10GB is not enough

10GB is not enough.

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>3080>Flagship card

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I sincerely hope technology stagnates and even regresses slightly for the next 100 years


>>5233476028 GB is enough for everything on the consumer market right now short of fringe cases and extreme situations. No one sensible currently needs more than 8 GB of VRAM.However, it's already confirmed that aftermarket models will have double the ram. So expect to be able to buy a 20GB 3080, or a 48GB 3090.


>>523350238Multiple rumors from multiple sources dating as far back as January correctly predicted 100% of the specs for all three 30xx cards, and also included that information.

>>523350559that's not a source user

>>523350559>source: my ass

>>523347602>>523349389>>523349608>>523349679>>523349927>>523350238>>523350559>>523350641>>523350742Name one game where 10gb of vram is not enough seriously I'm waiting

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>>523350913Streaming VR on a Reverb 2 at max resolution and modded to 144mhz.

>>523349679Because he's probably a seething 20 series fag who got scammed by nvidia

>>523350913Doom uses 9400

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>>523347602The bandwidth got doubled though, and maybe they'll do some console tier memory offload to the SSD.But yes it's still not enough if you're planning to keep this one card for most of nextgen, and I'd recommend waiting for the 3070Ti which supposedly has 16gb vram.

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>>523351242What the fuck

>>523350913The gtx 980 is a great card but the lack of vram hurts it in modern games. The same thing is gonna happen with these cards. How much vram do the new consoles have? That will determine the requirements.

why aren't the new cards on PCPartPicker yet? do they not have enough info to complete a build with one?please go easy on me, I am a turbo brainlet

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>>523351328Also some leaks say the 30xx cards can compress the data so less vram is needed.

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>>523349389Fun fact, silica gel is not toxic. They just say not to eat it so you don't potentially choke, especially babies and children.

>>523351798they are not even out yet and 3050 3060 have not been announced yet

>>523350913The cards are for the monitors, dumb ass

>>523347602Its a DDR6X VRAMNot a DDR6 VRAM

>>523347602Agree. That's why I'm getting a 3090.

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>>523347602then get the other one you fucking faggot

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>>523351328>I'd recommend waiting for the 3070Ti which supposedly has 16gb vram.Great, so now we're in a 700 series situation again where you have to choose between more vram (780 6GB) or more cores (780ti 3GB), or spend a ludicrous amount extra to get both (Titan Black).

3060 is the most important card as it will set the standard for the multi-platform game developers.

>>523349927Flight Sim NEEDS 14gb vram at 4k

>>523352202Based money waster

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>>523352535>wasteThat's where you're wrong, buckster.

>>523351048This guy gets it.

>>523352535Epic 90's baby

>>5233476021080 non-ti fag hereI don't run into Vram issues ever, still playing 2020 shit at ultra settings fps

>>523347602>$700>To play console ports at 60FPS 4KThis has kinda gotten stupid, huh? It's nice but really stupid. It makes all those jokes that console kids used to make fun of us for a reality, and what's worse yet you faggots are cheering it on. Ignoring that graphics card tank in value. A 1080ti isn't even worth $150 and it isn't even a 4 year old card that released for $800. You people are really fucking stupid. I'm annoyed and angry at how stupid you are. Just why. Why?>Take more of my money!>New product YIPEEEE

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>>523347602what the fuck do you need 20gb for, 8k textures?

>>523353093Hey I'm a 1080 Strix here.Also happy with my card, ck3 runns butter smooth 1440p

>card to run 4k>8GB memory

>$500 PS5 / Xbecs>$700 GPU>$300 monitor>$300 CPU>$150 >$100 mother board>$1,400 FOR CONSOLE PORTSFUCK YOU NIGGERS. This is a Clown World. How could you be so fucking retarded? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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Serious question. What am I going to play that is worth a shit on the new GPU? I know I will get shat on for not liking the new muh graphics games like RDR2 and Control, but they both had shit gameplay. I want to upgrade to a 2080 like the next person who likes hardware, but I must ask about the games again. I keep seeing games with amazing graphics which get destroyed by reviewers for having trash game play. Take the new avengers game for example. You only get like 5 avengers when Marvel Ultimate Alliance had around 20.

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>>523351242Don't post "Bang4buck", he always uses massive OC.

>>523353907You play the Refnesque Cyberpunk

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why is the bundled game for the new cards watch dogs, and not cyberpunk?one job, nvidia.

>>523354417Because Watch Dogs uses denuvo and Cyberpunk doesnt.

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>>523354585ah, good point: and you can't torrent the denuvo one on day 1.>mfw devs also torrent stuff and planned ahead

>>523351242>>523351450False, it reserves that much. A lot of games do this. They'll take what's available for quicker access if needed.

>>523354023OC doesn't change the amount of VRAM being used

>>523354585That water though Looks better than cp2077

>>523347602What amazes me the most is that the real performance of these new gpus will be so far below what Nvidia claims, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the new consoles still outperform them especially the PS5

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I bought a 1080 3 years agowhen will the 4080 come out, realistically?

>>523354807The point of that picture was not the VRAM.

>>523355215You're talking absolute nonsense and if you believe that then you are a retard.

>>523347602Then don't buy it.

nvidia are smart, by releasing the 3070 later, more people will get the 3080 because they don't want to wait.Even i'm considering a 3080 now.

>>523355215Haha holy shit user, good joke

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>>523350913You don't buy a GTX3080 only for current games.You need to plan for shit ports from PS5/XBOX SEX and Squeenix.

>>523353817Fiat Multipla is also a better car than a Mercedes E-Class

>>523356645If the point of the picture was to show VRAM why is there a big fat screen of the 3080 footage?



>>523353817An extra thousand dollars is nothing to an adult with a steady stream of income. There's also the fact that if you put a tiny bit of research into the PC it will easily be able to stay competitive through 2 console generations. Console+games+paid online comes very close to the cost of the PC over the same time period.

I think it's that so you can use system ram as vram since we all have 32GB RAM these days, borrowing 4-6GB sure wouldn't hurt, remember they gave you a ton of RT cores this time, so it's not like they can gift you stuff...for me, I'm going to wait for the 2021 refresh and then decide

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>>523357184most euros make 1400€ a month on average

>>523347602whatever you say OP

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>>523357308the power of NVcache

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>>5233573671070 to 3070

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>>523357012Because it shows how much VRAM the game is reserving for itself.

>>523356663only a 3090 can run pien at 30fps.

>>523357401Jesus fucking christ. Why would you save an image of this game. It was hands down the worst story and presentation I've ever seen.

>>523357401>NVcachefake news

>>523357568would 1070ti to 3070 be worth it brother?

I haven't built a PC in over a decade. Is the 3070 better than a 2080ti?


>>523349389>people actually believe if we are in a simulation, that we exist outside of it and we aren't just softwareYikes


>>523349927aftermarket cards are already announced, none of them have increased ram. They are all stock ram. All they add is better cooling.

>>523347602tensor vram compression

>>523350913resident evil 3 needs more than 12gbfuture titles gonna need more than that for sure

>>523357696it's actually a very good game, a wholesome game actually, you are too obtuse to give it a try, your loss

>>523355215>Console that uses 200W in games with a 300W total system max magically beats a GPU that draws as much wattage as the entire console by itself. Tell me more about how you know nothing about hardware.

>>523357925Got it. And would a 3070 at least still allow me to run new releases at 60 fps through the upcoming generation?


>>523357743no I own a regular 1070 FE and yes its worth it.


>>523358270I think 60FPS at anything not 4K will be doable. Or at least, max settings 4K won't be doable.

>>523358269But most of the energy it draws will be dissipated in the form of heat anyways

>>5233582703070 is as good as the 2080 Ti but has 3gb less VRAM. You can either get a new 3070 or a used 2080 Ti for even cheaper.

A 1660Super is good enough, r-right bros?Anything above is ridiculously expensive in my third world huehole,

>used 2080 Ti for even cheaper.the problem is that getting any computer component used is kinda risky.It's like a car you have to check from bumper to bumper and if theirs any problems with it.

>>523358632its good enough for a 1080p 60/75 hz display, not like you cant have fun on any game, some might be under 60 fps on max

tensor compression, nvcache...I'm not convinced, give me something clear and solid, or gift me 1700 dollars so I can buy the real deal 3090, tired of this ghetto bullshit technology

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>>523358562Laptop parts don't beat standard parts. No matter how much hype you try to bake into it. Power and thermal limits cripple consoles and prevent higher clocks. The one saving grace of consoles is standard parts and custom OS. Dropping an SSD in them is only going to result in devs taking the performance gains and throwing most of them away by being lazy and not optimizing as much.

>>523358860>>523358573forgot reply

Maybe. By the halfway point of the new generation games are probably going to look a lot better than now.

>>523358889oh, I see. It would seem I was mistaken, I apologize

>>523353184You're delusional if you think mustards play anything but League of Legends, Overwatch, or WoW. They may buy console ports with the intention to play them in 60fps 4k, but the reality is those games just sit in their backlogs for decades because they're playing League of Legends, Overwatch, or WoW.

>>523347602I still can't wrap my head around that fan in pull configuration and its weird blades.

>>523359083truth has been told

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>>523357184You don't understand his point. You're paying $1400 to play console ports. Doesn't matter how well they perform. You're on a PC...and you're playing console ports. Think about that. You paid $1400 for this awesome rig. Think about the cool games you can play! You look at your selection on Steam...and it's ports and indies and shovelware. Where are your badass games friend? Oh wait, nobody makes them for PC anymore because you're all literal thieving niggers. Enjoy your $1400 PC that can play ports though man.

>>523349608i sincerely hope you choke on deez nuts

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>>523357184So what's the benefit of it over a console?

>>523354142I can't wait for 144fps ray tracing.

>>52335953130 extra fps. That's like 50 bucks per fps. What a value!!

who else here:RTX 2070S @1080p60fps high graphic settingsgonna be comfy as fuck for next gen. also looking forward to buying a 4070.

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>>523359392You're chained to a controller and AAA garbage for the most part. The only ports I have played in the last 10 years were GTA.

Why do we buy Founders Edition cards again? I thought the coolers suck.Is $20 for a board partner card too steep?

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>>523354585What's funny is 10+ years, neon signs were everywhere because games were showcasing their stylish screen space reflections, and they gradually went out of fashion because it was still a heavy workload and didn't fit on the consoles budget.Now it's making a return for the ray traced reflections. I feel like I'm looking a decade old design (not in a bad way).

>>523354142dude im cranking that shit up on my 2060 with full RAYTRACing Dlss ect. As long as i get a stable 30fps lock im happy.

>>523359392 obvious bait. you deserve a cock in your ass, although you'd probably enjoy that.

>>523359778I'm just getting a PS5 so I can play all the hot new shit as it comes out so I don't have to wait 4 years, and keeping my rig the same so I can continue playing the latest PC games that aren't hardware intensive at all because PC gaming has become a huge fucking joke.


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>>523359778>2070 SuperI have one too, do yourself a favor and upgrade to 144hz if you're playing at 1080p. Mine does 144 on every game but MHW.

>>523359778I'm leaning towards this even though I could get a full money refund on my 2070 Super and get a 3070, I don't want the new card technology to dig into my SSD lifespan or fuck up my system RAM

>>523359965i see......and how will you play crusader kings 3 on your ps5?

>>5233575684 fucking years. I need to thank my 1070 for its good service.

I'll finally upgrade from my 970 for some silky smooth 4K VR and 2K desktop games. It's just a matter of whether a 3070 or 3080 is a better pick.

>>523359067No need to apologize I honestly wish that console makers would stop obsessing over making consoles as small as possible. The new Xbox has the right idea but if it was even 50% larger they could put a better PSU in them and actually clock to parts up to something close to a PC which would blow them away in games for roughly the same cost. Small form factor is an enemy to all consoles.

>>523359857Because they have better resell value than partner cards.

>>523359845They've had wireless controllers for over a decade now.>>523359910Truth hurts doesn't it?

>>523359531backwards compatibility with almost every platform on one machine. kinda funny PC can comfortably play PS2 games but the PS5 can't and sony isn't interested in letting their consumers do so at all.

>>5233596561080p 144hz forever the master race.144fps ray tracing is going to be kino.

>>523360120funny thing is i bet this retarded troll is posting this on his high end gaming pc

>>523360040Just like his you will play spiderman and demon souls on your pc

>>523359083cringe (but true)

>>523360120The point being that controllers are only good for a limited subset of games. If you play an FPS on a console you aren't even playing the game because of the aim assist that's forced because 1 in a 100 people can actually use a controller effectively.

>>523360246>literally games for kids made by disneyi stopped being 10 a while ago lol

>>523360040I'm neither a nerd, or autist so I wouldn't. Enjoy your glorified map coloring game though.

>>523359531for people that use a computer for work, whether it be CPU or GPU intensive programs, having something that can also act as a console is a huge plus.

>>523360140>Got a 3090 to play ps2 games bro

>>523353817>$500 PS5 / Xbecs>$1000 for a tvWhy would I pay $1500 for a console when I can get a PC for $1400?

>>523360214Nope. 1050ti and some i7 processor. Think it has 3.4 ghz I don't remember. Only have hardware I actually use bud, nothing more.>>523360343Good thing I don't play fps on consoles then?

>>523359857For whatever reason they tend to hold their value for resale, but so do Asus Strix models and EVGA. Kind of like how Sapphire cards do on the AMD side.That being said I think the founders cards look better than all the rgb shit the aib partners are going with.

>>523360353unbelievable cope. horizon was the best selling on Steam for weeks.

>>523357917The human brain is incredibly complex, we would exist outside even if it is just as a preserved brain.

>>523360353Yet you own a Nintendo console, bravo.

>>523360410But why? Do you play video games while you work or something?

>>523360446And PS3. And Wii U. And Switch. And Dreamcast. Can do it all from Big Picture mode too. And any upcoming release since exclusives are slowly dying out.

>>523360889>got a 3090 to play decades old games bro

>>523360623Cope. A gaming PC equal to ps5 plus a 4k monitor would cost around 2k.

>>523360964>And any upcoming release since exclusives are slowly dying out.One machine.

>>523347602Thats a lot of flops.

>>523361000WTF but this guy on Youtube said I could build a PS5 for less than $200 wtf!

>>523351979fun fact, save your silica packets and put at least one in each of your ammunition containers.

>>523360889Emulators are a meme. No one wants to seriously play full length games on buggy, laggy shit. It's just a fun experiment.

>>523361087>got a 3090 to play decades old games, 4 year old console ports, and brand new pixelshit indie titles bro

>>523360757the only thing i own is your little boy body

>>523353817>ps5 599,->4k hdr tv with hdmi 2.1 2.1k>atmos setup 3kYET YOU STILL PLAY AT 30FPS LOL FAGGOT

How reasonable is it to sell my launch 5700 and get a used 2080s or ti

>>523361152The ssd alone probably costs close to 200.

>>523351979good to know

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>>523359907>2060>getting 30fps with raytracingl o ljust kidding, playing modern warfare on max with raytracing with 100fps+ constant. can't wait for a 3070. shits gonna be tight.

>>5233612764k TVs are like 500 bucks lmfao. And no one buys Atmos, ps5 has 3d audio headphones. Keep coping, consoomer

>>523361246>got a PS5 to play no old games, and brand new pixelshit indie titles bro

>>523361276I'm sure WoW and League of Legends are great at 60 fps but I don't think you need a new card or 4k display for those games bro.

>>523361567Ohhh wow sick burn so epic *yawns*

>>523361539A good tv is not 500. Enjoy your huge piece of trash in your house

Probably will be near impossible to buy these until right before the Ti models release, so you can get more VRAM then.

>>523351979It will give you a very very dry mouth.

Pc vs console platform war is the dumbest thing on Holla Forums You cannot compare them because both serve different purposes

>>5233522023080tit will have 11

>>523361706Concession accepted.

>>523361712Cope. You can get top of the line non oleds for 500, 4k hdr.

>>523361859Shutup fag I had a bad day at work and just wanna talk some shit, so gtfo.

>>523352498If you're going to be playing flight sim at 4k, you're most likely the sort of autismo that will do it with full flight controls too and at that point you can probably afford the 3090.

>>523362067Pussy ass cracker bitch

>>523361910>I s-s-swear this guy on Craigslist was s-s-selling one!!!

my question is why the fuck havent retail 2080/2070s dropped in price yet.

>>523362158Old drippy slut

>>523353817I don't like playing pixel shit user. I need 8k now.

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>>523361910link pls? oh wait you won't respond to this post anyway because you can't find a link

>>523361910Absolute bullshit.

>mfw have a 2060>Can play everything over 60fps at 1440p maxed settings except for RDR2.>mfw will just wait till next year when they announce the super/ti variants of the 3070 and 3080 with increased performance.Anyone that has a 1080ti can honestly wait it out till the better variants are announced. Given the pricepoints, a 3070 Super/ti will probably be around the same price, maybe like a 100 dollars more if anything. 3080 super/ti being maybe at most 200 dollars more. Unironically if you have a 1080ti or any of the 2000 series cards, just wait till the better variants.

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>>523362412>image is 1080pWhat did he mean by this?

>>523352498>at 4k>>523349927>short of fringe cases and extreme situations

>>523350913Things running at a good resolution

>>523359083>no one plays anything but the absolute most popular gamesthis is the text version of a fucking wojack.

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>>523347602testing to see if im banned

>>523359778>2070S for 1080p60Bro, get a better monitor. You could've gone with a vanilla 2060 for 1080p60.

>>523362412>playing 1080p to this day>can't see pixelswho cares lmao

>>523355215> What amazes me the most is that the real performance of these new gpus will be so far below what Nvidia claimsYou're delusional

>>523355215>AMD crushes it in the CPU department>Crushes Intel so bad that their whole product announcement, they can't stop fucking mentioning AMD to the point they say their CPU's name more times than their own fucking CPU they're announcing.>Makes Nvidia rethink their pricing, and the fact that they're on the second gen of a technology means that they push this gen a little bit more than usual just in case Radeon is actually competitive.I don't believe Nvidia's claims, I believe the landscape right now. Its in Nvidia's best interest not to get caught with their pants down like Intel and that's why I believe the performance numbers we're starting to see are legit.

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>>523354585from thumbnail I thought it was cyberpunk. that actually looks better

>>523347602>muh 100% better than 20XX series!>only official benchmark yet posted is 30-40% better at double the power usage>refresh already 6mo away with double the VRAM

>>523358632>ridiculously expensiveWait for these new cards to come out and maybe the RTX 20s will lower their price somewhat.Makes me genuinely mad to think about that 15,000 price tag on the 3090. The only real way to own one of those here if you're not a 1%er is to go abroad and buy it there.

>>523364297If they aren't legit itll be very obvious very fast.

if 8gb wasn't enough why would nvidia release a 3070 with that much vram?youtu.be/2KHO6Y9xP9k

>ebay still has 2070s listed for over the price of a 3070drop the price, faggots

>>52336191055 inch LG CX OLEDs start at 1600€, though you'd know this if you weren't posting three feet up your ass.

>>523364458If you're talking about the Doom: Eternal video then that is consistent with their chart on their announcement. 3080 being 30-40% more efficient than the 2080ti and costing almost half. Plus, the 2080ti has the advantage of having drivers and optimizations that the 3080 might not have yet so there is still a big chance for 50% performance over it in the future. Also, that gives credibility to the Digital Foundry video where the 3080 vs regular 2080 say the 3080 with a 70-80% performance over the 2080. The charts said that it was double the performance, and I'm sure it'll reach 90-100% with drivers and optimization. Having said that, I'm still not buying them on release and I'll wait and see the super/ti variants.

>>523347602Do the Founder's Edition cards make their way to retail stores?Would I have a chance of finding one at Best Buy or something?

Am I retarded if I go for a 10900k and 3090?

>>523365240Why would you want a reference card in particular? They are usually clocked lower and run hotter than partner cards.

>>523361246Games generally aren't ports anymore. Why doesn't anyone on Holla Forums know this?

>>523365289>am I retarded for going with intel in 2020Yes.

>>523349927>right nowYeah exactly, spend $700-$800 on something thats good for "right now"

>>523365454>higher number of cores and threads = betterEat shit. Ten cores is more than enough and AMD performance is absolute dog shit.

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>>523357940>All they add is better cooling.Are there any that didn't obviously fail at the ampere airflow scheme? I see blocked airflow on all of them. Or some just doing the triple fan sideblow shit that heats your case


>>523365626>AMD performance is absolute dog shitCase in point.

>>523358860I bought a 1080ti used from a miner and EVGA honored the warranty. Just need proof of purchase, even a handwritten note was accepted.

>>523362104Or you could just make a 3080 with extra ram and they could spend $1000

>>523365639>I see blocked airflow on all of them.Post examples.

>>523362412wow when 16k is out you can see the building next door

>>523365368I just hope I can grab one early so I don't get price fucked when the cards jump up an extra 300-400 burger bucks.

>>523365857Couldn't find the webpage with all the modelsIgnore the red circle, just look at the last fan on the right. Nvidia cut out the pcb so you can blow straight through the heatsink, but they block it with the backplate.

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2070S vs. 3070 vs. RX 5700 XT Which do I get to last me the longest?Also this >>523362274

>>523361868This is your favorite game

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>>523362586>>523362802>>523365080he said "non oled" you faggot niggers. that's a good tv. not a great one but if you can't afford an oled panel any time soon then you can get one of those for


There's no reason to buy any of these cards right now. There's no game that pushes hardware, if you don't wait until the 3080ti next year you're just as retarded as 2080 ti purchasers *dab*

>>523366758But my build is untouched from 2012.

>>523366758Flight simulatorAnd ironically it needs more vram, which these cards don't have

>>523347602real talk, how am I going to pre-order my EVGA 3080? I'm too scared of losing the chance to get one because of scalping shitskins and chinks.

>>523357367I still have my 1080 FE.Would say I am prepped for a 3090 upgrade when I get another job.

>>523367125Just try from the EVGA site.

>>523347602Architecture > Clock > Memory Speed > VRAM amount

>>523365149>waiting for super how well did that work out last time? Oh shit wait they released the 3070 for less money and more performance less than a year later.

>>523367236I figured I'd do that instead of even trying Amazon; the extra shipping time doesn't bother me as long as I get it. But with the lack of any partner pricing or release date info has me wondering how low their initial stock will be.

>>523347602Not enough for what? Name a game requiring 10+ GB of VRAM?

Am just sitting cozily with 1070ti and 2700x. Life is comfy in the mid tier

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>>523347602Big Navi will destroy this piece of crap.

>>523357568>mfw 970 to 3080movin to quadruple digits boys

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>>523347602it's about twice as much as is needed for 1440p in modern games

the biggest jump from last generation to the new generation was in 2004, next is this generation's jump. no one can fucking argue that this is a cash grab. nvidia probably learned their lesson from the actual RTX 2000 series cash grab

Why would I pay full price or more for a video card when I can play video games on a console for less price?

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>>523370291Half the price, half the frames, now rebuy all your older games.

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>>523370424I kek'd, start shorting Nvidia

>>523370291the only company trying to not get shillbux is microsoft for introducing the idea of buying a game and having it across all their platforms, (i.e. what cyberpunk is doing with retroactive platform usage)

I have a i7700k should I just pay the etxra few hundred and get a 10900k since I need a new mobo and case anyways.

>>52335091310gb if ram playing at 1440p is more then enough for 5 years that most people will have this card for

Attached: 1597192132996.jpg (1500x1000, 734.02K)

>>523371064You don't really need to upgrade your cpu.I'm using an i7-6700k and a 2080ti is only a 20% bottleneck at 100% usage, which is barely ever.

>>523371064Why?I have it i7 7700k and 1080, I see no need to upgrade just yet.

>>523371064>>523371234Saying that, if you're getting a new mobo and case anyway then fuck it may as well go for more futureproofing.

>>523371064I upgraded from a 3570k to 9900k and barely noticed difference in games. It's faster in other things though Games are more gpu bound these days

it is not enough for native resolutions, but nvidia is not going for that, they created dlss for the purpose of having something very similar for a fraction of the cost and we already saw how it can be better on shit stranding

Attached: 1516408690636.png (400x400, 6.44K)

>>523370291Why does it look like your GPU is smoking?

>>523359083negative there are many games that are graphically demanding that are pc exclusive

Attached: 1597253574695.gif (150x100, 103.9K)

>>523347602powerful hardware is cool and all but not until devs start being competent and actually optimise shit for PC, which isn't going to happen because multi-plat is where the money is, meaning PC users will again be buying supercharged hardware that kicks the fucking ass out of consoles...only to play games from the 90's and 2000'sfan fucking tastic, can't wait to play STALKER with 10% more A-Life radius!

>>523359778well good luck with you subpar fps and none existing ray tracing on you're old as fuck card

Attached: 1593469954219.jpg (457x534, 55.48K)

>>5233555762 Years from now.

>>52334760210gb is fine for 1080p and 1440p, 4k might become and issue if those tensor cores don't do their job

>>523359531>more streamlined and better internet browsing experience>able to play every game that was ever released for PC, unlike the PS5 that probably won't even do PS4 backwards comp just to squeeze money out of "PS5 Enhanced" editions of games>refresh rate flexibility>Graphics settings>Accessories like steering wheels have the most compatibility and a broader range of options rather than a few selected brands that make them compatible with console>Ability to pirate games without having to go through a complex jailbreak process>Emulation of console games and arcade games>Actual good VR hardware (that doesn't use decade old tracking tech)That's all off the top of my head. Besides, It's not like you need to spend top dollar for a good gaming experience, especially if you don't bother playing the latest AAA garbage. There's some PC builds in the $500-800 range that can run most everything on high with a solid 60+ FPS

>>523360090ejaculate onto heat spreader before selling it kek

>>523369725i feel you homie - i'm doing the same thing

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Attached: 654807995608.png (224x48, 1.1K)

>>523372683gas yourself faget

Attached: 1597534936881.jpg (497x490, 54.86K)

>>523373036no u, ejaculate on the chamber door first though kek

>>523372849Is that real?

>>523373109you demented furry fuck

Attached: 1590526613503.png (654x619, 852.91K)

>>523373168what the kid, or me getting a 3080??

Attached: 1595726203013.gif (480x270, 2.03M)

>>523352535all money is waste if you dont spend it

>>523372975Joshi Kōsei Rich Thots

>>523373416but not all ways to spend money are wasteful retard

>>523349927It future proofs for VR at least

>>5233575681080 here, gonna upgrade to a board partner 3080 once I get a new part time job to play modded Elder Scrolls in 4k with little to no hicups. Feeling pretty good

Attached: Eaqt1aBWkAU8Dx6.png (419x427, 117.46K)

How many games out there max out 8GB of vram @ 1440p?

Attached: 50674890_p0.jpg (1529x1034, 1.66M)

>>523353184>>523353817>muh console portslisten up faggots, I grew up playing PC and console and this autistic console port whining makes no fucking sensea good game is good whether it's on console or not, no one here is gonna suck your smelly micropenis because you're some idiot who fell for pc master race memes

>>523374186skyrim modded with an enb will

>>523353817>$500 for ps5/xbecs>$500 for 4k television>$60 monthly subscription to play, across the life-time of the console that's roughly ~$400Already at $1400. It's not uncommon to get new games on PC for cheap or free, and that's completely negating the fact I don't play any console ports on PC.

>>523374186none do forever >>523374246you can say that bout any game if you want to mod the fuck out of it

Attached: 1594702140069.gif (220x180, 602.56K)

>>5233739911080 here. i may stick with my 1080. i'm not sure i have a need for more than this yet

>want to buy 3070>3080 is out well before itSo this is how NVIDIA get you to spend more

>>523374656the more you spend the more you safe

Attached: 1597186250887.png (625x573, 380.54K)

>>523359083>a dead game>a dying game>a f2p gameAre you ignoring all the AAA games where the PC version is just as popular as the console versions if not more so?>Tekken 7>nuDoom>Battlefield in general>XCOM>The Witcher>Dark Souls and Sekiro

>>523374776I just wanna see thermal tests, what is it actually running at at 100% usage?If it's 70c or so like current cards then it's fine. I don't want to buy a new cpu cooler if it makes the case a hot oven unless I have to.

>>5233575681080 to 3080

Attached: 1590403192544.jpg (291x505, 143.89K)

>>523374502If you're going 1080/1440p for the next few years, I'd say the 1080 can get you through it easily, but I really want to max out settings on my 4k monitor

Attached: EPS-By1X4AEn3kW.jpg (4096x2304, 916.05K)

>>523374968680 to 3080I HAVE TRANSCENDED

Attached: 1577602932048.jpg (638x638, 219.9K)

I honestly don't understand what's the point of being so obsessed with playing every game at max resolution and every graphical quality setting as high as it can get. It's not like doing that improves games at all.

>>523361539There's no real thing as 3D audio headphones, shit is an absolute gimic.

Explain to me the difference between a regular intel CPU and an "unlocked" one. I'm eyeing the 10900k but am feeling intimidated by the "unlocked" part. You can overclock it further or something? Is it easy to fuck up if I'm not using a top of the line cooler?

>>523349679Because Vietnam and WW2 were asthetic as fuck

>>523374395>>$500 for 4k televisionEveryone owns a TV by default. Barely anyone owns a monitor unless they have a PC.

>>52334760210 GB will be equal to 12GB-14GB if this is true

Attached: VRAM.jpg (1417x377, 121.9K)

>>523375381Just buy a PS5 or XSX; they were made for people like you.

>>523375381unlocked CPUs can be overclocked by the user.Intel's locked CPUs are locked to the factory settings.basically

>>523375381Computers still use the industry standard 100mhz front side bus speed. That's the speed of electrons going around the wires on a motherboard.The CPU can do math much much faster than that, and it does so with a multiplier.100Mhz X a 40 multiplier equals a 4GHz CPU. On an Intel K CPU you can adjust the multiplier yourself, and it's now very easy to do. If you go too high, the computer will just crash and reboot instead of destroying your CPU.A non K CPU the multiplier cannot be adjusted. You have to adjust the FSB to OC it, and that can indeed be dangerous.

>1080 TI had 11GB>everything except the 3090 has downgraded

>>523362412There's no reason to go beyond 1440p

>>523375106>680 to 3080holy kek, you got your money's worth out of that! i'm actually a little jealous, i love the feeling of getting a big upgrade and testing all of my games out

Attached: 1583462320557.gif (150x200, 1.07M)

>>523357568I went 970 to 2070S, it was necessary at the time. I don't think I'll need to update until I either finally get an Index or I get a new monitor above 1080.

>>523375381If you get a processor that premium and don't get the k version then you are a moron. Why in the hell do they even sell a 10900?

>>523347602I will buy a 3090 and there is nothing you can do about it.>RIP kidney. It was nice to know you.

>>523375954i'm going to be honest with you it was actually a gtx 980 sc, but still a mighty jump if you ask me and my monitor in a few weeks

Attached: 1596940135731.jpg (256x256, 16.94K)

>>523375808GDDR5vsGDDR6It's faster

Is the 3090 so big it'll cover the following PCIe slot?

>>523375808There is more than just VRAM in those cards

>>523376080good luck with your old ass card with no ray tracing, and subpar fps on 1080p

Attached: 1599169988008.jpg (640x590, 180.79K)

>>523359857Founder's Edition are just first-batch reference cards catered to whales that want the latest, greatest no matter the cost.They are reference cards with an early-adopter tax premium slapped on so Nvidia takes home more profit.

>>523376362yes the fucker is massive and dick

>>523374828lol I played all of those with a 980ti, you didn't really disprove his point

>>523359778>@1080p60fpsLiteral caveman shit.


>>523360090>4 fucking yearsThat's not much to brag about. A card lasting only 4 years is disappointing.

>>523357367oh please, the 3070 isn't THAT much faster over the 2080ti

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Attached: 2080ti.jpg (700x808, 124.67K)


Attached: XenoX.jpg (1280x720, 450.95K)


Attached: 1555522024348.png (512x512, 308.27K)

Notice how they don't show the 2080 ti side by side alot?youtu.be/A7nYy7ZucxMWhy no 3090vs 2080ti something stinks here

Attached: 42c3e5d067909579d3901473a79096d8.jpg (1189x1080, 111.15K)

>>523354901Watch dogs games have a peculiar habit of looking a lot better before they release than after. Must be some mishap during final polish.

>>523350238There's no confirmed source but a Lenovo pre-built PC listing showed 16GB 3070 Tis as a hardware option.

why not release 3070 with the 3080?I don't wanna wait till "october" (prob the 31st) to buy a new card.

>>523376578His "point" is irrelevant because if there were a massively popular multiplayer game that was exclusive to PS4 (and I mean true exclusive, shit like SFV and Fall Guys don't count), he wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and we both know it.

>>523347602That's more than a kilobyte of completely unique content for every pixel at 4k.

Any manufacturers that don't have RGB this time around? My go to was EVGA but now they're doing it.

>>523377323the more you spend the more you save

>>523352535>Kid uses PC for nothing but gamesBased infantilized manbaby

>>523377406They'll probably all have it as zooms buy based on how rainbow something is. All the cards I've had let it be disabled in the settings, though.

>>523357367>Statistically there are people who bought a 2080Ti just a week before the 3000 reveal thinking all the "$2000 price tag for 3080" posts were true and the generation leap would only be 30%>These people may even be on Holla Forums right now

>>523355215You dorks are acting as if people haven't been doing reviews of the performance already, which they have.

>>523364297>AMDrones actually think nvidia gives a fuck about AMDs consistent last-generation performance cards>Even the "leaks" claim 'Big Navi Savor of AMD' beats just the GA104, aka the fucking 3070 and nothing moreI'll spell it out for you since you're a bit slow, as all AMD users are, they priced it down because its launching right near the new consoles and they want to prevent conversion and undermine their launch.

>>523368484that man has really feminine nails

>>523377183Seems likely with the amount of VRAM the 3090 has that it's supposed to be this gen's equivalent to the Titan, not the 2080 Ti

>>523364458>40% better for 50% the price>DF already benchmarking 70-80% on other games, to be released on the 17thCope it up, kiddo

>>523364709They're in full cope mode, they're going to be selling those cards for that price even after the 3070 launches.

>>523365368Didn't a recent generations founders card have serious heat issues and perform much worse than the AIBs? The 1000 series maybe?

>>523378260Nah there's ti's on the way with more vram already been leaked anyone who buys these non ti varieties will get fucked like the morons did last year by super

>>523378357I was hoping to get a big discount but fuck it, might as well save for 3070 or 3080, no point paying for previous gen at the same price (why would you?)

>>523378260Pretty much yeah. Much like the Titan, the 3090 seems to be positioned more as a low-end workstation render card than a high end gaming card.

>>523359392I mean, one, I can afford it, 2, I can mod console games, 3, I play flight sims and racing sims and have all the hardware, 4, I play total war, 5, I prefer mouse and keyboard, 6, I use the pc for music and sound design as well, 7, I'll probably buy a console for the living room anyway, 8, expelling a single atom of emotion on something as pissy and trivial as a gaming format is peak virgin dork bullshit

>>523366601Do you seriously think ASUS didn't test the airflow on this to confirm this ddesign was fine? ONE overheat death leading to a RMA and their entire profit margin on your sale is gone, and eating right back into their costs. Technology isn't t-shirts, they're aren't sold for 90% profit.They aren't that stupid, they'd be long out of business otherwise.

>>523347602the only game that this can take advantage of is microsoft flight simulator

>>523347602wait that's all? guess I'll stick to my 1080 no need to upgrade

Pretty funny watching them have to BTFO themselves because there's no one else playing at their level.

Attached: wew.jpg (1220x803, 268.98K)

>>523378137Even if AMD puts out something that performs the same as a 3070 for $50 less I'm still getting a 3070 for the better drivers and the DLSS. They are just kind of fucked in the extra features department, and that takes a ton of R&D.

>>523378798There are plenty of games we can now play in 4k at 144fps, actually. Stay poor.

>>523378798>dx11 on a decade old engineI'm gonna go with no no it can'tIf it had 12.2 or vulkan support then maybe but Nah it's massively cpu bound as well as a result

Attached: 9f38d829ce15b91dc5dd54e0d9df7d78.png (1800x1600, 101.13K)

>>523378260Yes it's obviously the Titan replacement naming. The Titan branding was retarded, it had 0 consistency both between generations and within its own generation.No Titan was identified in any way to let you immediately know which generation it belonged to, it also used a naming scheme such as letterings like X, Y and Z but the release order wasn't also alphabetical, leading things like the X to be several generations better than the Z. They had some generations named in ways that made them sound like rebrands/re-releases, like the Titan Black and Titan Xp, but were in fact whole new generations.It was about time they unified the naming scheme with the rest of the cards, making it clear what generation its part of and where it sits in the generation.

>>523378976>>523378987my point is nvidia marketers, that a pascal can run literally every popular game now at 100+ fps and there's very little reason to upgrade

Big Navi is going to rape Nshittia. Believe.

Attached: big navi.jpg (500x647, 21.07K)

>>523378881Oh yeah a slow outdated studio driver from 3 months ago sure showed us lol nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/162472/

>>523378506>low-end workstationIt's 40-50% better than the Titan RTX and $1000 cheaper. The only thing that beats it is Quadros and that's hard to label as low-end since Quadros are pants-on-head retarded to have in personal workstations rather than render farms, cost ratio is absolutely not worth it.

>>523378412Wow. And the people who buy the Ti's will get fucked by the next generation like the morons who bought the supers did this year by the new generation. And then the people who buy the NEXT generation will get fucked for not waiting for the Ti varieties. Guess we should all just throw our PCs in the garbage because all you ever do it get fucked!

newer cards don't need more vram bc of DLSS.

>>523379286If I wanted fake resolution I'd buy a PS5.

>>523349927>48gbcome the fuck on

>>523353817A 1,400 computer could beat a 500 dollar console for the next 3 generations and you can have it right now. In a week, when the older gen GPU price settles, you could build a 500 dollar computer that could beat the entire next console gen right now. Consoles are for people who want to settle for 30 fps and shittier graphics. Casuals.

>>523350742No, he's right. 16 GB versions of the 3070 and 20 GB versions of the 3080 are coming. The questions you should be asking are, when and how much.Since quite a lot of people care about the amount of VRAM, Nvidia have dropped the ball here. Hopefully AMD can take advantage of that.

>>523379140Yeah bro I'm sure a 3 month difference in drivers is going to account for that 70% difference.

>>523374968I have a 1080 but I don't really want to upgrade yet, I'm waiting at least a year probably longer I hope they make a 3080ti or something.

>>523378987High end CPUs usually become the bottleneck at over 60 fps, regardless of resolution. You still have GPU bottlenecks at 1440p and 4k stopping builds for going max graphics 60 fps. But yes, if MSFS2020 utilized a remotely recent API it wouldn't be CPU bottlenecked to console framerates even at 1080p.

>>523379113Why would I want to run a game at a lower res at 100fps when I can run it at a higher res at 144? You can play these on a console at 20fps just fine too, but why?

>>523357568>went cheap on my first pc I built this year and got a 1650 superI feel pretty good

>>523365368I think the AIBs for the 3090 are going to be a disaster for air cooling. Looking at ASUS, Gigabyte and EVGA. They've seemed to ignore everything nvidia talked about with their Cooling section of their presentation. The 3090 sucks power like a fiend, they didn't even try to hide it. It's going to be a HOT card, they opted for a monster triple slot heatsink design with a push-pull dual sided fan set up requiring a PCB hole to push through.All 3 of these vendors do not have a push-pull fan, they have just front fans. EVGA has covered about 90% of the airflow hole in the PCB with a backplate, Gigabyte about 50% and ASUS covered around 60%. EVGA and ASUS also went with much, MUCH smaller heatsink in a dual slot design.

>>523379286>it's not upscaling when WE do it

>>523366758>There's no game that pushes hardwareWe're not all 1440p plebs and 120hz kids, bud.

>>523379986DLSS is black magic

>>523370291why the fuck would you tile that background, I have the same one its made to span across both screens

>>523380112More like nigger magic. It's upscaling with lots of artifacts in motion. At best it extends the life of a card where instead of dying to low FPS it dies more gradually to image quality.

>>523379652Oops nvidia benchmark bullshit using outdateddriver from 2 months ago sure showed us also notice the 2080 ti is running an older version of vulkan 1.2.133 VS 1.2.142 nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/162105/In a last gen non rtx game to boot I seriously doubt their testing methodology here notice how they don't show the 2080 ti and 3090 side by side yet keep meming the 2080 VS 3080 when the 1080 Ti isn't much slower than the 2080Ya morons gonna fall for this shit again >>523379743Dx11 is infamously bad at handling big draw calls and is a decade old

My current card only has 2GB of vram and I mostly play everything fine at 1080p. 10 GB seems like a lot, why are people crying?

>>523379983Yeah aib coolers have been horrendous for the last 4 years or so.Worst one I encountered was the one on my gigabyte gaming 2080ti which I shit you not had the same cooler off my old 1080 from them but with leds on it.Using a 150watt max cooler to cool a card hitting 250-300watt which then predictably thermal throttled back down to around 200wattFucked it off and zip tied two 12cm 3k rpm nocturas to the fucker

>>523380865Because that was alot of vram a decade ago.Now it's not even bare minimum.There was also 12gb back in 2012 with kepler/Maxwell titan

>>523380718>lots of artifacts in motionlol not 2.0

>>523380724Has a 2 month difference in drivers ever made a 70% difference? Just curious.

>>523380724Is that why the only games where DX11 performs worse all happen to be games shilled by AMD?

>>523381152It has lots of artifacts in motion and it always will because the algorithm often won't have the previous context that it needs to reconstruct the image. Like, when you turn the camera, what happens with the sides of the screen that were just exposed? That's all rendered in 1/4th the resolution, every time.

>>523381040Bare minimum for what? Granted I don't play a ton of super recent titles but I played a few games from like 2019. DMC5, Code Vein and Pathologic 2 etc. I didn't have any issues at all at 1080p. I imagine having 5x as much vram is way more than enough for anything people are shitting out these days. Maybe you need more for VR? I'm not interested in it so I haven't really looked into it.

The low VRAM amount, and it is in fact low, is to push DLSS even further.>Oy vey goy, look at how much DLSS improves those frames! It halves the VRAM requirements in 4k!>Better demand it in every one of your favorite games!

>>523351798They're still like 13 days away my dude

>>523381236It's just some Radeon fanboy who actually bought into "muh fine wine".

>>523359392>You're paying $1400 to play console portsNobody plays console ports m8

>>523381236Ask yourself why they would want to run an older driver on the older card VS the same new driver on both cards.It's flawed testing method and just dishonest bullshit marketing >>523381238Ironic as they used to have more cpu overhead

>>523381380This. Not to mention if they do manage to make DLSS effectively universal it will allow them to start releasing MUCH weaker cards for the same prices, all they need is the hardware to run the game at 720p and enough tensor cores to jack it up to 4K. Only the workstation market will actually be hurt, and for them they just drop $2000 Titans and $6000 Quadros.

>>523347602This is why you always buy top of the line. The 3080 isn't top of the line, you want the 3090.

>>523381380Your onto something here also they have new ai accelerated texture compression and streaming.Also don't quote me if I am wrong but you don't need as bigger frame buffer with faster memory and pcie4 then there's this direct storage api stuff which will use vram for alot of other stuff

Attached: geforce-rtx-30-series-rtx-io-announcing-rtx-io-1480x829.jpg (1480x829, 97.87K)

>>523381717If you're not doing render work or somehting else that loves VRAM or Tensor cores Deepfake chads need all they can get then the 3090 is not going to be worth it. Lenovo's listing leak showed 3070Ti and 3080Ti, so wait on those if you want top tier gaming performance without going totally balls in

>>523349389>real world>nigger sheeboon doctorI'd like to go back pls.

>>523364681>if 8gb wasn't enough why would nvidia release a 3070 with that much vram?So they can rerelease it a year later with double the RAM and rake in more shekels.

>>523381651Because that's not Nvidia marketing dumbass, it's a screencap from a random Youtube channel. The reason the 2080 ti has an older driver version is because they recycled footage.

>>523364681So you toss it on the used market in a year and buy the 16GB 3070Ti that gets released.

There's no way ti versions are coming out next year. Also>downloading ridiculously giant (shitty) games just to have shitty 4k texturesishygddt

What cpu to get with then 3080 àaaaaaaàààæåâä

>>523382001>official nvidia geforce channel is randomyoutu.be/A7nYy7ZucxMOK cybershilltranny

Attached: 1593554921837.jpg (3379x1928, 1.22M)

pls someone break street date so we can get some benchmarks.

>>5233822904700X or 4900X when they launch in a few months.

>>523366758>there's no reason to upgrade just stick with old stuff so I don't have to feel bad about my own system being outdated trash

>>523382238>There's no way ti versions are coming out next year.Doesn't explain why Lenovo would release a whole slew of new skus to their internal tracking system for pre-built PCs with several options for 3070Ti and 3080Tis that are also sku'd for Gigabyte and EVGA

>>523381890Kek same >>523382238That's what everyone said about super and if rdna2 turns out to be decent nvidia will respond on kind.The leaks of the ti stuff for ampere is already out there

Attached: 1567816455093.png (696x623, 132.1K)

>>52338229010900k, or Just Wait(tm) to see if Zen 4 is good.

>>523353907Upcoming Games that I must play:Cyberpunk 2077Resident Evil 8System Shock RemakeGames that I wanna finish/limit test:Witcher 3ControlKingdom ComeShadow of the Tomb RaiderUpcoming Games that could be good:Little Devil InsideHalo InfiniteNo Release Date Games that I'm waiting for:Kenshi 2Disco Elysium SequelStarfieldTES 6Slow year, but it's next year already looks hopeful. And that's not counting all the semi-interesting games that I might torrent to try them out and see if they're good or not.

>>523382435is i9 better than i7 for 10th gen?

>>523382435Err Zen 3 I mean.

I thought my 1080ti would stay a top of the line contender for years and years

Attached: d90.jpg (482x427, 74.8K)

>>523360743Meanwhile, one simulation layer down, Mario speaks:>Hey! Its-a me! Mario! My-a moveset is-a the most complex in this-a world! Surely I would exist in the same plane as-a my creators!

>>523353907wasteland 3 is actually incredible not that it's worth this kind of card in any way

Making this build later this year, r8 n h8.

Attached: build_mockup.jpg (1450x937, 201.21K)

>>523378412I'm noticing your lack of proof.

>super powerful new GPUs>same dogshit western games and nothing elseWe live in a hellscape of shitty games.

>>523381380DLSS would allow some smaller render targets, but content (mostly textures) forms the overwhelming share of VRAM usage. DLSS requires sampling textures at at least the mip levels of full-resolution rendering, since it's temporal super-sampling. Therefore, DLSS will not significantly impact VRAM usage.

>>523382564It's still quite awesome for how old it is user, don't feel bad.You got 4 years of being king out of it and it's still pretty good.

>>523382336Not sure how many are out in the wild, you'd only see a break from a low end publication that isn't scared of blacklist and so far we've only seen certain proof that DigitalFoundry has the cards and they aren't going to do that.

>>523382654Overkill PSU, and don't get a 980 Pro they aren't using MLC anymore for their Pro line. Otherwise fine.

>>523382564If you're gaming at 1080p, you're good until that card dies.

>>523382564Buying top of the line cards is for fucking morons.

>>523382654Cool, I guess. It's your money.

>>523382945>Bro just save $20 and buy a lower headroom PSUFuck off

>>523382654add a 6tb HDD and toss that in an external usb 3.0 enclosure for storage/games/apps you use less oftenSSD for your favorite games is fine

>>523353907witcher fps synthwave dlcubisoft fps 6zombie running game parkour fps 2assassin's "60 fps unless you have a threadripper at 5ghz" creed valhallahu

>>523351242Isnt this at 8k? How many of you fags ACTUALLY own an 8k monitor or tv?

>>523382945>850w>Overkill PSU750w is the bare minimum for the 30 series.

>>523382654Don't pay extra for the 980, they stopped using MLC and they're basically just higher write-integrity 970s now, and for the average user that higher integrity is never going to matter as you're not going to write 10PBs of shit to it. Save the money and step down to the 970.You could also change the PSU down to an EVGA Supernova G3 750, same SeaSonic internals, cheaper since it's lower wattage. Also I think you're overpaying for RAM, that's almost the same dollar value as 32GB in Canada so that can't be right

>>523383246>Isnt this at 8k?No. Try reading.

>>523353907The Metro games were the main reason I upgraded from a 960 to a 1070 ti.

>>523382654You can prob save a lot on your RAM if you go for 3200mhz, there isn't as big a difference relative to 4000, even if you are picky.

>>523382945850W is fine imo, gives me enough headroom for OCing as well if i ever feel like it.Not like there's any downside to a stronger PSU anyway.

>>523383274The 980 series will be PCIE 4.0 up to 7 GB/s, that's mainly what i want it for.As for the RAM, can you name a cheaper 4000MHz CL18 kit with 32GB?

>>523383270>750w is the bare minimumNo it's not, that's the recommended spec, which are always wildly higher than what's needed. Even a 650w PSU will be just fine.

>>523350913virgin poster rekt. Chads gonna need more than 10gb

>>523382564It was for 4 years.

>>523351242It reserves that much. It's not actually using all of it. Plus with way faster memory on the 3080 it can get by with less than the 2080 Ti.

>>5233825641080ti is still a great card, arguably the best value card ever.

>>523383427Also, top end RAM never runs at the rated speed because your CPU's memory controller silicon quality becomes the limiting factor.

>>523383802I have 32gb of gskill at 3200mhz and I paid 169 canadabux on boxing day. So that kit at 4000 seems a bit expensive if that is USD.

>>523347602No, goy this is it. there definitely wont be a 3080 super with more VRAM after AMD announces new cards.

>>52334760210gb of GDDR6x with Nvidia IO and DirectX Direct Storage is.

>>523349608kys retard, big navi is coming to eat your sorry ass

>>523383802Top end is like 4800, i think a next gen high end Ryzen should be able to drive 4000.

>>523361219Thanks /k/ bro good idea

>>523351242It's reserving 9400 gb. It's not using it.

>>523351242Video games usually "takes" all vram available because devs know that you're not likely going to be using vram for anything else.


4k mem usage maxed settings 2080Tiproject cars 4244 MBass creed origins 5993 MBass creed odyssey 9614 MBpubg 6360 MBshadow 6693 MBforza 5384 MBfallout 4 4258 MBfar cry 5 6475 MBWitcher 3 3846 MBbf 1 4380 MBbf 5 8477MBflight sim 2020 9050 MBcontrol 6374 MBjedi fallen order 6445 MBwatchdogs 2 7750 MBmetro exodus 6548 MBcall of duty war zone 10486 MBred dead redemption 2 6939 MBdivision 2 10051 MBfortnite 5529 MBworld of warships 6525 MBgta V 6890 MBresident evil 2 8776 MBgears 5 8200 MB

>>523351979I tried one of these packets from a beef jerky bag, and it tasted extremely meaty, kind of like liver but stronger tasting. It tasted even meatier than the actual jerky.

>>523357568watch this:970 to 1070Ti to 3090

>>523383434>Not like there's any downside to a stronger PSU anyway.Actually they do have a range when they're most efficient, and when you're under (or over) you lose efficiency and are just wasting money. However, getting a PSU that's just slightly more than you need will most likely put you closer to that range and actually save you a bit of money in the long run.

Attached: 80-Plus-Efficiency.png (655x277, 25.82K)

>>523350913Flight Simulator..

>>523381380And thats a good thing

>>523384313Warzone niggas btfo

>>523382731Shill says what

>>523382564That stopped being true as soon as the 2xxx series came out.

>>523365639Are you talking about Nvidia's gimmicky airflow shit? The FE cards aren't going to be anywhere near as good cooling as the AIBs. Nvidia essentially put a blower heatsink on one-third of the card. Left the middle-third of the card essentially bare of cooling, then the last-third they added a 120mm cpu tower cooler. The AIBs all have GIGANTIC heatsinks compared to the two tiny ones on the FE cards.

>>523383879lol the creator of Nividia himself said they forcefully limit how far technology advances for these GPU's for competition in the market.

>>523383974How are you able to check how much VRAM is reserved? What tool do you use?

>>523384930I want a third party card with a good heatsink and 2 fans pointing down.FE designs have air being shot up towards the cpu/cooler.

>>523384957Or else they end up like intel

>>523385041That's ust how DRAM in general works.

>>523347602B I G N A V I


Attached: tenor.gif (498x278, 1.04M)

Just get the 24 gb lol

Attached: happy meal toy.jpg (809x652, 112.65K)

>>523384810I accept your concession, prooflet.

>>523385169But you have allocated which most tools use to show VRAM thats why people are saying it uses a lot, then you have actually used. How does one actually check used VRAM?

>>523378798unironically this

>>523382654That ram is a scam. You seem to be under the impression that 4ghz ram makes a difference, check benchmarks. Also I'd drop it to 2x16GB to have room to expand later.

>>523383057Why should he use an external enclosure? He can use like half a dozen internal drives at least on a decent X board.

>>523385436Some HDDs are annoying, even in a dampened case: with an enclosure you can put it out of the way and never really hear it.

>>523350913Modded skyrim with all the replacer and texture mods


Attached: msedge_uTRg3c2YP1.png (623x700, 788.62K)

>10 or less vram againFuck this.

10gb because they are prob going to rely on dlss

>>523385474You told him to install apps and games on it, small or rarely used is irrelevant, even on fast USB 3.1 speeds it's horrendous to run shit off an external, that shit is for storage and storage alone.

>>523381651Oh and by the way>Ironic as they used to have more cpu overheadExcept games using DX11 actually had actual visual differences compared to DX9. (Arkham City for the most obvious example). The big feature of DX12 is supposed to be async compute which theoretically would maintain higher framerates with more things going on ingame. If that was the case, why does the average fps in Total War: Warhammer 2 fucking plummet in DX12?>>523382292Alright, I was wrong on that, I'll admit. Now show me a RX 590 and a 5700XT running Doom Eternal using similarly aged Catalyst drivers. That's the exact bullshit logic you're using right now."Gimping" is bullshit. "Fine wine" is a myth. AMD has shitty drivers that they have to patch all the time, and Nvidia has good, reliable drivers that you don't have to update if you don't want to.I own a RX 460 by the way. After all the driver updates over the years it still just barely matches the 1050.

>>523385474Isn't performance much worse off USB though?

>>523349927>8 GB is enough for everything on the consumer market right nowYeah, that's the problem. I've never bought a Nvidia card and not run out of VRAM while I've had it.

>>523385763nope, board has usb 3.0/3.1 ports and the load times are basically the same, I put my favorite games on SSD drives though but the HDD games are still quick as if they were on SATA cables.

>>523385789I have a 1060 6gb and I have never run out of VRAM what are you talking about

>tfw have a gtx 1080>can play everything I want in my backlog>have 2 hacked consoles + emulators on top of thatCan't even decide if I want to upgrade. Pretty content with what I have. I hope anyone upgrading has a good time.

Attached: 1496893894561.jpg (420x300, 19.53K)

>>523385870Yeah, well it might not be an issue if you get a $250 video card but with the $500 and up Nvidia cards unless they're a Titan they always end up running out of VRAM way before their processing power is too low to play games.

>>523385850You literally put garbage like Siege, LoL and OW on the HDD because everyone loads in the same time in the match and there is no advantage.

>>523386067Maybe you shouldn't play at 4K, 1080 and 1440 aren't really VRAM restricted at all anymore.

5700 XT user here. Only 8GB VRAM and i've never had issues with it.

>>523385708Lol OK sureee

>>523347602but video memory is obsolete because you can just run the game right off of the SSD now.

Attached: 1598823454211.jpg (569x1024, 142.11K)

>>523386402RTX IO doesn't skip VRAM. It skips having to load into RAM and then VRAM and any CPU load.

>>523353817Except I haven't put any money into my computer in over 8 years except for new ram and it still runs better than a console.

>>523357917if it turns out we all aren't programs then we are a grooming program to brainwash organisms to try and alter there natural behavior.

>>523385641>bottles and cans clipping through the groundWell done, ubisoft. No matter how much advances in technology the world gives you, you still can't make up for incompetence.

>>523385708>I own a 460 btwLoool cope 2080ti here the difference between the 1080ti 2080 and 3070 is minimal

>>523386402Nope, it just used for loading files faster, it wont replace VRAM at all.

>people get RTX 2080 Ti tier VRAM>suddenly panic they won't have enough VRAMWeird.

>>523352339Isn't that one intended for professional use, like the Titan family?

>>523353817>$500 console>$350 for 7 years of subscription to not be locked out of multiplayer content>$600 for a decent TV>$20 console fee on every full-price game you buyEnjoy your cinematic 30FPS

Attached: 1376490949902.jpg (344x387, 28.22K)

>buy PC>emulate consoles for $0

Attached: emulation2.png (1270x777, 966.43K)

>>523387105Yes, but it's not tied to it. Unlike older Quadros; the Titan line (and the 3090) suffer no issues in games, they will perform better than any of the gaming cards in games. They work as a nice bridge card if you use your PC for work and games.If you want purely gaming you'd be better off waiting for the 3070Ti, the Lenovo leak has no reason to be wrong given it even had AIB product IDs for the cards.

>160+ fps at 4k in a modern AAA game on ultraYes it fucking is, retard.

>>523386769Good thing the video we're talking about compares a 2080 ti to a 3080 you disingenuous queer.

>>523350913Yandere simulator

>>523387323>>$350 for 7 years of subscription to not be locked out of multiplayer contenand rental access to about a 800 games through the 7 years as well 14 games with games with gold. (gamepass)

>>523387721Go suck ampere off u shitty rx460 fag

>>523387892How nice of them to provide the lube when they're already fucking you up the ass.

>>523386320youtube.com/watch?v=2bFjJ_tCoEI\Now suck my dick.

>>523388243Nobody cares about your shit ultra low end cards faggot

I have a 1080 Ti so I'll wait for the 3080 Ti/Super that will come out next year and I'm interested in the enthusiast tier AMD card.

>>523387893I'm impressed you're able to say that while you're licking RDNA2 ass at the same time.

>>523388435Just wait for the amd stuff and I say that as a fag with 2080ti

>>523388479How am I licking rdna2 I have a 2080ti your soi tilt asf

redpill me on big navi

>>523388579The fact that you type like that tells me you clearly don't.

>>5233575682060 to 3070Could be better but whatever, I'll also be going from a 1080 60 HZ monitor to a 1440p 144HZ one, so I'm still pretty excited

Attached: 6546578090978.jpg (554x439, 39.97K)

>>523386136>putting LoL on an HDD why? it's not that big, plus when riot's shitty client gives you a bug splat you don't want to get a free loss when your team inevitably remakes I'm glad I quit that game for good desu

What happened to HBM why are nivida and and sticking with ddr?

>>523389141Expensive as fuck so its left for the Quadro line and other enterprise stuff.

>>523347602I'll just buy the rumored 3070 Ti that has 16gb of VRAM. It'll probably be $550-580.

the direct storage meme might has something to do with the smaller frame buffereven 1070 stock had 8gb

>>523388778OK nerd

>>523390152OK fag

why does 3080 require 2 dedicated pcie cables instead of 1 with 2 plugs?I have a modular PSU, i'm just wondering why current 2080 cable setups don't work.

>>523382654air cooling something like this is really ok? you guys wouldn't want to slap a water loop on those parts? I know the new ryzen stuff can get REALLY hot.

>>523390580Water cooling isn't any more or less efficient than air cooling. It's for having your radiator fans running at lower rpm, thus quieter.

>>523390580Watercooling sucks in general, its more expensive than air cooling, louder and worse to mantain while the difference is minimal and sometimes worse depending in the case you have.

>>523353184lmao @ the core

>>523391067>louderJust because some retard runs his fans at the same RPM he does for his air cooler in his comparison videos isn't the point of water cooling.

>>523366758stop me bitch

Attached: 1593805468181.jpg (680x453, 39.21K)

>>523362412if i want to see more i'll just pan the camera

Attached: 1596936745072.jpg (640x640, 32.22K)

>>523390580>>523391067>>523391193main advantage of water cooling is just moving the heatsink (or radiator), or having room for a larger one somewhere elseit's not quieter because you will still have fans, plus a pump

>>523390372OK fag

>>523391692I've had the same AIO for 6 years now, the pump makes basically no noise whatsoever unless you put your fucking ear up to the tower.And like i already said, the point is that it allows you to run your fans at a lower RPM so they don't make as much noise.