You are only allowed to post in this thread if you are a chad who pre-ordered the physical version instead of bitching...

You are only allowed to post in this thread if you are a chad who pre-ordered the physical version instead of bitching about it

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Real chads will be playing the nsp a week before release.

>>523367109MeAlso>Mario if he real

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>Nintendo fags excited to being paying for a $60 for a set of games ported from PC that are free.

>>523367294Fucking based


>>523367109Got mine. Shame about no Galaxy 2 though.

im getting digital

>>523367109For me, it’s the physical version and the Mario Bros Game & Watch.

I still have all 3 on their original systems, why would I want this?

>>523367753people are paying for the authenticity and the mobile capabilitylike yeah i have Galaxy on an emulator and i still bought this, because it’s a fully crafted, optimized version of all 3 games that i can play wherever i want

>Buying the same games every generation. Never again Nintendo, get fucked.

I want it digital personally, I considered Physical but since I own a OG Switch and the Lite, I'll continue being lazy so I don't deal with the cartridges.

>>523367109I preordered it. HD and portable ports of Mario Sunshine and Galaxy alone are worth the $60 to me. I just wish Sunshine was 60fps. I also wish Mario 64 was 60fps and 16x9 but I’m mainly getting it for Sunshine and Galaxy.

>>523368047>optimized 20 year old gamesLmao I played and beat this shit on my $100 android phone no problem.

>>523367109>paying for two roms and a ISO.I hope you're not that retarded Holla Forums

>>523367109I preordered it because I'm a good little consoomer who loves Nintendo.IT'S OK WHEN NINTENDO DOES IT

Pre-ordered from Best Buy. Ready to scalp.

>>523368047>the mobile capability>t. only plays his switch on the couch or in bed

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>>523368047This right here. It’s not really that hard to understand.

>>523368190What's with the 60 fps comment? The games are playable as is, what would making them 60 fps do?

Ill wait for the Switch 2 re-realese with new waluigi modes.

>>523367753Emulation is stealing and it’s always full of bugs and never works properly. I’d rather play it on a system that Nintendo designed them for natively and have the intended experience.

>>523368047I bet you play your bing bing wahoo in public transport you fucking degenerate

>>523368445>Emulation is stealing"No!"

Galaxy 2 included? Also it mentions this will only be availible until march 2021

>>523367109I'll get the nsp so I can play Sunshine and Galaxy on the go but we already have a better version of 64 and it didn't seem to offer anything Dolphin hasn't already been capable of so I'm not spending money on it

>>523368445Then play them for free on the Wii

What's the betting they'll release Galaxy 2 as DLC/a seperate release?

>>523368445>Emulation is stealing and it’s always full of bugs and never works properly. I’d rather play it on a system that Nintendo designed them for natively and have the intended experience.Kys

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>>523368610>WiiHow about no?

>>523367109You’re only allowed to reply to me if you already own all these games and aren’t going to rebuy them because you’re not Nintendo’s bitch

>>523368616Gotta save something for the big 40th collection.

>>523368028Convenience and portability for me.

>>523367753And yet here you are, seething.

>>523368674Stay mad.

>>523367109Mariochad, reporting in.

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>Preordered the physical copy so I can resell it at 10x the price next year>Got the digital version because I had about $150 Switch Bux in my account that I got from doing porn commissions for some random guy>Still gonna pirate the NSP a week before releaseYep. I'm based.

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>>523368773Cope shitch tranny

>>523367109Standing by OP.

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only prepurchased it to have a rare game to start my video game collection soon. wont ever sell it unless it goes for fuck off money

>>523367109i can't preorder it, but once i see it on shelves, it's mine.

>>523368818Post your art

>>523367109actually, I only want to replay sunshine and galaxys. They should have done the 64 with the ds version

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>>523368284What's your setup for playing games on your desktop PC from both your bed and couch?


>>523368920This is a blue board.nonarycubed

I have the original games and played them to death now. No sane people would be excited for this unless you are turbo consoomer casual that started playing games on your phone

was thinking about buying Mario sunshine like two days ago so im pretty hyped due to a good condition gamecube copy going for $70-$80.

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>>523368789honestly some games are legit better emulated. not even himthe key here is to not be a complete retard. you're not retarded, are you?

>>523368542i even play my genie butt girl games in publici don’t give a shit

>>523368674No, why don’t YOU kill yourself for stealing from the hard working engineers at Nintendo while you sit on your ass leeching off your parents and posting redditjaks without a single notable achievement to your name

I'm a fan of the Mario series but honestly the best way to play these games right now is through emulators. In the case of Mario Sunshine, for example, I can use the trigger on my Dualshock4 to adjust the water. Mario Galaxy I can play 1 and 2 now...And Mario 64 has PC ports, in fact I played the entire game last week on my fucking browser at 60 fps-1080p (Nintendo port runs at 720p, 4:3 and 30 fps?).I'm probably going to buy Mario 3D World, but this collection? Nah ... Nintendo didn't add enough value to it to make sense.

>>5233690124k is not a better game. Rom hacks that actually change gameplay mechanics, sure, but adding shitty textures and running 4k does not make a better game.

>>523369089>engineerslmao making mario and donkey kongs is not engineering retard.

>>523368945Keeping my setup in my room because I don't need to play it anywhere else in the house.

>>523367407If I was a kid I'd shit my pants

>>523369115I will never understand why 60 fps or 1080p matter other then "higher numbers is better". The gameplay is unchanged is why does it matter? It's the gameplay that matters, not graphics.

>>523369160nah I just meant compared to original hardware.I'd much rather play a turn based JRPG at 900p than at 480p on original hardware.I say turnbased because input lag is the only main problem with emulation compared to OG hardware.I say this as someone who has 3000-5000 dollars worth of retro games physical, but also emulates sometimes, because sometimes emulation is superior

>>523369197I'm buying the Mario Kart thing for my 5 year old daughter's Christmas this year. She absolutely loves Mario Kart and this will blow her fucking mind.

>>523367109>chads buy shit they can get for freeI played Super Mario Sunshine at 60 fps a week ago, bozo.

>>523367407I'm unironically considering getting this but at the same time I'm worried that a puppy my GF just adopted would destroy the RC car.

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>>52336928260 fps is more pleasant to look at.

>>523369402finny way of saying you're poor

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>physical editionBut whyWhy would I wanna keep up with a cartridge wherever I go and have to get up to change it if I wanna play something else? Hell, the box art looks like something a 12 year old made as a fake leak

I pre-ordered it, but then again I think this is actually the first time I've ever got these games.I was a small child when 64 came out, so dad bought that one; we never had a GameCube so I only ever got to play bits of Sunshine at a friend's house. And I'm pretty sure my sister bought Galaxy, and she has the Wii nowadays (plus our dad's old SNES, so I can't play All-Stars on the original hardware).I could emulate, but I don't know whether a ThinkPad T430 would run Sunshine or Galaxy; plus every time I read about emulation it's usually from people on here suffering from technical issues.Those are probably just the exception and not the rule, but eh, I'm lazy. I just wanna play the games.

I'm getting this just because of the possible rarity. That, and it's easier for me to play Sunshine on my Switch than to dig up my Gamecube and plug it into my TV. I was one of the only people at my store to preorder today.

Califags you have a chance

>>523369408Your bf will never pass

obvious shill/thread

8 Copies actuallyGoing to pocket a solid 1500 off of Nintendo’s jewishness.

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>>523368542I'm sorry you're self conscious on what people think about you in public.

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>>523369503>Spyro - 3x shitty inferior Mario 64 ripoffs>Mario 3D Allstars - includes Mario 64 AND Mario Sunshine AND Mario Galaxy Take your pitiful seething ass and cry elsewhere.

Reporting in OP. I'm ready to play through sunshine and galaxy again>>523368973Not that other guy but good shit fella

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>>523369503I didn't buy Spyro because I didn't like Spyro. I think it actually looks good and I don't think I saw any Nintendo fans actually shitting on it.

>>523369731Good luck getting anywhere in life

>>523369629Kek based

>>523369503the thing is while spyro and crash look better and have a lot more effort put into themthey're still ultimately shit games with boring gameplay and characters


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>>523369508i wouldve gone digitial, but since this will only be available for a limited time and nintendo is pretty shit with transferring your digital purchases in case something happens, i think it's safer to go physical

>>523367109Two. One for me and one to resell next year when the copies are stopped by Nintendo

>>523369848>get new switch>log into account on new switch>go to eshop>redownload gameswhat's shit about this?

>>523369795Nice bait. Good luck to you too with your lack of self confidence.

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>>523370035I think he also meant that server will inevitably close at some point

preordered as soon as I saw the announcementfinally a fucking sunshine port

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>>523370115Does this not apply for other consoles for some reason?

>>523368550>tfw you realize that there are two memes of a funny robot saying ‘no’

>>523367109Real chads played these 25, 18, and 13 years ago, respectively.

Let me see if I get this straightIs it "limited release" in the sense that I can only get this until March 2021?Or is it limited release, as in, even if I buy it now, I won't be able to play it anymore after certain time has passed?I really want to play Galaxy again but I don't want to have to return shit I paid for.

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>>523368758What fucking convenience? You can already play all three games on the fucking Wii.

>>523370334The former. After the "expiration date", you'll still be allowed to redownload the game at any point if you bought it. New people can't buy it though.

>>523370334>Is it "limited release" in the sense that I can only get this until March 2021?this, but the press release is worded to make it sound like that's only for the physical version, while the direct said it was for physical and digital

>>523370334You can only buy it until March 2021. Then Nintendo'll probably start selling it out piecemeal with other N64, Gamecube and maybe Wii stuff.But it's yours to play whenever(or redownload onto your Switch) once you get it.

>>523370274real chads are fucking big fat steaming pussy (or boypussy) not on 4chan arguing about switch games

>>523367109I've owned them before therefore I have the right to emulate them. 3D World at least has online multiplayer AND new content. You have no excuse unless you've never played these games before.

>>523370274>Real chads played these 25, 18, and 13 years ago, respectivelyYup bought them all at launch and still own all the games and consoles. Preordered this collection earlier because I know how great these games are.

>>523370368>Yeah bro just dust off the console you probably haven't thought about in literally 10 years instead of the brand new currently supported console you use daily

>>523370140This.My original Sunshine disc will no longer read and I can't want to play the game again.


>>523367753I already have the games on PC. I am paying to have them on the Switch.

Why do people pay more money for things that they already own?

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People bitching about this just don't get it. Switch-only babbies have to be excited for this. If they're not excited to play ancient games, what the fuck else are they going to play?

>>523368542>>523369795Dude you're retarded, a year ago I was at a club playing yugioh with one hand and grabbing a stripper's tiddy with my other hand, if you seriously worry about what random people think of you then I feel fucking sorry for you

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Probably the earliest preorder of anyone. Only showed in the best buy app not the website at the time

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>>523367109Honestly, I'm pretty tempted. I've never played Sunshine and it'd be pretty nice to have Galaxy on the small screen. The only thing holding me back is that Galaxy 2 is nowhere to be seen. I like 64 and Galaxy 1, but Galaxy 2 is the best 3D Mario game.

>still available to order from every retail outlet I've checked hours after announcement As a longtime scalper of Nintendo products, their claim of a "limited run" reeks of bullshit. My guess is that it's a marketing bluff from Nintendo to get people to buy it. Well played, if so.

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why is it going to be rare i don't understand?

day one baybee

>>523370685>PCfags have been going apeshit over a Mario 64 fanmade game all year>the first thing Sonytrannies did in DREAMS is try to remake Mario 64Yeah, stay mad. I like laughing at you.

>>523370526If you really wanted to play any of these three Mario games, you could have dusted off the Wii at any point, not wait for Nintendo to fart out another compilation of ROMs.


>>523370843>he actually thought Nintendo would only make like two hundred copies of 3 of the most popular Mario gamesapril tricks!

>>523370978>Just play them in 480, bro!

>>523370991but is septemebr

>>523367294>>523367109>not doing bothfucking plebs all of you

>>523371065that was the trick!

MeAlso pirated this to play in emuMMC in the meantimeYes, I still buy games I want

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>>523367109>pre ordered physical to have it sit in my closet for a few years to scalp>buying digital because I'm not poor and self sufficient meaning I can buy all my toys without daddy being disappointed

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>>523371058>just pay $60 for even more 480, bro!


>this thread

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I never played Galaxy 1 and 2Is that 60 bucks worth it. I really liked Odyssey and 64

>>523371240>motion controlsNo.

>>523371058You're still going to be playing them in 480, doofus.

>>523371219Seriously stop with the Wojaks

Why is the defense always>lol u poorwhen it's talking about cost? It always feels so defensive whenever it comes up.

I already own them. I already beat them.

>>523371240Galaxy 2 isn't included, but you'll like Sunshine and Galaxy>>

> Buying switch gamesshiggy diggity diggy faggots

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>>523371058This. I'll eventually have no use for my original wii library. Xenoblade and the Mario games already got replaced apart from galaxy 2- I doubt Sin and Punishment, Zak and Wiki or Madworld will ever see a rerelease, but the more the better.

I pre-ordered it :)

>>523370978>If you really wanted to play any of these three Mario games, you could have dusted off the Wii at any pointYeah bro! Just let me get my Wii out of the attic, hook up the SD component cables, tape the sensor bar to my TV and buy some AA batteries for my Wiimote and Nunchuck!Fuck those Switch owners living in blissful gaming heaven!

>>523367109finally i'm allowed somewhere

>>523370843#BASED Nintendaddy dabbin on the scalpercucks.

$20 a game isnt even that bad

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>Seriously stop with the Wojaks

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> Literal ports> Nothing enhanced> Nothing changed> 60 fucking dollarsI feel bad for anyone retarded enough to pay 20 fucking dollars plus tax plus tip for fucking Mario 64.They couldn't even be arsed to include Galaxy 2.

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>>523371219snoy hands made this.

>limited time digital editionNintendofans are pathetic for falling for this shit


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>>523367109which one you playing first bros? ive never finished 64 so ill start with it i think

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galaxy 2 is unlockable by getting all the stars in galaxy

>>523370557cope zoomer

Regardless of how easy they are to buy right now, they'll inevitably cost a lot of money over time. In 10 years this will probably be the most sought-after mainline mario game, and more than most of the spinoffs too.

>>523371342>carpeta de archivos>Esl-kun is a piratecuck and a poorfagWhy am I not surprised?

>> is in 720, and Sunshine/Galaxy are 720 undocked, 1080 docked.

>>523371563>note: no actual Gay Bowsers present

>>523371331WTF why would they not have Galaxy 2

>>523371508You have to be really, really bored to come into this thread and make this post

>>523371667Cool sunshine is 16:9

>>523371649Serious replies only pleaseShould I dump my life savings into copies of this game and keep them sealed?Will I get a bigger return than a 6% annual interest over a 10 years investment plan at a financial institution?

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>>523371660They're third worlders user, being poor is what defines them.

>>523371834No, because as people have mentioned in this thread, there seems to be plenty of copies to go around with no signs of stopping. This limited quantities shit is a jewish trick to get more sales and it's clearly working well.

>>523371363You're right, bro, instead let me pay $60 because I'm too much of a fatass to climb a flight of stairs and plug some cables in.

>>52337158364 because I haven't played it in, god, maybe 15 years? Then Galaxy, then maybe Sunshine.I honestly feel like I'm gonna get a few levels into Sunshine, do a few Shadow Mario levels or some other notorious shines, then remember why it's the one that has such am ambivalent reputation.

>>523371626You just gotta get all 120 stars in SM64, run around the fountain 1000 times, go up to the mirror room, stand on the third pillar, jump and kick the mirror to unlock Luigi then talk to Yoshi on the roof and then you'll get Super Mario Galaxy 2.

>>523372068>he doesn’t make at least $60/hourI would pay a Mexican a one time fee of $60 if it meant he hooked up my wii and brought my tv into whatever room I want to play in every time I wanted to play one of these games. I guess if I worked at McDonalds though I’d make the effort

>>523371834If it's the Game and Watches then yes, the switch game itself? Fuck no, theyre gonna re-release that shit like what they did with the 25th anniversary game on Wii

>>523370035i mean later the 3ds and the eshop. eshop has already been terminated for a bunch of countries. USA probably coming up. and once that happens, no way to redownload the games if you havent already

>>523371834I wouldn't go too crazy, but no harm in grabbing an extra physical copy and keeping it sealed. Once the eshop goes down (even if it takes 15 years) this will be the only way to legally own the trilogy, an anniversary edition, and it comes with some on-cart extras too like OST playback and gallery art that might not be included in any other game between now and then.

>>523372301see: >>523370217That's digital in general.

>>523372132Sunshine is leagues better than the on-rail pieces of shit galaxy/galaxy 2

>>523372391only flaw with sunshine is blue coin bullshit

I wonder what the reaction will be when people realize they're taking all the fun glitches out of 64

>>523372496And the fact that every star is “hop into the warp pad that rockets you into 20 more warp pads which automatically land you to the star”There’s not a single memorable/difficult star in that game but there’s multiple in 64/sunshine.

>>523371307It's because they have no argument but have to defend their masters at all costs. Standard cultist behaviour.

>>523371834Buy stocks retard

Glad I still have a wii with an HD adapter so I can play sunshine and galaxy 1 and 2 whenever I want.

>>523372649Yeah I'm sure the one autist who gives a shit will be devastated

>>523372829After that iceberg shit a lot of that stuff is normie tier now. haha backwards longjump go woosh and shit like that

>>523372714the only one I remember having fun with is that flying bird block section. there's some bullshit like the pachinko physics and endless repeats of the same piranha plant fight, but fludd exploration was fantastic, and movement in general is my favorite of any game in the series

>>523368047lmao, you're a retard if you think it's gonna be anything more than minimum effort, I bet you will see even half the improvements the unofficial PC/Switch port did.

>>523372754>telling the guy who wants to invest in "rare" game quantities to buy in to stocks>surely this is a better idea

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Yes I preordered so I can have portable sunshine. Uraraka Ochaco is also best girl

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>>523367109>buying action adventure games marketing themselves as platformersChads told them to eat shit with a 3D collection only brainlets want.

>>523370860Limited physical release and... AND! limited digital release


>>523367407Would this work on carpet?

>>523367109>didn't even bother to give Galaxy proper Pro Controller support ,so you still have to buy another set of expensive Joycons that will break in 6 months so you can waggle like an idiotShame.

>>523373495Wrong, Momo and Midnight are way better, even Tsu is better the Uravity

>>523373429Bro I make 9.90 an hour and have money in the market. Its not a lot but ive also not lost money. I just invest in areas I know. Mostly firearms related shares. Some EV stuff. Workhorse. Made about 100% on that and itll still rise. It's honestly not hard>>523373715We've already seen the x1 handling galaxy fine

>>523373808waggle is optional

>>523373909Only when undocked.

>>523371563>tfw he'll just say "BYE-BYE!" like in the trailer

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>>523373808You just use the gyro like captain toad for the cursor

>>523373797It's the mud part of the track

>>523367109>”what do you me-“>check the chaosThank fuck I ain’t a poorfag and nightfag holy fuck

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Normally, I would be totally fine with this collection existing. However, the idea of the DIGITAL version being a limited release baffles me to no end. I still had leftover Amazon gift credit, enough to get this for free, and said fuck it. I could always cancel the preorder in the next week or so if I feel like it.

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I'm excited for the autism kino when dudes make elaborate custom tracks in their houses

Is the super mario 64 gonna be the ds version or original? Because the ds actually added new stuff.

>>523374574OG because DS is garbo


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>>523367109Well, my brother pre-ordered it because he's a huge Mariofag, and I'll play it, too, but we're both disappointed with a few things. No Galaxy 2 and the 64DS content at minimum?

>Mario Kart Tour>SNES Super Mario Kart Mario and DK Jr. coming>both explicitly have the "(SNES)" designation after their namesis DK Jr getting an official design/coming back after like 20 years

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>>523373715>it can't handle sunshine>but it can handle Odyssey when it looks significantly better

>>523367109Reporting in

>>523367109Reporting in. Feels good to be among the elite. Many Mario’s to you my friends.

Mario 64 isn't even wide screen or 60FPS, holy shit, bet it doesn't even have right analog for camera control either. Imagine making a port inferior to the fan one.

>>523367109I'll pirate it if I want to on my hacked Switch, I already played them all 100% on their original hardware and then on 4k on my PC, so I don't really feel like it

>>523368945People who think the Switch's shit hardware is okay because they can play in bed are literal retards. I play my Switch in bed docked because I'm not so stupid that I think you need a handheld to do that.

>>523376528Personally im basically going blind and cant see my TV from my bed well even with glasses so I like the switch

>>523367979Unironically this.

>>523369503>toys for bob

>>523376871You fucking hyperbole faggot, I bet you're like 25

Nincels showing their true colors ITT. You people are corporate worshiping cultists

>>523367407The only parts in my home to have tile is the kitchen and bathrooms, so I wouldn't be able to play this even if I wanted to.

>>523367109Considering it, my birthday's this month. It's either this or Samurai Jack.

>>523373495Your waifu is shit

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>>523370404>limited release digital gamePOR FUCKING QUE. LITERALLY WHY. This is the most Jewish shit I've ever fucking seen in my life, even worse than MTX or live service. You're telling me you can only buy the game digitally for a few months so Nintendo can increase demand in that time window? Are you fucking serious? Is this a joke? What excuse do they even have to do this literal bullshit? I hope none of you niggers buy this because all it will do is encourage Nintendo to pull more of this bullshit in the future

>>523377348Because the Switch's value will go up

>>523377348Getting people to buy as many Switches as possible before they announce they're discontinuing it next year.

>>523371637>>523368865arrest yourself coomer granny

>>523377348You know damn well it'll just be so Nintendo can just release them individually down the line alongside other games from the same platforms.

>>523373715>I GOT AN EARLY COPY ANDno you fucking didnt you lying fuck

I'm posting in this thread. I think you know what that means.

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Yo.Now hurry up and let us preorder the Game and Watch already.

>>523367109I thought about it for 5 minutes, then I remembered it's first party Nintendo and smashed that pre-order button. I'm so glad I did now. I might even let one of you anons who weren't so fortunate have it for one hundred dollary-doos.

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>>523377508No, I don't know that. If this turns out to be a massive success what will stop them from releasing future games for only a few months before they stop making copies or selling it on the eshop?

>>523367407I live in Tokyo. Literally impossible.

>>523367109>chad who pre-ordered>not pirating and getting early access like most other switch gamesalso>paying 60€ for portslmao

>>523376871I'm not disabled so I don't enjoy Nintendo's hardware gimmicks and jewish practices of releasing 3 ports for $60. Luckily Odyssey is far and away the best 3D Mario anyways.

>>523368110not really user, I havent played through the 3D marios except for mario 3d land on 3ds. so this is a great thing for me

>>523377647How hard is it to live in Japan? Genuinely curious since I plan on moving there one day.

Preordered the physical edition as soon as got off work today.

>>523377896Go away, we're full.

>>523367979same, might even buy myself a second Game&Watch to keep in box as a collector's item. $50 is cheap

>>523367109>limited releaseFor what purpose? Why not keep it on the eshop indefinitely? They'll get more sales in the long run that way.

>>523377036I am 24 and have an eye disorder that has no fix. I cannot even read my phone with my right eye. My left eye pretty much does everything for me but even then it still has the same issues just much less.

>>523378109N64 Online, Gamecube Online, and Wii Online.

>>523367109just preordered this on Mexican Amazon version. going to get it a few days after my birthday.

>>523372364The difference is that if I buy say, ghost of tsushima on ps4 digitally, then once the ps4's shop is shut down I can still download it on ps5. 3DS and Wii U digital games are basically good NG to be lost forever once their shops are down of you don't download your whole library ahead of time. I really doubt that switch games will run on nintendo's next gen console. At least with a physical copy you have something that you can go back and pop in and play 20 years from now.

>>523367109>not pre-ordering as an investmentSome retard collector will pay 10k for it in a few years. this is a perfect opportunity /biz/ bros

>>523377128What did you expect after Dexit and Nintendo Online? Even if people seem to be united in hating anything that is associated with Nintendo they will shed those feelings of hatred away in a few days and go back to referring to Nintendo as their friend. Even if Nintendo were to go fully streaming with lag they'll be people defending it, and people who live in areas with bad internet would blame themselves for living there rather than blaming the company.

>>523378109they're looking to bolster profits for these next couple quarters because covid shit on anything else they may have had ready by the end of summer / holiday season, so having it be timed like this will naturally lead to everyone even remotely interested in it wanting to buy it for fear of it going awaysucks shit but what are you gonna do

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>>523367109i thought they were gonna remaster the graphics like in original all stars. im dissapointed

>>523378484>I thought they were going to put effort into itLook at this thread. They clearly don't need to.

>>523368110>get fucked

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>>523378407Why are you getting mad about people liking things?

>>523371709>>523373987I was waiting for someone to bitch around because of that. of course 4chan would be the first

>>523378347We'll get Gameboy Online, right? Nintendo All-Stars and Super Mario 35 aren't the only incentives they're giving people to renew subscriptions, right?

>I pre-ordered two

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>>523378674I get mad when companies are allowed to do scummy practices with no repercussions. Limited releases need to be discouraged.

>>523378973You must be a scrawny white boy.

>>523378386you can pop in micro sd cards on the switch user. so you can have multiple large micro sd cards holding your library of cant copy them to other micro sd cards though, hopefully in the future when you can so you can preserve your purchases.

>>523379036A slim white boy who wants some dick, user. Will you fulfill my desire?

>>523367109Why would i buy this, when i can just download an emulator?

>>523379197Nah, I hate whites. Your kind whines too much.

>>523379331I can't whine if I have a mouth full of dick.

>$60 >when you can emulate these for free

>>523368542No one gives a shit. Stop listening to Holla Forumsermin who never go outside.

>>523379428no no pay to nintendoes

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>>523377653>>paying 60€LOL

>>523379428How could you do that? You're literally stealing money out of based Nintendo's pocket. Now pay $60 for a worse version of some old games you've been able to emulate for years at better resolutions and framerates. Nintendo said it's limited so it must be good.

>>523367109Copped that shit as soon as I got my hands on the bestbuy link son

>>523369795>>523368542Why do you wish so hard for others to be like this? Do you not see you're just exhibiting textbook normalfaggotry?

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>>523373715Actual journalist, games run fine, biggest problem is that the menu is boring choice wise compared to Kirby collection and the original all starsits literally a static menu with that 35th logo in the background with a bit of music

SM64 seemed to have HD textures on the UI, I wonder if they are going to change the camera considering everyone has the source now.Wouldn't buy it anyways, maybe just for my little cousins.

>>523369408>my GFIs this a Holla Forums style trigger alert or something? lmao

>>523378389>not knowing everyone is doing this nowThey will be rare as a beanie baby

>>523367109No galaxy 2 .... fuck that shit

>>523378445Finally someone who gets it

>>523380876you underestimate the extent of their obsession. Switches have been selling for twice their retail value just cause some manchild can't wait for them to restock

>>523367109i don't believe in preordering post 6th geni will pick up my copy day 1, like i ALWAYS DO



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>>523373495Is this show ok for kids? My 6-year-old niece really likes Avatar The Last Airbender, but didn't like Dragon Ball because there's no girls in the main cast.

>>523367109ordered it the second it was available on amazon. having all three games in one place is going to be incredibly based, not to mention the portability. gonna bing bing wahoo in public and there's nothing you incels can do to stop me.

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>>523384734I mean, if she can watch Dragonball then yeah, MHA is probably okay.

>>523384928They started to watch Naruto, but the Sexy Jutsu put a stopper on that. I just wasn't sure if there was anything like that in it.

>>523367109I bought it, I can't wait to play sunshine with my mom like we did when it released.

>>523380432>What, you think it's wrong to walk around sucking a dildo and smoking crack while screaming you love little girls? You realize you're just exhibiting textbook normalfaggotry when you tell people to stop doing that right?

>>523385004there's not really much ecchi in mha. there's some fairly intense violence though, and blood, so she might get scared sometimes.

Isn't this like Galaxy HD? I thought they'd sell that by itself and maaaybe with 2, but getting 64 and Sunshine instead is great. I mean, sure it could have been something truly great if they thought they needed that to profit and the limited games thing is unreal bullshit and Nintendo should go fuck itself, but the game sounds fine to me? Like, I don't see it as any more absurd than Pikmin 3 port or something similar


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>>523369629if retards are willing to pay then fuck it why not lol

>>523369542Trying its free user

>>523385893I think they should've put SMG 2 in, but that's the only complaint I have about the game itself. All my other grievances are with the limited release shit.

>>523373715Post proof or fuck off.

>>523369795Anon by looking at where we are, I don't think you're in a good situation too

>>523377653>paying 20 each for 3 games I don't own that would cost me 60+ each on the aftermarket and also they are upscaled to play not only on my new HD tv but also my handheld consoleYes


>>523380474Based Nintendo phoning it in and charging full price

>>523367109Good consoomer

How many did you order?

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I'm literally only waiting to see what the preorder bonus for my country is, if we are even getting one

>>523373987He's saying Bye-Bi. Bowser has a son after all

>>523380330>The richest company in Japan

>>523369503Only good thing about Spyro were the dragon daddies.

>>523367407The wireless chip on the switch is garbage, I don't believe for a second this will run at an acceptable level.

Reply to this post if you're a chad picking it up yourself in-store and not some cuck getting it shipped to your place directly because you're too scared of human interaction, nor a digitalcuck.

>>523389363Right fucking here, chadbro

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Real talk, how likely is it that Luigi is actually hidden in 64 this time?

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>>523387729Limited release is seriously toxic and people shouldn't accept a company to play with people's fear of not being able to play this game if they don't get it now. I mean, I know that there are way better reasons to do it, but people should burn these companies down for doing that too. I mean, they shut the 100 Mario thing down, do a copy of it and make it limited. It's fucking bullshit with the dude who did that before, it's bullshit to consumers (and idk shit about servers, but I know that online subscription should cover that and be fine)

>>523388346just one, because I'm not a dick

>>523369503both are shit - why wouldnt you just play them all on their original consoles? you're not poor are you v?

>>523388346One because I have an actual job

I don't even have a switch and I don't plan on buying one when it has no games worth playing