No Straight Roads

Just finished the game, my favorite boss was probably Sayu but I couldn't beat DK West rap no.2 I want to fuck Sayu like you wouldn't believe.

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>>523357660is this porn?


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>>523360038here you go

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>My gains will reach the furthest corners of the galaxy. What have you done today, WEAKLINGS?!

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>>523363162Why would you do this

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>>523363162Would be funnier if he were still wearing his shorts but I know thats not the case.

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I have the 1010 bug, but Sayu was far and away the worst boss fight out of the 3 I got to play. How do people like that garbage?

>>523363162>belly hair leading down to his private areaunf

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>>523363162Nice.>nipple piercings>on a guyOn second thought, gross as hell.

>>523363829The music was really good.

>>523363829>1010 bugThe crash one? Where you can't progress further?>How do people like that garbage?Sayu is a little bit of a clusterfuck and can be frustrating, but there's a certain satisfaction to being able to figure her out and beating her. If it's any consolation, Sayu's fight is waaaay, WAAAAYYYY better on Parry Mode.

I'm guilty of only reading these threads, havent played the game yet but why does the story flesh out Zucchini so much while May seems to only be guitar girl that knows Zucchini?>brother is a reoccurring boss and shows up three times thought the game giving a window into Zukes origins>Ex gf is part of the evil organization and servers as a window to Zukes more recent pastbut I haven't seen anything for May.

>>523365159May is the typical genki protag with a one track mind. Any bit of character she has is all at the end when she realizes that her motivations are all selfish and forgets the real reason she started playing. You get a taste of it when she punches the TV a second time. The first time she was just mad NSR didn't acknowledge them, but after being on TV she's more concerned with simply not being on the news.

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How do I do an ultimate duet? Everytime I try it just does one of the other trigger moves.

*hammers her guitar*

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>>523361065gotdayum thatsa big-ass fish puss

>>523364339Good taste.

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>>523364339You need the Privilege Pass to see any lower

Why is May's rapping so fucking SHIT?

>>523371217i always thought it was on purpose because she's as dumb as a brick

>>523361065Imagine climbing in her pussy and making her moan every time you move inside ithaha

>>523371729Imagine her pussy not being sealed right, and some of the cum you deposited into it is leaking into the control room where Dodo, Tila, Sofa and Remi are.Haha.

>>523371729>Sayu isn't real>in order to get moans for sex stuff and erotic "unofficial" online merch they have to poke Tila and stick ice cubes down her shirt and shit to get usable moans>nobody tells her what it's for

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>>523371925guess this one is tonight´s sketch

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>>523372169kek can't wait user

more like no straight players

>>523372169Please do user.

>>523372806>if you fuck a female mermaid as a straight man you're gaywhat did he mean by this?

>>523372806Jokes been made multiple times before. Get some new material.


>>523373007She's drawn, choreographed, and edited by dudes. Only her voice is female.

>lmao she punched the TV again XDWhat is this reddit cringe humor?

>>523374114Wasn't expecting the link to last this long. Haven't even had any major glitches yet.

>>523373509Heres the thing, tho: Tila IS Sayu in every sense of the word, the Sayu character was originally created by her as a way to express her crush on her HS prefect, It was the Artist guy who came up with the Mermaid idea, at least in a way since Tila got inspired by it to make Sayu's music.If it werent for her, Sayu would have never existed, but if it werent for her friends, Sayu would never become the star she is.

I like how this game looks like Psychonauts if it focused on the world outside of the psychics. More games should have this kind of style.

>all these anons mentioning Psychonauts>tfw never played PsychonautsI really should.

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>>523376128Considering one boss apparently uses her mind to make her music and has her own psychedelic lair, you don't sound very far off at all.

Is anyone having a problem with Tatiana's second phase repeating? I get a second key and the grey bubble forms around her, but when I press R1 the phase just resets.Tried to restart but it happens every timePiratefag btw

>>523376950These threads are the first I've heard of Furi and it looks awesome. Need more music-themed game recommendations.

>>523376976It's part of the fight mechanics. Focus on the crown on the stage's edge.

>>523376976Yeah, what >>523377091 said. Remember, she literally has time powers.

>>523376128Agreed. I'm kind of tired of seeing the same realistic and anime styled games over and over again. I want more games with this kind of cartoonish style too.>>523376950It's a great game.

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Attached: JAP_ARTIST.jpg (900x721, 299.61K),c3181212?fbclid=IwAR1sbG302XsErtZDtHav7vJXMpwGsU-STZdQi2quVzWW_zyV05kXSywt7zs>No Straight Roads Profitable First Day After ReleaseBroke even (for global sales) after the very first day? That's good news. Though the official Jap twitter for NSR did comment that it did not perform well in Japan:>

>Trusting mermaids

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>>523380064Who's Herlies?

I really like this game for a lot of reasons, story included, but does anyone feel like the writing for the end was kinda awful? Like, I get the idea that NSR and B2J both realize that it's not EDM or Rock only. Equality is the endgame. But the writing during the final cutscenes I feel does not do the idea justice. Character motivations and realizations/growth are not very well done. Was it ESL?Does that make sense?

>>523379701not surprising since they got EGS money, I doubt any game that released on there hasn't at least broke even with the bribe they got alone

>>523380142Hmmm, I guess? I dunno. The writing overall feels like the writing of an old Nickelodeon or Disney movie, and I personally didn't have too much issues with it.


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>>523379701>did not perform well in japanaww that sucks, i expected it would do great there, giving how this game looks like something the japanese would go crazy over

>>523382185the japanese only care about shit if it looks anime enough for them to masturbate endlessly aboutlike how americans only care about bitching about shit endlessly

>>523382185Judging from Japanese twitter, it was well-liked by people who played it. Just didn't sell enough.

>>523382363That's the impression I got as well.

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>>523382012My exact thoughts. Really enjoyed that movie.

>>523357660Boss Difficulty:1. Yinu2. Eve3. Tatiana4. Sayu5. 10106. DJ SSBoss Quality:1. Yinu2. Eve3. DJ SS4. Sayu5. Tatiana6. 1010Boss Songs:1. Sayu2. DJ SS3. Yinu4. Eve5. 10106. Tatiana

>>523383251i wonder at what age they met, doubt it was since childhood, but maybe im wrong

>>523385291Not sure, but it would be cute if they were childhood friends.

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>>523371729>>523371903>>523371925stop my dick can only take so much

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>>523385291They definitely met after he was with Eve so probably recently. DK West didn't even know about her until he showed up during the events of the game.

>>523383572Any particular reasons for the quality ranks?

>>523386319Oh yeah, good point. Zuke's 27 iirc, and he was with Eve while in college (when he was in the 19-22 range, give or take). So at most, he's been with May for only 5 years.

>>523387326The 1010 fight has to much waiting around for the boss to attack or have the shields go down which makes it pretty boring once you know what to do. Plus it fells like it could really use another phase.Tatiana is very underwhelming as the final boss. Her time gimmick is more annoying than anything, and it has no visual indicator so I thought the boss was glitching when it started repeating phases. Like with 1010, there really should have been one more phase against her in full Kul Fyra form.Sayu is pretty fun, especially in the final phase with how chaotic everything is, but the earlier phases are pretty slow with not much happening even on the higher difficulties.DJ SS is a great intro boss. The spectacle of the fight alone is already amazing, but it also does a great job at introducing you to all the different game mechanics.So despite being easy, he ends up being one of the most memorable.Eve is a great test of all the skills you've built to that point in the game: dodging, parrying, spatial awareness. Her fight is the most raw test of skill in the game. And the switching between Mayday and Zuke was used to it's fullest in this fight. Only complaint, is that I feel it should have been a little longer.Yinu is just fun. All of the different phases are challenging in the right ways. Basically just take everything I said about Eve and apply it here just to a slightly higher degree.

Oh. Wasn't aware there was another NSR thread up:>>523354161

>>523382430Shut the fuck up, Onsokumaru.

i forgot that she did the meme pose...

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So only gay roads?


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