Princess Cirilla

Heir to the throne of Cintra and Nilfgaardian Empire.

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also heir to my dick

>get to Skellige>Skjall's family keeps trying to push him on Ciri>reject that fat neckbeard fuckWhy even give you the fucking option? I can buy magic and time travel and dragons and shit, but suspension of disbelief only goes so far.


more of her now

>>523374808That was a bit odd. Maybe someone’s incel self insert

>>523374808oh come on, PLEASE tell me you didn't try to ship them


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>>523374808>Rejecting Skjall>Not slutting around cause Witchers are sluts and you want to be like a WitcherI bet your the same guy who could never figure out how to have sex with Yennifer, even though Yenn and Geralt are literally spellbound.

>>523375561I remember fucking both and having them find out and then having them tie me up during a fake threesome!

>>523374642>>523375438Tranny manface

>>523375561>literally spellbound>not breaking the spell to get the annoying bitch off your back

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>>523375715>I remember fucking bothYou fucked Yenn and Skjall at the same time? You skank

>>523375812bad pic, can't see her dick

>>523375796Why would I want Yenn to get off my back?

How old is Ciri during the events of the game? Also, why is the Witcher engine so good for creating realistically beautiful chicks. I mean, Triss and Yennifer sure are easy 10/10's but even the regular citizen are worth a look.White Orchard herb woman is best girl in the game

>>523374642>>523375438>>523375812Isn't it a bit indecent for the future queen to be posing like this?


i love ciri so much bros

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>>523376407they aren't afraid of making attractive females

>>523376407>spoilerAh, a man of taste and culture

>>523376407She is about 21-22 years old.

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>>523375812i found this

For me it's the satyrs

>>523376407>Game engine is why meshes and textures are good>Artists? What are those?

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>>523375715You can have sex with Yen and still get with Triss, just reject Yen when the curse is broken

>>523374642I want to put my dick up her asshole.

>>523375721Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the white incel weeb who's been rejected by every single white woman he's ever talked to. Sad, sad existence.

>>523378487ciri is not for defiling, she is for cuddling and kissing

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Some pages of a comic post The Witcher 3.

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Yenn ass.

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>>523378487This and my tongue



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What are the best visual and gameplay mods?


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>>523375561Ciri belongs to Geralt

>>523379303Why not both?


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>>523375721Literal faggot.

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>>523374642What are the chances that she shows up in Cyberpunk?

>>523374808I was going to throw him a pity fuck.

>>523374642Every single day Holla Forums is full of str8 coomer trash and the jannies don't do anything about it. It's so tiresome, when will you guys kill yourselves? Str8 trash.

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>>523384086As his daughter, you sick fuck.

>>523384874Didn't they get sick of people asking and say she wasn't going to show up

>>523385080Never.We bring this dingy board to life.

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>>523379303spoken like a true simp

>>523376407>White Orchard herb womanAh yes, the braphog

I stopped playing this game around the part where you have to save the goat princess from the bear does it get better after that?

>>523374642>that animation where futa ciri fucks you in the mouth and then the ass in taker povMust've jacked it to that like 12 times already

>>523378785>Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a tranny. Sad, sad existence.

>>523376092Didn't she bang other Witchers whilst Geralt was disappeared after being fucked up?Then when he gets back and finally regains his memory, she's all mad that him and Triss had a thing whilst he had lost his entire fucking memory, even though she had all of her fucking senses when she was slutting around.

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>>523388640She cheats on him while they are together with a wizard named Istred, and is just a cunt in general. She becomes more tolerable later in the books but it doesn't make up for the shit that she's done.For example, she participated in the Elder Blood gene program, unknowingly pairing people together to breed a specific gene, the one Ciri has. It's essentially eugenics.

>>523389663Pairing unknowing people together*

>>523389362when is porn going to get better graphics? it's almost 2021

>>523385647I like Yennefer's body and kuudere personality, but man her face is so ugly

>>523374808It was very odd, considering that Ciri is obviously in a very serious situation. The fact that they give you the option to make out with the guy even if you act cold/serious + say you don't have any interest in him to the girls is just really strange, like the writers of that flashback mustve REALLY wanted it to happen.

anyone who simps for Yennefer is a faggot and probably donates to twitch thoughts

>>523389891Shani was the real catch.

>>523389987thisShani was best by far

>>523389987Best girl.

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