>$40 dollars for 3 games>completely remade from the ground up with modern graphics and resolutionvs>$60 dollars for 3...

>$40 dollars for 3 games>completely remade from the ground up with modern graphics and resolutionvs>$60 dollars for 3 games>just the originals with minor enhancements

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>>523358139Stop criticizing Nintendo, they'll only improve if you stop, Nintendo is the best company, and if you criticize them, of course their games will get worse!Criticizing Nintendo means you're from Neogaf or ResetEra.

>>523358139Poor Nincels. I pity them.

>>523358139>>523359953seriously, how sad is this.... I'd rather pay full price for each of them if they were remade in the Odyssey engine than essentially a direct port.

>>523358139Dont care still preordered

spyro and crash are mediocre compared to mario though

>polished turdsvs>unpolished masterpiecesfor me, it's the latter

The difference is Mario games are good

>>523358139$20 for each game>that big gold space where Galaxy 2 or 3D Land should be>no upscaled SM64 DSCan't believe this is going to sell. What a scam. I guess those kids that never played the games can finally play them on a modern console.

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>>523360146But this affect you since you are the one buying

>35th anniversary is just games you already own

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>>523358139You forgot:>make a game that would've been guaranteed to sell millions because it's the second time in Nintendo's history they've ever made a Mario compilation since All-Stars>proceed to make it a limited run that will disappear forever both physically AND digitally for no reason

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>>523360234>its ok when nintendo does itKill yourself nigger

Would’ve been cool if they added 64 DS, or at least made some special mode for 64 which brought in Luigi and Wario plus the new stuff from 64 DS in the original game’s graphics and controls.

>>523361128people will pay more for better games, anoncrash is full of boring hallways and spyro only has a handful of actual good levels that don't feel like tech demos

>putting Reignite alongside N. Sane Trilogy just because Spyro and Crash used to be buddiesSpyro didn't even have all the fucking games on the disc or cartridge.

>>523358139I want a proper 3d aria game. Not mario 3d world levels, not boring bizarre stand alone levels like odyssey, I want a real, true hub world to explore, moves to unlock, and real levels with a theme. Instead we just get 3 ported upscale decade+ old games

>>523358139>even Activision now makes better deals than NintendoIt stings the more I let it sink in.

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>>523361426And it still only costs $40.

>>523361730Nintendo doesn't need to polish what's already great, even decades later.

My switch is getting more and more popular with non-first party games>Limited digital just makes scalping worse>Preying on the Fear Of Missing Out crowd rather than releasing a quality product that would sell well on its own merrits>Devs remake their game from scratch, sell for around $40, and have it on sale every now and then>Nintendo re-ports a game, sells it for $60, and rarely do they have it on sale>Cashed in on mobile games>Think it would help better quality games. Nope.>C&D soulful FREE remakes and port games that look tossed together in unity >Meanwhile companies like Sega hire those people to make them games (Sonic Mania)Last first party game I got was Animal Crossing. Which was shallow and had "updates" that should've been there already.

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>>523358139yeah but can really crash and spyro compete with mario, come on nowprices are accurate

>>523361548Nintendo is at a point where they don’t need to make content rich games. They just slap together games quickly with decade old assets and graphics and charge $60. Odyssey was a half baked game that felt rushed. It was marketed as some big adventure, when in reality all the kingdoms were small and boring.

>>523362062too bad that crash 2 was already better than all the bing bing wahoos

Probably because no one would ever pay $60 to play Crash. If consumers did, you bet your ass they'd charge that much for it.

>>523362132> Last first party game I got was Animal Crossing. I mean what else came out this year? Clubhouse, Xenoblade and Paper Mario.Anyway to answer Op, it’s because Mario is the face of video games and no body is going to pay 60 bucks for scaly bait Spyro shit.

>>523360440Just like the 25th anniversary

>>523358139Kek one of the mario games is better than the two other packages combined.

>Crash and Spyro Collections are on 4 different platforms and therefore has 4x the chance of getting sold. >3D Allstars is only on one for 6 months until it gets sent to the Greatest Hits trashbin next ChristmasI think I figured out the mystery, folks.

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>>523362373Forgot about Xenoblade. I got it but I didn't play it all the way since I like to take a long hiatus between JRPGs besides the recent Crystal Chronicles Last one was DQXI which sated the JRPG itch for a bit.

>>523362696I too like Sunshine

>>523362062But they did polish Galaxy, when they made Galaxy 2. And it isn't there. So fuck em.

>>523362770>>3D Allstars is only on one for 6 months until it gets sent to the Greatest Hits trashbin next Christmasthats right user...wait til next christmas to get it. itll be dirt cheap by then!also dont look at ant news articles about it, theyre all written by anti-nintendo shills.

>>523362926Galaxy my boy.

lmao free 99 for me and my pirate chads!where u bois at??!

>>523358139Because Nintendo has their consumers by the balls when it comes to brand loyalty. Just wait until the switch 2 when they’re selling the same old ports for $70.

>>523361426They fixed that later

>>523362770>until it gets sent to the Greatest Hits trashbinNintendo switch doesn’t have a greatest hits label and these games almost never go on sale. They’re still selling Wii U ports for $60

>>523362926I would play sunshine over the 2 trilogies, but CTR: NF is basically perfect or the closest thing to a perfect remake that I've seen

>>523363739The Greatest Hits label tends to come out near the halfway point of a console's life.

>>523358139>$40 but soulless>$60 but soul

>>523358139I came to this realization too, and it’s what convinced me to forget about that Mario compilation.Part of me was considering buying it because I’ve never played 64 and I’d like to replay the other two games in handheld mode, but it’s just not a reasonable price. If it was $20 like their Selects series, I might consider it, but $60 is too much.

>>523361006>for no reasonThe reason is to drive up sales even moreScarcity makes it look more valuable, even if the scarcity is completely forced and unnecessary

>>523364156>$40 soul

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>>523364718>$40 soul made soulless with microtransactions over fixing the load/lobby times

>>523364718>soulless mario kart ripoff with microtransactions>soul

>>523364823its a diddy kong racing rip off though

>>523364718Its $20 right now, great bargain.

Crash games are already bad enough and then remake added that retardedly shaped collision data. You couldn't pay me to play it. Not that 3D All stars is a good deal either, but it's disingenious as fuck to compare bad games to good ones even if the bad ones look prettier

>>523364156>$40 but [meme word]less>$60 but [meme]

>>523360097Only M64 could really work in the Odyssey engine with minor adjustments.Galaxy especially is would be a huge task inserting into a new engine

>>523364819>>523364823>even mentioning microtransactions when they supported the game for a whole year with monthly updates that included new courses, characters and costumesVS.>$60 for 3 roms>not updated whatsoever>will disappear from shelves and digital store by april 2021you fucking nintendo nuthuggers will cry soulless as nintendo buttfucks you so hard that you are blind to everything with their cum in your eyes

honestly nothing beats this though. only problem is its stuck on the bone

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i hate mario so fucking much, all these great IPs and instead nintendo keeps shitting out faggot ass mario

>>523358139Mario games are WAY better than any Crash/Spyro and the keep their value longer.

I'd rather they had just rereleased spyro than get those shitty furfag remakes

>>523365752Now this is just bait

>>523358139Oh please Mario games shit all over those

>>523358139>60 dollars>limited release, even digital, so scalpers will have a field day>3D world separate for no reason>no SMG2Nintendo can't do anything without fucking up.

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I don't care. I get to play mario in bed now

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>>523365490Coped bitch

>>523365984What is a TV in your room?

>>523362062The original Crash and Spyro have been ported before too, except not for fucking $60.

>>523366190shut up only nintendo invented playing video games on your bed

>>523363739What’s depressing is MK8D will continue to sell millions a year at $60 for the next three years. Today pretty much confirmed MK9 isn’t coming any time soon.

>>523358139>snoy movie shit>mario kino

>>523358139nindies are pathetic

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>>523365807Tell me about it, they shouldn't have fucked with the artstyle.

>>523358139>it will never go down in price>digital versions will disappear after March>physical versions will become exorbitantly expensive due to limited printHow many times are Nintenbabbies gonna let themselves get fucked over like this before they finally realize their best friend Mr. Nintendo isn't actually their friend?

>>523366538>What’s depressing is MK8D will continue to sell millions a year at $60 for the next three yearsWhy should Nintendo dump it to $10 when it sells millions and millions every year, because you want them to?Every publisher does this when the games actually keep selling. GTA5 didn't drop from $60 MSRP to $30 until 2018, five years after release. lol and guess what, its going to be $70 onPS5/Xbone2

>>523366842>before they finally realize their best friend Mr. Nintendo isn't actually their friend?The real question is why do you think they are? Everyone else can separate the company from the product.

>>523364823>>523366159Mario Kart have microtransactions in the form of Amiibos

>>523367074>BRO ITS PHYSICAL DLClol is it 2014 again

Top 6 games are all shit hardly anyone remembers. Bottom 3 are all timeless classics people will be playing for years still. Not hard to wonder why people are going to pay more.

>$40 for 6 games and only 1 being shit

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>>523367074Happy meal toys are ok though

>>523367149>tracks and characters were dlc>crash added tracks and characters for freethey really dont compare

>>523367207>MCC is suddenly not a broken, buggy mess when its convenient for your shitposting

>>523367207is this one worth buying in the PC?

>>523367074That's not what microtransactions are.


>>523358139>from the ground up with modern graphics and resolutionThat is blatantly false

>>523367379>>crash added tracks and characters for free*>*if you unlock them day one otherwise you have to pay

>>523367785>>*if you unlock them day one otherwise you have to paynot true on PC version

>>523367553Yes, most of the issues are ironed out now, but keep in mind you can use the Gamepass $1 trial to give it a shot first.Still has issues like H1 being built on the originally flawed Gearbox PC port instead of the original Xbox version


>>523364156/threadNever Forget what they took from you

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>>523367785youre talking about the shitty preorder bonuses that dont matter?

>>523368017shit I was thinking of another game.nvm me i'm dumb

>>523367595>content inside the base game that it's inaccessible unless you pay for it>not microtransactions

>>523367379>$12 for 16 tracks (base game has 32) and a few racers and kartsIt was literally some of the most fairly-priced DLC ever released

>>523358139Comparing Mario to Crash is like comparing Ferrari to a Buick

>>523368237No, not even close otherwise almost every game on the face of the planet has them.

>>523358139Why isn't Galaxy 2 included?

>>523358139$80 in leaf land. Just fucking kill me.

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>>523368237No, that is literally not what a microtransaction is

>>523358139>$40 dollars for 3 gamesYou mean the same game with fucked up hitboxes and ruined scenery? Lol get the fuck out of here

>>523358139>not taking full advantage of Nintendo's incompetence by buying up multiple copies of a game guaranteed to explode in price in a yearThey may as well have made a sign saying "FREE MONEY, JUST WAIT A YEAR".

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>>52336026964 and Galaxy are masterpieces but all six games on top are better than Super Mario Sunshine

>>523368415You are reading bad on purposeTell me how you use a Captain Falcon costume in Mario Kart 8 without buying a Captain Falcon amiibo

>>523365071is it though? wouldn't that require land sea and air racing?

>>523367207I agree, Halo 3 IS the worst.

>>523364156I seriously don't get this whole Soulless Soul thing. I swear it's just a new unnecessary way of saying I like or don't like something to make it sound like someone is an expert on a topic.

>Mariofags leap to defend Nintendo's bad practices >get insecure over the idea of Crash and Spyro being a threat to the plumber

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>>523358139>update 64s graphics for ds but not for switchWhat the actual fuck?

>>523368361>>523368540based barabro

>>523368739>Microtransactions (abbreviated MTX) are a business model where users can purchase virtual goods with micropayments>A micropayment is a financial transaction involving a very small sum of money and usually one that occurs onlineNeither of these apply, you are factually incorrect. All microtransactions are paid DLC but not all paid DLC is a microtransaction.

>>523368580Unless everyone think the same thing just how happened with those superman comics with the black cover (the chapter where superman dies)

Even worse is when you compare 3D-All Stars to the original All Stars >4 games including one that hasn't released in the west>new graphics>new physics>parallax scrolling>new level in SMB 3vs.>3 games >no new graphics, just upscaled and sunshine is playable at 16:9 now I guess>music player It's fucking bullshit and a testament to how lazy Nintendo has become.

>tfw I can emulate Mario 64 and play Sunshine and both Galaxy games on my Wii

>>523368957Ok, I was wrong

>>523368876>>get insecure over the idea of Crash and Spyro being a threat to the plumberUh, you made this thread because the plumber overshadowed them user.

>>523368995It's also ridiculous when you consider this is at the expense of just including the games on fucking Nintendo Switch Online.I get that Wii games are more complicated because you gotta manually tweak those controls for other hardware but fucking 64 and GameCube should be on there by now.

>>523369128Check the IP count buddy.

>>523368739buy a nfc card and input the cap falcon data on it. wipe it then put on another character on it, wipe it and repent. there you go $3 for every. or hack your switch.Plus still not micro transactions because you buy the figure once and have unlimited uses and have an actual physical object that will persist even if the game no longer works.microtransactios have no actual value worth or ability to be kept.

>>523369080Damn right you were wrong, now fuck off.

>>523367074Modern Mario Kart is a sad state of affairs in general.>Only full Mario Kart release available is a full-priced enhanced port of a game that came out six years ago.>The modern Mario Kart business model is straight up mobile gacha with watered down controls.>Next installment will be a 100-dollar toy with watered down controls.I'm more or less done with what Nintendo is doing right now. Why would anyone buy 3D-All Stars when you can just emulate these roms for free and with way more options? The only reason I can see to shell out for the 60$ pricetag is if you are planning to scalp them for a huge mark-up.

Attached: 13617438914.jpg (500x376, 53.26K)

I'll agree since they fucked up the core mechanics in the remakes, the sliding effect on spyro is annoying and crash 1 feels worse than the original. Plus Mario looks identical where some of the art direction of the others feels off.

>>523369196>del taco over taco bellenjoy your paper plates lmao

>>523369049Piracy + playing inferior versions of games at 480p. Yikes.

>>523358139I wonder how you faggots would've survive during the 90s when Sega and Nintendo went at it.

>>523368739Amiibos are it's own product which virtually reacts to everygame in some way, they're not mutually exclusive to a skin in Mario kart.

>>523369206Yeah? How does that change the fact that you made the thread because you were mad?

>>523368540Imagine if whoever he was worried about caught him and fucked him balls deep

>>523369196Roy Roger's still exist?!

>>523369393I didn't make the thread. Are you retarded?

>>523368995Are you being intentionally obtuse? The selling point is that it's portable you fucking moron. PC emulation isn't portable, neither are the original N64/Gamecube/Wii games. $60 for 3 of the best games to ever exist is honestly a great fucking deal. Stop whining and be grateful for once in your pathetic, miserable life

How do they do it? How do they make the plumber kids so mad?

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Remember the FF7 HD remaster announcement? Remember how excited everyone was for it? It provides evidence that fans love HD remasters.Look at their faces (About 2:40 minutes in). They're excited because some of them in that room weren't born yet when FF7 came out and now they can play the game.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9bMjkDFGJ1A

>>523369510Whatever you say OP.

Surely limited physical is due to covid and they will rerelease later on right?

>>523369560>PC emulation isn't portableWell, you can get a gaming laptop but the price of it would be well over the price of a switch and this game.

>>523368995But can you take those games ON THE GO?!!?

>>523369560>Galaxy 1>best at anything

>>523367553Yes for the campaigns alone. Halo 1-3 + Reach are fantastic.Multiplayer is honestly a mixed bag


>>523367459Works fine on my machine.It isn't 2014 anymore.

>>523369710You can stop being a schizoid now.

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>>523369196Reminder that 5 Guys Fries are excellent.

>>523368024it's such a little change but it feels so much worse and I hate itgod I want 3D skyboxes back

I could be more onboard with the Mario collection if they had more games, no galaxy 2? What the fuck is the point in that?Why not add 3d land and 64 DS? Or even 3D world without the bullshit add on that no one cares about.Now at least with a collection of ports you know what to expect so you can judge the value but with a collection of remakes you don't know what may have been changed for the good/bad so the value could be completely varied and you might end up begging for the originals

>>523358139I'll buy it. Nobody can stop me and I don't have to explain my reasons. Fuck Holla Forums

>>523358139If you still own a Switch in 2020 you might as well be a braindead robot , of course Nintendo is going to milk those people dry with minimum effort and high prices.

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>>523370286This fuck the haters! Just consume!

>>523368423Oh gee maybe because it's shit?I know that's not the reason why it's not included but as a galaxy 2 hater im having a fucking field day

>>523370123Ah, a screenshot that can easily be edited. Good job OP.

>>523358139So this is what they wer elooking forward to this year? the game that was supposed to make up for 3 years of drouthjesus christ>inb4 some retard listing trash games, ports and multiplats again because I said drought

>>523370286Out of honest curiosity have you not played one of these before? I've seen a lot of people say they haven't because they were either not born when the games came out or they never had a Nintendo console.

>>523370290>Admitting youre poorStupid frog poster

>>523369560>be gratefulI love seeing the real bingtendie mentality in action.Last time I saw you faggots was during the whole DEFEND GAMEFREAK AND SWORD AND SHIELD THEY DON'T OWE US ANYTHING campaign you did so it's been a while.>>523370282Just shut up and be grateful. That will be $120, thanks.

>>523364823>he didn't play the gamemicrotransactions were for lazy people with expendable income. you can unlock everything for free with ease. complaining about this is pretty idiotic.

>>523370401You are one mad little retard.

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>>523358139Yeah and oddly, only the Mario games are the good ones.You’re either paying 40 dollars for bing bing wahoo but less intuitive and for middle aged furries or an incredibly bog standard and underwhelming 3D platformer for scalies. With Mario you’re at least getting an actual game and not bargin bin quality games trying to pretend they’re not bargin bin quality games by giving themselves a new coat of paint

>>523370615Yeah sure why don't you go and make another Mario shitposting thread OP.

>>523370831I might make one after this hits bump limit. Thats a good idea actually.

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>>523370478I'm selling my garbage for $60 if you don't buy them you are poorfag

>>523358139>b-but muh soul

I can play all three of them in my brother's wii. We even have a CRT

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>>523368875>I seriously don't get this whole Soulless Soul thing. I swear it's just a new unnecessary way of saying I like or don't like somethingIts as simple as it seems. Just a simpler way to spot the meme spouting simpletons.

>>523369560actually there are tons of tablets around nowadays that run either windows or android, both of which can run dolphin and 64 emulators. FFS you can even buy a gamepad that attaches to your phone and emulate dolphin or 64 that way.


>>523359792You seem upest.

>>523371041People who type this are the biggest tourists. At least you admit you like eating shit.

>>523361006and people said the scarcity of the NES/SNES Minis and Switch consoles weren't deliberate.

>>523370914Well you aren't denying that you're OP anymore, that's the first step to curing your schizophrenia.

>>523358139i completely forgot about this, nintendo is utterly pathetic

>>523371051>that run either windows or android, both of which can run dolphin and 64 emulatorsYes.Very poorly while heating up the tablet and also killing the battery.

>>523371071>>523371136Right, Holla Forums doesn't play video games and enjoying things is bad. I'm sorry.

>>523371273I never admitted to it but I do plan on making one. Seeing how reactionary you're getting over it is makes for a spectacle. >>523371452>Holla Forums is one person I play vidya everyday I just don't indulge in bad practices.

Attached: Neo n Crash.jpg (470x348, 19.4K)

>>523359792>Stop criticizing Nintendo

Attached: HA.png (894x645, 853.15K)

>>523365574Wish the Wizards & Warriors trilogy was on it. Other than that it's a great bargain, especially since you can find it for less than 15 bucks nowadays.

>>523371452Whatever makes you feel better you big fat paypig.

Attached: Spyro and Crash Skatebros.jpg (1024x512, 98.23K)

>>523358139lmao nintendo cba even remastering them, imagine paying for this when you can easily emu it on dolphin

>>523371391That's complete and utter bullshit. I was playing OoT with very few issues in like 2012 on my cheap ass android phone. There are videos on youtube of people playing stuff like Wind Waker at max FPS, why do you have to lie?


>>523371530So the irony here is that you're coping with the fact that no one is falling for your posts right?

>>523368024I knew something was missing. Why not have the jewels being shown moving to the main counter in the remake. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken that much effort.

>>523371960>2012No phone from 2012 can run it. You also need to stop thinking that streaming is emulation.

>>523368540>falling for baitfat fuck

They should be cheaper, but Crash and Spyro have always been unadulterated garbage and they butchered the art style in the remakes.

Attached: CTR.jpg (2048x1448, 409.99K)

when ur fanbase are drooling manchildren who get excited over cardboard, you can get away with a lot of stuff

>>523372129I wasn't you retarded nigger. You're lying through your fucking teeth to defend a corporation that doesn't give a fuck about you

>>523372214>noooo why are they having fun

>>523367459huh? all games have been working perfect for me

>>523358139>toptrash trash and trash>bottomtimeless classicseasy


>>523372136the crash remakes were all great though git gud, spyro remakes were whatever but at least they didn't charge $60 for 20 year old games

>>523358139>Then proceeds to make it a limited run, even the fucking digital versionNintendo is so far up their own ass these days

Attached: 1516226614860.jpg (529x589, 85.34K)

>>523372214I like Nintendo games mostly on the old 64 but Mariofags always seemed to be the most cancerous and detrimental to gaming.

Attached: 1210204015017.jpg (1200x900, 183.4K)

>>523372381>to defend a corporationNah, I was shitting on Nintendo until you started going on about impossibilities.

>>523360276Wasn’t Super Mario 64 only $4.99 on virtual console 10* years ago? This is fucking bullshit!

Attached: A347871F-F91F-4BAB-B731-DCF324AE8D13.gif (327x251, 1.59M)

>>523372643>but Mariofags always seemed to be the most cancerous and detrimental to gaming.Elaborate.


>>523372901They like things I don't.

>>523372627What's wrong with that, it's an anniversary collection it shouldnt be avaliable for 10 years


Attached: HaloFailure.png (638x563, 264.5K)

>>523358139I seriously don't understand how people let Nintendo get away with shit like this. People say the slippery slope isn't real but look at this. Not ONLY is it $60, not ONLY are they not even proper remasters, but now they're even trying to get away with some fake ass limited availability bullshit. You would see such a backlash if this was any other company besides Nintendo.

>>523358139>Super Mario 3D All Stars isn't a full on proper remakes of the "trilogy" and are just glorified ports with music bundled in>they thought it was a good idea to sell them as ports despite them appearing on various systems via backwards compatibility and emulators years beforeDo they even realise that these games are played to the hell and backwards? They're not even interesting anymore. Hell you can even get a better deal out of playing source PC SM64 ports with SGI/Original Textures mods put in with unused content put in and along with Dolphin emulation for later titles. This is just like beating a dead horse all over again.

Attached: 1598683805672.jpg (640x628, 39.64K)

How is Galaxy going to control? If I can play with the Pro controller with no motion controls, I would probably get it.Just press Y to do the spin. For the pull stars, just use the stick.Also Sunshine used the analog L and R buttons, how they going to do that on Switch?

>>523373643There's plenty of backlash every snoy pony is seething about it right now

>>523373737>Also Sunshine used the analog L and R buttons, how they going to do that on Switch?Did people really do that? It served zero purpose.

>$40 for good games>$60 for also good gamesI fail to see the issue here. Sounds more like a poorfag problem to me because $60 is nothing. Maybe you should get a job if a $20 difference is causing this much asspain.

Attached: 1596540273830.jpg (888x894, 67.9K)

>>523373832t. didn't even play Sunshine

>>523373832Press it lightly to spray while moving. Hold it down harder to stand still and spray.That was part of the reason I don't like Sunshine.

>>523373312That's fucking stupid. You would be perfect as a marketer.

Attached: You.jpg (1024x1024, 113.48K)

>>523373741>le snoyniggerWhy do those retards live rent free in your head

>>523358139Am I the only one who is glad they didn't remake the graphics?

Attached: 1437973257243.png (500x375, 250.76K)

>>523373997They're definitely just going to assign it to a new button then.

>>523374036Who else would dare to compare those shitty platformers to mario

>>523374076I was hoping they would pull a MCC and have you be able to switch between new and old graphics.

>>523358139Glad I have these on Dolphin instead, Fuck Nintendo being this low effort. They didn't even put Mario AllStars+World out on the Snes Online. They never bother to port the better version.

>>523367553get the original trilogy and Reach

>>523374367A what

>>523373889>>523373997There's no need, you can just shotgun blast shit while running around, it's faster to beat shadow mario that way.

>>523374552Master Chief Collection

Thank you nintendo for the privlige, nay the honor to spend 60 dollars on cinematic 30 fps frame locked 20 year old games. All those other consoles are soulless trash but nintendo is my friend and always will be.

Attached: 1585451973673.png (300x165, 70.99K)

>>523374580It's the fastest way to shoot the slime pirahnas and also a quick way to clear goo on the floor when done rapidly. It's useful in speedruns.

>>523358139things are worth what people pay

How long would it even take them to remake Mario 64?In Odyssey engine and Odyssey character model for Mario.

>>523374887A very long time if you want something accurate.

>>523358139I'd rather play Super Mario 64 than any of the Crash or Spyro games, though.

>>523374881I'd pay $15 for those Mario games.


Attached: 1596990599732.png (1344x756, 30.49K)

Lol I've been playing sm64pc on my switch 60fps widescreen. How will Nintendo top that?

>>523374887Why didn't they port the 3DS version of SM64?

>>523375042>words words words wordsthe left truly can't meme

>>523375231There is no (official) 3DS version of SM64

>>523358139Crash is extremely fair, but physical release of Spyro is unironically more botched than even Mario 3d All stars. At least all 3 mario games is on the cart, Spyro Reignited Trilogy isn't.

Shut upNintendo always do good. Betger then the gaybox and pshitty

>Here's ur PC port bro! just like the old sgi renders!Why are PCfags like this?

Attached: Bowser Battle.jpg (2560x1440, 2.21M)

>>523375013why tho?


Attached: 1595554322022.jpg (700x695, 195.14K)

>>523375548you can choose to not use those renders, dip.

>>523358139>$40 dollars for 3 shovelware games>$60 dollars for 3 great gamesremember how everyone was screeching that the Mario games would be standalone and full price?


>>523375624The fact that it's not 40$ like the rest just disproves your dumbass "Nintendo isn't greedy" post. Nintendo is up there with EA in terms of greed.

glorified $399 port machine and now most expensive emulator with $60 romsfuck off nintendo

>>523375879$40, and it's not intended to be a mass market device.

>>523375650Where? That just looks like shit.


Attached: 1597017668874.gif (324x244, 2.31M)

>>523375935low quality bait, here's your (you)

>>523375836Where did I say Nintendo isn't greedy?I said that the goal post moving is amusing and that comparing Mario games to furry shovelware is not a good comparison.

>Holla Forums calls crash and spyro remakes soulless for years>suddenly mario ports are announced and Holla Forums cries about them not being straight up remakes

Attached: Pepe sigh.jpg (251x242, 12.59K)

>>523376118Crash is better than mario though

>>523358139I'm not really "defending" them on this, but you have to realize that these collections were made for different purposes.By 2017 Spyro and Crash were pretty much on their deathbeds and pretty much needed all the help they could. Activision used the remasters as a way to gauge interest in both IPs and they had to go the extra mile by updating the graphical style and reducing the price to intice people to it. Mario 3D All Stars on the other hand is just something Nintendo threw together for Mario's 35th, and that's it. Unlike with Activision and Crash/Spyro, Nintendo didn't really feel the need to go the extra mile because Mario has never crashed in popularity and they know people are gonna buy this no matter what. It sucks, but it makes sense.

Attached: bubsy.png (1174x553, 973.56K)

>>523374456>They didn't even put Mario AllStars+World out on the Snes Online

Attached: Wojak melting.png (645x729, 77.22K)

Does anyone know if 3D All Stars will be compatible with a gamecube controller, especially Galaxy? I don't have a pro controller and I sure as shit aint using the joy cons.

>>523376174/v/ is filled with hypocritical shits/bandwagoners who hate everything. Who knew?


>>523376174pretty much every1 like the crash remakes what are you smoking, spyros were hit and miss since tfb changed the art style a lot

>>523376291good point, basically like they do with pokemon, anything they put out sells millions so they don't even bother to put in effort

>>523368875That's unironically because you're an NPC and don't have a soul.

>>523369764They’re doing limited digital as well. They’re just greedy fucks, not sure how anyone can defend this

>>523376606>pretty much every1 like the crash remakesNice hitboxes

>Buy limited edition game>Get limited edition pins>Sell them for more than worthI don't see the problem


>>523376748barely an issue unless you suck, all the shit they added and fixed in NST and CTR:NF way outshined the jank

>>523372834All N64 titles for Wii and Wii U were $10 (Japan imports added a dollar I believe).

>>523358139It'd be amazing if they were remakes and they let you swap the graphics with the originals and the new ones on the spot.

Attached: [FFFpeeps] Working'!! - 07 [720p][FE021100].mkv_snapshot_22.37_[2017.11.24_07.04.45] Crop.png (361x399, 161.61K)

>>5233728347.99 in wii points9.99 on wii uYeah its dumb

>>523376335Were you not aware of the improvements on that version of the game?

>>523377726It literally got added to the service today retard

>$40 for 3 mediocre games>$60 for 3 objective 10/10'sI say it's fair

Attached: smug mario.png (452x505, 191.9K)

Been 0 minutes since snoy cried about Nintendo

>>523360440I don’t own 2 of these games though

>>523377817No you fucking retard I mean this version.Maybe I prefer my Luigi Sprites not looking like Mario ok?

Attached: file.png (960x960, 40.66K)

The cum drinking kiddies that frequent here obviously have to ask their parents to buy them games, so price is a factor for them. Who even plays that janky garbage called spyro and crash?

>>523358139You guys think they'll make 64 and sunshine 60 fps? and how are they going to tackle sunshine's fludd mechanics without analog triggers?

>>523358139its kinda funny to see activision put more effort into their games than nintendo

>>523376087Someone get this Hothead outta here.

>>523377983>waaaahhh why didn't they add this more obscure version with negligible alterationsWho the fuck even cares?

>>523378270I guess no one cares user, fuck it.

>>523378270I care, the Luigi sprites make a big difference and they look really well made.

>>523366159Arrested Whore


is super mario galaxy actually good? i want to try it but for 60 dollars? only of the three i havent really played, and while i love 64 and sunshine im skeptical of galaxy because i dont really like odyssee and it seems closer to that

Attached: 1599075340872.gif (1200x603, 697.21K)

>>523374076Yes, but widescreen 1080p 60fps would be nice

>>523360146This. Still voting Trump, still buying 3D All stars.

>>523368965Normally you would be right, except for the part where:>First-party Nintendo product>product that will stop being sold both physically AND digitally at the end of March>Soitendrones exist>One of the games (Sunshine) is sought after

>>523359792Are you...five-years-old?

>>523361298This is a meme you fell for, well done

>>523358139I don’t want a remake for those games though.It’s a fucking mercy they didn’t do some weird HD remaster that destroyed them

How long are these seeth threads going to last? Worse than fucking Smash threads.

>>523358139Don't forget it's missing Galaxy 2 and it's limited time, making it scalper-bait and anti-consumer. But you know what? They can get away with it because Mario games are legendary, while Crash and Spyro was just the poor man's Mario for playstation kiddos.

>>523360146>Dont care still preordered

Attached: giga chad.jpg (600x723, 97.98K)

>>523358139it's okay when nintendo does it

>>523359792Can't believe retards thought this post was serious

>>523379672Are you.. paedophilus?

>>523379896limited time is from fucking Sept to like May of the next yearyou should be able to get a copy easy, idiotscalpers ain't gonna be able to scalp it.

>>523379763tbqh i would have loved to see Sunshine remade with Odyssey levels of triple A polish and artstyle.

Attached: 1595168404917.jpg (646x640, 97.82K)

>>523359792>if you stop fighting you'll winlmao

>>523358139It's been almost a year since Spyro Reignited came out on Switch, and even longer since Crash trilogy did.I can still purchase and play both of those, right there on the eShop, ready to go whenever I might want to buy them, and they won't be leaving any time soon. I'm not gonna be punished for waiting until later to get them. What the fuck is Nintendo thinking?

>>523373741Why would a snoyboy care about the price of a Nintendo product? The only reaction you would get out of them is mockery to people paying full price for this. There is literally no reason a snoy would seethe over this. Why are you fags so delusional?

>>523375604>My shitposting image was video game discussionLmao

>>523358139I'm fine with SMS and SMG1 being mostly unchanged but SM64 not being remade and SMG2 kills it for me.

>>523380514>but SM64 not being remade and SMG2 kills it for me.Mario 64 is a near perfect game. It doesn't need a remake and even if it were remade that doesn't mean it will automatically be better. The only real flaw with it is the camera.

I honestly wouldn't even complain about the $60 price tag (despite not liking it) if they weren't pulling this disney vault bullshit with it on top of that.

Attached: [Centaurea-Raws] [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀2 06 (BDRip 720P 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus).mkv_00_17_39_08_22_20_21_31_07.jpg (1280x720, 107.72K)

>>523364475You've just summed up 80% of currently hyped DeFi/yield farming cryptocurrency scams. Even a brainlet on Holla Forums is smarter than your average pajeet on /biz/

>>523380207>odyssey levels of triple a polish and artstylea clusterfuck of visual design? what the fuck? yeah the water level looked fantastic but thats definitely the highlight of the game visually. the rest really shows just how many different artists concurrently worked on assets. usually theres an attempt at keeping a consistent artstyle, like in super mario sunshine. why you would wish the hell they are capable of on it is confusing as fuck to me

>>523365490i liked CTR but lets not make excuse for the micros, it took fucking forever to unlock shit in it without paying

>>523379738basic tenets of capitalism aren't memes, a product is worth whatever people are willing to pay for it, and people are clearly willing to pay more for a mario collection than a knockoff mario collection

>>523368329plus deluxe straight up includes them for free as well as more characters and actual battle mode with multiple game modes

>>523381024the artstyle is purposely varied to make each kingdom visually distinct, you brainletit was a conscious design choice

Who the fuck cares. Give me a new Banjo game.

>>523378847>im skeptical of galaxy because i dont really like odyssee and it seems closer to thatWhat, it's the total opposite. Odyssey is more exploration-based like 64 and Sunshine. Galaxy is the most linear of the 3D Mario games after 3D World, but the gameplay still feels like 3D Mario.

>>523380117I already pre-ordered it. I'm not thinking for myself, I just think it's stupid for everyone else. People should be able to buy it whenever they want.

Crash and Spyrofags: >won't try to bullshit you on the bad games from both franchises>don't excuse bad business practices from the past or present>relatively cool and levelheaded fun to interact with Mariofags: >get incredibly defensive when you criticize a subpar or even decent game>try to bullshit you into buying amibos or thinking gacha is good >insecure, childish and very thin skinned

Attached: 1221311243473.jpg (680x680, 44.23K)

>>523358139The new graphics in Spyro look like trash. I'd pay the $20 for them not to fuck with good artistic direction.


500 threads about shit you can literally play on your 10 year old pc right now for free

>>523363301Sony won the brand loyalty survey

>>523358139>Crash / Spyro TrilogyNo Mario Sunshine>Super Mario 3D All StarsMario Sunshinelooks like im getting 3d all stars

>>523382092Noooo it's fun you can't say that

>>523381779this is like one most retarded points people make when criticizing odyssey, the whole theme of the game was exploration, its called mario odyssey for fuck sake

>>523370290Owning any consoles in 2020 is cucked.

>>523382092>get incredibly defensive when you criticize a subpar or even decent gameyes theres never been a mariofag that never criticized a mario game specially not new super mario bros or paper mario>try to bullshit you into buying amibos or thinking gacha is goodthis is straight up a lie, people shit on mario kart tour all the time and most of them haven't even played it, also i dont know what you are on about people forcing you to buy amiibo>insecure, childish and very thin skinneddescribes your perfectly stop dragging crash and spyro into your retarded fandom wars

>>523381779>its purposefully shit and inconsistent it cant be an adventure game without being a cluster fuck

Attached: 566476564.png (1200x675, 932.54K)

>>523365574Grabbed by the Ghoulies HD is also exclusive to it.

>>523374764I don’t get this meme. Nintendo appeals to everybody. They have onions fans and tranny fans but they also have 1488 ultra right-wing legit actual unironic fascist genocidally antisemitic nazis like myself as fans. I like Nintendo. They make some disappointing decisions sometimes and they give fans what they think they should have versus what fans want (which I think the latter is a good thing and shouldn’t ever be an equal balance). Like I wish M64 in this was widescreen and 60fps and I also wish SMS was 60fps. But I’m glad they didn’t give them the remaster treatment aside from some higher res assets and HUDs. I think all jews and blacks need to be exterminated and I don’t care for online multiplayer AAA garbage that the industry has degenerated into.

>>523358267Retard.>>523358139That game is free, retard.

Attached: jig-rcm-para-nintendo-switch-D_NQ_NP_969193-MLC40473273840_012020-F.jpg (864x631, 39.51K)

>>523368714Galaxy is way too easy.

The models are nice but I feel like the stage textures are clashing with the low poly geometry

>>523382092>relatively cool and levelheaded fun to interact withI would say this if the furfags hadn't staged a coup on all discussion of it.

>>523359792Worst falseflag ever

>>523383296meant for>>523375548

>>523358139Should have added Mario Galaxy 2.

>>523360440I own none if these. 64 and NGC were expensive and failed against PS1 and PS2

>>523361730>microtransactions on CTR NFNah

>>523362163And they ruined ir on the remake. >>523364718>microtransactionsI HATE Actishitsion so goddamn much

>>523358139You fucking know if they remastered the graphics Holla Forums would just be making SOULLESS posts about it

I pre-ordered it so I can sell it for triple what I paid for after a few months.

>>523366190You can't hold the TV, user.

>>523370567>microtransactions were for lazy people with expendable income. you can unlock everything for free with ease. complaining about this is pretty idiotic.literally the argument for every pay2win game since inception, pay2not grind

>>523358139You fucking faggots will never learn. The effort put into a product DOES NOT determine its worth. The quality of a product DOES NOT determine its worth. How badly people want it DOES determines its worth. How much people are willing to spend DOES determine its worth. Dont get me wrong, im disappointed in the collection too. No galaxy and no remasters is shit, but you retards thinking nintendos evil or dumb for pricing it like this is dumb. They know how badly people want and will price it as such. Your perception of the world doesnt go beyond a fucking child.

>>523383536They were cheaper

I swear to god nintendo is the only company that has a desperate and fanatical enough fanbase to get away with this. Imagine if MS announced that the Masterchief collection only had 3 games that only had upscaled resolution with no alterations outside of that, or if Sony announced God of War 1-3 with 0 changes besides being upscaled, and on top of that they marketed those compilations as their big holiday title. People act like Nintendo is there friend and not the richest corporation in all of Japan, they are capable of putting out quality even during chinkvirus but they refuse to because they know their drones will buy it anyway

>>523384062So clearly then the answer is to co-op the bootlicking and continue supporting the notion of Nintendo normalizing greedier publishing practices than fucking EA.

Attached: 1579214906979.jpg (604x521, 126.58K)

>>523384240This. Sword and Shield sales is all they need to see. Nintendo will adapt to whatever makes the most money. If gacha games make them more money, they'll go more in that direction. They are testing the waters. I love SM64 and Sunshine, and it dissapoints me to see people eating this 'all star' collection up. If they included Galaxy 2 and 3D Land, I may be less critical of it. For now it seems like a cheap way to get money will hiding behind the pandemic. Oh well, at least the SM64 leak happened which was a dream come true.

>>523384240sony would neve acknowledge god of war 1-3 because it's toxic masculinity and doesn't fit with their modern view of kratos, plus there's not enough touching parental scenes in the originals

>>523384484Your whining on obscure board on the internet will change nothing. How is it greedy to ask for a price people are willing to pay? Also, If you think this is worse than EA you are delusional.

>>523384240They're just devoted, brainless bots. Quite sad.

Attached: 1058905567113.gif (451x322, 736.39K)

>>523384240The switch has hit big time normie levels though. Its not just the fanatics, the general public loves this shit

>>523381649Yea, because they fell for the meme that it's worth that much. It's like idiots paying out the mouth for apple shit

>>523369360whats upscaling to 4k?

I skipped 3d world, is it actually fun?

So how the hell will water spraying work? Weren't the analog triggers required to do certain actions?

>>52336471866 cents per frame. Quite a bargain.

>>523358139>6 months away for 3d bingbing wahoofucks sake, i will get the collection for galaxy 60fps though

>>523368875>>523371050We went through this everytime. Literally means passion and no passion, a game that is just fucking ports is souless as fuck

>>523358139>they left galaxy 2 out of the medley thing at the endLMAOOOO

>>523371135>>523371613>>523379672>>523380312>>523383354it's not a """false flag"""it's not a le ebic megatroleit's not a LEGITIMATE OPINION POSTit's a fucking JOKEWhat is wrong with you socially crippled bastards

>>523387216Okay falseflagging faggot

>>523358139>it's ok when Nintendo does it

Attached: 1596689908972.png (960x723, 960.82K)


>>523387216Are you really surprised on Holla Forums people have zero ability to pick up on social cues.

Attached: 1145932067911.jpg (476x629, 54.95K)

>>523384745Slow down there, I can only consume one Nintendie at a time.

>>523383441I was surprised to see it left out. Bummer.

Every single Mario game is better than every single Crash & Spyro game.

>>523358139really nails the difference between perceived value for all those games. whereas people dont think those games are worth 40 bucks, they scramble to get a pack of 3 great games for 60.

>>523388142>>523388304Would you be willing to pay $180 for 3D All Stars then? The price doesn't matter if they're so good, right?

>>523360146This. Don't care. I'm still voting for Trump, still buying 3D All-Stars, still buying Cyberpunk 2077, and every other game that Holla Forums tells me to hate. You don't matter and your opinions are shit.

>>523358139>completely remade from the ground up with modern graphics and resolutionIt's at the point now where I will literally pay companies to NOT do this.

>>523388603no, but I would have thought, damn I should have bought them when they released on their original systems.didnt dodge a bullet with crash or spiro trilogies cause I had played the original to find them boring so I avoided them.

>$60>For 3 slightly upscaled ports>One of which is a game that is well over 20 years oldWhy not just put them individually on the e-shop for reasonable prices?

Attached: skinner.jpg (250x230, 9.52K)

>>523358139Sypro Subway

>>523388603If they all had at least the effort put into them that WWHD did, then yea probably.

>>523390247>not buying physical

>>523387098As a galaxy 2 hater, I say based.As a person who likes thoroughness, I say cringe.

>>523390247nintendr*nes will eat shit and pay for it

>>523387098didn't they not have lost levels in that either? guess they don't count map packs

>>523391395Why do that when I still own my old copies of the games?

>>523388779You're dumber than the people who love remakes then.

>>523367553just use gamepass 1 dollar

two of these games attract furfags which im happy by not being part of their "discussion"

>>523379994I am never surprised by how many mouthbreathers fall for the most obvious falseflags.

>>523358139The mario games are simply better