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i did this irl once and she let me feel them and then gave me a handjob lol

this game could either be really funny or really lame. what is it?

>>523365541sakura wars(it's lame)

Does Japan have any other jokes aside from "DUDE BOOBS LMAO"?

>>523365527DUDE! I'll give you knucks for that.

>>523365393Those are some big bonkhonagahoogs.

>>523365608Why do you hate boobs?

>>523365608Japs really like puns which are hard to translate for obvious reasons. The puns are the majority of their "legitimate" humor. Besides that they like shock humor and slapstick which translate super easily but are seen as juvenile.

>>523365608this guys a faggot lmao

>>523365527Shut up virginLmao@anyone who believe this bullshit.


Kubo is the only reason I have any interest in this game.Waiting for a deep slash sale.

>>523365608imagine being this gay

>>523365972i don't

>>523365608If you wouldn't stare at tits that perfect then you are 100% homosex.

>>523365608Yes, but you'll have to watch something other than kids cartoons.

>>523366305.t never saw a chad

>>523365393There somethin' weird about this guy, Kamiyama.

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>>523365393Reminder that nuSakura's director and producer are huge Sony fanboys (not unlike Marvelous' Takaki) and therefore you should stop waiting for a PC version.Either buy it on PS4 if you have one or watch a Youtube playthrough.

>>523365527Did she let you smash bro

>>523367546Well, they got Atlus to bring over P4G.

>>523367546I'm waiting for B.L.A.C.K news desu

>>523365541Extremely lame. The translation is terrible, there are no audio options, the game itself is just not fun to play and the female characters spend more time acting very awkwardly around the main character or just plain abusing him.

>>523365393The best option there is obviously to call her eyes the most beautiful starts

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>>523368609>abusing himHow? Sounds hot

>>523368101They revealed it yesterday. >The game is named Sakura Wars Revolution>It's a gacha game and gameplay-wise is a Fate Grand Order clone>Instead of mecha the girls fight using open powered armors a la Infinite Stratos>The main antagonist is the B.L.A.C.K group: an idol-based kagekidan that brainwashes the masses, while the player characters are a new, traditional Kagekidan.

Treacherous whore who uses her body to accomplish her evil deeds.

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>>523369551holy shit she is hot

>>523369551>teacup shoes>coat/cape that doesn't make any sense>weird jumpsuit dressWorst Kubo design by far, even worse than Azami.

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>>523365527yeah i believe you

>>523365972because i am gay, any problem with that?

Kubo's faces are so shit

>>523365527>pity handjob for geeking out over gazongasYou won user, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

>>523370370Yes. Faggots should be shot.

>>523365608I never leered at people in the US, women are overrated yadda yaddaWhen I moved to Japan, I could not for the fucking life of me control my goddamn staring at some of the women that passed by, there’s just something different in the air over there>back in the US now, spark’s gone again>inb4 yellow fever, it’s not the case

Anastasia and Azami are a trainwreck, and Claris is too green, but

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>>523370036>even worse than Azami.woah there bud, let's not be saying things we can't take backazami is shit tier

>>523370660I think Kubo did an overall good job.

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>>523369551Gonna marry that traitorous whore no matter how many times she says she doesn't deserve marriage

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>>523368101>>523369058The wearable Koubus are a little weird, but I appreciate that the Hanagumi's jodhpurs-style uniforms seem to have returned. You'd hope they're making a proper sequel as well but I won't hold my breath.

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>>523365393God bless Tite Kubo. I still have my Tia Harribel figure and occasionally hotglue her sexy under-cleavage & abs

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She's doing it again

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>>523372903Look at her go.

>>523371317>occasionally hotglue her sexy under-cleavage & absThat's disgusting,user.

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but who was Ishin?

Attached: 『サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~ 』ゲームティザー映像-mVI1ahWLjYo.jpg (1920x2160, 1.9M)

>>523370479then do it, you big guy. I will be waiting here

>>523374038Shin 2

Anastasia is the best.

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>>523366402Yes. Don't be a fag

>>523374130She probably has the best arc, while Hatsuho has the worst.

>does not mind if you see her naked body>does not mind if you cop a feel>does not mind if you land face first into her bosom>gets jealous and visibly annoyed if you wish for a girlfriend for Christmas

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>>523365393>>523370036>>523372903Why are Japs so spergy and weird? Do they really move and talk like this irl?

>>523374432When does taichou land face first on her tits?

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>>523374598Exageration is part of their acting culture, it became more prominent when toku shows started to air. Since actors couldn't show emotion with their faces, they started to do it with their bodies.

She is built for paizuri


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>>523374907Anastasia was built for everything

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>>523374130>>523374432>>523374783>>523375131tits too small

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>>523375131buying the game while typing this

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Does god eater have any chestlets that get btfo for being worthless flat-oids?

>>523365608They have that xenoblade dance

>>523375070>"just lift bro!"

>>523375340will the power of the D help change her mind?

>>523375340>tells Kamiyama he can improve his romantic acting by having real life romances of his own>implicitly like her

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>>523365393>>523374130>>523374432>>523374783>>523375131God bless Kubo and his sexy brown woman designs.

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i wish girls could get pregnant from their breasts

>>523376002Why do Anastasia and Sakura keep using "acting practice" as an excuse to flirt with Kamiyama

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>no kiss>no wall to wall sex>not making Sumire uncomfortable with all the wet sex noises and grunts

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>>523376373I want to marry, impregnate, and give Anastasia a new family

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>>523376567Annie to too pure for that. She doesn't even get a kiss in her ending. You gotta wait for marriage.

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>>523365393Was this camera movement really necessary?

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>>523365393Multiplat when? The fact that they're releasing fucking Yakuza as multiplat but this somehow stayed locked to one platform is mindboggling.

Gotta be honest here:The thing that infuriates me the most about the gacha is having the hot B.L.A.C.K ladies (especially the silver haired and redhead) trapped on a shitty smartphone game.

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>>523376847>Allowing an alreGiven how the game part is very scarce, just watch a youtube commentary-free walkthrough

>>523369551>More Kubo chocolate babesI hope he neer stops drawing them.

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>>523376951I meant>Allowing an already niche game to be pirated

>>523370479Yeah, shot with my thick ropes


>>523375070>guy completely embarrasses himself and likely clenches his asshole over this shit to this day>turns out someone was watching and recording him>they upload his stupidity to the internet>now he can never just mentally bury this shit and be happy that it happened in a small environmentIf you came across something like this and it was you in the recording would you kill yourself?

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>>523376861Isn't that always the way? Same reason I hope Leyla gets into any sequel game, she was too good for the anime alone.

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>>523377025Rent free

>PS4 exclusive

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>>523377351I live this every day, user.

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>>523365527My boss at my internship always wore shirts that would show off stupid amounts of cleavage and I had to actively avoid looking at her tits

>>523375131kek Sakura looks so autistic


>>523365608They like to say silly things and have a second person explain why what they just said was silly.

>>523377758>PS4 / Xbox exclusive: sells>Available on PC / Switch: it gets pirated to hell and back, even damaging the sales on the other consoles. You only send your games to PC and Switch when you already got all the profit you could get from your game and may as well collect a couple bucks more. On launch? is asking for the game to bomb.

I sure do miss the Fujishima's art style.

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>>523377351It would never happen because I'm very conscious of my own inferiority.


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>>523365608in Yakuza a girl literally throws herself at Kiryu and he's like "meh, whatever"

>>523365608Yes, the chicken one

>>523378846I'm sorry user, that art style is never coming back.

>>523378731Rent free

>>523377351I have never approached a woman in any context

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>>523378846This fake nostalgia is so annoying. On the bright side it was amazing seeing the meltdown brought by the fantranslation of 1; I played the PS2 version of 3 back in 2008 using a translated script so I knew what to expect from 1 (hint: not Fire Emblem or Langrisser, not even Super Robot Wars)

>>523365527I wish someone would look at me like that so I could offer the same

>>523379079Even if the artist came back, his art style is different from what it was back then.

I hate her skin color

>>523365393I hate her clothes so bad holy fuck. no one in the other games was as crazy as those

>>523379504This is how his art style looks nowadays.

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So why does Anastasia operate a back alley fortune teller booth?

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>>523378846fujishima didn't do the in-game portraits iirc

>>523374880>>523374598Are both of you autistic or something?Surely you don't think Western comedy acts like real people too. Big Bang Theory and Full House had more than two seasons for a reason.

There's a girl at work who's basically a shortstack with massive fucking tits.I have to make a very conscious effort not to stare when she talks to me

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here's your new sakura bro

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>>523379798The last game he worked on that I'm aware of was Black Rose Valkyrie, his art looked like this

Attached: Black-Rose-Valkyrie-1280x720.jpg (1280x720, 147.13K)

>>523380326Holy sameface, Batman!

>>523380215I see the outfits are back to looking like they're going horeseback riding instead of a super sentai team

>>523376923>No, no, it's okay, it's cool, just lie down, I'm just rubbing your tits!>well okay i guess that's fine then complete stranger

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>>523380507I don't like them on the gacha game. Or more exactly they have no reason to exist on the gacha game. They made sense from an aesthetic and technological standpoint on the original games and the reboot, but they look terribly anachronistic on 2011, the year where Sakura Wars Revolution takes place.

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>>523380669Fuck my life



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>Sakura Wars thread is derailed with JAV / interracial porn I shouldn't be surprised given how the heaviest videogame topics were exiled to new boards.

>>523380215>Game had a bunch of different teasers to hype it up and a whole ass panel live stream dedicated to it's announcement with a fucking OVA to promote it as a prologue to the game's events>For a phone gameMeanwhile the actual main game got a shitty cgi anime, and it's release in the west was receibed by a round of 'I didn't even know it was coming out'

>>523380690it's not our 2011, it's Taisho 100, the future based on the original games

>>523379108Based user

>>523381142Phone games are way, way, way more profitable than traditional videogames.I wouldn't be surprised if Kakumei's profit surpasses Shin's 10 to 1

>>523381232Same thing. Meanwhile B.L.A.C.K's idol outfits look modern and militaristic.

>>523367349W-What do you mean, Hayashida?

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>>523380669>chair clattering

>>523380997>Mom says it's my turn

buying this shit after 13 Sentinels, promise. Kubo deserves a tiny bit of my money after the last 20 years of women he's designed.

My plan is giving the two Playstation 4 games I want to play the most (Shin Sakura Wars and ______Nioh 2_______ one year; if they don't either come to PC or are announced to PC one year after their original release, I'll undust my PS4 and get them. I'm already spoiled to hell and back about Shin's plot but fuck supporting PS4 exclusives.

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>>523380669>>523380997damn I love javs with white girls

>>523380669Has a nigress ever starred in a JAV?

>>523365393This thread unironically got me to buy the game. I was interested in it before though.

>2020>still not on Steam

>>523379802I'd forgotten about that. It was so obviously her as well, especially with the glimpse of her bangle, that I figured it'd be referenced later on but it's just forgotten about.

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>>523380997The hell?

>>523382280Wait, the fortune teller was really her? I never knew that

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>>523382064Congrats, user. Enjoy Anastasia

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>>523382386she's right

>>523382280You're right. The bracelets even change depending of what costume she's wearing. I guess she just enjoys anything to do with fate

>>523365527dude sweet

>>523370036>KuboI didn't know that, I will now play your game


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>>523382527But then she says that instead she wants to marry and spend their short lives together

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>>523382209Take a wild guess why

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>>523382386Am I dense for thinking these girls really just wanted to practice this scene instead of them wanting to air out their feelings to this blockhead without realizing it?

>>523382986>They exist only on PC

>>523365393>>523368979>>523369551>>523375131>>523375340>>523376002>>523376373Switch or PC? Which one to get

I wonder how much Kubo got paid for Sakura War designs. That and Burn the Witch and Bleach he's probably in a comfortable position. At least I hope so.

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Seriously you're telling me that fortune teller was Annie the whole time?

>>523383420Yeah, Switch too. That's why neither platform got the game.

>>523382986What is Denuvo, boomutt?

>>523383539>her measurements are 99/62/94>she has butt cleavage in a gypsy outfitHow did Kubo design the most erotic fictional character?

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>>523380791Tiffany Watson XHamsters

>>523377351I think it portrays interactions with women fairly accurately in a sort of condensed form. The fact of the matter is that you have to put yourself out there and show interest and you will inevitably be rejected many more times than you will succeed. It's better just to get used to the feeling of embarrassment so you can bounce back faster.

>>523365608Puns, puns, and shitty portmanteaus.

>>523384798I don't even get embarrassed anymore. Just try it when no one is listening/looking except her.

>>523380997GAIJIN GO HOMU

>>523365393Are the Japanese autistic by nature?

>>523382741jesus aika looks awful, wtf happened

>>523365527I was once talking to a female friend from high school with huge tits, and I looked at them a few times. Eventually mid-talk she grabbed my hand and just put it on her boobs, beneath her shirt but above bra. Was cool. Tried asking her out, she never said yes.

I'm not sure if I'm attracted to tomboy with tanned skin, red hair or muscle.....

Attached: Tanned Waifu.webm (932x720, 1.94M)

>>523388028>draw man>give him tits>call it a womansry user, ur gay

>>523388028Man, Kanna was full of herself no wonder she ended up bumping head with Sumire so much

>>523388028I'm attracted to all of it

>>523383926>overly erotic>still cant jack off to her

>>523388028Thats a dude with tits strapped to his chest man. No ass what so ever and shoulders as broad as a Jumbo jet.Season 1 Motoko from Ghost in the Shell had the same issue until about episode 20. I'm not saying your aesthetic is wrong, I'm saying your example is poor.

Attached: 60-601232_female-soldier-png-meryl-mgs4-transparent-png.png (860x855, 373.51K)

>>523388028>She's voiced by fucking LuffyMan, I'm so used to Mayumi voicing guys that hearing her voice on a women it fucking gave me whiplash.

>>523383926Apparently by ripping off Oda Non.

>>523365393>See this>What do?

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