ARTIFACT 2 BETA HYPE>Finally, we're at a point where we're ready to invite the remainder of players who acquired the original Artifact before March 30, 2020 and signed up for the beta. Those invites will be going out shortly.WE’RE ALL IN THE BETA BITCHESGETFUCKINGHHHHYYYYYYYPPPPPPEEEEE

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Hype indeed.

But I didn't buy the original game because I'm not mentally retarded

If you want a good card game that doesn't try to jew you, play RuneterraEverything else is trash at this point

>>523363575Ok you win artifactfag, pretend I am interested on the game, tell me why I should try it and why if the first one was shit this one is not

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>>523363981There will be an open beta phase before the full release.You could also sign up and potentially be invited before then. Presumably, with all original owners who signed up being invited, they will soon expand access to non-owners.

>>523363575I thought that came out months ago, it's been a year and a half and it's still not out?

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>>523364142The first one was also excellent, but the second one has improved by incorporating less RNG-dependent gameplay, a UI that allows easy access to all three lanes at once, and a single-player campaign mode. Additional information can be found

>>523364269Artifact 1 released on November 28, 2018. Artifact 2 is currently in beta.

>>523364536The original announcement of artifact 2 was March 29, 2019. That's right around 1 year and 6 months.

>>523365142Or the artifact redo beta whatever



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It's one the most dead games on the planet yet there is at least 1 user posting beta threads weeklybtw have they said how are they going to prevent the game from dying even faster than the 1.0?

>>523366198No need to be jealous. You can play Artifact too!>>

>>523366198Not really. Most of the former TF2 members moved to either Dota 2 or Half-Life Alyx. Those two are the real cause of TF2's death, not Artifact.

I'm having a lot of fun playing Storm Spirit and Death Prophet. On the red team Tidehunter is A GOD


For me? It's Nyx!

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>>523369270>trying to imitate the Dota 2 alpha picturessoulless

>>523369270Is that shitty art currently in the beta? I'd download it again just to play with those shitty cards and laugh


>>523369382Yes they are! I'm on a match right now!

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>>523369650I hope there's an option later to swap between those shitty drawings and the art

>>523369720Same, I love how some of them look. Just look at Pl!

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>>523368983For me, it’s blue/green. Can’t wait for more color lore.>those leaked Jolixia lines about new houses

Should I start buying Axecoins now?

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>>523370619Probably not, since Artifact 2 will have its own economy and you can’t buy cards.

>>523366198Let's be honest, a game can't be kept updated forever, specially if it's approching critical bloat. It's better to Left 4 Dead it. It had a good run.

>>523370619Not for now, my friend. You can unlock everything just playing. I got every card and heroes already

>>523364328You sound like a marketer.

>>523371401I am simply an enthusiast of cunning strategy, deep lore, and the creative talents of Valve.

>>523371401it's true. First one I had no fun playing but now I'm having alot of fun. They're doing a great job

>>523371113Are they marketable?

I thought Valve was a company that acted on player numbers/statistics. How do they think this game is going to succeed if the first iteration struggled to keep a 3 digit player base not 6 months after release

>>523372219I don't think so but really you can get everysingle one of them really fast. In the first week I was playing I got every card

Looks like our time had come again.LET'S GO SHARTI BROS

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>>523363575>72 thumps up>9 commentsJesus, steam servers are gonna crush harder than cloud flare


>>523371401Valvefags always sound like that. In this case, did you miss the other 40+ threads he made trying to push this excrement to relevancy?

>>523372443>39It was 9 last week.

>>> When the members of the team decided to reboot Artifact we all did it for different reasons. Some of us loved the original game and wanted to see it thrive. Some of us liked the freeing sense of creativity you can have with a card game. Some of us love trying to figure out how something is broken and see it fixed. There was one unifying reason for all of us - we thought that there was something special in the game, and with hard work we could bring it to light. Thanks for the feedback over the last two weeks, it's been great seeing how many of you share those feelings.

>>523373080It's an old picture from /vg/ arti-sharti thread were people (aka doombros) were making fun of artifact back when original artifact was still alive

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>>523363575>make online cardgame>it's MTG clone number 137,472>fails>relaunch failed cardgame>it's MTG clone number 137,473>it fails again

Someone post the cute barefoot girl with the pitch black skin that's the best thing to come out of this game.

the only good thing to come out of this will be the twitch section

>>523373627even by some miracle the relaunch is a success the twitch chat for Artifact will be forever tainted

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>were already late to the digital tcg party, market already cornered>try it again later lmao

liked artifact 1.0 a lot, it just needed a few passes on toning down the rnggot into artifact 2.0 alpha 2 months ago and it's absolute fucking dogshit butchered trashthey destroyed absolutely everything good about artifact to begin with fuck valve

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>>523374062>artifact soundtrack>not "i am a doggie"one job

>>523374353I am a doggie is great, but Aghanim’s Obsession is SOUL.

>>523374191Thought the changes were fairly small? Besides changing to hearthstone economy

>>523373903I mean, runeterra proved that there is always a chance, so artifact can have a comeback...maybe

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>>523374591LoR had the League brand and has the luxary of less profits to allow a more accessable collection.

>>523373903If they do it decently they're guaranteed to get some russians and valve whales, having some market is better than literally 0

>>523372287nigger they don't even need to make money off their games

>>523374191Fuck off bitch only retards liked shartie 1

>>523374571it's completely different game, pretty muchthey trashed everything except colorsGarfield made a really fucking fun and crazy game, but it was unbalanced and often gay because of creep spawns/arrows, it was the biggest issue with the game, balancing isn't hard, rng could be solved in a patchvalve decided to listen to reddit on literally every point about the game and new artifart is the most bland, boring and unappealing digital card gave i've ever played it's just sad, honestly. another game killed by valve

>>523374940small brain

>>523374771The main difference is that LoR doesn't use shitty chink-bootlegged-"warcraft" dota2 universe. No person with taste actually likes it.Why valve still tries to push that shit I have no idea.

>>523374953>killed?It died a natural death.

>>523375069>lol>not chinkwhat

>>523375171Not the point. The point is that dota2 universe and characters suck.

>>523375159no, they killed itthey gave the game very little support after release and didn't communicate with peopleof course everyone started to abandon the game because why the fuck bother with a multiplayer game abandoned by it's own creators?

>>523375307they're not bad, and certainly better written than modern warcraft, but nobody actually gives a shit about the lore

>>523375525Stop fooling yourselfThat pile of hot garbage had no future

Will Shartifact 2 get a sticky when it drops below 100 players like Shartifart 1 did lol

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>>523375171Chink but at least they put some effort into the characters, 75% of the dota roster is a bunch of “not warcraft” characters

>>523375846The only thing they share is parts of silhouette and colour scheme

>>523375525if it was THE GREATEST AND MOST INNOVATIVE CARD GAME EVER like shills kept telling me it wouldn't need constant live service updates to stay alive because people would keep playing it simply because it was fun.

>>523375069Dota brings Valve’s talent for rich world-building into the fantasy genre and is my personal favorite setting they have created.

>>523376693All they did was rip off a bunch of Warcraft 3 models.

>>523375307Nobody pays attention to DotA lore that's a LoL thing. Both are chink shit but LoL is popcult chink shit

>>523375981And title,skills and parts of lore...

>>523376829Monkey King, Dark Willow, Pangolier, Grimstroke, Mars, Snapfire, and Void Spirit are all completely new with no basis in Dota 1.Even among the older heroes, many of them differ significantly lore-wise from their Dota 1 counterparts. Arc Warden, for example, went from being a random Furbolg to being God.

>>523363575fuck off you shill faggot.


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we gonna stream anime movies and porn in the shartifact 2 directory?


> Playing Shartifart when legends of runeterra existsfucking lmao

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>>523369469Shut up Artifag

>>523378020Based and discard pilled

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>>523364049I'll give money to Jews before Tencent.

>>523377069lol is weeb so it's better

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>>523378402You chose your poison

i miss the artifact generals on /vg/

>>523378727It was nothing but doomposting.They were fucking shit just as the game was

is I AM A DOGGY still in the game?

>>523379029Yes, it is! Original soundtrack is still there.

>>523366198ThisFuck artifact niggerfact i hope it fails like the first oneGive me the heavy update

>>523379746What’s wrong with it?

>>523379956I was left hodling bags of kannakoin hoping for it to moon somedayInstead Valve killed the entire cryptocurrency they built.They can go choke on a fucking dick

>>523380024Well, not with Kannacoin, no. It’s Axecoin you needed.


>>523371070I thought it would be f2p? If they charge 20 bux again it's dead on arrival

>playing artifact>when legends of runeterra existsoh nonononono, enjoy being paypigs dotacucks

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>>523384842I only play until I get 3 platinum chests for the champion wildcard and so far I've got around 98% completion rate according to a website that tracks your collection.It's fucking insane how easy it is to get cards

>>523384842Two yuan have been deposited into your EGS account.

literally the only good tcg is edh with friends or a cube

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>>523384842>trannyterayea... no thanks

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/dafg/bros... finally home...

non-shitpostersis the game actually fun or goodI played elder scrolls legends and the Morrowind expansion ruined everything (introduced tri-colors which destroyed balanced) and really enjoyed the game and looking for a replacementit looks similar, guy guys having fun? any ex ESL players specifically able to chime in?

>>523386235Played a bunch of ESL before Artifact replaced it for me.Artifact has a lane system that’s similar to ESL’s (moreso with Artifact 2 now that you play every lane at once), so if you liked it Artifact should be good for you.There are no multi-colored cards at the moment (although there is Rix Oathbound, which is colorless), but you can potentially have all four colors in a single deck.

is it time to restart /dafg/ yet?

>>523363575>there are people in valve who actually unironically CHOSE to work on this dumpster fire

>>>When the members of the team decided to reboot Artifact we all did it for different reasons. Some of us loved the original game and wanted to see it thrive. Some of us liked the freeing sense of creativity you can have with a card game. Some of us love trying to figure out how something is broken and see it fixed. There was one unifying reason for all of us - we thought that there was something special in the game, and with hard work we could bring it to light. Thanks for the feedback over the last two weeks, it's been great seeing how many of you share those feelings.