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Fatty soon. Are you ready, kids?

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I'd say i am, got plenty of augmented weapons and armor.

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Well yea, I've crafted both Alatreon sets and all the weapons I use. Now I'm just hunting event ziggy and ruiner for decos and spiritvein gems respectively.

How was Fatalis in the older games?

Not at allI missed pretty much every last event and I feel like I missed on something cool so I'm annoyed.The endgame of this game feels more like a MMO than an actual game.

I'm ready for the updateFuck that boring ass motherfuckerI'm not trying to trim his nails with a 50 minute time limit

>>523337903You know all event quest and festivals and always on for 6weeks straight right now right?

>>523339039Nope.But now I do.Getting back to it I guess. Thanks

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>>523337903Main thing that killed World for me. If I want to play an MMO I'll go fucking play one. Not a 1-4 player coop game about grinding specific materials rather than wait a month to fucking get them.

>>523337759Ok I guess. Hope you have high sharpness and like getting stepped on/tail slapped by a big iguana. Not really sure what to say, they can do whatever they want with it. Alatreon's completely different from Tri.

>>523338940>I'm ready for the updatewhy

>>523339261I never got this complaint, events are like 1-2 weeks long and they reintroduce all past event quests. Like if your a hammer main and want the meat hammer then it should take you like 30mins to get? (3hunts Max 10mins each). The only thing I could see missing out on is layered even armor because of the grind in getting them but their not that great looking except for the recent Aztec one. Are the people bitch about this so shit at the game their hunt take them 45mins each? You can’t literally do everything a event festival has to offer in 2hours on a Saturday if you’re not shit

>>523339261I agree that time gated content is shit but World is nothing like an MMO where you have to get stuff when its available or you miss it forever, most events in World rotate in like a period of two weeks and right now we've had 2 weeks straight with all events active

>>523339261this. fuck MMO shit

i haven't even turned it on to fight alatreon yetplayed a bit too much of base world I suppose

>>523339261if you missed something in these last 2 weeks it's your fault to be honest, go get that stuff instead of shitposting in a selianan dodogama breeding forum

Wait, MHW is still getting updates?

>>523335070More concerned with the tempered Furious Rajang event coming out tomorrow

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>>523335070Mostly, I'm kind of sick of hunting thundermutt so I'm waiting for the new tempered elders at the supply cache hunts instead in hopes of a slightly better chance at a handful of decos I still want.

>>523341330Well 6th gen hasn't come out yet so obviously they want to keep people playing the current title

>>523341330This will be last one featuring a new monster, comes out october first. They'll probably still be doing new event quests for the next 3 months or so after that.

>>523337759Absolute dogshit

>>523341330Fatty is the last 'Title' Update, so the last one added with story stuff. They didn't say if its the final 'FINAL' update since Arch Tempered Velkhana is coming after him. Assuming they follow this pattern then Moldy Vaal and Shara will be Arch Tempered too, maybe even all the elders just for the hell of it.They still need to do the 'most hunted and least hunted' bonus-deco monster hunts like they did for world. People liked doing those for tons of decos.

>>523335070I FINALLY. Hit MR 100 yesterday. I still want some Safi and Alatreon stuff, but as Lance I need to grind out health augments for my shit first. Just need T Namielle mats now.Are people still doing Safi nowadays? I haven't fought it once yet. PC btw.

>>523341792>Arch Tempered Velkhanacan you remind me what the extrinsic point of arch tempered monsters is?

>>523342506Yeah safi lobbies are still active, same goes for kulve when she comes back I imagine

>>523337759Boring as fuck damage sponge that still would triple cart that one retard with his instagib breath sweep.


>>523342576Tougher fight with new moves and gamma sets.

>>523342576Gamma sets can be good. I enjoyed doing all the AT hunts leading up to Iceborne. It was legitimately challenging for me since I'm kind of bad. AT Xeno was a great fight, but I already main Lance so it wasn't as awful as it was for some weapon types for me.

>>523342576Better versions of their armor sets.

>>523342576>Higher Attack Strength (usually can one shot you)>New attack animations or more speedy ones that they have>Armor set with re-arranged skills on the pieces, sometimes for better or worseNamielle got a really good all-around set that ended up being good for dual blades or bow. but some pieces are good enough to use in other sets like the waist with brachy alpha set makes a VERY powerful Gunlance set.Sometimes the skill re-arrangements are more worse than the regular sets, the arch tempered backs in base world were kinda bad. Only other thing is the new set, called the 'Gamma' set, usually has some added glow affect as a 'Its more powerful!' kinda way.Only thing about this is its still restricted for Elder Dragons, some strong monsters or even weaker ones might benefit from it even for a laugh. Jagras sort of got this in the old 'The Greatest Jagras' event, but some people would welcome say Arch Tempered Rajang or Brachy or Deviljho.

Just beat raging brach and furious raj, now what

>>523343173Craft their sets

anyone up for a pc room?

>>523343173alatreon and safi'jiva

What monster would you like see come back in the next installment? I just want to kill Fat Fuck Zamtrios

>>523344943Leviathans will be the main thrust of the next game, and I dearly miss amatsu magatsuchi and agnaktor.

>>523344943Gore and shaggy, in fact I'm confident if they're not immediately in the next game they'll be central in the master rank expansion

>>523344943Seltas Queen, Seregios, Nerscylla and Ahtal-Ka who I've never fought but looks pretty cool

>>523344943I really just want a fucking Arthropod, I don't care which at this point, I'll even take Cenataur that audacious fuck.

>>523343584Only if someone has more to do than just deco grind.

I wanna stick my weewee in the Handler's yaoi-hole

>>523337759Shit, 4U Crimson is the best fatty


>>523342576Fighting overbuffed monsters.


>>523337759So boring that alatreon was created specifically to be more fun to fight.

>>523346161Make a private session with a password and only share it to your 4 friends, what's the problem

>>523346161>BRING BACK 4 MAN ROOMS>what is the purpose of 16 man rooms if only 4 can join at a time?>STOP IT WITH THE MMO-TIER """""SIEGE""""" BULLSHIT>STOP IT WITH THE GENERIC DRAGON SHIT, WHERE ARE THE GIANT INSECTSDont you have some 38 year old ports to be gape facing over

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>>523341434The what now, it's not showing up on their schedule website

>>523335070>people don't remember claw day>what is a flechete/granade launcher?>i just melee fatalis, easy peezy lawlWhat i wanne see tho is "battle damage" done to fatalis over multiple rounds and, but i think you get a hint of that in the diary, the castle gate for trapping him.


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>>523344943Magalas, Seregios and Astalos are my most wanted, if flagships don't count then i want Agnaktor, Qurupeco and Amatsu.Also i want them to bring back Najarala to see if they could fix it or if they'll fuck it up again.

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>>523346672Are you

>>523346947Yeah, I am. Also haven't been following world news closely

>>523346672You fight a tempered furious rajang in the arena. The reward is the yet-unused Astral Melding Tickets.

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>pikmin leakTrue>Mario collection leakTrue>Monster Hunter Portable 5th leak?????

>>523346161Saif would have been much more impactful if there were more weird as fuck monsters.

This has nothing to do with fatalis but I would enjoy if they add more arena quests in the next game. Hell they could even add a make your own arena tool where you can make the sets and pick the monster just for the hell of it. I always liked arena but it's very limited in scope


>>523347991furious george is fucking hard


>>523348198he hits hard but he isn't particularly hard

>>523335070I'm ready...Post 'em

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>>523348198Just hit the fucking head

God I'm so tired from grinding Safi'Jiva. Its auch a shitty and tedious fight.

>>523348786Then don't

>>523348786except for hunting horn iirc raging brachy are pretty much just as good for raw biased weapons and kjarr is better for element. Make the armor and move on

What should I go for first, Safi or Raging Brachy?

>>523349034The "Raging" in Raging Brachidyos is actually about the player.

OH OH, is this a recurring thread about a specific game? You know how much we love that on normal Holla Forums these days.

>>523349034raging brachy is much easier since you can meld the reactors now. safi is hell without people to do a 1CC with since randoms will not only fail to clear 1st run they will also not break the chest



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>>523348602i would have if you bothered to set the correct scale for that weapon usage graph.

>>523337759slow and predictableweakspot three miles off the ground half the timeweakspot wiggling like a pool noodle in a wind tunnel the other half of the timehe bearly ever hit you but if you did you'd wake up back in campI like him though, glad they closed off with the boomer dragon rather than some nu-shit like valstax or gore

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>>523349550>won't even break the chestThey can barely break the front left armWhy do they only attack the front left arm?!

>>523349327>having a hard time with raging brachy?Why? Use slinger pods to remove the slime on his arms ect. Or get blast res

>last "free update"i want to believe in another expansion Iceborne style

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>>523350192Why do you want to believe in a thing they said they were not doing?

>>523350348why would they say it's not just last update but specifically say last free update

>>523350192Yeah, it is a shame. Kinda weird that they never added a variant for Nargacuga to keep him more relevant for longer in the game. Also it is kinda weird that they just added "one" beast/monkey monsters and left it at that. I guess it would be weird to add the weaker ones after Rajang though. Either way the expansion was still pretty big so I am happy with what we got.

>>523350192I would much rather have a new game because the discovery aspect for armor combos is fun and there's nothing left to expand into since they pushed the power level up

>>523350050They said they put in fatalis because everyone was so impressed with its official unveiling at the 15th anniversary event. I wonder who they would've gone with for the final monster if the fan reaction to that were more tepid.

>>523350648probably valstrax, or ukanlos/akantor seeing as they could just port over some of the tigrex assets


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>>523350192Eh, i'd rather have a new game instead, it's necessary to get a reset every once in a while or else the powercreep starts getting ridiculous.

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>>523350489>Narga>variantAnyway they fucked over narga way too hard in this game

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>>523350648Either Valstrax, Gore and Shaggy, or a new Black Dragon. black dragon nerg rare species

>>523335070i havent even killed alatreon yet

>>523350648>I wonder who they would've gone with for the final monster if the fan reaction to that were more tepid.

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>>523335070They should have honestly stopped updating this game after the Furious Rajang update and gave us AT Nami and Velk. Alatreon is a completely garbage fight that grants you nothing but extra transmog equipment and MRKT was a fucking travesty in and of itself.Every additional content they've added since Furious Rajang has been completely needless and a pain in the ass to playthrough. After you farm Alatreon for everything you want out of him you are literally never going to touch him again because of how ass the fight is, likewise the same thing will happen to Fatalis.The biggest kick in the balls though has been the fact that they make these fights so fucking difficult and shitty only for it to give you deliberately sum-optimal equipment because "muh power creep :^)"Literally what the fuck is the point even the Alatreon armor outside of one extremely niche setup that DB users can use against Namielle, Kirin and Paolumu?

>>523351812Don't you think it's about time you should?

>>523351878Alatreon is fun to fight.

>>523351878sure sounds like you don't actually enjoy playing the game huh

>>523352026i havent played since raging brachy and only booted up the game the other day, im a slow GS player that crutches fights with tackle so having to dps check this cunt with ele damage is something im not used to

>>523352119I have collectively over 1.2k hours between PS4 and PC. I had burnout back in Feburary but getting back into it due to the last update and seeing this bullshit first hand is beyond me. Alatreon isn't fun one bit because he's gated behind a literal DPS check that forces you to use sub-optimal equipment and a normally 15 minute long fight just to give you armor that is literally fucking worthless for almost every weapon class in the game outside of extremely niche uses.At least Furious Rajang's armor gave you a niche setup that would be fun and exciting to use in all classes but if you're anything but a DB or Arrow user what the fuck is even the point in doing Alatreon at all if you're not going to craft the transmog it gives you.It is the definition of a filler fight only it's served to people as a end-game point even though it's rewards are fucky at best if not completely useless for a majority of the playerbase.

>>523351878I found alatreon and MRKT to be some of the better fights in the series for me.

>>523335070Gonna make an Alatreon set with LS since Fatty will be literally the only good use for it.What's the best way to use his armor?

>>523350457He means why do you want to believe in an expansion when they said no more expansions. Also to answer your question, it's the last title update. They're still going to toss out AT events.

>>523335070Pretty sure Capcom marketers are already fatty now.And yes I am ready for a boring damage sponge.

>>523352502>Alatreon isn't fun one bit because he's gated behind a literal DPS check that forces you to use sub-optimal equipment and a normally 15 minute long fight just to give you armor that is literally fucking worthless for almost every weapon class in the game outside of extremely niche is this extreme cope? why is using something that isn't completely "optimal" such a sticking point for autists like you? changing your loadout for a monster isn't a big deal you big fucking babyalatreon is a mechanically rich fight that is pretty much universally an absolutely fantastic experience. I fought him 60+ times across a shitton of weapon types because oddly enough I enjoy playing the game, not for the rewards. but people like you are too stubborn to take action without chasing a carrot dangled on the end of a stick. its honestly pathetic

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>>523352502Oh, you're one of those people.

>>523352119>>523352502Also don't even get me fucking started at how absolutely retarded the MRKT system is.As if Safi'jiiva's retarded gimmick didn't literally destroy the entire point of late-game equipment builds MRKT weapons destroy the point in building any other elemental weapon in the game. If you want an elemental weapon setup then you simply wait for MRKT to be available and grind her until you get your specific weapon which may be 2 hunts or 18 hunts. Either way it's objectively the best elemental weapon and there's literally no point in getting something else just like Safi's weapons.If they wanted to avoid that with armor power-creeping then they should have addressed the issue before it got to this point. Why in the fuck are you going to deliberately make harder fights with worse equipment than previous content if you want that content to be worth something?If Alatreon's equipment pieces were at the very least viable by themselves as pieces then I could kind of understand the point of it since it offers more freedom but they didn't even do that so despite the fact that it's supposed to be one of "THE" end-game bosses but doesn't give you jack shit for beating it other than transmog equipment and a single niche setup that you could run against very specific monsters defeats the entire point of making it so hard. I'm not going to waste hours of my life learning how to solo fight the thing when the fight is so shit and the rewards I get are less the meaningless to me especially when the fight itself forces me to use sub-optimal equipment and playstyles I don't like to play anyway.

Should they have gone with the right one instead?

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>>523353120shame the series is full of em now

>>523335070>Fatty soonWait...I JUST got all the layered armors for low/high rank, and whatever was in G-rank. How soon are we talking here? Jesus I'm really going to go over 1000 hours in this game with this last update.

>>523352502that's a thing to happens when you reach endgame the only way to add more content is just increasing numbersthe entire reason why alatreon and the new fatalis weapons are gonna suck against Safi ones is because it would invalidate the rotation event aka there would be no reason to farm him anymore

>>523353708october 1sti'm at 1.3k hours myself, just got 100% last month. kind of unbelievable how much playtime you can get out of these games if they're your thing.

>>523353708>How soon are we talking here?Do you just refuse to follow the news of the games you play? There was a whole Developers Diary about this update.

>>523353362Safi and fatalis seems like an odd choice

>>523353362I think it's the lighting in the new castle Shrade.

>>523353120>>523353084worldbabbies and their nonarguments, everyone

>>523353362>Final Boss is the most generic and boring Dragon ever conceivedI wish they gave us instead those weird biomechanical abominations from the early MH artbooks.

@523354345played all the games but you're not getting another reply, seether


>>523353873Fuck you man, OP made it sound like Fatty was really close.>>523353859I'm 717 hours in, but this last update will easily push me pass that into 1k. Not sure if I want to 100% the game though.

>>523350538This, also bring Leviathans back on the next one.And also underwater fights to make all of you butthurt


>>523337759He’s dogshit and not fun to fight, like I seriously can’t find someone who actually likes him other then nostalgia not even 4U could save his ass plus Crimson fatty is legitimately way better

Last time I played was around a month after Rajang dropped and I was still rocking the Yian Garuga light bowgun and sticky shotting everything to death. Does it still hold up?

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Just helped some Scottish guy beat Alatreon for the first time. Dude was marking out, screaming and shit. Was pretty cute

>>523336985>been farming event zinogre trying to score ONE attack level 4 deco>no luck>buddy hunts frostfang once>gets one first tryKill me pete

>>523355242I guess but it's pretty bad compared to safi's aquashot. You can use pretty much any fully upgraded gun if you are damaged enough

>>523355459should've logged on for the free one right before alatreon came out

If I were to get the PC version now, could I become prepared for Fatalis in the time it takes for him to release I wonder? I could always go back to my 250 hour save file on the PS4 but the fast load times of the PC are calling out to me.

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>>523355346gonna kiss him? maybe piss a little?


>>523348602i appreciate the vergil


>>523355607Beat the story, do rajang, stygian, safi recon, and then you get to raging brachy and he has most of the best weapons and armor in the game. You can also mod in stuff to equal your ps4 character and I don't think anyone but autists would give a shit

>>523355607Totally doable. It will be a pain in the ass the unskipable cut-scenes though.You can breeze trough low and high (Like a day or two tops) and If you are accustomed to G already then it will be no problem...I think

>>523355814>You can also mod in stuff to equal your ps4 characterHow likely is it to get b& for this?

>>523354430fatalis is THE boss dragon that's why. if you meant the equal dragon weapon then fatalis is pissed about that too so hope for a surprise turf war.

>>523355945zero percent they don't give a shit and you can just install a shop mod so you don't have to use cheat engine directly and potentially misclick something

>>523352119>if you criticize the game you must hate it

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>>523356413read his post again.


>>5233377591st and 2nd gen Fatalis was pretty garbage. He had like 4 attacks he would cycle between and would OHKO you with almost everything. You pretty much had no choice but to camp the back legs and hope for the best. MH4 did a lot to enhance the fight, with a lot of new moves and some better difficulty balancing, but it was still not a great fight. Really hoping World turns it into something truly fun.

>>523351878They should have made normal monsters instead of siege monsters and mmo fights like behemoth

>>523341108I miss shit because I play other games.

>>523341434>Tempered Furious Rajang>MR 100>Alatreon>MR 24What the fuck was Ryozo's team smoking

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>>523341434Do you get anything for it?

>>523335070How do I pirate MHW updates?

>>523353160I do not like partaking in all this seething but this user does have a point. I mean between the safi armor + health augment combo which seems nearly all the endgame players are running with, kt weapons and raging brachy weapons, endgame balance is a shit show imo. Kills all build variety which what originally drew me into this game.

>>523357802This really pusses me off. I'm locked out of Tempered Elders and regular Tempered monsters for no reason.Someone logically explain to me why I can do Tempered Zinogre at MR24 (or 50) but not Tempered Stygian? Its artificial padding. And lets not forget all the other monsters locked at MR100

>>523357802>>523358164The main issue is that they gated tempered threat 3's way too high up because of the arbitrary guiding lands unlock pacing. Everything should've been uncapped at MR 50 at the highest because the slog between end story and 100 is a bitch

>>523358164The requirements are a bit too high yes, but I'm fine with rank locking. Especially for something like Alatreon, since for regular hunters Health Augment is a must for that quest.

>>523358018If you're complaining about this, then you never really wanted the build variety in the first place.There will ALWAYS be one "optimal" build all the tryhards are running, because the DPS function only have one maximum point. And you're one of those tryhards, if you think it's the only way to play the game.Nobody is stopping you from running KO secret, Vaal Soulvein, Max Might, Wide Range or whatever other suboptimal sets you want to run. Nobody but yourself.

>>523335070I haven't even done Alatreon yet. I got kinda bored tbqh desu. I want a new game.

Monster wives when?

>>523358018Sounds more like you're just uncreative and must copy what others doThe variety is still thereMake some shit up

>want to pick up a new weapon>look up guides on youtube>it's all people just going over the basic moves you can learn from loading up the training room>to make it worse, the probably barely even play that weapon because they have a guide up of every single weapontype and I highly doubt they are a pro on every oneare there no people that make content on how to properly combo and when to use whathow do I play GS? do I just keep TSCing?

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>>523359719>make critdraw set>remember to Jumping Wide Slash>remember to slingshot-cancel TCS>remember to Tackle-boardslap-roll>remember to Tackle-cancel TCS>go unga bunga

>>523359719>looking up vids in the first placeJust pick it up and start figuring it out. TSC at every opportunity you get, mastering GS in World is learning when you can TSC and when you can't.

>>523359719watch autist TA runs unironically

>>523348602Jesus, you play a lot of mohun>>523359719>how do I play GS? do I just keep TSCing?Yes, TCS and act like you're playing a souls game when you can't tackle when you can't roll out of the way, it's prevent you from being knocked over by just about everything if timed right.

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>>523359719the beauty of gs in world/ib is how flexible and combo-oriented you can be which opens up a lot more variation in playstyle. yeah you can be a speedrunner tryhard who times and spaces every TCS perfectly, but it's fun because you can be aggressive with tackles and slaps to combo into moves even if you don't know the monster's movement perfectly.

>>523347119Is it giant too ? Gonna be a fucking massacre.

>>523359719You're in no position to complain, user.

>>523360463Prepare your Mind's Eye gems, boys.

>>523347119>Quest won't be available for even a weekWhat the actual fuck are they doing?

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>>523360305Finally an actual Guild card answer, also nice tits.

>>523358512Well I guess I am one of those lucky individuals who runs whatever he dam pleases and does not chase the current meta trend (KO secret on hammer is pure bliss and as well as evade extender on bow). I always love to run and play with different builds and stick with the ones I like.I will give you this though and I am already fully aware of this, there will always be optimal builds/routes for any game, I am just stating that the few things I listed earlier are exacerbating the build variety issue significantly after their implementation in the game. Especially when you play with other players these days who always chase the current meta and will give you flak for not choosing said meta when you play with them. While this does not happen very often I personally been noticing a rise in such behavior online when people give harsh comments on my build or others which could potentially be a turnoff for newcomers.

>>523360675Are they being put on the elder melder today, or do they drop with Fatty?

>>523360965I wouldn't know. Got mine back in HR.


>>523337759Theme and hype was 10/10 but fight was trash.

>>523361729>themeIt was just spookier Rathalos theme though

>>523359719>needing a guide to learn how to play great sword

>>523361729Theme was absolute trash. Only white fatalis theme was good and G crimson in 4G.

>>523352502"dps check" WAAAA THE MONSTER REQUIRES ME TO DEAL 600 TO 1400 ELEMENTAL DAMAGES 3 TIMES OUT OF HIS 56K HP POOL UNPLAYABLE WITHOUT MUH META" shut the fuck up the fight is incredible and you can literally solo it in 20 to 25 min using only a kinsect

>>523337759>LorewiseAmazing>Fight itselfPretty clunky, although white Fat is what made me create my own nickname relating him...

miss this guy

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>>523362917I can still hear his grunts

>>523362252redditors, everyone

How hard is Fatty getting buffed in Iceborne? He was a bitch-ass nigga in 4th gen.

>>523335070>boring design>boring fightshame really, I will still play it and even tho I was expecting it, its still kinda disappointing.

Reminder that Alatreon is a gay fucking fight that doesn't belong in a MH game and if you disagree you should go back to WoW with the other trannies.

>>523337759Black was shit. Crimson and white were alrightTheir shitty tails would trip the fuck out of your hunter

oh no i have to do something different to defeat an end game monster that is extremely high in the food chain NOOOO what the fuck i just want to use the same set for everything!! (not really just do it solo and if you can't kill it before triple carting uninstall )

Haven't beaten Alatreon yet because I don't feel like grinding for and building an elemental set just to fight one monster. And as you have to beat Alatreon to fight Fatalis, no I am not.

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>>523364235just do it with your raw set then

>>523364235Just make safi armor

>>523364347>fighting MMO monstersPlease no. I just want to hunt like a normal person.

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>>523364235"grinding" for an elemental set to do the special assignment would consist of fighting frostfang barioth like twice

>>523364489normal people don't run around chugging max potions for 50 minutes

>>523364235Either force it via raw and 1 or 2 carts or just kill it with beotodus, is not that hard.

>>523364235>I-I just don't feel like it, i-it's boring and tedious to replace an agitator charm with an elemental attack one and craft 2 (TWO) weapons of differing elements, I'm not scared I'll be filtered!

>>523359719>>want to pick up a new weapon>>look up guides on youtube

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>>523359719>are there no people that make content on how to properly combo and when to use whatThey do, it just takes up 2 minutes of the 20 minute video.

>>523364640>two weaponsnot even.I beat Alatreon three times with only a shitty Velk IG.I did have to abandon my main weapon for an IG though, since elemental sucks on it.

>>523363109>Redditors exposing Holla Forums as a den of faggot scrubsBig oof

>>523346161>want to farm X>look for lobbies that are farming X>join the X lobby>people already 10 min into quest>no other lobbies are farming X so join in>get no rewards>start another X quest>"g2g" *Geralt has left*>*Kakashi has left*>only one person left>"Can we farm Y?"yeah, fuck that shit

Did they release new layered armor yet? Haven't played in a month. I only give a shit about layered stuff now.

>>523364235>Haven't beaten monster hunter yet because I don't feel like grinding for and building weapons and armor just to fight monsters. And as you have to beat weaker monsters to fight stronger monsters, no I am not.Why are you here again?

>>523346161But even the rooms now are full of people idling and refusing to quest.

>>523364640Not even two, you just need an ice weapon since the special assignment always starts in fire mode

>>523337759Bad.I don't know why, but all 1st gen monsters walk in place a lot. Fatalis like 70% of the fight is just walking in place or bodyslamming with occasional snap and drags which one-shot you.

>someone mounts Fatalis>everyone in a mile radius is at risk of getting bitch slapped by the tail for a third of their health>mounter gets thrown off anyway because Fatalis throws you off guaranteed if he thrashes twice in a row

>>523365180October 1st update, also I've run out of research points due to weapon transmog.What is the best up-to-date grind to get more?

>>523335070haha i haven't killed alatreon yetthat's when i realized i fucking suck at this game

>>523366245Are you PC or PS4?If you're latter, I can help you.

>>523366178I can't think of anything that got better than guiding lands bone gathering. I think coral->drop down to rotten->continue to volcanic is the best cycle

>>523367186100k points disappear really fast if you change out your weapon transmog too often.

>>523335070Granted I've been burnt out since Iceborne started, I'll probably go back to 4U and battle Fatalis there first to get refamiliarize myself with the fight beforehand when I eventually get there.

Attached: 1411686956851.webm (400x240, 2.99M)

>>523367727I have a bad habit of melding all the materials for augments personally. Thankfully I don't have any weapons left to upgrade for now

fatty is boring and unfun to fight, its not even a hard fight

>>523367985We're all going to need a ton of points for MR layered come October.I want to have every set in the game as layered.


Attached: 20200806_021117.jpg (4032x1960, 2.41M)

>>523368078god I don't even want to think about it. there are like 150 sets because of alpha beta split and it's probably gonna cost 3000 average per on top of filling in gaps with melding so goodbye 600k research points

>>523368313What armor combo is that? Looks great.

>>523348602Big sword go whoosh

Attached: MONSTER_HUNTER_WORLD(416251)_09-01-20 _20-53-29.jpg (1920x1080, 366.28K)

>>523367894The fight will most likely be reworked and almost nothing like it was before

What's Holla Forums's opinion on Gogmazios? Would you ever want it back or have it remain in 4U forever? I only ask because when people gather round and speculate on potential returning monsters I've never seen its name mentioned once at any point. Even Yama Tsukami has people who'd like to see it return, but Gogmazios seems to be down there with Narkarkos in terms of a hunt players either didn't care for or just plain forgot.

Attached: MH4U-Gogmazios_Render_001.png (1176x776, 1.42M)

>>523368728it just isn't that fun and the surrounding monsters from 4 are all a shit load more interesting

>>523368728I never even fought Gog, by the way, Dalamadur is also stuck in MH4U. He seems like a unique fight, akin to Yama Tsukami (who is relegated to MHFU alongside Shen Gaoren since Frontier is gone).When I got into MH4U, Gen was announced, which killed my motivation to play it more. But also the 3DS controls are ass, and it hurts my hands to play for too long.

>>523368728One of the few jumbo monsters I actually enjoy fighting.

>>523368728Trash fight. Keep tar magala in rehash: 4u.

Attached: CrSSy3_UMAAaV-5.jpg (1200x1466, 171.72K)

>>523368728Fuck that fight

>>523353160>MRKT weapons destroy the point in building any other elemental weapon in the game One of the newer updates, MRKT, added BiS gear. You're upset about that. But you're also upset that Alatreon didn't drop BiS gear. Which do you want?

>>523368728I want him back. He was the only reason why I started playing 4u but I never got to fight him because I stopped halfway through G rank

>friend stops playing mhw because updates that came after safi and mr kulve didn't add better gear

Attached: 1489707353270.jpg (294x325, 26.85K)

>>523369434You are friends with a huge faggotWhat's so hard to understand?

How would Capcom go about rebalancing the gear in MH6 such that there's not always a single optimal build for every weapon that's just "max damage crit boost, wex, attack boost, etc."? Do they need to add gimmicky armor skills that make it so that you can finish hunts faster without just slamming away with pure damage? Would that even be possible when the whole goal of the game is just killing monsters?

What weapons benefit from putting evade window on your gear? I've been using a switch axe with high evade window and it's really fun sidestepping through attacks, but I'm wondering if there anything heavier that feels good with the skill. Also, I know it's not a heavier weapon, but how is evade lancing in Iceborne? I remember in World it seemed like it was completely outclassed by just using guard.

>>523369907by making more fights like alatreon but everyone got assblasted by that

>>523369642I just want to hunt for fun. He unironically wants mh to become an MMO. When I told him that I ended up disliking safi because of how draining it's been to run him hundred of times he said that I should have no problem with it since I play an MMO daily. But mh is one of my favorite games, I don't want mainline to become like an MMO

Attached: 1486593500733.jpg (658x662, 68.4K)

>>523370119I like having evade window 1 on everything because of combo decos but it's especially nice on gunlance because I don't use the shield. Lance though evading isn't that good because offensive guard exists and depends on counters

>>523364235nigger literally just get a kulv ice weapon and do the fighti used my standart master's touch/agitator set and i don't think i even bothered to change decos

>>523370119I use EW with HBG (Spread) and Hammer.

>>523370169>fags thinking the next step in MonHun should be bringing back Arts and shit or making hunting groups larger than 4 players

Attached: 1550961633837.gif (192x256, 323.24K)

>>523369907Have all the best gear force you to take utility/defensive skills, so it's a matter of choosing which mix of non-damage skills you want.

>>523369907Alright get this: No attack boosting skills. None. Nada. No crit boost, no attack boost, no affinity boosting skills at all. Armor becomes extremely useful for utility only.

>>523370482I would love to see just one gimmick quest with >4 players. Maybe like 6 or 8 max and a shitton of available carts.

>Strongest dragon in lore is a normal looking dragon that is lanky with a skinny neckSeems like it might be a pain in the ass for hammer

>>523335070>Are you ready, kids?Fuck no. I'm still trying to beat Aletreon.

>>523369907Despite being easier to work with for the skill point system, it kind of just made everyone ran the same thing. Lack of negative skills also meant you can just shove in anything without worry.I feel Master's Touch kind of killed the choice of going Razor Sharp or Sharpness+ for melee weapons too so there's no debate of grabbing high white + decent raw vs low purple + amazing raw.

>>523370482To be fair, considering how much they're pushing sieges, I'd like to see an attempt at one with more than 4 players. I think frontier did it with the giant snek, though I can't say if it was good or not since I haven't played it, and it still needed to be done a fuckton of times to fully upgrade your gear, that's my main issue with sieges in world, that and the rng around it.

Will the game finally be a completed product now? Can I finally start playing it?


Attached: 20200904021306_1.jpg (2560x1440, 796.95K)


Attached: 1583832667371.jpg (768x1024, 113.85K)

>>523371901No now fuck off


>>523335070Alatreon was annoying because his one hit kill was a tic instead of a single splash of damage like what Teo and Nami do aka can't use [guts].They legit just outlawed farcasters.The need to actually use elemental weapons was annoying and hit it with enough in the right mode.I solo'd him using an IG build that is just hitting him in the head with a blunt kinsect over and over.I can't imagine Fatalis would be more annoying than that.Worst care scenario to me is they give it a shit zillion heath and hit harder than anything else in the game.Since then I've done it multiple times in groups who actually know what in the fuck they're doing.I imagine Fatalis

Attached: 5559dec3b65d1135b96e61025070d787.jpg (1200x1500, 1.68M)

>>523347336It didn't even have to be weird as fuck monsters, anything but generic western dragons would have done the trick.

>>523368728Giant Gore is all fun and games until the Men in Black music starts playing and shit starts exploding everywhere.That being said, he's probably the best siege in the entire series.

>>523370782Old school Fatty was wail in his stomach and get clipped by his tail the 50 minute experience

>>523373094Please don't make me want to fuck Alatreon

4th gen G rank Crimson > Dire Miralis > FU White Fatalis > the rest. Most Fatty fights are a crapshoot.

>>523370119SA because you have the shittest hop in the world.

>>523370712>>523371068I guess if it were for special occasions like a fuckhuge siege then I'd be a fan, I just know some people who want it to be the standard.

>>523373706Why is the side hop so bad now? It was fine prior to World.

>>523368728I would only want Gog for its sleep weapons

>>523335070Debating if I should get back into Iceborne. It's been over 6 months since I last played and I've been playing through 3U again so my muscle memory is probably beyond fucked.

>>523348602why is there no funny in the titles list

Attached: 20200903174225_1.jpg (2560x1440, 834.02K)

>>523370618THEn people will bitch about full evade window/distance and marathon runner being too strong and making the game easy mood and saying that it’s the only meta set and blah blah blah, you can’t please these fucks user


>>523370618too based to actually happen

>>523373702Frontier fatalis> the rest

Attached: Frontier fata.jpg (870x584, 73.07K)

>>523369907It's not like there weren't optimal sets in older MH games, it was just harder to get every skill you wanted because charms were such RNG bullshit.

>>523373094>need to actually use elemental weapons was annoying and hit it with enough in the right mode.Nigger all you need to do is hit the monster. Just hit the fucking monster. Stop bitching and play the god damn game, what are you even doing if you aren't hitting the fucking monster?

>>523348602>0 bow hunts>500 hammer huntsChad.

>>52334616116-player rooms would be fine if World's entire always-online room system and terrible room search system weren't such shit.

>>523351637They at least gave him the best theme in Iceborne hell possibly in the whole damn


Attached: 20200830125145_1.jpg (1920x1080, 392.92K)

>>523351878Mybe we'll be lucky and Fatalis will be a straight up fight no bullshit just a Nergigante tier knock down drag out

>>523376271>Nergigante tierWow yeah permanently keeping a monster knocked down with no effort at all sure is fun.

Weren't we supposed to get an assmad rajang event today?

>>523376350At least you don't have to do any arcane bullshit to pull that off

>>523376415tomorrow evening if you're in the US

>>523376007What have they done to Narga's theme? What the fuck user. This is terrible.

>>523368728>Giant tar dragon with fire based attacks>Weapons cause sleepIt shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but it does.The fight itself was decent but i think Gogma had way too much HP

Attached: 8wrpK5j.png (323x454, 327.23K)

>>523370119>What weapons benefit from putting evade window on your gear?All of them.

>Blackveil-Vaal-Hazak fucked me for the 6th timeIt's over bros, go on without me...

Attached: DDA9D239-57B5-4C40-9AFD-C79490E4751A.jpg (435x439, 36.25K)

>>523378437Pack it up kidCandy Crush is the game you want

>>523378437>giving up after the 6th tryYou won't get past Alatreon with that attitude.

>>523377153You're really complaining something as big as Gog has a health pool to match? At least you can cheese him since he's weak to mount status.

>>523378437Every single Blackveil Hazak should be hunted via Resident Evil event quest. You can't go back.

>>523342576They’re just bonus endgame fights for people who want to do them.

>>523346161There’s only been 3 giant insects in the whole series to date.

>>523350648Probably would have just ended it at Alatreon.

>>523378581I know hes a big boy and should have big boy health, but the fight seems to take 5 million years unless you are playing with an really good team.I remember trying to solo him and constantly run out of time

>>523379271G Rank quests in pre-World games are scaled for 4 players, just like Hub quests. Being the final G Rank boss makes him a fucking tank.

>mfw hacking talismans RNG BTFO

Attached: 1587936737425.jpg (900x900, 38.9K)


>>523378689HOnestly j hope in the future they change effluvium to be exactly like that resident evil event permanently. It’s a fuck ton better than the gay shit of cutting your health in half and killing you every time he sucks

>>523380734It also fits his whole death theme better

Post your favorite monster fight tier lists, mine is a very early WIP. Alatreon wasn't on the builder but he'd be S, either #1 or #2. Frostfang would be in B somewhere, need to try the regular version in a not shit map tomorrow.Not taking difficulty in consideration too much but some monsters are so easy at this point I can't possibly rank them well. (Jagras etc)

Attached: 1572185469663.png (1064x739, 1015.08K)

>>523380853It really does, like ZOMBIE status where you’re basically a tank that can’t dodge/run. It’s kinda like frenzy in the sense that you can use it to your advantage if your good, especially if you use health augmented

>>523378897you could have just say your retarded and we still would have got it user.


>>523381681If you don't count Nerscylla, which is an arachnid and not an insect, he's right: Vespoid Queen, Seltas Queen and the mantis from GenU.

>>523382849A bug's a bug user.

>>523382849anon that would still be 4 seltas, seltas queen, vespoid queen and ahtal ka

>tfw being the one HBG out-DPSing everyone else in a Safi SeigeCan you fuckers just keep it's attention jesus fuck. How can I break the wings or knock its ass down if it's always 360 no scopping?

>>523383560Do normal seltas bugs count as large monster?

>>523383734I remember doing tailcuts with randoms and getting aggro despite it not even being a weakspot when tenderized at the start. Now I only use aquashot and don't bother, though I only ever play with people that can clear it in 1 run now anyways since I don't need his shit.

>>523383770yes is a early game large monster like great jaggi user. just cause it easy doesn't mean it don't count.

>>523383560>Akantor>Ukanlos>Ahtal KaWe need more non elder final bosses

>>523383906I'm trying to get the damn armor. People not making it very easy.

vespoid queen is a large monster?

>>523383957Ok. I had the doubt because they took a lot of beating for what they were, but usually only the pack-leaders count as large monsters.

>>523383734Nah mate, gotta break that front armIt's a lot of work so could you not move around so much?Kind of annoying to hit it with you running everywhere

>>523384396>with you running everywhereHBG does not "run everywhere".

>>523384510Alright you got meI never seen a hbg during safi except when the chinese are using it and by "using it" I mean standing directly under the fucking nuke

>>523384740Most people use a LBG on Sefi. And the only reason I'm not doing that is because I don't have 100+ hours just to make another hyper specific set with decos I don't have. Man fuck this game.

>>523384962more like 1 hour. alatreon LBG, max one of the elements, partbreaker 3, free element 3. there good enough.

>>523352502Every single player that whines about alatreon is dogshit, without exception

>>523384010we really do i'm getting tired of end of world dragon 2 electric boogaloo the remake of a remaster feat dante from the dmc series.

So the team that did World finished work on that back in late 2017, which means they’ve been working on something else for nearly 3 years now. World had just under 4 years of development IIRC, so assuming a similar dev cycle they should be coming along pretty well on the next mainline game. There’s no way of knowing how badly Covid has affected development, but regardless an announcement should be coming soon. When do you guys think we’ll see the announcement? TGS is a write off imo since the series is a global one now and new product announcements will have to be at worldwide events, so TGA in December is probably the soonest I think we can expect an announcement.

>>523337759SNAP N DRAG

>>523384387I understand why think that user but just that the average seltas drone is on par with the greats/dromes.

>A staple of the series>Simple design yet so distinctively Monster Hunter-ish>Great theme>Relentless but fair fighting style, which conveys his personality perfectlyWhy do hipsters pretend to not like this handsome devil?

Attached: 05-09-2019-monster-hunter-world-tigrex-guide.jpg (1920x1080, 250.09K)

>>523386096I do like him, Brute is better though.

Why do people like this monster so much? I played FU, 4U and G/U but I barely hunted him because the fight was so boring.

>>523335070It'll probably have DPS check garbage again ruining the fight just like Alatreon.

>>523386096you know the good times are gone when tigrex doesn't have mustache and poncho anymore.


>>523386096Hitboxes are atrocious


>>523386096tigrex was made for bullying

>>523335070Nope, not bothering with any of the mmo tier "puzzle bosses"

>>523386154If your referring to Fatalis, people like him in concept since being the big bad king of all monsters is cool. People are also looking forward to him finally having a fight that isn't shit.

>>523386380Not anymore. He took a class in self-defense and learned how to turn by 180 degree

Are you ready for his time stop mechanic?

>>523386854just gem in the skill that lets you move in stopped time bro

>>523386568They’re only adding him because of the good reaction they got from all the new Fatalis renders and merch from the anniversary, so hopefully they go the extra mile in making him not fucking suck. Alatreon was already a good fight but they made it even better in Iceborne (except for Escaton Judgement, it’s easy enough to deal with but from a design standpoint it’s fucking stupid) so the sky’s the limit with what they do with Fatalis.

>>523386854>>523386907SAME TYPE OF DECORATION SLOT


>>523386801The dev diary foreshadowed it by showing a clock pendant

>>523386927Yeah, there's a lot of room for improvement since he hasn't had a proper overhaul since his conception in the first game so I'll probably be satisfied no matter what since it'll definitely be better than before.


>>523337759Hardcore endgame monster, secret power is boring you so much you dont bother dodging his sudden one shot attacks

>>523386854Would actually be cool. Fatalis having some sort of eldrich power that exists outside of the usual control of elements would be top tier.

It’s kind of odd that we’re only getting Black Fatalis, but I guess that Crimson and White will probably be in Master Rank updates for future games.

>>523387190Fatty is probably gonna have moves from Crimson and White and be way different.

>>523387056Nah that’s for Gold Fatalis (secret new variant added alongside Fatalis), like White Fatalis he lost his fire element abilities but instead of gaining lightning element he learned to manipulate gravity to slow down and speed up time. When enraged he can completely stop time for a short while.

>>523337759Let's just say that the legends and myths surrounding the monster hyped him up a bit too much>HE'S SO POWERFUL AND EVIL YOU GUISE>HE ANNIHILATED AN ENTIRE KINGDOM>HE'S THE BLACK DRAGON, A GOD AMONG MONSTERSThen you fight him and he's a derpy winged lizard that barely moves

>>523387580That's the only reason people are hyped for him now too. Of course the fight will be revamped, but it's primarily just the typical black dragon wankery as already seen with Alatreon.

>>523386154>hating based ChameleosKill yourself

Mix and match HR with MR to get unique looks.

Attached: Monster Hunter World_ Iceborne_20200903212611.png (1920x1080, 3.98M)

>>523360349what is the usual GS combo looks like? i've been learning to play GS but so far i only do hit and run

>>523387564I’m surprised they never bothered adding more Fatalis variants after Dos, Crimson and White are literally just individual Fatalises who got a power up of some form so you’d think there’d be more individuals out there who got jacked somehow.


>>523387346Didn’t they just refer to all three of them as “Fatalis” in game with no way to know which version you were fighting except from hints in the quest title and description.

>>523387346I'm still hoping there's some secret that they're adding at the same time as a surprise but I doubt it.

>>523387564His supernova accelerates time to the point that the universe resets itself multiple times. The only way to avoid this attack is to clutch yourself with the claw to a dolphin

>>523388393They're probably just going to repeat Safi'jiiva with the rocks/walls mechanic and avoiding his fire.

>>523387927Yeah, i know, i was just describing his old fight.

>>523388362Right there with you user. I've already hyped myself up with the idea so now there's no way to not be disappointed if there isn't some kind of extra challenge.

>>523388252Yes, but they did that with most variants before Iceborne as well. Rusted Kushala Daora, Furious Rajang, Chaotic Gore Magala etc. all shared names with their base forms in-game despite having unique icons, until Iceborne finally started treating them as different monsters. If Crimson and White Fatalis were to return I’d imagine they’d get similar treatment and finally be acknowledged as different monsters in-game.

>>523388393Also his penis looks like a Kirin’s head.

>>523388091you use slinger burst to either shortcut into TCS or back off. it changes a lot based upon the situation.draw attack burst charge is a good starting point, since you can either finish the TCS if you have the chance, or tackle to cancel charge. after tackling you have the option to slap to get out of that position and roll immediately or jumping wide slash to get the residual damage from your charge onto the monster. the best part about slap and JWS is that both can be followed up by another slinger burst so the whole cycle starts again.if you like being hyper aggressive then rolling into tackle slap is a really good way to fish for opportunities as well as build up KO damage. stones/redpits are the best slinger ammo for GS because you get a shitton of them and they build up KO when you aim them anywhere near the head. I usually get one KO a hunt with just those things, I could probably get 2 a hunt with punishing draw but I haven't played world lately.

>>523388518My biggest hope is that they're actually adding all 3 versions of Fatalis or some new variant since it would just be a case of designing a lot of different moves for him and spreading them between each version while just changing the skin a bit so it seems perfectly doable.

>>523388478I think you'll have to use the ballista to contain him while he's about to perform his finisher. Either that or the dragonator

>>523388684Honestly the slinger burst to get into the TCS opens up your moveset so damn much. It feels so much easier to actually land it since you can get it out quicker and completely change direction. When I use GS I always just pick up stones instead of the more useful drops just so I have enough ammo.

>>523335070*Aroused hammer bro grunt*

>>523388880same, stones are the shit. flinching ammo would honestly just mess up your timings and your angles, which is kind of why the hammer slinger burst sucks.I've even started using one stonethrower gem on my gs set so I get 5 more stones

>>523388847I actually wouldn't mind that. Sounds a lot better than what Alatreon had and would actually fit the fight pretty well since you could use the excuse that him stopping moving to charge it up is what gives you the opportunity to use it since he would otherwise be moving around too much to get a hit off.

>>523388660And if you fail, you get to meet a better, alternate reality version of your current handler

>>523389003The piercing and bomb pods are pretty useful since the flinch usually gives you enough time to get a hit on them to prevent them from moving or attacking you out of it.

whens my lad getting in an actual monster hunter game

Attached: Gear-rex.jpg (640x480, 194.09K)

>>523389119bomb pods actually might be quite good because of the delayed explosion, that+charged JWS might be a good combo I have to try.

>>523389125Probably never. Imagine Gear Ray though, or Gear Sahelanthropus.

>>523360349What combos? You just uncharged draw attack into slinger burst to cheat out TCS.Capcom better remove this shitty move in World 2. Greatsword had the perfect combo ender to begin with in the form of grand slam because its power scaled with the level of your strong charge. Meanwhile you had crit draw and 4U's buffed punish draw to make all three attacks important for damage output. This perfect harmony died the second TCS, a move that outdamages both the draw charge and the strong charge combined, was introduced.

Attached: 1567585234221.png (171x159, 48.16K)

>>523359719The key with GS is not getting greedy with hits, dont always go for max charge. Hitting a lvl 2 charge is better than missing a lvl 3 charge and taking a hit and needing to heal. Also instead of just running in and hitting mindlessly try to focus on the monster and think about what it will do next, where will the bodypart I want to hit next be?

>>523389240lol ok

>>523389125Never, Metal Gear is dead. Najarala already stole his "scales on the ground that detonate through vibrations" gimmick

>>523389125Never because konami are a bunch of fucks>>523389238>Gear RayPiece of shit just like the normal RAY>Gear SahelanthropusIt can't move

>>523369907More unique skills and set bonuses like frostcraft. Even if they arent always meta they are fun sidegrades worth getting. If other sets just do the same thing as the meta set why would you use any other sets?

>>523389238Gear Ray would just be Disaster Wyvern from MHO doing the Naruto run

>>523389404but which monster got his lazer attack

>>523389456This, I want quirky gimmick sets that are just fun to piss about with. Constantly just going for max damage output gets old and even having defensive builds are pointless since a lot of the time you can fit all the defensive skills you'll ever need on your offensive set.

Attached: CxJptLbUkAEVEoi.jpg (1100x1400, 126.3K)

>>523348602how do you get that pose?

>>523389709is that time again

Attached: 1572692271079.jpg (1920x1080, 288.85K)

>>523389536Just give Disaster Wyvern a beam attack. He already looks like an aquatic dinosaur. Give me a MHfied Shagohod

Attached: MHO-Disaster_Wyvern_Render_002.png (340x305, 121.3K)

>>523386150Too bad they nerfed the retard scream power

>>523350180blast res doesnt stop the high damage from his excessive explosives


>>523389709>>523390029I want to cave her skull in with a large rock.

>>523390108Super roar was only a threat on Molten, and only when it triple roar.

>>523386096fuck this guy

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>>523390092Is there a reason he never got a proper name? I know Tencent are retarded and all but there’s gotta be a reason.

>>523390282Based retard Tiggy


Attached: Black Dragon Axe.png (250x180, 39.1K)

What if we have to use elderseal for whatever gimmick it has? An attempt to make it relevant perhaps.

Attached: icon.png (100x100, 1.72K)

>>523390294Probably they wanted to make the monster more mysterious. In Frontier the black Rathian was never given a name, aside from "Unknown"

>>523390504I have every alatreon weapon and plenty of elderseal jewels so if that happens, I am ready

>>523390504considering elderseal is considerably worse than just doing a set amount of elemental damage I hope not

>>523390504Remember when elderseal was good and also did passive damage to the monster? Good times.

>>523390504I wouldn't mind it if elder seal was fixed to actually work like how elemental damage was properly scaled for Alatreon

>>523392005>elemental damage was properly scaled for AlatreonExplain


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