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Let's see that fan mail, Holla Forums.

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Protip: A dead baby is never born. It is only excreted.

>>523374523Would it be ironic for a dead baby to be born?

>>523374405I dont have a screenshot but once in the first cod modern warfare years ago me and a friend absolutely destroyed these two kids on a domination match with p90s. Afterwards they sent us pictures of them spreading their buttholes on xbox 360 camera thing. One of the dudes had like cheetos stains on his ass hole. It was very strange.

>>523374996>BTFO someone so hard they bend over & spread their ass to you in submissionXbox really is the home of faggots, JFC

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>>523374996Ah, classic case of cheeto anus

>>523374405How do you even respond to this? Laugh it off with a simple "lol stfu"?

lol wtf, saw some guy say this exact thing to another guy in BF3 a few weeks ago. Think this might be a common thing russians say

>>523374405>Be Ausfag>Friend and I love smack talking in CoD4>Can't choose to play with other Aussies yet, so always get matched with yanks>Some mexican guy keeps calling us cholos because we are shitting on him too hard>Two Aussie teens who had never heard the term before>Every time he says it we laugh harder>Ends up sending a picture of him and his cousins giving us the finger>Trash and grandma in the backgroundFun times, I miss the days of whole lobby voice comms and no bans.

These threads make me depressed thinking about how shit talking was part of the online gaming experience. Now if you call someone something as trivial as faggot the bans start flying. It's only going to get worse.

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>>523379298i stopped playing online games ever since they became politically correct. if you cant unleash your Freudian id during a heated online battle then where can you release it?

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eve online

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>>523378754Use the laughing emoji with the tears.

>>523379298I got the OP on Monday.

>>523374405>Toxicity threadDon't you have better things to do with your life?

>>523379298The worst part is you see people here applauding the change because they think the use of words like "nigger" and "faggot" is always political.

>>523380246like post on 4chan?fuck outta here

>>523379298Open lobby chat in CoD4 was so fun. It honestly facilitated learning not to get upset at retards screaming at you. Definitely pointed out who could handle the bants or not.

I love the one that tells the guy to get sodomized in a few AM radio stations.

>>523380246what company are you the CEO of, mr. 4chan poster


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>>523379906kek that's a good one

Not player related but made me kek

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>>523382345>agent is typing...

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>>523382368Pretty tame and unfunny

>>523377779Thanks, I needed that laugh

>>523382345oh man remind me which of the 10,000 blizzard controversies spawned this

I got a guy pretending to be a school shooter threaten to kill me. He said something like, "I was responsible for the x massacre". I said the only thing you massacred are buffets and blocked him.

I don’t have a screenshot but a few years ago in a cod lobby I kept killing this one Chinese kid to the point where he was screaming incoherent Ching language at me and after the game he filled my inbox up with his nudes and the kid is at least 12 and threatened to call the police on me. The only time I genuinely feared for my life and scared to death a swat team was going to break my fucking door down

>>523374405What the fuck? What kind of person sends a message like this

I only get nice messages from nice people #wholesome100#keanuchungus

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>>523379906>iTzthe mark of a faggot

>>523374405How long does it take a black woman to have a shit?

>>523382929based Mrs. Black, raising her children right

>>523382437>is an asshole>gets treated like oneyou deserve it idiothope you never got karkand

This seller told me he was going to kill me after lowballing his 2080ti.


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youtu.be/6jQkxsEbnS4>So yeah, you're gay

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>>523381285that last part really sells this for me kek

>>523374405Sending this type of messages means something is wrong with you, seriously.

>>523374523Repent satanist

>>523381285I love how it's just a few radio stations, not a lot, not all, just a few. Seems reasonable enough.

it's not Holla Forums related but it's worth a laugh does anyone have that one facebook post of that dude telling trump supporters he wishes they'd diehe gave them 3 months to leave his state and talked abut he wanted to see children floating facedown in rivers and shitit was fucking wild

>>523382437>you will surely get the karklandNever fucking fails lmao

>>523378885>>523379298>>523380948For me it was the open coms in CS:GO competitive during the 15 round change over. Everyone know that you only had about 10-15 seconds to shit talk the other team so they made it count. Hopefully we see a turn around from the ultra cuck shit we have today, but I doubt it.

>>523374405>report message

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Anyone have the dark souls one where he says "If you're gonna play with fire you're gonna get burned, and you just did FAGGOT" and "What are you fucking gay?"pretty cringey overall

Why aren't you trolling 2080ti scumbagholders Holla Forums?>>523383175Post

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>>523382850I hope the devil sodomizes you on national television

>>523383713The fact that you spend your time doing this makes you pretty weird dude

>>523383624There won't ever be a AAA game to do it again. The best we can hope for is some breakaway indie game with a cool dev team.

>>523383810Is this predatory?

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>not good enough to get hate mail anymore

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>>523379298Online games are some of the worst things to ever happened to videogames precisely because it attracted the vidoegame version of dudebros.

>>523383713>wall of text complaining about 'muh price to high!!!'>guy just says nah im goodyou are cringe

>>523383301I would feel honored getting a mean voice message from James Hetfield himself

>>523379298The audience has changed. Video games are mainstream now and are made for normans and women and they're just cut out for the sort of locker room banter that gamers would fling back and forth.

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>>523382969>t. received a message from itz tha gamer 69

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>>523383158Shut up wagie


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>>523383921Not even about the skill my man. Unfortunately the moderation has killed it because people don't want to get temp banned. Back when I played CoD in high school saying something as simple as "Neutralised." after an ordinary kill would send people into a spiral of hate.

>>523382437Based and Karklandpilled

>>523382368Insanely boring, this you and your friend?? Pussy

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>>523374405Man is asking for terrible karma.

>>523383713So this is the world of the consoomer.

>>523383158indian support reps arent people

>>523382704I think it was the free hong kong one

>>523380191Could you shut the fuck up, cant you see we're trying to spread a narrative here?A-HEMYeah bros I remember that good old days gaming is totally dead now really makes me depressed maybe its time to just end it all

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>>523383713Porfag losers like you are so cringe dude. Did you honestly think acting an autist dickhead would make him change his mind?


Only time I got a nasty gram was disconnecting the internet when playing Demon souls after getting invaded.

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>>523384367thaaats right, because its near impossible to actually delete your accountthanks

>>523384384Wtf for real. I've never cared more about Canada than I do now if true.

>>523384414>a bloo bloolaws of the jungle my friend

>>523379906>recreationI used to fucking hate the fags who did this shit. Every time you play against a hacker, hardcore shit talker. edgelord, or omega tryhard, they were always recreation because they thought it was funny. Fuck this loser and everyone who ever put recreation on their profile.

>>523384384Punjabi Mamba slaying the maples

>>523384106Seriously fucking kill yourself loser

Accept the lowball pill.

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>>523384601How much money did you lose bro, be honest it's okay, we're all anonymous here.

>>523383810t. ScammerLucky I don’t break your fucking snout, fat pig

>>523384601It must have been a sad day when you slithered out of the abortion bucket

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>>523383301Someone post the Mega Man X version, I can't find it

>le ebin trolololzcringe, you absolute cumdish

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>>523384601So yeah, you're gay


>>523384720Stop being so fucking mean to people who have a legitimate grievance with nVidia lowering prices. Don't you see people have bought cards and are losing MONEY? They couldn't do anything about it and Nvidia should refund them. They didn't order these cards to have them delivered to my porch just to lose their money. I'm livid on their behalf.

>>523384540Stop being poor. You're truly autistic if you think you will sway anybody's opinion acting that way, even more so if you're actually proud enough of these interactions that you screencap them and post them in this thread for whatever reason. If these people were getting mad or giving entertaining responses I would understand, but you're literally just posting screencaps of you autistically screeching at people who dont give a single shit.

>>523384601get lowballed retard>>523384696lowballing is my new favourite meme thank you

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>>523379298get creative, it hits harder.

>>523374405All i get these days are hate mail from ghettoid degenerates who can't form sentences without saying ¨Bruh¨ or ¨Yoooo¨.

>>523379906>mtn dew avatar>69 in gamertag>recreation>5 starsbased xbro

>>523383713>trollingdo you think people give a damn about someone throwing low offers at an open offer on fb?They probably just see the preview of the wall of text you send then and don't even bother reading the full message

>>523384914t. 2080ti SLI owner.

>>523384456>subject: wheelchair balls

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>>523383810It’s called negotiating. Typical American...>>523383985I bet you pay full price everywhere you go>>523384414>I’m rich and overpay for everything like a fucking idiotWow I’m so impressed you overpaid for something! Good job!

>>523385036actually seethingimagine getting this angry over something so innocuous

>thread about posting hatemails turns into people replying hatemails to eachother

>>523384028They're rightThe message is funny as fuck but everyone with iTz in their gamertag was a certified retard

>>523385128jesus cringe dude

>>523384601>t. 2080ti owner

>>523384696If I ever needed to sell something for extra cash, I certainly wouldn't use one of those retarded sites full of poorfag degenerates like yourself. If someone ever spit some autistic rant like that at me after I already declined their offer, I would agree to their price then just hire someone to go murder them at the meetup spot. >>523384762>>523384829Kek

>>523384914those arent my screencaps you great big faggotmake sure you know who youre replying too in case you want to shout any of us out in your suicide note later tonight

>>523384630>I’ll call the cops if you try to scam meLmao what a fucking pussy. Kids, this is what happens when you spend your life savings on fucking graphics cards for bitcoin mining.

>>523384273based isaac, what a good dude

>>523383921kill yourself faggot weebshit


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>>523385228Jesus user, just accept the lowball already.

>>523383713Its incredible how the term 'trolling' has been around for what seems like forever and there are still people like you that cannot grasp it

someone rename this thread to "2080fags get utterly decimated in 2020 epic style"

>>523383301the most based hate mail message ever

>>523384889>I overpaid for a product and now I’m mad! I deserve a refund because I make poor choices!

>>523385347It seems incredible yes

>>523383892no, just dont buy it dickhead


>>523385251Sure thing squirt, get a fucking job.>>523385328Compelling argument. You've actually swayed me and I'm rethinking my life.

>>523384914So how much money did you spend on your bitcoin farm? Did you make even 1/100th back on what you invested? Lol.

>>523382368This isn’t even remotely funny.

>>523384194This nigga maaaaad

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>>523385347>>523385380>>5233846012080tibros....how are we going to cope???

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>>523385453>$499 3070Anon please just tell me how much you wanna try sell your 2080ti for?

>>523379486Soon in a racial war, hopefully.We'll unleash our repressed catharsis IRL.We need a bit more incels, more sexual frustration, more propaganda, and the inevitable economical collapse will ignite everything.

>>523384889They should have known better than to trust Nvidia launching a new line of anything.

>>523385453>get a fucking job>so you can buy my overpriced obsolete garbage out of my bagholding handslmao

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>>523385549this dude was well ahead of the times

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>>523385529I'm still on my 1080ti I bought for $700AUD.2080ti was stupidly overpriced, only morons bought it in the first place.

>>523385453You spent all your money on a card that’s worth less than a quarter of its original value. If a 5k car is worth 2 once it’s off the lot, what makes you think you’re going to get more than 500 for a gfx cars that ISNT top of the line anymore? You’re even worse than a used car salesman. And you’re calling us poor? Lmao.

>>523384889>nvidia should refund themsomething something fools something part with their money something

>>523382368This is like one of those official examples of "acceptable trash talk" that Microsoft shits out. Is this the best zoomers can muster?

>>523374996Reminds me of the Dragon Ball thread on /a/ where some faggot sissy posted his asshole as concession in an argument

>>523385458Never mind, I just bought bitcoin when it was 25 dollars kiddo so I'm doing fine on that front. But anyone who banks on crypto thinking it's a secure investment is retarded anyway. I make my own money.


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>>523383964Keep crying

>2080 fags in this threadcan literally hear the jimmies rustling

>>523383713Where's the part where he threatens to kill you?

>>523381102microsoft and walmart :^)

>>523384456Is this suppose to be an insult or complement?

>>523379298Getting rid of toxicity in games is a good thing, user.

>>523385529i have an rx580 you cringe goblin

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>>523379298Still think leftists aren't ruining your vidya, user?

>>523385729>>523385628>>523385569You are poor. Your entire argument hinges on the idea that I'm someone with one of those cards looking to sell them but im not. Price gougers are dickheads, but you aren't going to change their minds or anybody else's for that matter with autistic screeching.

>>523379298>play rainbow six siege>any messages involving whore, cunt, slut are instantly autoreported >fag, nigger, homosexual are near instant bans

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>>523385840Obviously you don’t make money if you BUY crypto. Seriously, never listen to /biz/. I don’t know why you fucking idiots STILL think that fake e-money is real money. poor sap. I pity you.

>>523374405Wouldnt it be crazy if babies were murdered to the tune of 1 million every year, haha imagine that

>>523385852Is that reddit? What a fucking retarded layout

>>523385840Now play the guitar for him

>>523374996this reminds me of the whole thing about people spreading their asses or showing their ballsacks on UNO with the camera on xbox 360.

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>search: 2080ti site:craigslist.org

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>>523386019People who don't understand the difference between trash talk and toxicity piss me off.Smack talk gets rid of toxic fags because everyone makes fun of them for being retarded.

>>523386159Even if I made a billion dollars a year, why would I EVER overpay for something? You’re a fucking idiot for criticizing those who won’t pay 1000 dollars for something worth half that. I think you’re the poor one who doesn’t the value of a dollar.

>>523386286Yeah it was a magical time. Saw a lot of dicks and a lot of tits.

>>523374996I hope you deleted them as soon as possible just in case.


>>523386230I dont buy crypto anymore retard, I said I bought bitcoin when it was 25 dollars a piece. That turned out to be a great fucking investment, it was over 20k at one point and it's still pretty stable now. I technically paid for both my kids educations with less than what I spend on a night out to dinner, and I'm still sitting on ~50.3BTC

>>523383713>>523383892>>523384106>>523384273>Poor kid who can't allow hardwarelmao

imagine being jewish

why did this turn into a 2080 resellers thread

>>523386592Just go and ask about it, I’m sure you’ll get it.

>>523386702feels pretty good goy

>>523386715some asperger thinks he's trolling. scroll up

>>523386715shitposter trying to validate his life choices

>>523386019LoL and Overwatch have some of the most toxic people but is also heavily censored so no.

>>523386410>entirely ignoring my post and repeating yourself like some retarded negro chimping outCool dude. Keep screaming at walls thinking they will fall down. Nobodys fucking asking you to pay their ridiculous prices, but whoever took those screenshots is a literal fucking retard for thinking that his ranting would change anybody's mind.

>>523386715People trying to justify their Apple Stand purchase

>>523386782'goy' translates directly to 'jew' so well done retard

>>523383570this is not a Holla Forums thread

>>523379298Modern warfare is pretty lax

>>523386715>some autist screencaps himself sperging out at price gougers>they dont react or get mad>he posts them in a hatemail thread anyway for some reasonThat's about it.

>>523383713Do you actually think you "trolled" anyone with that?

>>523383713>>523385852Get banned

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>>523374405psychic powers/collective unconscious is a real thing and when ppl do this you are actually getting cursed. be careful

>>523374996>My friend had monster dick>Used to get on omegle and tuck it (really feminine looking with it tucked)>Flop it out when dudes start jerking off>Everyone laughs hystericallyWeird experience in hindsight

This one's mine. If you lose and message someone, you've lost twice.

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>>523387123>>523387129Holy shit Buyer's Remorse is real. Get fucked you shortsighted shitheads and shove that 2080 where the sun don't shine!

>>523387129>reddit bans people for being reasonableOn brand

>>523386965that post is like an hour old and buried, are you seriously that bothered by it?

>>523384279>karmaNigga thats not a real thing

>>523387313just midwit things

>>523387167My big sister used to dress me up like a doll and put things in my ass to pretend she was a doctor giving me medication. Kids are just fucking weird user.

>>523387129God is reddit really that bad?

>>523387376yeah, all of the fun subreddits got banned or gimped.

>>523374996It’s weird to you but to nonamericans that’s childhood memories

>>523384785>seething this hard

>>523387167Prove it fag. please

>>523383037Ask your mom.LMAO #rekt

>>523374996Sounds like every game of 360 Uno.

I used to get at least a message a day playing SF4 on XBL. Played SF5 for months and never received a single hatemail. Depressing honestly.


>>523379298>Remember what they took from you

>>523386617Yeah because what fucking idiot would buy bitcoin? Congrats on sitting on a pile of garbage. I’m sure your parents are proud of how their son wastes money.

SOld my 2080ti for $900 on ebay lol. Gonna use that money to buy 3080 when it's out.

>>523387271i dont even know what this 2080 thing is i just think you're a retard who doesn't understand what trolling isthanks for proving my theory correct with ur post :D

>some fag gets BTFO on a battleground>click his corpse and spam /laugh emote>they switch alts just to whisper sweet nothings in my earsGod I miss those times.

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>>523387843>talk shit about someone>/ignore before they can respond

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>>523387843>I miss those times.WoW Classic is still that. Very many angry people on that game.

Someone invaded me in the duke's archives and we weren't able to find each other.

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>>523387894I don't think they understood each other.

>>523387843>FOS/POSGood ol' Wrath days

>>523379974I miss playing eve... I mean I don't want to actually play it again because the autism time wasted is too much but... it was good times

>>523383773and a few AM stations

>>523386159Is this really the hill you want to die on? Arguing with this guy about something that apparently has nothing to do with you? I mean I agree he isn't funny or clever or anything but god damn man get a life.

>>523388040this isn't even hate mail it's just the best kind of bantz

>>523385983holy fuck, i kneel

>>523382345>Agent is typing...

My favorite one ever is some guy flamed me over Dark Souls pvp and said "what is this call of duty i want to choke your dick with my asshole"

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>>523388219Fuck you you poor fuck do you realize how hard it is to talk to Customer support after your craigslist post on a 2080ti is flagged for fraud. I fucking hate these white knightts thinking they're bettering the world by fucking with me. If soemone buys it for that price then that's their problem.

>>523388423wtf is a 2080ti and why do you people keep posting about it non stop? just shut up already or go to a different thread

>>523386394>the difference between trash talk and toxicityAre you this faggot?

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Why do you need a 2080ti? Also lowballers are about as scummy as people who overprice.

>>523388578bottom ones except potato aim are all based and funny though

>>523382345Goddammit i wanna see the response

>>523388578No. But you're obviously one of the guys who'd fly off the handle into profanities at some gentle ribbing.

>>523384630>Original boxes included if you want them>if you want them>Not keeping them because it's almost like they're made to measure when it comes to upgrading and shipping the old componentSome fucking computer expert. Who is this jerk off?

>>523384384Punjabi Mamba bringing the pain.

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I killed him.

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Things I've sent:"I'M THE PROPRIETOR OF THE FUCKHEAD MERRY-GO-ROUND, AND WE HAVE A SEXY UNICORN JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR DAD TO KISS AND HOLD HANDS ON!""I want to shave your urethra with a weed-eater.""....-....-.-....-....-...-...--...---....--...---....---"(meaningless morse message)

>>523388791He got upset

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I don't pay attention to graphics cards at all, did this older card just come out only to get upstaged by the newer card, is that the general gist?


>>523388578>Totally expected from a


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>>523388898No its been out for ages. But people are trying to sell it second hand for $1000. When a newer card coming out in a month is better and costs $499.

>>523383037slightly less than 8 months in your case


>>523383713why would you pay double the price for a weaker card just to avoid waiting one more month

>>523384194God I wish that was true

>>523387376Yes. Now you can see why the users of that site in here have the fame of being complete cancer.

>>523386394"Toxicity" is "trash talk" for people who can handle life you fucking faggot.

if only splatoon 1 had chat. holy fucking shit I would send such hatred even the devil would weep.I guess that was a good thing, or kids would end traumatized from people telling them to fucking cut off their hands and kys.FUCK IM GETTING FLASHBACKS

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>>523388957>I hope you wake up as an indian

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>>523374523bitch how the hell you gon wake up dead

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>>523384568Mad. Go take your pussy elsewhere pleb and get gud.

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>>523389197Thanks for proving the point kek. Include me in your suicide note.

>>523386147Progressives, to be more precise.

>>523379974I heard two gunshots on my head when read "School shootings" snd I've never been in one. Not even from the US

>>523388230I know, but I had to share it just because I thought it was hilarious. here's something a little more hateful.

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>>523389548I'm not the one in danger of killing myself because someone called me a no-no word you stupid fuck.

>>523380246Said the guy on chan

>>523389640Stop replying to me.

>>523385292Playing the long game is so rarely worth it.

>>523389673Fucking fool, I'll make you my bitch.

>>523389332you cant be born dead that'd just be redundant!

>Fucking nobody has posted it yetI'm disappointed in you all

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>>523383158Go take a real shower instead of lathering yourself in cow shit so your fucking call center doesn't stink you haji fuck.

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>>523389786thats not even funny


>>523383921Don't worry user, i know i haven't been showing it much but i still hate you

>>523389786a classic

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>>523386019Trash talk isn't the same as toxicityLook at league of legends. The community is chernobyl tiers of toxic and the slightest complains can get you b&


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>>523389640That wasn't my point about toxicity vs smack talk nigger. Give me more (You)'s

>>523383158>calling out an easily verifiable lie is being an assholeshut up Mohd

>>523379298nothing will ever top the halo 2 post-game rages. there wasn't a time limit so you can stay in that post-lobby forever. good times.I legit feel bad for kids who will never experience that level of passion.

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>>523378754"no u"

>>523388342>You won this hole !

>>523383921Nyanko is love


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>>523374405does anybody else find these hate messages extremely amusing and satisfying? like, seeing how mad these people are is the best thing ever, and even more if you made them that mad

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>>523389249I heard a guy call a kid on one of those old YouTube vids a waste of human anatomy and comboed with more stuff none going down and the kid got quiet and left the game

>>523387843Undead will forever have the strongest pvp racial, cannibalise is great for farming rage whispers, particularly if you get a group joining in.

>>523390564>hate mail threads repeatedly made for more than a decade>Frequently hit bump limit>Everyone always having a good timeWhat OTHER reason do you think they exist for user?

>>523383452never christian cultist

>>523389710I wanna join in, what's up cunts ?

>>523390564its what I like to refer to as a delicious moment

>>523374996I remember playing burnout paradise and every time i would wreck someone they would get an xbox camera pic of my friends bare ass

>>523385292I think holding a grudge for so long over a shitty childish rant is even more sad and whoever wrote this (if real) might have felt like he won somekind of battle, but he actually lost the war and his sanity with it

>>523388505A graphics card that recently got BTFO by a new competitor that's half the price and reportedly more powerful, people are trying to offload them before they become worthless.

Imagine being so delusional you try to explain your nonexistant period to a normie.

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>>523390564This is what is also coloquially refered to as "salt farming" and its the biggest gamer fuel in existence, so yeah, everyone here does feel that way

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>>523390564They are good, but if you stumble upon a silent autistic psycho that instead of writing you a rant, follows you through and makes his life goal to turn your entire life hell because of a shitty troll move you pulled out on him, then shit get serious and creepy and you never know when will you spit a psychopath in the face

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>>523385292long game always wins

>>523383713Ok karen

>>523385292>Short ugly piece of shitSounds like a marine alright. Little faggot probably got bullied and joined the marines because he heard they were the biggest and toughest branch and that they'd make him hardcore.

>>523391365lmao did you get beaten as a kid or something


>>523385292Didn’t happen

I have never gotten any sort of hate male, all I ever get is some mild complaints when I dunk on consolefags in cross play modern warfare and even that is only on rare occasion

>>523385529Trolled hard! :)

Never did receive fan mail. Just not good enough.

>>523383513True,but AM radio carries..... I've been in the woods of northern Michigan and picked up Seattle Baseball.

>>523391010To be fair, if someone Falconed Punched me in the dick, he'd better kill me unless he wants to die himself. You have someone to blame for that. Women have nothing to blame other than being a woman, and being a woman, they deflect that onto everyone else.

>>523383301Remember the kids who would sperg out and scream into the mic?Makes you wanna choke a kid out.

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>>523388578Spotted the pussy who cant handle bantz, kys niggerfaggot.

I love when I beat people and they call me bad lol. Seriously though. If I’m bad and I beat you.... doesn’t bode well for you

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Whenever I get hate mail nowadays it's just people saying that they've reported me. No nuance.

>>523374405sort of unrelated

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>get autistically mad in cod at a guy on ps3 or some shit 8 years ago>tell him to kill himself>he replies don't worry I will>checked his psn profile weeks later and he never signed onAnd that's when I learned that words can really hurt

>>523391486Nah, my dad's adoctor who's had to perform surgery on a number of marines. Most of them were injured from stupid brawls trying to prove how tough they were. That and drunken motorcycle accidents.

>>523391923>fhaggitimagine taking a platform seriously where you can't type faggot.

>>523374405what did he mean by this?

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>>523388735i was in that thread and iirc the agent either just disconnected or used some template line and nothing really came of it

>>523389786>Demolition_Dwait a minute....

>>523383713>this is the best these autistic zoomers can come up and consider it "trolling"no wonder this board is so shite