Daily reminder that you can play all 3 games + galaxy 2 on a hacked wii FOR FREE there's no reason to give nintendo...

Daily reminder that you can play all 3 games + galaxy 2 on a hacked wii FOR FREE there's no reason to give nintendo your money for this lazy shit

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>>523373651Don’t careStill preordered it


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>>523373726Good job falling for FOMO retard

Its a glorified collector's item, similar to past anniversary releases.

>>523373651wow you mean I can brick my wii AND waste an entire afternoon downloading viruses? Sounds like a lovely time, OP. Preordered the digital and physical addition just for you.

>>523373651But you won't get the sound test, that sound test instantly makes it worth $60, especially since it's on a handheld, not only that but you get these games on a handheld, something your wii can't do.


>>523373864Nigger the wii is literally the easiest system to hack you just a complete fucking retard

>>523373651Very true, but it's gonna be an easy game to scalp to nintenfags.

>>523373996then do it for me

>>523373996Easy if you want to get flooded with viruses maybe

>>523373651No the best way to play is to buy a cheap set of wii controllers then emulate it on PC

I dont own a Wii. Never have. Just gonna buy the collection. It isnt free if I have to buy a Wii and no portable play

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emushitters have got to be some of the most stupidly autistic people on this board

But can I play them while taking a shit?

>>523374090youtu.be/12jctaJlQdMdone>>523374138If you are a complete fucking retard that is

>>523373651No thanks, I'm not a poorfag nigger.

>>523374254no, I want you to hack a wii and then mail it to me

>>523373651I already have the original versions, so no thanks.

>BuT YOu CaN pLay It FOr FrEE Then your not the target audience



>>523374370Sure mail it to me then


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>>523373651i'd actually buy the damn thing if they DID anything new to it, they pretty much just upscale and slightly tweaked the textures. you go all the way back to the first allstars and they overhauled the entire artstyle for every game, for better or worse. if they did something like that to at least make it feel fresh i'd have no qualms, but this shit just looks lazy as fuck.

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>>523374498what's your address?

>>523373651I pre-ordered just to dab on OP and the poor wagies just like I will with the PS

>>52337479842069 gofuckyourself ave.

>>523374698Thats a direct downgrade. Right gives me Kirby Nightmare in dreamland flashbacks.

>>523374898wow and to think I was going to send you my wii

The original runs at 480p which is 400k pixels. The new version runs at 1080p which is 2 million pixels, a massive 5x improvement. This is a god send if you have a big TV but even if you don't you'll notice it clearly.

>>523375064>"I need other people to do shit for me because I am a fucking retard who can't follow simple instructions"

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>>523375216hey, you said it was easy so then it shouldn't be a problem for you to do it for me

>>523373651>Daily reminder that you can play all 3 games + galaxy 2 on a hacked wii FOR FREEWhat the fuck?!?!!?How!?!How do I play sunshine on my hacked wii?I use usb loader and load games from a harddrive.

>>523373726That'll be $139.99 plus tip, faggot.

>>523373651>Daily reminder that you can play all 3 games + galaxy 2 on a hacked wii FOR FREEBut I want to play them on Switch. If old hardware wasn't the issue then I'd just dust of my Wii and plug that back in, but it runs at standard definition and isn't the most comfortable hardware to use

>>523374925so why bother playing the new ones when i either own the originals or can just emulate the fucking things?

>>523375098While that is nice for having an official release like that, N64 and Gamecube emulation isn't particularly taxing on modern PCs so that's been mostly available to people for years now. Shit, I think you can even get the Mario decompilation project to run in 1080p and 16x9 on Switch now without any notable frame drops so that's offering MORE than this official release before we even get into the optional mods for model replacements and full analog camera control.Also, there's real concerns about Sunshine since the gameplay footage had a footnote about accessories sold separately and the FLUD UI still using the Gamecube's X button where 64 had a modified intro screen to match new buttons meaning they may have done NOTHING to deal with the lack of analog triggers that are kind of needed in that game and expect you to get the GC adapter and a GC controller for your switch which isn't even an option for Lite users.

>>523374225Second only to you, of course.

>there's no reasonIt pisses you off. Thats one.

>>523374390Their target audience are people with a room temperature IQ then. Which goes without saying, they're Nintendo.

Why are you people crying about this, if you don't want to buy it then don't, stop trying to cope about being poor

>>523375535what a complete non-surprise it is that a tripfag of your calibur holds such an opinion

>>523375626i wanted an actual set of remakes that aren't timelocked and missing a sequel, for one

>>523375626>not liking jewish tricks >lololol u poorYou know who else has this behavior, people who buy apple

I can play all 3 on the hacked Switch too. Funny that.

>>523375641Im glad it makes you seethe too

>>523375752>i wanted an actual set of remakesThere was never any indication that this was going to happen. Besides, if they were remade you faggots would just complain about the new visual styles. The timelocking is annoying though.

>>523374254Letterbomb is a great song desu

>>523376082faggots will bitch about anything. using that to justify a lack of effort from a billion-dollar corporation is completely fucking pathetic on your part

>>523375302Holy shit you're a fucking moron, lol. Buddy it takes a few minutes to hack a Wii. Everybody and their grandmother knows that.

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>>523373651So I keep seeing people say 64 is the shindou version but haven't actually seen anyone post proof that it is, is there a link to a source confirming it?

>>523376190>using that to justify a lack of effort from a billion-dollar corporation is completely fucking pathetic on your partWhen did I justify it? I just said there was no reason to believe they'd be remakes when none of the leaks claimed that would be the case. I think they're charging a steep price and they should've at least remade Mario 64.

>>523376358No absolute confirmation, but lack of "So long gay Bowser" in the trailer when we see the Bowser level is a pretty good indicator.

>>523373996As a complete fucking retard I'm requesting a link to this easy method, also can you hook an external HDD up to it

>>523376257k then do it for me

PLEASE SOMEBODY FUCKING TELL ME HOW TO PLAY GAMECUBE GAMES ON MY WII.I heard that it was literally impossible because of how the wii works. Like the cd drive turns off when using the usb or some shit like that.

>>523375752To be honest the galaxy ones don't really need a remake, they pretty much look like current switch games, I agree a 64 remade would be nice though

>>523373651This is the same autist crying at everyone to play FFCC dolphin got multiplayer lol

>>523376673You, ah, you put the Gamecube disc in the Wii and turn it on.Unless you got one of those later Wii models that took it out.

Why can't you ungrateful contrarian shitheads be happy like real fans?youtube.com/watch?v=sjlK-RZsFW8&t=9m35s

>>523373651Where can I get a free hacked Wii?

>>523376535So you admit your retarded. Cool story bro.

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>>523373792how is mario flavor of the month

>>523377082You're confusing Fear Of Missing Out with FOTM.

>>523373651Why are pirates always so obnoxious about actually paying for their games?

>>523376358In the footage he says “so long” instead of “so long gay bowser” which was a change made in the shindou version

>>523373651daily reminder that i want to play all the 3 games on my cool modern portable nintendo machine

>>523376673What the fuck are you talking about? Are you mentally retarded? You just stick the disc in the drive and it works.I literally sold my GameCube as soon as the wii came out because it’s completely backwards compatible. I regret it now though because it means I have to fish out some AA batteries and set up the gay sensor bar every time I want to play a GameCube game.

>>523377191oh shit you're right my bad, but youre correct that's exactly what they are doing and its sad. I'm almost okay with the limited mini consoles but doing it with actual games is shitty.

>>523375890i'm glad you're going to bed

>>523373651Daily reminder that physical copy of this game will potentially be worth big bucks to collectors

>>523373651I'll be able to play all 3 games on the Switch for free too. Mine is modded.

I think this release is pretty disappointing. They could have created the definitive version of Mario 64 with the extra levels from the DS added in. They also should have included Galaxy 2 - there’s absolutely no logical reason I can think of why they didn’t.

>>523374698after all those soul/soulless comparison threads, praising the original aesthetic and shitting on the all stars' remakes are you really going to say that they should have done that again?make all of them widescreen and double the poly count on 64 would be enough and we did not get all that far from it.but, realistically, nintendo would never deliver much more than that. they want to milk 64 for as long as they did with the 8 and 16 bit era.

>>523381614Probably couldn't work about a proper control for Galaxy 2, I don't see how you would control yoshi without a proper pointing device.

>>523381821They literally showed in the trailer that the pointing will be handled with the joycons.

>>523382139But switch lite

>>523382325look at the 2DS

>>523373651>WiiNo thanks poorfag I own a Wii U.

>>523381614>I think this release is pretty disappointing. They could have created the definitive version of Mario 64 with the extra levels from the DS added in.If they did it would be $60 by itself.

>>523373651get me a hacked wiidownload/install the games for me and send it to me.

>>523373651Saw this shit just now. Mario 64 had nothing done to it because Nintendo are lazy fuckers. No remaster. Nothing. Dropped.

Why can't you buy it after March?Are they just going max jew?

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>>523385946They'll probably make it so you have to buy them seperately on the eshop.

>>523385946Of course Just look at this thread look at all the nintensoys defending this because they got hardly anything to play on their shitch

>play on official Nintendo© hardware for 60$ +tip>1080, 60fps, N64 models and textures>play the Chad unofficial PC version>8K 240fps with mod support, high poly models, beta functinalities, hd sfx, bug fixed and restored cut content for free

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>>523385946This is the real question. There'd be literally no actual shitpost power other than emufags screeching like usual, EXCEPT for the fact that it's a ticking timebomb release. They literally made it open season for scalpers and I'm willing to bet most stores won't have a purchase limit. Considering how hard it can be to preorder normal Nintendo product, I'm fully expecting to walk into a store tomorrow morning to be told they're out of Preorders already because some landwhale scalper preordered all 12 copies available for preorder. And I'd rather not order it digitally or online.>>523382325If you check the download page in the eshop it says there are "limited touch screen controls" supported for Galaxy, as well as support for additional Joycons.

>>523373651Don't care still bought it lol

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>>523386405>play on official Nintendo© hardware for 60$ +tip>1080, 60fps, N64 models and texturesu make this sound like a bad thing. what are you, poor?


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>>523373651Emulation is soulless

You can play any game for free if you download it illegally. What is your point?

>Nintendo Direct: "Here is some news on upcoming third party games".>Nintendo fans: "ugh this direct was awful...">Nintendo Direct: *ports*>Nintendo fans: "now that's what I'm fucking talking about"


>>523373651Hacked Wii isn’t and portable and they’re in low res

>>523388249poor people are the ones that love to waste money on stupid shit, thats why they're fucking poor

How many did y’all preorder?

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>>523389263Well you see then you have to buy a 200 kit and a dremel. The goal is to not give Nintendo money.

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>>523389382cope seethe and dilate



>>523388980I don't have beef with the third party game directs, but the last one was a bunch of Fucking Nothing outside of FFCC and a couple of DLC announcements.

>>523373651Coping poorfag. Imagine not wanting to buy 3 of the best video games of all time with improved controls and slightly improved visuals. Just how sad can you get?

>>523373726Same, so many assblasted retards just because I wanna have fun with these games on switch lol

>>523373726Already did the same thing.

>>523374925>>523381772I'd prefer them touch up the games. All stars doesn't look bad. take the nostalgia glasses off

>>523373792I was gonna buy it at launch regardless of the limited time shit. Less fear of missing out, more sunshine is my favorite video game and I want it on Switch.

>>523389668>Imagine not wanting to buy 3 of the best video games of all time with improved controls and slightly improved visuals.The compilation has none of that.If I want better visuals and better controls I'll just boot up the Super Mario 64 PC Port with the 60fps and graphical enhancement mods installed lmao.

>>523374698Everyone will just say "NOOOOOO YOU CANT DO THAT BECAUSE Holla Forums WILL SAY ITS SOULLESS" which can easily me remedied with a graphics toggle like what Master Chief Collection or Grim Fandango remaster or any other number of remasters did.

>Luigi is actually in 64 this time >He also sneaks into Sunshine How does Holla Forums react?

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>>523373651I can also buy it for like $70 and resell it next year for well over a hundred.


>>523373726First post based post

>>523373651ordored 6 copies from 3 differents sites just to resell them for nintenretards.I do the same for every limited crap from nintendo.Snes mini, Zelda limited even magnet and stickers, you fuckin mangoloids would buy anything.My best so far was the street fighter 30th anniverssary limited version, where I swapped simply the xbox one version with switch version, and resold them for nearly 3x the price.

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>>523373726same, my gf hates playing on emulators for some reasons so it's not really up to me. switch is more comfy i guess

>>523385946>max jew is stopping the sale of it so they cannot make any more moneyHuuuuuuuuuuuuh

>>523390506And then everybody clapped.

>>523374197>ywn have a Mario game with soulful Wario cartoon graphics and fat early Mario

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I can understand buying it but I can’t imagine defending it.

>>523388721Uh, you do realize that emulation is exactly what Nintendo is selling you, right?

OP is 100% right.However...Galaxy on Switch doesn't require a sensor bar or batteries in a Wii remote.Mario 64 and Sunshine will also run in higher resolutions.Food for thought.

>>523390542>what is artificial scarcity

>>523390738Ah yes, they benefit from that artificial scarcity by having ebay sellers make more money.... oh

>>523390542>max jew for scarcity the sale and then linking this shit to Nintendo online.


>>523390506SNES mini is surprisingly not worth a lot more even now a year or two later. I was thinking of selling mine but I looked on eBay and they’re not very sought after.

>Mario doesn't say "So long, Gay Bowser!" anymore.What the fuck!

>>523390725>Complaining about the sensor bar and fucking batteries when the pointer movement doesn't look fun with joycons>"Mario 64 at a higher resolution" when we already have the PC port

>>523390725Also>All three games cost 60 dollars in their respective years>getting all 3 for 60 dollars>>523390801Stay mad kid>>523390797>Max jew for not receiving any money any longerThey would literally get more money if they kept this in production forever. Face it Holla Forumsirgins, you make /biz/ look like financial geniuses.

>>523373651I want the pins, though :(

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>>523390542>say it's "limited time only" buy now>millions buy it>due to popular demand, we're selling it again for a Limited Time™!>millions buy it again>repeat ad infinitum

>>523390876t. casualOnly the original NA/PAL release of the game had that line. No other version had it.

>>523390809you should buy it and sell it right away.In my case 7/10 were sold on a market place before I even receved the amazon packages.3 others didn't last the week, 130 euros each.

>>523376673dios mio

>>523373864kys brainlet

It seems like they put in the bare minimum effort for this. There's a suspiciously low amount of stuff beyond the games avaialbe in the collection. A music player is nice but what about developer interviews? Concept art? Any new content at all? Something to really make this feel like a archive of these great games?When did the rumors about it start? The low effort and the fact that they'll only be selling this for a limited time makes me think they threw this together after they realized Covid would delay something more ambitious they had in the works

>>523391150How does that make me a casual you double nigger?

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>>523373651>if the software has been archivedDo they mean you can't actually redownload it from the eShop after March 31st?If you get a new console or delete the game you won't be able to download it because it isn't archived on your console?

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>>523373651Oh great point user, I will now go and purchase a hacked Wii console immediately!Fucking moron.

>>523390995they are sell it forever every month just so you can play shitty emulator ports "comfy in your bed".fuckin retard.

>>523373864>You can literally hack the Wii with a USB and a copy of Lego Indiana Jones>People still fear a console with a huge homebrew scene will be bricked or filled with viruses

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>>523373651Hacking my wii takes longer than the time it takes for me to make 60$, so I would rather just do that.This is the life of an adult

>>523391490Maybe you should, I got mine for less than 60 dollars and I can play more than 3 games.

>>523391478It'll be tied to your account if you buy it digitally, you'll be able to redownload it whenever you please on any system if you have your account on it

>>523391554Do you make $60 in 30 minutes tops? Congratulations, user

>>523374390Tarfet audience = rich people

>>523391446A half-baked google search would've told you that the line is unique to that edition and that no version released before or after had it.They're not gonna use the unpatched version of the game for the port. This isn't a Wii VC release.

>>523391194Well I wasn’t trying to scalp them I just thought maybe it would be worth something since I haven’t played it in ages.

>>523373651I only bought it to scalpe it later on.

>>523375641>hating tripfagscringe

>>523373651I just want one to resell later.

>>523391832>This isn't a Wii VC release.You're right, it's worse.

>>523390876He says bye bi now