This is agent C. I'm in.Commencing onirism thread

This is agent C. I'm in.Commencing onirism thread

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Onirism? More like Onanism.

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>>523346629I still don't understand the joke.

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>>523346498i always read it as onanism

>>523346904Educate yourself on the meaning of words.

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>>523347732But I DO want to do naked stuff with you.

>>523347732But katie, it was a hat this made me the way I am.

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>>523347896sorry man but she's already taken

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>>523346498He bought?Put the game on sale and slow the updates.

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>>523347837It's not my job to know things like that. I can be as ignorant as I want.

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Carol likes big toys.

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>>523346498Carol is ready to continue her adventure. Bunbun will find it's way back INTO HER POSSESSION!

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>>523348073That would be so incredibly hot.

I want to pollinate her flower if you know what I'm saying.

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>>523346498I'm liking the latest update so far. The inferno rework has come along nicely. The new sneeky mode is also fitting for this game. I just wish carol would remain sneeky when aiming with a weapon. She would become more effiecient at deleteing enemies.

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>>523350519Have to wait until they unfuck the new stealth system before we get the story patchbruhs

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>>523351039Sneak mode ended up fitting better than I expected, but it needs fixing. The angles and distances enemies can spot you at is pretty ridiculous, and not being able to drop an enemy from stealth without alerting all others nearby needs to be addressed.

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>>523351091I am confident that the developers will meet the needs of the playerbase in a timley matter.

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>>523351658I'd rather carol meet my needs if you know what I'm saying.

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>>523351508I am in complete agreement with you. If I wasn't lazy I'd bring these issues up in the discord. Though, chances are somebody already has.

>>523348226>and slow the updatesNo, Carol, please. I'll retroactively pay full price but please, anything but that.

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>>523351745Carol is not a pushover. She operates on her own terms and will only "meet your needs" if she wants too.

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>>523351920She has to refill her elixirs somehow.

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>>523352795Why does she wear all her coats hanging off the shoulder like that?

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>>523353110Cause she can.

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>>523353375Is there anything she can't do?

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>>523353836She can't stop being so lovable.

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>>523353836She can't shoot straight.

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>double staminaWhat a waste of 800 pearls. Fuck.

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>>523354834Based carol making the player adjust to her aim.

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>>523355673The best ones are sharpshooter and sugar rush.

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Where'd all the Onibros go?

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Big fun thread!

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>>523350519>>523350062>>523350798what the fuck is this game and why does it look like a hentai game?

>>523357228I can't believe carol's fucking dead.>>523357806Probably still recovering from the last thread. Carol can be very draining.

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>>523358132Because you think of hentai every time you see little girls!


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>>523358234Its because of the weird cropping and the permanent blushing.

>>523358132It's a 3D platformer and 3rd person shooter with a ton of guns.>and why does it look like a hentai game?It's French.

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Carol is nerd girl!!

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>>523358934>double jump is a farthmm

Fuck you pedo niggers

>>523359023>braps and dabs

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>>523359056Fuck (you)

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is there a machine gun in the gameis it viablecan constumes be permanent or do they change depending on the settinghow much content is thereis there a new game plusare there rpg mechanisis it worth it if i pirate it?

>>523359584What the fug

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>>523359584That is a bulge!

>>523359793There are like 150-200 weapons in game including various machine guns and a minigun. MG's are pretty good.

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>>523360106feeling like answering the other questions m9?

>>523359793Yes, dozens of them.Yes.You can choose what outfit you want.Main campaign is a goo 10-15 hours but it's less than half complete. There's survival/horde modes on the side.Game isn't complete so technically no but possibly in the future.No.Yes.

>>523359793There's all kinds of guns and all of them are viable.Consumables give you timed buffs.There's about 7-10 hrs of the main game right now plus some one off survival maps.Game isn't finished yet.No rpg stuff yet, just metroidvania style upgrade progression.You can try but any version you find will be several months behind the current build.

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>>523360041>try to fuck carol's ass>she fucks yours instead CAROL NOOOO

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You fucks tricked me into buying it.Carol a QT, but nobody ever mentioned that 80% of enemies are "thicc, big tiddy _____-gf", I could hardly contain my boner in the volcano Valley.Also genuinely the most fun I've had with a game for a while.

>>523360696>"thicc, big tiddy _____-gf"That wouldn't be a french game otherwise.

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>>523360438>>523360346alright thanks frensone more question, does it have gamepad support and is it any good?

>>523352248>time for you to help me restock on elixirs, user.

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>>523360923It does but I don't have a controller so I can't speak for how well it's implemented.

>>523360923I've played some with gamepad and it was alright. I've heard people say it's bad though so maybe it depends on the controller. I used an xbone.

Is the igggames version the most recent one, anyone tried it?

>>523358160>Carol can be very draining.uhh can i get a link

>>523361135>igggamesenjoy your miner

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I just found out that you can drink elixirs and cancel the animation trough picking up another item and still get the buff.I feel like a cheater now

>>523361109does it have aimassist or lock on? If not i understand why people call it bad

>>523360894>tfw you will never be forced to wear a diaper woven with mommy spiders silk and be regressed by her.

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>>523361376I would mine your p*ssy if you get my gist ;)

>>523361391No. Aim assist of some kind is planned, but there's nothing like that in the game.

AhemCarol's armpits

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>>523361638Are the developers aware that they are making pedobait?

>>523361638She must be in need of a bath after running and jumping all day.... a tongue bath

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>>523361821It's just a girl in a cute outfit. What's pedobait about it?

>>523361538*sigh*thats a pirate then

>>523361821>dev used to go by chocololi>ACTIVATE PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY>now just goes by chocoDevs are based.

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>>523361940The fact that I want to fuck the protagonist.

>>523362124Just play with mouse and keyboard, poorfag. It's the way it's meant to be played. Like nvidia.

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What are some terms I can search for on Minecraft twitter to find Cobalt

>>523362124Why would you play a shooter with a controller anyway?

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>>523347732>>523348073Who is this

>other people: the best part of the updates is all the new content and mechanics>me, an intellectual: the best part of the updates is the new music

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>>523362512I loved Rayman 3. Is this game anything like it, or is cunny the only reason this is being shilled?

>>523362242>>523362508my spacebar has been broken for the last 6+ month or so :(


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>>523362774rebind it to ALT or some shit

>>523362768The only rayman I played is the GBC one, and legends so I dunno.

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>>523363054>>523363202Scary Godmother but as a coomsock


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Where the FUCK is the finished drawing, drawfag?!

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>>523363774>Will this cover the cost for the BFT9000k?

>>523363774She's gonna get Ragg's BFD 9inches

Why does Raggs have a pet slime?


Little girls.

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>>523359793MG is meta in napmatch.

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>>523365672Never, nerd.

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What did they mean by this?

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>>523365987I was kind of skeptical about the underlying intentions of the devs until I saw this lolHopefully they keep it to fantasy.

>>523363071what am i, some kind of animal?

>>523366184A spinny lamp is all that took for you to get off their pedo backs? pathetic

>>523365987Better question, what did they mean by THIS?

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>>523368308Someone is cloning Carol.

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>>523370356He seems a little too eager bull-rushing a little girl like that.

>>523370356Have you ever been to a fucking pool/water park!?

>>523371049Yes and it was pretty nice.

Slow thread is slow. Carol will take a nap instead.

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Sneaking around is fun, I want to see what kind of challenges they will add based on it.

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>>523363774it'll come when it comes. and don't be rude. you're not the center of my priorities.don't worry. when it's done, I'll be sure to post it in the first onirism thread I see.


>>523373839>it'll come when it comes

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>>523361135It isn't, for some reason no one has cracked the game since the first release. Also if you're gonna download from igg look for a patch called "fuckigg" that gets rid of the drm from their site.

There's an old demo version tried it but couldn't get past the language screen but I think it was conflicting with the actual game on my pc. Maybe it'll work if you don't have it already installed.


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>>523365987It means they like hearts silly :)

So this is a third person shooter/metroidvania? Sounds pretty neat. I'll wait until it's out of early access though.

>>523375969I like my games how I like my women, in early access.

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>>523376595carol has such a cute butt.

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>>523376595>>523377080She's 10...


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>>523377223>the exact age of consent in Crearia Huh, how convenient.

>>523377223she's not real

>>523377491SHUT THE FUCK UP

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Me and my squad walking into waterstop.

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>>523377802You came into the wrong waterpark, onichan.

>onirism dev takes his game to gaymen conventions >gets swarmed by underage french girls, sometimes in cosplaySuddenly I understand the purpose behind this game.

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>>523377994My vote's on Corralling Carol.

>>523378659You backed the right horse.

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>>523377994>>523379518Always bet on Carol.

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>>523346498Agent U reporting in.

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kinda creepy thread ngl.

>>523380989kind cringe post ngl

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>>523381178Based Carol telling it like it is.

>>523376595Nigga you goin to hell and you taking me with ya

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>>523378494Second from the left sitting down is a cutie.


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>>523383159I found a way to play ssb3 without betting distracted by carol's body.

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>>523383310>bettingClearly you're still distracted.

>>523383768Clearly thinking about carol's tight little body getting sweaty under all that padding.

>>523383310>splash zoneWhat did she mean by that?

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>PENIS INSPECTION DAY>black haired Carol walks in

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>>523384463She doesn't mind getting splattered in the face.

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>>523384673I want to mating press.

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>>523346498>This is agent C.You got the flight plan I filed, right?

How do you ask someone to play Onirism with you?


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bros I can't fucking take it

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>>523365987What is this?

>>523386810They might have gone too far this time, I can't even play this mode properly.

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>>523387207Just imagine how it's going to be when online gets added and you have 4 of these little semen demons on screen.

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>>523387648Shut up, you cringe-worthy faggot.

>>523388228Cringing is exactly what I do when I bust a fat nut to carol's tight ass.I go HNNNNG FUUUU *splurt*

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Been looking for this thread everywhere!Last one I saw was deleted by moddies.

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Still don't know what this game is about

>>523389634Having sex with little girls.

>>523389634Read the thread, dummy.

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>>523350062that is a big iron

looks like ps1

>>523389634Shootting, dressing up, driving.

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>>523390195Hello zoomer Maybe go ask your dada for his ps1 and go see how they actually look like

>>523389931I always use the sniper rifle on them. From such a long distance away they don't even bother to dodge so it only two 2 shots to kill one.

>>523390195>>523390463What the fuck is up with this recent trend of people that have obviously never played N64/PS1 games saying that modern games look like them when that clearly isn't true?


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>>523390195wtf i love ps1 graphics now!

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i refuse to spoil any game by playing an early release so please stop shilling


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Post ssb3 scores NOW!

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>>523391428Can't get past the tenth wave, it's too hard.

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>>523391701>tfw we still haven't actually gone to the Temple yetI wonder if the devs still remember?

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>>523392415That area looks completely different now. Pool got replaced with lava.

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>>523391797It's okay user, once online drops we'll be able to do it together :)))