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Why do a lot of abnormalities suck? Why do all the backer abnormalities suck? Why the HELL does Forsaken Murderer exist?

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>>523370574Which ones are backer ones again? I know Army in Black is one. Fuck that guy

>>523372341Off the top of my head there's Melting Love, Ppodae, Clouded Monk, and Backward Clock. There's more but I can't remember them all.


>>523372576>>523372719>clerk lovers, aids spreader and cancer incarnate>but they also gave us the clockI’m conflicted

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>>523370574>Why the HELL does Forsaken Murderer exist?Clerks win to win one too okay.BTW I am building a Smoke and Charge deck. Good shit I call it vape deck especially because it works particularly well on Yesod floor.

>>523372986This image hurts me on a profound level.

>>523372986In my opinion Clock makes up for everything else. If you don't want other backer abnos then just repo them and never pick them again, but I'm afraid to imagine doing some of the late game stuff without Clock.

>>523373151the dual 2s make it

>>523370574Clock is great, though. And Melting Love is cute. >>523372341The only one that hasn't been listed by the others is La Luna.

>>523373129>smoke and charge deckI'm interested. Tell me about it.

reminder to everyone that malcute is still the CUTEST and STRONGEST librarian and her floor will always be great!also i'm begging you warp jannies it's friday leave us alone

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>two days without achievable missions

got all my key pages to 30time to wait

>>523373591seems like it wouldn’t be much more than oksmoke and charge both need a fully focused deck to get proper usage except for deep drag and cycle + leap

>>523370574>Why do all the backer abnormalities suck?Because you can turn them off, but it's not worth doing so because that cuts off 2 of the already extremely limited ALEPH selection and both ML and AiB are extremely easy to handle.

>>523370574I think the backer abnos are all cool except for Ppodae and Parasite Tree.

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>>523375147are they gonna be upgrading the key-page cap in the future?

>>523376475>could of made another cancer ridden abono like aids tree and melting shit>instead just makes a cute teth abonowhy would you hate on ppodae?

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>>523376767I just think it's really dull, and the the way its managerial tips and story are written just plain annoys me. It's like a dumber Forsaken Murderer all things considered.

These abnormalities are just ridiculous>if you return a tool within 30 seconds the tool's user explodes

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>>523373759Goddamn I love Malkuth so much, I wish I could fight along side her on her floor

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>>523376767Melty is one of the easiest things in the game to deal with and provides one of the only items that inflicts Slow without a slow bullet. Just repeatedly maul her and only do the low-success work so no one gets infected.

>>523377023Most tools just straight up suck because so many of them do shit like that and leaves them nearly unusable. They really needed some better variety on consequences for misusing them.

anyone knows a good mod to custom your nuggets?


>>523377353heres your new tool bro!>gives you +10 to all stats and hp regen to agents in the same room>can't have the agent drop below 25% sp or agent gets instakilled>can't be used for more than 35 seconds or agent gets instakilled>can't be returned unless your below 25% hp or agent gets instakilledthis type of shit is why only 4 of the tool abonos are actually usable

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>>523379005Imagine not exclusively using based Heart.

>>523379251shelter, you must be happy and clockbro are all great tools for shitting on certain sephriah meltdowns though

I'm at day 23, when am I gonna be filtered, not being ironic, I'm struggling, but it feels shit is closeTo hit the fan soon.

>>523379568>shelter cheesing like a coward

>>523377353reminds me of the one time I actually thought about using notes from a crazed researcher>feeling uncomfortable working on censored>decide to try using notes to minimize damage taken>nugget instantly explodes upon entering the roomand it's still one of the better tools in the game

>>523378678what the heck is this

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>>523379716>not giving the failure of a color ptsd flashbacks plus tipher meltdown music is pretty nice though

>>523379617Whenever you get to do Gebura's missions.

>>523379886I did the exact same thing once, thinking I was so clever.

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Im gonna post some of my drawings while I askWhat line do you think PM is going to update tomorrow? Circus 2? Weedmen? Will we finally get to see Myo down W-Corp line?

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Can't wait for the>Replaced the placeholder theme for a certain fightin the patch notes


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>>523376695probably.god i hope they make it easier.an entire ~20 book puppet reception will only get an Urban Nightmare-level page up to ~27

>ASIYAH Tour>PM randomly starts uploading parts of the Lobcorp OSTwhats happening

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>>523380707Doesn't winning a fight give a ton of exp on its own? Just don't send your level 30s when grinding.

>>523380825>Using under-leveled pages for reception.NO. I REFUSE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHalso some pages just suck desu

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>>523380970Realistically levelling pages is only a problem for appearance projection, but for that it's an absolute pain and I hope they address this before tje level cap reaches 50.

>>523381086Yeah, seriously, set the cap lower for fashion.Speaking of Appearance Projection, what's that "Workshop" button? How mysterious.

>>523381192The way modded pages works is that once you install the mod from the steam workshop the page's appearance can be selected from there.

>>523381192>Speaking of Appearance Projection, what's that "Workshop" button? How mysterious.this magic anonsteamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2187050036&searchtext=

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>>523381349>>523381424oh, i guess that makes sense. Steam Workshop, right.

>>523380759They’re planning an IRL containment breach for the cafe event. They’re uploading it so they have the alarms ready when everything breaches. Don’t go to HamHam PangPang or the cafe the director is planning t

>>523380759Lobcorp switch port.With memory leak abno still in.


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Do go hampang very nice sandwich there todaytonightomorrowyesterday youhavevoicemail.

>>523381738>They’re planning an IRL containment breach for the cafe event. [CENSORED REVEALED]

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>>523381913You have revived a voice mail

>>523380759Nice, you can now use their channel than use random fan channels for music.I hope they upload more

>>523370574>>523381192>>523381349>>523381424progress is being made, slowly but assuredly.shadows will come after i set up all the poses.

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Ruinabros, what do you reckon we’re getting tomorrow, Index pt. 2 or continuation of the Circus path?

does anybody have that diagram with all of the ego gifts and what slot they go in to?

>>523370574Because the game isn't supposed to be easy. If there weren't sucky abnos there wouldn't be any challenge.Really I just don't like how there are so many vanilla abnos with no conditions other than "some work is better than others, don't fail or they escape". Sure, some are more memorable because when they do escape they do something or another, and having too many conditions makes it tougher to figure out a gimmick, but later in the game there's no thought put into them so long as your Temperance is high enough to disregard it completely.Abnos like Alriune, Burrowing Heaven, Singing Machine, all force you to adjust your playstyle rather than just being another box to check.>>523381086I hope they keep transmog at level 30, or at least not push it higher than 40. I'm hanging onto 1 of each page just in case they arbitrarily decide to increase the cap again and I don't want to grind again.

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someone post Angela's EGOs in malkuth's thingy

>>523382247Some dumb filler fight that’ll drop pages which will become obsolete in the next update

>>523382327Malkuth’s what now?

>>523382226who is this supposed to be?

>>523382304The maxcap is probably going to be lv100, seeing that Geburah's Red Mist passive unlocks at 90

>>523382330too real

>>523382247I want the next fight with phillip so we can get some relevant burn pages!I have the perfect outfit for a burn deck and it's the 4th match flame outfit.

>>523382327You mean this?

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>>523382330aleast we can salvage their cardsdeep drag will probably stick for a while just for how good it is


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>>523382456Her thingy.Malkuth's thingy.

>>523382962i still have no idea who the hell he is but considering he's using an ultra greatsword he's based in my book

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>>523382962>there are people IN THIS THREAD who don't recognize Giantdad

You're going to buy the merch when it comes out on Monday, right?

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>>523379005I wouldn't even mind as much if the deaths were more varied or creative, but so many of them are just "employee explodes and damages everyone around them".

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>>523384032looks like some clerks are getting the premium execution bullet manager

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>>523370574Are you prepared for next update when Angela and Roland discovered that they kicked the second biggest hornets’ nest in the entire city?Turns out we just offed the best drugs Traficant and farmers in the entire city therefore, now the entirety of the Hip Hop and rap industry is after the Library!

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>>523384032aim it at some clerks for lols

>>523384032just shoot it out of the way of anything


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>>523383516>>523382624these posts make me sadour memes will fade into obscurity some day


>>523384509Na most of em will make it to reddit and discordfags

>>523384509Good. Giantdad did more harm for the series than good. By that I mean it literally only did harm.

>Bald-Is-AwesomeWhat the fuck

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>>523384509remember what the man with the plan said user,>Don’t worry, we will not be forgotten, even if we scatter and fade away into the lightour threads may die but our autism will persist

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>>523384814april 1st abno

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What is the average momory repository reset number per playthrough?

>>523382026Don't joke about something so serious.Everyone gangsta until they lift the cognition filter.

>>523385119Good thing they are in separate facilites, eh?

Speaking of the potheads. Now we can add violent drug addicts to the list that are more civilized than furries in LoR.


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>>523385715If only DudeWeed was alive to meet these nice fellas.

>>523385715we need more norf memes

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>>523385943norf memes immediately endeared me to them.

>>523385943>trying to make a walking tank fall with those clerk tier leg musclesembarrassing

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>reached day 21 and wanted to grind until dusk ordeal>move everyone to the elevator so that I can use der freschutz' ability to snipe some of the robots>move everyone to kill one of the robots>forgot about the designated der freischutz shooter and he kills everyone>the only other employee left alive is bald

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>>523386654forgetting about your magic bullet user is always a good time.>Why did several employees go insane?>oh



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Hello Librarians. I'm going into battle, and I want your strongest decks.

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Someone said The Pianist is WAW level, ages ago, but I'm curious if there was a source to this.

>>523387034how far are you in and what cards/pages do you have?

>>523387143Haven't played since Malkuth's Angela fight, and really just want to see how people have used the new cards.

>>523387034>>523387537well here's my main team user

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luv oscar i do, but we need a new pierce keypage

The malkuth angela fight is actually filtering me oofCan I have any user's decks for that fight?

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army in black in the same sector as fetus made me stop playing. re-roll if i want to get back into the game?

>>523388769well i dont remember my malkuth fighting deck so you probably have to check the archives for a netdeck but is there a certain stage that you need help with?

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>>523388769i think i usedyujin.dek (Evade Mastery 1/2/3 for winmore)pure pierce oscar (Pierce mastery 1/2/3)pure bash puppet 2 (Bash mastery 1/2/3 fuck stagger, mastery wins clashes)Valentin.dek (w/ w/e passives because damage-type spread is too wide to specialize)Although, I think I swapped one (Valentin?) out for full-burn Salvador, after Apple Angela completely ignored a bleed that would have killed her, and restarted the loop.

>>523387089In one of the QnAs PM stated that in power The Pianist was somewhere between a WAW and ALEPH abno

is foolish bravery more harmful than it helps

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>>523383735what merch?

>>523389869yesIf you have recklessness then working on an anomaly instantly kills the employee IIRC

>>523388769Tentacle rape her!You are a hinderance does wonders on both Angelas Fights due to how long they are.

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>>523389869it's pretty good for your gigachads if they have really high hp and a scaling weaponthey shoudn't be working other than gift farming so the instakill isnt as much of a drawback

>>523389986Put it back in, nobody wants to see it fgt


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>>523387034Now listen here, Librarian. I'M going into battle, and I want YOUR strongest decks.

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>>523389986what, The Boys Season 2? Because I fucking don't see a LoR update.youtube.com/watch?v=DyjMAswdM2Egonna listen to this again

>>523389986keep doing shit like this and i'll argue with your favorite twitter artist

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>>523389986Well suppress it then

>>523370574To be a fly to swat bro

I want to lewd Laetitia but no idea what to do with her, send help.

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>>523391352hold hands


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>>523391352when in doubt, tentacles

>>523376767It made yesod into a faggot that demands dog pictures from employees

>>523391352i want to hold her big bosoms and smell her strawberry smelling kani