Name a better video game writer

name a better video game writer

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>>520867091that's max payne, not a real personnice try troll


Video games have never had great story.

>>520867091Goichi SudaSam is quite talented though I respect him immensely>>520867173he's not a good writer period

neil drukman

>>520867173>its good because its so fucking retarded


>>520867091Me in the shower

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>>520867173Kojima is a pretentious fraud who sniffs his own farts*MADE BY HIDEO KOJIMA*

he´s not as bad as most writers for vidya, but he did nothing outstanding and quality wise i´d say MP was better than control so maybe he´s over the zenith

>>520867331he's the kanye of video games

>>520867091My mom


>>520867173>vocal chord parasites >mgs3 support team were the philosophers>"I'm fragile but I'm not that fragile"Kojima should need a permit to use a pencil the absolute nonce

>>520867643the fuck is a crowbcat

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>>520867826Some gay youtuber who exposes epic vidya fails oh noes le ubisoft dowgrade :O Hurrrr nooo also todd lied hurrr\!!!! far cry 5 downgrade oh noes!!!! E3 CRINGE SUPERCUT WOWOW XDD

>>520867478Alan Wake had better writing than MP


>>520867884>>520867643dude, relax



>>520867954I can't I'm in a terrible fucking mood

>>520867643faggot post


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>>520867964druckmann is unironically better than most vidya writers, although its a low bar and hes not talented enough to write movies like he clearly wants. Kinda like a western kojima in that way



>>520868216Reported for being underage


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>>520868398Reported for being a pretentious fucking retard who has nothing else in his life so cooms over obscure shit games like Max Payne and then goes apeshit when someone criticizes it in a way you don't agree with because it isn't taking this shit place like le 100% serious business like it is in your fucking head you disgusting reprobate I fucking hate you and hate everything

>>520867091whack him!!

>>520868471you didn't criticise shit, you just been on some xD rampage.

>>520868471Max Payne is extremely famous user

>>520868471How is Max Payne obscure?

>>520867643based mad russkie

>>520868542LE, HURR, XD and the rest of it is legitimate criticism, doesn't matter that you don't like it

>>520868471zoom zoom

>>520868471didn't read lol

>>520868471>Max Payne>obscureliterally one of the most famous video games ever made

>>520867736mgs3 support team were the patriots not the philosophers ok


>>520867091Neil Druckmann

>>520868591It really isn't, you spastic faggot. Sorry that you can't use your actual words of criticism, or maybe they don't exist at all.

>>520868628Yeah famous if you follow le Crowbcat and coom over shit YouTubers with 30k views average unboing the epic Max Payne special edition HURR LE MAX PAYNE 3 BALD ALCOHOLIC SO META AND EDGY LE WEIRD ALT ELECTRO MUSIC BRAZIL FVELA HURR WOW SO COOL AN EDGY PASSSOS NO MIU DEOS EX HURRR WOWOWW

I have never doubted my boy Sammy as far as the writing goes. He's one of the guys in the industry I feel like I can totally rely on.

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>>520868591Inman I understand you might not like the game but saying it's obscure is just not true. It's like saying half life or doom is obscure.

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>>520867643>scandinavianhow dare you

>>520868805Was the Alan Wake the last game you played from him? Control and that time travel thing were shit.


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>>520868778>As of 2011, the Max Payne franchise has sold over 7.5 million copiesDoesn't sound obscure to me. How much has your favorite game sold?

>>520868909quantum break was objectively assyou have your head in your ass if you think control was shit

>>520868778be more subtle next time

>>520868909Nah, Control was. Admittedly I skipped QB, because their idea of time-bending doesn't really interest me, but Control was a fantastic game through and through and I felt like as far as the world-building goes Sam has outdone himself, even if he took a peak at SCP. Can't wait for the Steam release to finally buy it.

>>520868778hey man health is a cool band don't be such a tryhard

>>520867091He isn't the best, but he is one of the most consistently good, that's for sure.

>>520868970The GTA series has sold more than 235 million copies

>>520867173>a doctor became the biggest and strongest soldier of all time in 5 months through hypnosis

>>520868471You must be baiting because this is the first time I've ever seen someone dislike Max Payne. It's one of those objectively good franchises that everyone seems to enjoy, except maybe some criticisms people have for 3.

>>5208691545 games + spin offs vs 3 games. big thunk engaged

>>520869258Max Payne had four games.

>>520869154How do they not run out of ideas?


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>>520869154yes GTA is a fucking massive phenomenon that postdates Max Payneat it's time MP was a big deal and therefore will always be famous in the history of the medium

>>520869360WHACK IM

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>>520869154That's obviously unfair since gta has released several big games on several different platforms, and individually may make more money than some big movie franchises.

>>520869306I don't think the movie counts as a game.

>>520869306lol what ?

>>520868909Quantum Break was fucking great

>>520869316>How do they not run out of ideas?What? GTA SA was the last good GTA game (being kind)

>>520870085how can they make 235 million gamesi would run out of ideas myself maybe they just have a cool sorta tv style writing team where they all spitball ideas at each other that could kinda work perhaps but even so 235 million games is quite a lot i mean there arent even 235 million people in the world?


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>>520870561this is timothy james byrne here in my rented flat in high wycombe, buckinghamshire, todays date is the 13th of august 2020, love boats on the telly and teddy's got the swiper

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>>520870267They run out of ideas.>235 million gamesFIFA, assassin's Creed and cod selling like hot cakes, you're saying they not run out of ideas too?>>520870437Mobile game

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>>520871026i just don't get how a company can make 235 million games

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>Quantum Break>panned for being an xbox one exclusive with a pointless live action gimmick>marred by technical issues on PC>actually great and to this day not enough people played it>Control>panned for being an EGS exclusive >marred by technical issues on all platforms and the fact that you still can't google the game using just its title>actually great and to this day not enough people played itRemedy needs to fucking fix their technology and really fucking think about who they choose to work with.

>>520869202I'm pretty pissed off too at mgs5 because 3 was my favorite and big boss is my bromance