What the fuck did they mean by this?

What the fuck did they mean by this?

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>>523358630u ret or sum?

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>>523358630it's just a joke dude calm down lmao

It means he's so desperate he would totally fuck them

>One eye looks at Heather, One looks at you

>>523359102I would

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>>523359271what is that supposed to be around the nurses face anyway?

>>523358630I don't think the devs knew either

>>523358630Silent Hill takes a persons deepest fears/regrets and throws them back at visitors via monsters.I guess he didn't have anything he regretted or felt guilty about so Silent Hill had nothing to hunt him / scare him with hence why the monsters don't look like monsters to him.

>>523361132>t. SilentPyramid

>>523358630Pretty he sure he meant it then hurriedly went “jk” when Heather began freaking out

>>523360972Sort of, but it's intentional. The line is intentionally vague and ambiguous to unsettle you.

>>523361198People know about him outside runet?

>>523360723hair maid of meat>>523361205>>523358630in silent hill origins it's implied that the monsters were just normal people and the protagonist had snappedhome coming hints at that possibility as weebut the gay ass comics hinted that they were angels who became ugly when tainted by allessa

>>523361326>>523361198I the person who posted to original comment and I don't even know who he is supposed to be

>>523361339>just normal people and the protagonist had snappedI find this to be really dumb, assuming it's true for all games. So James, Harry, and Heather are just spree killing people (and dogs and birds)?It definitely undermines James' good ending if he reconciled with his past by caving a bunch of people's heads in.

>>523358630I personally understood is as he looks at the horrible shambling abominations and sees something beautiful/idealized/holy/whatever (not monsters), because he's insane.

>>523358630He's messing with her. Maybe it didn't translate well, but he, for a second, implied he was on their side. He joked that he saw them as normal and saw her as wrong for killing them.

>>523361326well, I'm not from outside runet and I even used to post on the same forum as SP once so...

>>523361818That's the likeliest explanation, remember how there are people on Holla Forums who idolize some garbage game you cannot stand

All memes aside, what's the meaning of this?

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>>523358630They look like pizzas to you?

>>523363097You sure?

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Joe Romersa > McGlynn




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It's just a reference to SH2 among others

>>523358630Silent hill , the town - is buried on a sacred indian burial groundThe place is magical but neutral in nature - menaing that if you have demons haunting you once you enter silent hill and it activates, you will see stuff depending on your psycheIn that game the girl protagonist had a troubling past and thats why for her everything is a hellscapeBut that guy is like normal and to him silent hill looks like god knows what , maybe even like a normal place This has all been talked about and solved a long time ago This guy for example explained it much better than i did youtube.com/watch?v=q2v5WWJ5SHg

>>523363531>But that guy is like normalt.Vincent

product placement

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>>523358630Because he was raised up on the Cult's indoctrination and saw them as angels. His perspective is warped, not Cheryl's.

>>523363186>Airsoft gunPlease replace your meme template with a real gun.

>>523361818He personally doesn't, but he explains in this scene that the cult views them that way (which is part of his disillusionment with them). It's a sarcastic line, like "Oh, you mean you DON'T think these horrible mutated demon creatures are wonderful angels like everyone else does? Gee, whatever led you to believe that?"

>>523361339>originsThat's you're problem, fren.

>>523361339bullshitthe zone is like the living planet in SOLARIS bookMeaning that depending on who enters silent hill, his version of the town is gonna reflect his psyche. In silent hill 2 it is implied that the child thats hanging out in town, because the child is normal and young menaing unspoiled by the worlds evils, percieves the town normally , just like Heather sees monsters and that guy in OPs pic sees who knows what, but no monsters because unlike heather he didnt have a troubled past and probably wasnt raped

>>523361339I hate that the cultist storyline became the norm for Silent HillHaving a town that just for some unexplained reason attracts people who feel guilty about their past to punish them is so much more interesting and has so much more potential

>>523363975>>523364007>sh2 "muh personal nightmare" niggers

>>523364513That's how it works in every single game, yes.1 and 3 were about Alessa's personal fears and traumas. 4 is about a serial killer or something, I dunno. I have yet to play that one.

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>>523363794Airsoft? It looks like an airsoft gun to you?

>>523364007>for some unexplained reasonIt is explained: Native American burial grounds. There's your boring ass Western horror answer, and that's why Homecoming and Downpour had shit stories. SH2 at least sort of gives you some hints about a sunken cruise ship and Alessa's residual powers at work, but the notion of personal demons has more to do with shitty people with shitty mental problems than anything the town specifically does to them.The cult might be a bit overplayed, but it's far more threatening when you start to understand how they operate. All of the hellish stuff and crazy symbolism, puzzles etc. in SH1 are made far more frightening by the fact that all those things actually make sense to the cult and have some sort of context that's just out-of-reach for the protagonists. Of course the whole "town is naturally evil" layer still applies, but the fact that the cult is able to actually harness that power and nearly summon a god with it is fucking intense.

>>523365226>4 is about a serial killer or something, I dunno. I have yet to play that one.4 is about a guy enacting a ritual to "purify his mother". His mother is a room in an apartment complex because he was left there by his birth parents. The otherworld in it is based on his mind.

>So the town was making him stupid?

>>523364007Guilt fags that support this idea didn't even get their game right. SH2 was not about guilt.

>>523361132Supposedly it's just in 2 that everyone sees something different. In the other games they're still reflections of someone's mental state but they're "real" in that everyone sees the same thing. If there is actually any real meaning behind Vincent's line then it's that since he's part of the cult he sees the "monsters" as angelic figures, he just interprets it differently, like how Dahlia called the demon "god". And then when he saw Heather getting upset he just said it's a joke to calm her down.

>>523362934Devs said it wasn't intentional and his eyes were just set to track the camera instead of the mirror. Was probably easier to just darken the image and hide his eyes than it was to redo it.

>>523366182In what universe is SH2 "not about guilt"?

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>>523367208>multiple universe theory fag

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>>523359271She looks like she fucks little boys

>>523367319Apologies for assuming you had a point to make.

>>523367208SH2 is always about the town, projecting people's deepest nightmares one way or another. The demon trying to come to life somehow feeds off people's suffering and the torment, weakens them psychologically, allowing for the evil to grow inside and affect the reality. Guilt is just another one of those powerful dark feelings that we don't understand and can lead to suffering. The other characters that projected their nightmares weren't feeling any remorse for what they did, and still were brought to the town.

>>523367763I mean, you are not wrong, but SH2 is about James and specifically about James' guilt. That the town's evil is causing that guilt to manifest physically does not mean that the game is not about guilt.Yes, there are other characters in the story and the town manifests differently for them, but the main thread is about James accepting and dealing with the guilt he feels.

Why was room 302 so comfy?

>>523368401shut up Walter

>>523358630They meant that Vincent is fuckin based

>>523366024IT WAS ALL A DREAM

So james wife was really in a silent hill hospital or does the town just replicates the circumstances?

>>523368163When you describe something as "being about this" you are implying everything revolves around it. I could say SH2 is about James. Not about his guilt, but his character, and you wouldn't be able to tell me I'm wrong, he is the protagonist after all. But the game is more about the town than the protagonist in the sense that the underlying question is always "how". That's the reason it's scary in the first place. The mysterious mechanisms of the environment is the actual focus of the game. You're supposed to be immersed in that setting. The action is the tension and the actual times when you are scared. The game is only about James and only about James when you forget we're talking about a video game, and just remove all gameplay. James' story itself is just a plot device.

>>523369557No, the town just replicated his sin, which was killing his wife in the hospital so he would be spared the suffering of watching her slowly die from cancer. The city feeds on sin, the demons in it where derived from psychological aspects of his emotional torment.

>>523368937Used to read word up magazine?

>>523370117How did he end up in the town then. I mean, dead people cant wirte letters, especially not from places they never visited. If they had somekind of conenction with the town, like spending time together but thats out of question

so what was the overarching theme of Silent Hill 4 again

>>523369557>>523370117Yes and no. James killed her in their house, not the hospital. And he killed her because he was tired of dealing with a sick person. People tend to lighten the load he must have felt by choosing to think he killed her to put her out of her suffering, like being merciful or something like that. But the point was that he got rid of his sick wife because she was a pain in the ass. She saw her as a problem that he needed to deal with. So he killed her out of selfishness and pure evil. THAT's why he feels much more guilt than what he could take, to the point of just forgetting it. He wasn't supposed to be a good guy. He was supposed to have an actual reason for a huge deal of remorse.


>>523370610murders are bad

>>523370610Entire game revolved around some retarded murderer with mommy issues.


>>523370610Serial killer man bad

>>523369651When you say something is "about" something, you are saying that it deals with or concerns that thing.Winter Light is about faith.Hamlet is about revenge.Maybe Hamlet is also about insanity, or about the personae we feel obliged to adopt.SH2 is, and it's not up for debate, about guilt--by which I mean, specifically, thematically. If we're talking about what "everything revolves around," in terms of the game with respect to its existence as a game, we could have an unending and mostly semantic argument and go nowhere. In that the medium is "game" and games are played, maybe we say SH2 is about being spooky. Everything in the game exists to realize the ultimate end of being spooky. The town and everything about the plot is ancillary to that.

>>523370558She wrote the letter before she died and she had been in Silent Hill before. She didn't actually die years ago, she just contracted the illness then and was "dead" to James by that point.

>>523370930The twist is it was real-estate issues

>>523371919>by which I mean, specifically, thematicallyBut that's not even true. In fact the protagonist doesn't feel any guilt until the second half of the game. Guilt isn't that interesting as a concept, but a fucking town wanting you to feel guilt is what makes anything here any interesting. The character only feels remorse when, after being tortured by seeing his wife die over and over, he realizes that he is the one who did it and that har dying is definitely what he did not want. Why is a town torturing a soul is the actual plot. The other characters that are also presented as part of the same thing don't feel any guilt whatsoever. The theme is inner evil. The demon feeds off evil. Guilt is not an evil feeling.

>>523363292Was it double deck?not sure

>>523371919Next you’re gonna say is the matrix is about trans. It’s about the matrixand SH2 is about silent fucking hill, not pie in the sky shit.

>>523372559>Gets to keep an entire apartment complex all to himself by giving all the other residents chest pain and making them collapseGuess it was, he'll make a killing renting all those emtpy rooms.

Why did he do it?

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What game is this

>>523372793It's the DLC for the Anniversary edition of Resident Evil 4

>>523370610Wasn't it about circumcision

>>523369651Dumb as fuck post

>>523372430so she wanted to meet james in silent hill despite being in the same flat as him terminally ill? Something doesnt add up

>>523362934Same as before, in an media, you follow the protagonist. If they look in a mirror, as well as introspection for them, it may apply to you by association.In SH2's open, where he literally checks himself to see if he is real, it's asking you to look inside yourself to ask why you came.My favorite part is that it becomes more powerful on repeated playthroughs, you're asking the same questions as James. >Why did I choose to come back here, I know what happened.

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>>523374023No, they went to Silent Hill on vacation right before she got ill, which is foreshadowed with her coughing at the end of the video which they left behind at the hotel. She spent three years in a hospital (not in Silent Hill) and was eventually sent to spend her last days at home with James, where he killed her. The letter was written toward the end while she was in the hospital, and she asked the nurse Rachel to deliver them to James. In the letter, Mary was just reflecting on how Silent Hill was the the last place they went and were happy before she became ill, and she wishes they could go back. Silent Hill 2 is suggested to take place not very long after James kills Mary.

>>523370636James is never shown or implied to have rationalized killing her. The reality is that he did end her suffering, she wanted to die, and the majority of the guilt they both felt was from them just being shitty to each other over those few years (symbolized by the two pyramid heads at the end). James killing Mary was really just a selfish punctuation mark at the end of a nasty run-on sentence and not even that big of a deal considering she was at death's door already.

SH1 NTSC DDL:mega.nz/#!bVUCTJzD!PmnPw4S7fWGyvTjw9S0-RQdk7rRp2BQNuXJqRkZCZvkSH2 DDL:mega.nz/#!rFcj1SIJ!47JH9M4OrzmQKuaiJ6IqUgmgz_SVNtk4LIYNSa-D-_8SH2 torrent:mega.nz/#!bYcEnbhC!rYnhvcJiRC46T6yExS0Y61JHZ-5N3WxFvfZMI8xbyhE>SH2 PC fixes site:widescreenfix.townofsilenthill.com/SH2/>tl;dr how to install this shit video tutorial:youtu.be/fFVwI487ORoSH3 DDL:mega.nz/#!2JNkgJ7b!nfPf5cIs6I5K-sdAs7RcnHvGA2hAvIGdpQuIoBhF3iESH3 torrent:mega.nz/#!GVVGRLpD!SyklVbuLIkc38ZYji5QL3sWHKtHt9-Bto700My8pH7cSH4 DDL:mega.nz/#!Us1XTaII!cglH0dZOaH5yQEm4cnEh3eyUz4bIf6rACQqcVzkb4HcMount the ISOs of 2 & 3, and then run their installers like always.DON'T use W10's own virtual disc app! Don't install under C:\Program Files\ !The SH1 is a PS1 rip that you gotta emulate.Follow the SH2 widescreen fix site's instructions to the teeth, and you should be fine.For 3 & 4, check the Guide.>Protips-Play in the release order-Never play below Normal difficulty-Replaying them all is recommended-Turn down the ingame Brightness setting-Don't try to kill everything that moves, especially outdoors-Turning OFF the flashlight can really help

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>>523375195>James is never shown or implied to have rationalized killing her.Don't know if it's in every ending but in some of them he tries to rationalize it when he's talking to her by saying he only did it to stop her suffering as a kindness, but then admits it was because he was tired of dealing with her too. Things usually aren't clear-cut so it was probably a bit of both but even if it was done as a kindness that doesn't mean there won't be any negative feelings knowing you killed someone.

>>523360723Probably some biologically impossible separate dermal layer. It doesn't matter what it's actually made of: it's supposed to make the viewer think of a birth caul.

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Would you play a remake that looked like this?youtu.be/4n_YPkF-rVk

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>>523370610>all of these intentionally retarded answersIt was about how a broken, loveless life could make a monster out of anyone, and the game contrasted that in a really obvious way with the adult Walter and the kid Walter, and the way the adult Walter was trying to please the kid Walter in really warped, twisted ways while the kid Walter only did not understand what was going on around him and had innocent desires. It humanizes the monster while acknowledging that he was too far gone to be saved.

>>523375835Which game to is best to start off in the series. Also this thread was real comfy thanks guys.

>>523375934Don't play 3 without playing 1.

>>523375934In release order. Especially since every game in this series came out shortly after the previous one.

>>523375934With the very first game, what else?The first four games are all kino as fuck honestly, you should just play them in release order.But, if you still want more, you should give Shattered Memories a try.

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>>523375747people only remember kindergarten cop being funny and think it's just a coincidence they used the movie for some of the game stuff, but the last portion of the movie gets to be pretty dark with attempted kidnapping, setting a school on fire, people being shot and killed, etc.

>>523375835>It humanizes the monster while acknowledging that he was too far gone to be saved.For all SH4's faults it was one of the only games where I actually felt bad for the villain, and that killing him was the only way to stop him while not killing him probably being worse for him in the long-run if he succeeded.

>>523375426Saved.I just started playing SH with an emulator, so I will keep this in mind for when I try the other games.

>>523376742You killed that little boy user

>>523378558That little boy was already dead.

>>523378558That boy was a grown man's corpse rotting inside your wall.

>>523379918Boy that must've stank

>>523359271unironically, james too.

>>523380297was James a coomer?

>>523369651you ever see a post on 4chan so dumb you want to share it with friends, but you also worry it's way too meandering and stupid to actually be funny to them

>>523363531This guy deserves more views. His MGS videos were pretty good

>>523375747>"canceled" because one kid says boys have a penis girls have a vaginaSad


Lets say an actual competent silent hill comes out.Would you rather it be a psych evaluation of the main character again or closer to silent hill 1 and 3


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>>523382390Closer to 1 and 3. We had too many copies of 2 with the western versions.

>>523382390Silent Hill as psychology is a very tired concept so closer to 1 and 3 would be best. Expand the economic themes and make it a Marxist game.

>>523382390I'd like to see another in depth attempt at a silent hill profiling you throughout the game and changing shit around that.

>>523382390I like the cult stuff, so I'd say 1 and 3. But 1 and 3 still had things that were psychological reflections too, all the locations and enemies in 1 were related to Alessa in some way, though you notice that more if you replay the game which is probably why a lot of people think 1 is just the cult stuff with nothing else going on. It's possible to do both.

Here is a pitch: The game doesn't take place exclusively in Silent Hill or at all because the ghastly energy of Silent Hill has spread all over the planet.

>>523358630>people are still circle jerking eachother over this line

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>>523382390>more cult shitNo thanks

>>523382736what economic themes?

>>523383727the cult games had just as much psychological shit going on in them, brainlet

>>523384318Town went to shit because people moved away, urban decay.

>>523385079That's something I don't think I ever understood. Is the town truly abandoned, or is that just how appears in the fog world? Does the town even exist?I really want to replay the games again, I feel like I missed a lot of shit, especially in the first game. I had zero idea what the fuck was going on in that one, but I had a great time nonetheless.t. played them all for the first time this year

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>>523363186>Trust nobody, not even yourself looking in the mirror

>>523358630It's amazing how this game still looks better than some modern ones in cutscenes.

>>523358630To all the people who think he's joking, how do you explain the battle with Leonard Wolf in Brookhaven? Looked rather monstrous in Heather's eyes, but was still implied by others to be the genuine article and not some fabrication of the town.

>>523374519>Silent Hill 2 is suggested to take place not very long after James kills Mary.This was confusing to me for a while. I remember Joseph Anderson got shat on for not understanding the discrepancies in Laura's age, but I was thrown off by it as well. Mainly because people who suffer trauma-induced amnesia generally don't also invent years and years of elapsed time. I think the idea that Mary is in the boot of the car is kinda shit, but I think the Devs confirmed it at some point.

>>5233759341->2->3->4->shattered memories

>>523363292[Double Deck Seisakujo (Double Deck)] END OF LOCATION (Silent Hill)

>>523382736that's just Night In The Woods

>>523364007Have you played literally any silent hill game besides 2?? Be honest.

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>>523363531>>523363975>>523365226>>523364007>>523367208>>523368163SH2 niggers should be banned from discussing this franchise.

>>523390565Best game of the series, and one of the best games of all time. Cope my man, we're here to stay.

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