>Filters the game

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>>523354161I'm at Eve and I still have no idea how you get the last hit on Zuke's combo.

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>>523355162Press the top button (▲/Y/X) after some combo to do the final one.

>>523354161I today menaged to kill his second version, after 2 days of tries. Shit was exthatic

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>>523354161Not really an filter if only his first battle is mandatory, the first one is casual friendly. A real filter is something that can’t be skipped, something that filters players from advancing.

>>523355772he still has great music, and it was nice trying to beat him

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>>523354161I beat DJSS to Sayu all the way to Crazy. I beat DK's busted second phase and I'm in the middle of doing Yinu's Crazy rematch. When do I get level 2 transformations? Do I have to grind fans for it? Also, do any of the random items around the city have any significance? They all have sidequest vibes but nothing relevant ever seems to come from them.

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>>523356008I feel like everyone saw this guy for the first time and just saw the nicest fucking dude ever who would put you 6 feet under if you crossed him. But no, he's just a huge cunt, who would still put you 6 feet under if you crossed him.

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>>523357289I saw DK West’s design as too sleazy, he would either be an inconsequential NPC or one of the antagonists, never passed any real bro vibes to me.

What's her brain malfunction, anons?

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>>523354161Why is everyone saying he's a filter? I don't remember him being all that hard.


>>523359509Second and third fights are hard

>>523354161>in the part of battle 3 where he compliments Zuke, Zuke's side gets enough free burgers to full heal youawwfuck that fight though

>>523359621Maybe you're just not very good?

>>523359751Post you beating part 3 no problem or fuck off with your pathetic bait, faggot.

>>523359751okay chameleon man

The artificial megastars, Saiyu and 1010, are the ones who get more fan arts, the industry stereotype perpetuates itself.

>>523360846Sayu brought quite a bit of attention due to her design, cuteness and unique gimmick below the surface.1010 drew people in because kpop people are that braindead.

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>>523356008>lmao i just sold ur drumset, why u mad?

E̵̡̢̧̨̜̬̼͇̫̙͇̜̥͓̣̳̬̼̫̐͜ ̶̧̘̹̼͖̜̭̻̭̣͚̝̘͓͙͌́͋̾̎͂̈́͊́̚͝ͅW̶̺̟͙̊̃̇͛̒͑̄̈́̂́̓̓̏̐́̃́̄̉̈́̚̕̕̕͝ ̵͎͇͓͎̳̹̖͙̎̓͊̈́͌̂̈́͆̀̎͑̈͌A̷̧̢̛̼͔͎̼̺̭̳̥̬̳̿̽̈́̊̿̈́̌̏̇̓̃͠ͅ ̸̛͎͎̤͎̇̓̃́̃́̂̋͆̐͑̌̀̀̚͘̚͘̚͝Ḧ̶̨̛̛̥̭͖͉͎̗̯̺͍̹̥͎́͗̐́͑͊́͆͛͌́̽̀̐͠͝͝ͅ


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>>523360846They're both some of the most memorable fights, Sayu for her cute design and 1010 for LOAD AND SHOOOT

What is this shit

>>523362814A videogame

>>523362814The Man, also known as The Best

>>523360846You're right about Sayu, but I think Eve and DJ SS have been getting more fanart than 1010 lately.

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>>523356567Bruh, go to sewer, go to underground gig, then check the BBJ skill tree and it’s towards the right.

Is this game actually worth downloading? (No not on the fucking Epic Games Store)

Finally some nude pics

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>>523364654my god it's full of stars

>>523364654if this were accurate the top half would be a galaxy or some shit and he'd just have his hairy nutsack and legs hanging out

>>523364567Visual presentation and soundtrack are winning some people over, but the gameplay is not its strongest aspect, highly dependable on your standards.

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Is the 1010 fight stupidly simple and easy for the rest of you? It was kinda time consuming figuring it out at first but it never really got difficult.

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>>523359642Lol little bitch who got healing items. Beat it on switch

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>>523365467Pretty sure 1010 is considered by many to be one of the easiest bosses yes.

>>523366017Seeing as I S ranked DJSS on every difficulty first try, I’ll have to disagree.Its not fair bros, hes the best boss and doesn’t get an approach or any challenge

>everyone on the internet crying about DK part 2Seriously? Sure it was a little tricky but why is everyone stumped by that one? 3 is the only difficult one.

>>523364176Christ I'm retarded>>523366240When you consider the scoring, 1010 might be trouble in regards to adequate timing and combos thanks to their shields. But the fight itself is simple.

>>523354161>>523355772>>523357289Relaaaaax Holla Forums, relaaaaaaxAlways so angry about video games!New game come out, you angry!Game has bugs, you angry!Boss has difficulty spike, you angry!

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>>523366240>I’ll have to disagree.DJSS being the easiest boss, by virtue of being the damn first, doesn’t discard 1010 from being one of the easiest, which is exactly what I said, 1010 is the 5th boss in the game, he is easier than Saiyu and Yinu who came before.

>>523365045Don't know about the galaxy top half, but you got the hairy nutsack and legs part right.

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This thread feels incredibly...artificial.

NSFW Eve:twitter.com/ArdentLobster/status/1301388437921046528/photo/1

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>>523368527There are many, many more artificial threads out there, like the daily "So Sorry" from undertale thread, the "x character did nothing wrong" threads, the twitter and related outrage threads...This thread is fucking certified organic compared to a lot of shit on this board yo

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>>523367034Sometimes Yinu’s Mother makes think of Majin Buu.


>>523368527You're free to go back to the same old boring pol-bait and coomer threads if you want to. These threads are chill, actually discuss a game, and produce good content.

>>523367034I like Mom's tree form but her regular appearance is just weird as fuck. Even compared to all the other designs in the game.

>>523368527>Niggas just sitting down talkin about a game that literally just came out feels artificialWild

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>>523368527It organic all right, a couple anons including myself made this last night.

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>>523370568Cynical oldfags

>>523370301Yeah, I see what you mean. Ironically her regular form looks creepier compared to the tree one.

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>>523372187>>523372242I love shit like this

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>>523363940>>523356740>Zuke knowingly entered an audition/competition where his ex-girlfriend was one of the judgesI can't tell if he's a chad or a blithering dumbs with a that move.


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>>523374012He's both.

>>523361178>kpopnigga how did that not scream backstreet boys to youthose chrome-alloy motherfuckers were basically shitting timberlake

I'm interested but I've hear that the Switch port is an outdated build. Have they fixed it yet?

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>>523374619Yeah their appearance denotes generic k-pop but in action they're classic boy band as fuck. I was honestly really transfixed by the dancing. It was fucking cool.

>>523374012Well, Eve was just one of 6 judges, if Zuke knew then he was only counting on just one potential vote against him, gotta work hard to impress the other 5.

>>523372187>>523372242fucking perfect

>>523372242I know she's aged well, but c'mon. Ya know, man. Ya know. UNF.

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What kinda villain gimmicks would you be down to see in possible future content. They've done digital idol and robotic boy band and it would be cool if they came full circle with an animated hand animated band. A lot of untouched genres and styles. This setting has a lot of potential. The Gorillaz well already look like a group of antagonists of some kind.

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>>523375802Retdex comes out of retirement to kick your ass.

>>523375802Tatiana’s office room has an unknown 6th Megastar with a dark theme or something, a man in a suit, he may be called Mr. Noir based on artist staff posts on twitter, he could be a potential DLC or something, maybe with a "Dark Synth" EDM theme like Pertubador’s music.

>>523375802Ones you can actually hit with your expensive combat upgrades.

>>523375802One of my big issues with the game is that despite it being sold as "Rock vs EDM", it feels more like "EDM with a sprinkle of rock". To counterbalance that, I'd like a song/encounter that starts with full on rock and you in control, having to defend yourself from someone stepping on your turf.

>>523374693Apparently, the Switch and Xbox One have the outdated builds while the PC and PS4 don't. I don't think they've fixed it yet, but they're working on a patch to do so.youtu.be/UV3ZRCSBB1s

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I would love collab or team up fights. DJSS mash up with Neon J./1010 and fusing their two fights, some crazy shit like that. Battle ship attacks from 1010 while orbiting SS's cosmos.

>>523374693Metronomik has stated they plan to fix it but the virus is making it difficult, there’s no expected date for when that fix could happen, might a while.

>>523370693Last night was fun, I really hope they plan on expanding this game

>>523376314>>523376336Well that sucks

>>523368743that's some good shit

>>523365461Those flipped eyes are really cool, they don't fit Yinu hut they're a neat concept

>>523375802youtube.com/watch?v=XKvdaeP99_8The Synthwave SlasherEither with thriller zombies on backup or as a more polished version of Demonica from Stretch Panic, but definitely with a keytar-axe either way.

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>>523375802There’s already an existing missing content teased, now if he is cut content or future DLC I don’t know.

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>>523375802Have a Rick Astley-type, a rather plain looking yet rather good Soul singer popularized by the internet and hailed as the untouchable king of Electro-Soul thanks to the online community constantly rearranging and remixing his breakout hit in a similar fashion to Rick. Deemed impossible to dethrone and regarded as a musical genius ready to deliver the next big thingHis gimmick? He really is just an average guy who accidentally fell into fame through meme culture and has been living a lie to keep face and miraculously overcome outing himself to the public as a sham. Think Mr. Satan from DBZ or King from One Punch Man. His fight could be a Chuck Jones-esque chase through a holiday parade with EDM-themed floats of his "accomplishments" (much like the infamous Macy's Day Rickroll) and the only reason the fight keeps going on is due to luck bailing him out before each finishing blow.

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>>523376472>plan on expanding this gameOn the official Twitter of the game, they responded to a user stating once again future content will be announced. DJSS's VA and one of the developers on his own account have hinted at future DLC, especially with the Noir guy in the murals shown here. >>523376920

>>523376867Stretch Panic was a neat game. My favorite boss was Samantha

>>523375802Cult leader with a choir who sings an upbeat peppy gospel song

>>523376156This game needed way more exploration/platforming and involved combat. I hear it was intentioned to be an Beat em Up at first and it changed to a Boss Rush. I can definitely feel a sort of emptiness to it like there's way more content and gameplay intentioned to be present. Exploring the city is very short and unsatisfying at times. Tons of NPC's don't contribute much beyond silly dialogue, tons of items strewn about have nothing more than observations made of them. City had potential to be way more complex and thorough. This game could have been way more. And the fights have very narrow approaches to beating them. Shooting and parrying 90% of the time feels unsatisfying. They should have kept this game in development a bit longer to realize more depth.>>523376172The rock definitely gets a bit sidelined by the EDM. The EDM in fact is the main attraction. Really poor balance despite the plot. We could have even had more genre switchups with side content like DK West's sudden injection of rap into the mix. All in all though still love and am having fun with this game.>>523376920>>523377118Can't wait but I feel it won't be a great ton of new content compared to the grander scope this game was capable of.

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>>523375802Spider-themed violinist playing a violin/fiddle with multiple bows simultaneously.

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>>523377118Here is the tweet for future reference.twitter.com/NoStraightRoads/status/1301548926730989568

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>>523375802An electro swing stage complete with a rubberhose singer. they'll get more toony and exaggerated as the fight switches from to rock, or it can be in black and white and your influence adds color>>523376867I like this one. Get pertubator or Carpenter Brut to do a song and we're golden

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>>523376920Him being cut content is unlikely since we would have seen some trace of him somewhere online from marketing. The other murals of the current designs of the characters so if he was cut he definitely would have been mid development, thus leading to crumps of his existence when the bosses where being teased. That is simply not the case here and it looks to be deliberate. Come on, they put a ton of effort in Eve's story. I would not put it past the devs if they wanted a secret hint at future content. Doesn't help he is kind of hard to spot in the first placed.

>>523362814YOU ANGRY

>>523375802A marching band where you have to fight through a massive parade to get to the leader at the front.

>>523370693Kek, this was hilarious. I can imagine Neon J as like the Demoman or something.


>>523375802In the previous threads, an user came up with a cool idea for aliens showing up and they use a theremin or a laser harp.


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>>523366586Should have been an edit of the original Doom cover since it has two space marines one can paste Zuke and Mayday's head over.

So did DJSS teach at Eve and Zuke's college? Zuke says he hadn't seen any ice cream of that brand since college, and that he didn't even think they sold them in Vinyl City.

>>523379030>Perturbator or Carpenter Brut>Not Dance With The Deadyoutube.com/watch?v=Zv1FyQn2kQA

>consistent "minor" fatal error entering the kpop fuccbois fightcool.good thing i didn't spend any money on this.

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>>523380080Ever considered that is because you are playing a pirated version?

>>523379925Zuke and Mayday would’ve recognized DJSS in some way if they met before though, DJSS definitely wore something more proper in his academic days but his head is a portable black hole in a globe, kinda hard to forget that. Also we don’t know how old DJSS is, he might have been a professor a very long time ago, way before Zuke and Mayday’s college attendance.

>>523377102Good stuff.


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>>523381080D I F F E R E N T C O L O R E D N I P P L E S

>>523376920Anyone feel the Doki Doki Mermaid Club thing could potentially also be DLC? It could just be an easter egg but Mayday wondering what happened to Sayu's crew sounds interesting. Not sure how much Mr. Noir can give in content just by himself. Or for all we know it be something for a future comic or even mini-game.

>>523380554There's no indicator Eve had six arms back in college nor does she have two-tone skin prior to starting the band, and Kul Fyra could obviously stop being on fire.It's entirely possible music just turns people into mutants in this setting.It's en

>>523381080She might be crazier than a bag of raccoons but damn she's hot

>>523381503I dunno man it seems pretty clear that she always had the two-tone from the first video from before she met Zuke.

>>523378904I know we like to rag on her mom for how Yinu turned out, but the NSR artists probably weren't very good role models to grow up around either.

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>>523373437>>523368743You know one of the things I love most about Mayday? How symmetrical she is

>>523381080>turned her hair into a platform shoe that's still connected to her headI know she really wants people to understand her, but this bitch needs to meet them halfway because what the actual hell


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>>523379390I can see DK West playing the part as the pyro in meet the pyro.>Tatiana: One shudders to imagine what thoughts lie behind those dreads. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty.

>>523384360>video has a quick cut to the bust being put closer to the edge of the table because Eve realized that the force of her paint balloons wasn't going to be enough to send it offscreen from its centerSad but cute screw-up

>>523384135Death the Kid please leave

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>>523381080This reminds me of this one time I was playing VR Chat at a very small avatar, and some E-Girl tried to step on me as like some fetish shit. I told her I was a libertarian and not to tread on me.

>>523377118>>523378769Why don't they fucking fix the base game first?Seriously, after seeing what the game was supposed to look like on PS4, I feel fucking ripped off for playing Switch version.

>>523377554Using music to manipulate the elevator in Eve's district makes me think that there would have been more opportunities to do so in the hub worlds that didn't involve the Level 1-2-3 signs.

>>523385556They are. That was the first thing they addressed and stated that they are focused at patches at the moment. They are also dedicating a lot of time in customer support to assist in resolving any bugs players are encountering. One of the devs himself has been responding and helping people resolve them until the patches are released.So yeah, that is their priority. I think they are just hinting at their plans for those to know that future content is down the pipeline while they get things in order first.

>the best boss in the game is a small child and a tree

>>523386471I'm hopeful, but I dunno, he said a lot of 'maybe patches' in that video. Like he wasn't certain.

Reminder that the same guys who did the soundtrack for this did the soundtrack for a Sonic fangame a few years back and naturally the music is fucking great:youtu.be/WAamGzpJ2-8the game itself is only okay, decent ideas but bad level design and physics

>>523386962Don't recall him saying maybe. He said they were going to see if they can get the patches out as soon as possible, though his uncertainty comes from it being possibly delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. It is going to happen regardless since that is a major criticism of the game they can correct.

>>523387006I still listen to that soundtrack once in a blue moon, I knew recognized something familiar about the music in NSR from somewhere!

>>523386734>the hardest boss in the game is a fat rice farmer

Why is it that most of the K-Pop fans I hear of or see are so fucked in the head anyway?Are they just as bad or worse than those idol otaku in Japan?

>>523387616It's Idolfagotry, but now women are involved so it's twice as bad.

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>>5233877961010 in that concept art look very unsettling without faces.

>>523375951I agree with this.

Operation Party All Niiii~~~ghtttt!

>>523384531Cute but sad.

>>523388967TROOPS 1234

>>523389407And jaaa~a~a~ammm

>>523388967It's criminal we got no lyrics for their theme, it would've made that fight even more electri-fy-iiiing~


I need an extended video of Mayday shredding the guitar in tune with the BG

>>523389785with the BGM*

>>523389785What, the city bgm or the bosses? Because trust me the bosses are hell to record that shit.

>>523389617LOCK TARGETS

>>523377102I liked your idea so much I tried to draw Rick in the NSR style. Not exactly how I wanted him to look, but eh.

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>>523386471>One of the devs himself has been responding and helping people>he's the dude who helped make FFXV and FF0Uh oh

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>>523387196Too little, too late. Unless they try to do some big NSRemix campaign after it's all patched up.

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>>523390763His aura...so...menacing...crazy...POWERFUL!

>>523391694I don't feel angry or disappointed, I feel just... Tired. Like I knew this would be the way things would go because it's twenty fucking twenty.I want this year to end. This year is literally engineered to suck the life out of you.

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>>523365817Green plays the cello, the bass guitar ofbow string instruments.>>523365909A drug induced hallucination created by subliminal beats and strobe lights.

>>523375802>A vaporwave stage where, unlike the other stages, everything gets slower as the stage goes on, including you. It has moments of slow motion to the beat of the song. Artist is a Chill 80's guy who is all staticy all the time and has the dixie cup swish shirt and all kinds of product placement and advertisements all over the place.>A chiptune stage with all kinds of retro videogame baddies like space invaders attacking you. Artist is a gamer girl twitch thot>A drone stage/ Industrial stage. Looks like an old factory and attacks are sustained for a long time. Openings are few and far between. Absolute endurance test level. Artist is a straight up Doomer.>Gabber stage. Cyberpunk themed. The stage is absurdly fast paced. Artist is a cybergoth chick in a gas mask.>Hardbass stage: ANU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE!

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>>523391989It's honestly a bit disgusting that they seemed to have spent more time investing in international VAs and releases than actually making sure the game worked properly.


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>>523391694>MetacriticOh please...Still, the other versions seem to be doing mostly alright and even though as a game might not be top notch, its soulful nature carries it.

>>523391694Most reviews of it amount to one of>it's not guitar hero so it's shit>it's not space channel 5 so it's shit>it's not psychonauts so it's shitAt least they have a year of devtime to clear their name before it sees actual release.

>>523391694After all the shit videogame reviewing has rightfully gotten in these recent years, it should be common procedure in this day and age to disregard official reviewer scores and take user scores with a handful of salt.Doesn't matter what site it comes from.

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>>523392435>>523392486>>523392507The devs are begging you to take Metacritics scores sea-riously. Boost plz!

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