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Requesting Sunny and Blade Wolf visiting his ancestor - the original AIBO.

Attached: AIBO.jpg (880x559, 122.88K)

Requesting this short comic with Crash and Coco, possibly with Coco trying to get Crash to eat his veggies.

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>>523368902Who's that?

Requesting this with Akuma and Sakura

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>>523369086Isaac Clarke

Requesting Female Blood Dragon sticking her ass up and getting a rimjob from user.

Attached: bd.jpg (1024x576, 183.75K)

Requesting scholar Refia working in a library.

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Requesting Red from Transistor doing some sick shield-skateboard moves, with her sword out.

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Requesting Capcom Girls visiting hot springs

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Requesting Otter 2B eating fish and chips

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Requesting daisy in a cat suit styled after a sphinx and have her holding a sign saying “3D world or bust”

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Requesting Ken Marinaris' ass or tiddies in her tight bodysuit (no helmet). For the pose; maybe bending over something and (un)aware of how much she's showing off.You can leave the mechanical parts on her arms out and make her bodysuit a halterneck or something if that makes it more palateable.

Attached: Ken (Zone of the Enders 2).jpg (1983x2428, 392.15K)

Requesting this scene from "To Kill A Mockingbird" with Phoenix Wright as Atticus and Trucy as Scout

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Requesting Hoppo and her little sister giving a double thighjob

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Requesting Kefka doing this expression.

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Requesting some art of the original character designs for Tales of Phantasia used for the SNES version's sprites before they and their extremely silly names were replaced in the official artwork.

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Requesting Mipha, Sidon and Link doing the Three Wise Monkeys pose

Attached: vbm.jpg (950x696, 97.9K)

Requesting Io from Granblue Fantasy getting her magic staff shoved up her ass. Really hard if possible. Pointy end first. It needs to be more of a comical interpretation rather than gruesome. Like Kancho but with her staff instead of someone fingers.

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Requesting a Selkie giving paizuri.

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Can I get a uhhhhhh small girl?With uhhhhhhhhhhh big boobs?

Requesting this with arcade gannon, the courier, and ED-E from fallout new vegas

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Requesting Urbosa as a ninja geisha.files.catbox.moe/41fn2m.jpgRequesting Urbosa as a ninja geisha.files.catbox.moe/41fn2m.jpg

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>>523369709Take this one

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Requesting Mae in sexy workout clothes cooling off after working up a visible sweat.

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Requesting Claire, Leon and Jill as zombie masked bank robbers.

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>>523369825I really like this but you should catbox itJust saying, better safe than sorry

Requesting either Lucas or Ness doing the Shining Finger strike from Gundam G with a Nintendo Power Glove.>"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!">"Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!">"TAKE THIS!">"MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW!">"SHINING FINGER!"

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>>523369825Delicious bandicunnyPantyless edit when?

Requesting Lammy trying out ayahuasca, and either reaching blissful, psychedelic enlightenment or going on a really bad trip. Maybe with Rammy as a vision if the latter.Requesting Lammy trying out ayahuasca, and either reaching blissful, psychedelic enlightenment or going on a really bad trip. Maybe with Rammy as a vision if the latter.

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Requesting Call, Beck and Gofer from Red Ash parodying this comic.

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>>523369987>>523369993>>523370001Nice triple-post bro

Requesting pic related with Mario and Wario

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Requesting Catiua in some sort of fighting/action pose with her sword out with one of the cold expressions from her artwork.

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Requesting Criminal Friends. Tasmanian and Australian Devil as bodyguards of Blackbuck. Think about Yakuza or the Godfather.>Themeyoutu.be/ckHnqXJ7zgc [

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Requesting Sharena tanning at the beach.

Attached: Sharena FEH.png (1682x1160, 3.77M)

Requesting cute art of Erika in her outfit from this card.

Attached: Erika's_Kindness__103_132__Gym_Challenge.jpg (354x500, 73.35K)

Requesting Crash, Coco, and Crunch at a pancake house.

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Requesting Succubus SMTV Protagonist getting fucked, or pegged, by a real demon or incubus while he jerks him off using his tail.

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>>523368924>>523291185>>523369987good idea.files.catbox.moe/ppczjo.PNG

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>>523368902Requesting Brad from Lisa: The Painful with cybernetic arms.

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Requesting Naoto re-designed as an edgy, masked vigilante similar to Rorschach or the Punisher. Doesn't have to be about design. More about the attitude.

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Requesting Celica seductively lying in bed while wearing black lingerie.

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>>523370241Yes yes but pantyless edit when?

Requesting Soccer Mom Double Suggesting Aeon and Venus featured as her children

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>>523370287But he already has his both arms intact

Requesting Sina with her XY outfit modified to something like theseimgur.com/a/QHOOfiY

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Attached: Screenshot_20200903-193853_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg (1079x890, 212.27K)

Requesting Re-Class taking a nap on a giant white shark

Attached: re.jpg (1001x1024, 107.4K)

Requesting Ibuki as a perverted ninja. Doing stuff like sneaking into boys' rooms at night, picking the lock on the changing rooms, spying on homo sex like she saw in yaoi, etc.

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Requesting art of Angie Thompson with focus put on her legs (and her heels by extension). Legs crossed while she's absorbed in whatever she's reading from her clipboard (possibly unaware of her seductive appearance).References should give a good idea. Either outfit is fine.

Attached: Angie Thompson [Trauma Center].jpg (2688x1970, 423.82K)

Requesting Luca Stolas lewds. I have a bunch of ideas so that, hopefully, at least one will be of interest.>Flashing her ass.>Fondling a sillhouette's cock from behind.>Reverse cowgirl.>Edging/orgasm denial.>Armpit sex.>Making fun of you for popping an erection to her flat chest (POV).Remember that you can always choose the alternative outfits for more fun.

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Requesting pic related draw using Wario and Mona from Warioware- with Mona and Wario switching positions - or Plague Knight and Mona from Shovel Knight.

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Requesting Rastafarian King Dedede and Kirby.

Attached: Rasta King Dedede and Kirby.png (1608x612, 1.78M)

Requesting Orphea getting dragged into and fucked inside her tentacle locker.

Attached: Orphea Slacker Skin HotS.jpg (3000x1362, 492.13K)

Requesting Giga Mermaid waking up on the shore with legs, horrified to find that she was also given a huge ass

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Requesting Hex Maniac having the left side of her hair shaved off

Attached: IMG_20190709_064520.png (362x230, 60.54K)

requesting mint getting fucked roughly from behind with her arms restrained, struggling to break free while the guy is just completely dominating her

Attached: mint.jpg (1482x950, 295.9K)

Requesting a parody of this meme with Professor Layton

Attached: 1597958007510.jpg (449x338, 41.6K)

>>523370498I figure anyone who'd be willing to take up the request has already played the game and knows better

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Requesting Princess Elincia lying in bed wearing white lingerie. You can also go full lewd with it if you want.

Attached: Princess_Elincia(Fire_Emblem).jpg (3346x2559, 870.31K)


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>>523370995>>523371069Glad I wasn't the only one thinking about this

Requesting Captain Cuttlefish from Splatoon dressed as Sportacus from Lazy Town, accompanied by Agent 8 dressed like Stephanie and Robbie Rotten himself disguised as either Pearl or Marina

Attached: Lazytoon.png (1600x1600, 2.52M)

>>523370876Ah shit. Well this makes more sense but you should include it on your request

Requesting Chun Li getting KO by those jugs

Attached: samba.jpg (1024x576, 85.35K)

Requesting a female Clavat from Crystal Chronicles fucked roughly as she's stripped to her ripped tights/leggings.Preferably spitroasted while sideways/on top of a guy, though any act or position is fine.

Attached: Crystal Chronicles.png (1309x1284, 2.37M)

requesting a naked sandalphon from granblue fantasy, with a massive ass and testicles and pressing them against a windowkinda like rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3875684

Attached: Npc_zoom_3040224000_01.png (960x800, 89.92K)

Requesting Patchouli crushing user under her weight

Attached: fatchouli.png (1024x1560, 296.94K)

Requesting Neneko in a super short skirt and shirt bending over to pick something up with Moneko lifting her skirt to show off her butt in a thong. Neneko should look embarrassed or surprised.

Attached: BTCs.jpg (1284x722, 59.04K)

Requesting Tataru from FF14 getting the WoL's(Shadowbringers version) measurements but with her hand down his pants groping his junk with an intrigued yet smug look on her face.

Attached: What's she planning.jpg (648x473, 19.18K)

Requesting a bunch of Kannas putting a lucky (or unlucky) guy in a watermelon hell by smooshing their breasts against him in a circle around him.files.catbox.moe/y66lhx.jpg

Attached: Kanna ref.jpg (562x783, 110.88K)

Requesting Asahi from Shin Megami Tensei Apocalypse getting her pussy or butthole filled with any kind of demon dick.

Attached: Asahi SMT.png (1791x1790, 2.53M)

Requesting Scathach princess carrying Gudao (both from Fate Grand Order) like the iconic scene from Witch Craft Works.

Attached: vquest.png (2164x728, 1.61M)

>>523371204Maybe. Though technically he wouldn't have to be armless in the first place for me to be able to request it

Requesting Hat Kid lifting up Aeon from Skullgirls like one of the Time Pieces at the end of one of Hat Kid's levels with the latter politely asking Hat Kid to put her down.

Attached: Time_Piece_Acquired.png (1800x2100, 2.83M)

>>523371568Good luck my dude

Requesting RSE and XYORAS Hex Maniac versions of the reaction face on the bottom

Attached: Kakegurui Hex.jpg (1280x2152, 561.04K)

Requesting Momohime in any kind of sexy china dress with a leggy skirt.

Attached: Momohime Muramasa.jpg (2230x3000, 1006.29K)

Alia from Megaman arguing with Nona from Over Drive Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger about who stole whose look.

Attached: Alia-and-Nona.jpg (676x775, 265.59K)

Requesting Red Queen using a set of arms to drink a cocktail, another one to hold a cigarette and the last one to hold her chin either looking bored or smug

Attached: Red Queen.jpg (593x1024, 105.6K)

Requesting Zelda and Paya having a sleepover, with Zelda laughing while Paya is blushing like she just said something embarrassing

Attached: zelda paya.png (566x374, 300.96K)

>>523371319This but with strong Patchy. Or thin Patchy.

Attached: manchouli.jpg (1200x800, 413.17K)

Requesting Witchblade Witch

Attached: Witchblade.jpg (1406x900, 268.08K)

Requesting Ly as a mysterious harem dancer.

Attached: Harem Dancer Ly.png (906x600, 356.15K)

Requesting this scene from the Megaman cartoon drawn in the style of the game art.

Attached: 1572674137839.png (536x784, 597.43K)

Requesting Agnes Oblige getting bent over, skirt lifted, and fucked in a doggystyle position.

Attached: 1599135279960[1].png (566x651, 600.38K)


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Requesting a flustered Shauntal, squatting, holding an erotic novel in one hand and playing with herself with the other, like this reference files.catbox.moe/54qssu.jpgWould prefer if she was still clothed, but with ripped pantyhose

Attached: shauntal.png (340x712, 138.77K)

Requesting Julianne Stingray in a qipao dress.

Attached: Julianne Qipao Dress.png (747x874, 884.99K)

Requesting instant-loss with Lyse acting all cocky and fired up about her sparring match with WoL only to get dominated in the next panel.youtube.com/watch?v=dzvs6BxZ6AgAlternatively her taunting a handful of mooks about how she can take all of them on at once only to realize she vastly underestimated them.

Attached: Lyse Hext.jpg (2662x1922, 588.94K)

Haven't drawn in actual monthsGimme a request you don't mind practice for


Requesting Julianne Stingray working at a bar in Venezuela. With outrageously high hyper inflation prices on the drinks/menu, and some big phat stacks of cash she has to count just for one drink.

Attached: Julianne Stingray in Venezuela.png (901x748, 1.27M)

Requesting Feral Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue

Attached: 1599122204338.jpg (1024x615, 135.41K)

>>523371982Don Bongo

Attached: Don Bongo.png (572x588, 430.12K)

>>523371982Abe from Abe's Oddysee getting bucked off by Elum (the camel-like creature) and sending him flying into a nearby cactus or landmine.

Attached: Bucked off.png (1878x1020, 1.64M)

Requesting Fran Bow and American Mcgee's Alice Liddel having a sad/dark tea party.

Attached: Fran and Alice.png (818x578, 650.5K)

>>523371982Wario doing this face

Attached: 1598944945645.jpg (944x721, 34.67K)

Requesting Clover (either version is fine) in a Bikini/swimsuit with a magenta leopard-print theme (like her clothes).

Attached: Clover (Nonary Games).png (1693x1917, 2.49M)

Bea from Pokemon getting full-nelsoned and tickle tortured by two Machamps. One Machamp is behind her giving her anal. One pair of its hands is giving her the nelson headlock while the other pair is holding her legs open, forcing her into a spread eagle. The other Machamp is banging away in her pussy with one set of its hands tickling her armpits while the other pair is tickling her ribs. She should have the expression in pic posted as she's on the verge of cumming really hard.

Attached: test.png (150x144, 31.95K)

>>523371982draw funny drum

Attached: 6600C10F-B052-4B3D-8A5A-E086E2C009DE.png (600x450, 46.92K)

Requesting Warrior (left) fucking Shinobi (right).Reference image:files.catbox.moe/jx0jqd.jpg

Attached: Warrior x Shinobi.jpg (1024x759, 87.92K)

Requesting Elise in her swimsuit riding a guy while jerking/sucking off two others.

Attached: Swimsuit-Elise-fe.jpg (3043x2318, 2.61M)

Requesting Layer trying Monster Energy for the first time

Attached: layer.webm (820x820, 1.44M)

Requesting Isabelle from Animal Crossing playing with a VR, wagging her tail because she is being pet in-gameCould be also her brother Digby instead

Attached: Dogs.png (1000x474, 271.65K)

>>523368902Requesting Senua doing one of those "Sword clashes" with Saber.

Attached: WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING.png (960x720, 922.67K)

Requesting Elly from Xenogears wearing a skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 type outfit based on the design of her actual uniform and being embarrassed because of it. Also add a chibi Fei nosebleeding in a corner if you can.

Attached: Elly-XBC2.png (1351x639, 793.09K)

Requesting Cassandra giving a stockinged footjob with a smug expression.

Attached: Cassandra Soul Calibur.jpg (1657x1231, 219.21K)

I want to draw something in a simple style like this while I grind fundies because I hate everything I draw. Gimme a character/request you don't mind being simplified.

Attached: Eg5bDeDU0AIblL-.jpg (2048x2048, 347.17K)

Requesting Honey Woman in a micro or slingshot bikini looking super red out of embarrassment

Attached: honey woman.jpg (500x630, 60.82K)

Requesting Rosalina flashing her star shaped tanlines

Attached: rsl.jpg (819x1024, 100.26K)

Requesting Hunter getting a new crotch tattoo

Attached: mh.jpg (842x1024, 140.36K)

>>523371982Lyria learning the boot technique

Attached: tumblr_pbhsmb7DA01qdl4hco1_500.jpg (500x375, 83.93K)

Requesting Velvet poledancing.

Attached: Velvet - Odin Sphere.png (1676x1314, 1.86M)

>>523372580Bunyan-chan visiting Yellowstone and taking a bath on its geysers

Attached: bunyan-chan.jpg (675x1024, 88.39K)

>>523372580Umihara and a giant fish

Attached: fresh.png (500x750, 218.32K)

>>523372715You should probably post the EX timbs move since I assume that's what you're referring to.

Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 139.52K)

Requesting Es dressed as Charlotta i.imgur.com/pJU4KlD.png with Murakumo(Es' sword) re-done to be like Charlotta's sword too, or Es in a mecha-girl-suit fashioned after the Murakumo's appearance (or Nu-13 i.imgur.com/L4j4UC8.png), and a laser sword instead.

Attached: Es_(BlazBlue_Cross_Tag_Battle,_Character_Select_Artwork).png (974x1040, 596.82K)

Requesting Clair seductively pulling her tights over her legs. Alternatively resting her legs on top of a table (for example) and showing them off with a teasing expression.

Attached: Clair_Fire_Emblem.png (422x504, 226.07K)

>>523372580Sticks playing with autumn leaves

Attached: Sticks.png (311x415, 118.03K)

Requesting Poofy Pants Draco

Attached: 31051.png (458x480, 77.73K)

>>523372580Cirno swinging a fish

Attached: 235px-Th16Cirno.png (235x334, 75.7K)

Requesting Kanerah from Pathfinder: Kingmaker giving user a tailjob

Attached: kanerah.jpg (675x1019, 82.17K)

>>523372580That's really cute for what you call a simple style>>523371742

Requesting Captain Falcon eating a big burger.

Attached: 1592010725699.jpg (1500x1500, 210.56K)

>>523372810no the boot technique. Thats too dirty for her

Requesting Tanned White Crane with big tanlines on her juicy pale white asscheeks.

Attached: 1598946166022.jpg (514x699, 97.3K)

Requesting Mei Raiden in a black hooded robe, shooting lightning out of her hands/fingers.

Attached: Striker_Fulminata.png (1198x1151, 622.7K)

Requesting Chaos Emeralds Amy poledancing

Attached: 1596151980538.jpg (692x1024, 118.79K)

Requesting Lilith snacking on sweets, worried about packing on pounds in her thighs.

Attached: Lilith.jpg (794x1024, 90.16K)

>>523372580Shirma and Chocobo on a picnic

Attached: Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Picnic.jpg (2338x1780, 571.48K)

Requesting Laura sunbathing with her tits blocking the sun from user's point of view.

Attached: 1597714148176.webm (356x416, 2.39M)

>>523372580Demon arle in a wedding dress

Attached: Arle.Nadja.600.1559803.jpg (600x461, 89.42K)

>>523372967>That's really cute for what you call a simple styleI mean that's why I want to draw like it. It's simple but appealing. I feel that knowing how to draw something that's simple but looks good is more of a skill than a shortcut.

Requesting Agrias in a cocktail dress.

Attached: AGRIAS FFT.jpg (2675x1946, 589.22K)

Requesting Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4 turned into a centaur (clothing optional)

Attached: image.jpg (900x1200, 145.24K)

>>523370484eventually, I like bandicunny.

Requesting Little Mac showing off his muscles and winking in front of some fans while they take a selfie.

Attached: 1597679301689.jpg (850x948, 167.87K)

Requesting Bea training user at the gym

Attached: zc.jpg (724x1024, 68.46K)

>>523373217This but she has some kind of class text box along the lines of "level 1 socialite" above or below it.

Attached: 1524161989-1504869711[1].jpg (616x347, 68.31K)

Requesting Alucard learning to suck blood from Dracula himselfyoutu.be/ZgZiBS64sC4

Attached: alucard.jpg (757x1024, 101.63K)

Requesting Angela from Lobotomy Corporation forcing Ayin to wear The Queen of Hatred's EGO outfit as payback for her wearing it and her being turned on by seeing him in it.

Attached: Magical Manager.png (1773x1746, 1.05M)

Requesting sexy shark monster girl Nepty

Attached: Shark Nepty again.jpg (2193x1031, 269.14K)

Requesting Melony giving a motherly Titjob

Attached: ride.png (481x729, 251.28K)

>>523368924>>523250370I realize the original prompt didn't have anything like the third image, but since the slimes were combining it seemed appropriate to have the punchline of a giant Queen Slime.

Attached: puff_dq.png (1958x900, 2.07M)

Requesting arm wrestling

Attached: chaga.jpg (850x980, 130.22K)

Requesting Matilda Caskett on break putting her legs up on her desk with her skirt slipping aside showing off some thicc thighs.

Attached: mtd.jpg (467x867, 100.11K)

Requesting Non-Conventional Linne Bondage like in the reference (She's short so have her stuck in a container or tight space or something)

Attached: linnebondage.jpg (1200x900, 105.37K)

Requesting this with Annie from Skullgirls, she is a hag and the wiki doesn’t tell her age, so no need to add itskullgirls.fandom.com/wiki/Annie

Attached: 71ca2093f50c11cdc3f6d15978d947c4.jpg (1200x1200, 708.08K)

Requesting Rule 63 Hero's Shade

Attached: 1597467357172.png (406x599, 290.57K)

Requesting Concept Art Lucy Kuo from InFamous 2 faning herself as the summer heat causes parts of her costume to melt away

Attached: L_Kuo_Concept_2.jpg (1000x1455, 75.48K)

Requesting Daisy lifting Peach's skirt with one hand and squeezing her butt with the other.

Attached: princesses.jpg (1638x2048, 182.22K)

>>523373580OR here. Yeah the thought of a slime queen also came across to me as well when I came up with the prompt, so I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Really damn fine work with the witch and slime gal. Thank you so much for this great delivery!

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 3.24.18 AM.png (740x777, 756.24K)

Requesting more nude Hat Adult, wearing nothing but her cape and hat

Attached: d8f7732faade39eff3a8d61311f16754ad9c7604.png (1750x2100, 324.39K)

Requesting anything cute of the techno-ninja Nagase!

Attached: Nagase.png (1831x1600, 2.67M)

Requesting Older Nyakuza Hat Kid as the leader of her own criminal empire.Please include a cat themed irezumi tattoo.

Attached: 15655522945980-2.png (1579x2080, 2.58M)

Requesting Ramlethal preparing sushi with her huge swords

Attached: ram.png (1129x1255, 429.94K)

Requesting Draco trying to burn anons face with adorable flames

Attached: 1597468473948.png (355x426, 78.47K)

Requesting Wario taking care of his bonsai tree

Attached: 1597375186008.png (250x300, 89.08K)

Requesting Caenis with thick body showing that off in a similar pose to this pic: files.catbox.moe/vsr1bc.jpgAnd wearing her armor Please

Attached: Caenis.png (512x724, 474.02K)

Requesting Lucy from Metal Slug Attack giving a tonguejob with her mini mecha

Attached: Lucy.png (953x983, 893.82K)

requesting misella with an expression of pure hatred as she's bent over a table with her dress hiked up and fucked on her tiptoes

Attached: mise.png (1521x1081, 632.28K)

>>523372637Seconding, maybe also flash some pull back the string so it’ll snap back and swat her ass.

Requesting Punk Squigly and Leviathan singing death metal next to a graveyard.

Attached: Squigly alt.png (1216x1920, 658.01K)

>>523373580Nice slime tits. Any chance to get a lewder edit?

Requesting Luso without all of the bullshit tacked onto him.

Attached: Luso[1].jpg (1280x1426, 461.02K)

Requesting Medusa dyeing her hair

Attached: Uprising_medusa_e3_2011_press_kit.png (732x1163, 896.34K)

Requesting something cute with Pokemon's Kimono Girl.

Attached: Gold_Silver_Kimono_Girl.png (217x401, 124.53K)

i keep forgetting what the tattoos on dragon's crown amazon looks like, so requesting the amazon but her leg tattoos are changed, so instead they have the "cool s" in themor "stussy s" whatever you call itanchoring for >>523101546

Attached: samazon.png (1458x874, 1.59M)

>>523374608Don't second requests, user.It doesn't work and you make OP look like a samefag.

Requesting pic related redraw with Altera from FGO

Attached: 1598958512930.png (1199x630, 388.9K)


>>523374846I'm not sure that seconding a request means they'll draw it, user.

Requesting Immorta having a comfy night at home wearing pajama and watchinng videos on her phone

Attached: immorta.png (487x600, 201.85K)

>>523374674They're all done traditionally so I'm kind of limited in what I can alter, I'm all ears for that or a similar request though.

Requesting Goth Lolita Majin 21

Attached: 1598284749147.png (660x1112, 131.91K)

>>523374858Okay, sorry, people used to be fine with seconding posts

Requesting user jerking him off and playing with his tits

Attached: 1597094224791.png (750x950, 289.66K)

Requesting a crossover of Yorha 2B and 9S from Nier Automata interacting with AM from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

Attached: request.png (2076x1236, 3.03M)

>>523374991Perhaps some nipplefuck? It'll be easier with slime tits

Requesting Catleen looking sultry in a fancy dress with plenty of cleavage and fancy jewelry

Attached: yk3.png (270x560, 141.45K)

>>523375062It's okay just try to avoid it next time

>>523368902Requesting this schoolgirl slut sucking and sniffing on some dude's fat, musky nuts, getting fucking entranced by that smell, making a mind-broken torogao face or some shitReference is herefiles.catbox.moe/p4h292.png

Requesting Marina and Agent 8 sunbathing at the beach giving someone a wink as they rub lotion all over their tits and thighs.

Attached: Splatoon.jpg (1008x898, 341.54K)


>>523374991Suggestion Titjob with puffy nipples

Requesting Atlas flashing her abs and underboob

Attached: atlas.jpg (551x696, 207.75K)

>>523375375Please no

Requesting lewds of this girl from Jack in the Box. She's from one of the recent packs.

Attached: 1599154491938.jpg (1024x1024, 148.38K)

>>523374846He didn't say he was going to draw your request


Requesting rainbow party blowjob

Attached: pkm.png (687x596, 360.78K)

requesting akuma enjoying a day off while ignoring the plot-related bullshit happening in the distance

Requesting reverse bunny suit Ursula and/or Momo

Attached: 1598687429574.jpg (631x800, 78.81K)

Requesting the bottom scene with 5-Volt and 9-Volt

Attached: Smash-1.jpg (1149x2100, 426.46K)

can someone draw me robo fortunte on that color scheme (or colorless, its fine too) but her face is modeled like the character from the right(bec noir)?it can also be JUST the closeup of the face, without the hand, as long as its robo fortune with that face modelplease?

Attached: file.png (1052x568, 241.33K)

>>523376027Anon don't request her just after I got a delivery, they'll complain and you'll get nothing thinking we are the same fag. Also don't blogpost just write "requesting". Good luck though.


Attached: 1599091196897.png (760x839, 759.67K)

>>523376307oh sorry, but thanks I've never been to those threads

Requesting Lifeguard Daisy sitting on her lifeguard tower with her legs spread, with prominent cameltoe showing, looking down towards user asking if she can help with anything

Attached: lgd.jpg (900x1273, 657.42K)

>>523372345requesting paizuri with plenty of semen

>>523375390>>523375247The giant or regular one?

>>523376615Giant one

Attached: 1599085641677.jpg (365x365, 55.92K)

>>523376615Regular one for titjob. I don't like giant girls.

>>523376678My man, I'll give it a shot

>>523376613Requesting hikari naizuri

Attached: 1574350010599m.jpg (698x1024, 96.08K)

Requesting Splash Woman getting the best pussy eating, so good her caviar is sucked out of her vagina.

Attached: sw.png (1100x1200, 960.8K)

requesting a pov pic of edea wearing a tiny thong and grinding her ass on the viewer's cock while seated

Attached: Edea_lee.jpg (390x580, 26.55K)

>>523376771>hikari>not pyra

>>523376898Hikari is better than Homura, honestly.

Requesting Callie gifting a pair of cool shades like hers to Marina

Attached: notone.gif (600x600, 1.21M)

Requesting Retrofit Ranger from Azur Lane giving someone a titjob

Attached: 1595978256389.jpg (1200x2000, 410.87K)

>>523377154Clothed, obviously, right?

>>523377401Clothed or not clothed, I leave it up for the artist to choose. Clothed would make for a nice paizuri window though.

>>523368924>>523291758I tidied this up a bit and started some monochromatic shading. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten, I like to switch between working on multiple different drawings.

Attached: lammywip2.png (918x785, 241.04K)

>>523377670Nice innuendo

Attached: 1457469780563.jpg (544x499, 41.79K)

>>523377154Go Fuck yourself you communist asslicker.

requesting quincy from azur lane dressed like uzaki-chan or at least wearing her "sugoi dekai" shirt

Attached: sugoi lane.jpg (1548x1288, 262.28K)

Requesting this page, but with Aradia hugging Candore's boot, calling her "Mistress Candore."

Attached: Mistress.png (1387x1409, 1.73M)

Requesting Tee telling the viewer to picture his booty up in 3D

Attached: picture.png (1151x576, 380.35K)

i miss xiceowl

Requesting Raymesis smoking weed

Attached: raymesis.jpg (512x512, 34.5K)

>>523376386We do love Aradia around these parts

Attached: image.jpg (1280x1811, 153.37K)


Attached: D3D68FBF-7560-45C9-8704-1B219F65DC95.png (300x305, 54.86K)

>>523378664Cringe requestCringe Poster

Requesting starlet Peach with her dress blowing up like Marilyn Monroe, in honor of Super Mario All-Stars and 3D All-Stars. youtube.com/watch?v=7zpbyOMvp30

Attached: 1599167295523.gif (500x375, 1.45M)

Requesting Scorn Guy engaging in leisurely activities while he waits for an update

Attached: scorn18b.jpg (2512x2264, 492.64K)

>>523379141I prefer The Other Aradia.

Attached: 1585917838616.jpg (1920x1114, 454.97K)

>>523379372Wow that character is fucking ugly, whoever made this must be a massive loser.

Requesting Rockman running late for school with a toast on his mouth

Attached: 4091394284_bdd982198e_z.jpg (415x640, 65.43K)

>>523379458Give the package to me. I'll tape it up and return it tomorrow.

>>523379141That ain't videogames. But just for the record the vidya one is blacklisted, so we don't like aradias around these parts.

>>523379545Sure, let me just tape up these airholes.

Requesting CEO Cia

Attached: Shia_Hyrule_Warriors_Artwork.png (360x450, 193.4K)

>>523368924>>523355971Nude alt :files.catbox.moe/373df4.png

Attached: Hex Maniac_Pasted.png (3508x2480, 1.63M)

Requesting Dorothea from Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a Crest of Gautier womb tattoo. For her outfit it could be something cute like a crop top and short shorts combo that just barely shows off her tattoo, or something simple like a bikini.

Attached: dorothea.jpg (2318x1200, 637.03K)

>>523379141This is a Serket board you dumb retard

Attached: 1437534861853.png (1004x682, 937.3K)

requesting hilde from soul calibur giving a sloppy blowjob with lipstick marks on the cock

Attached: hil.jpg (1900x1606, 605.08K)

>>523379582Sure, bro. You do one hole, I do the other.files.catbox.moe/1aywfd.gif

Taihou winding her gramophone like Cranky Kong, and Albacore coming in like DK with the ghetto blasteryoutube.com/watch?v=F5NCSpb4hDM

Attached: TaihouKong.jpg (1632x1010, 350.45K)

>>523379141>>523379372Requesting the homestuck Aradia pegging the porn Aradia with a thick strap-on (or the other way around- I'm not too picky)

>>523379905Even your gifs are ugly and unappealing.

>>523379836Imagine preferring a bland poor bitch who does 0 relevant things, to the objective best girl and most dynamic character in the series who does absolutely 0 things wrong

Attached: 1439724587240.png (500x367, 286.13K)

Requesting Annette dressed as a chef or a librarian.

Attached: Timeskip Annette.png (1248x1243, 1.08M)

Requesting pregnat coco wearing this shirt, rubbing her pregnant belly with a smug smile

Attached: untitled (12).jpg (1568x726, 199.11K)

>>523379905>>523380010It checks out, the developer of the porn game he autisticly obsesses over also can't animate to save his life.

>>523380059Imagine preferring the linchpin of the comic's undoing and the darling of the monster behind the curtain responsible for so much corrosive rot.

>>523380128>Nazifag and his bullshit again

Attached: 0bfb9f58ed5515dc1ff9bdd04d0f4541.jpg (625x567, 47.79K)

>>523380010>>523380170That's not even from the same game, stupids.

>>523380268Learn to read, retard.

>>523379662Not necessarily bad, but I'd suggest you practice and study your anatomy, I can see you tried to define the muscles, but it doesn't look quite right, specially under her breastsKeep at it man and keep practicing

>>523379662You got, well a lot of anatomy issues - but I'd say two big things to focus in on is that the head is way too small proportionally to the body, and that the wierd ass line you made separating the abdomen and the chest... just doesn't exist? >>523379742Oh wow a board for fat trannies, colour me suprised

>>523380268>That's not even from the same game>>523380170>It checks out, the developer of the porn game he autisticly obsesses over also>alsoWork on that reading comprehension aradiafag.

Attached: maxresdefault[3].jpg (1280x720, 83.96K)

>>523378538Go Fuck yourself you communist asslicker.

requesting girls with huge tits, nude with nothing but pasties covering their nipples and pussy

>>523380881You already got two deliveries for this prompt

Attached: Ec_AaIcXgAsnhA0.png (900x750, 284.47K)

>>523380975i literally just made this prompt today and got nothing so far


Attached: 934dd66a759700c81c4640878f1cf7ad.jpg (600x586, 35.76K)

>>523381268well no one linked it to me

>>523381268i want a delivery from mdf

Requesting Mileena eating out Juri in this position.files.catbox.moe/im2kiu.jpg

Attached: 382749382749.jpg (3788x2428, 1.27M)

>>523381268>mdf finally draws sabrina

>>523381764he's drawn her before

Requesting a Mankey stealing Justin's hat.

Attached: Justin request.jpg (454x1238, 135.8K)

Requesting Yukari being embarrassed and stammering a reply after being told "I love you" to her face.

Attached: Regular Yukari.jpg (643x900, 151.11K)

>>523381891no he hasnt

>>523380881Okay, after looking at the reference image again, I think I see where I screwed up. misread a darker area as a fold when that seems to be just a shadow or something. No idea what happened with the head. I did go on the insides of my rough lines to the the mid lines, so maybe the small head was part of that. People have a lot of parts to them.

Requesting a scruffy Pio as a stowaway in the back of a merchant's wagon. Sleeping atop the cargo as cozily as she can.

Attached: PIo Outfits.jpg (2435x3035, 990.85K)


>>523380128Based Nazifag ensuring that Cocofag requests never get drawn again.

Attached: Ef9o6AXUYAAPt6d.jpg (1011x1060, 72.14K)

Requesting Grove Tender from the Darkest Dungeon mod of the same name, embarrassed, in a lewd pose wearing a swimsuit.

Attached: 1592969952097.png (1920x1080, 1.86M)

>>523382782That's what you think, my delusional friend.

Attached: g0old.gif (469x258, 3.91M)

>>523375859I'm doing this still, I tossed out my sketch from yesterday or whatever and so I'm working on a new one. Sorry for being super slow.

Requesting Taiga from Fate/Extra with her bum in the air wearing tights.

Attached: extra taiga ref.png (1330x1448, 898.9K)

Requesting Kiyoko from Corruption of Champions 2 and Tamamo from Monster Girl Quest enjoying some tea together.

Attached: Foxy Tea Time.png (2286x1647, 2.6M)

>>523377670Lovely thanks for the update!

Attached: lammy.jpg (270x270, 16.71K)

>>523381575Is vore allowed?

>>523382782>He thinks drawfags give a fuckHow embarrassing

>>523383969Nothing about that is vore.


requesting cissnei getting fucked while half-naked wearing her suit

Attached: cissnei.jpg (1136x772, 509.66K)


you ever take on a request and realize halfway in that you'll never be able to deliver something good?

Requesting Kumatora with huge boobs that barely fit in her sweater.

Attached: 5953DDEC-90E5-4B62-9BEA-4D7B04375350.jpg (678x1179, 45.12K)

>>523371848Perfect amount of lewdness and kek, thanks based user

Attached: image0 (12).jpg (750x916, 131.15K)

>>523384513Get out of my head - GET OOOOUUUUUUUUT

Reisz from Trials of Mana in the FGO Dangerous Beast costume with a paw-top spear, green instead of purple

Attached: dangerousvalkyrie.jpg (1200x2868, 730.22K)

>>523384621Among the most unhelpful refs of all time.

>>523384245how can she be half naked and wearing a suit at the same time

Requesting a pic related of this, but with these two character in the picture.>Breath of the Wild: Zelda>The Legend of Zelda. Twilight Princess: Telma

Attached: Zelda&Telma.jpg (1720x2128, 627.67K)

Requesting Cerberus being tricked into mooning her massive asses of somehow varying sizes like so -files.catbox.moe/wm5tuf.jpgAny helltaker girl would be fine

Attached: cerb.png (1831x458, 597.95K)

>>523384806thats what half naked means

Requesting Kiana Kaslana dressed as Superman or Batman.

Attached: Kiana.jpg (1336x1129, 237.62K)

>>523384006But you sure did.

>>523384092Yes I do

Requesting Junko Enoshima buying copious amounts of wonderbread

Attached: Junko_Enoshima_Illustration.png (954x954, 577.93K)

>>523383209Great to hear you're working on it! Take your time it's much appreciated. Looking forward to it when you're done, I'm sure it'll be good


Attached: hmm.png (507x255, 12.89K)

>>523385661yeahand what clothes are left would be whats left of her suit

>>523385630>this dude againNo, go away Murrlogic1

>>523385768not him, asking for it for the meme


Attached: halfnaked.png (268x315, 6.26K)

Requesting Lars, Kunimitsu, Raven and Master Raven from Tekken posing together as a kamen rider quartet

Attached: quartet.png (1920x2272, 3.29M)

Requesting Chacha from FGO (Girl on left) eating ice cream,ignore any clothing that is a pain in the ass to draw

Attached: 8e252e92d15c484121c85931c0b85835.jpg (700x633, 110.96K)

>>523386023is half-naked the wrong word for something like only wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt and with her pants pulled down or something


>>523386270I don't know, I'm just giving you shit because I'm bored

Attached: sorr.png (266x246, 3.54K)

>>523384779thanks for the input

Requesting Noire drawn like Jin Sakai from the cover art of Ghost of Tsushima, armor and all too.

Attached: ghostoflastation.jpg (2224x896, 566.25K)

>>523371848That's the right kind of lewd and cute user. You got a blog to something?

Requesting my favorite nep with big boobies. Pic unrelated

Attached: IMG_20200429_165130.jpg (4093x2894, 1.43M)

>>523368924>>523370484lol here ya go. Touched it up, exposed bandicunny, and added vaguely chinese background.files.catbox.moe/rvjkv9.PNG

Attached: TheOneCocoPolicy.png (855x914, 564.67K)

>>523387224>Chinese BackgroundAh shit son Nazifag is fucked, she is rusky!Meta shitpost aside, nice edit,

>>523368924>>523330818I didn't succeed in making her look giant so I might try her again some day

Attached: boom.png (1500x1660, 1016.83K)

>>523387224Thanks for the edit although it looks quite weird without the rest of her legs. Don't mind it tho.

I'm Requesting a lewd of old Ana Amari from Overwatch in her Cabana skin with multiple options, I just really want to appreciate the fine wine that is Ana. A naked version but with the jacket and her hat covering her bits. Or with a drink in her hand and flashing her tits in a bra.

Attached: IMG_20200817_234939.png (2048x1152, 1.43M)

>>523387810Absolutely cultured taste. I'm so frustrated that I can never find anything good with her.

>>523387857Don't second your request faggot

>>523387960Don't second your request and attack it to draw sympathetic attention towards it faggot

>>523370763Why do you want such an evil thing?

Attached: Hexbald.png (1641x1827, 297.51K)

>>523384082>Literally having a monster with sharp teeth eating someone

>>523388030Since when is sympathy a thing here? People getting attacked tend to deserve it faggot

>>523388056Oh boy white sombra

>>523388172Eating out a woman refers to eating their pussy. Funny, that's the second time today I've seen someone make that mistake on Holla Forums

>>523388172Eating a girl out means cunnilingus.

>>523384513>working on commissions>realize halfway through that I don't like the direction it's taking>try to salvage what I can because I already spent a lot of time on itthis is hell

Attached: clark.jpg (286x750, 63.93K)

>>523388056That's kinda hot. Keep going.

Requesting the Persona Q version of Nanako Dojima happily looking at the viewer while she fucks someone in the ass, similar to this reference. rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=967267

Attached: 5E189379-31F9-44A1-93F3-4CA98FF52937.jpg (919x593, 134.52K)

>>523380881Suggest pokegril


Attached: vomitpepe.jpg (399x388, 23.63K)

Requesting maid Muramasa please.Cute, lewd, whatever is good.

Attached: Muramasa sakura bikini.jpg (640x800, 101.02K)



>>523388172That's cannibalism, not vore. Vore is when they're swallowed whole.

Attached: 0cecf4c0d7cf0e5edc23a66e838e09d9.png (754x561, 226.97K)

>>523388526Oboro Muramasa when?


Attached: XY_Viola.png (454x1280, 395.39K)

>>523387625OR here, it's great, nice job! Looks a lot better than the giant I did in this thread


Attached: Spr_GS_Teacher.png (56x56, 1017)

Requesting Healer(male), demanding a fat sloppy succ like a brat.

Attached: heaIermale.png (3000x1596, 2.35M)

>>523388541That is dumb. Animals that are carnivores kill their prey before eating.


Attached: 1530311514032.png (676x1000, 506.92K)

>>523388571How would an Oboro Muramasa even look like?Not the VW game.


Attached: brenda.png (760x1187, 425.93K)

>>523388445A busty Kris.

Attached: Kris.(Pokémon).full.2140845.jpg (734x950, 219.7K)


Attached: 1530313088462.jpg (618x1000, 342.42K)

Requesting Waai Fu (Arknights) doing a Rider Kick files.catbox.moe/6mxojd.jpg

Attached: waai fu.png (1024x1024, 120.82K)

>>523388789 speaks to managers

>>523388409>>523388453The duality of Anonymous.

>>523388785>That is dumb. Animals that are carnivores kill their prey before eating.No that's not what the word "carnivore" means. I'm not the vorefag, and I'm not going to argue that because it's a shit fetish and not a real term, but carnivore simply means an animal that eats other animals. Snakes, Whales, and other animals that eat their prey whole are still carnivores, and I have no idea where you picked up the incorrect definition you're giving out to people

Requesting C-Sha wearing a sexy race queen outfit or these chinese dresses (Chun-li's):danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2430215https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2691640She represents Capcom in Neptunia.

Attached: C-Sha (Capcom from Neptunia VII).jpg (4264x2824, 1.34M)

>>523389174Well herbivores eat plants and those seem to die when you take them off their tree.

>>523389259Okay and that has ... fuck all to do with anything? "Herbivores eat plants" is the definition. Everything else you add on isn't, and isn't relevant.It's also incorrect, many plants remain alive for periods of time when they're removed from the main plant body. It's why things like grafting works, and you can see cell-mediated (so shit that only happens when the cells are alive, not just extraneous chemical change) responses to light or heat in fruit after they've been picked.

Comfy by a campfire

Attached: Dogoo.png (340x335, 78.17K)

>>523390343You people should really stop eating plants then. They are alive and you are making them dissolve into nothing.

give zelda/splatoon/sonic requestssuggestive is fine but no porn

Attached: cia.png (900x1250, 700.43K)

>>523390842Rental Mommy Marina

Attached: 1578421022432.jpg (693x778, 127.95K)

>>523390842Imp Midna scratching her butt with her hair-hand.

>>523390842Breath of the Wild Link in some blue swimtrunks surfing on a surfboard made of Sheikah technology. Could also have a lobster on the side of his shorts as a callback to Toon Link's lobster shirt from Outset Island.

Attached: Breath of the wild link.jpg (714x1024, 75.94K)

>>523390842A cool pin-up/action pose thing of BoTW Link falling down but backwards, preferably down the side of a building, while preparing to throw or just having thrown a boomerang at the viewer.

Attached: Link boomerang.jpg (1542x932, 178.42K)

>>523390842Wii Fit Ruto and Ring Fit Mipha

>>523390842Kina in comfy autumn clothes drinking a pumpkin spice latte

Attached: kina ref.png (1193x760, 651.15K)

>>523388056Good work, user.

>>523390842Tikal in sexy clothings, such as gyaru's or whatever, but being adorably embarrassed

>>523390842Pic related with Marina or Paruko

Attached: 1597439855319.jpg (449x735, 92.78K)

Requesting Princess Rosalina and Princess Peach as in this meme: i.imgur.com/uy7fzWd.jpg (Rosalina instead of the guy)

Attached: d9jspmf-ec6bd151-39ab-41fd-bedd-b4cd206f83c6.png (844x544, 304.86K)

>>523390842Knuckles doing a pose like this

Attached: Little-Mac-Smash-Ultimate-1-1024x576.jpg (514x557, 42.01K)

>>523368924>>523330654late I guess

Attached: 200903 live twin 2.png (625x888, 224.52K)

>>523390842Steak House Stick

Attached: tomboy.png (474x602, 201.52K)

Requesting Lucky playing against his older brother Lucas in Smash (it's implied that Lucas is a villain). Optional, but having Lyra behind Lucky and cheering him on would be cool. Alternatively, requesting Lucky in his "smart" outfit playing checkers against Lyra, but he's frustrated because he's losing.

Attached: 20200811_130752.jpg (1920x1920, 1.53M)

>>523390842more of blaze doing this

Attached: 1707E0F3-A7B8-4541-9FB3-8305C77CCB98.jpg (1920x1200, 163.83K)


Attached: Eg4ULB6VkAAwuic.jpg (515x827, 64.43K)

Requesting Link and Tetra cuddling after sex.

Attached: 1598588969266.png (721x699, 492.99K)

>>523386987I'm 'howiee' on pixiv