Fall Guys

Fall guys.Finally got my fifteenth win, it has been nearly 4 days since my last win and I used to average 1-5 wins a day. I feel like crying, feel the same as when I got my first ever win.

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Sounds like you're overthinking it and trying too hard. This game is funnest, and easiest, when you're not giving a fuck and just playing for fun.

>>523338828You are kind of right, but also once I got my ten crowns I just started griefing for fun and lost my rhythm for winning a bit.

>>523338928I have 11 crowns and I do the same. I don't even care if I win anymore, if I get Slime Climb I always bodyblock on the tube

what about fall guys makes me scream and jump around like a normalfag watching a football game?

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>>523339135Yeah I can't help but block on tube and push people off on roll out, I tend to push my luck though and get eliminated too.

>tfw can't win even with hacks

>>523338727What is that top right gold medal?

The hackers are fucking ridiculous. Every game some faggot will hide their hacks until the last round and fly up to grab the crown in 3 seconds.

I keep getting fucked every time I'm remotely close to a win now.>hexagons, perform perfectly up to first slip then die 100% of the time>jump showdown, some faggot grabs me and there's nothing i can do about it>fag mountain>tail shit

>>523339670Yes it's getting annoying. I'm just taking a break until later, or just playing until I get to level 40

>royal fumble>have tail with 5 seconds left>running in a straight clear line>guy behind me somehow catches up and grabs tail from 2-3 feet away 1. he's no where near me2. i'm literally pushing the joystick up, how could he catch up? no hacks in ps4

>>523339783>some faggot grabs me and there's nothing i can do about italways position yourself to the left of everyone, if they dont grab from the left theyll fuck themselves over

>thought tail tag ended AT 0>get my crown swiped at the last picosecondnow I know, almost got 2 wins on my first day

REMINDER: All Scouts are cunts.

I really like the Chell skin but I want the Scout skin more, will the Scout skin be coming back to the store?

I finally won my first crown at level 22 in the season

>>523338727It's a kids game dude, just enjoy the silly

>>523339412Oh shit I finally won a crown on hex a gone. I'm using an low gravity hack so at least it takes some skill.

>>523339157Probably because like real sports you can have moments where the entire game is flipped upside down.>Fall Ball>Both teams play decent defense until Blue team gets the ball rolling and we start to get snowballed>we get one and blue gets another>1-7>less than 30 seconds left>Thats GG unless we get a gold->Golden Egg spawns>Blue is dicking around because they think they have it in the bag>We get the score, 6-7>Knock the next 2 balls in from the middle perfectly and they had no goalie because they thought it was overWound up winning that entire set too. Thanks yellow team you meme fucks.

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Somebody else got really hardcore lags/latency on PS4?Its unplayable

>>523340870No skins are gone forever unless they say otherwise, it will come back in rotation . I just grabbed the top because at the time I wasn't good enough to win 10 in 2 days with my schedule .Though sucks Ill never get the Freeman or Alyx one

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>Freeman or Alyx oneAre they gone forever?

>>523338727Congrats. Personally hoarding crowns for next season.

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>>523341613From what I'm seeing the Alyx one is, as you had to from my understanding win during the beta , though I did get the crash dummy one which I loveFreeman with headcrab seems gone forever as that was a prepurchaseFreeman without it is heavily implied to be released considering theres pictures of him without it.

>>523341961meh, i was really looking forward to collecting all the valve skins

>>523341902how many hours does it take to get to level 40?

>>523342538depends on how quickly you get a hang on the game and start getting crownsyou get like 3-500ish fame and 1k+ karma for winning. levels go by pretty quick when you start winning often. last level takes like 5k fame I think.

>>523338727Please god just put Jacket back in the shop I want his outfit so fucking bad and I finally have more than enough crowns to get him

>nigger grabs me and kills us both on jump showdown>there was still 6 people leftWhat was his endgame?

>>523339135>>523339212It's the best when Slime Climb's in the second round and the third round ends up being the final one because you eliminated 80% of the other players.

>>523338727Just had a 15 man fall mountain, thank fuck I spawned right at the front.

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>>523339157Lmao this is hilarious. You’re so contrarian you think EVERYTHING that other people do is normal day shit. Jesus. Take the dildo out of your ass and stop larping as an “outsider” Anyone can like games, anyone can like sports. You’re just an elitist cunt like most on this site.

>>523344547I literally always spawn in the front row, I don't get it. Does it have to do with your ID or something? I've never spawned in the second or third rows.

>>523344029He really didn't want you, specifically, to win. At any cost.Sounds like he succeeded.

>>523339670>playing on pcYou only have yourself to blame you elitist sperg.

>>523344684It is random, have been in the front and back lots of times.

>>523344656This is some fierce normalfag cope. Like, you upped the aggression out of nowhere to someone who wasn't even talking to you, like you're persnoally offended or something.Sorry, you're just basic. Nothing wrong with that, it's just why people don't find you interesting.

>>523341234Maybe sony found your post history you disgusting fucking freak.

To all the friendly new players who play fall ball and are kinda bad at it: kill yourselves you useless fucks and git gud faster

>>523344029>tailtag>about to catch tail with 3 seconds left>some asshole horse runs up behind me and grabs me ensuring I couldn't get the tail and die with him

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>>523344116I had a game where slime climb eliminated so many people the final round was frickin round 3. never had it that early before or since

>>523345250Nice projection. You’re the same as a normalfag getting excited about your hobbies but you have to be a special snowflake “gamer” don’t you?

>>523345452I can't wait until everyone learns to not chase the ballyou would think the game is filled with literal children right now

>>523340221He might have sped up using a slope


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>>523338727this game is fucking gay and stupid and not worth $20

>>523340870Just gotta wait for it to rotate into your personal store on the bottom

The devs are retarded shit stains and do not know what they're doing. Any doubts of this were washed away with that retarded damage control tweet asking people not to post videos of hackers and not to report them. >>523344684I always spawn on the back rows the only time I haven't is when theres only 5 people

>>523338727you averaged 1-5 wins a day and you only have 15 wins but you also went 4 days without a win? did you get that 1-5 average from literally 2 days of playing? wtf?

just got this game today, pretty fun

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reminder to sabotage hackers if they're on your team

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>>523347738I got the game like 10 days ago.

>>523338727i still haven't fucking won, I might just have to stop playing im so shit

>>523348109For each team game you guys sabotage me in I win like 5 crowns. Stay mad cuck. 60 crowns and counting.

>get to 7 man jump showdown>pigeon faggot starts grabbing everyone>my phone starts ringing and it is my sister>answer it and still manage to get to the final two>pigeon faggot won't stop grabbing me>I get fucked off while he is not affected at all>have to sit there watching him get the crown and seething like fuck but have to sound normal to my sister on the phone and hold it all inAny pigeons I see irl I am going to take and mutilate them in my back shed.

>>523348665Imagine cheating at a childrens game so you can wear imaginary costumes

>hacker in hexagone>drops to bottom floor>falls off after clearing most of the pieces, flies up and pretends like he was above me the whole timeJust fucking detect upward movement in some of these maps and kick them holy shit

Just started last nightI've only made it to the last round once and it was some shit with a single spinning platform above some slime, this game is pretty fun. Anyone have tips to not be shit? I got fucked by the cylinder things on Slime Climb.

soul guys

Is the matchmaking skill or level based?? Saw so many wolves when i started playing, and then they disappearwd and the pigeons showed up, now they're both rare

>>523348687Lost a slime climb while on the phone with my mom listening to her telling me about her day. Almost cussed her the fuck out.

How hard do you have to get bullied in school to grief in a fucking party game?What motivates these people?

>>523348109>Play with 2 buds>We run into not one but TWO hackers playing together >Instead of instantly quitting we decide to keep going and hope for a team game that not even cheating can win>Climb up the rounds>Fall Ball>Hackers on the same team obviously >They zip around like retards but one is kinda competent and while not an insta win was spiking balls down from the air>Their team has enough and turns on them>Basically becomes an 8 v2 >Hackers get blown the fuck out >We had one guy on our team DC near the end>4 man fall mountain>Me and my other bud hold down the other guy from doing anything >Let other friend because she needed 1 more crown for the skin she wantedGood times.

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>>523349071git gud lmao

What does a hacker game even look like from their POV? It looks chaotic and unmanageable when I see it.

>>523349071>not griefing in a fucking party gameShitposting in Smash and Mario Party is beyond fun

>>523348908The game's been out for a while now so people have more options for costumes.

>>523349071i always get griefed in the one where it rotates and you just have to not fall off

>>523348665lmfao, imagine paying 20 dollars to inconvenience people you can't even see a reaction too on top of the inevitable ban. (or if they go through with it, having a retard skin and a perma speed debuff where it's borderline impossible to get passed the 1st round)

>>523338727I'm 5 hours in and haven't gotten a win yet

>>523349151>>523349198>Why yes we do get bullied regularly, how could you tell?Griefing is only fun when you're playing with friends and can see them getting mad, griefing anonymous people is borderline insanity

>>523344656fuck you piece of shit go kill yourself

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>>523348408Even a person with disabilities can win a single crown. Get on their level

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>>523349481*pulls right trigger* cope

>>523349535Bro what the fuck, are you watermarking your own posts

Griefchads assemble

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I finally decided to uninstall this game, it's fun but Ive got 70 hours in it and have yet to get a single win and it's starting to get depressing.

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>>523349630*walks backwards and makes you fall*have sex

>>523348815Practice man, only way you're going to truly improve., I'm a 90's faggot so platforming is in my blood and this shit is easy to me.Though there are already massive fags making FALL GUYS TIPS AND TRICKS TO BE A PRO O

>>523349835i did, check your anus*falls to my death and it's kino*

>>523349289Don't stand on rotating parts with an upcoming hole, if they grab you it's really hard to avoid falling in.

>>523344029Was probably playing with a group or took offense to your furry outfit

>>523349807>70 hours without a single winAbsolute fucking horse shit. That's literally impossible. If it's true there should be a documentary made about you.

>>523349746You really think I have a twitter account? It's not mine

>>523349807PC or PS4?If it's PC I can sort of understand due to how rampant the hacking has become.If on PS4 then what the fuck user?

>>523350139I am not kidding here, and it's always slime fucking climb that does it because I have never had a run where a faggot doesn't stand on that one fucking pipe

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Aint never won a crownAint never go na win a crownGonna keep stayin on my cylinderPushin beans off til we all die

>9 hours>Zero winsI can at least get into finals semi-consistently but never score a win, I'm losing it.

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so is fallguys just what a stoned mexican sees when he's trying to hop a border?

>>523350492If you get into the finals it's only a matter of time until you luck out and get one. Just keep pushing.


>>523350606I had a 10 person tip toe earlier today. I think tip toe is my least favorite minigame besides perfect match at this point, which is unfortunate because it's the only fucking round 4 game I ever see anymore.

>>523350606>hating on Tip ToeAt least it's shot Fag Ball.

The slap bass is kino

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I wish that fall guys stat tracker actually showed full season stats, I lost track of my wins

Playin tilt mapBean jumpsGrab himHe fallsHa 10/10 game

>>523349761checking in

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hello fellow grabchads

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>>523351001thats not griefing that's just how to play

>Every Chellfag is a goddamn hacker.How dare you tarnish Chell like this

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>>523350884Fucking owned

>>523351261The chell costume is hideous, only hackers would want it.

Any advice on grabbing? How to actually move people, etc

>got Jacket costume on third day and have worn nothing elseWhere my Jacket Chads at?

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>>523351218>>523351001hello yes based department?

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>>523351261>have 10 crowns>just saving for a good costumeI don't even care. I just use the knockout pants with no hat. It looks hilarious

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>>523351594scouts are based i wish i had the skin

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Does anyone else sometimes hear the little distant "woos" of falling beans in the back of their heads when they are not playing the game? I honestly hear them when walking around my house or reading threads, I think I might be playing a little bit too much.

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>>523351971>None tries to grab backI've noticed this a lot, fuckers prefer running away from grabbers instead of entering a possibly suicidal hug.

>>523348665>larping as a faggot for (you)sBut why though

>>523352584Some people here pretend to be retarded in order to socialize with actual retards.

>>523352191i just wanna see more sabotage from other players but they're all pansies that never use the grab mechanic for anything

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>>523348665>only 60 crowns while cheatingwow do you suck or something?

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>>523351956Tetris effect syndrome. Imagine hearing zombies and gunfire in the other room past midnight, but the tv's not on

>>523352716I would use it more if outcomes were consistentgrabbing is just as likely to kill yourself as your opponent on the jump games, it's such a gambleonly stages I grab to kill on are rollout and block party

>royal fumble final, miraculously win>next match fall mountain final, cheater wins>fall mountain final again, another cheater wins>royal fumble next, lose>hex, cheater floats above the map and wins>fall mountain, win>hex, 2 cheaters float above the map immediately and I disconnect before finding out what even happens>join new match, cheater wins hit parade in 5 secondsthink I'm done with this game for a while

>>523348665I guess you don't have that much going on in your life

>>523338727>having this game installed on your computer

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>>523353293>caring what people play on their spare time.

>>523353157I bet you are the kind of retard to help cheaters on your team, it sure fucking sounds like it.

>>523352923How do I make webms? I push a ton off on roll out and slime climb.

Give me (You)s or you'll never get a crown


>>523353537fuck you

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>finally learned the ultra speed method for the beginning of hit parade by running down the slime instead of falling down the slimenice

>>523353532shadowplay, use instant replay, convert it to WEBM VP8.

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>>523354087What the FUCK are you doing?

>>523354495>being this ignorantgo back

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>>523354625>Tells someone to "go back" when he's replying to people with @No YOU go back newfag

>>523354480>webm vp8google just gives me websites where I have to sign up, seems shady

>>523353293>having that image anywhere easily accessible on your pc at any time

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>kill 3 people in roll out>some autistic portal nigger thanks me by trying to throw me off in the next game?

>>523354824It's the only picture of himself

523354715holy cringe and underage

>>523344029>speedhacker in my game>only uses it occasionally to win a couple mini games >jump showdown comes up>down to me, him and a third guy >grab him right as the arm swings and takes me and the hacker out I have no regrets. Fuck that guy. I’d gladly take the fall to ruin their try.

@523354715Imagine being this guy.



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523355130yeah okay buddy

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>>523345250Aren't "we" supposed to be mad at normalfags because they find us uninteresting? Sorry I'm having a hard time following our scripts and shit lately.

I smoke weed and play this videogame for maximum pogchamps

>>523355216I can do that too faggot

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Nice ending to hit level 40. This was a 4th round Fall Mountain, you really couldn't give another finale or Tip-Toe to reduce the numbers?

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>>523355498cope and seethe

>>523355659>wanting tip toe to show up

>>523355805I'd take a 15 person Tip-Toe over a 15 person Fall Mountain. The previous round was block party too, could have a 5v5v5 team game. Just anything but this shit.

>>523355659Nice, never managed to win from the last row.

I really hope they remove the AIDS round It's not fun at all >>523355805Tip Toe is fun though

Thoughts of Fall Guys esports?twitter.com/BaerTaffy/status/1296666318570024960

God I wish there was a way to practice maps reliably

>>523354480Shadowplay lags my inputs

>523354715based poorfag not understanding the minimum aspects of the (You) economyyou get nothing from me

What the fuck is with Fruit Slide or whatever the hell it is

The most filtering game is the 20+ players bloc party with the shitty ending

>43 people go into round 2 slime climb>7 qualify

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>>523355940neither did he

>>523356232Hate it, simple as. I just want this to stay a fun Mario party/Wario ware sort of casual experience instead of zoomers just copying "pro strats"

>>523356238Literally just play the game.


>>523356724>reliablyI want to be able to master cylinders and shit without 20 minutes of nonsense between attempts

>>523356574just stay in the front

>>523356812Fell on front

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish

>>523356616Slime Climb is the best filter


>>523356840not so close to the front. like 2-3 guys away from the front

>>523352679why would anyone want that, there is twitter already

>>523338727Fall guys is already old news, dumb brits thought it was a good idea to release a 40 level battle pass

>>523356616How the fuck do so many people fail at that?I've never died there and i was a asshole on that map only 15 times or so, so it wasn't always because of me

>>523356616Lucky I keep getting rounds where 20 people qualify


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I love this game. Maybe it's because I'm trash at shooters and never got into the shooter BR fad. Finally a BR/party game I'm good at and can enjoy.

>>523356896That's where I was but we were 26 and at some point their was a wave forward and 12 people fell at the front

>hacker appears>eliminated during hoopsie daisy with last second lucky golden portalbased

>>523347802Der Fäll Guisën

>spent all my saved crowns on Chell >go 2 straight hours with no finalsthis shit is cursed, I'm not gonna be ready for when Scout comes to PS4 at this rate

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>>523357168I hope they copy more party game minigames


>just spent all my crowns on this new stupid skin i don't even really likenot sure that was worth it. oh well.

holly fuckk i've been playing this fukcing childrens game with hacks and drinking vodka for 5 hours and i've only won 3 times. fuckk this game brehs

are the fall guys participating willingly?

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>>523358992le epic prost dood!1

>>523357960>devs wanted to put in booksquirm from mario party but playtesting showed players had difficulty with the camera controls requiredidiots are keeping this game from it's potential

I completed all the portal games and honestly had no idea the main character was named Chell (is it pronounced Ch-ell or Shell?) also didn't know the protagonist was female either wtf.

100 crowns skins when?I hate to share skins with fags who think they're hot when they are in fact shit

>get to finale 45% of the time>only win 35% of the finalesI need to stop choking. Fuck. I've lost so many hex-a-gones to making a retarded jump or getting distracted

>>523338727>24 hours>Literally clocked in at 24 hours>Still not a single win

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>>523359181That would be retarded. I wouldn't mind a 100 win skin that you just get for winning 100 times, though.

im getting too good at slime club. also helps that ps4 players are shit.

Retard here: Tips for grabbing/pushing people off of ledges? I feel like when I grab nothing happens. I want to experience the bloodlust.

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Fucking 8+ teams game is just luck

I just witness not one but TWO of my teammates on hoopsie daisy fail not once not twice but THREE FUCKING TIMES when they each had a gold hoopThese are not kids, kids know how to play bideo games.They had to be wom*n

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>Tail grab final>alt+F4

>>523338727>I feel like cryingYou have to be 18+ to post on this website

>>523361639>Perfect run winning 3 races >6 people left after Slime climb>This shit of a final popsI fucking hate it

>>523344656Where the fuck did this come from?

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>>523338727Fuck you I have 40 hours and haven't won a single fucking game. I can get to stage 5 easily, but then all the tryhard autists are leftover and I can't compete.

>>523338727you guys are so good i can't win once even tho i'm playing since release date

>>523361874Just grab them, it shakes up their routine

>>523361874You've gotta start playing dirty in the later stages.

20 crowns won with my urban camouflage bean, I think I've finally bested all of their challenges, dreading a level update

Alright the amount of cheaters on PC is really fucking getting out of hand now. It wasn't so bad initially but literally half my games today have had them in.

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>>523350350crona chad

What happens when 2 cheaters meet?

>>523364620A battle of titans

>>523364195Don't worry! They said anti-cheat measurements are their TOP PRIORITIES! three weeks ago

>>523364620Whoever gets bored first loses

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>>523364195Its about 1 in every 6 shows for me, their "secret anti-cheat" isn't doing anything

>>523364195i had to leave the division 2 because of hackers don't know how some companies can be this fuckin retarded

>>523361874just fuck them up on roll out or slime climb

why the fuck can't I find any matches on the ps4 even tho I have gold? Don't tell that the greedy niggers at sony are preventing me o play this game since the free period ran out

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fruit chute is the worst shit in the game

>>523351261They do what they must because they can

Thank fucking god they set their epic tranny color unlock at the very beginning of the ladder so I still had time to refund

This game really loses its appeal after you realize there's nothing to do but grind cosmetics

>>523348665imagine being this shit at a children's game

>>523365640i get matches all day just fine

>>523365947Damn bro, your refund absolutely bankrupted the game, you sure showed them.

>>523366441I just don't want to own trannyshit

How is the cheater situation nowadays. Kind of want the PC version

>>523366313But you bought the game right?

>>523366567at least 8/11 games for me today have had a cheater

>>523365947what the fuck are you talking about?

>>523365734filtered lol

>>523366795nope, got it with ps plus

>>523366567A bit all over the place. Some days I don't run into any at all and other days they're all over the joint. They really need to hurry up and sort this shit out.

>>523366925You did the right thing lad, these devs are too incompetent to run a PC gamet. haven't owned a console since a 360

>>523339157because it's fun

>>523360716Move towards the direction you want to push them.Hold grab for the full duration and you'll pop off of each other: if you're on a flat plane, it's only a slight distance, but if you push them down a slope they'll go a bit further and even more so on slime.As for when to initiate a grab, ledge throws are more of a patience game.Wait for someone to be right on the edge, then go for it. Don't try to force them to go near an edge because then they'll beware of you trying to eliminate them so just be patient.Roll Out is an exception because you can just push towards the direction of an oncoming pit.Slime Climb's pillar segment is the most difficult to master if you want to annoy everyone without getting yourself killed in the process, but it's essentially 40% quick grabs, 40% balancing act, and 20% staying calm especially against someone who challenges you.

>>523365640Please someone respond

I fucking hate door dash, better hope you don't get run over by a mob and can never get back up

Griefing people on Hex-a-gone is fun.

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>>523365947Do retards such as yourself really get triggered by pink and blue?

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>>523369636How is playing the game to win griefing?

Got the game on Monday and have only played with my mates.It's funny cause they don't play platformers at all really so we are all the same skill level.Its mindless fun.Team Games are kinda shite.Hoping the next season keeps things fresh.

>>523370098because it makes people seethe

>>523366149I agree.

>Rock n Roll>halfway through the first section your entire team abandons you so you're the only one left pushing

>>523370156>I won a game of mahjong. Boy did I sure grief them!

I think I'm hitting my limit. Its all become so tiresome and I've somehow gotten worse.

>>523370537>ACKSHUALLY THAT'S NOT GRIEFINGquit your bitching and git gud

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>>523370845Hey dumb fuck I never said it was a bad play. I just think it's stupid that you think that was even noteworthy enough to consider as "griefing" when it was just a smart play.

>>523371181Just run on either side and don't jump into the first fruits that are shot along with the other retards

>five wins in 24 hours of playingIs that decent or shit?

>>523371550The fruits still fuck my shit up on the sides


>When it's the side to side pattern in block party and you aren't in the front

>>523371595statically way above average, but still shit

>>523371842No they don’t

>>523372445You're right I was imagining it

I fucking hate Fall Mountain but all of my wins are from it.

Anyone got infallible?I’m trying to get it right now and I want to rip my hair out. 2 wins in a row right now.

>>523372639Ball RNG is bullshit. It needs reworked.

>>523372639It needs more skill obstacles and less RNG balls

>>523373062The game can’t be too skillful or else scrubs (90% of the population) would never win

>it's a "speed hacker wins Fall Mountain" game

i think i've reached burnout with this game. only a single win all day and losing on ez maps i never lose in.

>>523345796You literally repeated what the post you quoted said.

>>523372795I just had a game where a ball did a hard right turn and hit meI mean it didnt matter because I was dead last but still that was some turbo bullshit

the amount of times i get collateral damaged by retards tripping over each other

>it’s a “some dick knocks me off right at the end of tip toe” game

Whoever designed tip toe deserves to die

This game getting progressively laggier for anyone else?


>>523374000>>523373828i literally just qualed there while reading these comments and laughed out loud as beans fell behind me

>Slime Climb is the best map.Discuss.youtube.com/watch?v=YFAoKNvup90

>>523344656>Lmao this is hilarious. You’re so contrarian you think EVERYTHING that other people do is normal day shit. Jesus. Take the dildo out of your ass and stop larping as an “outsider”>Anyone can like games, anyone can like sports. You’re just an elitist cunt like most on this site.

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Imagine crying over a fucking party game. Please be a biological woman (it won't be because they aren't on the internet)

>>523370845Holy shit that comic was rightWe need voice chat to bully you cucks

>>523374190A South American made this

>>523374128slime climb should be added as a final in addition to current rotation

>>523374128>almost falls off 3 times trying to fuck over other peopleThey sound exactly how I expect these kind of people to sound kek

>>523374128discuss what? It literally is

>throw on some Opie and Anthony>start grabbing furries in rollout and block partyNow this is kino.

Why is the framerate capped at 60 unless you turn vsync on? And when I turn vsync on, then the movement of other other players is blurry and weird. Anyone else have this issue?

>>523372795>>523373062It's fine as is. Sure it's lackluster, but it allows even rookies to win which is in the spirit of the game show theme.The one that needs a complete rework is Royal Fumble.It's entire concept is screaming skill based, but the janky grab mechanics and latency issues hurt it.It also suffers from having a stupid win condition. What's the point of platforming all round when you can just stand at the center until the last 10 seconds and cut off the guy for a cheap win?The entire final should revolve around who held the tail the longest.It'll encourage people to stay active in the round while also reward those can outmaneuver their opponents more consistently instead of punishing one bad slip.

>>523371361Oh. Well I can delete the post if you want.>>523374561>voice chat in a kids gamehow about no. also what comic?

>>523349143>other friend because sheimagine simping this hard


>>523375245that shit infuriates mewe don't need 3-4 of you fuckers holding up the other balls

Imagine being over level 30 in the battlepass already for a casual party game.

>>523375030Halo oddball

>>523375472Game rewards you a lot of xp for winning, so if you're not level 30 you're either>a very new playeror>terrible at the game

>blocking the roller in slime climb and getting a bunch of angry messages as you win the finalThe best feeling

>>523375591or you play 2 matches and close the game till next time. I've won 4 or 5 times, and my level is still in the teens.

>>523375241Imagine thinking that having a female friend instantly means your a simp. I already have a gf and my friend is a fag

>>523338727I've been in the fattest slump I've ever seen. 20 straight hours of Fall Guys and zero wins. Every single fucking time there is some asshole who got lucky on fall mountain or someone who grabs me in hexagone. Does anyone have any advice on how to get out of such a wreck? Or is it just changing your mindset?

>>523370108Thanks for the blog

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>>523375707>2 matches per session>only 5 wins>most likely less than 20 episodes totalSo you agree with me then that you're a new player?

>>523340870Same, I love Portal and the Chell skin. I stole the top half, but I don't think getting 4 wins in one day for me is achievable

>>523376024i'm going to put the controller down for 2-3 days. only won a single game all day after winning like 4-5 per day for the last week. i'm getting too frustrated and not enjoying it anymore.i'll probably be piss drunk the next time i touch this game

>>523356616Lowest I've had is 9. I've died a handful of times but never due to poor platforming. It's usually some Brazilian internet that sends some random fall guy full speed at me.That and hackers, had one last night just zooming across the screen knocking people off. It was kind of funny, but fuck cheaters

>>523344116slime climb rd 1 is GOAT, but rare af

>>523365430 >Cheaters are top priority! >Those people who cheated have played their last game!>Hackers are constantly the ones with 10 Crown sets.

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Why is jumping so retarded in this game? The slightest breeze hits you and you fucking trip over like a fucking idiot

>>523356958>How the fuck do so many people fail at that?It's a narrow race course with permadeath and a time limit.

>>523376165lol. imagine thinking thats a bad ratio for fall guys.

Why are there so many hackers

>>523376625>trip and fall for no reason sometimes>jump inputs getting dropped>getting stuck on odd geometry i.e inclines and in-between platforms on hex-a-gone>inconsistent grab mechanics>royal fumble>obvious hackers still running rampant (equivalent of spinbotting in csgo)>FPS tanking if you get a steam message whilst playing>royal fumble>team games can still have uneven players

>>523355178stop posting this washed out fuck.


At least when you see a cheater at the start you can just Alt+F4 and find a new game.

>>523377057apparently jump inputs most commonly get eaten by standing on cracks in between objects. a very annoying one is the cracks between platforms on jump showdown.

>>523342532they'll comeback, I suspect. Maybe in Season 2 they will appear in the general store randomly

>Me vs last guy on Jump Showdown>Faggot grabs me and throws me into the spinner>I get hit by the spinner and knocked off>He misses the jump and gets hit too>He lands in slime before meGet absolutely fucked

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>>523369636How the fuck did you pull like that? If I grab someone we're both still and the only thing that happens is that the grab snaps and flings me back.

>>523376812That's not a bad ratio at all.I'm just saying that the game is almost a month old now yet he probably has less than 20 episodes played, so he's still considered somewhat new.

>>523377257Inclines in general are fucked, it's why sometimes you slide off the tubes and sometimes you don't despite approaching from similar angle and velocity.

>>523375472you get a fuckload of XP for making it to the final round, its oddly disproportionate even compared to semifinals

I routinely see like 20 people qualifying in Slime Climb nowThe real motherfucker has been the last 20 seconds in Block Party if you have a crew thats both large and really fucking pushy. You'll clear 15 people right then and there

>10000 coins in exchange for a crownYes or no Holla Forums?

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>>523377694No, earn that shit

>>523376024Use the default bean. I'm not kidding. Something about your own perception and others' perception will change using it that will let you finesse crowns easier. More than a couple times during my first week I'd get a crown after putting on the default bean.

>9 people left>royal fumble

how common is Royal Fumble. I make it to finals a fuckton and I've only gotten it once, it's weird to see others get it so frequently

>>523377880>8 people left>fall ball

>>523344656You'd be better off leaving if a standard "sports are for normalfags" statement makes you wanna call someone a cunt.

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>11 player tiptop11 players should ALWAYS be a final. fuck these devs. to makes matters worse it's always followed by a 6 player royal fumble.

>>523349380>or if they go through with it, having a retard skin and a perma speed debuff where it's borderline impossible to get passed the 1st roundthey're actually considering doing that? holy shit that'd be unironically based as fuck

>>523348687>tfw first win came from being a jump showdown where both last platforms were far away, one with me and one with everyone else>everyone tries to grab one another and gets knocked off, win because not over there with everyone elseFeels good man

100,000 kudos for a crown>Earn-No. Kill yourself RNGbaby.

>>523377398I just lightly tapped the grab button which gave me enough time to jump to safety. He was running away from my grab which caused him to get flung back towards me.

>>523350794>8 people left>get Fall BallFUCK OFF, I'd rather do Hex-a-gone or Fall Mountain.

>>523378852maybe Fall Guys isnt your game sweetiums...

>>523356616When you get good at that one, you get teleported to the final or semifinal rounds for free. Shit is great.

>>523379772You know its inevitable. They WILL make crowns obtainable through ways beyond winning.Keep coping, though.Retard.

>>523380193>They WILL make crowns obtainable through ways beyond winningYeah, by paying real money for it lmao


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>>523380247I'm not poor. All pay $100 if it means getting the skins I want.

>>523380321Yeah you can, it's very rare but it was happening in other finales and even normal modes as well.

>>523365430I don't think reporting cheaters even does anything, either. They keep closing my cheater reports requests and not saying shit. I give them my support ID, a video of the cheater blatently cheating, the time the video was recorded, and their Fall Guy number. If they can't find a cheater from that then they are incompetent.


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>>523365734I've won 28/29 of my Fruit Chute rounds. People are so bad at the game it's basically impossible to lose if you have a brain. I think Block Party is the shit game. So many times I just ragdoll and can't move for 5+ seconds and just die.

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>>523379637My win rate in Fall Ball is lower than my win rate of the finale games combined. FUCK Fall Ball.

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>>523381957This is like the twentieth cheater I've seen today, but still, goddamn

Attached: tip toe II bonus footage.webm (1280x720, 2.58M)

>>523381957holy shit what the fuck

>>523382148Wtf... The guy is still standing at the start even though he won. Nice to see that epic cheat detection.

>>523381957>>523382148My sides.

>>523381303>I've won 28/29 of my Fruit Chute roundsLiterally how, it feels like pure RNG

>>523377694Terrible idea. Don’t buy your wins

>>523382451Wait until all the retards jump into the first wave of fruit and then dive over them

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>>523340976>got one at 20We're all gonna make it.

>>523377694Not a good deal.

>>523381990Did you make these stats yourself or is there a website?

>>523381103The issue is there's multiple of "Fall Guy 9219" or whatever, since it resets for every 9999. So there are multiple of that character. Though you would assume they'd be able to blatently figure out which one it is.Honestly it sounds like they just can't get their shit together.

>>523384854They should still be able to get the players of the game I was in if they have my support ID...

>>523384789It's just a program you keep open while you playgithub.com/ShootMe/FallGuysStats

>>523384854Some hacks can randomize your number, so not sure how useful that would be for the devs to identify cheaters.


Name a better feeling than winning jump showdown as you fall to your demise.

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>win in literally any other game>*sigh of relief*>win in fall guys>LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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>>523338727>turn on vpn>force ping to 200>suddenly tail grab is easier>fall ball actually registers my hits>harder for other people to grab mewhy the fuck is this a thing. why are they rewarding people with garbage internet?

Royal Fumble is the shittiest game ever conceived and they'll never get rid of it because they need a game where shitters can random out players and win

>>523387840At least it's rare. Fall Ball is way worse since it shows up in like 1/3 of games


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>>523383076I had a guy trying to do that on Roll Out earlier, but he was going so fast he wasn't actually properly contacting anyone, and I don't think he got even a single player out. It was disappointing.

>it's another "no one plays defense on your team" episode of fall ball

>>523388731>At least it's rare.Please tell me your secrets, because I get Royal Fumble so many times that I play Slime Climb carefully to avoid eliminating too many people, and my hatred for Fall Ball is directly tied to Royal Fumble.

took 45 hours

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>>523376361It's also because the general skill level of the entire playerbase is slowly creeping up.For ever "hot tips and tricks video" from some faggot youtuber out there, another chunk of the playerbase learns little tips and tricks that you would've otherwise been using uncontested a few weeks back.

>FallBall>Tip Toe>Fall Mountain>Fruit ClimbJesus christ why are these the WORST FUCKING GAMES EVER CONCEIVED BY MAN

God I hate p bodies and chells. I wish I could grab them and throw them into slime IRL.

Fall Mountain is rng

>>523391579>he doesnt like tip toebased retard

>>523392053Every final is RNG because Latency is ass in this game, i've done that jumping one, where the faggot got hit, hit me, and I fell into slime and he jumped back still jumping apparently

>>523392164I just grabbed the crown on my end but some dude mid jump not even near it ended up winning. 10/10 game

some fag held me during the jumping final and killed me and now i will forever sacrifice myself to make sure any fall guy that looks like him loses