will be up next week.

>>523379992I could have sworn I've heard that track somewhere. Did they reuse it in a different game like DDS or something?

Where can I download a good rip of the movie? My gymbro doesn't believe it'll be good.

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>>523374754I've seen the OVA a couple times but I don't recall the South Island theme. When does it start in the OST video?

>>523380293It's just a song to test the PS2's sound capabilities. Shoji Meguro uses a lot of familiar sounding songs in each of his games. This song wasn't used in DDS

>>523375254Spamming this in every Sonic-related thread is more autistic than the fanbase itself.

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>>523380536It's autistic, but no, only bronies are more autistic than the Sonic fanbase.

>>523380428>Maniax >RaidouRaidou is not in Maniax. He's in Chronicles. Anyways, the song is only used as a test song and it's not used as an ending song for any version of Nocturne.

>>523374754Sonic-bros just keep delivering!For those who somehow haven't seen the OVA, or those who just want to watch it

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>>523380774yeah it seems like someone slapped it on an ending vid I saw awhile back

>>523380536don't reply to it you idiot.

>>523380847>That GhostingWhoever did that youtube upload ruined it.

>>523377539There was an user claiming they had the Southern Island original theme and refused to upload it. Take that piece of shit wherever you are.

>classicuck shitwho cares? sonic x was better anyway.

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>>523376617Someone send this to Penders

>people begs for a download link of South Island themeYou guys know anyone can just download the entire audio and separate that track right?

>>523381841I'm sure he'll throw it on the pile of hundreds of messages already sent to him about it.

Which track is look-alike?

>>523375254That's your only joke, Arin get back to animating.

>>523381647>erafagging for no reasonFuck off, retard.

>>523379948>Why would you want to download it? Just listen on Youtube.Not him, just did with free website downloader in literally 3 secs so I can listen to shit anytime I wish without using extra bandwith.Both of you are retards for one needing to ask how to do something so basic bitch and the latter for saying something that could easily get deleted years later like many of the things I loved has over the years. Never assume, always download everything you want.

Think of all the source codes thought to be deleted sitting on someones computer as a back up all this time.

>>523381968Thought it was new, my bad.

I've been waiting for this moment for 20+ fucking years. I had the white VHS tape as a kid and the fact I finally get to hear the official soundtrack for the first time here and now without any edits or added sound effects is truly magical.

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>>523374754mp3/flac when?

>>523374754Not going to listen to a single track until the raw audio files are published, just a little longer...

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>got wisdom teeth cut out>but certified Sonic musikino finally gets a clean releaseThis turned out to be an okay birthday after all. Now if they would just provide a fucking download link.

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>>523382035Had its own

>>523382856SHUT UP! EAT ME!

>>523382948The inner dimension, the inner dimensionThe inner dimension, the inner dimensionIS KNOWN IS KNOWN AS THE LAND OFIS KNOWN AS THE LAND OF DARKNESSDARKNESSISKNOWNASTHELANDOFDARNKESS

>>523382856>>523382948GIANT EXPLOSION

So is there anything that actually lends to the credibility of these guys? The way the videos are written makes it sound like they're larping as big leakers. They talk about "protecting the identity" of "our source" when there's absolutely no reason to. No one has made a single copyright claim for the Sonic OVA or the tracks ripped from the movie. The entire OVA has been on youtube for nearly 7 years. Who is this "source" being protected from?I'm not saying this is fake. I just want to know why these guys are acting retarded by acting like they're handling super sensitive material. This is the music to an ancient OVA forgotten by its copyright holders, not the source code to the Mr. Needlemouse prototype.

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I wanna fuck Sara while pulling on her cat tail. On a serious note, I think OVA has the best versions of humans in all of sonic and I wish they stuck with that with the rest of the mobians being in co-existence.

>>523383198Maybe the guy who had the tracks is still working and doesn't want to be known as the guy who just gives materials to people who ask nicely.It would be weirder if they actually dropped the dude's name, so I don't know where you're getting this line of thinking.


>>523383198They probably are stupid idiots that lucked out getting shit they had no idea they'd seriously get so easily.

Always liked the post apocalyptic setting of this OVA. I didn't know what came first as a kid but I liked to imagine the ruined city Sonic and Tails Metal Robotnik in was Station Square after Chaos flooded it.

>>523379058 Check the description

Reminder the English dub voice of Robotnik is played by Nubbins (hitchhiker) from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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>>523378274Amazing to think to find these things all you have to do is ask. Wonder why it took somone 2 decades to do so.

>>523377875>>Track 09>THERE'S UNUSED MUSIC IN HEREAre you sure it is unused, and not from the original OVA cuts?

The OVA's setting was really interesting. It's a shame the Sonic games mostly just go for a boring "Earth-ish." The weird casually post-apocalyptic setting of the OVA would make for some really memorable stages.

>>523374754Be honest bros, sub or dub? I'm gonna watch it this weekend.

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>>523384115100% dub

>>523374754I don't say this often, but...Based

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>>523384115The dub is the best way to watch it

>>523384115Both are good.Don't see the issue with the dub, just sounded like all the other anime I used to watch in the 90's

>>523384115>watching dubs

>>523384115Watch it however you prefer your anime. I only watch the dub because I owned the VHS growing up and I have nostalgia for it.


>>523374754>Track 09Holy shit.

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>>523374970>rentingI got my mom to buy that shit the second I saw it. Still have the original VHS


>>523384115The dub is endearingly cheesy. Worth it just for SHUT UP TAILS and STRANGE, ISN'T IT?

>>523384115Dub is for nostalfags or literal retarded burgers who can't read while watching a movie/series/whatever. Go for the sub

>>523384338the english dub mostly sounded like shit but this part was unironically fucking cool


>>523383476Someone emailed Josh Mancell about getting uncompressed versions of Crash Bandicoot's soundtrack and not only did he gladly hand some tracks over, he eventually dumped the entire trilogy and CTR's uncompressed, unedited sountracks online himself.I'm saying that there is precedent for shit like this and there's no clear reason as to why they're being so secretive and using the same generic phrases as every single fake leaker copypasta. There's more evidence in favor of secrecy being unnecessary than there are reasons their attitude around this content is justified. If your only response is "Maybe they..." you don't have an argument. You're speculating. We have precedent for lost media like this being recovered and none of what they're doing right now was necessary in those instances.

>>523384115Dub because Sonic's voice is erotic in it

>>523384115SubNEVER watch anime dubs

>>523384363Yeah, well you're a dumb.

>>523384115sub because the dub is undeniably bad. I mean it's fun if you're into old dubs that are not well performed but the sub is objectively better and anyone who tells you otherwise is legit retarded. Literally Sonic and Tails alone sound like they have a col and they aren't even the worst examples of bad dub performances in this OVA


>>523384115Without a doubt, I would recommend the dub.

there is literally nothing wrong with the dub

>>523374754Neat.Can't wait for Sega to take it down tho.

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>>523383816What the fuck no way

>>523384625Yeah, but watching dubs will make people's waifus not love them anymore or something, so they have to meme that there is.>>523384717youtube-dl that shit.

>>523374754Is Look-alike not on this?

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Where can I upload a WAV of the south island theme to post here?

>>523384717Sega didn't seem to blow a gasket when the Sonic 3 prototype and its soundtrack leaked, but maybe it will be different this time since this isn't a game of theirs, better download it just in case

>>523384717The OVA has been on youtube for almost a decade already. The only people who could file a copyright claim is the original animation studio or the producers/distributors. I don't think they've thought about this OVA since it was released.

>>523384403STRANGE ISN'T IT?

>>523379948>unironically believeing things stay on the internet foreverFucking zoomers.

>>523384294This. I still have the white VHS

>>523384760>>523384907>>523384924The only thing that'll happen is the Sonic twitter making some dumb joke about it, and that'll be all

>>523385225Still no reason not to download it.

>>523374754ULTRA BASED.


>>523384760>youtube-dlsorry I'm not a homosexual

>>523385428No, but you are a brainlet afraid of a terminal.It works on literally every OS, just install it.

>>523385428Bitch youtube-dl is the only sane way to download YouTube content.Fuck browser extensions and sites for downloading YouTube videos, they all suck.

>>523384115Subs. The dub for this OVA is unironically trash.

>>523385468>>523385526>downloading straight from youtubeVERY queer

>>523384115dub, sub is for weebs

>>523384115Dub is completely butchered, has some 4kids-tier censoring and editing. Ignore all the retards telling you to watch that version, they're braindead normies with 2nd grade reading skills and shit taste.Watch the sub. ALWAYS watch the sub.

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I remember a YTP based off of the movie and one of the bits were>I know what I'm going to do but that means you know what you're going to do. STRRRAAAANNNNGGGEEEE isnt it?I cant find it for the life of me now.

>>523380192>next weekFucking russians

>>523385904Kek. I need this too.

>Sonic OVA in copyright limbo since the original studio went under>literally no one coming to claim the content>you could probably openly sell bootleg copies of the film and no one would come after you>yet for some reason the identity of the person who had these tracks needs to be concealed and the distribution of the raw files delayedCan someone tell these ruskies to lay off the vodka and get their heads out of their asses? Do they think they're dealing with something of gigaleak proportions?

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>>523385778Dub has its own 90s charm. I'd say watch both if you're a crazed Sonic fan.

>>523374754BRO IS THAT FUR ELISE AT 12:20? WHAT?

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There's an upscaled version of the OVA on Internet Archive. Is it any good?

>>523383890There is some unused stuff, and some songs sound a little different than the final versions used in the OVA

Why is so much old Sonic stuff leaking lately? The Sonic 3 Prototype wasn't that long ago either.

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>>523386068Maybe their source doesn't want to be known as a guy that leaks production material.

>>523384774it has a separate upload

>>523386417Micheal Jackson beat boxing the Sonic 3 songs he made mixtape, when?

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>>523384406Woah, you're right. I forgot American and Japanese culture is exactly the same, especially in the workplace, so my theory has completely fallen apart.I'm sorry.

>>523386576Conjecture isn't theory. A theory requires evidence.

God, it feels GREAT being a Sonic CHAD right now.

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>>523386417My theory in all the leaks happening recently is disgruntled employees getting underpaid or fired due to the 'Rona along with having remote access to things due to the work from home meme.

>>523380650/mlp/ here, can confirm

>>523386712Alright, my hypothesis. Cool your fucking jets.You're making a big deal about nothing in the first place.

>>523386417Fans are trying to entertain themselves while they're still waiting for news on what the next mainline Sonic game is

>>523386783The Sonic OVA is another matter, it was made by a Japanese animation studio called Pierrot that is still active.Although the US Dub and distribution was handled by a now-defunction company called ADV Films.There's a good chance the audio leaks come from someone's archives who'd originally worked with ADV.The Sonic OVA seems to be sort of weirdly disowned by all parties involved, yet we've got stuff like a Sonic mobile game acknowledging Knuckles' treasure hunting hat.

>>523380358glad to see not even /fit/ is safe from autism

>>523386712He's right though, Japs are huge sticklers about copyright.

>>523386902Lost media recovery and preservation is a big deal. It's frustrating when idiots get their hands on shit like this. There's no reason the raw files shouldn't have been released alongside the youtube upload. >>523387107Sonic OVA is a special case. Read the thread.

>Rushing to EggmanlandGoddamn. More than twenty years.

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>>523374754>Track 09

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>>523383121>>523382856so it's now a ytp thread?we've been having good ones lately.

>>523384115Dub is charming, sub is fine.Metal sounds like shit in both anyway.

>>523387330A subset of Japanese fans tend to act like the fucking SS about preventing unofficial preservation. They view it as piracy, and damaging to the creations they like.If they're willing to go out of their way to outbid ROM dumping groups on old cartridges to prevent the games from being publicly backed up, why wouldn't they shit on somebody who gives material to these people?

>>523385778The dub kept the breastfeeding you retard

>>523384115STRANGE ISN'T IT?

>>523386068According to their story, the source himself asked to be kept anonymous. Going against his wishes for no reason would be a dick move.


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>>523387741So is there no defense for their actions that isn't speculative? >>523387920 explains half the story. If the source wants to remain anonymous there's nothing wrong with that.

>>523387741This. Japanese fans were fighting tooth and nail to prevent Mega Man prototypes from being leaked

>>523374754FUCKING BASED

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>Knuckles' hat returns>Original OVA OST leakedOVAbros RISE UP! IT'S OUR YEAR!

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>>523374754>FULL VERSION OF SOUTH ISLANDOur god is an awesome god

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what a fucking treat it is to hear Rushing to Eggmanland after god knows how many years

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>>523388415>Knuckles' hat returnsin what?

>>523374754>the song that plays when Sonic and Tails are running through the undergroundthat scene was the coolest shit

>>523388415Full anime is only a matter of time now.

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Great! Now all we need is for the original Sonic Chronicles soundtrack to resurface somehow!

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>>523388862Do you mean master footage? A fan can dream.

>>523389080>"The Fasted DJ">Mc SONICBut isn't Robotnik the DJ in that image? Or is he going by the name "Mc Sonic"?

I just hope the Sonic Movie workprint with the old ugly design leaks somehow.>>523389196A Sonic OVA fan restoration should happen.

>>523389497I think of it as the fastest dj (robotnik) ALONGSIDE mc sonic

>>523374754Has the entire OST been uploaded somewhere for personal DL?

>>523389080I would love that. I’m a big fan of that game. At least the fans remade it

>>523390530not yetsupposedly it's coming

>>523384115Sub was shockingly bad, hearing a non-Kanemaru performance on Sonic all kinds of wrong and script has zero personality.

>>523390530The Russian fan group "Sonic and all Characters" decided to release a YouTube video before a full album download.If you're impatient and do not mind ~130kbps audio, you can use youtube-dl to download and extract audio to WAV format, splice in Audacity, then export to desired formats.I usually use 128kbps M4A and don't have the best sense of hearing, so I'd be happy with this quality. I legitimately can't tell the difference between 320kbps and 128kbps as it is.


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>>523390530>>523390916Damn. Thanks for that. I hope they do soon before this decides to get copyrighted strike or disappear.

>>523385778What's even censored?

>>523386417I hope something new leaks soon

>>523391013I honestly like this more than South Island

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>>523386068The company that made the OVA is still active isnt it?

>>523380387it's right at the beginning. how could you forget the most iconic theme of the movie?

>>523391059Mean to tag >>523390693Not myself

>>523388636Mobile runners

>>523389080Is this filtered?

>>523374754Thank you ,user

>>523391013Sounds like a scrapped VS Metal song, fits right in with CD

Why is look-a-like so good bros?

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>>523374754Neat. Really cool for this to finally happen.

>>523391627No, it's one of the Easter Eggs found in Sonic's official developer art from that period.

90s Video Game Adaptation Master List>Top TierFatal Fury: The Motion PictureSF II The Animated Movie>Pretty Good TierSonic OVAFatal Fury 2 OVASF II VVirtua Fighter Series>All Right TierAoStHSatAMNight Warriors: Darkstalkers RevengeNinja GaidenFatal Fury 1 OVASuper Mario Brothers Super ShowMega Man OVAs>YES YES!!! TierStreet Fighter The Animated SeriesRuby Spears Mega ManAdventures of Super Mario Bros. 3Legend of ZeldaCaptain NDonkey Kong Country Tekken OVA>Pure Dog Shit and Fuck Who Made This TierDarkstalkersDouble DragonBattletoadsArt of FightingSamurai ShodownSuper Mario WorldSonic UndergroundMK Defenders of the Realm

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>>523381647adventurechads love the OVA what are you on retard

>>523384115dub only way

Yo, I hope this full Metal Sonic theme takes off.Its pretty fuckin cool. Everyone throws look a like into remixes but I would love seeing some of that.

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>>523384115the dub is charming but blatantly terrible, just watch the sub. has a pretty good eggman, voiced by the guy who did porunga and guru in dbz

>>523384436>Watching Yu Yu Hakusho subbedGet out of my face

>>523384717When does Sega ever take anything Sonic-related down.They know not to screw with whatever goodwill they have left with the fanbase.

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>>523392454>What is that RIDICULOUS appendage growing out of your head?>It's a puberty thing, okay?!