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>Got 2 martinis from the free rolls + 5000 stonesNice, now I have one for all the girls I wanted.

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I love Luna!

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I love Kasumi!

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I love Tamaki!

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Misaki a cute.

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I want to delete this cunt from the game.

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>>523334097Sexy back

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>>523335802What is the meaning of this outfit?

>>523337595Owner came up with the "Boss of this gym" festival or something idk.

>>523338159Fuck you, Owner-san.

>>523337595I don't know, but I was really tempted to pull from my Patty fund, but then STM. Skindentation on the thighs though.

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>>523338490No, fuck you, leatherwoman.

>>523333209Kokoro is for breeding!

>No martini SRs from free rolls there, just an SSR Kokoro for some reason>Thought I got rng corrected>Fiona from tickets on new outfitsROCKHARDThis is the first time she's ever given me an embarrassed comment when having her wear something, but she doesn't have an embarrassed idle like Misaki will usually have.

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Missed JP threads when the update dropped but managed to find this for the break.

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>>523339382I think only Misaki and Nagisa have a different idle animation if you put them in something they don't like.Also Fiona is very open to almost anything. I'm pretty sure she has the least amount of dislike/hate on the suits out of all the girls.>>523339242Hello to you too user.

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>>523339718She is the worst and I keep getting her same suit.

how do i download the game?

>>523339992With an internet connection.

>>523339823>Also Fiona is very open to almost anything.True, but makes me wonder what other outfits she doesn't care for. There must be only one or two Rs that she doesn't like? No idea if there are any other SSRs she doesn't care for.

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fap fap fap

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>>523342274>>523342646Post more wet naked Momiji

>>523342531super mario

Tamaki makes me horny

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Wish I could supersample 4k

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>>523343470Nut inside Leifang

What is this game about? Wasnt DOA a volleyball game or something? People just buy skimpy skins in this game or something? Is there even nudity?

>>523343838>Is there even nudity?No.

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>>523343838I keep being surprised at just how low the IQ of the average Holla Forumstard is.

>>523343934Post more wet naked bathtub Ayane

I see threads daily. Is it about DOA Extreme 3?

>>523341347She dislikes one R suit (Hotaka) and one N suit (Amazoness).Then I have an SR towel for her that she doesn't like, and she doesn't like the Bubble suit SSR either.The bubble suit is weird though, since she's the one who does the "Look, it's a bubble suit!" in the event's scene.Also I find it interesting how Kanna and Fiona like the Martini, but Nyo absolutely hates it for some reason. (Kokoro hates it too)

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Kokoro needs more love

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>>523344565Any graphic mods for my game to look better?


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>>523344565>>523344873Kokoro is for breeding

>>523344781There are several mods on loverslab. But, most are only compatible with the original dmm version and not the steam version. Steam is just too many updates behind.

>>523344421Martini has some elegance to it, so that makes sense for Fiona to like it. It's funny how Nyotengu hates it but is proud of her vine swimsuit.>Now remembering how I got multiple SSR Kasumi instead of any extra Martini SRs when I wanted to give one to FionaThis is why I might not even bother rolling for more even though I'm completely out of extras.

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>>523345362Actually, most mods are compatible with Steam version. Only a small amount are incompatible due to hash shenanigans.

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She seems to really like taking down blouse selfies...

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>>523345718Looks like she's packing some serious pork in between her legs at a first glance at the thumbnail

Whats the end goal in this game if they never give you full nudity bros? ;__;

>>523346246>>523346042>>523345815Having kids with Kokoro!

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Can someone recommend me coomer games similar to doa? something where you can slowly unlock costumes and stuff im fucking bored

>>523346804Post more wet naked bathtub Kokoro

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>>523346265use mods

>>523345718Nyo straight up asks for a different suit in one of the reactions.Fiona and Kanna actually react to the Martini like the they do with other cute suits.The likes/dislikes are a bit weird anyways. There's a bunch of suits for the girls who are in X3 where their opinion on the same suit differs for some reason.The Martini is definitely annoying to get, since the SR is not a guarantee like with the other APL banners.

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>>523346814Sexy Beach 3 if you will manage to run it on Windows 10. Girls are great, swimsuits are sexy, there's nudity and sex too. Also, despite being like a 15 years old game the models in some areas are mode detailed than DOA models. It used to be my go to fap\chill game before DOA.

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>>523345362Can you link me some?

>>523349530I don't know man, i still see those BP quite clearly.

Real Women are Better.

>>523352139Thanks for the laugh.

>>523352196it's not a joke. Women are real people with feelings &...

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>>523339952nah,you have bad taste.

>>523352196Women you can touch > women you can't.

>>523352139A 'real woman' hasn't wanted to talk to me in over 10 years now, that isn't even an option.

>>523352139>Real Women are Bette-

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>>523352558You need to be yourself more.

>>523352663Being myself might be the problem.

>>523346804I see Kokoro's kokoros

>>523352926Thanks. Nuked it successfully.

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>>523353689no u

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>>523353689lol fag

>>523353516Give me Kokoro's kokoros

>>523353516close call, almost spooked the advertisers away


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>>523354308This one too.

>>523354310>>523354409ok gaylord lmao

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>>523352403>Women you can touchwhere the fuck do you think you are?

>>523354601Ugly as sin. Furfaggot.


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>>523355434>thread full of thingsDamn, how's that room temperature IQ going, monke?

>>523354714>brings furniggers into it for no fucking reason whatsoeverLiving with a mental illness must be tough.

>>523355936>birbincel>no furrylol.

Don't reply to shitpostersjust report and hide

Im fucking Honoka atm in HS2


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>>523356821Who cares

>>523358368You cause you gave me a (you). You

>>523358442Damn how will I ever recover from this BTFOment

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>>523358442>>523358780because the hothead is raging

>>523359143This is not the egg webm i know.

>>523355434Stab a stake in your head NOW


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I like how the leather straps grip with this suit.

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>>523359143>>523359457Cute and sexy wife.

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>>523362575I came inside your autistic wife. Be careful.

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>SS rank guy with those statsAm I lucky or what?

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>>523366513some players put on garbage suits when they stop grinding to help others score

>>523366513The rank is just based on how much they are currently grinding, not how powerful their team is.

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I really like this swimsuit. It makes the boobs look bigger.

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>>523367936The H stands for Humbo.

>>523359143>>523359457This is what the break should've been for this outfit, not going straight to the bikini.>>523366513Worry about what you see for SSS+ opponents, but you should be using your gold volleyballs for those matches exclusively anyway.

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>page 10 in 10 minutesDirect days are awful.

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>>523370360Post more Helena

>can now do 100 auto runs of the casinoFucking finally. Still annoying to check back every 10 minutes or so to make sure you aren't out of money yet, but it makes the grind for coins trivial.


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>Waah, what are we gonna do on the floor?

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>>523372939Very nice.

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>>523372505She looks uncomfortable.

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>>523329058kill yourself

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>>523375290Kokoro is for breeding


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>>523343354Tamaki beautiful as always


>>523352139Real women does not exist


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>>523359143>>523359457is there any way to sync animations?

>>523376909Press R.

>>523376909If you press R on your keyboard it starts the animation from the top.


>>523376850Creampie Tamaki!

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>>523379419>>523379574Misaki is perfect

>>523379810She's pretty perfect.

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what do you do in this game?

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>>523379419>>523379574Is the summer heat affecting her badly enough to resort to this highly indecent practice?

>>523380229You minmax stats, set up teams, and then watch girls play volleyball.

>>523380367She's just supporting the Owner the best way she can.

>>523380384that sounds boring

>>523377064>>523377090so i just drag an animation while rpessing r and it starts on both characters?

>>523380636No you select an animation for both girls and when you press R while in shoot mode it resets them, so they sync if you selected the same one.

>>523380543it can be fun in its own way>>523380636give them each the pose then you press R at any time to restart the animations

>>523380367There's nothing indecent about it.

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>>523380954I'm pretty sure letting the wind kiss your flower for anyone to see is pretty indecent in most cultures.

>>523380229I think it was a fighting game at one point

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which one was the last thread before this one?

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>>523382730The one with Tsukushi in the OP

>>523327186FUCK OFF I can't wait 3 months for her

>>523382887>>523201270this is the last one i remember being there>>523360878i also found this gem

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>>523383364It'd be cute but I'm not really buying the second one.

>>523381175That's just the island dress code.

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>>523384706I'd Dokkan

>>523384998No way! Was this decision put to a committee, and is Misaki not on it?

Tsukushi retweet campaign is almost to 2.5k! 5k here we come! Same disaster as last

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bros...I didn't realize Kanna got released for the Steam version a few weeks ago.Is there still a way to get her without paying cash? Or do i have to wait for her to appear on another banner?

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>>523385254She spearheaded the campaign in order to increase owner productivity.

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>>523386010You have to wait. She's currently only paid.

>>523386010>Is there still a way to get her without paying cash?No.

>>523386128>>523386236Should i save my trendy tickets for when she does come back? i currently have 28k v-stones saved.


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>>523386339If she's the only one you want it's a no-brainer. It's gonna be a couple months at least until she's free so it's plenty more than enough time to keep saving. 28k is chump change in this game just as an fyi.

>>523386339It couldn't hurt. Although she's likely many months away from being free unless they fast track it for steam.

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>>523386523>>523386565Thanks, at least i'll have time to prepare beforehand.

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>>523386010She hasn't been made free on Steam yet so you didn't miss anything. As mentioned, in about 3 months you can start trying for her with free stones, so definitely play with that in mind and save accordingly.

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I cant get enough of bottomless DoA's


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>>523386425What do honker sweats taste like?



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>>523388376Pork rinds.

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>>523389870Quick Holla Forums, which other 'cuties' could realistically be invited to our titty fighter?

>>523391426Shermie, Nakoruru, Leona

>>523391426Aya Brea

>>523391426pic related>gayme aimed at hetero men(male)>best selling and well received everywhere>doa 6>was it really hard to understand?

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