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Genjitsu ga Mietekita node Shoujo o Aisuru no o YamemashitaThe best lolige of 2020 has arrivedFrom the developers of Shoujo Ramune, YES THAT SHOUJO RAMUNE CUMS LOLI KINO

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>>523345367>Shoujo RamuneThe White Haired one was my favorite. I imagine that she would turn off of lezdom in a few years and slowly become a trad wife.



This came like a month ago I didnt play though because I havent read or studied japanese in like 2 months

It came out last month but thanks for the reminder, I forgot that this was coming out

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>>523345367mediocre game

>>523345367Probably their most boring release to date.

>>523345367those lolis are too small


>>523345367>loli oyakodanUh, yeah, I'm thinkin based.

>>523345367Is it translated already?


>>523345367no thanks, FBI

>>523354240an user on /vg/ is planning on translating it, or you could just use a text hooker and deepl

>those lolis are too small

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>>523355592>an user on /vg/ is planning on translating itSo really the answer is no

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those lolis are too big

>>523346687Does this shit work with VN reader? I'm unironically up for a good ol' machine translation of a 10+ hour text based game.

Happy days ahead, brethren

time to load the gallery on exhentai, bust a nut and go back to living my life

the wife is a childhood friend, right?

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>>523345367>MC tries to turn his life around after getting rejected by over 100lolis>MC marries a girl who came with two cunnies and an older sister legalloli>He still tries to keep it from his wife/new kids that his entire physical being DESIRES ONLY LOLI>Cant get his dick up when trying to have sex with wife>If you continue to ignore the Call of the CunnyMC just fucking dies of cunny withdrawl10/10 Cunnyge of the year 2020

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>>523362208>MC just fucking dies of cunny withdrawlfucking kek, my fucking sides

>>523345367I'll wait for the translation

>>523345595Man of culture

>>523362208>MC just fucking dies of cunny withdrawlhow macabre

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>>523345595>turn off of lezdom in a few years>a few yearsuuh, did you not get her preggo ending?

>>523362208So there is not happy end with the wife?

>>523362208>MC just fucking dies of cunny withdrawlsame

all the pedos in this thread:kill yourself

>>523363910>>>Holla Forums

>>523363306If there is a happy end with the wife only I haven't gotten it yet, but she's fine with him fucking her daughters. theres even a part where her JC daughter straight up says 'oh btw I fucked dad' during dinner and her IMMEDIATE response is 'Congratulations!'Not spoiling it exactly but, she's a nurse and actually understand MC's situation without outright saying (I know you're a lolicon) she marries him because he genuinely cares for both her & her kids. It just so happens that a slight smile from them is enough to make him erect.

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>>523364008>and her IMMEDIATE response is 'Congratulations!'ahh, shit, that just make me like the wife more

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>>523364008Seems like a good wife.


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>legal loli fanged tomboy auntHNNNNNNNNNNNNG

>>523364008Don't Japs get afraid of having their eardrums perforated by that thing?

>>523345367It needs to be on steam>they need to know when the christians employees are at home to ask only the people who allowed Evenicle and other eroge

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>>523345367>Pure Pure GirlOh you

>>523364008well that's a good girl. If only she was a loli too

>>523345367 Typing that moonspeak name in google throws you straight into the game gallery on Hitomi - tha CG is entirely made of MC raping his new daughters in every hole and way possible around his new house. That´s a stepfather to you, anons - a pedophile´s paradise.

>>523366290Its entirely consensual, Basedmom made sure of it."As long as there's consent, where's the problem?"

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>>523366581>little girl in suituoooohhh

>>523366581the single phrase that sends libcucks and roasties into hysterics

>>523362208WTF am I going to die?!

>>523345367Romaji looks so fucking garbage, shame on your for typing this shit.

>>523367036Sumanai, Dekinai-chan.

>>523366906After all, it is the loli's body and loli's choice. :^)

>>523366581what a precious wife and family

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>>523366581if only more moms were that way.

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Was pretty hyped for this, but hype went to 0 since you can't impregnate the lolis, only the hag.

>>523367331>can’t impregnate lolisYa don’t say

I just looked up the Amazon page for this game, some of the images there show cunny. Nice

Uohhhhhhhhh! !! !! Child erotic !!!!!! Child's belly and chest !!!!!! Erotic .... ;_; ;_; ;_;

>>523367237truly the best use of a wiimote

>check the CGs>loli pee drinkingbased

>>523345367Trash. Just like Shoujo Ramune, and all the other kusoge they've put out. When are they going to get good artists, and writers?Hit me up when they make something as good as Tsuushinbo. Or better yet, when they make an actual game. God, Summon Night 3 is so fucking good. It's so fucking sad the closest things we have to real lolige in the current age are Cinderella Girls if you plan on being exclusively a cunnyducer and Cunny Lane, if you ignore all the subhuman bait.

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pedophilia is a specific paraphiliathe plot of the vn is basically>guy is a pedo>cant get it up for hags at allthis is what separates him from the relatively more normal pedos>decides to fix his life>marries a woman>finds out she has 2 daughters and a sister that are all loliswhat happens next will shock you

for the love of god bros where can i get a download link

>Can't read enough Japanese>Textractor doesn't even work>Check CG's>They're all boring as shitDodged a bullet


>>523362208Don't have any salute images.

Looks like it's finally time.

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Anybody know the choices for the harem route?

>>523362292>>523363074Cunny withdrawal is no fucking joke

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>>523374972Chino is the best cum dumpster

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>>523362208>MC just fucking dies of cunny withdrawlToo close to home.

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>>523374908Thank you.

>>523377274anon? user?

>>523377274anon are you ok?are you ok?are you ok user?

>>523374672What is the cure?

cunny withdrawal is a serious silent killer

>>523377382>>523377490wha happun?his post is gone gonerino

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>>523378441I don't get it

>>523377274>>523377382remember to always take your daily dose of vitamin c

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>>523378594Kani means crab

>>523362208can't beat the cunny

>>523378594cunny 食べよう

>>523378441>>523378821Japanese sure are weird.I mean, I love hamburgers and meat, I really do, but you wouldn't have me singing about cows and how I love them. I'd love cows for being cool or cute animals, not for being food.

Okay Holla Forums Do you believe girls that look older than 12 can be classified as lolis?Like totori, Futaba, Lysithea?Or do you think lolis are just prepubescent looking girls?Holla Forums seems to think so, /a/ doesn't believe so.

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>>523377805you cant runny from the cunny

>>523378403Every time I see that Megasuki game that came out this year I think it says Mesugaki

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>>523381104Totori is a loli in her game

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>>523381104yestoddlercon is shit


>>523363910The left can't meme

>>523384543>pedophilia is now a right wing causeexcuse me?

>>523372297Went through this exactly. Shame because I like nukige where the MC fucks both the mom and the daughters. Getting your face filled to the Brim with Loli pee is unique at least

>Getting your face filled with loli peetruly the nectar of the gods....UOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH

>>523372297>>523385272HS-4@268E00:noshoujo.exeTextractor H-code for the game

auto deepl textractor isn't doing the auto part of its nameI must've fucked up user's extension somehowdid this happen to anyone else? what's your delay?

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>>523386357Have you tried learning Japanese?

>>523386421Get with the times, old man. The future is now.

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>>523364008>If there is a happy end with the wife only I haven't gotten it yetThere is. In fact you need to get all the girls ending to get the harem end.

My favorite scene is the one where the mom gives you a handjob with the youngest daughter's panties.

kaeru soft's been disappointingbring back tanuki soft

what fork or whatever of mozilla should I use?fuck those kikes at mozillaI'm sick of this shitty bug with chrome and user's extension runs better on mozilla

>>523345367No totally nude セックス = shit.

Is there anything wrong with this kind of arrangement?

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>>523387865only if they don't have children

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>>523345367I don't know about curing. This looks like you're just going balls deep into paraphilia.


>>523363910is 2020 bro, so now is ok

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>>523388109I’ll say what we are all thinkingUUUUUUOOOOOOHHHHHHH

>>523388461What's wrong user don't tell me you actually want a young girl to bear your children?

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>>523388109girls are really healthy nowadays

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>>523389840It's all the extra estrogen they've been putting in the water nowadays

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>>523389840I thought this page seemed familiar. Read this a few months ago. Wholesome stuff, will now read again.

>>523345367How long until we use these games as baits to track pedos?


>>523390619smash already exists for that purpose

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Cunny juice

>>523391572I wanna bury my face in their [spoilers] soles...

>>523390619These games reduce the incidence of child sex abuse. Remember that

>>523392109is this true?

I wish I could get a job with lolis.

>>523379508i mean would it really be out of place in a kid's show, which this probably is?