>Buy hacked vita for $100>Over 10000 free snes, MD, gameboy, 64,roms>Best D-Pad on any system...

>Buy hacked vita for $100>Over 10000 free snes, MD, gameboy, 64,roms>Best D-Pad on any system.>OLED screen for crt response times.

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>>523370703I love the Vita, it's my favorite console, but emulation past NES era is awful on Vita. SNES has stutters and sound issues, same with GBA, N64 is a non-starter. This was a year ago when I last tried, maybe new emulators have been made, but even overclocked it did an awful job. Buy a vita to hack and play all the great native Vita games like Everybody's Golf, Dariusburst CE, Soul Sacrifice, etc. Not many exclusives but it's a great way to play games portable with a beautiful screen and A+ build quality, I'd take mine over my shitty switch any day

>>523370703>yfw there will not be another sony portable consolea shame, i loved the psp

>>523370910I've play yoshis island, super mario world. donkey kong 1 and 2 this week without lag. It was actually a couple of sega games that lagged like biohazard battle.

>>523371035But there already is the vita. Most new games are fucking shit. There are enough roms to easily keep you playing the vita for years.

>>523371118Neat, maybe they've put out newer retroach/cores or whatever. I'll have to dig mine out at some point. I ordered a retroid for my emulation fix and am looking forward to that, but having a portable EDF/Everybody's Golf/Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) device will always make Vita my go to portable

>>523370703>vita>less than $200>ever

>>523371648So I did good by buying one last year for $50 have they really gone up that much?

>>523370703OLED doesn’t have CRT response. And the Vita one is arguably the worst OLED screen ever made. You’re lucky I’d their is no cloudiness or burn in and if it’s still bright

>>523371782>Vita one is arguably the worst OLED screen ever madetry using one sometime you dumb faggot

>>523371648I just checked ebay and saw a few for 90 pound

>>523370703>64it's not nice to lie, user

>>523371210maybe i should buy one

>>523370703Is the Shita easy to hack?I got a OLED one years ago but didn't play it much at all.


>>523371875You can literally see the shit blacks in it in the horrible photo.

if the vita wasn't so bad at emulating snes and gba it would be the best handheld. The dpad is great.

>>523372217If you are a zoomer raised on smartphones who can't torrent it will be hard. If you have a windows laptop and follow the guides it can be done.

>>523372718Zoomers grew up without smartphones.

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>>523370703>OLED screen for crt response times.Lol noCRT pixel response time is in order of magnitudes faster than OLED still

>>523370703>>OLED screen for crt response times.But the system latency plus massive emulation latency will still make it nowhere near playing the real thing on a CRT.

>>523370703Portables in general have CRT like response times because there's no retarded processing filters.This was horribly obvious with the WiiU, where you could see the TVs lagging behind the pad painfully.

>>523372217Extremely easy. Just follow a tutorial on youtube for enso. Only way you can mess up is if you are computer illiterate or can't follow instructions

>>523370703woah things my PC can do and better

>>523370703>Best D-Pad on any systemAll zoomers must be purged.

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>>523376720based, Saturn pad is the greatest controller ever made. I very much enjoy the Vita's dpad, but it can't touch saturn

>>523371648I got the first model for 60$ at a pawn shop. Screen is like new. Just look around.

>buy a PS3 slim for like 50 bucks>install CFW>????>profitway better

Literally every point in op is wrong. Just use your phone or hack a 3ds lmao

>>523370703>Best D-Pad on any systemYikes.>OLED screen version>$100Nice fanfic.

>>523370703>Best D-Pad on any systemWhy are sonygroes so stupid?

>>523370703Coomer hereHow do I hack my 3.69 vita?

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Can Sony detect a hacked vita if you use remote play?

>>523379853why do you care? you wont even be able to focus to do it because you will just want to see what is new on the porn sites

>>523379853Gotta cum hack itTake it apart and coom between test point 3 and 7 to short the lockout chip.Then smash your dick into the cartridge slot.

>>523370910Honestly if I want a portable system to emulate nintendo roms I'll just use my N3DSXL and that new-ish VC super injector that lets you customize the installation so you could even use different emulators per-game. The Vita's great but it's not like it can do literally everything out there. I use mine for Vita games, PSP, and PS1 using the older PSP piggybacking method crap since the Vita's PS1 playback is fucking gay with the screen sizing.

>>523372217>Is the Shita easy to hack?yeah, its super fucking easy to hack these days if youre not a moron. they literally have step by step guides to help you.

>>523371648Pawn shop my brother, I got a few and flipped them on FB as hack units.I got a few for 120. The pandemic pushed handled to the rooft since it became imposible to get a hold of a switch for months.

Just emulate on your phone it's way better

>>523370703>buying a shita to play games i've already played 10000000000000000 times yeah figures that's the only thing you can actually play on that piece of shit

>that God tier Dpad is STILL being held hostage by the Vitathe fact that the Dualsense doesn't uses it is laughable, why waste such a great piece of hardware?

>>523370703Vita is a shit emulations device. Peole here act like its still 2010. Androids are 10 times better emulations devices than a vita. Buy a telescopic controller for it and you have the best portable emulation device ever,

>>523370910I dont know how to explain this but theres something oddly comforting when theres a bit of stutter and sound problems. Probably makes me nostalgic back when my cousin showed me his hacked PSP back then, playing All Stars and trying its best to run SM64

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>>523370910GBA works fine now, SNES still has issues with Star Fox and the like, N64 plays SM64 fine and little else

>>523370910You're using the wrong retroarch core. Snes9x2005 is the best

>>523370703Yeah I fucking wish Vita ran 64 properly

>>523379087PS3 emulators suck. Then again, so do Vita's.

>>523382353I had messed with different cores, like I said, unless new ones were added I had a less than great experience. Think I tried playing the Megaman X games. I imagine it's fine for RPGs and shit, but I did not enjoy the slight stutters and issues with games like that

>>523370910>but emulation past NES era is awful on Vita>has not emulate Game Boy, Mega Drive, MAME, Neo Geo, or CPS2 gamesGTFO. I still can't emulate Chain of Memories, since the opening video freezes, but outside of that, I have no notable problems with GBA games.

>>523371648I got mine for half that.

>>523382492That's rough, I figured the newest 2010 core was going to be the best but I got like 45 fpsat best on dkc2. Switched to 2005 and it worked60 consistently no hiccups or nothin. Maybe a newer build of retroarch fixed it? Works on my machine :^)

>>523382691>GTFOkys faggot, I'm relaying honest experiences and I tinkered with different cores, settings etc. I made clear that my experiences were from a year ago and maybe things have improved. I tried playing the Castlevania games and had poor performance. I'm sure there are plenty of games that play very well, but there are clearly some that do not.

>>523370703>buy second hand Switch>hack it for free>get all of the above AND every single switch game for freel m a o

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>>523382932It's okay user, people always fucking lie about emulation for some reason. I had anons swear up and down here for years that SMRPG played 100% fullspeed on a PSP. It only avoids slowdown with frameskip. Fucking children.

>>523383206just frustrating because I love Vita, I'm one of its biggest proponents. Oh well, may as well go play vidya rather than argue with the retards on here. Have a good night friendo

>buy vita for games>actually use it to read VNs in my bed Comfy console. If you know moon there are a LOT of great VNs ported to it.

>>523370703I am mentally handicapped. How difficult would it be to hack my vita assuming its up to date with the latest firmware?

>>523383534OLED or 2k model? I hear 2ks are a lot easier, OLED was a pain in the ass when I did it, may have gotten easier since though

>>523383750Non OLED version

>>523383838The guide I looked at had ten extra steps or some shit for OLED model, you should do it, it's supposed to be super easier on the 2k models like I said, just read a guide and do it step by step.

>>523371648i got mine for 70

A reminder that if you're going to hack your vita don't use some shitty outdated guide that tells you you need compatibility patches for 3.60+ games and so on.0syscall6 is what everyone uses now and lets you run pretty much anything, with all the newest patches (talking about game patches not compatibility patches), DLC, everything. And don't try looking for vita ISOs or torrents on the internet. Get NoPayStation and download everything straight off Sony's high speed servers, games, patches, DLCs, even PSP or PSX games, etc.

>>523384219I don't normally shill youtube shit, but I have to say: this guy has really good guides for almost all the consoles and constantly makes new ones whenever new exploits or anything comes out. I recommend just following his shit.youtube.com/channel/UCpR1Wfz7_tuAPr81G-5Eceg

>>523374292I see a lot of millennial shit here. Weak bait.

>>523383473I'm getting into VNs but I'm and EOP so it seems like my options are very limited on vita

>>523376720>>523378071What's it like? I have an old Saturn, but it's got the NA model 1 controller. Not terribly fond of it.I wish I could afford the good Saturn games.

>>523386045If you have an action replay you can set it to bypass the disc check or whatever the fuck they called it then just burn saturn games. Saturn is one of my favorites. NiGHTs, Panzer Dragoon, Soukygurentai or however the fuck it's spelled, Kingdom Grandprix, Quake, Powerslave, Vatlva, Robotica, Virtual On, such a fun console

>>523386216I do not have an action replay, I'm afraid. I'm a collectorfag, anyways.

>>523372217>>523379853Easyvita.hacks.guide/>>523379865Sony gives(gave) literally zero fucks about the vita. You can go online and do whatever the fuck you want on a modded vita and you won't get banned or anything.

>>523370703i use both my hacked vita and my hacked 3dsbetween them i can play so many games it's ridiculous

just started valkyria chronicles 3 anons... this game is giving me good vibes

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>>523372408That's artifacting in the youtube screenshot. Look at the black finish of the body.

>>523386354Really? I know you can spoof your version but aside from that they really can't tell or care if you go online?

>>523388015Think you quoted the wrong user.

>>523370703be careful user. Vitas are known to randomly vanish because of Sony's "enforcers" who steal Vitas so you have to buy new ones.

>>523370910Thing is, assuming you're using leltroarch, for SNES you have to use older cores. Back in the early 2000s people didn't give a shit about accuracy, they wanted a game to be full speed, so there are quirks, or a lack of lag where lag is SUPPOSED to be, but the game runs basically full speed otherwise.

>>523371782>>523372408I've had an OLED Vita for nearly 8 years, its screen is fantastic. Easily one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of playing on. Playing it right now, still as bright and beautiful as the day it came out of the box.

>>523370703>OLED screen for crt response timesunless you're using Adrenaline that is

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>>523370703call me when they fix the input lag in PSP mode

>>523390770Is it bad? I planned on playing Freedom unite on my vita.

>>523390947I mean it's not a dealbreaker but it's definitely noticeable

>>523390947Not really annoying but if you're used to playing psp games I'd say there's about 3-5 frames of input lag on the vita based on my experience playing SFA3 on the PSP

>>523391127>>523391350Thanks. I'll see how it is soon. I just picked up a vita and was looking forward to having the Psp library available as well.

>>523383473PC vns or vns on the vita?

>>523384219can you use that if you have the other hack installed already?

>>523391518Both, many PC and PS4 vns are ported to the vita.>>523391758Yeah, and you can install it without having to reinstall CFW/Enso too.