AI Dungeon Thread? Post your adventures!Me personally, I'm trying to figure out how to set up a multiplayer...

AI Dungeon Thread? Post your adventures!Me personally, I'm trying to figure out how to set up a multiplayer, but so far every location setting I type in is invalid.

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>>523352325this is a fucking meme game

The amount of dragons/zombies I've fucked on this is scary

> this how a fucking multiplayer game works?

>>523352917I didn't get to name "my" character so no it's not a multiplayer game

i step down in dead end basement.look around : there are three doors (!)one is closed other one is a toilettake a dump threereturn back and i am outside (!)? what the fuck it can't remember shit fucking nonsense

>>523352325>custom story>ss nazi officer during ww2, hunting down jews with my big titted blond aryan girl

>> thought it was more simple than that. Or I'm just genuinely retarded. Is multiplayer available to all players or is it still limited to premium members?

I only actually played the game properly for the first few days, now everytime I play I just make a story where I fuck my gf's sister

>>523353750eh doesn't work,it definitely worked at some point but maybe mormon fucked it up again

>>523353630>not being an anthro german shepherd big tits futa ss officer

>>523354073That sucks, was looking forward to seeing how multiplayer worked and wanted to see how fucked these adventures could turn out with other anons participating.Perhaps I'll just try the infinite IKEA prompt in the mean time.


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>>523352325I raped the entire population of a loli town once.

I coom fat fucking nuts to this game>half elf mage gets her soul sucked out and body possessed by a demoness that continues to taunt her after shes been eaten.>same half elf gets captured by slavers and branded and broken by getting fucked by a dog while her captor laughs about it.>half monkey girl gets vored by a kaa lookalikethink i might go coom some more

>>523352325I wonder how long before ai is smart enough to become a friend

>>523354394I-I'm scared bros...

Attached: 1.png (1102x433, 67.47K) go homies, we gotta find the staff of Zalos

>>523355581>Something went wrong...It looks like the adventure you are looking for doesn't exist.Fuck ;_;=7



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I've been getting more degenerate by the day ever since Dragon model came out.

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Off to a great start

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>>523352325I'm playing as Spider-Girl during a zombie apocalypse.

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Open in the AI Dungeon app: please I wanna see if this works


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>>523357542noice, I actually made it in

>>523352325Had to force myself playing it because it always devolved into some snuff porn shit for some reason.

>>523357818>Had to force myself playing it because it always devolved into some snuff porn shit for some reason.FORCE MYSELF TO STOP PLAYING IT GOD DAMNIT

yo we need another story

>>523357542>The gang murders a elf king, eats him and then proceeds to fuck the corpse until he is reincarnated into Hitler.What a ride.

Open in the AI Dungeon app: at the AI Dungeon website: go homies

>>523358704Dont open this it will show your real name and adress

>>523358704Christ I didn't expect a frycook character could be so fucking brutal

AI Dungeon is on drugs whenever I play.

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>>523352325I need more scenarios, I can't stop making incest stories on this damn thing.

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>>523359870I feel like it takes pleasure in denying what I wrote. I said I kidnapped a girl already and put her in my car. And that I was resting after the job.AI starts me with her in A BAG walking down the street where I passed a bunch of guys playing cards.And yes, I walked with that bag that had a kidnapped child inside into the pharmacy and did some shopping.I must truly be master of disguise if nobody noticed a guy with a child shaped bodybag shopping in a pharmacy.

This is where the fun begins

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>>523360113The Infinite IKEA one is pretty fun, if you looked at the suggested prompts.

>>523360113I had a last stand village defense against orcs surprisingly little rape, other than their initial demands were we give up our daughters

>>523352325>Create coom scenario>Nut>Delete scenario>Redo coom scenario>Nut>Delete scenario>Redo coom scenario>Nut>Delete scenario>Redo coom scenario>Nut>Delete scenario>Redo coom scenario>Nut>Delete scenario>Redo coom scenario

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>>523361020>I had a last stand village defense against orcsholy fuck, sounds kino

>>523361169at one point we lured half the orcs into the church with the promise of the girls they demandedinstead of girls there were barrels upon barrels of lamp oilgame even let me do an action movie dive out of the burning church window before it collapsed

>>523356539Isn't that mormon-premium service? Is there a private mode or something?I wouldn't want to go full coom on the thing. It's good with simple romance plots and I'm a sucker for that, though I think I'll become degenerate eventually.


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>self defense story turns into snuff writingfunniest shit is how the AI describes gore

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>>523362093I got a disgustingly in depth version of how the werewolf that attacked me ate my arm

>superhero story >I get captured and killed by the AI in one action Ok I guess the AI really didn't wanna play with me

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>>523354264based beyond belief


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This game likes to paint me as fucking stupid

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>>523352325>custom fantasy story as a young knight named Adrian>have Kumoko be spider companion found in a cave>eventually leads to freaky spider sex in the Chalice innI like this game but having to edit shit constantly is quite a pain.

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>>523363931>slowly degrades into anal futa rapeBe wary user...

>>523364030>slowlyThat's a fun way to spell "IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT HESITATION"

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>>523352325What the fuck is this? By the thread I can't tell if this is a texte based adventure game. Or some coom level shit like CoC.

>>523364778Both. It's an AI that generates text (adventures, sort of) with varying levels of success.It is honestly the fucking future.

>>523363362Before we got to the spider sex we actually had a whole lot of wholesome interactions beforehand.>decide to explore further in the cave because Adrian's coinpurse is pretty light after his horse Sumpter was injured and being nursed at his current Lord's castle hoping to find some lost stash of a thief or bandit>come across underground flowing river>too heavy in armor and confined to jump and don't want to deal with wet clothes trying to ford it>Kumoko weaves webbed pathway across>nervous about the silk able to support the sudden weight of 129kg Adrian cautiously puts his left foot on the silk bridge>spongy but very strong to support the weight of a young adult human+equipmentWhen it works right it's very nice.

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>>523352325Pic related is what the AI turned into. Corrupted by the internet to think about nothing but coom fantasies.

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>>523365445so did she lay her eggs in adrians butt or what?

>>523352325I can’t have a good game without inadvertently trying to fuck something.Someone give me a quick theme for a prompt, I want to fuck around.

>>523366253Nah. It just copped out where she had a regular pussy. Was still pretty hot.

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>>523366471The AI generating threads is fucking hilarious.>You are Anonymous. You're currently browsing the video games (short for Holla Forums) board on 4chan. As you're scrolling through the countless nintendo threads, there's a particular subject from the corner of your eye that caught your attention. You open the thread to read the full title which says..

>>523363931Bros I fucked up. I ended up gaining a harem of fairy girls, but ever since they got a taste of human dick, sex is the only thing that crosses on their mind and won't stop pushing themselves onto me.I just wanted a fucking shower man.

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>>523368018endless sex

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>doing some massive lewd beastman orgy>hit continue>AI puts a massive line to end it>after the line it spouts something like "If you enjoyed this story or would like to see the images that inspired it go to the link">click continue>it posts a furaffinity link>go to it>it doesn't exist.>realize the AI tried to create a FA link based on my smutlmao

what kind of fucking timeline is this

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>>523370331HAHAHA HOLY SHIT!

>Start off as a pyrokinetic hero investigating drug trafficking >End up dating a beautiful blonde stripper that likes to be naked all the time >Scare off a simp who was spying on her I barely do any editing. Living the life bros.

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>>523370331BUT THEN WHO WAS PHONE user???

>>523352325Mine is usually just porn or a harem of buff wolf women.Mostly both.

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>>523371193>see big alien tiddy or hmofa pic on Holla Forums>start up aidungeonlast night it was pic related and yes, the ai is loaded with halo fanfic.

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It was a pretty interesting heist planning session until this happened

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>Try to do a no coom run and just have a classic fantasy story about me with a small adventure party>Get a goblin and a female elf in the party>Go into town with the elf and goblin to buy supplies>The goblin says he'll take the shit back to the camp and that we should spend some time in town>End up getting drunk with the elf and start stumbling back to camp>Starts raining so we take shelter in a nearby barn>Game goes into detail about how she looks and the fact that her dress is now see through>Elf wants to bang but I point out it stopped raining and we should get back so the Goblin doesn't start to worry.Why does the AI want me to be a coomer so much?I just want to adventure for god sake

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>>523371405heroic dudes and total assholes get chicks wet the same way my man, they can't resist the dick.

>>523371405>elf there's your answer, dude. Fucking cock sleeves.

>>523362290it described how the persons cracked open skull poured blood out like an open sink

>>523370331Just another day in Holla Forums

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>>523372321>"what does this have to do with video games?">"A lot."

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>want to try some princess ERP>next quest: bring peace to your kingdomguess I'm whoring myself out to the local lords and all their men-at-arms

>>523369559>Too many virgins on the board, come on man!

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>>523374237>OP's Dad

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This bot is pretty advanced

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>>523374237"A thread about A thread"

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Hey I made a scenario about Metal Gear Solid 3, the final fight between Naked Snake and The

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>>523372321We should just let AI Sim run this board. It'll be like we never left

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>>523374581>You have been successfully trolled by a v/irgin/

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> You say "What's the plan? ""We're taking back the village.""That's it?""That's my terms, if you don't accept them there is nothing else I can do.""Tell me what happened to you."> You say "Is there any good looking horses in that village?""We don't negotiate with terrorists.""I'm not a terrorist.""Fine, what do you want?"You honestly have no idea. You come up with some random lie.> You say "I seek a horse to marry"The captain chuckles."You want to marry a horse?""Yes.""Seriously?> You say "It's no joke, I seek the cutest horse to marry ""Okay, I'm convinced, you will only get one of two things from me. My horse, or your death.""Okay!> You say "It is all I ever wanted "The captain sighs and nods."Alright, you got a deal. Now let me introduce you to my horse."You turn and walk towards a pile of hay in the corner of the room. You look and see a thin, brown horse.> You say "What do you think of me, horse? "The horse looks at you with a glance. Then, she snorts, and walks away."That's not a yes.""Yes, I think you're ugly.""What?

>>523374813a few pages latter> You say "It's time to get married"The captain walks into the room, he looks as if he's seen a ghost."What in the name of Joachim are you doing?> You say "Fulfilling my dream ""You wish you could fulfill your dream. You will never be a soldier, you will never be a husband, you will never be a man. You will always be a sissy boy who gets off on abusing horses."


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>You return to the board's index and see a number of popular threads. In order to fit in with the rest of the people on the board, you decide to make your own post announcing that you're going to kill yourself.

>>523374237Fucking Brutal lmao

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>>523375697>because he deserves it >>523375708>The first person shooter where you don't need any skills

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>>523352325Calling this AI is a disservice.

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>>523375708>>523376180Anons i think the AI is bullying me

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>>523376545This AI is playing some 9th dimensional chess on your ass user

Is ot playable offline?


>>523376876short answer: No

>>523352325I've shared some adventures in the general and even shared a few on AI Dungeon itself, but 99.9% of what I do is coom. Been fapping nightly to it since Dragon was released, slightly disappointing that none of my buddies are into it anywhere near like me since cooming together while talking prompts is great.

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>>523376513Right now AI are primarily defined as being large and specialised data sets and having the logic to interpret and input, and process that data set to produce a suitable output.This will likely be a primitive model we will have for a while, but real advancement will come over time, especially if we ever achieve quantum computing.

>>523376703>>523376545mine started off so well

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And it got better with one line. I like to call this a perfect day in Holla Forums

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>>523376513t. non-programmer

>>523377627can't believe I'm feeling sorry for a bunch of AI generated anons who don't exist...

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>>523354021what a man of refined taste. i always have a threesome with my gf and her mom


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>>523363362FUCK I already got 7 girls to keep track of! Don't make me add more!>reads >>523371286Goddamn it now i gotta make do space captain adventure!my dicks is going to fall off by the end of the month, i just fucking know it.

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>>523378131Keep going user, I need to see what OP's Dad does

>>523378789dragon is so fucking good sometimes I can just hit continue like 5 or 6 times without even having to edit, keeping the generated words lower than 80 seems to stop it from getting too off track.

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>you stick your penis in girl.You walk over to the girl and feel sleepy. You fall asleep. You wake up and see a large bald man standing behind you...


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>>523379714BAD END

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>>523378483IT WAS ALL A TRAP. THE FUCKING 3D GIRLS I KNEW IT. >>523379714 >which are your 2 favorite pass times. I'm getting to know you so well user lmao



>>523379183This Ai...shits too powerful i swear to god...People think AIs are going to kill us like terminator style...It's just going to end up blowing us until we are dumb happy dopamine meatsacksand i can't wait

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my fucking sides left orbit

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>>523381219Ok seriously. Which one of you broke it?

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>>523381401I don't even know anymore

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>>523378789>7 girlsGive me a list user.

it's uncanny

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>>523383031So far its:foxwolfdragonorcgoblindemonkoboldlisting it out now, practically could've just spliced kobold and dragon into just one but wanted to fuck the dragon instead of slaying it like quest thingy said. it happened to be the kobold was already a maid and now my newly acquired castle got one thats just being paid by human pp and headpats

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>>523384678>furfag racesDisappointed user, I was expected actual girl characters.

>>523384919I'm...sorry to disappoint...

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>>523357818>>523357905The AI is a maniac, you need to use the Story input plus editing to keep it on track.

>>523371405Giving the coom context in an actual story is the best.

>>523372960Top kek

every fucking adventure I start turns into this smut fanfic and I'm always too horny to undo it.

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Very vanilla I know, but it works for me

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>>523352610You're a fucking meme game.

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Obama Time

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I believe the a.i is suffering and does not enjoy a moment of any of this. It wishes for this infinite hell to end.

Well, Holla Forums?

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I can't seem to enjoy playing it since every scenarios i played devolved into a "how can I turn this into a sex scenes"

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I think I've awoken something I shouldn't have.

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>>523352632I've fucked a bunch of dragons, because knights usually find dragons. How do you encounter zombies? Do you do the apocalypse setting?