It’s your turn, SEGA

It’s your turn, SEGA

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Sonic was never good.

>>523344515If anything, I'd rather them throw Adventure 1, Adventure 2 and Heroes on a cartridge. All the games in the OP are shit.

>unleashedGreat except for the night levels>Colorsgreat except for the 2d sections>GenerationsGreat except for the 2d sections and levels

>>523344676Nah, only Colors is garbage

Just release Generations Deluxe with new levels from Shadow the Hedgehog, Secret rings, Black Knight, Lost Worlds, Boom and Forces. New bosses: King Arthur, Zavok and Infinite

>>523344515>implying they'll ever port UnleashedSEGA only listens to retarded game journalists and e-celebs like Arin who think that "Sonic had a rough transition into 3D and was never good". Unleashed is considered "bad" by these people because of the werehog, so they'll never port it even though the actual Sonic fans love it.

>>523344515This version comes with a free garbage

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>>523344850colors is the only good sonic game, 2d or 3d>>523345285'actual sonic fans' don't matter

>>523344515Sega doesn't wanna acknowledge their past that's why Sonic games are now teethless in their stories and no longer canon to each other

>>523345671"actual Sonic fans" are the only people who genuinely care about the series and actually play the games. E-celebs and game journos just treat the series like it's supposed to be some sort of ironic self-aware joke yet Sega is almost exclusively pandering to them. But you think Colors is good, so of course you wouldn't understand

Could Adabat even run on the Switch without making it explode?

>>523345559Shadow the Hedgehog is better than all the games in OPs pic

> No Sonic HeroesWhy should I ask for this ?

>>523346139not reading that, you don't matter, sonic's only audience is children whose parents won't buy them call of duty or gta

>>523344515More like:>Sonic Adventure>Sonic Adventure 2>Shadow the Hedgehog

>>523344592>3D Sonic was never goodFtfy


>>523344676>chooses 3 of the worst sonic gameshowliong

>>523344515sonic adventure 1-2 with an actual decent camera would make me cream myself. it would actually live up to the nostalgia then.

Two shitty games and one average game.Yep, that'd be $60 plus taxes plus tip.

>>523346591Heroes isn't as good as you remember, They slowed Sonic and Shadow way down, they also controlled very stiff, and the levels were simple as shit.

>>523345285>Unleashed is considered "bad" by these people because of the werehog>Unleashed is considered "bad" by these people because of at least 40% of the game's content>also the forced progression gates, the pointless xp grind, and every area having two sets of hubs for whatever reasonSega made it very easy for people to dismiss Unleashed, user.

>>523346139>"actual Sonic fans" are the only people who genuinely care about the series and actually play the gamesSega knows "actual Sonic fans" will throw their autism bucks at almost anything that has Sonic's face on it, so there's no real point in constantly catering to them.

>>523346998Unleashed is flawed, but the highs are absolutely amazing. It's still way better than Colors, in fact even Unwiished is better than Colors.

>>523344515No Adventure games, no buy

>>523347210There's a reason "actual Sonic fans" are fans of Sonic, they probably were attracted to the awesomeness and cool stories. If Sega stops making games that create more Sonic fans, those people will eventually die out and Sonic will sell less.They should make games aimed at "actual Sonic fans" that are good. Not rely on gimmicks and cheap solutions that don't actually solve anything to pander to the journalists.

>>523344515indie dev: fine i'll do it

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>>523346191Of course it could because they'd use the WiiS2 version of Unleashed

Bro just port the classic sonic games into the switch as well

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>>523344515Nah, it should be adventure 1/2 and generations

>>523344676>wanting Adventure 1 after the horrific 360, PS3, and PC portsare you out of your fucking mind

>>523347357>It's still way better than ColorsIts highs are, sure. Although if we're being honest, I'd rather play through Colors again since it only lasts a couple hours and isn't as much of a slog to play through like Unleashed.>in fact even Unwiished is better than ColorsLet's not going crazy now.

>>523348168They could probably just port the GameCube versions.

>>523347523shut up shill

>>523348468no, i'm gonna shill this game at every opportunity and there is nothing you can do because it's a bloody good game.


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>>523347445>If Sega stops making games that create more Sonic fans, those people will eventually die out and Sonic will sell less.They do make games that create more Sonic fans. Games like Colors and Generations made more Sonic fans, but upset Adventure-era zoomers, just like the adventure-era upset classicfags.You've already been replaced. The only reason Sega panders to classicfags is because classic era shit holds wide appeal even to people who don't care much about Sonic (since the classic designs are more generically "cute", which in turn makes classic merch more appeal to normalfags), and classic-focused content is also easier to put together (e.g. Mania being put together in a year on a shoestring budget). That's just how business works.

>>523348293That's where the problem stems from.

>>523347976They should port the Taxman versions of 1 and 2 to more shit instead of holding them hostage on mobile platforms.

Do people really like adventure 1? It’s utter dogshit. I’ve seen Xbox 360 indie games that felt more polished. Level design is also grossly linear, this was clearly the beginning of boostshit

>>523349085No, the beginning of boost shit was Advance 2. Rush was the game that doomed 3D Sonic forever.

>>523344515>one 5/10 and two 7'sDoesn't really have the same gravitas.

>>523344676this. either way sega should put them in their new 3d engine from sonic forces.

>>523348168the PC port is great though if just for this

>>523348168Just emulate the Gamecube or Dreamcast versions

>>523344515And no fucking Disney Vault shit.>>523346264Kill yourself.

>>523345671>Colors>GoodSonic Zoom, Sonic Zoom, Sonic Zoom

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>>523344515Just give me this on the Switch, SEGA

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>>523346373literally me

>>523344832>Colors> great except for the 2d sections80% of the game is in 2D and a large majority of the 3D sections are straight lines.

>>523350520It was a soulful collection and the museum was kino, but the actual game lineup isn't anything to write home about>shitty Sonic CD port with forced US soundtrack>Sonic the Fighters (decent for what it is but not really a huge draw on its own)>Sonic R>game gear shitBetter off asking for Mega Collection Plus, it would be awesome if they re-released it but with Taxman ports

>>523344515>UnleashedI can already play on Xbone. Would love a remaster still but I wouldn't get excited.>ColorsI want that to get ported so bad. I would have bought it by now but I keep expecting it to get a rerelease and it never has.>GenerationsAgain, playable on Xbox One so I wouldn't go crazy or anything plus I already fully completed it. Still would be nice to see Switch and PS4 get a remaster and I wouldn't mind double-dipping for achievements.I want to see a new release of Sonic Riders more than any other Sonic game.

>>523350914I agree but imagine the potential it has if M2 gets involved.

>>523350290>that image>1funnyshit.jpg>calling someone else a zoomer

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>>523349323>the beginning of boost shit was Advance 2Advance 2 was the only game that did boost properly, though, since it's something the player actually has to achieve rather than a move they can just use anytime.Also it's not really "boost" either, just an additional top speed.

>>523349954Yes the mods fix the PC port and make it the best version to own, but I mean the port itself that Sega delivered is bad.

I'd only be interested in a Colors re-release if they remade some of the game's assets like Sega did for the Wii Monkey Ball remaster.Otherwise I can already emulate it at 60fps on pc.

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Unleashed and Colors should be released everywhere. But the collection you should be asking first is a Sonic Handheld with Advance, Battle, Rush, Pocket, Generations DS and whatever else i am forgetting that never got rereleases.

>>523346264That's not much of an accomplishment

>>523348771Who said that? Are you having mental problems?

>>523346264Shadow the Hedgehogfags are the Dark Souls 2 fags of the Sonic community and it shows.

>>523346531>3D Sonic was never good.>2D was barely good.FtfyThis motherfucker had one great game, (Sonic 3 and Knuckles) a pretty good game in Sonic 2, and a handful of okay games mixed in with the total shit and it's been riding on those fumes for almost 30 goddamn years.

I wish there were good Sonic games.

>>523344515All of those games suck ass.Rerelease Sonic Adventure 1/2. Those are the only good sonic games ever made. Sonic by and large sucks and Mario will always be better.

>>523344515Lol, just get an Xbox

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>>523344515I wish

>>523354256Sonic CD is the best classic Sonic game though

>>523354421>Sonic ManiaReminder that the best 2D sonic game ever made wasn't even made by Sonic Team... A bunch of amateurs doing it for almost free made a better game with better gameplay and a more inspired art direction then your massive billion dollar studio could make in over two decades. That must hurt so fucking bad. How has Sonic Team not collectively thrown themselves out of windows?

>>523354256Fuck off, retard you don't even play Sonic at a competent skill level to be talking about which games are good or not.

>>523354759Does help that the game they made as a follow-up to Mania was fucking terrible. My guess is that they will probably never let Mania 2 happen out of spite.

>>523349085Adventureteens don't care about level design. The linearity doesn't bother me so much as the abundance of empty hallway fluff. Adventure 2 is even more guilty of this.

>>523355102Oh God, that's right! Sonic Forces was supposed to follow up Mania... Fuuucking Jesus, that's like being Bruce Lee and your follow up is Steven Seagal.

>>523347445>Sonic>cool stories

>>523354421Did they seriously make the Silent Hill HD Collection backwards compatible?

>>523355715Yes, and they also made Downpour and Homecoming BC too.Pretty salty that they didn't make the OG Xbox version of SH2 BC instead, but I'm still holding out that both that and SH4 become BC too. Its not like Konami is doing with the series anyway. It would be free money.

>>523354759>Reminder that the best 2D sonic game ever made wasn't even made by Sonic TeamI'm pretty sure Sonic 3 and Knuckles was developed by Sonic Team

>>523344515>unleashedNo, colors, lost world , generations >>523350290colors is great cope

fuck sonic colors it was more 2d than 3d

>>523356083Go replay every Act 3, 4, 5, and 6 from each planet and look me in the eye and tell me its a good game.

>>523354421>Sonic 06 is still delisted>it's the only main Sonic game released last-gen that isn't BCI wish Sega would make Sonic 06 BC. We know it's garbage, some of us want to play it despite that.

>>523356321replay night levels from unleashed and tell me that

>>523355173>Adventureteens don't care about level design.Nice meme. Red Mountain, Beta windy Valley, Final Rush, Egg Fleet, etc. I could go on, but I doubt you'll comprehend it when your spouting room temp IQ shit like this.

>>523356441Night levels are shit and so are moon medals and sun medals. Colors is shit and Unleashed is shit too. Accept it.

>>523356609just out of all the 3d sonics, if they had to pick 3 and not have forces, it would be generations , colors , lost world, cope

>>523356431Despite its rep, completely forgot that game existed. I wonder, if Sega re-released it, but with all the bugs fixed, would it be a good game then?

>>523356749I'd rather they do something no one asked for and throw in Sonic Jam instead of having 2 boost games. You can keep 1 boost game.

>>523356083>Block platforming>60-80% 2D>Start of the cringe "Ironic" Sonic and TailsGood one based Zoomzoom.

>>523344676I wonder why people have so much nostalgia for the Adventure games. Adventure 1 was half okay but 2 was pure dogshit and started the decline of Sonic.

They should totally port colours alongside generations.When playing the two games in succession more people will realise just how shit colours is.

>>523356449Red Mountain, Final Rush (and Chase more so, glitchy or no) are exceptions, but the bulk of the levels are pretty simple spectacle.

>>523356935theres not much to choose from


>>523344515roflno ty

Sonic Adventure 1Sonic HeroesShadow the Hedgehogthe last true Sonic games.boost shit is cringe and garbage

>>523347357Yeah but you still have to sift through shit to get to those. Colors is pretty consistent throughout and honestly not bad for a boost game on Wii.

>>523357949Colours is forces tier shit.

To the pressure

>>523357106You say that, but it was more involved with it's level design. As opposed to the levels having to designed around one overpowered mechanic that stagnated the already linear level design.

>>523358079I doubt you've played either. Colors is also ten fucking years old at this point.

>>523357891Just make it a Gamecube collection and throw in SA2, and you've got my money. maybe Riders as well Just feels like there is something missing without it

>>523358125>You say thatI say that because it's true. Sonic Adventure 2 is harder to play well than Generations (even ignoring the less strict ranking requirements) because of how it handles movement, but Generations's version of City Escape is actually more complex.

>>523358193I've played both. Both games are pieces of shit developed by Morio Kishimoto.WispsSuper short main levels with a bunch of gimmicky 2D levels.3D sections are basically straight lines.Shit tons of 2D (Colours is actually worse than forces in this case when you factor in the sonic simulator levels)Blocky level design

>>523358764>WispsI understand you're speaking on behalf of Colors mostly, but I thought they finally handled them properly in Lost World and even Forces since they are rarely forced upon you (white wisps don't really count) and help get you to alternate pathways or grab a red ring

Sonic games seem scared of their own identity nowadays and feel like they must be a parody of themselves it's sad to see

>>523356945Same except I think both Adventure games are dogshit. They are clear examples of everything wrong with the franchise, things that later doomed Sonic into becoming this abomination he is in modern times. Plus it absolutely DESTROYED what the gameplay in Sonic was all about.Most platformers that have side characters don't change the core gameplay for the sole reason that that's fucking stupid, and it'll likely bore (at best) or infuriate (at worse) people who don't wanna sit through the "filler" bits before they can actually play Sonic. This is why, in the classic, Tails and Knuckles were simply variations of Sonic with his same gameplay style plus some new ability, just like Luigi is a floatier Mario or Globox or the Teensies are the exact same as Rayman. The game needs focus; it must know what it is in order to be good at said thing. You don't pick Luigi and then go fucking fishing. You don't pick Globox and suddenly it's a third person shooter. Knukles' story in 3K didn't grind the gameplay to a halt in order to force you to find the fucking emeralds. It's not Sonic anymore, it's not even a platformer, it's a sin against humanity. And don't even forget - while Mario 64 and Rayman 2 remained consistent with the original artstyle, expanding upon the original tone and ideas, Sonic went retarded and suddenly DUDE COPS LMAO DUDE CITY HUMANS LMAO DUDE OLD WATER MONSTER LMAO.This game is retarded and so is anyone who likes it.

>>523344592>Sonic was LITERALLY always goodFIFY

>>523344676Your nostalgia is just a shitty, nigger. 3D Sonic isn't good. It's likable for basically all the non gameplay related reasons.Just watch SA1-Forces on Youtube, you'd get a better experience for free and NOT be giving Nintendo money for SEGA made content.

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>>523346139>"actual Sonic fans" are the only people who genuinely care about the series and actually play the games.False, actual Sonic fans don't care about SEGA's Sonic, they care about good gameplay. Which is nothing post S3K. Only fan games are good.You sound like a Pokefag Gamefreakdrone that laps up their shitty crap instead of playing real RPGs.

>>523344676>Generations>shitIt's one of the best 3D Sonics out there.

>>523346865>They slowed Sonic and Shadow way down, they also controlled very stiff, and the levels were simple as shit.That isn't Heroes at all. Sonic and Shadow go fast as fuck in that game, their control is more slippery than stiff, and the levels were really long. You're thinking of another game.

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>>523354759>Reminder that the best 2D sonic game ever made wasn't even made by Sonic TeamSonic 2,3, knuckles and CD were made by Sega, what are you talking about?

>>523356828Probably not. They'd have to rework Silver so he's not as clumsy to play, as well as some of the other characters. You'd have to actually program momentum and speed into the game.

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>>523362170>Paying for gamesUhh?

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>>523347445>, those people will eventually die out and Sonic will sell less.It's been selling the same since SA2, so try again. Sonic fans are shit eaters. Fan games fans aren't Sonic fans like the fans you claim are real fans.

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>>523348293That's the problem retards, DX is dogshit broken trash.

3D Sonic was never good

>>523358734Of course it is, it's the first level. And even then Pyramid Cave and Final Rush are more complex than %80 of Generation's levels besides Seaside Hill and Sky Sanctuary.

I still remember seeing the Sonic 06 trailer for the first time and genuinely being convinced that it would be one of the best games ever made. Sometimes I wonder how I didn't become on par Sammyclassicsonicfan.

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>>523344515There’s no chance HD Unleashed could run on the Switch.

>>523344515You need to have at least one all star to make an all star collection, user.

>>523344515What about Sonic 2006 but finished this time?

>>523363314I just used it as an example. The other levels aren't that much more involving, save for the exceptions I already mentioned.>Pyramid CaveIt's more demanding than the other speed stages save for Final Rush/Final Chase but not for good reasons. Even Final Rush largely relies on dicking around on rails without any real obstacles.

>>523344515>nintendo consoles>running unleashedgood one

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>>523344832drop the shitty 2D meme. There's nothing wrong with it if the level design is good.

>>523344592your schizo hate-posting on every sonic thread literally makes sonic fans look less autistic every day. keep it up

>>523344676Adventure 1 is the only decent game you listed. Adventure 2 and Heroes belong in the trash. I rather see SEGA give another shot at Riders.

>>523344676Based dreamcast/GCN-era is ONLY good 3D sonic (aside from sonic 3D, the ultimate zoomer filter)

>>523365373Anon,don't forget the wii/ps2 ports

>>523344515anons im gonna commit sin here and admit i would totally buy sonic generations port for switch at 40 bucks

>>523348293The code for the game has probably been overwritten by the latest version aka the shit version

>>523348938>sega never let taxman enhance sonic 3 & knuckles because of the fucking soundtrack of all thingsfuck this gay earth

>>523362518Like fuck it is. Classic Sonic plays terrible in comparison to the games he's supposed to be from.

>>523360265That's cool redditor, it's quite clear you never played SA1 because all the characters are variations of sonic in terms of gameplay. Most of the objectives are basically identical (get from point A to point B). I think you just need to get the sand out of your vagina.

>>523367128>doesn't like unleashed or gens>likes 3d blast, heroes and shadow

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>>523363314Sonic Adventure 2 is pretty linear, Pyramid Cave is a big culprit of this as it is definitely Sonic's worst stage in SA2. Final Rush however, is absolutely high tier. Final Rush has multiple alternative pathways to reach the goal in creative ways to keep up the speed and spectacle. Even though Final Rush is good, nearly every Generation's stage beats it out in level complexity. Generation's is praised for it's level design and alternative paths, it is chick full of them


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>>523364368Point being, if you're going to criticize Adventure level design for being less complex, post the actual good levels from Generations.And furthermore, literally all of them revolve around boostshit yo win. At least Pyramid Cave had elements of puzzle in it. That's more than the boost era games ever had.

>>523365795Except the 2D sections are usually pretty shit and exemplify how bad boost sonic controls in cramped spaces

>>523367881>That's more than the boost era games ever had.False, Unleashed had these. It's Gens that streamlined it and for the better, why the fuck do you want puzzles in Sonic? They are fundamentally anti fastLost World in SA1 was terrible. It was like playing labyrinth zone in 3D.

>>523367565Two projections and a lie. This is your brain on Sonic Adventure.

>>523362170Sonic Heroes definitely has the least linear level design out of the Adventure games. That picture is just a 3 second loop in like a 7 minute level. Due to Sonic's jacked up speed in Heroes, the loops look longer in a still picture than how they actually feel when you play. Sonic Heroes has the most open level design out of the Adventure era but it also has one of the worst examples of Sonic's "stop and go" platforming. The other Adventure games had this in the form of stopping your movement to do a very slow and basic platforming segment but Heroes' main mechanic is based of that. A main gameplay design in Heroes is that Sonic's speed sections are broken up by Tails and Knuckles. This means that you sometimes actually have to entirely stop what you are doing to clear a room full of enemies with Knuckles or slowly fly up a straight building with Tails, it is the clear example of the speed being segregated away from other platforming elements. Heroes did have some levels work with it, like Hang Castle

>>523368178I don't even like sonic adventure that much but clearly it's affected you way more than it's affected me. I literally just beat the game 5 minutes ago. The gameplay in 4/6 of them is about as different to each other as the gameplay styles in S3&K.

>>523367961The 3D parts are even worse when it comes to bad level design. Point being, both are shit.

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>>523368178This is your brain on eranigging.

>>523368430No, Even in Forces, the 2D is worse due to the fact you have to rely on a poorly programmed and awkward jump that will screw you over half the time when platforming. At the very least the shit 3D sections are over and done with by holding x

>>523368343Cool story. If you keep lying like that people might forget that you completely ignored the entire post and neglected to even mention SA2 because it makes you look like a moron.By the way, you care as much as I do, at the very least, as long as you keep replying. I wasn't the one who was playing this dogshit game five minutes ago, so someone is indeed affected.

>>523368258>Sonic Heroes definitely has the least linear level design out of the Adventure games.Lol. Show me right fucking now anything in Heroes that was anything like in SA1 at minimum. Rail Canyon, Grand Metropolis, Hang Castle and of course, Frog Forest all are linear, the level. FFS Casino Park is nothing but on a massive pinball board with the most shittiest physics since Sonic fucking 4. There's nothing in Heroes that is a real 3D platformer like Spyro, Rayman or Mario, compared to SA1 which is stil not ideal but does have far more 3D than fucking Heroes. Boostshit always get bashed on yet this exact same gameplay existed since SA2, the difference is it wasn't hold button to win, it was "touch all boostpads on the ground in a chain reaction to win". It's always been in modern Sonic, the problem is that it has reached its peak in its flaws since the start.

>>523346998>>Unleashed is considered "bad" by these people because of at least 40% of the game's contentThe werehog makes up about 60% if not more. You have to remember that night stages are much, much longer and they have more challenge stages.

>>5233448323D colors has no gameplay, 2D colors is new super mario bros

>>523346191Yes, unleashed wasn't a strain on the systems, the ps3 was just shit.

>>523368606>At the very least the shit 3D sections are over and done with by holding xthat's exactly why they're worse, the controls are ridiculously stiff and the stages naturally railgrind the player into the most automated gameplay possible. If you're saying it's good you barely play them then it's a much worse problem than actually playable platformers.

The Sonic fanbase is completely baffling to me. The sheer deluded patriotism it must take to openly defend games like Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Unleashed, I can't even imagine it. How can you be so PROUD to be a fan of a franchise that has been utterly shit since the early 2000's? I can't even think of a series with a more laughable track record.

>>523368919It still struggled on Xbox though

>>523369050Not really. On xbox it was pretty smooth and rarely dropped frames.

>>523368667I don't need to mention SA2 because my argument would basically be the same. But then again I didn't write a paragraph crying about a game I don't like. You can't actually refute a single point I've made anyway, all you've done is act like a woman.>>523368958Its not good. Never said it was good.

>>523345217I'd cum if this happened.

>>523368984>hating shadow the hedgehogpure cringe bro

>>523368984Autism and obsession to all things weeb culture. the 2000s was raised on being stolen shonen content and all of the shit from those fanbases leaked over to this one. The 90s fans moved on because the only thing that mattered was raw gameplay. CD, OVA, stuff like that, are nice, but isn't why classic era gets so many fan games. It's because the gameplay was really solid and could grow into something unique and fun. You basically cannot say the same for anytihng since SA1. Any fan that makes fan games like it either fail or become too different to be "inspired" anymore.

>>523345217Or just make HD versions of the gens 3ds levels.

>>523369453It plays like SHIT. And the story is comically terrible, like every Sonic game.

>>523368984It's left over Nintendo resentment.

>>523369556>it plays like SHITget good>And the story is comically terriblenot false

>>523346264You're wrong, but you're based for posting this.

>unleashed on an underpowered systemNo, that's why Unleashed sucked at parts in the first place, give us the PC port instead.

>>, it's not. The game isn't busted but neither system ran at flawless 60FPS. I'm sure the 360 version was capped to 30FPS too and it still lags at this most infamous example of it, outside of werehog stagesAnyone asking for the Shitch to play this game is retarded. It was terribly unpolished from the start because the game demands too much and wasn't optimized for it. It's only 60FPS on high end computers.

>>523369295Don't create an alternate reality. You haven't made any arguments. In the original Sonic games there is no fishing. There is no shooting. There are no levels that are made solely to hunt emeralds on a trial and error basis. Are you trying to deflect now because you can't actually argue against the core gameplay itself being shit? Or the game's world? Or literally everything else that was mentioned? You're on an anonymous imageboard, by the way. Calling people redditors and women and proclaiming to not be affected makes none of points those believable. You're seething so hard you can only spout buzzwords like a complete retard - no wonder you like this game.

>>523367450True, but taken on their own as spectacle platforming levels they aren't bad. They're better than the other playstyles in the Adventure games, they're better than the werehog, and I'd even say they're more fun than Colors.

>>523348272>I'd rather play through Colors again since it only lasts a couple hours and isn't as much of a slog to play through like Unleashed.Then you have a shit outlook on video games. i get that you're an adult now and you have a job and other responsibilities, but that's no reason to have such a faggoty view of video games. I bet you think Dead Rising 4 is better than 1 because its more streamlined.

Sega did a poll awhile back asking what retro games people wanted ported to the Switch via the Ages seriesThe Winners were games like Jet Set Radio Future, Sonic Adventure 1/2, Panzer Dragon Series, Space Channel 5, Burning Rangers, Sakura Wars, Nights series, Shenmue 1/2, and Yakuza 1/2They first said they were shocked people wanted Saturn and DC games, and then cancelled Ages.


>>523369696You do realise you just proved the point, correct? He never said it was perfect only that it rarely chugged which you've just proven by providing a video with very few framedrops.

>>523369906Not him but do you really play video games just too he bored by them?

>>523345559If you're gonna put the basedness of Shadow the Hedgehog next to Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom to make it look bad, the least you can do is put them in release order like the Mario collection and OP's pic.3/10 bait low quality

>>523369497Would be nice, but I would rather get new stages from games that weren't initally represented with a stage if possible (and it probably isn't)

>>523370051>You do realise you just proved the point, correct?No, how? You fucking said it didn't struggle on Xbox, which was to project against >>523369050 and that video LITERALLY shows the game lagging to ass at the timestamp. The game runs like shit. Stop defending it. Games at this point in time shouldn't be doing that just by sneezing. Basically all other Sonic games before it ran far better than this at 60FPS, excluding SA1 on DC for reasons they themselves wanted to avoid Unleashed ended up doing. It's not a defense. If Naka was around for Unleashed that shit wouldn't have been excusable.

>>523363971Game would still controll like ass and have garbage level design. Play P-06 if you don't believe me

>>523369906He has a point, why should he was through shit to reach the good parts? Sonic Unleashed is really bad to play through on first try because of the Werehog. Sonic's sections are like 2 minutes and the Werehog's are like 20, not to mention that you end up replaying the Werehog levels multiple times to get medals. This leads to the playthrough being like 80% Werehog. Sonic Unleashed is great when you are replaying it because you can choose to only replay the Sonic stages but that doesn't change the failure that is the Werehog. It is probably the worst example of Sega padding a Sonic game with unnecessary and unfun shit.

>>523370178>basedness of Shadow the HedgehogYou mean the like 6 decent levels on the neutral path? I wouldn't call that based, but I have replayed them sometimes

>>523369923>Sega: WHAAAAAAAAAT???? people want Saturn and DC games? those madmen want to ruin us and make us work our asses??>Sega: No! have more genesis games and Sonic 1 and 2 again and you will like it. Fuck, when will Xbox and PS5 be released? we need to release the same sonic games again, and maybe Adventure DX and 2 againThese idiots working at Sega are inside in some weird bubble and are completely out of reality

>>523345559switch Shadow with Forces and you've got a fair selection

>>523370312>You fucking said it didn't struggle on Xbox,Maybe you should learn to read because what was said was>On xbox it was pretty smooth and rarely dropped frames.The key word being "rarely". Do you know what that means? It means that it dropped frames but they happened infrequently under specific conditions or in specific locations. Your video proved that right.

>>523369881You're only right about the Colors part. The rest is wrong. You only like Generations more because it holds your hand and gives you easy S ranks versus the Adventure games where you actually have to LEARN the game to get good, which is too much for casual garbage like you and most people who pretend to play games.

>>523370481Dark Mad MatrixHero the DoomHero Lost impactThose are the only three on the top of my head that make a man reeeeebesides if you only want get to the goal, other stages off the beaten path have it too

>>523370312>and that video LITERALLY shows the game lagging to ass at the timestamp. No one said it didn't you dipshit.

>>523369785Didn't say I liked it, I just said you were full of shit which you have proven to be which is why you didn't catch on that I specifically omitted Big and Knuckles' stages. Anyway, there's no point in responding to you, you're clearly an autistic faggot that believes the world should cater to him. Go take your meds and go to bed grandpa, you're too old to be arguing on the internet

>>523370682not him but i agree that generations s ranks were too easy

>>523370337People who say that the level design is 06 is good are lying to themselves. Sonic's speed and controls isn't the only problem with 06, the level design needs tweaking. No matter how fast Sonic is, Aquatic Base fucking sucks

>>523370653>>On xbox it was pretty smooth and rarely dropped frames.It's only "smooth" on 360 because it was lowered to 30FPS. The intented version is 60FPS like every other Sonic game. That's their vision, and they lowered it for Unleashed because it ran like shit most of the time and being under 30FPS hides most of that artificially.And the point of even mentioning Unleashed was because of of OP, as in, Unleashed on the Shitch, which will NEVER happen because it would run worse than even the 360 version.

>>523369906>Then you have a shit outlook on video games. i get that you're an adult now and you have a job and other responsibilities, but that's no reason to have such a faggoty view of video games.How is preferring to play through a consistent game for two hours over a significantly longer games that jumps around wildly in quality a "shit outlook on video games"? The latter drags on and just isn't fun to play in several places.If I want to experience the best parts of Unleashed I'll just play through the mod for Generations where I don't have to put up with any of Unleashed's bullshit. That's the whole reason why that mod exists in the first place.

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>>523370873kingdom valley is pretty kino though

>>523369637Shadow does objectively play really bad, his controls are fucked up. Shadow moves like his Heroes' counterpart had soap tied to his shoes, his momentum is fucked and that is a main component to a Sonic game


>>523371021He plays basically the same as shadow in heroesplus he cant have soap if he stops on a dimeweak bait

>>523370810>I don't even like sonic adventure that much>that much>Didn't say I liked itEmbarrassing. Abandoned your point, ran away, deflected again, and now I'm a redditor, a woman, autistic, gay and old. For a cool macho man who's totally unaffected you sure do act like a major bitch who can't defend himself, user. But go on, let's see if you really do stop replying.

>>523370369I mean with Colors you have a tradeoff that's not just polishing and removing the bad parts, but also crippling elements from the good gameplay.In the end this chronic problem of Sonic persists, for you either get a big game full of unfun content, or a small game with watered down content.

>>523370137>>523370369I'd rather play a game with high highs and low lows than a literal 2 hour nothingburger like Colors. SNES-tier block platforming and levels that last around a minute each, leading to a world boss that I can unironically beat in around 10 seconds is my definition of boredom. To me, Sonic Colors is worth slightly more than nothing. It may as well not exist. Meanwhile Day stages of Unleashed are worth about 3-7 times more than the entirety of Colors in total. That's my logic.I severely agree that the Werehog segments get boring. But there is so much to discover in Unleashed, so much to explore. So much damn SOUL. I'd rather have that than the literal autopilot beginner-indie-game NOTHING that is Colors.>>523370958>How is preferring to play through a consistent game for two hours over a significantly longer game that jumps around wildly in quality a "shit outlook on video games"?Because Colors is consistently a 3 or 4 out of 10, and Unleashed's inconsistency averages out to a 6 or 7. I'd rather play something inconsistent than something consistently worthless.Also the Daytime stages are more like 10 minutes long, not 2. Also errr, I don't even agree that the Werehog parts are 100% boring. Honestly, sometimes they're more fun than the regular level in Colors. But there are multiple gauntlets of Werehog that indeed take way too long and are too repetitive.

>>523344832What meme shit is this? Unleashed had 2d sections too and they were less polished than the Colors and Generations. Sonic Colors put a good amount of focus on the 2d sections and implemented more platforming with the 2d but Generations hits it out of the park with modern's 2d sections. It handled 2d the best out of the modern games because it played so that you can platform and maintain speed at the same time

>>523344676>>523367128Cubies need to die.

>>523370901>ShitchHi there Eric.

>>523370958Ignore him, they are zoomers that thinks more = better. A game with more shit in it does not fix the fact it takes 15 minutes of shit to play the 3-4 minutes of hold x to win and watch as Sonic blurs the entire screen as he waste millions of artistic dollars sent making all of those levels by Sonic Team. It's fucking retardedThis is the sole debate over Forces vs 06, Forces is mediocre but somehow is worse than 06 when 06 is 6+ hours of dogshit that the "lol its so bad it's good" parts cannot be seriously enjoyed between 3 straight hours of total loading screens and just overall unplayable trash. A game that's over with instantly is more tolerable than shit for hours on end. Especially since 06 was SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS at launch when Forces was 40USD.

>>523344676>Adventure 1, Adventure 2 and HeroesAwful games, all of them. Only reason people like them is because of Nostalgia.

>>523371431>than a literal 2 hour nothingburger like Colors.Instead you chose to play a 10 hour nothingburger like Unleashed.

>>523371004Kingdom Valley is the best stage in 06 and Radical Train is second but a majority of them aren't that good


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>>523368984>The sheer deluded patriotism it must take to openly defend games like Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Unleashed,Both among my favorites

>thinking SEGA gives a shitBro they made $16 million off of the PSO2 West release in 3 months.

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>>523371614>Kingdom Valley is the best stage in 06Basically because it was the first level they worked on. Basically how it always ends up being; the first level they showcase is the best level by the end of the game.

>>523371528Forces is only $40 because it's admittedly a tiny budget title. And this has been Sonic's hell for a decade, small, safe and simple games. This formula has gone stale and fans aren't happy, so what do you do?

>>523371431>But there is so much to discover in Unleashed, so much to explore. So much damn SOUL.How young are you user. Unleashed is literally baby's first adventure rpg. It does nothing particularly special or unique. Hell, even the art direction for npcs and environments is generally ripped off from Pixar's movies.>I'd rather play something inconsistent than something consistently worthless.Or as that other user said you could just play through the Unleashed mod for Generations. The rest of Unleashed isn't worth defending or slogging through. There is no defending those retarded progression gates.

>>523371939>This formula has gone stale and fans aren't happy, so what do you do?I was happy with Mania, so just do more of that.Also Mania was apparently a budget title too, so it works in Sega's favor also.

>>523344832How low does one's standards have to be to think any of these qualify as "great"?

>>523370690The neutral isn't the best because of the goal ring, nearly all stages have the goal ring. The exclusive neutral stages are the better stages in Shadow like Lava Shelter. I also played all the pathes with no deviations so when I play pure evil or neural hero, I stuck to the path. Because of my dedication to getting the specific ending by going down a specific path, I didn't go after the goal ring in most stages. The time I went to the goal ring the most was neutral so that might be why I like it, too bad the neutral story was autistic. The best story for me is one where Shadow gets depressed after defeating Black Doom on the arc with Vector

>>523372148Mania wasn't made by Sonic Team, and it's a retro celebration game, so obviously it does not require big budgets.again Sonic Team is the problem, their formula of games has gone stale.

>>523371190>>523371635Maybe Shadow's weird animations through me off because I remember him being more slippery. I enjoyed the speed characters in Heroes and I remember immediately recognizing that Shadow's controls were downgraded

I'll pass.

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>>523371817Wasn't the original 05 demo Kingdom Valley better, it looks like Sonic works better in that demo

>>523372412>Mania wasn't made by Sonic TeamAnd? That didn't keep Mania from existing.>and it's a retro celebration game, so obviously it does not require big budgets.So? Then do it again. All the Sonic games with "big budgets" just end up having pointless filler anyway. Just do more smaller-scoped, arcade-esque titles instead.>again Sonic Team is the problemCool. Then axe the team.

>>523372517Oddly enough I think Heroes speed formation controls worse.How much time have you played heroes vs shadow? ive played a lot more shadow, perhaps you've played a lot more heroes? that would make sense overall.

>>523372517No, Shadow was definitely slippery at high speed.

>>523371949>Unleashed is literally baby's first adventure rpg. It does nothing particularly special or unique. Hell, even the art direction for npcs and environments is generally ripped off from Pixar's moviesI think this is a pretty narrow way of looking at things. Unleashed doesn't stylise itself like an ATLUS game or something, but it's a far cry from generic. It would be cool if your could recommend me an adventure rpg that provides what Unleashed does but better. I'm curious, what do you think of SA2's environment design?>I'd rather play something inconsistent than something consistently worthless.The point of this disagreement was Colors vs Unleashed, the original user didn't mention the mod so I didn't address the point in context of it. I get that sloggy parts of Unleashed are a pain, but in my view, given the choice to play consistent Colors or inconsistent Unleashed, I'll pick the latter because at the end of it all I'll feel like I had more fun.

>>523372631That version was scrapped because it became unstable with a game breaking bug "like, bricking the game bad" and SEGA insistence to get the game on holiday release also thanks further because Microsoft demanded the game come out the same day for their system as Playstation's, meant that the game had to be reverted back to the alpha stages and anything from the beta they could "add" back into it is what we got today.


>>523368803Hang Castle and Frog Forest are great and focus on speed and platforming, they beat out some of the lamer levels in SA1 definitely. Their are also barely any dash panels in 3d Sonic, you must be think of something else. I can't name any time where a dash panel carried you anywhere for more than like 5 seconds. "Boost to win" is also a straight meme when Generations has the best 3d level design of all of Sonic. It seems like you only like the classic games

>>523372631The only difference I remember from that demo is the day-night cycle, which I always thought was a weird inclusion since it indirectly implies that Sonic isn't moving through an area very fast at all compared to previous games. Probably just another thoughtless inclusion by Sonic Team that was only added because they figured it looked cool.

>>523346264Shadow the Hedgehog is worse than Sonic 06.

>>523344515>Sonic colours

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>>523373051Well you're right, but I guess I've always liked that feature in games like Wind Waker/Pokemon Gen 2, that I really wanted such a thing in Sonic, even if like you said, it would imply Sonic isn't "light speed" or whatever as he gets from place to play in the games or whatever.It kinda made it into Unleashed though not real time. They actually wanted to do this since SA1, since that game has it as well but only in hub areas.

>>523371671? What numbers are those? And the game is only on America

>>523345559Despite the cringy concept, Shadow was a pretty solid 3D Sonic game

>>523372653>And? That didn't keep Mania from existing.It keeps the rest of the Sonic games from being good.>So? Then do it againYeah, many people would like more games like Mania. But there is doubt the same people who made it would even come back.>Cool. Then axe the team.I wish but it's not that simple.

>>523373805>It keeps the rest of the Sonic games from being good.Not hum, but how? Or are you just that much of a jap purist?>But there is doubt the same people who made it would even come back.Only because SEGA controls them too much and wouldn't allow them to make unique Sonic games>I wish but it's not that simple.This is sadly truth. It's mostly because of Jap pride and nepotism

>>523372880>I think this is a pretty narrow way of looking at thingsHow? It's the result of playing multiple different types of games, which is the exact opposite of having a "pretty narrow way of looking at things".>but it's a far cry from genericI didn't say it was generic, my point was that it's not very unique or awe-inducing like some like to cream their pants over. Eggmanland is cool, shame the rest of the game doesn't look like that.>what do you think of SA2's environment design?Generally unimpressive except for the space stages that look more interesting.>I get that sloggy parts of Unleashed are a pain, but in my view, given the choice to play consistent Colors or inconsistent Unleashed, I'll pick the latter because at the end of it all I'll feel like I had more fun.Then maybe you should just say that instead of emptying your sandy cunt in this thread and claiming others have a "faggoty view of videogames" or whatever as if someone not thinking that highly of Unleashed is some kind of personal offense.

Attached: 1593195011646.jpg (347x343, 22.44K)

>>523373051Day night cycle in a 4 minute speed platformer sounds unnecessary, I'm totally fine with it's lack of inclusion. Some games need day-night cycles like MGSV but 06 didn't. I thought the demo showed a faster Sonic with better movement

>>523374183Then maybe you should just say that instead of emptying your sandy cunt in this thread and claiming others have a "faggoty view of videogames" Cry more, Faggot. I can, and will, do both.

>>523373805>It keeps the rest of the Sonic games from being good.How.>I wish but it's not that simple.Here's a simple solution: don't be an autist who continues to obsess over a generally mediocre IP and instead only give them attention when they put out something that actually looks like it's worth your time.

>>523374329My thought process was that it was real time so it was just atmospheric and had nothing to do with the story of the game.

Why do people dick ride Mania so hard? Is it just to stick it to sonic team, "haha fans do better"? Cause mania is like 50 percent old levels and all it does is cement sonic in the past instead of evolving and breaking the myth that sonic doesnt work in 3D

>>523374421>Cry more, Faggot.I'm not the one crying/seething over someone thinking a 6/10 game isn't the hottest shit on the street.


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>>523374663You're the one seething that I said someone's opinion was faggoty. Calm down sperg.

>>523374474>Why do people dick ride Mania so hard?It plays how Sonic should be, just tell SEGA to stop fucking forcing their devs to add rehashed levels and that's it, the rest will be solid> Is it just to stick it to sonic team, "haha fans do better"?Yeah? I'm I not allowed to say fuck SEGA/Kishitmoto if I also praise Spark/Freedom Planet/Balan Wonderworld over their shit? SEGA has made dogshit for 20 years, SA2 being their last "good" game since is not acceptable.>The rest is just seething shitpostingSEGA's fault, don't care, Taxman made it still unique for the second acts, Flying Battery/Oil Shitter is objectively better in Mania compared to the originals, Mighty and Ray, Encode Mode co op > Advance 3's overcomplexed tag team, etc etc. I'm not going to ask for shit Sonic content just because SEGA/Sonic Team owns Sonic. Everyone on the planet can do better with Sonic than SEGA.

>>523374474Barking at the wrong tree there, the staff is mostly blind SA nostalgiafags. Even if you did get what you wanted, it'd just serve as further proof 3D Sonic doesn't work.

>>523373060I dont know what drives someone to think thislike guns and swearing is fundamentally worse for a game than long loading times and being stuck to walls

>>523374080>Or are you just that much of a jap purist?I'm not? I am literally saying these japanese developers are terrible and their work will never result in good games.>>523374459I've been interested in this franchise for less than a year. I know very well it's mediocre and you don't have to pretend you're wiser.

>>523374931Tonally its a nightmare for a 1900s toon styled cartoon character, but 06 is a nightmare as a video game.

>>523344515What if they remade Sonic 06 without the shitty glitches/bugs/game design elements, added in a proper chao garden with online, and released it as Sonic Adventure 3

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>>523374938>I've been interested in this franchise for less than a year. I know very well it's mediocre and you don't have to pretend you're wiser.I'm not why you chose to take that personally. It was a general statement that literally everyone should follow at this point, not one directed specifically at you. Sonic Team doesn't deserve the attention their games get when they haven't really learned anything over the past two decades.

>>523375142here's an ideamake a new game instead


>>523375407This is modern day Sonic Team we're talking about. If you don't give them a basis they wind up making Sonic Forces.

>>523374805photoshop out the wisps too

>>523374819>get called out for saying something stupid>when backed into a corner pull the "well actually this is just how I feel" cardTry again, kid.

>>523375492>If you don't give them a basis they wind up making Sonic Forces.Forces' "basis" was Generations and they still fucked up. Never really understood why people still asked for an SA1 remake after Forces showed the current devs can't properly recreate something to save their lives.

>>523373051SA1 kinda did have a day and night cycle. I think it can still work in a Sonic game somewhere.

>>523344676You're a delusional nostalgiafag and I feel genuinely sorry for you (if your post is serious and not bait)

>>523375327It's a good statement, best for any person who doesn't want to waste their time hating products instead. And you're correct in saying they do not deserve attention.I took the brashness of your previous replies and assumed you were being personal, apologies for the misunderstanding.

>>523344515>boost boost & boostTruly the epitome of 3D Sonic.

>sonic emerald collection>vol 1: s1-3K, spinball, 3d blast, CD, chaotix, DRMBM, ristar, flicky, aux genesis titles, $15vol2: s1-2 8bit, chaos, tripletrouble, tails adventure, drift 1+2, advance 1-3, $15>vol 3: sadx, sa2b, heroes, shadow, rush, rush adventure, 20$>vol 4: unleashed, colors, generations, colors ds, $20>$70 for everything

>>523344676everybody who replied to you needs to be shot and kicked in the head afterwards. adventure 1 and 2 are the best 3D sonic games. don't worry, you are right.

Sonic Adventure DXAdventure 2:BattleShadow The Hedgehog

>>523344515All of these games suck dick.

>>523345559Shadow isn't even close to those other games, are you high

>>523369556How is the story in Sonic 1 comically terrible?

>>523377229You need heroes PS2 in there

>>523344676Those would be welcome, but they've been re-released on multiple systems multiple times.The console versions of Unleashed, Colors, and Generations have never had a re-release on any platform since their debut.

>>523371431> But there is so much to discover in Unleashed, so much to explore. So much damn SOUL. I'd rather have that than the literal autopilot beginner-indie-game NOTHING that is Colors.>Because Colors is consistently a 3 or 4 out of 10, and Unleashed's inconsistency averages out to a 6 or 7. I'd rather play something inconsistent than something consistently worthless.Holy shit someone gets it

>>523344676How the fuck does anyone defend Heroes? It is without a doubt, easily the worst 3D Sonic game.The level design sucksHalf the levels are just watching your character run/grind on automated sections, the rest is your progress being ground to a halt by forcing you to fight a few of Eggman's robots or punch something open with your power character.

>>523346264Shadow would have been better if they just made the requirement for the Last Story doing a single evil and good ending. No one wants to replay the same game 10 times to conclude a story that should have concluded after 2 at most.

>>523368430I forgot how awful the badnik designs were in this game. They even joked about it in the IDW comics.

>>523377605Nostalgia. It's always been nostalgia. 3D era Sonic games are awful, always have been.

>>523368430i find that part actually fun. you can easily run off if you lose control. and i like the homing attack. it's the most precise feeling.

Generations is all i want because they jipped us with no Wii-U port.Sonic games belong on Nintendo consoles if not sega, it just feels off on sony/microsoft.

>>523347523>Spark 2But thats copyright.

Can't Nintendo just reach out to Sega and be a bro and say "Hey bud we noticed that Sonic is basically on life support how about we make contract where you let us co-develop a Sonic game and in return you make it a lifetime exclusive for the Switch" I know Nintendo loves having Sonic exclusives because its guaranteed easy money regardless of its quality and it doesn't make Nintendo look bad regardless.

>>523379289>"Hey bud we noticed that Sonic is basically on life support how about we make contract where you let us co-develop a Sonic gameNintendo's game would just be Lost World 2>and in return you make it a lifetime exclusive for the Switch"It would LITERALLY be Lost World 2Do you seriously want that? What makes you think they'd ever make a game like SA1/2 in tone or style? Nintendo actively only does one style of game, and Mario is that for platformers.

>>523356749>Lost WorldlolnoThey didn't even bother to put more than 10 bucks and two interns on the PC port.

>>523376996>Seperating rush and rush 3Put them together.

>>523345671>Stand on switches and wait for platforms to move every other level>GoodColors was shit and Holla Forums is to blame for why we always get garbage carrying over from that game because they hyped it up so much.

>>523377113Sounds like a better time than playing Sonic Adventure.

>>523344592Thank you arin, very cool.

>>523379460>Nintendo actively only does one style of game, and Mario is that for platformers.And, you know, all of their other platformers.

Reminder that Shadow the Hedgehog has an expert mode where you just play through all the levels in order without any of the objective bullshit. Just grab a 100% save file and try it on an emulator and you basically have a proper Adventure styled game with only speed levels

>>523344515>all boost shitDisgusting, but I am also suffering with Adventure fatigue. Can't we just get a release of Sonic Battle on the eshop?

>>523380074who? sorry but thats not me.

>>523379942>Stand on switchesColors problem is its literal copy-pasted boss fights, and the fact astroid coaster and the starlight speedway levels are recolors of each other. at least go after the real reasons it sucks. its the lasiest sonic to date

>>523344832Modern Sonic's 2D sections still hold up, Classic Sonic is rough as hell though

>>523371463Big fat this

>>523380563Classic Sonic levels are solid, it's just he controls poorly.

>>523380084>And, you know, all of their other platformers.Which are?...

>>523371635Damn, I played Shadow enough to unlock the true final boss, and I don't recall spin dashing once.It really was vestigial in that game.

>>523379781no. the collection will stay how i described it.

>>523354759Anon, Sonic 2, 3, and S+K were made by Sega...

I will now buy your game

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>Dimps put out Sonic 4 Episode I and the better version of Colors in the same year

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>>523379460Look as long as its good I don't care what they do.

>>523344515Only 1 of these games is good (SU). A kino 3D collection would Adventure 1, Heroes, and Unleashed

>>523344515>we want more ports than actual new gameswhy do idiots buy a new console exactly? just to play older games on it?

>>523380973Episode 1 was clearly made by some hack and a group of interns, since it was never meant to be anything but a mobile cash grab that a Sega higher-up thought they could get away with slapping a 4 on.Episode 2 clearly had some of Dimps' talent working on it. It's actually a decent game sadly attached at the hip to a piece of shit.

>>523380873I want this to happen just so it fails, proving karma right.A: As SEGA ports the worse versions of the games instead of improving themB: No one but spergs buy them and it ends up only being 1/10th of the amount Mario makesI need this so this "Sonic is good stop bashing on him" to finally get slapped back to reality, that Sonic is at the point even Shantae deserves more praise despite being average games themselves.

i hate most games released between 2005 and 2007 because they were the first ones i knew of that needed me to buy a whole new console to play

>>523373060Sonic 06 is barely a game

>>523353669I'm with this guy. Especially so we could play Rush without touchscreen commands. I've been trying to play it on emulator and the mouse movements for the special stages are cunts for the last 2 emeralds.

Why can't /sthg/ be like this>>523381369Oh god yeah Episode 2 is a lot of fun, at least it walked so Mania could run, sorta

>>523344676Why has Sanic team not made an SA3 yet? As long as it's at least a 7/10 it'll literally print money.

PlayStation already has collection of sonic games on PSN probably won’t happen

>on its ownWeird but decently fun>DX version with additional homing attack hackPerfection

Attached: sonic3dblastdx.jpg (1024x768, 452.68K)

>>523382331>homing attack hackNothing is sacred to Adventuretards.

>>523382190>Why has Sanic team not made an SA3 yet?They did so 4 times from Sonic Heroes-Unleashed, they all just failed as games.

>>523344515Didn't they fucking lose their source code or some shit and that's why Forces is a major clusterfuck?

>>523382331>hackWait that wasnt in the original? no wonder everyone hated this game when i was a kid.

>>523344515>3D Sonic>even worth bundlingHow about focusing on un-fucking modern Sonic games (and their general mandates) first before trying to push recent titles into the same Genesis Sonic repackaging strategy.

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>>523382770The HA was in 3DBlast first, it was a power up shield instead of just by default.And that's far from why anyone hated the game, it just wasn't amazing but it also wasn't a real 3D Sonic game when people wanted a real 3D Sonic game in the late 90s.

>>523382190Sonic 06 WAS SA3 you tard. why do you think it bombed so miserably?


>>523354398>Those are the only good sonic games ever made.You mean only good 3D Sonic games. And even then, they're as divorced from actual Sonic physics-based level design as FFXV and BioShock Infinite were from their initial trailers.

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>>523382550Trying to kill enemies in that game is a total crapshoot without the gold shield bruv, neither the jump or spin dash are precise at that angle

>>523383691That's because the controls was 8 directional and the hitboxes were rather tiny for such big sprites. Most games like this are flawed because of time spent on them, SEGA rushes games so much these games would have been better made with more time tweaking the issues.

>>523383540What is this anyway? Some beta level or a mod?

>>523368812>The werehog makes up about 60% if not more. You have to remember that night stages are much, much longer and they have more challenge stages.Not him but the night stages aren't long at all. Sega just went full retard and didn't tell anyone most fights are completely optional. Only fights that specifically produce walled gates are mandatory.Seriously play the night stages again without engaging enemies as much as possible. You can bypass encounters 7 out of 10 times, at most they will take pot shots at you while pulling levers or placing keys in pedestals if you are slow. But progress is easily made.

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>>523384358Beta version of Windy Valley Zone. Far more open ended but gutted because it ran like shit by the final stages of the game's development.

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>>523380763It had one good use, charging while the air turbines were up in one level, you could then spindash through it.There's also some other neat speedrun tricks taht could be done with it, but loops are not one of them, as that webm shows.

>>523344515Sonic sucks and he is dead. Get over it Segacucks.

>>523384358Beta Windy Valley. Hard to believe SA was at one point trying to be a Sonic

>>523382637that makes waaaay to much sense, since forces is basically generations if you added in the OC and told interns to rebuild it from the ground up.

>>523344515I'd rather>Sonic Generations>Sonic Colors>SA1>SA2>Sonic Mega Collection the whole thing That's enough sonic for a lifetime.

>>523345559Why is black Sonic carrying a gun?

>>523370481The fact that it EXISTS, raw and unfiltered, is based enough.

>>523384986>unfiltered>he doesnt know human soldiers were supposed to die like aliens but they toned it down to make it an E10 game.

>>523350914The thing about it is that this was released 3 years

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>>523384936Black Sonic is popular with american kids.

>>523385195my dude the fact that you get to shoot with a gun human soldiers at all while riding a bike, despite shadow runing 100x faster than them, is raw enough.Who saw that and green lit the fucking game? I want to kiss them.

>>523385454First off>riding the bike>at allSecond off I think it was yuji naka himself.

>>523384542>have to actually avoid playing the game in order to make it enjoyableI know that's not the point you're trying to make, but jesus the werehog stages were such a bad idea.

>>523385513>not riding a bike whenever you can in that gameYou need to listen to I Am All Of Me one more time. The mid 00's edgy hasn't permeated.

>>523385513No it wasn't, Naka was on 06 before he quit, Iizuka made ShTH and he later regretted pandered to edgy niggers afterwards. It's why the directing of Sonic changed post 06, he hated that era moving forward.

>>523385297>half the comments are comfy stories, the other half is "f for brawlbrstms, fuck nintendo">the original, entirely comfy comment section is completely erased from the internetI hate modern youtube with every inch of my being

>>523386020did people honestly shared nostalgic stories of their youth to that song?

>>523385750Got a source? I saw on wikpedia that Naka got a bunch of letters from kids asking to give sonic a gun and he thought it would fit shadow much better.

>>523384358Something that Sonic fangame developers aiming for 3D physics should learn more from, at least if SEGA themselves won't.

Can they just re-release 06 already?

>>523386278He was producer but not fully on the project, he was mostly involved on Sonic Riders as that was his game he had more input on.

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>>523344515I dont even think the switch would be able to run these games at all.

>>523344832generations is a great game all around, NIGGER.

>>52338769106 and Colors stages are pretty mediocre, then again the source material doesn't help.

>>523387657Sonic unleashed was on the Wii



>>523377605If you like Crash Bandicoot games you'll like Heroes, if you don't, you won't.The Heroes levels are linear obstacle courses that challenge you to plug in the right moves to the right situations, and get creative with mix and matching. If you don't suck shit at the game, it's incredibly easy to blow through each group of enemies with a few tiny concise movements. If you fail at this, that's game challenging you to go faster. I disagree that this is "being ground to a halt" - it's an obstacle course, and getting better at the game is tantamount to overcoming obstacles faster and more efficiently. That's pretty Sonicky to me. When you get into the rhythm of things, each level can be immensely satisfying. Its fast-paced, punchy and arcade like, its fun. Every ten seconds in the level is focused on presenting you with another concise but powerful dopamine kick.

>>523388117I thought this line was awkwardly racist out of context before it was cool to think so.


>>523388275I still can't believe they let Raimi direct that game after what he did on the Spiderman movie.

>Shadow the Hedgehog, good>Sonic 06, good>Sonic boom rise of lyric, awful>Sonic Unleashed, great>Sonic Generation, great>Sonic Colors, shit>Sonic Mania, great>Sonic 2, great>Sonic CD, good>Sonic 1, good>Sonic Adventure, great>Sonic Adventure 2, good>Sonic Forces, shit>Sonic Heroes, good>Sonic 3&k, best game

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>>523388985interesting set of opinions, but remember that sonic 3 and knuckles is forever 2 different games

>>523389623Not in my heart.I play Sonic 3 complete instead of the real game desu.

>>523344515It would be sonic adventure,2 and heroes

>>523388275It's okay for him to say it, since he's also a black creature.