Super Mario Holla Forumsorld 2 - TESTING START

Last Thread: >>523231012And there we go, SUBMISSIONS FOR NEW LEVELS ARE NOW CLOSED!Hi all Anons, once again. I wanted to thank you all for participating in Super Mario Holla Forumsorld 2. For those who didn't see nor know, I was the organizer for Super Mario Holla Forumsorld, a Super Mario World Collaboration hack with levels by your fellow Anons. This period lead its course for 31 threads, and now that period is over. As a result, this first testing thread will be created to start scanning over the levels, discussing other aspects of the project, and submitting updates to submitted WIPs.The first thing to note - YOU CAN SUBMIT UPDATES HERE. While I would prefer an Email, you're perfectly allowed to send your update here. Be sure to include all needed files, as you would before. Second - THIS IS THE LAST DAILY THREAD. Follow this bump, testing threads will occur every Saturday for the next four weeks. Once those testing threads are over, the hack will release. Make the most of your time. If you need to update your level, don't wait until the last minute.I will detail some other things in the posts belowTESTING THREAD BASEROM 1/5 - Mario Holla Forumsorld 1 Download -

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SPECIAL BOSS DISCUSSIONAs you may remember, we were planning two final bosses for Holla Forums2. The first, Xaruin, is more or less feature complete and merely lacks some QoL polish. The second, however, is yet to start.The plan for 5-FINAL (hereby called by it's official final name "The Rage") is to have 3AB's Holla Forums-tan as the final boss. Unlike with the first final boss though, everything about this boss is in the hands of you Anons. Things needed at the moment are:> Boss Attacks> Boss Music> Boss Setup/EndingOne of the Anons in the threads offered to code it (the same user who made the Holla Forums1 final boss), but the actual planning for the boss I want to put in the hands of you Anons. From there, the Boss will begin being coded in the next week or two. Thanks a bunch.

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I'm still working on the space balloon level, but theres a version in there for anyone to test, I'd appreciate some feedback on it.I'm thinking of modifying the balloons to allow mario to duck while riding them so you don't have to latch on to them while ducking to make some parts reasonable.

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Cool. Will test all the levels this week-end.

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>>523343696I think the balloons are fine the way they are honestly>>523343743Sounds good user, can't wait

Been pretty slow on 120 since it took forever to iron out kinks that would cause the ASM to kill the player on accident. Finally got it all worked out though, if I'm lucky I might have a fairly playable version by the end of this thread.

>>523342939is it going to be a sprite or layer 2 boss?

>>523344042Sounds good. I wasn't able to include 120 in the rom today because you forgot to send the Map16. If you get it done by this weekend though I'll put it in the next testing thread

>>523344128it'll be sprite-based. usage of layer 2 is a very real possibility but i hate looking for good layer 3 backgrounds so i'll take suggestions for those too

god damn I want to play so bad, but I'm gonna hold off until the actual release. This hack seems like it's REALLY high quality. All of you are my heroes

What's the code that protects layer 3 from message boxes again?

>>523342871Is there a battletoad inspired level ?

>>523345071Layer3BG.asm>>523344546SMWC found out last night and was puking at it, which I guess is an expected reaction from them. Hopefully hack quality outshines the "le 4chan" part

>>523342939I'd prefer if V-tan was actually a small sprite like Moot was in Holla Forums1. Being a giganormous boss is Xaruin's gig.

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>>523345572The plan is Holla Forums to be a small sprite. Question then is moves/attacks

>>523345507>idol being a gigantic faggot about it as usualwhat a surprise>I'm scared to ask what [WT Snacks] referencesman, this is already great

>>523345507>Layer3BG.asmAlright, now how do I get it to run alongside the .asm I already have assigned to said level in list.txt?Will I have to try to merge the two .asm in one file?

>>523346091More or less

>>523345507>SMWC found out last night and was puking at it,Do you have a link? I can't find a thread about it on their forum

>>523345507>SMWC found out last night and was puking at itjust looked at it, what a bunch of insufferable faggotsit eludes me how they can even stand to be around each other

>>523346753its in their pisscord

>>523345507link to their shit fit?

>>523346840aww damn, I'm not putting that much effort into them

did those remaining 5-6 WIPs make it in time?

>>523345507honestly from the reaction, it really is all Idol. I'm pretty convinced that even if this was a all vanilla SMW hack with no text boxes, it'd still not pass moderation there, because Idol is an admin and has an extreme phobia of this site. I still want you to submit it when it's done, I really want to see the seeth/cringe in the hack removal log. This could generate a waifus tier shitpost, it'd be great

>>523346981its not worth it, just the same tired shit you hear about 4chan everywhere, buttmad about people saying 'faggot' and 'nigger' and stuffim glad this hack is looking amazing so far, we can show those dumb neo-jump fudgepackers they're not the only ones who can do this stuff

Does this hack have a subtitle

>>523346002I'm so glad I made that level last minute. It HAD to be in.

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>>523347472i second this. I definitely wanna have their shit fit on the site. But you're right, no matter what even without any text boxes or level names they wouldn't let this hack through.

>>523347659'Moot Point'>>523347669That level looks awesome, I'm glad you managed to get it together. I'm looking forward to testing it out when I find some time this weekend

Fuck SMWcentral and fuck JUMP team.

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>>523345507>>523346753>>523346840>>523346981A bunch of pathetic fags lol

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Okay I have an idea for the soijak boss fight. It would be a big boo, but there would be a homing X that chases you around and occasionally shoots those surround bullet bills. Problem is I have no idea how to do that

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>>523347939hello, based department?

>>523347974i was right it definitely wasn't worth, but thanks anyways user. Even if we take that shit out they'll just find something else to bitch and moan about

Even if this doesn't get too much exposure, I'm proud of all of you.

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>>523347974Make a version that gets rid of the f-slang while keeping the rest, making them dilate

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>>523342871>everyone's submissions from yesterday except mine made it to the OP imageT-Thanks

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>>523347974You forgot to post the rest, which is the funniest part.>it's okay if we do it cause we're gay leftists

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>>523348426imagine bragging about being a gay leftist

>>523348362For better or worse I'm kind of expecting that to be the "release version" anyways. A lot of people here are excited to potentially see YT vids or twitch streams of Holla Forumsorld 2, and despite everything the level name of Newfag Fields really seems to be the single thing that would prevent that from happening. I don't think anyone here would be surprised if OP ultimately changed it to Newfriend Fields before release, mostly because that potential change has come up nearly a dozen times in these threads.It does have the fun bonus of REALLY making the SMWC staff squirm though. I can't wait to see what hoops they'll jump through to make sure that a hack that's ten times the quality of an average hack on SMWC doesn't get through moderation.

>>523348363my submission wasn't in their either, don't worry there's still plenty of threads to get your glory faggot

>>523348323I'm more than happy getting little to no exposure. This hack was made for a niche and those that enjoy it will absolutely love it.

>>523348426holy fuck

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>>523349076OP already said he's not going to submit it to the SMWC hacks section, but they are allowing him to host it on his profile last I checked. I'm personally in favor of changing it to Newfriend because I want to watch people play my level

Is this a level

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>>523349934don't worry I'll play your level no matter what Holla Forumsorld 1 is my favorite hack there's no way I'm not gonna give Holla Forumsorld 2 as much exposure as possible

>>523349934>>523349076I wouldn't mind seeing it changed as well. There's more than enough stuff for people to be buttmad about, and I don't think such a forward (and early in the game) use of the word fag is really a hill to die on if it's going to keep it from getting played publicly

>>523349962A nippah stole my bike

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>>523349076>>523349934I do want to mention that the lead hack moderator wanted Holla Forums1 on the site, it came down from upper staff to not allow it without censoring it.I am probably going to change Newfag to Newfriend because I feel that and the Jew not being the original Soijak are the only strikes against the game when it comes to having people play it

>>523350272 it came down from upper staff to not allow it without censoring itWhat the hell? There are hacks with literal hentai being hosted on the site, and they lose their minds over the word cunny being in a level?

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>>523350556this is the logic of "gay leftists" apparently

>>523350272I'm ok with changing to newfriends but I don't think the jew eerie will cause too much problems. Or if it changes, it must not be for another fucking soijack.>>523350556Because they were accepted in the past they won't touch them, any new hacks will have to pass the new team's "safety check".Some of the staff members actually want to remove those previously submitted hacks, and it's possible it may happens in the future.

>>523350556I still find it funny the site owner was okay with Incest jokes over Cunny jokes

>>523345507They're really crying after seeing boobs or a slur but it's fine when someone's joke is "hmmm yeah I'd def fuck this guy in the ass desu" or "fuck white people"There's literally a muscular stripper Luigi in the same image they took the Rouge screenshot from for fuck's sake, but no uproar about that.>"blatantly stole graphics from hyper 6"It was an homage to hyper 6, the user who made the level stated that outright.Get your shit right, SMWC. This kind of shit is exactly why that kaizo thread was made.

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>>523345763An attack where Holla Forums teleports behind you and charges onto you multiple times

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>>523351226inb4 site owner is outed as a pedo in the future

>>523351385>It was an homage to hyper 6, the user who made the level stated that outright.haha, yeah i saw that. you could tell the guy was just mad at 4chan, and decided to start grasping at straws. the level is literally titled 'Ode to Haimari,' HELLO!!! dummy hahaha

>>523351995And it features an absolute banger from Etrian Odyssey 3, whoever made this level, good tastes.

>>523351385>This kind of shit is exactly why that kaizo thread was made.What happened? Is there drama happening on the forums now as well?

>>523347974double down on the fagDOUBLE DOWN.

>>523352905tl;dr kaizo twitch chats constantly shit on people's hacks, and streamers don't do shit about it

>>523342939The music should be ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER but it might be hard to find a midi for a port baseline.

>>523351995The hack will never be liked there, so there's not much that can be done

>>523342871I've sent it by e-mail, but I'm posting it here too just in case.Level 1-2 is now a bit easier and the reset pipes are fixed. New music and a little change in one of the

Fuck SMWC, this is gonna be one of my favorite rom hacks everAnd definitely one of the most based

>trying to playtest the draw-thread level>keep fucking up and dying at dobsonHow to you enable the instant retry thing user?

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>>523354117Retry is enabled in today's rom>>523353757Yeah I got it already

>>523354209It isn't? It keeps booting me out to the map when I die.

>>523354402Are you testing today? It works in mine


>>523354727that's the spirit

>>523354632I literally just downloaded the baserom and gone through most of the world 5 levels. I've died from a bottomless pit, dobson and spikes and it still just sends me to the title screen.

>>523352692that was me, the post you replied to. it's actually the same exact port used in the level it was dedicated to (At The End of Eternity, There is Darkness / That Which Can Eternal Die). took me a long time to find it, had to dig for hours. but i guess it's just 'stealing' hahahahathese people aren't right in the head, and i would feel bad for them if they weren't such holier-than-thou assholes. for a bunch that complains about toxicity and wants to have an inclusive safespace, they sure are dickheads, aren't they? >>523353735i know, and it's just people who are shitting on a hack that they haven't played, and probably never will play. so in the end, is it really worth caring about? (no haha)

Isn't SMWC kinda dead? Everytime i go there there's like 30 people online maximum

>>523354971I'll look into it, sorry about that

>>523355439I just died at the entry point of the level and got the 'Retry prompt'I think you might of forgot to do it for the other part of the level.

Usually I wouldn't give a shit what SMWC thought of a hack like this, we didn't make it for them, we made it for us.But the idea that these people at a point hoisted up VIP MARIO up just because they were stupid enough not to understand the moonspeak for their levels and then when it comes to this hack won't give it a chance just because 'oops there is fag in the game'. How fucking precious do you have to be to where a videogame which has breasts or memes like pepe is so unacceptable and awful you need a change of panties just at the idea of maybe checking the level out for its actual design and effort.4chan can be shit, so what? Fucker the reason why people frequent this website is because we don't need to worry about shit like forum etiquette. You make a good post, we'll treat you like a functioning adult, you shitpost and we'll take the piss out of you.

just found out about this today, that looks like pure kino, would have really liked to contribute to it, I'm actually madthere WILL be a Holla Forumsorld 3, right?

>>523356234The problem is that SMWC is the go-to place for SMW hacks. If we want this hack to get the recognition it deserves for the massive amounts of effort put by everyone, then it's mission impossible because SMWC will instantly reject it just for being associated with this place.

>>523356517>he doesn't know

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>>523356517>there WILL be a Holla Forumsorld 3, right?

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>>523356517>there WILL be a Holla Forumsorld 3, right?user, I...At least you can help on the test threads until then

>>523356519I promise I will spread this hack around as much as possible. This hack is something special

>>523356519Fuck that, what you think even if it was on SMWC people will just magically come out of the woodwork to sing this hacks praises? It will most likely just be people on SMWC commenting about how its full of 'meme garbage'.Comfirm if this is true, but didn't Diagonal Mario at one point get considered deleting because of its dumb memes?

>>523357019>what you think even if it was on SMWC people will just magically come out of the woodwork to sing this hacks praises?I'm not talking about it gathering popularity in SMWC, I'm just saying that the site, as shit as it is, has way more exposure for hacks than any other place; it's got more reach.>but didn't Diagonal Mario at one point get considered deleting because of its dumb memes?I have no idea. I don't pay enough attention to new hacks.

damn I fucking suck at this game

>>523357587Diagonal was removed because it wasn't submitted by author / had softlocks ans crashes

>>523357019the only reason diagonal mario 2 wasn't accepted was because of the level that has bob-ombs that crash the game. they were fine with the allahu ackbar joke

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>>523350272Does this mean that mean we're open for an eerie replacement?Wanted to refine it more or even work on the second frame, but it looks like a storms gunna knock my power out soon so I'm gunna post what I have now

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>>523358594i kek'd


>>523350272Those seem at least like acceptable changes.If they ask for anything else after going out of your way to change it tell them to fuck off.


dunno how big of a issue this is but when i threw a shell in this part of the Doc level it got stuck on the blocks doing the spinning animation and it hurt me

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>>523359190those are blocks that block sprites from passing, but not mario. if you throw it inside it, the shell bounces between there forever. just don't throw it there lol

Testing out the Xatu Fight. I know it still needs polishing so I wanted to give a few ideasI think 15 HP is a bit much, 10 hp could help it feel a bit faster and not overbearingDepending on if it is possible in the ASM code, is it possible that for the second cycle of attacks that it goes faster or it spawns another element? Attack one could have quicker blocks, the thwomps could shake the ground, the saw attack would spawn another saw.Either way its fucking impressive. Keep it up.

>>523359190This level is one of my favorites in this hack.

>play Holla Forumsorld 1>stuck on the ghost house level because I can't find the exitI don't get it. Am I retarded?

Oh shit, speaking of Xaruin, OP, do you happen to have a list of every sound effect the boss generates? Even if it's by spawning sprites like Grinders. I'm running out of ARAM for the port and I need to start deleting original samples for it to insert.

>>523359627Thought of an evil one for the firebar/saw attack, the second attack could maybe replace the ground with blocks which shatter if you spinjump on it.

Was a person assigned to music or did each level creator pick a song for their level? I only heard some bangers so far

>>523360454there were anons porting music just for this hack but I know I personally just found some music to use

>>523360530Port user is still around

(Spoiler of Ode to Haimari)Fuck you user

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>>523361517just finished the chun level. Feel free to change or modify anything you see fit. I definitely had fun messing with the custom chun

>>523362171You disgust me user.

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How do I add parallax scrolling to my level that works along with the UberASM of my level that makes my background move?I'd thought it would look nice for Snacks Express.

>>523362453I'll add it, thanks for finishing it user

>>523362453thank you for reviving this level, user. it was one of the ones i was really looking forward toi remember there were multiple anons working on reviving it and another user suggested combining all the different versions of the level into one, did that idea ever go anywhere?

>>523360067You mean Trick House? I remember it being pretty tricky but you just gotta keep searching until you find the door.

Either i missed something or the first switch palace went for far too long

>>523363159of course, thanks for getting it all together in a space where I could actually make it. My peanut brain couldn't figure it out otherwise.>>523363172I certainly did my best to try to make something neat. Hopefully you end up liking it. I couldn't do any of it without OP or the user that made the block asm.I know one user said he would be able to work on it today. but afaik no one else is working on it so I made it a full level

>>523363094Make the parallax with ObjectTool, then merge the two levelASM files.

>>523362171>filteryou get what you fucking deserve

How hard would it be for a sprite to play a custom wav/brr sampled voice clip?Got a dumb idea for my bowser level.

>>523363775I can probably do it once you send me the room

>>523363551Is it this?

>>523363551Don't you mean Effecttool?

>>523364034>>523363951Shit I means EffectTool.

>>523363298Off-Topic Switch palace is weird. It really should've ended on the checkpoint room.When I got to the second half and walked around it a bit, I gave up instantly. The latter half would work better as its own separate level, maybe one of the special levels.

>>523364034>>523364095kek, thanks

>>523364265How do I make it go down?

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>>523364784I remember I made this tutorial to explain parallax for another user in Holla Forumsorld1. This may help you :

>>523365054Alright, got the parallax effect I want off EffectTool. Now how do I merge my 2 UberASM files together?

>>523365662take the init code from one, and put it under the other oneso for example>init:>LDA #$12>STA $53and>init:>LDA #$69>STA $0420you would merge it to just be >init:>LDA #$12>STA $53>LDA #$69>STA $0420but for the main: code, you want to do this:take both main: codes, and stack them vertically. but SEPARATELY, and rename them to something like main1 and main2so like this:>main1:>abunchofshithere>RTL>main2:>abunchofothershithere>RTLthen, above those (but below the init), you want to make the ACTUAL main: tag just be this:>main:>JSL main1>JSL main2>RTLlet me know if you have any other questions

>>523366382I have two questions:1. In the init code I get rid of the first RTL line from my fast BG code then paste the parallax init code with RTL afterwards right? It would say RTL once in the init code2. Right now main2 is set to have RTL at the end of the main code, then comes the parallax table list. Do I replace the RTL line to the end of the parallax table or not?

>>523366924>In the init code I get rid of the first RTL line from my fast BG code then paste the parallax init code with RTL afterwards right?yes, that is correct.>Do I replace the RTL line to the end of the parallax table or not?no, keep it where it is

>>523366924If you still have issues in a bit I'll try to fix it

>That port of Tetrisphere's PhonyWho's the user which put that in their level, they've got fucking great tastes.

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>>523367232>>523367747Thanks, got it working. Gotta slow redo the parallax again though since it's moving super fast. The only issue there is right now is when you mix both of the UberASM it makes the yoshi intro have super weird parallax scrolling for some reason

>>523367796>mfw the person who made that port is dan salvato

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>>523367876Remove the Yoshi intro then.I think OP made that you can't bring Yoshi from levels to levels since it breaks in many levels.

did yoshi ever get reskinned?

>>523368049Is it the Dan Salvato though? I remember the person who ported Bomberman Hero's Tripod was also under Dan Salvato but is it them?

>>523356519I really need to get rid of my hateboner for SMWC, but the fact that it's the only place people go to for hacks and resources pisses me off.

>>523368312It has a reupload on youtube under his name

>>523368312it is, i see him in SMW twitch chats sometimes

>>523368371>>523368407Thats pretty fucking based.

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>>523368676He ports a lot if you check SMWC

>>523233442Sorry for the very late reply, didn't have any free time at all.The method you describe to offset sprites' y position with the z position is the exact one I'm currently using. It works fine for ninjis, but editing something like the chuck disassembly is a nightmare. i thought of another way today: before the gfx routine, backup the sprite's y position, substract the z position and store it back as the y position. restore the "real" y position immediately after the gfx routine. Also, how would an extra table for z positions mitigate the need for custom extended sprites? even if i store stuff to it, the sprite's code won't magically start offsetting its oam tiles with the z position...There are a lot of things to discuss here, and collaborating on this project may be a good idea. could you send me an email at agonryghts @ gmail .com (no spaces)?

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Are we going to remove the No-Yoshi cutscenes that keep appearing in some levels? They're always pretty annoying.

>>523349076Just mention that it had parts that were made by the JUMP team. Then they'll instantly accept it.


Here's the modified fastbgscroll.asm. Please overwrite this over the current one in the if no-yoshi cutscenes are being disabled, please change the FG/BG GFX bypass from Rope 3 to Normal 1.

Attached: 1597947693432.webm (750x1000, 406.51K)

>>523370776Fuck, forgot to add that it's level 00D that needs the change

>>523370103That funnily was why the first one was rejected

>>523371430They just can't resist the cunny juice.

Attached: 1598552711919.jpg (638x717, 52.77K)

>>523369995no problem, user. and thanks for elaborating on the problem furtherwith extra tables for extended sprites i was thinking of using uberASM to have a "floor" y position that's calculated with a backup y position and the z axis - if the extended sprite were to reach that floor position or below, it would act like it's on the ground. in theory this could all be done in uberASM but i digress. in theory with this being done you wouldn't have to do much smoke and mirrors since the game would just handle everything else that doesn't involve the z axis (OAM, interaction, etc.)i've never handled extended sprites before so maybe it isn't that simple. also i haven't gotten much sleep so this idea might fall apart real fast anyways. i could shoot you an email, but i'm taking a break from this project for a few days because a lot of asm these past few weeks has taken its toll on methanks again!

Working on testing/fixing the chun li level


>>523347939But jump is funny

>>523374897Yoshi is staying default.

>>523358594Is apparition eerie an acceptable replacement to the current one?

Attached: apparition.webm (640x360, 272.07K)

>>523375250I like it, though it'd mess with more palette stuff. Could try in STEAR though. Would prefer it regardless though

>>523375230damn. what if i gave it a shot

>>523375250I love it. Way more detailed and a beloved vee character.

>>523375487What do you have in mind? We can also use the Beta crackhead Yoshi.

>>523375482this is literally vanilla palette A

>>523375571TJ "Henry" Yoshi. sounds simple enough for a peanut brain like me and i'd be surprised if nobody else suggested that

>>523375736Tj is being used in the Moot party stage tho.

>>523375645Eerie uses the Gray Palette though

>>523375895oh, damn. alright then, thanks

>>523376250hex edit to change the palette the sprite uses, OP

Attached: 1587852631117.jpg (417x318, 35.03K)

>>523376250I'm aware, which is why I changed it with STEAR. Its effectively a two-byte hex edit. Is there some other issue? If there isn't, I finished it up with some quick tweaks. Add it if you want

>>523376709>>523376679No I'm aware, I have no issues. I was just commenting that I'd need to change the palette and the other user mentioned that his version used Palette A. I was aware and was saying the original is Gray. I have no issues with STEAR

>>523376869I decided to do my own revisions of the Chun Li level, I came up with some ideas of my own

Progress so far. The problem is that big boo is basically invisible on this background, he only shows up in the screenshot because I killed him. Dunno how to fix it without replacing the background which I don't really want to do.Also still need to implement some gimmick to make the fight a bit harder. I had an idea for a homing crosshair that spawns a surround bullet bill sprite every 5 seconds or so but I don't know jack shit about asm coding

Attached: Untitled.png (547x483, 46.39K)

>>523378556You need to disable sprite transparency

>>523378715I can't find itAlso what did you think of the actual level? Is there any changes I should make

>>523379221I thought it was great as is, boss looks great as well

Almost done with my chun tweaks

Alright, Chun is officially done

>>523375250Good job


>>523342871how to play sonic bat level

>>523383828Download the rom

Testing a few other levels

>>523345493I'm fairly sure yes, but I can't remember the name right now

>>523345493>>523385743Sewer Serfin

is there a teleport block on the rom yet? If so, what Map16 tile is it?

>>523385830Yes, 31BB

>>523385813That's Turtles in Time though.

>>523386048Turtles in Time aesthetic, Battletoads everything else.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait

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>>523386392Thank you user

Testing a few more WIPs before I sleep

>>523384232Wow this game is hard, but not too hard. You guys did a good job

>>523388897Thank you user. I hope you enjoy!

Okay OP I'm done with my level. Keep the intro screen with no music, and the sand canyon theme is for the main level and boss music for the boss (obviously). There's also a background wave animation ASM that is for the boss room that I couldn't figure out how to

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>>523389184Sounds good, thanks a bunch user!

Good night, thread

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>>523389609Tell Yoshi bedtime story!

>>523389461Thanks for all the help and hosting this thing in the first place. I already made two levels before this and a bowser room so I'm going to take a break lol. Thanks again

Anyone have a version of this block that actually works? doesn't seem to work with sprites, custom nor regular.

>>523389739Which were yours?

>>523389751You need to convert it to SA-1

>>523391340how does I make it interact with customs?

>>523391827No clue about that, you may need to edit the code