So why wasn't he revealed for Smash Bros in today's Mario 35th Anniversary presentation?

So why wasn't he revealed for Smash Bros in today's Mario 35th Anniversary presentation?

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I can only assume it means he won't ever be in smash

Lets say Geno is inLets say he's added to help celebrate Mario's 35th anniversaryWe can disqualify him as Fighter 77 because otherwise he would've been shown If he's Fighter 78 or 79, that'd make sense no sense in revealing fighters out of order right?If his purpose is to help celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary he needs to be out or revealed before the end of MarchThat limits Geno to being Fighter 78 or Fighter 79 assuming Fighter 80 is an E3 reveal

>>523352298Because if he was shown then he’d end up taking away the attention from the 3D world port and the other 3D mario games and I doubt Nintendo want that.Imagine Nintendo announces 3D world port, mario galaxy, 64 and sunshine all in 1 and then announces Geno and Geno ends up taking the spotlight from them and ends up trending on Twitter. I think Nintendo would be pissed.A mario rep is inevitable and will most likely be next and probably be Geno but it was never gonna be announced during a mario direct. That would be the worst thing Nintendo could do.

>>523352298He's gonna be a costume again, deal with it


>>523352298if they announce a new smash character in a Mario direct then everyone would know who it is right away.


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>>523353670This is honestly the most likely outcome considering last year I think it was some music from SMRPG got taken down that correlates specifically with Geno and as the Sans and Cuphead costumes showed us since, unique Mii Fighter costumes can come packaged with a song. To all Genofags in this thread, please swallow the inevitable blackpill that we will never be an official fighter in Super Smash Bros.

>>523352298Why would they show off a Pokemon in the middle of a Mario presentation?

>>523353598>Because if he was shown then he’d end up taking away the attention from the 3D world port and the other 3D mario gamesDelusional.

>>523353974Fuck off coomer>>523354189you fuck off too

>>523354274Seethe and cope reddit

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the puppet won't even get a mii it's going to remain a png


>>523352298Because You’re all massive fucking retards.

>>523352298Watch em remake Super mario rpg and replace that fuckin shit puppet with daisy or some shit and mallow with luigi. Just out of spite for genofags

>>523354957In a perfect world

523354352You really wanna die on this hill coomer?

>523353974>not even in the game

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>>523355015>In a perfect worldHonestly if any game company would do it it would be Nintendo

>523352298why tf geno would appear on a mario direct?why tf would appear SMASH ona MARIO direct?you're pathetic

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>>523355680Fuck off ESL

>>523352298Eh, I can think of several reasons.>didn’t want to overshadow all the stuff aside from 3D All-Stars>related to this, they may not want to outright reveal a fighter (not just hint, like Min Min) in a shadowdropped presentation due to the hype generated from live reactions>it was mainly focused on the Super Mario platformers, with the only two notable exceptions being for Mario Kart>Geno is a third-party property, while everything shown today was either originally published by Nintendo or licensed out for merchandise purposes>more Mario-related announcements could be on the way, assuming they didn’t dump their entire load all at onceGeno isn’t guaranteed, but there’s little good reason to discredit him just for not showing up today.

I want to say “one day this will all be over,” but I know even after the final fighter is revealed, Genofags will just clench their pearls harder saying shit like he’s confirmed for Smash 6.

The Sakurai presentation will get announced tomorrow guys. The same insiders the internet has been praising all day today have confirmed this.

>>523356367>but I know even after the final fighter is revealed, Genofags will just clench their pearls harder saying shit like he’s confirmed for Smash 6.This 100 percent! At least since Brawl speculation, Genofags have been like this. >Oh well there's a chance he'll be one of the hidden characters for Brawl>Oh well there's always the next Smash Bros game!>Oh I can feel it this time. He's a lock in for 3DS/Wii U!>Oh, well I guess there's always DLC!>Oh well I guess there's always the next game!>Oh well if everyone is here, then so will be Geno! >Oh, but muh Grinch Leak!>Oh, but there's always Fighter's Pass>Oh, but there's always Fighter's Pass Vol. 2>Oh, well there's always Smash 6! This time for certain he'll be added! Genofags need to take the blackpill and accept he'll be nothing more than a Mii Gunner costume perhaps with a SMRPG track.

>>523356432Proof of this?

>>523357363Source: his literally any Geno related “rumor” since brawl.

>>523352298SE is cock blocking him and his game.

>>523354198How’s it delusional. Your in denial. Finishes top 10 in every major smash poll, is always brought up by insiders even if it doesn’t lead to anything and is that popular that it rattled Nintendo last year and forced them into celebrating mario RPG’s anniversary.You may not like Geno but he’s popular and your in denial if you can’t accept that a smash reveal for one of the most popular characters would take up the spotlight


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>>523352298Geno will never be a playable character in Smash obviously.

>>523353095I read this in Ben Shapiro's voice

>>523358353Correction.Every single Western fan poll. Geno doesn't have a huge following in Europe or Japan.Regardless, Genofags should get Geno finally so I don't have to deal with their Bullshit anymore. Afterwards, let them fall into irrelevance like Banjofags

one day

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>>523352298This was a Mario 35th anniversary direct with first party Nintendo stuff, no square cross over content here. Some of these games go into 2021 indicating Nintendo probably doesn’t have much for the rest of the year. There’s absolutely no way they were going to blow the next smash reveal here and have an even emptier next few months no matter who the character is. They did announce a Smash Mario themed event “later this year” and it’s odd to hold off on that and could actually be a good reason to think a Mario fighter might be next. Geno might not happen and might not be next but no reason to think he’d have to be revealed here, with that kind of logic an argument could be made he’s more likely with the Mario themed smash event later this year but I think this all really didn’t change his chances much.

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>>523353754Paper Mario? Waluigi? Toad? Mario & Luigi?


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>>523352298Because nobody with a brain gives a crap about him?

>>523352298Don't celebrate too early antigenobros, i have a feeling nintendo will unfortunately cave to the memepuppet fags this time

>>523360686> only first party nintendo stuff> they showed off Mario shoesThey were scraping the bottom of the barrel filling this direct and you honestly think they would have held that sort of thing back

>>523355680>can’t respond correctly>ESLVACATE.

>>523354274don't forget to tell all your imaginary friends to fuck off too ya schizo

>>523364343My image is just as realistic as yours

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>>523368560>Two Namco Mii costumes in the first two challenger packs in the Fighters Pass 2Fuck no.

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>It turns out Cacomallow is real but Geno's a Mii costume while Doomguy's the actual fighterImagine the fucking asshurt.

>>523352298because he is not part of the Super Mario series character more like a spin off I guess

If Geno is in, wouldn't he be revealed by now in order to fit in the Smash Bros tournament with only Mario stuff this year?

>>523370856The order isn't the thing that mattersWhat matters is how they will handle the costumes Will they be released individually (aside from Monster Hunters) per fighter or will they will be set in pairs?


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>>523370856It’s a random order you stupid Lloydfag

>>523352298Why are you fags so insistent on pushing him. He's never getting in. Sqeenix and Nintendo have never expressed desire to bring him in. He's never even been hinted at. Yet time and time again you fucks make thread after thread somehow expecting anything different.

>>523352298Guys like stop that Stop playing with my feelings like this

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>>523354186If it's all he'll ever be at least the mii moves and general height/design fit Geno better than most mii outfits. Give him a proper head mask thing instead of shitty mii face options and you're set.

>>523365845>Jirenfags are GenofagsOh nononono.

>>523371642We don't know when the tournament is up

>>523354198Any Smash reveal would have done so, it cannibalises everything around it.

>>523354274Kill yourself, puppettard.

>>523370856enjoy your fp2

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>>523354198I don't even like Geno and he is 100% right, any Smash announcement would have completely eclipsed everything else here easily.

>>523373473>GenoAt most a refurbished Mii Gunner costume with a music track. Nothing more. >CrashCould take or leave him>Master ChiefNo. >LloydTake or leave like Crash>DanteWhy the fuck isn't he already in the game?!


>Nintendo is going big on Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations, and the fun is expanding over to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Over in Japan, Nintendo has announced Super Mario 35th Anniversary online tournament for Smash Bros. Ultimate, which allows you to play as a number of different Mario characters. Nintendo is planning to run the tournament sometime between November and December of 2020. No word on a North American or European tournament at this Geno being 77 or bust

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We've been over this. Square Enix is interested in promoting what makes them money and nothing else. That's why they went with Cloud over any of the Nintendo FF protags and used Hero as a means to shill DQ11.

>>523373473>not one first party after Min MinBased but delusional pilled

>>523373473Just replace Lloyd Irving with Ryu Hayabusa and you would have my prediction.

>>523373867Yoshi and Wario really need to be there. The DK crew too to a lesser extent. Even if they are representing their own series', they're part of the Mario Universe.

>>523374691I swear, Nintendo is run by machines


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because he is not playable, retard and he never was going to be.

>>523373867This is actually a rerun of a previous tournament event.Fighter 7 being pushed to December is still very likely though.

Peepee Poopoo

>>523377254>Fighter 7 being pushed to December is still very likely thoughLol noooooo....You are delusional if you think we won't get FP7 this month or the first half of October at the worst.

>>523368560Geno's still a Mii costume in it. Not sure what you were trying to prove.

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>>523377254Mate, Fighter 77 was most definitely worked on before COVID-19 hit the fan hard

>>523352298No one gives a shit about Geno anymore. In fact, more cucks care about Paper Mario than they do about the OG SMRPG. It's sad.

>>523371416It would make sense though.

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>>523377254>Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL will feature an online challenge that will be limited to fighters, stages and items from the Super Mario series. The top scorers and participants will be selected by lottery for a chance to win premium medals, and the event is scheduled to take place between November and's one differenceOnly Mario items this time

>>523371416>>523378853WE'RE GOING HOME DOOMCHADS!!!!

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>>523379151>haha funni le creepy steve reddit loves it so i make le creepy doomguyBanjo really fucked with the stevefag's mentally, huh?

>>523378356The order. You have all of them paired up even though they would only be paired if they’re from the same series, not company.

>>523373473Here's your real FP2>Min Min>Crash>Travis>Rex>Dante>Rayman

>>523364840Licensed merchandise hardly means anything in the context of a Nintendo Direct, even a franchise-focused one. You're kidding yourself if you think PUMA making some dumb shoes is the same as a third-party company getting a character in Smash.

Literally fucking who


>>523368560>playable Chocobo I fucking wish.

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>>523384796This is about returning mii costumes not new characters

>>523379423>rosterfag sees something he doesn't like>screams reddit at it in hopes it goes awaywhy are rosterniggers like this?

>>523385402>stevefag sees something he doesn’t like>makes another shitty render and posts it on 4chan and discord

>>523379423Remember that one fake 5chan leak? The one that had Steve, Hayabusa, and Doomguy? That's why. Stevefags chose Doomfags to target after Banjo came out because literally every single rosterfag would be fine with Hayabusa.

>>523352298Because he's a worthless character that they're not going to put into the game.

>>523359060We all did.

>>523352298Smash DLC canceled. Sorry.

>>523389109At the very least it's delayed. There's no way they're making December 2021 at their current pace.

>he didn't get his most wanted in the base gameKNOCK KNOCK OPEN UP THE DOOR IT'S REAL

>>523390272IT'S FUCKING MARIO!

My Geno brothers at arms!The filthy Reimu thots are at it again!We must not give into temptation with the disgusting loli and stop her from besmirching our reputation among the Smash speculation scene!

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>>523371416even better>cacomallow is real, but geno and doomguy are both costumes, deliberately not shown by the leaker>the real fighter is dragonborn