>enemy can surrender

>enemy can surrender

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>Shot him anyway.Shouldn't have started shit.

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thats the only reasonable enemy in the whole trilogyin anyone elses eyes max is a psychotic mass murderer who cant be stopped

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>enemy can surrender>only temporarilywhy do game developers do this?

>enemy gets on their knees and begs for their life>if you get close they punch you in the balls and leave you at 1hp before laughing at you for being such a stupid idiot

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>>523333456I YIELD! I YIELD!

>>523334195Wouldn't have gotten dick punched if you were Alexander

>>523333456>That enemy is a hot young girl

>Enemies can surrender, but hardly ever do.

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Always felt kinda bad for the little guys

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>>523333456>Enemies react to glass shattering near them>Enemies react to watching their allies die>Enemies are near constantly calling you every Portuguese expletive under the suntruly, we will never again get a game as good as Max Payne 3

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>>523335761Are you Alexander the great?


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>>523336215>>523336378its interesting how rockstar pulled off the serious, gritty tone of the 3rd game while using the gameplay of the originalsa middle aged man diving through the air with two desert eagles would take me out of the seriousness but it doesnt here


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>>523336594>>523336378>>523336215>>523336767Some dude recently started modding MP3 and posting videos on youtube. Shit like NPC wars where he'll spawn 10 or so gang fighters vs 10 UFE on the boat map.


>>523336721I think it's the physics; near everything is tied to them, including shoot dodges, which are especially affected by the environment. Also the music and atmosphere certainly help, being a lot less "90s action movie" than the previous games.

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I'm surprised more enemies didn't surrender to Max. Dude flies through the air at mach-1 scoring multiple headshots before he even hits the ground. Man is a walking holocaust.

>>523337237Well I mean on the invasion of the office map at the end the last dude straight up says they only came there to kill Max. It was cool knowing that there were some characters that knew Max was so dangerous, even if they all died before word got around.

>enemies can surrender in the middle of being shot at>if you kill too many surrendering enemies you get a game over>civilians also often look like enemies and killing them will also count towards getting a game over

>>523337429>the cracha preto send an entire battalion of men hoping to kill one guy and distract from the death of another>they all fucking die and Max is seen alive on the news laterIf I was Neves I’d be shitting myself.

>Got over 800 hours in MP3>All single player playthrough>Love the story, music, and themes so much I don't even mind the cutscenes.I don't even give a fuck. Love everything about it.

>>523333456Based Confident Joker

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>>523338697my nigga, i love everything about this game as wellshame rockstar half assed the coop, i could of had hundreds of more hours with a friend in it

>>523338697Feels like Max's story is done, but I'll always want another one. Shame Rockstar will now only pursue online shit. No Manhunt 3 either...

>>523333456>>523338697Welp, time to re-install MP3 I guess, time for another playthrough...

>>523338697Dang, that's hecka cringe my dude.

>>523333456>enemy has dialogue indicating surrender but game has no mechanics to allow for it, so they just keep attacking anyway

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>>523340478Skyrim can hardly be described as a "game". It's a Todd Howard money making simulator.

>>523340979Looks like Rogue Spear

>>523341303never should of come here

>enemies can surrender>if you don't kill them they just aggro again

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>>523341598holy shit.

>>523337685Kinda sounds like the SWAT games.

>>523338697gigachad, im on 372 hours

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>>523342192I rarely play the game entirely sober anymore. Typically I'll have a beer or two and only play for an hour so. Especially after a bad day at work it's cathartic.

>>523339596>Shame Rockstar will now only pursue online shit.>he doesn't know

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>>523342443I play stoned out of my mind, on Old School difficulty, and take way too many screen shots.

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>>523342895How did MP3 cover the executions so well? They are just so God damn brutal and satisfying.

>>523333456>enemies can surrender>you have to shot off every part of their mecha and bully them with your pistol first

>>523341354>should of>retarded eldershits shill

The gameplay looks good but Brazil as a setting and failed bodyguarding as a story seems like it'll just make me depressed, so I have always avoided it. Is it really a depressing game? Is there a mod to play through the whole game as Young Max?

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>Enemy starts shouting "Don't shoot i surrender">Stops shooting>Enemy keeps shooting ever because the game isn't that deep

>>523342989very punchy sounds and good camera angles, not even actual movies do this as good as mp3

>>523343160it gets down at times, but itll be worth it for the end

>>523343160>Is there a mod to play through the whole game as Young Max?even better

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>>523342989RDR2 kinda has the same style of weapon melee combat but without the camera angles and slow motion

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you can handcuff terrorists who surrender in rainbow six 3 raven shield but there is no penalty for just shooting them lol

>>523343534I really wish Rockstar would revisit a Max Payne style linear shooter game. Maybe a spiritual successor. Agent? Idk, I just want more satisfying MP3 gameplay with added RDR2 gore and graphical quality

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>>523339675>re-install MP3I've considered that once, but then I remembered {spoiler]unskippable cutscenes[/spoiler]

>>523344130steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1437714794this is a solved issue

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>>523341598I want a Floyd toy.

>>523338697That's a lot of music

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>>523343160I thought it was pretty good until I got to the armoured mini gun guy and haven’t touched it since. I guess the story wasn’t enough for me to want to beat that section.

>>523344285neat, I might give it another shot then

>>523333456>enemies can surrender >attacks you again 3 seconds later

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>>523345184>armoured mini gunYeah, that was retarded.I dropped it on the final boss fight, and just watched the ending on youtube

>>523344285oh thank god maybe I'll actually play through it again sometime soon.

>>523344981Carlos you INSIPID CUNT

>>523342989youtube.com/watch?v=8EEvd1OupVMspec ops also had some pretty good executions.

>>523346124the first chapter when max enters the elevator after the pool shouldnt be skipped, only issue i had with it

>>523333456I mean what do you expect after seeing this alcoholic, bald, fat old madmen do this to your friends and partners while popping pills like its candy

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>>523339115>handcuff a cop>teammate executes him instantly with flaming rounds/explosives/LMG fireEvery time

>>523333456> Free kill

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ty guys for reminder, gonna download MP3 again after not playing for 5 years

>>523338697dangerously based desuId also add that the multiplayer was an absolute blast, I cant believe people are not playing that shit to this day, I mean what other online pvp shooter lets you dive around while dual wielding whatever the fuck you want in slow motion and hearing classic Max Payne characters talking shit to each otherfuck I miss mp3s multiplayer so much

>enemy boss can surrender

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>>523333456I always spare the rank and file mooks in masks if I can and always kill the bosses.

>tfw we will never get acting this good from James McCaffrey againyoutube.com/watch?v=Ds2SUbt8hm4&ab_channel=A_Rabid_Pigeon

>>523348675how does slow motion work in multiplayer? or is it just not there


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>>523349371I think it only effects people in a certain radius, or whoever is in your line of sight. I can't really remember.

>>523349694yeah pretty much like that as far as I remember, plus the aiming was a bit slower for others you caught with your bullet time I thinkstill, shoot dodging even without entering slow motion was a really cool mechanic, you could still shoot while in the air, with less time to line up a good shot of course, but that just made it that more satisfying to land a headshot while you dodged behind cover from a thousand bullets from other players

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>>523343160It is extremely depressing, especially the part when he talks about how some people are just stuck trying to rebuild the past. Shit hits hard.

>>523351037Who was in the wrong during the dive bar discussion? Were Ramos and Max out of line?

>>523351815yeah, but I mean the whole series starts with your wife and literal few weeks/month old baby girl brutally murdered by fucked up junkies in your homeI know its not that dark and depressing all the way through, but stillI agree with mp3 being much more depressing though, I know a lot of people hated the amount and style of the visual effects, but I enjoyed it, made me feel how max feels through the game, high on pills and drunk as fuck until the last chapter

>>523352517I agree. They captured the constant hangover feel well

Why the fuck does no fallout game have a surrender mechanic it would fit perfectly with the game>enemy surrenders>you can sell them into slaver

>>523352364You mean with the kid of the head of that local gang? I dont know, they probably wouldnt have shot max, but they really were messing with the wrong guy, max has nothing to lose at that point and hes drunk as fuck, I didnt feel sorry for them though

Who thought it was a good idea to interrupt gameplay with a cutscene every 10 minutes? Especially ones that aren't fucking skippable.

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>>523353235Max knew who he was and what would happen if he did anything. He should have shown respect.

>>523334154They are still your enemy, I'd forgive this shit if they got back up only when you turn around or something, not like "I yield I yield!... Never should've come here"

>>523353347Im like that other user with the hundreds hours put in mp3, love the game so much I dont mind the cutscenes and hearing the inner monologues of max, but I can see how it can be a problem for othersmods that let you skip cutscenes were posted itt thread though, plus you can always play the arcade game modes with no story bits, just the action

>>523353432Yeah, that might have been the case for passos or some other guy that was just drinking there all night, but max pretty much is trying to get killed to be finally done with the whole shit his life is since he lost his wife and daughter, he doesnt give a shit if every thug of the town comes after him at that point, the thing is, he just wouldnt give himself up without a fight, and unfortunately for him, hes a fucking killing machine that cannot be put down

>>523333456I remember the best part of that flashback mission in Black Ops, butchering Nazis, even as they were surrendering, felt like heaven

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>>523336215The Die-Hardman monologue might be the best piece of voice acting but Max's goddamn it is a close second youtube.com/watch?v=Ds2SUbt8hm4

>>523354530you will never be a woman

>>523355351what do you mean? I am already lol

>If you take the enemy's squad commander hostage, he'll order the rest of his men to surrender to save his life.>If you take on the grunts hostage, the commander will say he's expendable and everyone will open fire on you.

>>523336721It helps that Max is a lot less spry than he used to be, shot dodging is noticeably riskier as Max takes way more time to get up than he did in 1 and 2. I've died so many times while recovering after landing

>>523338697The only thing I hate about mp3 is that max left serrano walk away after all the things he did. It should've been a player's choice: spare him or kill him.

>>523338697Max Payne 3 and Vanquished are the peak of TPS nothing has ever managed to top them or get close

>>523339596I know people hate reboots but I wouldn't mind one for Max Payne only if they amp up the arcadey shit>Post engagement scores and post level break downs>A style ranking and combo meter>Bloody palace/Horde/Mercenaries with mode

I just want an another game with HEALTH doing the soundtrack.youtube.com/watch?v=cYtGJGp-9hAhttps://youtu.be/daYy7ckvFlc

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>>523347923>Mid and end game enemies force you to actually be accurate instead of mag dumping center mass One of the best parts of the game and made single shot weapons like pistols not just viable but necessary all the way to the end


>>523349318So many good lines I still quote to this day>I couldn't tell good from bad even if one was feeding the poor and the other bangin my sister>I'm not slipping I'm slipped>Alive but not exactly well>I DON'T SPEAK YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE>YOU'RE TURNING PEOPLE INTO GLUE>I have a hole in my second favorite drinking arm

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>>523355886mp 3 is better than vanquish because free aim is the normal mode of fire and zooming in over the shoulder is the occasional gimmick, in Vanquish this is flipped and it ends up falling into the same rhythm of the boring cover shooters it was trying to improve upon.

>>523355886I dont know why but I just couldnt get into vanquish for some reason.. it sounds so good on paper, and Im sure its mechanics are satisfying as hell, but the setting and the style of the world, characters and dialogues just turn me off somehowI dont know, maybe I should give it another shot and only focus on the gameplay and skip every cutsceneId add stranglehold to that "list" though, its not up there in quality, but it has other cool mechanics added beside shoot dodging and slow motion, like running up walls, sliding over tables and down staircases and such, plus most of the levels could be almost completely destroyed, it was cartoonishly over the top but felt so good once you got the hang of it

>>523357241>YOU'RE TURNING PEOPLE INTO GLUEwhen do you even use that?

>>523357241meh, I wasn't a fan. Max in the old games was never really outwardly blowing up like that, he was just quietly intense. Most of his asides felt wrong too, he just came off like a generic 'too old for this shit' cop, Max was an existential weirdo as much as he was a grizzled cop.

>>523357241>So what am I, the button pusher?>Yea, you're so good at it.>*Max Pushes Elevator Button*>Good job.

>>523333456Max Payne 3 was lightyear ahead of it's time.

>>523356670not only that, but in a lot of cases it let the games physics really shine, shooting an enemy with body armour in the chest with a shotgun could be used as a legit tactic to knock them down while dealing with othersor, you know, just having fun shooting people

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>>523357241For me it was the insults and flavor dialogue in portuguese. Seeing the Elite Squad movies and knowing what those "people" were saying was funny. The best line was about the blond bitch being a social alpinist or something. For some reason it cracked me up. Maybe it was the favelado accent.

>>523357692There was nothing better than knee capping Sombras to keep em busy while you deal with their friends at least until they started getting leg armor

>>523357241see, whoever made that gif fucking gets it, who cares if you die in the end, you had some of the most badass shooting experience in vydia just for the sake of itI hate seeing people play max payne 3 hiding behind cover, peeking with bullet time and clearing an area like its the point of the gamejust go out there, use slow motion as intended, dodge bullets and enjoy destroying everything and everyone like youre playing max payne

>>523358302>use slow motion as intended, dodge bullets and enjoy destroying everything and everyone like youre playing max payneShot dodging and moving around is pretty much required in Hardcore mode, cover is only good for reloading and taking a very quick breath. If you turtle like you're playing Gears you'll get flanked and die all the time especially the kill tunnel in the Canal level

>>523338697My favourite shooter of all time too.

>Arguably one of the best third person shooting mechanics ever implemented>Throw it out the window for all future gamesRed Dead 2 had slow mo and a dive feature, it's like they're taunting us

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Thumbnail looks like Bully: School Shooter Edition

>>523358523for sure, I was thinking about this one streamer I watch from time to time because he plays older games that I like, and he played it like a pure cover shooter in fucking old school mode and was proud of himself whenever he got through an encounter because he thought that was the hardest difficulty, when in reality old school mode is actually the good old fashioned slow motion-shoot dodging-run and gun game mode, you gain so much bullet time you can turn any encounter into the most amazing and exciting action sequence in modern shooters

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>>523348971>enemy boss can end a war but the protagonist wont let him

>>523359325>that webmmore like blacks pain amirite

I'm still impressed as fuck they somehow made bullet time work in multiplayer.Not as impressive as actually copy writing the word bullet time though but still..

>Enemies can surrender if you shoot their weapons>you get a bonus for that>if you shoot them again you get a penalty for murder>this mechanic is in the hands down the worst game from its console gen

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>>523340478any mods that implement a better surrender mechanic? or even, one where you can go to a cowering enemy tie them up and keep them?

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>>523358724Yeah you could just dive for no reason in RDR2. I did it all the time because I wished I was Max Payne, but unless it's to get in cover it just gets you killed. I don't know how people enjoy the several minute long waves of enemies in RDR2 or GTAV

>>523357745>For me it was the insults and flavor dialogue in portuguese.How to enjoy them if you don't know Portuguese?

>>523360563If you know Spanish you can read it and understand it. The insults don't change much and those few words that have a direct translation can be understood in 2 seconds by context.

>>523360721Can you post some of them in english, please?


>>523354006>>523353432What this other posted said. Killing the thug kid was a bit of an overreaction but he darwin'ed himself even being in the same room as Max. Max has canon killed 1000+ people by this point. Even slightly fucking with him is suicide. Also 2 is one of my favorite games ever. How they just kinda toss it away was a bummer.

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>>523361187Well, don't remember the exact phrases used. But here are some words and expressions used in hue favelado kino:Você vai morrer - You're going to die (add additional flavor insult)Porra Loca - (Crazy bitch)Filho da puta - Son of a bitchFoda-se - Donte.mp4Merda - ShitPuta Merda - Holy ShitVai tomar no cu - Fuck you variationQue porra é essa - What the FUCK

>>523362281>How they just kinda toss it away was a bummer.What do you mean?

>>523362689pretty standard stuff, but still kind of you to post, thanks user

>>523362749He has this whole romance thing with Mona, where he starts to get over his wife and actually move on with someone nearly as fucked up as him. And if you beat the game on dead on arrival Mona survives with max in the end .So the fact that Mona and the content on the 2nd game isn't mentioned at all in 3. Just a single line in one of the early monologues about "that stuff with Mona." And Max is back to be assblasted about his wife.

>>523356312Just make the combat closer to HL Miami but I'm 3rd person with shoot dodge. There is your new max payne.

>>523336061This game has such a massive ludonarrative dissonace. Especially if you choose more cheese tactics like mind tricking enemies into fighting each other only to slaughter those that you mind tricked into being you allies after wards. Jedi Academy is even "better" in this regard. Hold enemy Jedi in choke while your thrown saber cuts them in half. Throw enemies of ledges. Use force sense to ambush enemies that would normally ambush you. Everyone that doesn't have special armor or saber gets zapped by lighting and dies within fractions of second. etc. etc.Fight like an absolute opportunistic pos, but we are the good guys storywise.

>>523334154>>523353595So MGSV is good in this regard.

>>523339245Based on what?

>>523362992I see, youre right, its a shame we dont have more mona in mp3, even though Im pretty sure you could use her as a skin in multiplayer iirc, she even had some lines, but those might have been from mp2, they might as well put her in the story tooI wouldnt mind a sequel where we play as the child of max and mona we didnt know about, its pretty retarded, but max is really getting too old for this shit and all these mechanics would feel kinda forced or "copy pasted" in another franchise, I mean we could have a slightly more detailed melee system and a more agile character this way, who still has some payne in him

Ah shit here we go again

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>>523355265Holy fuck you randomly linked to a literally who's video but it's someone from the BGF forums if anyone still remembers who they are. Used to play a lot of online events with them like GTA IV.I miss those days. And all because of a random chance like this.

>>523344556there knee pads user

>>523363653Yeah I feel the same way. This is compounded on by the sheer body count kyle katarn and jaden pile up. And it's even more fucked up when you activate dismemberment cheats and cut everyone up into tiny little pieces. Nobody even mentions the intense violence it's crazy

>Airport terminal section

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>>523363653wish more melee focused games would release with player centered camera like that, lock on strafing has always felt like shit.

>>523352364>>523353235>>523353432>the faggy bratty kid who just goes around harassing random drunks with his friends backing him up needs to be shown respect from the superhuman killing machine who has killed over a thousand people over the course of the first two games

>>523333456Is Brazil as corrupt and violent as MP3 made it out to be?

>>523363928No, the instant another guard reaches them they're back on patrol. There's nothing good about MGS V.

>>523364612Small World

>>523364828It's actually unironically worse

>>523352364the fucking guido you faggot, it's not like Max owed them money.

>>523357692>pesky enemy hiding behind cover>spray at him in full auto>bullet grazes his elbow or something sticking out of cover and he spazzes out from pain and exposes himselfWhen the fuck are we getting a sequel?


>>523365205max payne 3 was allegedly the most expensive game of all time, a linear shooter that's a sequel to a mid tier AA franchise, it was the perfect storm of rockstar excess.

>>523364828much worse

>>523365398>most expensive game of all time>Destiny and Halo Infinite existAlso it was made in Vancouver where leafbucks are like 60 cents to a dollar so I highly doubt it was that ridiculously expensive to make.

>>523365398At least we know those GTAO bucks are being put to good use

>>523365398Yeah, its really strange why they even wanted to put so much work into this, it was never a guaranteed success yet theres so much effort and soul in there, its too bad we are never getting a sequel but Im so glad we at least got max payne 3 and I can always replay it, its up there with the many timeless classics for me, whatever anyone says

>>523357368>when do you even use that?WHEN THEY ARE TURNING PEOPLE INTO GLUE

>>523364538Ah, time for the yearly playthrough already?

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>>523362992youtube.com/watch?v=L3StNGj43v0there really isn't very much mention of mona... but theres some

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>>523363653Jedi Academy at least acknowledges it by letting you become evil in the story. For me, it's using force choke to repeatedly slam people into walls until they die.

>>523364843>this is your brain on tortannic

>Like Max Payne 3 when it came out even though it wasn't as good story wise as the 1st and 2nd game>Holla Forums constantly shit on it>Fast forward nearly 8 years later now Holla Forums really likes it Exact same shit happened with GTA IV

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>>523367635Some faggot YouTuber made a video recently saying it was an underrated masterpiece and as usual Holla Forums flipped its opinion immediately They did the same with fallout 3

>>523367952>Some faggot YouTuber made a video recently saying it was an underrated masterpiece and as usual Holla Forums flipped its opinion immediatelyUnfortunately that happens a lot these days Some shitty e-celeb makes a video saying "this movie/game/tv show was actually really good/bad" and then faggots just parrot that opinion constantly afterwards.

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>>523367635>Holla Forums opinion changes dramatically when game stops being new Its almost like half of the posters are contrarian faggots vomiting memes isn't it?Im telling you 5 years and anons will like mgsv

>Hands up>On the ground>Talk>Where are your friends >Where are your friends >Where are your friends >Where are your friends >Where are your friends

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Is there any other shooter with "realistic" bosses like MP3?youtube.com/watch?v=7WI0ShPM2xU

>>523368309Anons already say "MGSV has great gameplay." I like MGSV. The future is now. The story is weak though, having just played up to destroying metal gear again.

>>523364384loosely based on the joke from skyrim

>>523368543I'm kinda in the same boatI actually really liked the gameplay I just never finished the story mode because it was crawling at a snails pace and nothing was fucking happening so I just did the side missions instead since those were actually fun

>>523368543Most of the shit it got was due to the cut content, of which there is a LOT of.

>>523368543>>523368761MGS 5 would probably have GTA 5-tier levels of content if so much hadn’t been put on the chopping block.

>>523368761Yeah but even the content you have like... the whole "scene" with skull face is so unsatisfying, no extra content or context can change that at all. >>523368756Once you get into the "story is a side gig, I'm tactical espionage man with merc base" mode, it feels good. The strongest part of the game is the story with your soldiers. Honestly worth it to go through the story just to get there.

I've lost count of how many times I've played the office chapter.

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Do you need to install that Rockstar DRM crap to play Max Payne 3 on Steam? Even if you just want to play the singleplayer?

>>523333496you sick fuck

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>>523357241My favorite exchange in this whole game is>WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM,MAN?>MY PROBLEM?I have no idea why, it just fwlt ao gwnuone to me

>>523343160honestly as much as i love MP3 i would have liked the original concept better with Russia as the settingMax shooting through snow slums of Moscow fits his setting alot better

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>>523370772>I have no idea why, it just fwlt ao gwnuone to me

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>>523338697Shit now I need to reinstall. Is there any way to turn off the Golden Guns?

>>523370840Better idea>A Punisher game where Frank goes ballistic on the Russian Mob>On their own home turf

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>>523371034There should be a way in the option menu

>>523360220 loverslab AAF violation lets you rape and gangbang surrendering enemies, but they do the same to you

Is there a mod that removes the damn skip button on the bottom right during cutscenes?

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>>523371196i think you would like this arc

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Best line:This place was like Baghdad with G-Strings.

>>523333456In Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, in the level you get Force Choke 3, you get to fight special Stormtroopers who are a bit more durable than the regular ones.I would always grab them with the choke and throw them upwards just high enough for them not to die from the fall but still receive enough damage.After that, they pretty much always surrender right there. It's kinda cool.

>>523367635to be fair, Holla Forums regularly shits on mp3 to this day, but sometimes we can get a few threads where anons who really like it gather and talk about how its some of the greatest shooters ever made, I like it when its like that because I also love mp3, played it on release day after a bit of drinking with my friends, bragging about what Im gonna play when I get home and Ive been hooked ever since none of my friends like it nearly as much as I do though>>523367952which youtuber? Ive seen that one vid that was called something like "mp3 8 years later", but it wasnt really about how it is an underrated masterpiece as far as I remember, but I might be wrong

>>523363653>>523358724What are some other games that have a focus on really fucking satisfying combat with loads of replayability purely based on how good the moment to moment gameplay is?

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>>523369590also one of my favourites

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>It's another "Holla Forums tries to make me re-install Max Payne 3" episodeFUCK OFF I ALREADY DO IT TO MYSELF ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR REEEEEE

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>>523372635Gotta love the physics

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>>523372839>not replaying the Max Payne trilogy atleast once a yeari wont lie once the first snowflakes fall here around November im right back in Roscoe Street Station

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>>523333456>enemy can bribe you into not attacking him>immediately wrecks you and mocks you if you accept the bribe

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>>523334154>Enemy can surrender>Permanently>Game makes you kill them anyways to move onGrunts didn't deserve that, man.

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>>523371589I did, it was pretty good, not Ennis at his best but better than the last couple of Punisher books except Kill Krew that shit was gold

>>523336215it really is too bad that the plot and presentation was corny as hell and sucked so much shit

>>523373638>Kill Krewfinallya user of exquisit taste

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>>523373708>muh storyfuck off IVfag

>>523372490Crysis unironically. But just the first half.

>>523372925that poor nigga

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>>523373980I'm just saying, that DID suck

>>523336061>Two Stormtroopers are chatting in Vader's castle in Academy>"I heard Vader practiced his lightsaber on stormtroopers.>"Thank goodness he's dead. I haven't even SEEN a lightsaber">Kyle Katarn shows up seconds later and kills the both of them like bitches.Always remembered that.

>>523372839Do it GODDAMMIT

i liked the way Metro Exodus handled surrendering, if you merc enough dudes the rest give up, and then you can take their guns and punch them the fuck out so they arent threats anymore. shame if you actually kill anyone who's surrendering you're basically guaranteeing yourself the bad end though.

>You can freeze time>You can steal the guns right out of the enemy's hands.>They surrender>You kill them>You can rewind time and kill them again.Timeshift, you were mediocre but you had some cool ideas.

>>523374291My nigga

>>523364716>TEARS is playing.>>523367635Even if the story wasn't great and tonally too dissimilar to the past games, it's still one of the best third person shooters ever made and it's so good to play. I always liked it.

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So is this a "games where enemies can surrender" thread or a Max Payne thread?

>>523333456Man this game was such shit compared to the other 2. I was genuinely mad once the boat shooting gallery started. I just played them all in order.

>>523333456>enemy can surrender

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>>523355775dude is going to a br jail; he'll probably be eaten alive, like literally os chefes da cadeia nunca vão perdoar a coisa da "glue"

>>523375749seems like a “people who actually play video games talk about them” thread to me

>>523376337we never really saw anything to imply that serrano got arrested, the last we see of him is him butchering the organ harvesting doctor. we don't even know if he escaped before the building collapsed


>>523355775I can understand not forgiving Serrano after you watch him shoot an unarmed, bound lady in the head just for laughs, but I think the point of that moment was to establish just how off-target Max had been for most of the game. The point where he learns about the organ harvesting is the point where he finally finds a genuine purpose for being in Brazil beyond "try not to be a complete fuckup" He'd been someone else's patsy up until that precise point.

>>523364815>>523362281did anyone in the games comment on max's bodycount?

>You'll walk... WITH A LIMP!

CAN I GET AN ANSWER PLEASEDo I need to install that Rockstar DRM crap to play Max Payne 3 on Steam? Even if I just want to play the singleplayer?

>>523333496Any bullets I had left were saved for someone special.


>>523370772>just fwlt ao gwnuone to me

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>>523336767At least the mortician won't have far to go for work tomorrow.

>>523336594ITS PAYNE

>>523376454Hell not like he can do much, they cut his ass up and I'm pretty sure they took his eyes

>>523364828They literally train cops to be max payne because the favelas are THAT dangerous.

>>523345991Why? Are you retarded or...? There was nothing more outlandish in terms of realism in that last fight than in most other levels of the game.

>>523366416theyve done it before with the warriors, wasnt a big money maker but it was clearly made because the devs wanted to make it

>>523377172Vlad in Max Payne 2.>Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the man with the highest body count in the history of the police department...Max! Payne!Or something like that. MP3 alludes to it.

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>>523375475>The terminal version is way heavier than normalyoutu.be/n46zZ_y3hqAWith all the nordic mythology parallels in MP1+2 I always assumed Max was supposed to be a Berserker, but I never really FELT that shit until the terminal shootout.

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>>523377172>>523378752Like this poster said, Vlad jokes about it in 2. In the start of 2 he talks about how he amazingly came from his "history of violence" as a hero. If you don't take account the video game aspects of the games, the cops in 2 say that Max is the only survivor they found at the mansion Or you and mona are the only survivors if you play on Dead on Arrival . So it means you killed the truckloads of goons that were in the building.

>>523335872I played rogue spear back in the day. How can i play it today? Cant seem to find it anywhere.

>>523367315lawl this user just didnt like not being agreed with

any other games where handguns are actually useful?im desperate

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>>523367635There've been low-key threads praising it for a long time because it's a good ass game.I can imagine disliking it if you're an absolute Remedy diehard of the sort that counts Max Payne 1 and Alan Wake among the best games of all time. Otherwise, it's great.

>>523339115jokers are literal tanks with the right perks

>>523379586most vr gamesdestiny handcannonshaloresident evilcall of juarez gunslingerkilling floor (for trash clearing)the 1911 in bad company 2

>>523357241>Say what you want about Americans but we understand capitalism. You buy yourself a product and you get what you pay for

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>>523379726thanks bro ill check them out


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>>523364828It's bad, but not THAT bad. It's hillarious how they made São Paulo look like Rio though.

>>523334154The Last of Us Part II has a mechanic like this with some mortally wounded enemies who stop fighting. The game reduces you to walking speed around them to incentivise executing them to get out of it and if you choose to leave them they'll pick up their gun, run away and start trying to kill you again. If you stand there they eventually die from their wounds. For some reason you can't take their bullets until after they die even though their gun is on the ground beside them. I'd prefer to just be able to walk away without the ultraviolence.

>>523380796how much more different does sao paulo look?

>>523333456>shot that fucker on my playthru today

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Damn a Max Payne thread, just finished 1 for the first time in 10 years today, moving onto 2 nextI still listen to Late Goodbye sometimes, mainly the piano instrumental. Insanely good song, musically and thematically.

>>523336215Still working on New York Minute Hardcore. Only up to the stadium. I've yet to complete it in Hardcore.

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>>523370772Anon are you having a stroke?

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>>523371359>Enemies can open doors>Enemies can rape the player

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>>523372490Dark Messiah. Well mostly. The poison zombies can fuck off.

>>523333456It was cool in red steel fuck you I liked it

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>>523381295*blocks your path*

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>>523372490Stalker. The only problems is you need to enjoy the whole package. Some people get turn off at everything else other than shooting and STALKER have like 80% exploration,dying and just messing around with 20% real fight. But when the gunplay manage to hit all the right spot for you.


>>523333685Honestly, I never understood why Max hates himself so much. He basically does nothing BUT the right thing throughout the trilogy

>>523380852That sound like the worst mechanic ever. The more I hear about this game the worse it gets

>>523382176putting holes in people will never fill the hole he burdens

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>>523381663I'm real bummed they didn't keep the setting for the sequel, the second game is cool and all but I just wanted a Red Steel that worked better

>>523382176>He basically does nothing BUT the right thing throughout the trilogyAnd what does that get him, a dead wife, a dead child and a dead lover. All Max can do is destroy, he destroys the right things but all that death weighs on you

>>523364538is it really that time again

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>>523382407I don’t see it

>>523370847this is the worst, it should be fucking obvious i can burn bandit #727181 to a crisp, why would he try to keep fighting me

>>523344556i got one, it came with a problem on the neck, it snapped just as i kneeled to open the package it came with.

>>523343148>being this new

>>523382176You could probably make an argument that you're not exactly doing the right thing by murdering hundreds of bad people, even if it ends up being a net gain.I'm pretty sure this is his exact character arc in the third game, finding peace in the fact that he's not so much a hero or good guy, more of a killing machine pointed at the bad guys.

>>523338697The multiplayer would also be great if you didn't have to unlock basic shit.

>>523382614last played today?

>>523382547People often refer to Max as a character who suffers a lot.Example?

>>523368543>Anons already say "MGSV has great gameplay."That's been the common opinion since it came out tbqh. Or at least that it has good gameplay mechanics that just aren't put to their full use because most of the encounters are in small camps.

>>523382176He shot Winterson.>She was a double agentHe didn't know that when he shot her. He shot her for entirely selfish reasons and justification after the fact is no comfort at all.

>>523336215>Enemies do not react to watching their allies die like sheep going over a cliffI just sat by this doorway killing them as they popped in, and it was, at that point, the only way for me to progress due to how shit the map was. I think I'm fine with only the one Max Payne 3.

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>>523358724I had no problem with RDR2's gunplay. GTAV's was an absolute insult to play after how godlike MP3 was. The guns in V are dinky as shit. They couldn't even get them to sound like they had any impact.

>>523379072Finally passing through that shit was legitimately one of the most "thank fuck that's over" moments I've had the last decade of gaming.

>>523333456Shit guess its time for that yearly playthrough. Thanks for reminding me, OP.

>>523336215>>523336378This is in GTA5 and actually 4 too to a lesser extent.. it's been a while though maybe im remembering that wrong. The Euphoria engine is really awesome and it looks excellent in both the Red Dead games.

>>523383686To be fair, Brazilians are not the most well versed in survivability or tactical acumen

>>523383558I don't know why it says that, I'm just now installing it

>>523379341>enemy surrenders>runs for weapon when you turn your back

>enemy surrenders to you>enemy surrenders all of themselves to you>get nervous and back away>they chase after you and demand to be raped


>>523382407IT'S PAYNE!

>>523382375It's a great game. It gets shit on by people without PS4s, people who are ideologically motivated and people who can't enjoy it in spite of Joel's death.

>>523385256>demand to be rapedOxymoron

>if you are good, you can shoot off your opponent's hat>opponent immediately surrender>drops a free hat and end the fight without having to kill them>more confident enemies are completely unphased by that and will usually just shoot back

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>>523387275I downloaded Westerado: Double Barreled after hearing about it on Idle Thumbs. It's hard. Was too boring for me to git gud at it.

>>523333456>Enemies shout "Have mercy!" when wounded but keep attacking the player anyway

>>523357241>I had to get away from the electronic music and robotic peopleAnd later on>Were you drunk?>You bet your ass I was. You try spending five minutes in that place sober

>>523380852So what you’re saying is that forgiving anybody but Abby is not allowed?

>>523383591dead wife, dead kid, framed for police murder, framed for police murder again i think, guilt over moving to a new woman, actually murders an officer or detective in defense of new woman without knowing it was the right(?) thing to do. just off the top of my head, havent played in a few years


>>523364538>>523382614>reinstall Max Payne 3>some gay rockstar account shit that keeps me from playing the fucking game

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>>523368447Got a good chuckle


>>523334154>batman saves some two face thug from getting lowered into a foundry>he tries to sucker punch you as soon as you turn aroundBITCH DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM!?!

Attached: the god damn batman.jpg (409x500, 20.41K)

>>523357549>>523357241The main change from the previous games is that Max's internal monologue is not a story that he relays in the future, where he calmly, collected, recounts the events that brought him to the game's crescendo, he allows himself to be poetic too, and never vulgar. He has the power of hindsight. In MP3 he responds to events as they come, he's vulgar, he's not poetic. A lot of the internal monologue is urgent and emotional because Max is emotional in the moment.The writers of MP3 themselves aren't very imaginative either.>I couldn't tell good from bad even if one was feeding the poor and the other bangin my sisterThis is a terrible analogy, is banging his sister bad? Max has a sister so he has big brother complex? That's something a hick would say, not a detective familiar with norse mytholgy, classic Noire movies and vocabulary of a philosophy major.>"I walked straight in, playing it Bogart, like I'd done a hundred times before."If MP3 was written by Remedy, they'd reference the total moral ambiguity of Max at this point, having slaughtered his way through both cops and impoverished people of the slums, with everyone worth protecting either dead or gone, a patsy for somebody's diabolic crimes. Perhaps he'd ask himself if he'd execute Becker to take revenge, or to spare the dismembered man from suffering. Instead we got ahurr hurr angel of death banging sisters capitalism or something.

>>523388131Not sure what my point was or what the takeaway should be there. The game is seriously lacking in player agency. While it is sunk cost fallacy to suggest that after killing half of San Diego's remaining population Ellie should kill Abby, the game still falls for the same thing it seems to be criticising from the end of the previous game where the lives of the main characters are more important than the lives of the NPCs they butcher along the way. That said, by the time I'd saved Abby as Ellie I just wanted them to be friends. I knew that would never happen and so I was hoping for a choice between fighting Abby or leaving. But of course, player agency is not allowed. Just like you're incentivised to kill enemies that are too wounded to keep fighting by being slowed to a walk around them and being unable to loot them until after they die, you're not given a choice on whether to fight Abby and whether or not to spare her after winning. There are countless other examples of the lack of player agency in the game that of course I cannot think of right now. That said, I do love this game. I know that isn't allowed here. But that's agency.

>>523388983The writing and voice acting in 1 and 2 is shit regardless of the validity of this (which just seems so dumb as to come across as insincere to be honest).>In MP3 he responds to events as they come, he's vulgar, he's not poeticWhich is nice. He's narrating his story in past tense, but he's feeling the emotions of it as if in the moment and for the most part only revealing information he knew at the time. I prefer that to a DVD commentary.

>>523333456>Enemies surrender>Let them live in an act of mercy>As soon as you turn your back on them they go straight for a gun again instead of taking the mercy because that's what their AI is programmed to do>Game berates you for how violent you are the very next thing for defending yourself

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>>523357692Homie can't even breath and he's slowly losing consciousness trying to stay awake

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>why do you keep coming after me>cause you keep killing uswas it kino?

>>523372490I'd say warband has really satisfying combat, but moment-to-moment gameplay is hit or miss depending on what point you;re at and what you;re trying to accomplish at the time. there can be a lot of down time to do banal shit

>>523333456>>523336215>>523336378>>523336594>>523336767>>523342192>>523342895>>523343490>>523343534>>523344285>>523347923>>523351037>>523357241>>523357692>>523359325>>523369590>>523370095>>523370634>>523371515>>523372635>>523374451>>523378902>>523378993bros. ive never played a max payne game. all these screenshots of MP3 just have me wondering how they tie all these different locations and hairstyles into one game like wtf some of it looks like a workshop mod

>>523390495>Torture and murder somebody in front of their friends>Somehow surprised when said friends seek revengeAbby is a moron who's as responsible for her friend's deaths as Ellie is.

>>523334154Came to post this. It's so fucking obnoxious having an NPC watch you easily slaughter an entire fucking group single handed, and then they surrender until you point your gun away. Even worse when they only have melee weapons and act as if they have a hope of winning.

>>523390806There's no workshop, play the first two they're good and explain why he has hair, rockstar games usually go on sale for Christmas and you can pick them all up for pennies.If you like shooters these games have a lot of style.