Can we all agree that she is the best part of any Mario game and single-handedly makes the entire franchise worthwhile?

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She's got a heavenly body.


I'm a Daisy kind of man but Rosalina is definitely a good egg. I remember when she was appearing in every new Mario release and people were calling her Nintendo's Lightning.

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>>523328735>still no new wario LandI want to nuke nintendo for this shit

>>523328278Kinda mad at Nintendo for making the 3D All-Stars collection a limited run, both physically and digitally. They're just making it limited to generate FOMO and boost sales.

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>>523328278Yes. I want to live with mommy Rosalina forever.

I'm also upset that Makes Nintendo didn't even acknowledge Galaxy 2 during the direct. And this is coming from someone who prefers the first game.

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Mommy Rosie~!

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>>523331951Are you the guy that kept commissioning FuPoo for all these pictures?

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>>523332932Yes but I'm only here for Rosalina.

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>>523328658>good eggwhat you did there. i see it.

>>523328658>people were calling her Nintendo's Lightning.It feels like yesterday that people were memeing about that.

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>>523328278She's only properly in one game, everything else is an irrelevant spin off

Shut up and show her panties already.

Remember to give your blessed space mommy a kiss

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>>523335856On the lips?

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>>523335856>>523333784>>523331951who is the catgirl

>>523338541OC of mine who I'm making video games about. Her name is Kasha.Yes, shipping her as Rosalina's daughter is mad autistic of me.Yes, I don't care.

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>Rosalina will never read you a story before bedtime

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My wife in 1080p AND portable

>Rosalina will never pick you up for a day on the townWhat kind of car is that?

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>>523340910That slick black Caddy,

>>523341442Built for BIg Black Cadillac.What model?

Rosalina's butt


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>>523343326That's a sexy car with a nice big engine. Perfect for Rosalina.

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mating press with Rosalina and filling the universe with our children

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>>523344412>3rd onewait where is the third one from?

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That OP's just asking for trouble. But yeah, I love space mom.

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>>523345528It's okay because Rosalina is cool

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>>523345813But is she rad?

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>>523344693that is just lana's outfit modded onto her

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>>523347325Part of the latest trend on twitter

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>>523347628White is tight.Black is wack.

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the best outfit

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How many more Kasha/Rosie pics can there be?

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>>523328278No you stupid fucking porn addict

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>>523328278Buff Rosalina

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>>523350208Stop. we are not Daisyfags.

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>>523347628Unironically cute Daisy

>>523347628Pauline kinda hot here but the rest of them are trash.

>>523343779would kiss her ass all day

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>>523353307What's going on here?

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>>523353579Nothig you should concern yourself with, user.

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Use your whole weight for hip attacks

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>>523328278I wonder if the push for her to appear in more games was started by Sakurai or Nintendo? Either way i'm happy, i"ll get to play as her in 3D World again.

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>>523357037Rosalina got dat ass.

>>523328278Peach, Hariet and Luvbi are still my top 3, but Rosalina gets the honorable mention.

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>>523357897Could also be Koizumi.Though Miyamoto did create her.He might be stroking his own ego, since she was so well received.

>>523358168>Though Miyamoto did create her.What are you saying?

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>>523358168I thought she was created by the younger guy, i forgot his name, maybe he just did her backstory, and yeah that's something Miyamoto didn't approve

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>>523358168>Though Miyamoto did create her.

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the perfect belly

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>>523359980why is she so fat

>>523360810Because she ate all the starbits?I dunno but she's so much better as a fat ass

Will we get more Cat Rosa soon?

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>>523361228i like her more with a fat ass than being the fatass

>>523360810You've gotta keep that pointer away from her mouth.>>523361228Works with her motherly persona so well.

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>>523361786dont know why but this kinda makes me horny

>>523361786I want mommy fat ass to dominate me with her over bearing girth

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>>523362141I wanna explore that planet

I have an unhealthy craving for bestiality porn

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Rosa's just okay. Daisy is the real best girl

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>>523328658>Lighting, takes over Final Fantasy for an entire gen, dev gets on stage to talk about how much he loves her>Rosalina, gets reduced to a 5 second cameo in the sequel to the game that introduces her

SElegy is probably here so when are you gonna make a twitter man

I love my wife

>>523362118Some love fluff is sexy

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>>523328278Hated character, dead meme

>>523363875That is a good question.

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The baby

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>>523365281It'd also help me finally make my rosa folder complete.

>>523349358>>523349476Such a pit slut.

>>523357037i wish she'd pulverize me

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>>523365281I want to treat Rosalina to a luxurious beach day after I buy her a sexy star bikini and help her tan

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>>523328278well thats taking it pretty far user, but i do like her a lot

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>>523363491i never understood the bitching about rosalina, she was the first new character of the recurring cast since like bowser jr/toadsworth (rip) and the only BIG roles she had after galaxy 1 were 3d world and smash

>>523328278last rosa thread lasted 2 days, come on guys we can so this

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>>523369543*do this

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Rosalina NO.

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>>523370074YOU FAT FUCK

>>523370613Rosie what have you done...

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>>523369420if anything i feel like toadette has been pushed way more lately and people don't seem to careToadette>Added in NSMBU Deluxe with an unique powerup only she can use thats also overpowered.>Playable in Mario Maker 2 and even becomes the damsel in distress in the story mode>Got a spinoff with captain toad>Has even been in Mario RPGS unlike almost every other mario side character. Shes even in Mario + Rabbids (although just an npc)Rosalina>Worked her way to becoming a regular in spin offs, still doesn't appear in some of them.>Playable in 3D World but not until you beat the main story and the first special world, not even the best character in that game.>Only cameos in galaxy 2>Is playable in smash, which is a big deal to be fairI don't dislike toadette or anything just feel like it was probably salty daisy/geno fans pushing the agenda

>>523365281I'm not used to Gray Impact drawing Rosalina with her eye fully opened.

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>>523365535I'll look into it tonight then.

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>>523359641>>523358736>>523358253Wait.... don't tell me you motherfuckers actually believe Koizumi created herFOR THE 100th GODDAMN TIME, KOIZUMI ONLY WROTE THE STORYBOOK FOR HER. MIYAMOTO CREATED THE CHARACTER.

>>523372138Don't, it's like arguing with a rock. People will continue to miscredit Koizumi with her creation, regardless of what you do. It's like they can't fathom that Miyamoto would ever do anything right.

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>>523372138Miyamoto "created" her as a Peach with a softer voice. Koizumi made her into a character.

>>523373559The fact that he had to sneak the storybook in was always extremely funny to me and makes me imagine that bit in the Matrix where Neo hides in the office but Koizumi is hiding from a leering Miyamoto.

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I wonder how big everyone's rosa folder is680 here

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Why is most Rosalina art shit?

>>523374192Can't give you a count because subfolders and what not, but mine is around 16GB.

Apparently the pointer works with the touch screen in All-Stars Galaxy for handheld mode. That's not great. I can't stand the thought of leaving fingerprints on the screen. What are some solutions? Do they make special gloves for this?

>>523374192Nowhere near that big, Jesus.

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Attached: MKT_Artwork_RosalinaSwimwear.png (256x428, 82.4K)

>>523374675... Get a stylus of the type that works for the switch screen?

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>>523375621Didn't know they had those. Thanks.

>>523374192around 72gbs, and that's only on digital media.I back in my house I have a commissioned figure and given that I work in the market of digital marketing and digital experiences in general I made a holographic "ghost" in my living room whenever my projectors aren't rented

>>523328278Yes, but her appeal is mainly carried by her immense height.

>>523328278Only if you're talking in bizarro termsNo one actually likes her, it's 1 big forced meme

>>523377349i like her

>they don't know about the galaxy 2 remake with playable rosalina

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>>523328278>entire franchise worthwhileno. no one plays mario games for characters and shes not in most of them.

>>523328278She's too white, she needs to be changed to a POC and maybe we'll talk.

>>523328278Daisy makes my dick harder

>>523328278You're describing Bowser but I like Rosalina too.


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>>523378198>>523378527Fuck off already you stupid cunt.

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>>523378640why don't we all just get along?

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>>523378721You're not welcome here.

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>>523378721Make your own thread.

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>>523374212It matches the character because there's no value in her

>>523378857They have it, all the princesses had one, no word if they lived or not.

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>>523378082I fucking wish

>>523379114I prefer the non-tan version

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>>523379249>doesn't like tanlinesUr Mr Gay


Rosie's butt.

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Rosalina farts

>>523379249>the small hint of pubesbased

>>523379495There needs to be more of it, why do Peach Daisy and Toadette get excellent fart but not Rosalina?

>>523379249Poor taste my guy.

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Attached: RosaBkini.jpg (850x1063, 212.47K)


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Rosalina is a Saberface.

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>>523379939I could tell you but you don't want the answer

>>523328658>and people were calling her Nintendo's Lightning.that was mostly because of smash>>523328735this

>>523381582It's because it's one autist commissioning most of it, right

Well don't just stand there, untie her!

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>>523381794Actually no that's not it at all

>>523382214What is it then?

>>523382062But I quite like her like that.

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>we never got to see Rosalina's legs in Smash like we did with Peach in Melee and Brawl because she didn't come around until CERO took over and banished them Still mad

>>523383110She's got some feet at least>peach: 69 results>daisy: 79 results>toadette: 73 results>rosalina: 38 resultsWhat did they mean by this?

>>523383658They mean stop having garbage fetishes.

>>523383698But that's the only reason to like these bottom of the barrel filler slots

>>523383110sega does what nintendon't

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Attached: 1532285716540.jpg (144x256, 10.78K)

Shadow Queen Rosa

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>>523382343It's mainly because of this among many things>>523383110

Post more Rosalinas.

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>>523357897Rosalina appearing in the games after Galaxy was really par the course.Toadsworth was in literally every Mario spin-off after Sunshine in some shape or form.Then Galaxy hit and Roslina effectively replaced him.The real discrepancy is Rosalina appeared in 3D World instead of a new character being introduced. Anyone else feel bad for Toadsworth?He pretty much dropped off the map when after Galaxy.

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>>523357897It backfired tremendously given the WiiU situation

she levitates right. imagine how clean her feet must've been

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>>523370726People actually like Toadette and she's not playable in Smash nor does she have a baby of herEspecially said baby that basically ignores the thing people liked about her

Why was Rosalina so slow in Super Mario 3D World?

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>>523386028You try running around in that dress.

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>>523385742>bumping a character thread not using the character

>>523328278I don't know about all that, but I would like to fuck her.

Does Galaxy make anyone else inexplicably sad? The music is so melancholic in it.

>>523386561Get in line, pal.

Attached: rosalina_by_sarukaiwolf.jpg (850x1261, 134.25K)

>>523386485Get a version of that Gif with Rosalina and I'll use it next time.

>>523386028She's the other Peach obviously

>>523386117Now since I think about it, the heels are probably the reason she isn't as fast.

Attached: 48.jpg (1280x1380, 124.89K)

>>523386840Peach wears heels no problem

>>523386896Peach has slippers in world.

>>523386840Except Peach has been running around in heels since 1988

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>>523386980Has anyone actually eaten bits? Are they good?

>>523386670The only thing I'm sad about it is that Nintendo has a fetish for retconning it1st with Galaxy 2, then with Baby Rosalina existing, and now again with them pretending Galaxy 2 didn't happen

>>523374049I can't wait for October.

Attached: dk.png (500x311, 325.48K)

>>523387149They taste like shit

>>523387280I have forgotten what it feels like to not be perpetually damp. I need October or I will die.

>>523387149I'd like to at some point, though they'd probably just taste like sugar.

Attached: 8473a90d2eb126301342b90ce7da1c3714c82906_hq.jpg (1024x1024, 63.71K)


>>523387280>thinking anything is happening this year

>>523328278it sure was the only good thing about galaxy cus that game sucked ass

>>523387848who cares

>>523347628And yet all of their eyes are still blue...

>>523328278Is there a more forgotten Nintendo waifu than her?

>>523372138Ah yes i forgot Koizumi was the younger guy, i don't deny that Miyamoto created her, but i guess her popularity comes from her backstory because that's rare in Mario games

Attached: Rosalina nervous small.png (350x501, 174.68K)

>>523387945I officially hate coronavirus at this point, and with everything else that's happened since this all started, I'm about to lose my mind.

Attached: 1572396938281.jpg (796x748, 73.33K)

>>523328278>Meet her in Galaxy>talk to her at multiple points>Galaxy 2 acts as if you never met her and hides her until the endfor what purpose

Attached: and now you found it.png (635x2073, 2.61M)

rosalina smells

>>523388728Same reason they made Baby Rosalina>dude retcons lmao

>>523388728I think 2 was meant to be like an alternate version of 1 or a soft reboot post 1. Still weird though.>>523388761good.

Attached: 1580826646028.png (900x935, 393.66K)

>>523388728Galaxy 2 retcons / is an alternate telling of Galaxy 1.In short, Miyamoto probably stepped in and was upset Galaxy 1 had more "story" than he was comfortable with.

>>523388728>>523388874Galaxy 1 ends with the universe being reset, hence this alternate story unfolds in the new reality.

Protect mama at all costs.

Attached: Newhgfhggff.png (800x800, 341.86K)

Rosalina should be thicc.

Attached: 1471087728863.png (1048x1594, 885K)

>>523389792She's a heavyweight in Mario Kart so she's gotta be.

>>523389792If this were a different kind of franchise with a different intended audience, then absolutely.

Attached: 1581993265755.jpg (2304x3338, 1.93M)

I googled Rosalina and got a "Giving birth" optionNah man

>>523387945It's just some of my hope, it can be achieved in some threads. I know the current situtation outside is dire.

Attached: 95332471.jpg (320x320, 16.38K)

>>523390160What are you hoping for?

>>523389792>>523390063Rosalina is HEAVYWEIGHT class

Attached: 1483813626937.jpg (2399x4239, 2.16M)

>>523390334More Witch Rosalina>>523390063Gorgeous Rosa

Attached: dkc.jpg (809x613, 36.57K)

Alright, last one from me. See you in the morning.

Attached: 1591308106157.png (1600x2200, 1.52M)

>>523390802And take a Robo Rosa while I'm at it.

Attached: AutomaticGiraffe - RoboRosalina.jpg (842x1191, 403.09K)


Attached: 1469049717808.png (660x1000, 684.39K)

Attached: 3125648c407562d1840b6e5871d969dc.jpg (850x1018, 127.56K)

>>523388263They want what the can't have.

>>523388869>>523388874>>523389487it's not like it stops the original from existing so it just comes off as stupid

>>523328735Wario Ware took over and Killed Wario Land.