Holla Forums plays jackbox

It's time let's play some motherfucking jackbox, as well as speculate on pack 7 that's coming soon with quip 3 and that new drawing game.how2play>open jackbox.tv and enter a name>also open the livestream in a new window/device>enter the room code when it appears on the stream to join in

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>>523333118trying out a new stream site since twitch delay is so shit and mixer is kill:> caffeine.tv / vplaysjackbox

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>>523333118I have no idea what is happening now

>>523334496move over gay demons

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Oh shit I'm sorry

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>>523334574onis are demons though

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>>523334563playing Bidiots right now as it's an underrated game ideal for fewer players. Sadly, Bidiots doesn't let you join an existing game as audience.Feel free to join the next game

Do TeeKO

>>523334960i was referinng to the onis, their reign is over, theres a new demonfu in town

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>>523333118What is this


>>523335513party games for friendless incels like you and i

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>>523335184>>523335646>>523333303Tee-KO time is now, sorry for the wait, come join it fags

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Thoughts on the balloon aesthetic for 7's menu? I think it looks kind of cool.Devils and the Details gameplay soon please

>>523336187not seen it, post pic?

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>>523335665/v/ plays among us when?

>>523336980Sorry, no image posting.twitter.com/jackboxgames/status/1301204249137876993/photo/1https://twitter.com/jackboxgames/status/1299815092180135937/photo/1https://twitter.com/jackboxgames/status/1299460507372531719/photo/1https://twitter.com/jackboxgames/status/1299024785045889024/photo/1https://twitter.com/jackboxgames/status/1298734506480893954/photo/1

>>523337637that would require more than 1 person to spend money

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any requests for next game?

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rip bog

>>523339032MAD VERSE CITY

>>523339032fucking op's bussy for 2 weeks straight

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i imagine PTB wont be possible with caffeines fucked chad systemtragic since its the best game

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>>523340482yeah, PtB and Fakin' It aren't gonna happen here.


rolemodels pls

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Shirts or raps.

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am I retarded for not being able to rhyme?

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>>523342409anyone got the pic with the best way to play role models with Holla Forums?

Damn guys it's been so long since I played with y'all. I remember spending entire weekend nights.

>>523342782Better than doing it all the time


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>>523342948lol ghey

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Raping robots next!!

i vote for mad verse city

>>523345567trivia fucking sucks

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>>523341667>>523340482Nobody wants to play those with me irl either, I get too passionate.

>>523346461>I get too passionateWhat did he mean by this?

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how fucking slow are you all jesus

>>523346964>Holla Forumsirgins are slow retardswho would have guessed

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>>523347186slow as shit and retarded ESLs who cant rhyme jesus

>>523346964>>523347247could disable extended timers since there's virtually zero delay now I suppose, but to be fair MVC is harder than it looks.

>>523347247youve seen nothing yetimagine these retards playing ptb

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>>523338691>>523338209Thanks for posting tom and jerry shirts, it warms my heart people liked it. And yet again i have to work tommorow and i cant join the fun. Have a good one, lads.


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>>523347565it was a good game

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is there no chat on this website?

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>>523347930Doesn't look like it. A good and bad thing.

>>523347930there is but its more like 'quick popup shouts' than an actual chatretarded i know

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>>523346964You can't rush art

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>>523348153that doesnt even rhyme

>>523347565That was an amazing round round, next to the sonic theme one

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>>523347930correct, only the "reactions", which is why we won't be playing PtB. On the plus side, it means much less namefaggotry can happen

>>523348287for me? it's gotta be the christ themed one

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ggwhat next?

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>>523348490something drawingmaybe tshirt


>>523348490civic doodle

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No joke, I'm glad to see Holla Forums plays jackbox back. I was playing with normie friends and it isn't the same thing.

reminder; humies NEVER win

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How is caffine.tv for streaming been so far? Any complaints?

>>523348805the UI is shitclearly made for phones

>>523348601>normal jackbox with friends>have to try and come up with shit normalfags might find funny>incredibly awkward when you fail or make an edgy joke>jackbox with Holla Forumsirgins>any bullshit goes

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>>523348805UI is awful and lack of chat means no PtB, but low latency seems to work, Just hope caffeine jannies don't freak

>>523348892Yeah, I made more than a few jokes that were less than acceptable. Fuckin' normies.

>didnt get in again>its the same fucking unfunny autistic retarded faggots AGAIN

>>523333118Is it too late to join?

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>>523349056be faster retard

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Just use twitch or mixer holy shit

>>523349209>stream has a 20 second delay>the same 5 faggots are in discord and always in before the room is even openyeah okay you fucking retardfuck off

>>523349278this. Discord faggots are the bane of anything fun

>>523349235>mixeranon...twitch delay is fucking awful, makes many of the games literally unplayable.

>>523349278>stream has a 20 second delayliterally untruewere using caffeine because of its super low latencycope seethe dilate etc etc

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>>523349278there's almost no delay and no discord, you can even see the room open on the stream with nobody in it you double-nigger

>>523349056To be fair, this is my first game.>The benefits of working from home with a work laptop and a personal desktop.

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stream has lag spikes?

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>>523350096here and there yeas

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>>523350096>>523350165first time using caffeine, don't know if I need to tweak settings. I knew mixer like the back of my hand I used it so much. Caffeine has its own janky outdated version of OBS you have to use

>>523350445why did you stop using mixer

>>523350445its very occasional and only lasts about a minute anyway

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>>523350543mixer fucking died user

>>523350445that's awful.Also, to send a potato you have to basically pay 60 dollars lmao

>>523350543can't tell if joking


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>its all the same jokes by the same people AGAINyeah this is so fun bros let the discord trannies ruin every lobby again

>>523350739I just checked, it switched to facebook gaming apparently, is it bad

>>523350739it's true, visit the site user you'll see


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Pittsburgh here. I'm a stupid faggot that forgot to his "i'm done".Sorry

>>523350790Ahhhhh im going insane!

>>523350812not just bad, but unusable. Especially for Holla Forums games

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>>523350841>>5233508122020 is a wonderful year

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>>523351103is doug ok

May we play>Push the Button?

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Jackbox Thread? My God I missed these

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>>523351256not playable as caffeine has no chat

>>523351256its possible but would be super difficult without a proper way to communicate

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>>523351307Damn, you're right. It'll be insanely lame then.

Holy fuck you guys join fast.

>its the same fucking faggots>getting an inside code>and joining instantly >AGAIN

>>523351481i got in last second and im not in their gay discord

>inb4 party pack 7 doesnt have a drawing game

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>>523351481I'm just too fast

>>523351481>>getting an inside codeliterally how? you could see hostfag open a new room on the stream

>>523351481I was slow on the draw and still got in thrice.Git gud.

>>523351481Come down sally.I got in last round.

>>523351615theyre discordfags

how do I become a player do I just need to be fast to join?

since things seem to be picking up guesspionage might be a good next game

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>>523351649you need to be very fast, civic filled up in literally a second. Might be worth doing Bracketeering next as that can support 16 players.

>>523351687actually seconding this instead of bracketeering

>>523351760>>523351853bracketeering fucking SUCKS

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Man i suck at this

i knew itmetroid not real

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>le mario fags ruins everything episode

>>523352282you dare insult the king of video games?

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Holla Forums please leave

>>523352678Dont you like Na-zi-wa-lui-gee-bee-tee?

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>>523352678>Holla Forums please leaveNo. This is now /pov/

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You guys were creating basedak 2.0 there for a moment.

spurdo always wins

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do guespionage fag

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do the game with the most players

quiplash 2 next

stream going to absolute shit btw

Glad you guys are having fun with it but I don't think I could handle 50 unfunny sneed and feed jokes

>>523352879Papercraft and Origami videogames?

>>523353556it cutout briefly due to an OBS error, is it alright now?

>>523353569you are weak

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Yo, vplays host. restart OBS>>523353601I am fine with that.

>>523353636>Yo, vplays host. restart OBSI did, stream should be live right now

>LindaYou told me femoids dont lurk Holla Forums

Be sure to join the audience with GuesspionageIf enough people are in then the poll questions will apply to the audience

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restart stream or obsits lagging


wow this game is pretty lame. drawing games are best


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>>523354164never too late to join as audience

>>523354293I meant I thought it was out of a global record and not Holla Forums users.

>>523354101seems like it may be stuttering, anyone else confirm?can restart stream before next game

caffeine's chat sucks ass

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>>523354408yea its stuttering quite a bit

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>>523354626if you payed close attention, that question took global records as not enough audience members answered it. Protip: keep an eye on top left as it tells you this

La utterly btfo


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this game is absolute garbage. So boring

>>523354626on a calendar, dummy

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nice question op

Play the tshirt game

>>523354831at least its not bracketeering

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>>523354860These ones are default questions i think

Do a drawing game. Any kind

>>523354860you can't customize the questions in guesspionage

restart stream >>523354408

>first kiss>datesh-haha

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>missed tko since i had to refresh stream before it came backFUCK

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>>523355505at least it looks like the refresh got some different people in this time

>>523355627fair enough, dont wanna be a hog

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Attached: shirtimage-11 (7).png (579x485, 73.28K)

friendly reminder that spamming slogans is pointlessthe game only keeps the most recent 4 from you and deletes the rest

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Attached: basketball.png (1061x596, 389.82K)

Attached: shirtimage-154.png (579x485, 87.67K)

Attached: mama mia.png (957x527, 701.07K)

>>523356220>the game only keeps the most recent 4 from you and deletes the resti want to say this is bullshit but.. man, really? is that dependent on playercount at all? like, if you play with 8 people it limits your slogans but a game of 3 doesn't?

>>523356669fight of the century

>>523356669streamfag here, high quality pic

Attached: mario_vs_weegee.png (1282x752, 301.51K)

>>523356679It's true, otherwise someone could just flood the pool with bullshitWhatever the limited amount of slogans required is, that's how many it will keep from you. If it's 3 it keeps your last three, if its four it keeps your last four.

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Games done?

someone be sure to post the link to all the shirts after the gamei must expand my folder

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>seething discord trannies colluding to vote the shirt off that won 5 rounds in a row to give some dogshit tshirt a win

>>523357519Audience almost always has shit taste, however it's about having fun so I don't mind.


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>>523333303>>523357271games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/885b5628fbcd09c6811233b8efd3a796/what game next faggots?

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One more run at shirts please

TMP or YDKJ next please

>>523333303Stream kill? Says offline for me

is there another stream?

I can't believe it came down to nostalgia critic vs AVGN. Did someone get the pic

Attached: PRÖÖÖ.png (1024x1024, 12.91K)

Quiplash, man.

>>523357718For some it made a chuckle a lot with AVGN portrait.>t. audience

>>523357718Another shirt or anything that uses creative skills to have a laugh

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>>523357718same game


Attached: fight.png (1095x584, 1004.77K)

hire this man for your boxes

Attached: NINTENDO.png (800x757, 720.13K)

Where the FUCK is drawful, OP?

Attached: shirtimage-12 (5).png (579x485, 56.79K)

typelets must be seething right about now

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Attached: shirtimage-14 (4).png (579x485, 59.65K)

>perfect tiedamn

boy I hate coomkind

Attached: mommy.png (1243x699, 1.51M)

>>523359313new tko meta?

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Attached: shirtimage-5 (3).png (579x485, 62.89K)

>3 demons and a wojak in the finalestay classy retards

Attached: shirtimage-12 (3).png (579x485, 67.12K)

>>523359426coom is always the meta

>audience ruins the entire gamebravo

I can't believe I'm saying this but i"m glad wojak won


>audience btfo's coomers



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games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/150a06da0422fd2b2995f18057acdb34/not sure if this game was based or cringe


I wish I knew how to draw

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>>523360407on one hand, coomers lost.on the other hand, a wojak won.

>>523360407I'm cooming was the best tshirt to fight the coom tshirts.

The coomers lost, but the coomers won.

>>523360605In the end, nobody really won

Attached: 1593311338839.gif (125x125, 29.96K)

>>523360605whoever wins we lose

>>523360605the day jackbox was destroyed

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>>523360818will do next since it's short

Are there some setting i need to change or something? The stream is stuttery as shit for me.

>>523361213refresh the page maybe?

>>523361242Tried that and it didn't fix anything. it doesn't even lag so much as freeze at random for a bit.

>>523361474works on my machinehow much RAM do you have

Attached: shirtimage-7 (8).png (579x485, 101.4K)

>>523361474clear cache and try again?

>>523361474Seems fine on my enddid you update your drivers?

Attached: 1592188137778.jpg (1000x1000, 74.38K)

Champ'd up looks great

Attached: 1593054998235.jpg (2048x1535, 183.29K)

Have you anons tried dlive as a site to stream on?It has chat

Attached: dlive.png (1441x754, 258.44K)

Attached: shirtimage-5.png (579x485, 60.45K)

>NIGGA WHERE YOU SPACESHIP AThelp I can't fucking breathe

Attached: laughing.gif (320x240, 2.65M)

>>523362432does it have ultra low latency too?

Attached: 1589568289496.png (512x256, 176.21K)

I know there's at least 1 streaming site that allows adult shit, I only know this because someone streamed Lirus game when it finally came out. Idk maybe it was a privately hosted stream or something. Just remember it had chat

Attached: shirtimage-8 (3).png (579x485, 49.12K)

>>523362660sadly no

>>523363325what about hitbox?

Based furries dunking on racists

ive been banned for posting shirts before and i dont doubt itll happen again

Attached: shirtimage-11 (3).png (579x485, 65.16K)

>>523363716you mean smashcast?

based furrychad

Attached: 39ac33dd0c2b1f4053dcc6e4ff314193.jpg (2000x2600, 271.07K)


Attached: shirtimage-9 (2).png (579x485, 39.53K)

>I am still sad that we cannot play PUSH THE BUTTON

play earwax

>>523363791>smashcasthostfag here, I'll look into it. At a glance, the site looks unfinished with some of the documentation pages 404'ing, not a great sign.

Attached: DINKLEBURG.png (1909x933, 1.49M)

>>523364237some day user some day we will lose to ayys once again

Attached: jack.png (1554x929, 1.3M)

Nothing like Trivia Google Party

>making it this obvious that youre googling every answer

>>523364791never gets old

Attached: shirtimage-0 (13).png (579x485, 69.93K)

Did this dude just say "SCP"?


Attached: asasas.png (233x165, 8.42K)

googling every question is so fun :)

>>523365397then why did everyone just get a question wrong?

>>523365518because google said the statue of liberty.


Attached: 1590966637550.png (1665x937, 617.45K)

>>523365593no it doesn't

>>523365518>europeans dont know the questions>americans arent educated on the subjectsits pretty clear the last 4 were googling

>>523366016american questions were turned off

Attached: shirtimage-1111.png (579x485, 76.53K)

Attached: shirtimage-5 (8).png (579x485, 76.36K)


Attached: shirtimage-15 (7).png (579x485, 75.49K)


>>523366106I didn't know which coke brands were those, I just picked random.

Monster seeks monster

>>523366106yeah sure retardonly 1 question in the whole thing was about """europe""" and it was about england

push the button

>>523366551second for MSM

Attached: ayys btfo.gif (129x151, 147.3K)

patently stupid

>>523366531>>523366572niggers I'm the host, USA-centric questions are always turned off in TMP2

button time

>>523366792I was not complaining >.

>>523366792As an American, I'm glad. Makes me actually have to think.

Earwax or riot

Attached: 1592181115301.png (579x485, 76.03K)

Man. The audience just can't get laid.


Attached: earwax.png (579x485, 73.99K)

>>523368668>>523367051>samefagging for earwax

>>523369078>not being an earwaxchad

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 6.47.11 PM.png (370x115, 18.41K)

that took fucking forever

Mummy sucks and zombie is op.Viral abilities always infect everyone.

>>523369371erp is a delicate art

Attached: shirtimage-8 (13).png (579x485, 80.86K)

Wait, who was the mother's son

>>523369371yeahsome fast game nowor>>523365658

Patently Stupid

>>523369502i was mother and I have no cluei think it was invisible man, or it changes every roundthat monster was terrible to play cause it doesnt tell you who you're meant to be trying to cuck, and theres no way to preemptively cuck your son

>>523369578yeah pls! patently stupid!



what game should we do next?

>>523369578never played it, I'm down.Nice custom thingies for the game host.


>>523371734anything fast

>>523371734zeeple or joke boat


I miss LBP so much.

>>523371836Fuck off.

>>523371921Little Big Planet died at 2, unfortunately.

Man this one's really tough.

>edgy Holla Forums jokesI prefer sneed over the same suicide joke.

Reject modernity, embrace judaism

>>523373907Don't blame us, the dude picked the tranny option instead of picking my prompt "I wish everyone would buy Cyberpunk 2077"

Attached: Sips drink.png (345x437, 264.29K)

>>523333303alright, gonna do one more game for the night. What should it be?

Attached: EgizGoEXYAAxjfS.jpg (1080x1080, 400.14K)

Survive the Internet

>>523374068It's what the community finds funny I guess, I don't really mind.

More TKO its best game

>>523374098Survive the Internetsi>>523374075



>>523374442oops my bad, fixed now

>>523374534did you biffed it?


>>523374534didn't even see what happened, I looked away for one moment and the game was in the menu?

Who tf is hosting


>>523374817me, I am hosting

>>523375428>>523374862what's the channel name


>>523375428>>523375481>>523375817fuck off retards, the stream is right here >>523333303 and it's about to end

good games brosthats enough for me cya next thread

Attached: png.png (274x242, 17.3K)

>>523375936It was literally the second post.

thanks for hosting nigger

Attached: shirtimage-3 (7).png (579x485, 55.66K)

>Find jackbox thread after weeks of missing them>Literally as it ends

Attached: 1598724232086.jpg (580x580, 196.42K)

>>523376159Thanks for hosting user. If you were the host.

>>523376241I assumed that was local rabbi

>>523376227Sucks being you

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>>523376227slow retard!!!!!!!!

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Why only host hosts, someone host

>>523378221I never hosted, but I could try in a few minutes

>Missed the thread while I was workingI'm happy enough that Jackbox threads are able to gain traction again. Here's hoping to Pack 7 being good.

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>>523380058do you have a streaming setup and such?

>>523380347I'm setting up OBS for Ceffeine, no promises for now, but worth a try

>>523380414any luck user?

>>523381973I think it's working, give me a sec

>>523382662Take this last bump from me friend. Good luck.

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>>523383437Going for a test drive>caffeine.tv / VackBox

>>523383761>caffeine.tv / VackBoxI'm not registering on this botnet site but shit seems good, get it started

>>523383761OH SHIT IT'S ON>>523383920you don't have to user, it's just to comment, chat's shit anyway.

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Get more people in here fuck

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>>523384158I say get to 6 then giver

get in here

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Sue says:Join and play!!

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The state of this stream

>>523333118I missed these threads


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Are there any funny quiplash videos? The only one that have consistent good answers that I've found on Youtube are a group of streamers that call themselves the NLSS or some shit. Other videos have some popular streamers with shitty meta and twitter/twitch jokes that only cunts would find funny.

Glad to see Jackbox threads crop up again. And there's new demon ladies I see.

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Can you unfuck your stream?

>>523385305Sorry, it's my first time, I'll see if I can do anything about it after this match

>>523385421Maybe don't test the stream with the absolute longest jackbox game

Stream ded?




Will this come back tommorrow? Couldn't play today because I actually had shit to do

it's back, refresh

>mfw voting for shirts that I can't see

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Audience is totally some faggot using incognito tabs to rig the vote

>>523386054nah, Audience usually has shit tate.

Are you streaming this using dial up?

Host user the stream is dying.

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>>523386054>>523386112No. I usually do that too, I vote my own shirts so i never lose.

>>523386146>>523386192I'm gonna try to make it a bit better, please stand by

>>523386203That's very pathetic user, I'm glad my art got chosen as the winner though.

>>523386192I unironically just bought that shirt. $18 with free shipping is a total steal.

>>523386327Cringe but very based.

>>523386327Glad you liked my art user.

someone host or i'll kill myself

>>523386429piccolo is my favorite dragon ball character anyways so thank you

Guys my gf will post tits if you unfuck the stream :)

>>523386649I will post my dick if you post your gf tits.

pics or it’s not true

>>523386714>>523386816do a flip faggot

>>523386918I will do a flip if >>523386526 kills himself


I'm trying to unfuck the stream

>>523387096I can host a risk of rain 2 lobby and you can crack jokes there.

>>523387096new thread when?

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>>523386964I’ll post my tits if he post his gfs tits and if >>523386526 # kills himself

>>523387282first of all, nobody asked.Second, are you a femboy?

>>523387358lets find out faggot


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>>523387542Just killed myself, hope you guys are happy.

>>523387609currently doing a flip

>>523387609Pics or it didn’t happen

>>523387609HE'S BACK, UNKILL YOURSELF user

>>523387542It's actually "The Party's rockin' the house tonight"

>>523387863Anyway, the stream is back anons get in herecaffeine.tv/ VackBox

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Host here, pick some game from Party Pack 4, I hope it's running better now

>>523388046Let's do CIVIC DOODLEI've never played bracketeering and fibbage looks unfunny

>>523388046Civic Doodle plox

>>523388046monster seeking monster plz I’ll luv u 5ever

oh boy

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>>523388338looks like the fox from teeko

>>523389104it's the dog retard.


trash fires are in play

Hopes and dreams for Pack 7?

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character idea for MSM 2: The CerberusThey steal a heart when they date an "undead" character (zombie, vampire, etc.) but can only steal 3 hearts. afterwards, they only get 1 extra heart for dating an "undead"

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>>523389803All the games were already shown, not much to really hope for other than a better streaming service to prop up that focuses on low latency and generally not overbloated with useless features.

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>>523389826you really wanted to post that furshit didnt you nigga

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>>523389803games are good for streaming. So far the draw fight one looks based.

>>523389894>all the games were already shownwhere? was there gameplay??

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>>523389934I can neither confirm nor deny these accusationsbut yes

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Erotic Roleplay is truly a subtle art.

>>523390091The Jackbox media channels constantly promote their games through annoying streamers and youtube people so I just skimmed through the videos for the kind of gameplay from these games.


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UUH shit game

All of y’all are some gays

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Next and last game, folks. What do you want?

>>523391978robot rap


>>523391978what do we have

>>523391978Madverse City

>>523392104Anything but pack 6

>>523391978murder trivia

>>523392123split the room

>>523392163I second this

Okay, so, pack 5 is not installed

Fuck google murder party


Murder trivia

Packs 1 to 4 only for now, I'll have the otehrs tomorrow

>>523391978Quiplash or survive the internet>>523392339rude

Guys should I resist the urge to masturbate?Or give in and do some deranged shit.

well doodleage

>>523392475Why fight your urges? You're not hurting anyone by tugging one out

>>523392347Drawful or civic duty

>>523392475Do it BUT only if drink ur spooge with orange Fanta on video