>when you're a fan of other Nintendo IP

I'll get this started>F-Zero fan

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The thing that annoys me the most when it comes to F-Zero threads is the fucking autists who come in asking for a Captain Falcon game made by Platinum games.Durr hurr, lets get a beat-em-up.

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>>523330773Nintendo only cares about new IP and what sells. F-Zero and everything else is dead and only boomers play those games.

>>523331984That's because their only exposure to the games is Captain Falcon being a meme spouting fuck who punches things

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Will the suffering ever end, F-Zerobros?

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>>523331805I miss this show

Metroid 35th next year...Nintendo...Please...

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>Golden Sun

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>>523331805I remember this even though it must have been 15 yearsthen his car flipsbrains are weird

Big fan of Mario party. Its been almost 2 years sense our last game bro

>>523332401hopefully the reboot is good

>Battalion wars

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>>523330773>Fire Emblem fan

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>>523334609God I wanna emulate the Wii one now, been years since I played it

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>>523332657Mercury steam is working on Metroid Fusion remake.

>rhythm heaven

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>Fatal FrameIt's on of the videogame series that benefit more from nintendo consoles controls, no idea why they do the same threatment as capcom with their ports on switch.

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>when you're a metroid fan and have had enough of Nintendo's shit, so you download AM2R+Prime Trilogy on dolphin (with primehack), knowing that it causes them endless seething because MUH COPYRIGHT LAW NOOOOWhen the fans style on you, you know you've lost your touch.

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>>523332657>begging for ports of old portsgod, you faggots are pathetic.


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>>523334715Fuck, don't remind meThree Houses was the last nail in the coffin, the next game will be Persona-tier in terms of waifu-baiting and tedious "slice of life" shit

>>523333350Nah, Camelot has to go make a new sports game, get fucked.Star Fox Zero had some major ups and downs, just focus on the ups, Nintendo. We're here for the Arwing combat, you can do it. Make a Star Fox 64 mkII and I'll drop 100 plus on it.


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>>523335626But three houses was sooooo good, user! Edelgard is such a great character, and the story was really engaging! I've even gotten all of the house leads in Heroes! Why can't you just enjoy nice things?

>>523330773Every day is another day of suffering, brother.

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>>523332401me too and I know for a fact that the reboot will sadly be utter sjw trash

>>523332220I think even the studio who used to do Custom Robo is now bankrupt (NOISE I believe was its name).At least there is a Mii Gunner costume in Smash now.

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>>523330773>wahhhh my generic car go fast in a circle gamekys

>SRPGs in generalWhy did Fire Emblem fucking garbage of all things have to be the only big series that survived?

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>Advance Wars fan

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>>523337047Did you see the pool? They FLIPPED the bitch!

>>523330773>tfw Game & Watch is more relevant than F-Zero

>Starfy fan

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>Being a Golden Sun fan>Camelot is only used for Mario Sports games

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>>523336824Waifu Emblem, it was about to die and they got Awakening out as a last chance, look at the series before and after

>>523333350>>523338014There's many other jrpg's that are arguably better and are spiritual successors>>523334609One of the best games on the gc/wii. Online skirmishes were the shit

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>>523330773>>523332220>>523332657>>523333350>>523334609>>523335161>>523337478Look at all my suffering>>523336804The ripoffs and other games in the genre aren't the same.As an example, look at BallisticNG as a good indie replacement for Wipeout. FZero doesn't have that

>>523334609Aw man, I almost forgot about it.

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>>523330773I just finished watching this yesterday and fuck I wish there was more

>>523332657will be overshadowed by zelda 35th, rerelease of zelda collection on switch including majora's mask and OoC please look forward to it

>>523335161Are you living the dreams of our generation, user?

>>523332657What the fuck is happening with Prime 4 while we're at it? I've been under a rock for a while.

>punch-out fan

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>>523334715While I managed to enjoy Three Houses to a point, Heroes is hot stinky garbage, and Fates was so bad that it hurt. I'd be fine with more simple, straightforward stories if it meant less waifushit and self-insert ridiculousness; though I suppose that wouldn't sell.

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>>523338657Doesn't really change the fact the series ended on a mediocre cliffhanger and I'd like closure. I agree there are better games especially 3, but spiritual successors don't fix the core issue I have.

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chibi robo

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>>523334539>>523336543There's gonna be a reboot?

I just want another weird fucking game like this>jungle beat>chibi robo photo finder>de blob>Red Steel 2>Quality zelda multiplayer games

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>>523340346on comedy centrak

>>523340642>comedy centrakLooks to be from the original creative team, this is exciting

None of you could ever know the suffering of a Cubivore fan.

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>>523330773>Advance Wars fanGentlemen, there's only one way we can get another game. We must KILL FIRE EMBLEM.

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>>523341460Holy shit, they exist?

>>523340796With comedy central now changing direction of what their network is, into adult animation channel, i can see them trying to make this an actual good show. So i'm cautiously optimistic.

>>523341608God, I wish.

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>>523330773there's already neo racing and the sequel on Switch.It's the exact same fucking game, or better. It doesn't need the F-Zero logo on it, faggot.

>>523330773Way way back in the 1980sA bunch of nintendo employeesMuch a bunch of vidya IPsWith soul and originality Now the games are rehashes nowBecause they know that you will buyBing wahooing, onions drinkingTime to watch your niche franchise dieTime to buy Port HighAlmost all nostalgia baitingPort HighWith few games left remaining Port HighThe fanbase will be mourningAnd they'll cryPort high

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>>523341608The creator said that the only way Advance War can resucitate is by bending the knee to waifufags, unless you're fine with interrupting the level to witness fanfiction tier level writing about your character and a CEO who have been demoted to anime stereotypes flirting, it's better off dead


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>>523341657As far as I know, I’m the only one. I love that game with my whole dumb heart.

>>523336824>Shining Force getting left in the dustbin

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>>523341725>It's the exact same fucking game, or better.This is the mark of a man who hasnt actually played GX. Or at least never got good at it.

>>523341895iant there another one being made?

>>523330773I know this is nintendo butRythem thief and the emperors treasure from segait hurts and its like this game never exsisted

>paper mario fanbetter dead than zombified for years

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>this thread

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>>523341732i appreciate this user

>>523342512The most hilarious thing about this image is that they actually gave him long arms like that as a special power in the new gameAND there's a boss that's just a pair of scissors that cuts you in half

>>523333350>The series that finally opened my eyes to the RPG genre had only two games and then died on the GBAIt's an odd feel.


>>523341725fuck you.

>>523342512This.Sometimes dead is better.

>>523342508Don't worry user I miss it too

>>523338657>and are spiritual successorsName them...please, I’d like to know.

>>523342512Have you tried Bug Fables? It probably won't fill the void in your heart but its a nice little homage.


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>>523339915Honestly play echoesIts solid and no waifu business

>>523342938How's the game feel? Are we talking clunky "babies first game" or is it actually polished?

It's not first party, but I miss the Trauma games something fierce.

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>>523343129Feels pretty good to block arracks and pull off the action commands. The only clunky thing that comes to mind is aiming your ranged attack in the overworld, the diagonal angles are fucky to hit. This is just my faggot opinion, though. I've seen plenty of anons say they didn't think the game was very polished while discussing it. I'd still say its worth a try if you liked the first two paper mario games.

>Pokémon fanDifferent kind of badfeel Haven’t bought a game since beating SM

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>>523331984Just ignore the Smash kids. Their opinion on anything is shit.

>>523343330There's honestly no shame in replaying older games, they are solid as fuck

>>523343330>>523343038Am I missing something? Pokemon is doing better then ever I thought. Last game I played was Ruby but from what I've seen you guys have had dozens of games since then. Whats the problem?

Tfw you just want another Sin and Punishment game.>>523343129It’s polished. Combat fits that Paper Mario style. It’s cute. 9/10 from me at least, enjoyed it more than most games I played last year.

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>>523334303It's also been 8 years since we've had a good Mario Party game.I hate NDCube so much

>>523343171I actually just bought both Trauma Team games for the Wii. Looking forward to trying them out.

>No more 2 player soccer battles with your bee-bros

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>>523331984>There will never be a medium where it's the same ole F-Zero gameplay only with shit like being able to jump out of your ship, falcon punching another to make it explode and then landing back in your vehicle to keep racing like nothing happened

>>523343472i want new sin and punishment, the first one ended nicely but the last one ended on a cliffhanger. Both are good regardless

>>523343114I've heard good things about Echoes, though I vaguely remember something about it rubbing me the wrong way. If I can remember what that is, and if it isn't too bad, then I might give it a go.

>>523343662Low key better on raid shooters than Star Fox 64. Then again I also think Panzer Dragoon Zwei is better than 64 so...

>>523343565You're in for a ride and a half.

>>523342361It’s been “nearing completion” for five years now. We’ve had to wait 9 years in between 2 and 3. The only thing they’ve released since 3 was fucking Hey! pikmin, which is the chibi robo siplash of Pikmin.

>>523343946Oh, I had no idea it was in such a shitty state. Just assumed since olimar is in smash that he actually had games being oumped out.


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>>523341732Some hero needs to vocaroo this

>>523335161>Tsunk got literal throat cancerIrony really is the worst form of humor


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>>523341732>>523343363You weren't satisfied with the low amount of (You)s huh

>>523332657Didn't leaks talk about Metroid 5 along with Paper Mario and All-Stars 3D? It might actually be happening, bros.

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>>523330773>tfw Wario Land fanWarioWare is fun and all but... it just isn't the same

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>>523340265Is it that series with literally one good game and a bunch of shitty sequels?

>>5233448052 wordswalmart exclusive

>>523344608And ware is dead now too!

>>523343471Sword and Shield were... divisive.


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>>523335552You mean ports of ports of old ports. It was also ported to the wii u, kek.

>>523331805JFK was the best character on the show. Went from chad pussycrusher to complete neurotic wreck over the course of the season.

>>523343471People grew up and realized game-freak was incompetent. Basically every step forward is a step backwards somewhere else. I wouldn't go so far as to say the games are now dogshit but single player content has nosedived and if you aren't interested in playing with or against other people there's not much left for you in the IP.

>>523335626>Three Houses was the last nail in the coffinwhere the fuck you been

>>523345325>>523344937I see. I've been purposefully steering clear of pokemon threads for a while now, gotta admit that a pokemon game being divisive is a surprise. Hope it gets better for you fags, cheers.

>>523330773You think that's bad, try being a StarTropics fan.

>>523344449God no, some other guy reposted it. As long as it gets Clone High more awareness I don't care much, though.

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>>523345325>grew upA: you dont need to in order to see how shit its gottenB: massive >implying that fans of pokemon would be "grown up"

>>523330773>ARMS fan

>>523342701People who hate these two games are fucking brainded "UNGA BUNGA TOO MUCH TEXT".English is not my native language and this never crossed my mind until I went online years later and saw people bitch about it. GS 1 and 2 nail one thing most JRPGs to this day fuck up for some reason.>Have a good direct sequel that transfers stats from your characters>Impressive graphics (For the time) without being a drag on the hardware>Battles, attacks, summons and shit look amazing but also you can fast forward most of it an the battles can even last less than 10 seconds due to agile menus, combat and load times>Dungeons with actual puzzles so they are not just a fucking halways like in most JRPGs today (Octopath traveler comes to mind, I loved it but there was NOTHING in the dungeons).>Character´s abilities have cool use out of battle like in said puzzles and also being able to read minds, find secret paths, treasure and shit.>World is interesting being an actual flat earth (It also ties to the plot) and not a donut like in most JRPGs, it wasn´t until Xenoblade where I found an interesting world design.Fuck the readlets.

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>>523345656maybe I'll give it a rewatch, been a while.

>>523332657I'd prefer a new game thanks>>523339540There has been one update since the announcement and it was that they scrapped development to have Retro Studios take over.

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>MotherNot even the fucking NES/SNES online...

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>>523330773>StarfyAt least we got 1 English release.

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>>523346053That update was pretty long ago.I assume they'll show gameplay on the anniversary.

>>523346053there's always romhacks, haha...

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>>523346356Or if it's anything like The 25th anniversary they'll do absolutely nothing and shaft it for Zelda.

>Kid Icarus fan

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>>523331805>first major election loss by a Kennedy in 80+ yearsImagine being Joe right now

>Nintendo fans>complaining about ANYTHINGyou have no idea how easy you people have it, even the metroid and f-zero fans. at least you guys still have some hope to cling to, or new content at all (smash).

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>>523345204Ponce dying is what broke him and it was somehow hilarious to watch

>>523346948Also the last couple metroid games on 3DS weren't that long ago, or were all that bad either. It's just TTYD all over again, if it's not Prime, they don't want it. And this is coming from a Prime fag.

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>>523330773>nintendo will never make a fast racer ever again>instead you'll get mario kart which has all the speed of being stuck in traffic behind an old woman doing 20 in a 35

>>523347063>Cherry... flavor... in my... bloodstream!

>>523331805>car immediately flips over for no reason afterwardssomething so random shouldn't be as funny as it was

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>>523332657>Porting three games with minimal changes is a huge disappointment for Mario's anniversary.>Doing the same thing for Metroid's anniversary would be seen as a huge boon.Funny how your perspective changes when you're begging for table scraps.

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>>523330773>Wario Land fan

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>>523345354I know Awakening was the beginning of the end, that's why I said last nailIt's not even that, Awakening was like a fucked up FMA transmutation when the dead comes back as an abomination and said abomination keeps getting stronger and spawning childrenThe fate (lol get it?) of this series makes me so fucking mad that I'm here spouting incoherent babble on a lebanese hummus-cooking forum

>>523343471The games could be a picture of masuda holding a fistful of dollars while laughing at you and it'd still sell 10 million copies. The series isn't dead, it's zombified.

>>523346073As an motherfag, I can't understand why people want another game in the series. Like, where do you even go after 3?

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>Kid Icarus fan>most fan art comes from smashfags who haven't played any of the games>Next sequel is in 17 more years or literally never ever according to Sakurai

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>>523346948F-zero hasn't gotten an actual game in 17 years. It's straight up dead. And even if another one was announced, i wouldn't trust them to make a game that even lives up to X, let alone GX

>>523347528Fates Conquest is a genuinely good game though and Birthright is on par with the GBA titles at a minimum.

>>523345656Has Clone high been getting more awareness lately? Feel like i've been seeing it more and more these past few months

>>523339638>Those two fights in The Wonderful 101Cheers Kamiya

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>Xenoblade fan

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>Donkey Kong fanI know we're not as bad off as some of you poor souls. But it's still ridiculous that the big ape gets shoved to the side so often when he's what put Nintendo on the map in the first place.

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>>523347695too bad everyone in Fates is too dumb to live.

>>523347695I agree but they still had the insanely annoying "castle managing" shit between each mission which they doubled down on in the next game to the point that it was like half of the game, don't be surprised when the next mainline FE is 80% waifu VN shit and 20% tactical rpg

>>523347760We got it made in the shade my man

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>Paper Mario but with classic RPG elements It'll come back, right guys? we just have to wait a bit more! and we'll be right back to the good old days! right?

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>>523347291>tfw Luke Perry is dead so Ponce can't come back properly

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>>523348056We're never getting a real Mario RPG again, user. Mario and Luigi is dead, Paper Mario might as well be dead, SMRPG is basically a 1 off.

I'm still madFuck this simp

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>>523347945>but they still had the insanely annoying "castle managing" shit between each missionYou could skip that entirely though and just run out to the next mission.

>>523347715i had only ever seen the gandhi 'say whaaat' video after seeing reaction images of it, that was around 10 years ago, I really only picked up on this show a few months ago because there's actual threads about it frequently now and I could finally figure out what the fuck it was and i'm glad I did

>>523348347And miss out on bonuses that are practically mandatory on any real difficultyYou're just covering your eyes to the things that ruined the seriesI know I'm being a bit hyperbolic but you can't just shrug it off like you're doing

>>523348056It wouldn't sting so badly if there were more Action Command focused RPGs out there.

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Well, anons over half of all gaymers nation wide have chosen responsible spending tactics, which is a good choice. But there not buying NIN-FRIGGIN-TENDO! Have you seen Mario's ass? It's built like the Odyssey. Oh, this could be your only chance to purchase the collection. To BING BING THE WAHOO! TO VERB THE ADJECTIVE NOUN!... But, responsible spending is a good choice as well.

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>>523348213>Literally have thicc goth JEANU craving your dick 24/7>Decide to chase the school bike who doesn't even really like you>Pull out at the last possible second when you realize you like her when she dressed like a girl>Find her after she got with the chad who genuinely really liked her all along>Try to pull the "BUT I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU" at the last second>Get cucked by iceHe deserved it

Attached: __jeanne_d_arc_and_jeanne_d_arc_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_j_k__f39f149bd9e11e9476d7a64b4373a86b.png (640x700, 375.47K)

>>523348519Yes I can, because the only time I would consider it "mandatory" would be for CQ Lunatic, and all this amounts to is maybe 1 minute total, if that, to collect ingredients for and use the cafeteria.

>>523347945I kinda liked my own hub. What got my goat was how there were characters tied to it.>In the routes Flora doesn't an hero you gotta wait until near lategame to get the structure that unlocks her>At that point you already got Jakob so now you just have three prepromotes in the same class line

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>>523345789Niggas only hate on GS because they read that old SA screenshot LP and love to parrot what that dude complained about

>hanafuda player

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>>523347590I just want a game with the same style of writing and world, it could be a spiritual successor or a remake for all I care. I loved the games and shit like Undertale doesn't fill the void.

>>523348213>>523348775What game

>>523336804t. black shadow

>Mario & Luigi fan

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>>523349687That's fair honestly.

>>523349705Clone HighEarly 2000's cartoon on MTV I thinkApparently people loved it but it got cancelled after 1 season and ended of a cliffhangerThe Canadian art style is top tier for porn though

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>>523346637If they have something to show, there's no reason not to show it on the anniversary. And I sure fucking hope they do.

>>523349705Dk tropical freeze

>>523330773Donkey Kong CountryBRING THE KREMLINGS BACK FAGGOT!

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>>523350462Joan of arc is an eternal mood

>>523330773Rhythm Heaven fan here. Honestly I don’t care what form the representation is, be it a new game, a Smash character, or even a fucking cameo in WarioWare. Just please, Nintendo, give Rhythm Heaven some love this generation.

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>>523346948>see pic>get excited>look up it was last year and just mobile shiti dont even really need a remake since i love the style but fuck

>Gundam Breaker fan

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>>523350462>Apparently people loved it but it got cancelled after 1 season and ended of a cliffhangerblame poo in loos getting upset because they weren't happy with Gandhi being portrayed as a wacky party animal

>we will never get a DK 64 2>we will never get a DK 64 remake

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Jeanne best girl in every show

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>>523351465Sorry bro. All of gundam is fucked now because of current bamco. I remember the worst we had to deal with was them not localizing games, now they localize everything but publish utter dogshit games that only break even.

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>>523343613>>523344608>>523347436>>523347851>>523349560>>523350652Ooooh I feel you...

>valve fans are having a better year than nintendoyoutu.be/MDM304JW_NAkek

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>>523352135i heard Maxi boost was good but its a old arcade version that got zero push in the west beyond a trailer, even had its na physical cancelled though possibly due to covid

Odes anything other Mario really sell that bad? I mean they have a ton of franchises on their backlog but all I see most of the time is Mario related stuff, they are not bad of course but I am getting a tad tired of it.

>>523347760At this point all we need is an X port to round out this console gen, preferably with a bonus chapter like future connected

>>523330773>Game & Watch Fan

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I love mario and zelda n all but for the love of god nintendo please can we get another kid icarus uprising

There will never be another Earthbound or Mother game. I'm stuck replaying the 2 games over and over again for eternity.

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>>523330773>Zelda fan

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>>523330773Fuck you. You got a literally perfect game and you're complaining?

>>523332220What kills me is that even if there was a new one it would sell like trash because most Nintendo fans have absolutely no taste.

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>>523353736>tfw Zelda collection next year>its the wii version of TP

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>>523330773>Fossil fightersthat horrible 3DS game killed it off forever.

>>523353702Get over it, your series isn’t dead, it ended. There’s a difference.

>>523340491still dreaming about the real battle blast on gamecube with the original bongos controller.

>>523330773>Kirby Fan>Triple Deluxe was ass, robobot really wasn't as good as faggots said, star allies was a rushed out piece of shit that needed updates to be fixed

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Being a Starfyfag is suffering...He didn't deserve this fate and it's unfair.

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>>523341460I'll do you one better.>Battalion Wars fans

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I know they aren't Nintendo anymore but...>Banjo Kazooie series

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>>523332284Unless Nagoshi stops making his homoerotic Asian gang simulator, no

>>523354429Robobot is high tier and SA's Wave 3 content has the best combat in the series, and I think Kirby needs to lean harder into its combat. The only bad thing is that Kumazaki-era spinoffs are pretty weak because he doesn't have anything to do with them, unlike Sakurai who generally had a hand in spinoffs before he dropped out of HAL & Nintendo. Super Kirby Clash with more options in combat could've been a neat baby's first MonHun but it's too barebones & grindy.

>>523354049>its the wii version of TPBased

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>>523352232Depends on who you ask. Actually only the VR portion of Valve fans would be happy.

>>523334715You get games all the time, faggot.

>>523330773>WarioLand>Wario is just le fart man WAAA now>no more adventurous greedy lovable bastardBest case scenario it's Warioware and it might as well not even have Wario's name attached. Nintendo and Capcom colectively have a treasure trove of IP's that are just rotting away. The best anyone can hope for is a blatant ripoff made by some no name dev which at most comes close to how good the actual series is, at worst Nintendo uses it as proof that no one cares for that type of game anymore.

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>>523354429To be fair, HAL makes the Kirby games and gives him a gold platter every anniversary, too. It's just that HAL is smaller with less resources.>>523355549Robobot is mid-high tier at best. There isn't enough improvements to the Triple Deluxe formula, which was already kinda bad. It's not entirely Robobot's fault, but it still doesn't mean Robobot should be anywhere near the top.Otherwise you're right.

Is Treasure truly dead?

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>>523331805I hated how funny this joke was. What a show.


>Metroid fan>Megaman fan>Kid Icarus fan

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>>523358504Metroid and Megaman are doing fine though.

>>523356450>There isn't enough improvements to the Triple Deluxe formula1. The core gameplay is fine. You don't need to fix what isn't broken.2. The Robobot Armor is a massive improvement over Hypernova/Super Abilities, because it's actually interactive.>which was already kinda bad.Oh, okay. You're just here to be contrary.

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>>523332220God I fucking loved this game

>>523358540>Metroid is doing fine>prime 4 is fucking vaporware>metroid fans are literally begging for a port of a port>no 2d game confirmation anywhere

>>523330773>mfw Wario Land and S&P fan

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>>523331805first post best post>>523330773>being a fucking metroid fan and yearning to play a new oneit fucking hurts

>>523356612I think they're getting money from ports? But we haven't even had a port in a while.

>>523330773Is this the guy that was in the coffin WITH A DEAD GUY??!??

>>523341668Undergrads > Clone High

>>523358828We got Samus Returns recently. When you compare Metroid to some of the stuff mentioned in this thread, it's pretty much alive and kicking.

>>523335176Nintendo buying was the worse thing that happen with the series

>>523359168undergrads was a grounded show tho

>>523359168hey guy!

>>523359175Could've swore most people didn't like Returns or something like that, but fair enough I guess. It's interesting how many metroid fans are in this thread though.

>>523358504>mega man 11>some new mega man apparently in the works

>>523341732Someone PLEASE fucking vocaroo this underrated post

>>523359346I have only seen people get filtered by it because in the first few hours, it makes you bust your ass almost as hard as the original Metroid. But I see it as a positive.

>>523330773>new Smash character trailer had Captain Falcon>even brought in his old VA after all these years>they could've used that as hype to reveal Melee Mute City in Ultimate, with more X/GX soundtracks>could've ended the direct with a sudden title drop for a new F-ZeroWhat could have been...

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>>523339540development hell, probably cancelled

>That episode where JFK literally went gay when Joan pretended to be a manA tomboy patrician ahead of his time...

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>>523344605fixed your comic

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>>523335626Did you not play Shadows of Valentia?

>>523333350dark dawn killed the series forever

>>523334715Heroes is basically 60% of the franchise now. Not complaining. It is good in mobile standards.

>>523339398Every 5 years...I'm sick of Zelda taking the spotlight

>>523330773Between the two I would say EA is a better company at making games and protecting their IP than Nintendo.EA does grind their IPs into dust as well but at least they have the decency to release their older games again.With Nintendo your just stuck with the NES and if you want to play anything beyond that your just fucked.

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>>523340491Too wacky. Only safe ideas now.>>523341732>Tonight, on a very special Port High...

They were killed so young. Never given the chance to florish, or taste true success before the nail was drove in.

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>>523356612>Treasure is dead because Gaist Crusher was so shitFuck Capcom

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>>523337628They're rioting on a college level!

>Eternal Darkness fan

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>>523352578Most of their smaller IPs will do 1-3 million. That’s the general range for the worst selling Mario games (usually, there’s a few bombs but those are exceptions). The sports games are usually near the high end of that range.Kart and platformers sell fucking gangbusters, and surprisingly the Party games can do very well reaching up to ~10 million in sales. Smash, Zelda, Pokemon and Animal Crossing are their only other IPs that break the 1-3 million range consistently. Also splatoon but theres only two games in that series. Financially it makes sense to keep churning out Mario stuff, his consistent low range is equal to the high ranges of most other IPs.

>>523352232>Still no Heavy update

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>>523342512This shit fucking sucks. You have no idea how many times I've thought about what could have been ever since Super came out. Bug Fables was amazing, but it was kind of it's own thing regarding the setting. I'm putting my trust in PM64 romhacks at this point.

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Don't be sad because it's over, be happy it ended and didn't get run into the ground with DLC or awful sequels that retroactivedly ruined the lore.

>>523363743Is that image from a romhack? If so which one? It looks nice.

>>523330773Feels pretty fucking great.

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>>523364113Code Name Abyss. It's looking pretty good so far and most of the areas are already finished according to the dev.youtube.com/watch?v=l5ucekbfe-shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeTNGVf2_fs

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>>523364615looks neat, any others looking promising?

>>523334715Never played a FE game but isn't that one of Nintendo's cash cows? What happened?


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>>523334715mate they almost release something FE every year, mainline games, spinoffs or dlc

>>523367554And they just released a Paper Mario this year, yet fans are still mourning. The state of a franchise doesn't always have to do with whether or not it's getting games.

>>523336824IS was smart and doubled down on waifus (and lets be real smash helped too)

>>523352232True valve fans have been suffering for two decades of redditshit and never getting a sequel to half life.

>>523342512being a fan of the classic paper mario formular is just pain, specially now thats its cool to hate on people who prefer it to the garbage they put out now

>>523330773>Pikmin fanWell at least Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a thing. Dunno where Pikmin 4 is but at this point I think they scrapped whatever they were working on for 3 or 4 years and decided to redo everything without saying anything publicly

>>523343129easily the best paper mario game since ttyd, its a bit rough around the edges in the aesthetics department (mostly UI, and the overworld, the character designs are actually pretty solid) and the music is good but its all midis.The game absolutely shines when it comes to the battle system, the spin on the paper mario gameplay is perfect and adds a lot of strategy while still keeping things simple, not to mention theres also a hard mode thats pretty fun as well.

>>523341895Pikmin 3 Deluxe was something at least, but I hope 4 comes out in the next decade.

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>>523338014>those sports games aren't even fun or have originality anymoreat least the music is still kinda good

I just want Pokemon to die already so GameFreak can finally make a Drill Dozer sequel.

>>523344889nah its gonna get a switch entry using the joycons for sure

>>523347590Something between 2 and 3 maybe? It's quite the timeskip.

>>523368251i disagree user i thought mario golf world tour was pretty kino, and aces was fun just barebones content wise.that said where the fuck is mario baseball 3 its been TWELVE years

>>523368508i just miss these guys. world tour was great but had no story or anything other than the same stale mario stuff

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>>523358629Triple Deluxe was a thematically lame experience. If Robobot were to exist instead of it there might be justification in the fact that its gameplay is top-notch, but it instead carries a lot of its predecessor's thematic weaknesses.Robobot is nonetheless good, but not high-tier Kirby. That doesn't seem contrarian.

>>523343635Pursuit Force is the closer thing to that

Starfox fanLife is suffering.

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>>523370014The only thing worse than a dead franchise is a franchise that died with a shitty last game.

>>523368656ah thats fair, i personally never cared for them but i would like the rpg elements to return for single player in a future game.

>banjo-kazooie fan

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>>523367836After Bug Fables maybe more indie devs will try their hand at making classic PM clones. There’s a small but ravenous market for them.I know I’m going to try. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be able to put out a good substitute.

>>523330773>MOTHER3literally all i fucking askwe got seiken densetsu 3 in the west wtf is nintendo's excuse

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>>523359973Not him, but SoV still fucked up because the gameplay was painfully boring and it has the worst maps in the entire series, easily. 3H's gameplay sucked too in addition to all the other garbage, so I'd still rate it even worse than SoV though.

>>523356357yeah but they peaked at the super nintendo and now it just appeals to waifufags who only browse through underaged discord servers to "moderate"

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>>523371680You have a translation you can very easily emulate. At this point anyone in the west who wanted to play that game has done so.

>>523371514Good luck user. I'm definitely looking forward to some of the ones in production right now.

>>523371169eekum bokum

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>>523347945not him but the castle managing in Fates was super minimal and optional compared to the tedious as fuck monastery of 3H. It's at least 45 minutes per monastery day of fucking around collecting items, fishing and everything else to not miss important items, supports and everything else. Fates' MyCastle is like 10 minutes at best buying an item at the shop and maybe doing the meme petting of an ally to get a little support boost on them.

>>523359168incomparableyou can't just compare literal gold to literal gold

>>523353702>2 gamesfiltered

>>523372274and that was the same case for sd3 and even MOTHER1 on the GBA

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>no style savvy/Style Boutique/Wagamama fashion game for the switch nor no mii outfit smash rep

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>>523348519There's basically nothing mandatory from the castle even on lunatic, besides buying weapons and stuff in the shop which you do in every single FE game. Everything else is optional stuff just to mess around, like the accessory store and bath house. You don't need cooking either, unless you really want a crutch stat boost for a level. I didn't use it even on lunatic CQ.

>>523334715“Boo hoo! My waifu simulator Isn’t coming out for a small bit of time because the last one released nearly a whole year ago”

>>523372745Three Houses fans aren't Fire Emblem fans, you misunderstood him

>>523372729Truly this pain never ends

>>523346752>>523347625>>523358504He needs to fly again. Or well, pretend to fly at least while palutena carries him over her shoulder

>>523359772>haha farukan panchu!!! you rike riiiiight???

>>523339638The Wii game is near perfect. Just do more of that. For fucks sake, the Switch even has two controllers with motion controls in them if they want that to be an option.

youtube.com/watch?v=BEhyu3ZvqP8&t=5sIn case you haven't watched, enjoy

>>523339638At least we have Wonderful 101...

>>523330773>Sin and Punishment>Punch-Out>Kid IcarusI love Nintendo's games but Nintendo fucking hates them

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>Hotel Dusk>Eternal Darkness>Another CodeI was honestly surprised when the protagonists showed up as spirits in Smash Bros. At least someone out there in Nintendo HQ remembers them.Speaking of unexpected spirits, I would have liked to see them take another stab at Disaster as well. It wasn’t a great game, but I liked the cheesy B-movie action flick vibe it had to the story.

>3DS Library had tons of short, small, AA games like the submarine game, ever Oasis, etc.>never did anything for older IPs>not doing any smaller games whatsoever with the switchWhy?

Attached: why critic.jpg (569x629, 193.83K)

>>523348047I guess I should just say Xenoblade 1 fan. 2 did nothing but upset me

>>523371514I would love to see more indie takes on other Nintendo IPs to fully channel the “fuck it I’ll make my own” direction.Like mechanically, Punch Out can’t be THAT hard to make a clone of. All the real hard work will be in making the sprites/character designs.

>Xenoblade Fan.

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>>523342512>>523371514>>523363743>The best Paper Mario style game in the past 15 years is a South Park gameHaven't played Bug Fables yet but the list isn't very big for these type of games.

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>>523374847Why'd you post a picture of Malos then?

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>Zelda fanI will join you in the halls of glory soon, Mario bros.

Attached: D4irbWOUUAEtWgw.jpg orig.jpg (2238x1926, 614.16K)

>>523360687>Too wacky. Only safe ideas now.So sad that this is the literal case these days. I wonder if they'll design any new mario characters ever again?

>>523374202Man I fucking loved punch out wii, this shit ain't fair...

>>523373113Face it. Awakening saved Fire Emblem.

>>523331984it's because 90% of FZerofags are from smash and never actually played an FZero game beforeall they know about FZero is from smash so they unironically think the series is basically a beat em upeven if somehow Nintendo does release another FZero it will be a flop because nobody will buy it even if it's a 10/10 game

>>523375459South Park Stick of TruthSouth Park Fractured But WholeBug Fables...am I missing any? Are there any other attempts at this I should be aware of?

>>523334715don't you fucking ship that

>>523371514god speed user, game development can be hell but i hope it works out for you! also make sure to include someone as cute as vi but that isn't a coomer character

Heh you F-Zero guys have things good, there will never be a sequel for this

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>>523344608>>523362115>>523347436You've got Pizza Tower to look forward to.

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>>523355140put it out on switch already, I'll pay 60

>>523347715It's getting a reboot series senpai

Holy fuck this show was good, I've been rewatching it on YouTube and it aged pretty well. I just hope Ghandi doesn't get removed if the show comes back.

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>>523338014They fucked up with Dark Dawn, the sequel to TLA should've just been the main cast as a adults in the new changed world.

>>523372274this either emulate, or get a repro cart if you want the closest thing to an "authentic" experiencelike I did

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>>523377180Camelot fucked up with that Capcom published golf game.It flopped and lead to a lot of staff being laid off.

>>523377119why would he be removed?

>>523349687>>523349984What about that one fan project?

>>523330773desu as a die-hard F-Zero fan I feel like I can only be disappointed in further F-Zero releasesthere's no way in hell they'll make something remotely as good as GX

>>523377301Indians didn't like their portrayal of Gandhi which is stupid since every character in the show is a parody or an exaggeration of their real life counterpart, even JFK makes constant ironic jokes about the Kennedy family tragedies

>>523377262Wait redpill me on this

>>523377301The show was cancelled because India was offended by it's representation of Ghandi, also the creators considered the option of entirely removing Ghandi from the show or revealing that he was a clone from a famous Gary I think it was Coleman but I'm not sure

Attached: 1535337953786.jpg (480x480, 19.59K)

I'd say animal crossing but I'm not even sure what I want out of it anymore.It was charming the first time around but you can't really do much with it as demonstrated by every game since.

Attached: 2ddq.gif (316x213, 1.9M)

>>523377809I hope they keep him as a clone of Gandhi because if you bend the knee to a crowd who doesn't care about the show, next there will be people complaining about stuff like the misrepresentation of Jesus, JFK and such

>>523377814its now a political machine sadly

>>523378067I'm surprised nintendo hasn't told them to cut it out. I doubt they're cool with it.

>>523377515en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Love_Golf!This game.

>F-Zero fan>mfw i dont trust anyone but av to do a new fzero game and im glad nintendo isnt touching it

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>>523372293>>523376506Thanks anons. Hopefully I wont disappoint.


Some day.

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>>523378158Apparently the Biden campaign is actually partnered with some branch of Nintendo on this, very obviously NOA cause no way in fuck is NoJ on board with it. But yeah apparently it's not just user generated content. >>523378265This guy gets it. Finished series chads need not mourn.

>>523360564Anon you can literally play of their old games right now.

>>523330773You only pretend to care about F-Zero so people will be impressed when you play smash.It’s a racing game, nothing special

>>523375494Because I like Xenoblade 2, the user that replied to you wasn't me.

>>523378513fuck sake

>>523331984That would be awesome. Fuck racing. Reboot the series as a character action game and make it story driven

>>523378615You really think someone would do that, insert themselves in an unrelated reply chain as if he was the one being replied to?

Attached: lies on the internet.jpg (475x356, 63.21K)

>>523378546>You only pretend to care about F-Zero so people will be impressed when you play smash.No, also I don't play groomer games>It’s a racing game, nothing specialand Mario is a platformer, nothing special either

>>523378014Those were different times and indians were threatening to wreck MTV's building or something like that, I don't think it would be such a big deal now. I'd be fine if he was a clone of Gary whatever as long as he's still on the show.

Attached: 1523144809274.jpg (162x311, 4.52K)

>>523336824Matsuno-fags cant stop losing, ITS NIT FUCKING FAIR WHY GOD WHY!

>The reboot of clone high probably wont even have all the characters/actors due to complaintsWatch it be true

Attached: 1519302091271.jpg (1631x1373, 1.13M)

>>523379150I feel like im in the minority when I say I'd like a whole new cast since it's a reboot with only Scudworth returning

>>523332657Probably the only major announcement, prime 4 teaser if you're lucky

>>523330773>Sonic fan

Attached: JPEG_20190628_005503.png (700x475, 379.76K)

>>523378168Holy shit this can't be real>>523378546>He's never felt the exhilaration of destroying his opponents permanently taking them out of the game

>>523380226>Sonic fan who hates the boost formula.

Attached: 1594525545220.png (808x910, 1.48M)

>>523376136fractured but whole isnt really in the paper mario style

>>523377814I never got into the series because of the shallow personalities. A good but daring place to go would be to chop up the width variety of villagers and increase their depth and just introduce more unique scenarios with them.


>>523376706>Want to see a sequel to this and Harmoknight>Fear that Game Freak would ruin bothDrill Dozer with HD Rumble sounds incredible.

Attached: 1593507360612.jpg (219x290, 69.63K)

Does ever oasis count? The game is good and they can improve on it greatly, stop using grezzo for ports and ask them to work on a new ever oasis

I don't get why more people just don't go ahead and make more of what they want. IF you're clamoring for it so bad be the change you want to see in the world.

>>523341895Relax bro, Pokémon 4 is almost done.

>>523333350They blew it with Dark Dawn.

>>523379794>all new characters>have gary coleman, whose just straight up ghandi

>No TWEWY sequel>If they do release one it can't be on the 3ds because it's dead and it will probably be shit going by the quality of "a new day"

Attached: Megumi.png (398x441, 121.32K)

>>523377809who the fuck cares about India's opinion?

>>523378546>he's never blown the fuck out of the master level ai by going all outmario kart plebs need not apply

>>523341895Came here looking for this.We got a fucking port and we'll probably have to wait at least one more year before any news about Pikmin 4.

Attached: 1583616281609.png (556x524, 281.16K)

>>523376930>over animated vinesauce meme shitHard pass

>>523330773Fossil Fighters

>>523341460Anon, I love cubivore too. But to even think we will get anything after the original is just silly.You have to let go.

>>523359168I liked Gimpy.

>>523388835I wonder how did he react to the Disney Trilogy

>>523372745This. Holy fuck are Fire Emblem fags obnoxious.

>>523372307kill yourself

>>523378353biden if he real

>>523341460Shangri-la kind of sucked as a reward. It'd be nice to have been able to run through the game again with all the mutations.

>>523380705>sonic fan who likes the boost formula

Attached: pain.png (211x212, 84.4K)

>>523389168Thank god they have their containment board but there are still stragglers.