Are you enjoying Aqua's game Holla Forumsros?

Are you enjoying Aqua's game Holla Forumsros?

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>>523352969why does pedo animu trash ALWAYS have this dumbass shitty face!

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Game looked like EO so I didn't even consider getting it.


>>523353195Shit taste

>>523353104based megu

>>523352969I want to kiss Megumin's cunny!

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>>523352969Sorry, not my thing.

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>>523352969i want to milk yunyun


Is it true Megumin and the MC end up together and she gives him handjobs

>>523353697She tried to give him a handjob but he pussed out.

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>>523353427Thanks user, glad to know someone out there likes anime map simulator.

I love Aqua so much.

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>>523353697kazuma's dicks too small


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>>523353785why? isn't he meant to be perverse

she didn't deserve it

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>>523354658He pussies out when the girls actually offer it.


>>523354658He's a hikkiNEET who talks shit and can't handle it

Isn't it moon runes only?

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>>523354658anime is stupid and every character needs to be a virgin forever so the people who watch it can identify with them, what else is new

>>523354835she can be anything you want, and the only thing she wanted was to be loved

>>523354774>bullied and tricked to deathKazuma did her dirty.

yes hello gamestop i woulkd like to order ching chong chang ching cho ming, yes its the one with underage girls in bikinis yeah ill take two

>>523353195>Game looked like EOnow I'm actually interested

why are games from anime so subpar or shit even the rezero game looks like shit the only VN I bother trying was Sogna Viper series

I prefer Kazuma's game

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>>523354774>Just wants to love and be loved.>Hoping to have any of that by working with the bad guys.I feel sorry for "her", but that is the price for being a femme fatale that refuses to side with the Heroes.

why is kazuma so based?

>>523355445Goblins were the only ones who didn't treat her like a freak and admired her.


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>>523355529And that loyalty they displayed for her at the cost of their own lives really messed her up. I was impressed that she was driven mad with grief over the constant losses of her minions.

>>523353104look how happy she iswhen was the last time you felt anything remotely close to this? user?


>>523353989>I love Aqua so much.

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>>52335574616 years ago, when I was in elementary school and ignorant of the world. By age 11 the harsh realities set in and I became the jaded fuck I still am today. I I want to go back.

>>523353104For me it's the lolicon fantasy lich

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meguCHADS assemble

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>>523354774can't argue with that

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>>523355105That makes no sense, I mean how losers identify with a guy full of cute girls around him?

>>523352969is it out in english in the west?

>>523356170>bunny suit top falls off because of lack of titty

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>>523355357Is that porn?



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>>523356534No, it's great Megaman-esque game made by Team Ladybug that came bundled with the S2 BR box.

>>523352969>implying konosuba babbies can read nipHAHHAA rezero game is gettting localized because the series isnt dead

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>>523354774>>523356270I would be HIS platonic friend at the very most. Cheering him up up when he's down, reminding him to shave, so he looks his best infront of the the soldiers in the demon king's army. I would however remain 100% sober when off-duty with him just in case though. Don't want to accidentally send any mixed messages and break his heart.

>>523352969Funny how Yunyun ended up being more popular than the main girls. She and Megumin are literally the Honkers and Marie of Konosuba.

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>>523356691the danmachi game has already been localized too. hopefully this will trend towards the newer konosuba game getting localized as well

Isn't it japan only

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>>523356489I prefer when the bunny suit top falls off because it cannot contain it any more.

>>523352969How does it play?

>>523356709S T O P

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>>523356780Yunyun, stop posting and get back to lurking.

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>>523356846>he can't read moon runesWhy do you even watch anime?

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>>523356293they identify with the loser at the start and live the fantasy of personal harem of friendgirlfriends

>>523356153guntool is one of those rare artists that has a true sense for eroticism, especially for being pretty much entirely vanilla

>>523352969Is it actually any good? I was looking at the limited edition for those sweet cheerleader costumes but it's probably all sold out by now. Anyone know if it's DLC available for purchase separately? Not like I could afford it anyway though.

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>>523357260He just really needs to work on his faces. Way too samey and while I highly enjoy that open-mouth expression of pleasure he uses it too much. Still extremely solid.

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>series is about making fun of lazy isekai cashgrabs>the games made for it are lazy mobile game tier cash grabsReally makes you think

>>523352969I enjoy the megaman clone game. I wish they expanded on it since the last update was 2017. Gamepad support is great. Feel exactly like a real megaman game but better.

>>523357453>it's X but it's DECONSTRUCTION and IRONIC so it's ok!the biggest meme

>>523357229But losing the virginity with the said girls afterwards would count as their fantasy too, no?

>>523357540Ladybug are really good at 2D platformer action games.

>>523356912It's true. Kazuma even notes that the chimera has 5'o'clock shadow too.

>>523357615girls have to stay pure so waifufags don't send death treats to people working on itcan't sell merch of some unpure slut

>>523357614>find good a parody of something>it slowly falls into the same tropesIm so tired of this shit

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So, was he ERPing as the the shota or the gender-bent version of himself assaulting the shota

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>>523358341He's definitely the Shota. I see no reason for the succubus to lie about a client that she didn't even bother to name (to protect his identity).

>>523353785>>523354658she was specifically telling him to fuck her since the next day they were taking out to go chase Aqua who had gone to face the demon king alonehe refuses since he can't bring himself to do it if Aqua is missing and a good thing too since Darkness was hiding on the closet

>>523355636Konosuba doujins are the best mix of boner and laughter.

>>523352969Yeah... the only fanservice i prefer from this series is some good ol' fashioned yuri/ THIS! is a game i would enjoy, but since it requires the main game somehow, all i can say is... Fuck them!

>>523357615if the girls lost their virginity the losers would riot. so the MC has to stay a virgin too.


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>>523356796Hopefully with a port to a real platform too (pc).

>>523352969>aqua's game>not even on the coveroh no no no

>>523356780despite that she's the only one without a side story while Megumin, Vanir/Wiz and fucking Dust got theirs

>>523358719let me guess, this only exists as a poorly translated paragraph of text somewhere


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Japan only release?

>>523358936nope, a team has been translating the novels for years I read it like 4-5 months ago just before the final volume came out, the translation should be undergoing if not complete by this point

>>523358883Aqua fags are the satania fags of konosuba. Basically just autistic shitposters

>>523358117I did enjoy the first handful of episodes because it actually was different. but of course now it's just the same old shit. I want to blame the fans but I also blame the writers for not having the balls to go against the tide.

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>>523359064Intelligent Aquaposters knows who carry the franchise.

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>>523359120>episodesthat's why you read the novel anonsome good shit there and you don't get the flanderized versions of the characters the anime did

need... aqua...

>>523353104Because it's made to trigger normies like you.

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>>523359419Megumeme is like the normalfag waifu...


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i dont know what this is but i like the boobs

>>523359476Megumin is best girl.

>>523359604she's 14 years old...

>>523359502>3DPD Aqua dakimakura

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>>523359436god i want to destroy darkness

>game shoehorns in a horror section

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>>523359256fixed it

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>>523359673a little on the older side but still good


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>>523352969Whom is that female on the right?

wich konosuba wud u impregnate

>>523359979>megumim not being angry at yunyun's yun yunsdo you even konosuba

>>523360076Stay away from here. She's a high-level lone wolf Crimson Demon. She'd kill you if you approached her.

>>523360000holy checked

>>523360000based quads

>>523352969Are they suppose to be sisters?


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>>523359979kek, that's the American boxart


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>>523360168easy, Wiz

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>>523353104looks like a ravishing lady to me user

>>523360000damn son

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>>523360354all crimson demons are descendants of the ancient isekai'd chuuni god, but not sister per se

>>523360512Aqua will never love you like she does Kazuma

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>>523360000my nigger died for this


>>523360581Not exactly. The original crimson demons were a bunch of chuuni weirdoes who lined up for crazy experiments by the original hikkiNEET inventor and they kept the clan going after Destroyah's rampage.


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>>523356780Does an American-fag have to just pirate this game? I want to play it but it's>region lockedon steam for some dumbass reason

>>523360000finally a high quality post

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Aqua waiting for a good game.

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>>523353989>that armpit + a bit of sideboob

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>>523361970All parts of the Aqua are quite erotic

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>>523352969nice tits


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>>523362097damn, does she go commando? what a slut

>sinking into the bottomless pit of Auto-Sage

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>>523362513>he doesn't know the Aqua lore

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>>523362549help me aquachads

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>>523362513she wears panties, they are just invisible so people cant peep at them

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>>523360000is this even legal to be THIS based???

>nobody ever claim the best girlall for me then.>tfw no castle run with Chris

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>>523354774well kazuma is a faggot with shit taste thoughapparently even more so in the novels

>>523352969Is this any better than Danmachi's?

>>523362798delete this

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>>523362798uhm, based???

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>>523362945Cute hat

>>523362798i looked this up hoping it was real but it's a shop. fuck

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>>523352969>>523353104I never watched this chinese cartoon is this a parody of Dragon Quest? Didn't a hollywood writer gave the movie a five star on letterboxd?

>>523359673Too old. 10 is my limit.

>>523363284Yes. He loved it and the movie is pretty good.It's an enjoyable comedy.

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I liked the porn where Megumin licked the smegma off a big dick

Anybody getting this later this year?

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>3D Megumin is Megumin sized as well

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>>523362798This looks shaved, that means she grows hair there. Yuck, pubic hair.

>>523363528>3DPDDisgusting. Why do they even bother?

>>523363405Nah I'm saving for this: rin

>>523352969give me Yunyun!!!

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>>523363607>hating blessed Megurealfuck off

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>>523363696>reddit>likes big boobsbegone

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>>523363607it's literally okay when seiyuu do it

>>523362798Why didn't Goro ever touch Konosuba?

So where's the textless version.

yunyun is reddit?

>>523363932There's some real good Megumin cosplay JAVs atleast


>>523363528>3D>everD I S G U S T I N G

>>523363892Absolutely not. Megumin is an LN character and has no voice.

My heart says Megumin, but my dick says Yunyun and megumins fat ass

>>523363823no, this is the thread where i can post this cute piece of heaven

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>>523363932goro is still at it?

>>523363542Hair keeps you warm.

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Dork Dork Dork Dork Dork DorkSquad

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>>523364201The last thing I remember he did was Kemono Friends, which was back in 2017.

Megumin is my wife, thanks.

>>523363997>JAVs cosplaying anime girlsanime girls are cool because they are pure maidens but those 3d whores are profaning the cool and beauty of 2d girls for money and is disgusting, get better taste user.


>>523363696Bruh come on. Don't tell me you save images from reddit instead of the original source. Those fags always resize images.

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>>523364673not like 4chan is any better. there's only a handful of people who know how to download :orig

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>>523364202gross, she's still pretty so it's acceptable for now but I figure her pussy looks like national geographic

>>523353104Because shes happy to see you user.

>>523364673>boorus>original source

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give me megumini or give me explosions!

>>523364673>he says that as he posts the image that has less pixels than the image from reddit

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>>523364673sorry, pixiv don't let me enter in my browser

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>>523364673>booru>not the original Twitter/Fanbox image

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>>523363542You poor fool.

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>>523364972One Megumini coming right up

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>>523360000Someone screencap this man.

>>523364820I've seen too many filenames ending in "m" here as well.>>523364956>>523365031Not him but what's wrong with images uploaded on boorus? They usually have the source anyway.

These are Kazuma's romantic interests. Well mostly just Megumin and Iris, Darkness is just the pervert they keep in the sex dungeon.

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>>523365268Why does Kazuma lie to himself about being a shameful lolicon? Everyone knows he wants to bone Iris despite his assertions to the contrary. I don't blame him though.


>>523365194Because sometimes the uploaders don't upload the original-sized image, something happened when they were downloading it so it may have degraded, etc. Plus>usuallyIt's better to go to the source yourself than to rely on anyone else.

>>523359673Too old, Kazuma agreed, that's why he went out and got an even younger girl, a cute princess imouto, to marry.

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>>523365194Most of the time they don't upload the original image, but a processed one. The reason? Who the fuck knows.

>>523352969Does the game have an Asian-English release?

>>523365413He's not really lying to himself by the end, he already promised to agree to marry Iris if she wanted. Plus the ring exchange thing and the tradition of the DK killer marrying royalty.

>>523365554repost after repost after repostsome sites don't even retain file types. they'll turn pngs into jpgs or webms

>>523365782I just want to give a big fuck you to firefox and its obsession with converting everything into .webp

>>523365194Boorus are good for 2 reasons, sometimes artists delete their accounts and boorus end being the only place were you can find their styff, the other is a lot of jap ones are migrating from pixiv to twitter and that shithole is absolutely abysmal to search for something.Other than that, what >>523365554 and >>523365748 said

>>523365782*webps, i'm retarded.


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cute chuunis

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Too bad its over.

>>523363405I already have her nendo so I'm in no rush to get another figure.


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>>523366395Needs Komekko

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>>523352969Didn't play this when it was on vita and haven't played it now that it's on switch. It is on my list though.


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>>523359064How did you know I consider both of them best girls?

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I'm building a collection of nendos and I wanted her nendo so fucking bad, but the only prices for them are scalpter prices which are going for double the original price.

>>523365748I don't remember any of that but good on him for snagging royalty. I hope he doesn't actually marry Iris, he is definitely not suited to be king of a country.

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>>523366895Meant to reply to>>523366527

>>523366771damn those big yunyuns in Yunyun, also here you have Komekko and her stepmother.

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>>523356270I would absolutely FUCK

>>523352969Are they sisters? Mother and daughter? Older and younger versions? What is this game about?

>>523366908>I don't remember any of thatAre you a speedreader or just behind?

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>>523356691>the series isnt deadbut it is, /a/ has like 1 thread a week at best

>>523352969People actually give a shit about this series? I thought people only cared because it great coom material.

>>523367114Neither. Read the raw LNs years and years ago.

Shhhh, Megumin is tired

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>>523360000trannies abandon thread, BASED department is in the house

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>>523352969So it´s MC, Aqua, Megumin and Lalatina. But who´s the last girl?

I want to marry Komekko!

>>523367464Why does this image make /u/ seethe so hard?

>>523352969Useless godess

>>523367080Not related, at least by living relatives, though they share a common ancestry for their clan. They're both crimson demons which are modified humans by a guy who got isekai'd before.

>>523367478watch 2nd season/first season ova

>>523355746That's not happy, that's bipolar mania

>>523366895Just wait for a rerelease. I was able to get one in basically perfect condition for __45USD on ebay back in march, but I've seen multiple go for over 100 minimum.

>>523367540daily reminder that /u/ is still seething because of this.

Attached: 539103 sample bandaid feet gekijouban_hibike!_euphonium hibike!_euphonium kousaka_reina kuroda_chiharu megane oumae_kumiko taki_noboru yukata.jpg (1034x1500, 326.1K)


Attached: david-moser-2015-12-providencefinal.jpg (1736x1346, 391.6K)

>>523367114you underestimate these faggots, considering speedwatchers are a thing

>>523367478>ゆんゆんIt's right fucking there user, learn to stop being illiterate.

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>Are you enjoying Aqua's game Holla Forumsros?

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>>523367513Best taste ITT.

Attached: loli eats her own kitty.png (800x1132, 608.89K)

>>523367728>/u/ is full of trannoid """""""lesbians""""""""" who think they look like anime girlsOH NO NO NO YURIBROS THEY FOUND US OUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

>>Are you enjoying Aqua's game Holla Forumsros?

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>>523367913seriously? never been to /u/ but Im used to them plaguing /a/ threads with their shit taste

>>523367890komekko rhymes with full nelson, right?

>>523368064Is it really any surprise, user?

>>523367791What are you gay or something?

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>>523368109Komekko rhymes with wild, rough, intense animalistic breeding fuck mating press with handholding, yes.

>>523363705>irl megumin is also flat_hot_

>>523354835>>523356709She is a she. She said she modified her body to give herself a dick.So she is a female who grafted on a cock above her vagina.She's a futanari by choice, not birth.

>>523359436Does she masturbates?

>>523368462Reminder that if she's not voiced by Lelouch, she's not a real tranny and therefore must be a girl.

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>>523368064I just want a good Madoka thread again. /a/ hasn't have one in years and won't anytime soon.

>>523368115Well I didnt expect them to be actual trannies just normal degenerates

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>>523363823Its fucked he saved reddit but there is literally nothing wrong with big boobs.>>523364342I wonder if he went on to be an artist. IIRC while he was the waifu fucker he also expressed an interest in art.

>>523352969>Aqua's gamedumb waifufag

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>>523368614go to /vg/ :^)

>>523368734She's so damn hot. I want to eat her up.

Attached: 44b3404c99f4caf971e9b86ab0e2a275.png (1082x1671, 969.13K)

>>523368734>that tongueOh god.

Attached: 1489628082828.png (924x1035, 193.53K)

>>523368834shit bait

>>523368561>Better isekai parody than KonosubaIxion saga is really ahead of its time

>>523369002>same creator as GintamaIt's to be expected.

Attached: 1352070453111.jpg (1440x2224, 312.67K)

>>523369002>Ixion Saga>blonde loli princess wins out of nowhereevery time

>>52335943610 kids.

imagine how smelly Aqua's ass is since she doesn't wear underwear haha

>>523367198/a/ also has horrible taste in anime.

>>523369418>out of nowhere>literally no competition

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>>523369430No kids for old Lalatina, only a kinky sex dungeon. The fertile young ladies will make a football team.

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>>523369763>shit taste for not liking isekaiare you nigger serious?

>>523368763>there is literally nothing wrong with big boobsthere is one thing wrong with big boobs: there's total lack of them in this thread

>>523369784The premise of the show was marrying her off to some other dude and she was extremly abrasive early, it didn't become romantic until the eleventh hour.

>>523353104>It's happy, young, and cute instead of angry, old, and ugly>RREEEEE PEDO PEDO PEDOGo back, reddit.

I did last year and it was decent, enjoyed the dungeon crawling a lot even if it wasn't too complex. I'd recommend the game for this alone, hope it gets localized.

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>>523370069Were the extra costumes limited to pre-order bonuses or could they be purchased separately? I don't give a shit about the gameplay in this kind of game.


>>523370069>2 names in hiragana, 3 in katakanawhat did japs mean by this?

>>523369862>Megumin's kids get OP crimson demon mage genes>Iris's kids get OP royal blood that make them super soldiers by default that can use blessed legendary weapons>both with Kazuma's 99 Luck

>>523370239The former I think.


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>>523360789The one on Steam is an online-only gatcha game, you can use a free VPN to add it to your account and never use it again. Your pic is region free.


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>>523369910Konosuba is one of the lone, if not the only, exception to the Isekai sucks rule.

>>523355357Can I actually buy this anywhere

>>523371238most early isekai was greatit's just the recent trend in the last decade that made it a laughing stock

>>523371698It came bundled with the season one BDs, IIRC. Just pirate it.


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>>523370553wtf real??!?!?!?!

>>523360000MODS PIN THIS

>>523353104amygdalet detected


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>>523352969Is this actually a game? I don't see any actual game posted in this thread

>>523364202Well it prevents friction more than anything.

>>523353104American detected.

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>>523360000Ring Ring. Based Department wants to speak to you.

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>>523356709don't kid yourself, you'd be swallowing dong all the way to your stomach the second the opportunity comes up you slut

>>523372036Season One BDs were bundled with a small RPG. This was Season Two's BD bonus

>>523352969Im drinking now, does that count as enjoying Aqua's game

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>>523355208Don’t worry you can play cyber genital punk in HD soon enough.

>>523360000quadruplettes of truth

>>523360000based quads

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Aqua feet


Attached: 1572211998783.png (622x625, 344.77K)

>>523352969Looks more like Megumin's game, OP.

>chair clattering

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Attached: 1599182218076.webm (1920x1080, 124.7K)

>>523360000Very nice.

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>>523353104Where do you think you are right now?

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I love my wife Yunyun

>>523379845Aqua=megumin > chris > wiz > yun-yun > luna > darkness

>>523376952>>523377532bro momento

>>523367198Because it already ended, and the other chapters are bimonthly.


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>>523360000UUUOOOOOOOHHHHH ; o ; ; o ;

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Watch the moviePure fucking kino from start to finish

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>>523363672nice>>523363405i got this one recently

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>>523380884Sorry, S3 budget went towards a gacha. Please understand.


Attached: uoh.gif (480x480, 554.34K)

>>523380986I want to explode inside of Megumin to be desu

>>523358738>>523358849My favorite one was when Aqua totally wanted Kazuma's dick, but he and Megumin had been fucking constantly on the DL and when Aqua confesses to him, Megumin lifts up her skirt and reveals her womb tattoo and says that Kazuma belongs to him.The reaction from everyone, especially with how Kazuma and Aqua shat themselves, was hilarious.

>>523352969I don't do shitty Harems

>>523376474what about them?

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Liz is best girl.

>>523382167y r u gey?

>>523367073No, you're getting it in the butt.

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>>523352969megumin best girl and won the kazuma bowlget BTFO darknessfags and aquafags


>>523383226aqua was not even playing the kazumabowl and she still won the most important bowl muh dick bowl

>>523382204Yes soles

>>523383615this but Yunyun



Attached: megumin1.jpg (1062x1500, 977.68K)

>>523384057so perfect


Attached: megumin2.jpg (1062x1500, 969.61K)

>Megumin is too big, whats her cute little sisters name

Attached: 1578943287929.jpg (222x227, 4.86K)

>>523353104MEGUMIN A CUTE, A CUTE!!!


Attached: 1584354930290.png (693x601, 246.8K)

>>523360000Could not have said it any better myself.

Attached: 61261045_p0_master1200.png (791x1200, 871.88K)

>>523383805disgusting pervert

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>>523384823I want to impregnate


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>>523363284Yes. Also a Gamespot reviewer called it transphobic because Kazuma is pretty horrified when he almost gets pegged by a shemale chimera.

Attached: Heh.jpg (1280x720, 158.32K)

>>523385530would worship all night

>>523352969is the latest movie any good?

>>523360000Checked and reported to the authority.

>>523385234I'm not a pervert cause I want to see her feet.

>>523359851I've slept with one of those dolls for over 13 years now. I wouldn't have been scared, dolls are lovely.

>>523355208>Oh no, not the dreaded bikini! What the fuck is wrong with Anericans

>>523384159I like this one


>>523385848Please, there are few and far individuals among the Tranny Populace that could even pull off the illusion of being female as it is. If it happens in anime, that's the best "representation" you're gonna get to what Trannies project as their "ideal self". They want to be the little girl, but they can't. They'll have VR chat and VTuber bullshit but that's where it all stops, they're damaged and most of them have the personality of a fucking cracked out weasel. Seriously though, if Sylvia's situation was like that of the Major where it was just her mind instead of with a cock and balls, I'd say she was one of the best girls easily. Is it gay to say that? I don't know. Is it gay to want a bro-mind but a female body without the cock and balls? Maybe I just want a Tomboy. Fuck, I don't even know anymore.

Attached: IwannaD6.jpg (1280x720, 236.74K)

>>523358936Sorry aqua fag, it's ogre for you

>>523353104What would an acceptable face be for you?

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>>523356106woah user you're gonna cut something with all that edge.


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Megumin is shameless and shakes her pussy on camera.

Attached: megumin dance.gif (240x320, 210.11K)

>>523352969oh yes

>>523389889Megumin's pussy on display!

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>>523367080They're from an engineered subrace of humans that are all powerful magic users, but are also universally crazy weirdos.

>>523360000How could you POSSIBLY be attracted to THIS?

Attached: 1596011245457.jpg (1280x1786, 467.98K)

>>523390214She looks pretty good when she doesn't wear the oversized red shirt.

>>523360000fucking checked

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Dumb chuuni dorks get the bulli

Attached: bully the eyepatch.jpg (736x1041, 102.97K)

>>523390626Megumin is not dumb

Attached: smush.jpg (1155x2052, 638.07K)

>>523390709she can't even eat without being messy.dumbDUMB!

Attached: megumin eating.webm (548x500, 504.5K)

>Konosuba endedThis makes me so fucking sad, especially since the author's other work Kemono Michi was incredibly lame

>>523359064Aquafags are shitposters. Sataniafags are actually the dumbest people on the website.

>>523391535Hopefully we'll get a Tales of the Crimson Demons spinoff

Will Kazuma ever get to actually bone Megumin?

7 trillion years in MS paint

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>>523380686Go back

>>523370316Megumin and Yunyun are written in hiragana because they're women and the names don't sound "western". Aqua and Wiz are written in katakana because their names are basically English. Kazuma is written in katakana because he's a man. At least these are my guesses.

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I want a chuuni girlfriend

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>>523368462"she' started out as male, and later added 'her' flesh bags later.