Games that give this feel?

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yoshi's island

black souls

>>523369352Dark souls?

>>523369352Fable 4

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>>523369352i wish i could marry a big frog man


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vividred was so good.

>>523370665Is it good? I've been considering watching it for well, a few years.

MarunomiYou're welcome.

>>523369352Fromage vore.

>>523371259I guess "good" is the wrong word, I just really like it

>>523371259It's not good at all.Unless you're REALLY into lolibutts. In that case, yeah, it's great.

I just fapped three times today, stop

>>523369352Etrian Odyssey.

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>>523374290ah yes, the frog with the giant dog cocks that inflated when it breathed in, while fighting against barely clothed girls. love it.

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>>523369352Fairy Fighting

>>523369352game where you can be a frogman?

Echidna Wars

>>523369352Vividred was so good. I wanted another season of it.

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>>523374481>frog with the giant dog cocks that inflated when it breathed in, while fighting against barely clothed girlsgoty material m8

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>>523369352Skyrim with mods.Watch your character get mutilated/raped/enslaved should you fail in combat.

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>>523371973I do like them when they look like this, to be fair.

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Frog FractionsFrogs and FliesFrog BogFroggerFrogger 2 : Swampy's Revenge (this one is really underrated, you should play it)BattletoadsBattletoads in BattlemaniacsBattletoads and Double Dragon (this one is my favorite of the Battletoads Games, it's so cool)Amazing Frog?Those are the best frog games.

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>>523375897Petite girls butts are great,i always appreciated a well rounded but than a big and fat one also B-C cups in combination is beyond great

>>523376210Many thanks for the reccomendations my friend

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>>523375281Almost into it, but not quite, thanks anyway user

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>>523376569Yeah it started out nice but got too weird at the end. Sometimes the basics are the best. I just want to see a hot confident girl fuck up and get eaten whole by a frog.

>>523375281This is some devilman shit

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I just finished masturbating for over an hour and a half. that image in the OP is not doing me any favors.

>>523369352Probably Dragons Dogma to be fair, you can dress yourself and your pawns in lingerie, and run around letting enemies grab you. Or let a Hydra swallow all three of your followers and listen to their screams :D

>>523377171Artist is Arniro by the way

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>>523369352Can you elaborate?



>>523374481How is this nigga not in SMT

>>523369730Show me her face.

>>523369352Which is the best kind of vore, Snake vore or Frog vore?

>>523380116It'd need to be a frog myth or Deity then right? Who would fit for that?

>>523380260Pure. Terror.

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>>523377042Yeah, Jinmen is a blessing unto this world; wish that sort of stuff was more popular.

>>523369352Gamma *whirrrr no not again* frog.

>>523369352The Temple of Elemental Evil has some frogs

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>>523380280Snakes are my favourite animal... But I do love a hungry frog

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>>523376210>forgetting kero blaster


>>523380106Oh shit you're right, look at this dude

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>>523375281Erotic Fantasy Larvatus

Uh oh, looks like your waifu is now MY waifu

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>>523381143what game is this?


>>523371413Another game made by the same guy got translated a few weeks ago too


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>>523381361Baal doesnt eat people though.THERE IS however a Naga boss that can vore Bayo if she gets the debuff that turns her into a kid. Well its not really vore. Its face is literally like a portal.Really when you think about Bayo's Lore who in their right mind would make a pact with these dudes? They are literally liable to turn on you at any point and straight up kill you if you arent stronger not only that but when you make a pact with them you are guaranteed to go straight to hell when you die whereas the Light dudes get to go to paradise with the Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good/Chaotic Good at worst guys.witches are fucking stupid man

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>>523369352God, Vividred Operations was so shit. Literally a knock-off Madoka.

>>523371413Oh my

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>>523382305treat your daughters nicely, user.

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>>523382137I'd previously seen that big Stone statue that spins around and pulls Bayo into it's mouth with tentacles.Plus the antagonist from the second game which soul vores Jeanne, and will swallow Bayo's soul if you don't escape the grapple.

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>>523369352>Hop in dude.


Holy shit! as I live and breath! you're fulfilling your ancient destiny! the true will of Holla ForumsThe Vore board!

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surely everyone is mashing to escape as fast as they can, and not letting an innocent heroine game over?

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>>523385619she can't fucking claw her way out>?

>>523369352Vividbutts was truly a masterpiece.

>>523385829Too busy writhing in pleasure at being digested.

>>523385829I mean, it's probably not an ideal situation, arms pinned to the sides, pushed above the head, and those look more like stabbing claws over slicing yourself outta a Hydra claws.

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>>523381808did it ever get finished or is it still just a demo?

>>523385619This one is pretty low tier with the fade out. The end where they get absorbed is the most important part.

>>523385619Don't you see her arms. The bitch is anemic.

I wish there was a vore game where you could marry and work with the pred instead of all preds being enemies and all vore being death/gameover stuff.

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>>523377042this was a power rangers episode

>>523369730I'm unironically really looking forward to this game.

>>523386382Terror Toad

>>523382137What is this from?

>>523386382definitely inspired by that Devilman Devil

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>>523386570holy shit I think this is what flipped my vore switch

>>523386630I gotta assume it's that Bayonetta anime, haven't seen it myself though


>>523386741was always a bit too silly for me, but I can see how it would do that

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>>523386894don't know the game's name, but I've heard it's on an indefinite hiatus. the creator's name is Noisy Crown

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>>523369352Giant Frogs aren't to be underestimated user, look at this bitch, aggressively going in without having learned it's pattern, about to be nabbed by a grapple.

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>>523386132it ended up released in a pack with Milia Wars, and another game or two if I recall, on DLsite

>>523383348sh-shit, man, i played this game on the hardest difficulty and never died once

>>523388370the broken crawling Monokumas will also do it.

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>tfw vore used to give me gut wrenchingly good orgasms, nice mix of anxiety and horny>tfw so much of a coomer that I’m literally desensitized to all porn and don’t get anything from it anymore At least nofap is a thing

>>523390487Just evolve how you think about it man. Insert as the prey/pred, imagine scenarios. If you weren't/aren't into digestion, maybe think about that. It's a pretty open-ended fetish.

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>>523381332its moments like these is when i know i need to get off this website...

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>>523390795It’s just so weird, I just can’t really take fantasy seriously anymore. Maybe I’m just becoming an oldfag, but yeah I miss seeing content that shocked me and just made me feel anxious and horny all at once

>>523390487you gotta find that perfect niche my man, maybe a different facet of the subject?

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>>523390986I dunno what to tell you. The fetish is so ridiculous I can't take it seriously, I just enjoy it. I know suspension of disbelief has limits but I kinda ignore the concept entirely when it comes to vore.You could also try roleplaying with someone.

>>523369352Echidna Wars DX is literally the perfect match for this feel.

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>>523391069Idk man possibly, I remember the first time I discovered vore when I was stoned in early high school it was like fapping for the first time. This primordial switch just flipped in me and a rush of childhood boners to vore from cartoons and vidya suddenly made sense. I remember fapping for like three years straight to vore after that and now it does nothing years later. I think the initial shock was what was so arousing. I guess I just have to hope for immersive VR paired with drugs some day

>>523391448well everyone goes through different phases of enjoying different stuff, maybe it'll come back one day?

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>>523385320At least make it video game related

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at least try to keep it game relateddont just dump random dogshit gelbooru pics and get the thread 404'd for no good reason.What were the best V-Scenes you remember from video games?>the Deepsea Octopus things from Lost Planet 2 with a OH-KO attack>the Wolf enemies from Knight's Contract>Belial the Dragon from Odin Sphereshit made me diamonds growing up.

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>>523386281The hell is that from?

Vividred was so fucking bad

>>523391804Fate Extella if I recall

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>>523369352The boss of the ninja chapter from Live a Live

>>523391804Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

>>523391779Fine here. I couldn't find the webm version. Also Jabujabu from OOT, but that didn't really do anything for me.

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>>523376457Immensely based. Only the most enlightened know the true value of variety.

Demon's Crest.

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>>523369352>have oral fetish>really love anything to do with giant tongues, licking, saliva, etc.>always get intrigued by the start of vore content but get turned off when it turns to digestion/deathah well

>>523391779the Torso mutant in Tomb Raider Anniversary will pick Lara up and swallow her whole, where you have to shoot your way out before you pass out in the stomach fluids

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>>523392159>the first time I ever saw the Khezu Ecology cutscene

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>>523392335just think of it as "Game Overs" where you'll just restart anyway, it's all fantasy, you don't gotta feel bad about enjoying it. or just search out stuff that leaves it more ambiguous

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