; File size is 5GB (compared to around 1.7GB on Wii U)G-guys, what's in this Switch version?

twitter.com/CrocOclock/status/1301539589853675526> File size is 5GB (compared to around 1.7GB on Wii U)G-guys, what's in this Switch version?

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a second game modewhich they advertised

>>523320315it has online apparently as well

>2013 game>money stolenwhy do nintards accept this.


So Nintendo is still missing holiday season games. NOTHING is announced for a november / december release.

>>523320315Emily Rogers (who's gone through redemption arc and been spot on in the last couple years) was talking about this port releasing January/February 2021 for months now (also Pikmin 3 Deluxe details/date) and that it'd have new content, now she's saying "3D World is probably the most ambitious Wii U port that Nintendo has done. I really dig the new content."

if the bowser's fury expansion is actually substantial than this may be the only time I ever double-dip on a wii u rerelease. I loved 3D World, top tier level design.

Why is my Switch just a port machine for the Wii U?

>>523320789I wonder if they're banking on the Pokemon DLC to fill that spot

>>523320315How come 3D World’s port seems so much more based than the half assed 3D All Stars stuff? It’s the only thing they announced for this “anniversary” that actually looks fun and isn’t held back by FOMO horseshit.

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>>523320987Because barely anyone bought the Wii U

>>523320798>not another sticker starnow fuck off simp

>>523320657I missed out on the Wii-U because it was a piece of shit. Heard this was a great game so I'm looking forward to playing it.

>>523320315holy shit, do nintentoddlers really think game size = content?

>>523320798>Emily Rogers>redemptionNever. Not after "Pokemon Stars". That rumor and its subsequent backlash after USUM's reveal is single handed responsible for Pokemon on the Switch being a bigger shitshow than normal.Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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>>523320987Because neither you, nor anyone else bought the Wii U, so there's no reason not to just reuse the Wii U games. And, in the rare chance you did buy a Wii U, then you're a die hard anyways and you'll eat up anything they dump out so they don't need to pander to you.

>>523321369No, the Switch Pokemon game being garbage is the reason why it was a shitshow

>>5233210543D World is secretly the best 3D Mario game and they know it

>>523321179I'm getting really fucking tired of seeing people say the Wii U was shit and also acting excited for Wii U ports in the same breathwhy is it so hard for people to admit the Wii U was a good console?

It has online according to Nintendo UK.Also there's a rolling dive which you can see here:youtu.be/OPAQA_P_RQY?t=65It looks like this is where the effort is going, especially since there's supposedly more unannounced features

>full price re-releasehow do we pull Nintendo's head out of their ass, lads?

>>523321054>How come 3D World’s port seems so much more based than the half assed 3D All Stars stuff?they probably been working on this port ever singe odyssey came, while 3d all stars was made in a couple of months to fill a hole in nintendo's holiday lineup

3 GB of veiny fully modeled bowser's dog dick revenge

>>523320987Because the Wii U is a sinking ship and the good games on it don't deserve to go under along with it. All the worthwhile shit left on it now is Xenoblade X and the Zelda HD ports

>>523321804don't buy it, don't crack under the peer pressure and internet memes like you did with pokemon, just don't buy it

>>523321514And it's garbage because it was rushed, and it was rushed because its platform was changed mid-way through development, and that was because Emily Rogers and other leaker cunts went around convincing everyone the Switch would get a gen VII port, which caused backlash when GF announced new 3DS games. This put TPC in such a rush that they cobbled together a last minute announcement for e3 later that year just to say they were gonna make Switch games.TPC infamously thought the Switch would flop.

>>523320315They probably added more graphics to level 2

>>523321446This and this is someone who owned a Wii U.

>>523321668>it's good because no one bought it! haha sekrit klub!

>>523320315>60 buckeroos>AGAIN

>>523321947Buy this, don't buy the 3 games port.Show you'll buy stuff with effort put into it, not just direct ports.

>>523321317You tell me, anonnintendoeverything.com/donkey-kong-country-tropical-freeze-switch-file-size/> Wii U Version: 11.4 GB file size> Switch Version: 6.6 GB file size

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>>523320987If you don’t remember, the Wii U bombed so fucking hard that people were calling for Nintendo to give up and go third-partyThat’s why

>>523322013GameFreak had access to devkits before anyone, too. Ninty is fully aware of their special boys and they only embarrassed themselves more after Little Town Hero being a buggy, unfinished, piece of shit after they confirmed their A Team was working on "new projects outside of the Pokemon series."I'll never not be mad. Iwata had so much faith in Pokemon as a series that could make the world come together, all of it started coming to ruin after he died and they cancelled Z. He would be ashamed.

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>>523321083>>523321446>>523321943>you can emulate the Wii U>13 million people bought it>Nintendo hasnt been developing shit for years instead just does lazy ass portsThis is pathetic. The Switch 2 is going to be even more trash.

>>523321054To be fair it's already one of the best Mario games to begin with, it's probably easier to work with since it's more new as well.

>>523320987Because you kept trashing the Wii U for its hardware, so now all you get is ports for it from the Wii U era which you didn't buy back then lmao

>>523321804Impossible. Nintendo has an army of retards that come out at any criticism.See the Link's Awakening remake, or Pokemon, or Paper Mario, or the NSO, or- you get the idea.

>>523321884>3d all stars was made in a couple of months to fill a hole in nintendo's holiday lineupbut it's not even a holiday release, it's out in a couple weeks.

>>523321668Because they had a bad case of sour grapes.

>>523322295I'm glad Town flopped. I hope every single original IP they try to make flops, until they get their shit together with Pokemon.

>>523320657Seeing how there are 6x the number of Switch fags compared to Wii U fags this game is pretty much new to many people. The only people who get the shaft are the Nintendo loyalists who buy their shit consoles.

>>523320315Mario Maker 64

>>523320315>old game + some levels>60 dollars plus tip

>>523321179It's not just good, it's better than Galaxy or Sunshine and arguably the best 3D Mario game in general.>>523321668A console can have good games and still be shit.>bad controller unless you buy a separate one>poorly utilized gamepad gimmick>performance issues>bad interfaceWii U deserved to fail, the good games were in spite of it, not because of it, and they are all better in their ported Switch forms.

So what IS bowser's fury?A post game sequel with harder levels? Dry Bowser stuff? A mode where we play as bowser?

>>523322886not saying the wii u was good but the interface was the only good thing about it

>>523322254DKC:TF has a shit ton of uncompressed audio. I have rips of the songs which are about 4.5 GB.

Wait, there are motherfuckers that actually believe that SwSh being shit, is because of "leakers"?Wooooow.... just stop

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>>523323145It was shit

>>523320749no wonder the file size is so bloated

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>>523323145We know for a fact development was changed due to backlash, and we know that backlash wouldn't have been anywhere near as strong if fake leakers hadn't gotten hopes up. It's a very clear chain of events.This is not an excuse for Gamefreak or TPC, mind you. They fucked up, too. There are no innocent parties in this, not even the fans screeching for a Switch game since they fell for obviously fake leaks.

>>523321668>I'm getting really fucking tired of seeing people say the Wii U was shit and also acting excited for Wii U ports in the same breathYou can have good games on shitty hardware. It's not a mutually exclusive pair -- even the 3DO and Jaguar had a few good ones.

>>523323098Post game content. Bowser probably won’t be playable since the JP title is Fury World.

>>523323098It was clearly a cat-themed map of some sort with Mario in it so no to your last parts.

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>>523323098I'm hoping it's post-game harder levels or some kind of hard mode, they already had a few really good ones in the base game.

>>523320315Probably higher res textures and audio and a few new assets.

>>523322886>Wii U deserved to failgreat, now you get to have all the shitty games from it and expect nothing more from Nintendo

>>523323639>they all scale up from champion's roadI hope they do

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>>523323619>WiiU is a shit console I just want to play upwards of 15 games from itNot how that works. If you have a big library of good games, objectively, it's not a shit console. Cope Switch consoomer

>>523321668there's nothing wrong with saying a shit console had a few good games. fucking wario land on virtual boy is an amazing game, but the virtual boy was a piece of fucking shit.

>>523321054Fun factGalaxy 1 and 2 are now fused together.

>>523323840Assuming the trailer itself is a level it’s already easier due to no bottomless pit. There’s probably some gimmick we aren’t seeing though.

>>523323098I am assuming a super hard world or something.Seeing how the original had Rosalina as an unlock when you reached special world, maybe it will have one too.What if its Toadette?

>>523320657>money stolenWhat? How is this "stealing"? It's a shitty cash-grab, but nobody's forcing you to buy anything.

>>523324253>ToadetteNo user it will be bowsette

>>523320315it's just less optimized lol

>>523323647Is nobody going to mention how huge this looks compared to 3D world's linear obstacle course levels?Is this some kind of hub world or something?

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>What's in the switch versionA fuck ton of uncompressed files to try and convince people with hacked switches not to pirate it.>That'll be $59.99 plus tip

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Never played the original, will this be worth picking up for $50?

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>>523324347God I wish

>>523323821>expect nothing more from NintendoWii U's failure taught them a lesson, which is why we got some decent hardware for once in the form of Switch. They pushed the success of the Wii too far, assumed everyone would buy the "next Wii" regardless of hardware quality, and got bit in the ass when they realized the retirement homes that bought Wiis aren't their core audience. Entirely deserved.>>523323880If the console runs like shit and has a shitty interface/controller, it's a shit console. This is like saying my work laptop is a good PC because it can play all sorts of good games from 1999.

>>523324475That’s up to youIt’s actually pretty damn good, really solid Mario game

>>523320789at this point it's clear that they plan to announce most future games two weeks before release

>>5233244753D World already had a good post game and now there’s even more so I’d say so.

>>523324253>More Toadsyay

>>523320987Because it's a handheld console. You dumbasses forgot that the GBA was all SNES ports lol

>>523324475Absolutely, it is maybe the best 3D Mario game and has flown way under the radar due to being trapped on Wii U. You are almost guaranteed to think it's the best 3D Mario if your favorite Mario game is either SMB3 or SMW.

>>523324457I think it's possibly just a hub with a different camera angle from the regular hub worlds in 3D World

>>523324553>If the console runs like shit and has a shitty interface/controllerNone of this is truePro Controller is easily the best traditional controller on the market. Better build quality and double the battery life of the Switch Pro. The WiiU gamepad is also infinitely more comfortable to hold than a Switch since the back was molded to fit hands.Similarly, the WiiU was the only console of the gen at the time putting out games that ran at consistent FPS. While Bloodborne and Infamous Second Son were running at 19FPS Smash Ultimate was running at 60FPS and everything else at 30 dropless

>>523320987>9-10 Wii U ports out of 2500+ games>WOW BRO ITS A FUCKING WII U PORT MASHEEEEEN

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Playable Daisy please.

>>523324809When there's only like 5 good Switch exclusives....yeah that's exactly right

>>523322590That just encourages them to play it safe. If they thought improving and innovating would get them money they'd be doing it.

We don't ask those kind of questions user.Some things are best left untouched.

>>523324929It's about time you stop expecting innovation from Pokemon, it's not going to happen. I would rather just see Pokemon games get good again. You don't have to innovate to be good.If anything, Pokemon needs to regress in the sense of cutting back on cutscenes and tutorials. There's too much. Far too much. The catching tutorial was skippable in SWSH, that was a step in the right direction, but good god everything else was the same mounting problems we've had since gen V. The cutscenes feel mildly better than SM's, but that's literally only because there's less game in general.

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>>523324475It's low key one of the best Mario games ever, but it got some vocal backlash for not being Mario 64 2.Odyssey was made entirely in response to that backlash, it and 3D World are like exact opposite approaches to 3D Mario.


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>>523323647It has to be something substantial if they're namedropping it in the title rather than just calling it + or deluxeThey're clearly making changes across the board anyway.

how can this faggot know the file size already

>>523325438Seethe harder Switch Consoomer.The switch is NEVER getting it's own Mario Kart because of your consooming. Enjoy your decade of MK8

>>523320798>he got something right that everyone else was also predicting at the same timeWOW NOW WE SHOULD TRUST EVERYTHING THIS ATTENTION WHORE LEAKERFAG SAYS

>>523324801>Pro ControllerHas to be bought separately and cannot be considered part of the base console.>gamepad is comfortable to holdThe grips maybe, but it's huge and awkward to have your hands that far apart, plus the battery life was complete garbage and the screen was just a waste of space most of the time, almost never used for more than a small gimmick in game.>games had good fpsYeah, at 720p most of the time even with the games being designed around its gimped hardware. Every game on Wii U was held back by the platform, and I'm glad to see the good ones reaching their potential (and a larger audience) on the Switch.

>>52332031559.99 + tip

>>523323098It better be some hard mode content. Fuck casual games, Mario Odyssey was straight up ruined for offering zero challenge

>>523322013>implying idiot leakerfags have any input on game development

>>523320315More like Bowser's a furry lmao

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>>523325720Anon you can't get an olympic gold in stretching it's just what you do before the events.

>>523322089Who are you quoting?

>>523325827Re-read the chain of events you stupid cunt, it was the backlash that happened from retards putting stock in false leaks. And backlash definitely had an impact on development.Hell, the leakerfags probably felt proud that their fake leaks might've influenced this shit.

>>523320315Wow 1.7GB? Fall Guys is like 2GB

>>523322590Im upset because LTH had some interesting gameplay ideas, the boss fights were just an absolute drag. I beat the skeleton boss before calling it quits because it was just dragging on for fucking ever. Also the rival was so fucking obnoxious and shitty, and not in a good way. Like that chapter, I think the same with the skeleton, where you literally have to fight him 5-6 times in a span of about 20 minutes. Every fight is exactly the same, he doesn't get any tougher or have any new attacks or anything, it's just the exact same fight. And you literally cannot progress the plot without doing it for completely inane reasons, like you try to ask your one friend a question, the rival stops and demands he must be the one to answer, but only after you fight him, and you literally cannot progress the plot until you fight him, and then he answers by telling you he doesn't know the answer to the question anyways so it was literally pointless.Also Im pretty sure there was a fast travel option but it never seemed to actually function at any time.

>>5233244753D World is the best Mario game so yes

>>523324821Sadly it's unlikely. The Japanese site basically confirmed that only Bowser's fury has stuff yet to be revealed.

>>523324340>nobody's forcing you to buy anything.Soleless shoes on a linoleum slope, user.

>So long gay Bowser line replacedBros...

>>523321668> wii U releases its worthwhile games spread out so there's never a good time to buy it> is shit> switch releases wii U's games but in an actual reasonable timeframe, with more content> is goodNot hard to understand.

>>5233244753D world is honestly the best 3D Mario except for Galaxy and 64. It's worth 50 dollars

>>523326363What a dumbass

>>523326517>with more contentOH yeah man that new funky mode really justifies the extra 40 dollars

>>523326363What is it with overemotional retards and abusing the word "stealing"?Copyright infringement isn't stealing. Piracy isn't stealing. Rereleasing a video game on a different platform 7 years later isn't stealing.Grow up.

>>523326240Nintendo used to be kings at optimizing the shit out of their games and even though that's kinda fallen to the wayside this generation they're still leagues ahead of Sony or MS at the bare minimumFall Guys, fun as it is, is an indie unity game I really doubt there was much effort in optimization

how in the fuck can 3d world be only 1gb when it has 50 hours of gameplay more than games out there that are 100 gb?

I'm not buying this shit if there's no Playable Daisy and Toadette. The latter who already has 3D world assets too thanks to mario maker 2

>>523320315every copy is personalized XD

>>523326358But it's not true, we have already seen things that are different in the trailer and there's an online multiplayer mode as well according to nintendo uk

>>523326508wait what? seriously? that's a genuine hard pass then

>>523326936A lot of devs don’t know how to compression

>>523326936compression, it doesn't have any real voicelines so it doesn't need a bazillion different languages installed.The textures are all flat as well.

>>523326936Nintendo isn't interested in hard drive conquest, especially since they just expect you to add your own microsd card to your Switch. Activision deliberately makes Call of Duty enormous so you're less incentivized to install competing games on a PS4 hard drive.

>>523324645Fuck you Toadette is cool.

There's roughly 28 levels post-game in the original version. So if Bowser's Fury is that much or more and with new assets, I could double dip. Online is also nice but its probably going to be jank as fuck.

>>523322386>>13 million people bought itCompared to the 62 million that bought Switches, and that number is still rising. Fuck, more people bought the fucking Gamecube than the Wii U. It's one of Nintendo's worst-selling systems.

>>523328146Literally, the only Nintendo consoles the Wii U outsold are the NES and SNES classics, and the fuckin Color TV Game.

whose dick do I gotta suck for more captain toad levelsinb4, yes I already played treasure tracker it's the best game on the Wii U and while I didn't get the Switch one I bet it's a top 5 game there too

>>523320315>tfw bought a Wii U last year for this piece of shit

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>>523320657Holy fuck it really did come out 7 years ago

>>523322614Wii U was better than switch

>>523328682>last yearBro you know damn well Nintendo wasn't going to leave 3D World to die on the Wii U. They just needed to give Odyssey time to breath and have everything lined up for the SMB Anniversary.

>>523328750smodyssey is almost 3 years old too switch is turning 4 this coming spring you are old and dying

>>523325476It is called "+ Fury World" in japanese so it might just be one Furry-themed world.

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>>523320991Has the DLC even done that well so far?

>>523328682> Not expecting the hidden gem of the Wii U to inevitably be ported to SwitchYou only have yourself to blame, user

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>>523329110I just started my career out of college and man do I instantly feel a decade older

>>523321179It's really good. It feels like a 2D Mario done in 3D. It's really fun and challenging. The game just drops 1ups to you and if you're too much of a pussy you can grab a P Wing to go to the flag directly.The P Wing is not available in the special courses as far as I know.I paid 20 bucks for it, so I don't know if it's worth, considering the expansion

>>523329164Not sure, but whoever bought Isle of Armor also gets Crown Tundra. It may be their "holiday title" just in terms of when it's released, rather than driving sales.

>>523320657This shit doesn't apply for Wii U games because anyone with a brain skipped on it

>>523325857least its not a horrible design

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>>523329149(Or cat-themed, rather)

>>523320657I didn't play this game though

>>523322013Every fucking excuse imaginable for the "smarr famiry company prease undastandu" TPC/GF just fucking suck, give it up

>>523330282They do, but had their plans gone ahead as intended they would have just released another gen of 3DS games that were considerably less shit than SWSH. It'd be like gen V released on the DS when the 3DS was being rolled out, but not as good.SWSH just happens to be magnitudes worse than anything mainline Pokemon has ever shat out. The signs of being rushed are all over it.

I wonder if they'll add an extra playable character

>>523329774t. Xx_MoonHound95_xX

>>523323880>controller a massively retarded idea but they executed anyway>other hardware barely a step up from the Wii in capabilityIf you're going to argue against these two objective truths, you're just a lying sack of shit.

>>523320987show us your wiiU with all those games they re released.

>>523326780You only spent the original $40 for the game because you also wasted money on a Wii-U. That's your fault, retard.

>>523320749That would make it worth it.

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>>523320991>banking on DLC>ever

>>523322386you don't even make any sense. Ever heard of the word "logic"?

>>523329295You're telling me. I bought my Switch with the money I made from my first job, which I'm still working at (though in a higher up position). Never thought I'd feel nostalgic for the Wii U.

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>>523320987Nintendo is mad at fuck the WiiU bombed, they are ringing out every penny they can get out of those titles. Investors probably wanted Nintendo to put out record revenue while having extremely little R&D costs, hence absolute shit periods like this year of 1-2 actual games and nothing else but $60 ports.

>>523320315Probably better audio. Maybe better textures but it doesn't look it.

>>523331157It cost me 15 dollars, desperate seether

Imagine the online multiplayer with randoms

>>523326936it's mostly made up of bevelled cubes which have like 10 polygons each

>>523320315Nothing, Nintendo just forgot compression

>>523332341>shitalking cubeyoutube.com/watch?v=4aGDCE6Nrz0

>>523329175>a fucking Mario game in the main series is a 'Hidden Gem'

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>>523321694Was this dive in Mario Maker 2?

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>>523324253I'm probably completely delusional, but the new world is giving me pirate vibes and I wonder if Wario could be made playable.

>>523320315higher res textures and uncompressed sound quality up people forgot that sound in 3D world on the Pii U was shit

>>523320657It's a party game and the Wii U is a terrible party game machine. It's better on the Switch for this reason.

>online co-op>new moves (from odyssey?)>expansionhmm i played the original already but this tempts mealso its genuinely a really good game for anybody on the fence.though id say it shines most in multiplayer

>>523331996Cost me $0, tranny.

>>523322614This. The only people who bought a Wii U are fanboy lifers who'll buy anything Nintendo put out anyway. There's zero risk in porting the entire Wii U catalog.

3D Land and World should be the standard for new 2D Marios, change my mind


>>523321446Owned a Wii U, confirming this.

>>523329554"Anyone with a brain" would have skipped the Switch.

>>523332917No, 3D world actually had stuff like rolling long jumps and stuff as well.They simplified all of that in Mario Maker 2 unfortunately

>>5233244753d world is one the best mario, if never play it total worth, if have acces to good pc or wii u/switch hacked play it

>>523324118Is that true?

>>523320315Higher res textures. less compression on audio, new final world/area in Bowser's Fury

>>523320315Mario... if he real

>>523320315Unoptimized shit because nobody cares due to the increase of hard disk space and possibly some slightly higher-quality music tracks.

So, assuming it's big enough (about 4 worlds worth at least) with new levels, I imagine we'll get more shit as well. Online plus 1-2 more playable lads to use along-side the new levels will help this game be better enjoyed by everyone. Plus, Online with anons as long as it isn't that shitty "have to use friend codes" shit will make it ideal for Holla Forumskends as long as we don't end up 2 weeks later with That Guys shitting over everything with muh soi/muh nintendies/ect. due to contrarianism and so on.

>>523320315I'm gonna buy it regardless of what it has, but there better be more characters in this game. At least just add Daisy.

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>>523320315Tweet about the port say “Stay tuned to learn more about this title in the future.”>We briefly see Mario dive in the trailer>Isn’t coming out until MarchThey’re definitely putting in a shit load of stuff for this port.

I love how Holla Forums immediately turned on the Wii U the moment the Switch started doing well, as if they weren't desperately shilling the Wii U for years on end.

>>523322013imagine coming up with this imaginary shit. The reason swsh was rushed was for it to release along schedule with the anime and most importantly, the fucking merch/plushies, you know, the things that together account for like 80% of pokemon revenue. the vidya aint shit compared to that.

>>523320315She's in

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>>523321446i can't wait to see how you faggots move the goalposts when their next console is full of $60 switch ports.

>>523320798> Believing Emily “Star Fox Grand Prix and Mother 3 western release is totally real” Rogers.

>>523323098If it's Dry Bowser I'll actually buy the game

>>523321154It isn’t like Sticker Star, that statement is correct.

>>523335914If she does get in, her cat suit should be Sphinx themed

>>523320541the wii u version had online too, its juts the time race thing that plays when you replay a level. its not ACTUAL online you spergs.

>>523335914If only.

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>they've actually improved running speed and added 64/odyssey's divemaybe the game will be fun now, original was horribly slow and stiff

>>523323098I get the feeling it’s something pretty big since they didn’t show off any footage of it outside of that teaser, it feels like this is something bigger than we’re expecting, like it’s almost a sequel.

>>523324253It would probably be Daisy

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>tfw still no mario 3d world maker

>>523329149>>523329846I mean, super Mario 3D world has world in the name yet it has 11 worlds so this might be much bigger than we’re expecting, especially since it seems like they’re adding new moves like the dive.

>>523322614>The only people who get the shaft are the Nintendo loyalists who buy their shit consoles.You had to wait 8 years to play it if you didn't have a wii u. How did we get the shaft.

>>523326363Speak properly instead of undecipherable gibberish.

>>523337062Multiple sites have specifically said online multiplayer

>>523321054It’s literally the same game with a dlc add on

>>523335586>sampleDon't disappoint your wife with this shit.

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>>523325392Both are fucking excellent honestly, I love both for different reason.

>>523326780For the 50 million switch owners that didn't stupidly buy a wii u, yes it is. The game will be new to most people.

>>523323142Are those songs uploaded anywhere?

>>523320657It's a 2013 game on a console that sold like shit. The WiiU had 13M sales, and under 6M bought 3D world. The Switch currently has 62M sales, which means even if every single person who bought a WiiU also bought a Switch, and boycotted the game even if they didn't buy the original, that's still a market size of about 50M people that literally never had the option to buy this game.Nintendo makes games that retain quality, which is why people are willing to buy Mario 64 despite 99% of 3D games from the same era being unplayable trash by modern standards, not only in game quality but in controls, which Mario 64 pioneered and did better than any copycats could dream of.

>>523326780It seems like there’s going to be more content added to this than the usual Wii U port since they just teased it rather than actually showing it off.

>>523320798Anon is retarded.

>>523324475It's a 3D Mario that plays like a 2D Mario and it does what it tries to achieve very well.

>>523340616>It's a 3D Mario that plays like a 2D MarioThat's a horrible explanation.

>>523320315Daisy and Pauline

>>523340784God, I hope so. Make sure to make daisy’s cat suit look like a sphinx.

>>523331996one bed costs $150,sethisto.

>>523339436Yeah but would you really expect a fucking DLC add-on to add more to the file size than the original game?

>>523340781He's right though, dummy. It's 2D Mario's level design translated into a 3D space. It isn't that hard to understand.

>>523320315>1.7gbI remember how surprised I was to see this back when I downloaded it on the wii U

>>5233244753D World is basically a modern update on SMB3 with simultaneous co-op. If you enjoyed that one or World, you'll love this one.

>>523341110>It's 2D Mario's level design translated into a 3D spaceSure if you want to boil it down to the very bare essentials to the point where any game can be described like that.

>>523340781It basically takes all the staples and the basic level design premise of the 2D games like permanent powerups which act as health and are lost on hit, one singular goal per stage, a few optional collectibles, and puts them into 3 dimensional stages that are still linear in progression.Even the controls are streamlined to be focused on 8 directional movement instead of full analogue movement. It plays like a more unique and polished New Super Mario Bros game in 3D

>>523324475i love the shit out of that game. it makes me happy seeing other anons praise it so much. usually i'm in threads and streams where people are just shitting on it or saying super mario land was better. always putting it down.. but I love that game.

>>523324475Let me put it this way.-If you felt Odyssey was lacking in Mario charm by lack of power-ups, 3D World satisfies.-Even if you prefer the platforming flow of Galaxy 1 or 2, 3D World still satisfies.-If you want an experience that's a nod to Super Mario Bros 2 USA but has traditional Mario conventions of 3 or World, 3D World satisfies.-Even if you HATED Super Mario 3D Land, 3D World still satisfies.

>>523322254Did the Switch version have decent load times as a result? TF on WiiU were painfully long, even as a digital version.

>>523320315Please give us more 3D World nintendo, literally the most fun multiplayer game you ever made.

>>523341263Oh yes, because Odyssey TOTALLY looks like a 2D Mario game turned 3D

>>523335586>>523335914>>523339668Shit waifu

You can interact with soooo many objects using the touchscreen, including collecting coins en stunning enemies. There are even levels that require touchscreen to complete. There are also many interactions using the microphone on the gamepad, wich the switch doesn't have.How will they do it?

>>523323503we dont know that at all you just made it up

>>523342362Most of those things are superfluous like blowing into the mic to push a platform which can easily be changed to use regular controls.

>>523342362Half the content, half the price

Attached: 1384411966151.gif (360x202, 1.83M)

>>5233417183D World is basically 3D Land but it fixes everything that was lacking in it.Only issue with it is ironically that it doesn't have stereoscopic 3D which made me miss a handful of jumps with the way the camera works

I liked 3D World, it just bothered me it was the only 3D Mario we got for the Wii U. Odyssey is more what I was expecting.I don't think 3D World is bad or anything, I bet most people who didn't like it are on the same boat as me, they're just bitter it's not what they wanted.

>>523341263Sorry I got to this so late I guess but >>523342083 already BTFO you in one sentence so I don't have a ton to say. 2D Mario level design and sandbox 3D Mario level design are quite different but 3D World is extremely reminiscent of how a 2D Mario level is structured down to the flagpole at the end of a level.

>>523320315Seeing the announcement made me really pleased, I really enjoyed 3D Land and was anticipating World getting a port eventually. I'm looking for it.

Attached: 1596129103301.jpg (262x206, 8.74K)

What I want to know is what do they plan to do with the Miiverse stamps.One of them is very clearly visible in the game so we know they're returning, but what use will they have?

Attached: Miiverse.jpg (680x534, 58.26K)

>>523332917Mario Maker 2 is to 3D Worldwhat broadcast TV is to Snakes on a Plane.You're not getting the real experience.

>>523342719Got you covered, family.

Attached: Switch_NintendoLabo_VRKit_ToyCon_VRGoggles.1551921669.jpg (1200x800, 88.75K)

>>523320315same shit a port of the previous generation + micro dlc

Attached: 20207919183770_1.jpg (1200x630, 110.34K)

>>523343282Mario Paint-esque app for the Stamps.

>>523340291>That last paragraph Why don't take their cock out of your mouth?

>>523320315Fuck, I wasn't gonna get this since I already played wiiu but if bowsers fury adds that much I might have to pick it upDo you think there is any chance they will make a slightly cheaper stand alone version with only browsers fury?

>>523320991More likely pokemon snap.I feel like the entire website somehow forgot that's happening.

>60Yeah it's free on pc.


>>523342568>shitty control gimmicks are half of the game's contentYou're the reason abortion should be legal.

>>523343859I actually did. Thanks for reminding me.

>>523322886Are you talking about the switch or the Wii U? Those issues apply to both consoles. The switch is worse in all of those regards. The switch interface is pure trash and completely lifeless. The joycons are the biggest pieces of junk I've ever seen called a "controller". Will most of my Wii U games run like butter, I've encountered literal 404 crashes on my Switch and numerous frame rate problems. Not to mention the horrible portable mode where most games look like pure ass. Oh and the console becomes an inferno when playing anything intensive. Your only valid argument is a shitty gimmick, but that's pointless as the few games that needed it made good use of it and the ones that didn't use it where fine with the pro controller. Exactly the same as the shitty joy cons. Wii U had things that the switch doesn't. Miiverse/Mii's, free online, backwards compatibility with the Wii (this is huge because you could play Wii games on the gamepad). The gamepad was pretty sturdy and well made. The console didn't become a raging inferno after an hour of game time. It also had a fantastic game library filled with first party exclusives. The games were so good Switch bandwagoners have been begging for them to be ported.I hate the Switch as a console, it's a complete step backwards but has sold extremely well because of good PR.

>>523334832I doubt it.

>>523337062The eShop says it's got 2-4 number of players (online)

>>523337046That would be cool.

>>523343859True. Although it was revealed like 3 months ago and we've heard nothing of it since, so it's not shocking people aren't talking about it.

>>523324253It might be a bit harder but no way are they going to make the big draw of the port something most players can't beat. If you are lucky you will get a couple of additional super hard post game levels.

>>523321054Added content.Something the 3D All Stars iterations could've used

>>523344286I reckon they might at least adjust the pachinko level to be a bit less bullshit. Or maybe remove it all together in case some dumb shit ratings board decides it promotes gambling while they let any lootbox sports game pass by them with an all ages rating.

3D Land is better

>>523342146No, you just have shit taste.

>>523343932Wii U also had Netflix and a web browser. It was so fucking comfy streaming movies and/or porn to the Gamepad while being in bed. Most importantly, it also had A FUCKING VIRTUAL CONSOLE. God I wish they hadn't botched it as hard as they did, the Wii U was fucking legit.

>>523321054Because the 3D All-Stars are just upscaled ports of games from over a decade ago with no real major additions while this is still a relatively new game with a whole new mode. Seriously, they couldn't even be assed to include the content from Mario 64 DS?

>>523342027> Did the Switch version have decent load times as a result?Yes. Just bought it a couple weeks ago

>>523320657Tlou was literally remastered a year later.

>>523324475It is Odyssey’s polar opposite. Simplistic movement, sterilized aesthetic, absolutely godlike level design.

>>523320657I bought it back then and I'm not bothered to do it again. I had my fun.

>>523320315Bowser’s Furry


Attached: Eg12F4pWsAE1n2Q.jfif.jpg (720x683, 61.04K)

>>523338889he meant to say the slippery slope fallacy but chioked on too many cocks so he couldnt say it in time


>>523324475Yes and they should have just called it Super Mario 3D Platforming because that's what it is. Pure 3D platforming with tight controls and interesting levels.

>>523345453>absolutely godlike level design.complete memethere's a handful of memorable levels but the overwhelming majority of stages are extremely dull with rehashed mechanics from every mario game ever released

>>523323647>>523324457It kinda looks like an “Odyssey world” but in 3D world

>>523321668The PS4 is shit, but I still want Bloodborne on PC.

>>523322563It's in limited quantity and limited time if you want it digitally so people will buy Switches just to play these games. It doesn't really matter when they decided to release it Holiday or not.

>>523328682>bought a Wii U last yearEvery wii u game has been getting ported since the switch released, what the fuck did you expect?

>>523328550>while I didn't get the Switch oneI’m pretty sure they added an odyssey level or something to the switch/3DS versions, don’t know how many though

>>523324801WiiU pro controller feels like shit in my hands and that's 75% what matters most to me when playing games

>>523342719The camera is the only thing I don't like about it. I wish you could also have an Odyssey-style camera, it would really make it feel more like being in Mario's world and would make some of the platforming work better. Early screenshots have a closer camera like this but I assume they did away with it because multiplayer wouldn't work otherwise. But why not still have this for single player?

Attached: 043.jpg (1280x720, 271.2K)

>>523345901>rehashed mechanics from every mario game ever releasedThat's part of the appeal of 3D World, it has elements of every single Mario game up to that point. The only thing it's missing is Piantas.

>>523345726>observable phenomenon is a fallacyimagine being this brain addled

>>523322386Switch 2 won't have Switch ports because people actually bought the games this time.

It probably has an extra world or two and they created new HD textures for it.

>>523320991You can't put DLC under the Christmas tree.I guess you could put one of those code cards in a stocking, at least.

>>523344956I miss gamepad porn, I should get my hands on some new wiiu cables to replace my broken ones so I can do that again.

>>523320315>File size of Wii U version was 1.7 GB>File size of Switch version is 5 GBCan we just take a moment to appreciate that Nintendo, for all of their faults, is great at compression and optimization with their games? Why is this not standard practice? Instead, we now have modern games requiring over 100 GB.

>>523343859Fuck that game.Bamco should be making Pokken 2 if they're going to make another Pokemon game.

>>523326936>how in the fuck can 3d world be only 1gb when it has 50 hours of gameplay more than games out there that are 100 gb?3D World doesn't use textures for a lot of things, just flat colors. Textures are what take up a lot of space.

>>523348973see>>523349027Nintendo uses a lot of flat colors without textures while other companies are aiming for photo realism.Anyway I think Fury World is going to be a separate shorter game packaged with 3D World. Harder and more challenging.

>>523344956I agree that the Wii U is underrated, and the VC on the Switch is complete shit. However,>also had Netflix and a web browser. It was so fucking comfy streaming movies and/or porn to the Gamepad while being in bed. I can already do those things on my phone. I don't need the Gamepad for that.

>>523329149>If I tell the lie in another topic, maybe people will believe me.

>>523329149"Fury World" suggests a hard mode expansion. Like Lost Levels.If you were to say "Super Mario Fury World" it's just replacing 3D.It has nothing to do with furries.

>>523349378That's a dumb argument. The point was that it was something the Switch can't do, but the Wii U could.

>>523321179It’s one of the more innovative Mario titles imo. You’ll get your money’s worth if you enjoy Mario games in general. I haven’t played it in years, but I’m excited to replay with the new content - whatever it is

I'm glad instead of making one or two extra sandbox areas for Odyssey, they apparently took the time to make fleshed out platforming stages for 3D World. Seems like more replay value if you're going to do a small expansion.

>>523350178>Paying for the same game twice.lol.

>>523350185I think they increased the speed of the game too which is nice, Like the actual movement

did they fix the controls though?

>we get online>either you are able to join with friends, or have 1-3 randos join you at the start of every level you play>you end up able to have multiples of the same character, so little Timmy doesn't REEEEE about not getting to play as Mario onlineOn a scale of 1 to NMSBWii, how chaotic or kino will this end up being when out as long as the new levels are also good?

>>523351630>you end up able to have multiples of the same character, so little Timmy doesn't REEEEE about not getting to play as Mario onlineDoesn’t Mario maker 2 prevent you from picking the same character twice? It’ll probably be the same here

>>523351630>playing online mario with randos in the first placeBad move

Attached: 1597292078477.png (227x247, 47.32K)

>>523351134They at least made it faster and gave you the dive but thats all we know of yet

>>523322886>better than Galaxy or SunshineMaybe Sunshine, if you aren't into difficulty, but Galaxy?>the best 3D Mario game in generalThat's flat out wrong.

Being realisitcHigher quality models and textures

>>523352445>>523351881>>523351630It won't have online co-op, it will just be some time trial shit or something score related

>>523320798>Twitter whore>Capable of redemptionStop letting these mentally ill people live rent free in your head user

>>523321694>unannounced featuresGreat cant wait for nintendo to slowly reveal this over the next year

>>523353036I hope there’s more characters that they haven’t announced

>>523348973Probably because most games are bloated with movies and multiple language voiceovers

>>523343932I bet the Wii U got as hot as the switchIt's because unlike the SwitchYou don't hold the Wii U console, you held the gamepad which is a dumny terminal for the Wii U

>>523353204The only character they will add is toadette any other characters would be too much effort. nintendo doesn't like trying or being creative

>>523320852Feeling the same. Jury's out for now, but the stormy aesthetic was appealing.

>>523353612It seems like they’re putting in some effort for this port, at least more than the other wii u ports

>>523347801It did seem to have a more dynamic camera in the trailer for the port


>>523350145Not really an argument when it completely refuted the original point.

>>523320798Regardless if he is right or wrong I won't attribute any leak to him

>the port is literally turbo modepretty based

>>523320657This is top tier bait look at all the retards that replied


>>523324457That was my first take when the camera goes to Mario as you see a bunch of landmasses that have blocks and a pathway to navigate.I am expecting maybe a gauntlet styled level or some other gimmick.A new character would be nice but it falls down to who why and what they could bring to the current cast.

>>523320749Surprised no one has said Yoshi yet.Wario and Yoshi are all I can think.Yoshi can eat enemies and flutter jumps sorta like he plays in SM64DS.

Uncompressed .bmp texture files at 8k resolution.

>>523359405Daisy isn't a more obvious pick considering she has unused assets in the original?

>>523359589Really? I remember the only unused playable character being orange Mario, also I unironically want to play as orange Mario.

>>523359589Wait what?You on about the Vector Art HUD graphic thing?I know a lot of main cast have those so it could of been a mistake or honest leftover.Unless there was more?How would she be different than Peach?

>>523359865She would have a double jump which would go higher than rosalina’s spin, she’s also faster but is more slippery like Luigi.

>>523359589Daisy and Toadette both seem like really boring picks. A third princess or a second toad just feel like slapped on skins. Not saying they shouldn't be added. When it comes to playable characters, the more the merrier. I'm just saying they'd have to add something crazy like Wario and Waluigi or Donkey Kong to get me excited for new characters.

Attached: dbi9r74-10c2fd5c-b976-483f-83e0-1e04b8ea7137.png (964x961, 562.57K)

>>523360115It's fine idea and I wouldn't mind it but it does not seem very "Daisy" to me.

>>523360115Though maybe only as fast as Mario while still being as slippery as Luigi.

>>523360202Did all the cuuuuuuuuuuuum make her slippy?

>>523360175Eh, you could argue that Wario and Waluigi are just more plumbers, also wouldn’t that logic apply to Rosalina as well?

>>523360180Well, what would make her more like daisy

>>523360115I haven't really messed with Mario Run since Daisy was added, does she do anything unique in that?

>>523360513>>523360540Well I had a look at Mario Run and they do indeed give her a Double Jump.I as going to say maybe give her a longer dive due to diving not been locked into Cat Mario given the trailer.Sorta like a challenge/speedrun character.

>>523320657I'm not accepting your post at all, faggot.

>>523360753That could also work, why not give her both?

>>523333640I bought a Wii U and I'm not a diehard Nintendo fan. I viewed it as this cool underrated console that would be looked back at favorably for it's library. Little did I know Nintendo would attempt to port every game on it to their successor console and make owning a Wii U completely pointless. I thought for sure TMS#FE would never get ported, once that went away I knew Nintendo would port every little thing left.I guess it's still good for Wii games...

>>523360926Would be interesting if they are messing around with new movement options.Could you Roll in 3D World?


>>523360404>Eh, you could argue that Wario and Waluigi are just more plumbersYou could argue that, but it'd be stupid, considering how drastically different their proportions (And potential abilities) are from Mario and Luigi.>also wouldn’t that logic apply to Rosalina as well?What logic? She was a neat extra surprise in the original, but I still see her as "Blue Peach" design-wise and don't think she's very interesting. The spin is the only thing that saves her, and it doesn't even work with most powerups.Again, I'd be perfectly happy if they just added everyone. Make it a Mario Party Platformer. But if they just go for the safest, most bland, recolor additions again, I will be disappointed.

Attached: 8256c43f76583d36e6ad8a16fab7f274.jpg (1432x1096, 112.58K)

>>523360996Also good for hacking, and look at the brightside. You can still get the physical copies of games. Also free online and the switch isn't getting devil's third anytime soon, so they can suck it!

Attached: Devils_Third_boxart.jpg (281x353, 31.42K)


Attached: Is Me Meowrio.jpg (2000x1370, 1.16M)

>>523322386Whats with the logic that because piracy exists, companies should give up on releasing products?

>>523322518At least with the links awakening remake it was a ground-up remake with extra content and a new art style. I would've liked it to be a little cheaper but considering the game hadn't been rereleased in almost 30 years I wouldn't put it in the same category as some of these other titles.

already emulated it years ago and probably at a higher resolution than the switch port will be.

>>523328682And that's a bad thing how? Getting it that way is cheaper than buying just the game on Switch

3D World was the best Mario game this past generation and leagues better than Odyssey. Its only problem was being too easy, but in the kind of way Kirby is easy while still being thoroughly enjoyable. Big band soundtrack is fucking A+.

>>523324475No. Just emulate it.

>>523321668because the wii u was a shitty console with great games, the switch is the same in some ways but i would say its a better console even if its missing some stuff the wii u had

>>523363947>buying a whole console is cheaper than buying a single gameWHAT

>>523342027yes, loading times are better. some stages can still take a bit long but i didn't recall any of particularly bad ones

>>523342362they are gone chief, but you get the new bowser thing and online multiplayeri do hope they bring back the miiverse integration like splatoon 2 did

whos your main anons, i always liked playing as Rosalina in this but used mario more since he was faster.

>>523366536I forgot, honestly, I think toad or luigi

>>523366536Toad, without fail.

Attached: 1580085192695.gif (640x360, 2.73M)

>>523366536random button


>>523320657Nobody owned a Wii U

>>523322836It’s worth $60. You make it sound like $60 is a lot of money. I went to Vegas with friends last month and lost $500 in less than a few hours. I’ve lost even more in less time in the past. My buddy lost more than that the same day. Both of us shrugged it off and today he’s complaining about this and the other collection being $60.

here comes Wii U game ported to Switch #23263

>>523320315>what's in this Switch version3D Land. The entire game, including the special worlds, in 3D World's engine.

>>523320361>game modeIt's just another challenging world on top of Champions Road. Just imagine that but an entire map of it. That's Fury World.

>>523320315uncompressed audio :^)


>>523360175Is Daisy is a just a third princess then Wario and Waluigi are just a third and forth plumber.

>>523359865Just give her Peachette’s double Jump and glide. Alternatively, give her a slap attack the sends opponent flying forward, allowing them to hit other opponents. Also it can reflect attacks by regular enemies.

Attached: 6A7A2D39-4589-438A-87AA-BDFDB366DD8C.png (340x376, 96.88K)

>>523324809Over 50% of the Switch's first party lineup is ports. We are three years in and Astral Chain is currently the only good non-indie exclusive.It's a fucking port machine bro.



>>523320789And just yesterday I bet you said the 3d all stars collection wasn't real.See you in november when there are 3 more games out besides it and pikmin3.You gonna eat a bag of dicks eventually?

>>5233739981-2 Switch, Arms, Splatoon 2, Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Kirby Star Allies, Labo, Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, Smash Ultimate, Yoshi's Crafted World, FE Three Houses, Astral Chain, Ring Fit, Luigi's Mansion 3, New Horizons, Origami KingOf these non-ports I'd argue they at worst decent. And these are the majority of 1st party games.

>>523322386>implying switch2 won't have backwards compatibility as it'll be another dockable handheldKeep doom posting.


I'm a little bit bummed at the idea of the 3D Mario team working on this instead of a new Odyssey sequel. I hope that's still being developed.

>>523376624Don’t worry, user, it probably is, in fact that’s probably the reason why 3D all stars is just ports instead of full on remakes

>>523371731that would be pretty kino

>>523326517That's the thing, the switch has gotten new quality games at the same rate as the wii u. The switch just added a bunch of Wii U games in the midst and most people didnt play them so they think the switch has so many more new games than the wii u. When the switch 2 or whatever the next console is comes, you are going to throw a shitfit when they release the same amount of new games as they did with the wii u and the switch, and instead of ports of games you never played also being added to the lineup, you will get a bunch of switch ports of games you already played. You will wonder why they didn't release as many games for the switch 2 as they did during the switch's life cycle, but the truth of the matter is that they did release the same amount, but you never realized it.

>>523376624im pretty confident that that team is working on something else

>>523321668Sour grapes. No one will ever admit they missed out on something great. Especially when it was a conscious choice to skip the console.

Seems like they increased the speed of the game going by gamexplain. Even the characters seem to have better running speeds

>>523321668Wii U fags pretend mediocre game is the greatest thing since sliced breadUninformed person falls for itWii U fags then pretend there's a demand for itRepeat

Hoping for some fan service bosses. Imagine an RPG series boss or something

>>523377938You're gonna get the same bosses from the main game and you're gonna like it.

>>523377841>>523377841>>523377841LOL, Switchfags have been begging for wii u ports forever.

>>523377938Hopefully, this guy comes back since he’s a cat

Attached: DDFE27EB-21C5-4D08-AAF0-2718ECB1D40F.png (340x196, 92.75K)

>>523340406most wii u ports have significant content added to them, just usually not enough to justify 60 dollars, tropical freeze pretty much has nothing new though

>>523376482someone add an extra R

>>523361409i dunno i think rosalina has a more unique design compared to peach that wario or waluigi compared to the mario bros, i mean they are literally meant to be evil versions of them

>>523378075Who could possibly be behind that post.

>>523378327>>523372703Waifufags need to be gassed.

Attached: Wa.png (324x238, 125.13K)

>>523379017>waluigifags need to be gassedFTFY

>>523320315Bowser's Fursona. Because I keep reading this as Bowser's Furry.

>>523379319Oh goodness! Which one of these yellow plumbers is Wario? I simply cannot tell them apart!

Attached: 1200px-Mario-WarioRecolor-SSBBrawl.png (1200x675, 506.47K)

>>523379420That’s technically already the final boss, not to mention bowser himself is a scalie.

>>523379319Gas needs to be gassed.

>>5233764821) It's pronounced the way you think it is.2) It's fury like the emotion, no the shit you're grasping straws about.

>>523379569uh boss, think it's the one on the left

>>523320315I hope it's actually>Bowser Fury being a actual full game ontop of already that is a full game>New unannounced content

Attached: 1523664897801.png (300x303, 50.05K)

>>523379420That's the pun they're going for.

>>523379685>he can't into jap punsAlso look at the teaser, you already see cat trees

>>523379819That’s what I’m hoping for too. Imagine if this is actually two games in one.

>>523379569why are mario's overalls an actual denim texture, but wario's are just plastic?

>>523379819Since it's called "+ Bowser's Fury" and not just Deluxe, I'm fully expecting it to be the size of a DLC expansion.

>>523323801No. Super Mario 3D land Remastered running on the SM3DW engine is on the cartridge. Nintendo is keeping that as a surprise.

Attached: 250px-SM3DL_UScover.png (250x229, 112.73K)

>>523380286I hope that’s on there too

>>523379819I wish I could share your enthusiasm. It feels like the most recent games have been letting the fans build up hype based on pure speculation, and then only delivering the bare minimum expected.

Attached: 1598454456758.png (500x500, 213.98K)

>>523380286nah lmao

>>523380286even if that was a thing, it would've been announced on it already with the boxart already showing the logo of it

>>523380023Not him, but I can. ファーリー is how you say Furry in Japanese, so I dunno what pun you think you're seeing.

>>523379819>>523380382Somebody please put these posts side by side, happy wario and sad mario just fit so well together

>>523379628>>523379878>It's actually an unskippable cutscene of Bowser showing you his 5GB Princess Peach Inflation hentai folder.

>>523380610>They finally actually hired chris chan, but its only for this specific role

>>523321668I loved the games on Wii U, but it’s UI was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Fuck all their attempts to force gamepad use, like changing your WiFi connection.

>>523320789Mario Odyssey was the holiday game for 2017 and it was released in October. Just accept that the Pikmin 3 port is the holiday game and move on.

>>523380453Not just vocal puns user

>>523380023Your whiteboi sensibilities are showing.Japanese phonetics do not work that way.

>>523380867No, I'm talking about japs knowing about puns.

>>523380862It's neither a vocal nor written pun. What fucking pun are you reaching for.

>>523380586>investor metting>>523379819>stock price go up>>523380382>new games go down

>>523380429Show me the official boxart from Nintendo's American or Japanese website


>All of these cat themed ruins and plantsDoes anyone hope that cat people actually show up?

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 2.1M)

>>523380429>boxartWhere is an official photo of the boxart?

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>>523380714>There's a secret boss.>It's Bowser with in Sonichu costume.


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>>523381254What about the back?

>>523381363nothing for the back

>>523380964Japanese puns work on wordplay.Often homophonic words.You're bad at this or at least you're trying to see what isn't there.

>>523381391Exactly. That 4GB jump in size means there is a whole new game in there.

>>523321651This. 3D land/world are absolute masterclass games. Looking forward to 3D World+

>>523381551I think you misread my post. I know how jap puns work, but my post was about how japs also know shitty puns like furry fury

>>523381228>Final level of bowser’s fury comes up, makes you think that they’re going to rehash the final boss again>But this time, bowser takes out a sonichu medalion instead of a super bell and yells “eletric hedgehog power, psshu”>instead of turning into meowser, he just ends up covered in blue and white paint without his shell on with some blue construction paper taped to his headyoutube.com/watch?v=Z1EiG1v7kG4

>didnt even put galaxy 2 in the sizzle reel at the end of the direct???

>>523320987Because Nintendo is not making good progress with their games.

>>523381254>Bowser's Fury covering Blue Toadgood, toads need to know their place is under the royalty of the world

>>523381716Kind of a forced pun, to be honest. Pretty sure one Jap on Twitter =/= Nintendo's intent but whatever.

>>523381254It's so vague. It doesn't even have the punch of the "New Funky Mode" corner on the Tropical Freeze box

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>>523375674>3 more games out besides itDare to dream user


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>>523380382Origami King's was painful.>Dude partners are back>Dude it's the classic battle system with some slide puzzles>Dude weapons don't break>Dude the economy isn't fucked>Dude theres badges>See that blank space on the clear screen? It's EXP dude

>>523381254>>523381929>>523381967I think it's temporary box art before they reveal the new game mode in it's entirety

>>523382728Coming from someone who was one of the cautiously optimistic, it really was

>>523382778when that has been a thing?it's always final in most cases

>>523382728I maintain that anyone who couldn't see the writing on the wall from the start were either shills or complete morons who only saw what they wanted to see.

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>>523382957I mean captain toad had that, which was a spinoff of 3d world

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>>523381179Like the ones cut from super paper mario

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>>523366536Luigi's my 'favorite' but I would switch between all characters every 2-3 levels anyways. Made things more interesting.

>>523320315sung to the tune of young childs show funny sponge: spongebob squarepantsBOW-SERS FURY!BOW-SERS FURY!BOW-SERS FURY!YOO HOOOO, FUUUU-RRRRRRY!

>>523320657I never owned a Wii-U and my Switch is hacked.

>>523320749Can't wait for Cat Wario

>>523344956the Wii U was the perfect addendum to my college roommates ps3 (I also a ps3fat and we used it to play ps2 games)We used it for all kinds of fun party games, mario kart, and netflix. I had pretty much all the exclusives that were worth getting. I really don't get the hate to be honest.

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>>523381179>>523383571> catpeople may be some sort of hidden species mario loreDEEP?

>>523322013>and it was rushed because its platform was changed mid-way through developmentNo it wasn't. Shit and Shite is a fork of the Trash Go engine which was developed from scratch for the Switch. why do you think moves and Pokémon are actually missing? They wee redoing everything like they do constantly but decided not to redo everything since removing shit keeps selling anyway and MAsuda doesn't care if you play the damn things.>TPC infamously thought the Switch would flop.Which has nothing to do with Game Freak in the way you think. TPC handles marketing and the IP which includes side series games and doing shit like copyright takedowns (which is why it's retarded people complain to Nintendo when fan shit gets taken down - the copyright notices always list TPC, not Nintendo since it's the reason TPC was even fucking made so the other three didn't have to handle this shit).Hell, they don't even handle the TCG. That's Creatures. Game Freak owns TPC in majority so what they do or do not believe doesn't mean a fucking thing.Stop making shit up in your head to make Game Freak a victim.Masuda is the one who says ALL of the stupid shit AND he's a board fucking member so besides being producer or director on everything since Crystal he's got fucking clout there. The worst IShillHada has ever said is basically that "we keep removing shit but you keep buying it anyway" when complaints about Trash Go started. And as retarded as the general statement was, he's not exactly wrong now is he?

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>>523328750Todd would be proud.

>>523380382I feel the same way, user. I'm so fucking sick of Switch era Nintendo, shit is so manipulative.

>>523335823>The reason swsh was rushed was for it to release along schedule with the anime and most importantly, the fucking merch/plushies, you know, the things that together account for like 80% of pokemon revenue.Also fucking wrong, retard.The main series hasn't ever been the driving force, nor was a release needed, only development. As I have posted before to you retards:>Mega Mewtwo Y>Hoothoot>Ledyba>Togepi>Bellossom>Marill>Slowking>Snubbull>Donphan>Elekid>Lugia>Ho-oh>Blaziken>Zigzagoon>Wingull>Pelipper>Lotad>Seedot>Shroomish>Azurill>Volbeat>Sharpedo>Wailmer>Kecleon>Duskull>Wynaut>Latias>Latios>Buizel>Bonsly>Mime Jr.>Chatot>Munchlax>Lucario>Mantyke>Weavile>Electivire>Giratina Origin Forme>Shaymin Sky Forme>Manaphy>Woobat>Zorua>Zoroark>Gogoat>Helioptile>Sylveon>Noivern>Magearna>Meltan>Melmetal>And I'm sure I'm probably missing many since I stopped collecting the cards for a good while and stopped watching the movies after Gen 4 and the anime after the second to last series of BW.>Until Gen 5 got rushed out the door they were good at cross promotion like this. It all went to hell like everything else did then though.And TPC gave them their largest out ever. THE ANIME DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT GALAR THIS TIME. They're centered in Kanto and going all over the place. And since they don't give a fuck what region a Pokémon is from to show it in the anime, they literally could've taken years more dev time before the anime needed Galar as a region.Stop defending Game Freak you fucking retards. They only need Pokémon designs which rushing hurts because there is fucking less of them to merchandize! Nothing else they do matters to the rest of the series.Combine that with every retarded interview MASUDA has given for the last 7 years and the problem is clear (though to some extent Ohmori's story and waifu obsession and Turner's designs in general don't help either).

>>523324118Based if true.Therefore is a lie.

>>523333640>>523322614If Wii U is shit, why do you fags scream for its entire collection to be ported over?>Inb4 you were talking about hardwareSTFU you are saying the Wii U is shit because it has shit/no games and yet you fucking beg for its entire collection. Stop trying to rationalize missing out on a good console by acting like you are some master high iq individual that only buys the good consoles.

>>523320315>>523322254Don't worry. Just duplicate data to shorten read/write access time. Guess why modern warfare is nearly 200GB.

>>523322254To be fair, Nsmbu’s port has a bigger file size than the original. but only by 100 MB

>>523320315Assets aren't compressed on disc

>>523348973Yeah, that seemed absolutely crazy to me. I've downloaded Skyrim mods with more GB than the Wii U version.

>>523327192Even 100GB+ games nowadays are compressed to hell and back. It's because of duplicate data.Just like in the early PS3 days they have lots of duplicate models/textures etc. to shorten access time and mitigate loading times because of the bottlenecks.

>>523388896That's completely unneeded on Switch though because it's storage is random access.

>>523381179It's going to be a level that teases Super Mario Odyssey 2.

>>523342027It's better but still not great.

>>523320315>Coming to Switch 12th of Feb '21What the fuck does Nintendo have for the holiday season?Christ, buying a Switch was a fucking mistake. There were a bunch of interesting and unique games close to launch but now it's just Wii U ports I can emulate better on my fucking PC.

>>523340781Imagine Crash Bandicoot's level design/platforming but in a Mario game, plus it's co-op. That's 3D World.

>>523366536Peach of course

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>>523390635This, I don't understand why it's in the Feb

>>523320315a jpg of my cock

>>523380194If you look at some of the offcial renders, the Mario bros have higher quality clothes, while wario and waluigi have cheap fabric on their clothes. Could be intentional in smash too

>G-guys, what's in this Switch version?Poor optimization.

>>523381179>Cat KingdomI hope that's what it is, and that its also in Odyssey 2

>>523382652Lol saved

>>523392154Electric hedgehog power

>>523384893Garfield colors pleeeeaaaase Nintendo