Is Dragon's Crown the best looking 2D game?

Is Dragon's Crown the best looking 2D game?

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>>523365310Rate my Uncle.

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>>523365407Bit goofy looking.

>>523365407Looks like a swell guy, love the shirt.

>>523365310It's a good looking game with a great artstyle, but I wouldn't say it's even in the top 5, maybe even to 10 best looking 2D games.

>>523365928What would the top 5 be?

amazon is for ____________

>>523365310I think it's up there for sure, I love the art in this game. Too bad the game itself decided to be a total grindfest through the same 5 areas.

What about Cuphead tho

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>>523365310I think Odin Sphere and Muramasa look better. But it's based on my subjective taste in design, not any measurement of the graphical power.

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>>523367492This is the correct answer

>>523367492old cartoons is a shitty aesthetic.

>>523367492looks fucking ugly


>>523369391post your top 10 and we'll see what kind of tastes you have


>>523366119Mating press

>>523366119protein braps

>>523366119cannon fodder while the Elf DPS's and dodges flawlessly.

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I kinda wished Atlus did official 3D models of the characters

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>>523365407>GingerSpawn of satan.

>>523365310I dunno, gonna need some more examples

More like sorcere/ss/

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>>523375292what if you met a cute ginger girl with ass freckles?

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I wanna motorboat her tits and play them like bongos afterwards

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>>523366119Orc cock

>>523365310Nope, 13 Sentinels is.

>>523375204good memories

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>>523365310Dragon's Crown has got to be at least in the top 10 for best looking 2D games

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>>523376773the knight's head looks so wrong

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>>523366119Straight shota


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>>523377350With her being the sub




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>>523381017no bully




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>>523381017>hottest girl in the game is an NPCWhy do games do this?

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>>523367492>incredible lack of shades and depth>boring washed color schemelol not even close

>>523384228that dress makes her look fat


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>It's another stealth lolicon thread

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>>523366119Delivering packages.Can someone make Amazon: Prime but it's her but bigger?

>>523384764So much this. As a reddit refugee, this pedo shit is what angers me the most.

>>523365310Yeah. All the Vanillaware games and KOF12+13 are the best looking 2D games

>>523365407havent seen this one in a LOOOOONG time

>>523384953You're not a real KOF fan.

>>523365310i still like metal slug better


Out for PC yet?



>>523384764>image begins with 128>sjw twitter referenceHow many layers of irony here?

>>523386314>image begins with 128What's the significance of that?

>>523365407thanks for reminding me im gettin older. DC is the best as well

>>523365310>Skeleton animationfucking lazy hacks lmao, not even the top 1500 of the 2D games that exists

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>>523384228That isn't Morgana or the brown elf. OR the vamp sluts.

*sips*Yep, only 19 days left

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>>523387590I bought it. I don't know what the hell it is, but I got it just because it's Vanillaware.

>>523387590What is this

>>523388882vanilla ice cream

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>>523387590>>523388991That's the strangest soft-serv icecream machine I've ever seenLooks like she got brain freeze from it

>>523366119Sorceress futa.

>>523365407What's heavier a kilogram of steel or kilogram of feathers?

>>523365310No, the second best.Streets of Rage 4 is the top.

>>523389219Based. I miss when futa was the real deal on 4chan, not this BBC gay meme. I am black, before anyone says anything.

>>523389219>>523389482Kill yourselves fags

>>523389482Why are you black?

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Is this ever coming to pc? I wanna play with the bros

>>523365407He looks like he fucks black girls.

>>523389783I don't know what Vanillaware's fucking problem is, I'd pay them good money for ports. Instead I emulate for free.

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>>523390043>I don't know what Vanillaware's fucking problem isThey barely get enough funding to make the game. Dragon's Crown was made for only $1 million and every other game they made was even less. They're dependent on publishers for their funding, who decide what platforms the game goes on. So don't blame them, blame the publishers.That said, even if they got the go ahead to make a PC port, George would insist on optimizing the hell out of it, making it cross play with the PS3/PS4/Vita versions and 4K compatible with all new art. So you're not looking at some simple port.

>>523389783>>523390043PC fats are not to be trusted

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>>523389236A Kilogram of Grams.

Vanillaware games are beautiful, although I'm not fan of voxel animation.

>>523391674>voxel animation

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>>523384228>hottest girl in the game is an enemy

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Metal Slug 3Street Fighter 3 Third StrikeGarou mark of the wolvesKOF 98/2000/13The Last Blade 1 & 2