Was he right? Is double jumping truly a bad game mechanic?

Was he right? Is double jumping truly a bad game mechanic?

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>>520864642What's bad about a double jump? Someone care to fill me in?

>>520864642Idk what he said but I think it is in platformers anyway. You could have some cool interesting shit to help aim/orientate yourself like junio sonic in SRB2 where you stop in mid air and shoot yourself in any direction but the lazy fuck way to help the player is double jumping.

>>520864642even somecallmejohnny more interesting then him

>>520864642he's literally never said that

>>520865561to elaborate: he's said he feels like it can encourage lazy level design which is absolutely true

>>520864642Are there any games like Mario that do the double jump only once you hit the floor? Apart from DMC I've always hated when characters can just magic jump in mid air. Floating makes a bit more sense ala Ratchet and Clank but it also doesn't feel as good as a true double jump.

>>520864642>Was he right? Is double jumping truly a bad game mechanic?No. However, I could understand the issue and argument if double-jumping is used in a particular way that can break the natural progression of game-play that utilizes that mechanic.

double jumping can definitely make the game much easier

i don't like this guy or his videos.


>>520866063Probably because the user hates people who like video games.

>>520865751"midair jump" is probably a better term for what you're describing. Mario-style gaining height from successive jumps is a better system.

if a game doesn't have double jump i don't play it

>>520866012why not? he's chill and talks about games that no one else willhowever I will admit that he's got zero charisma and I mostly just use his vids as background noise.

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>>520866063There’s something weird about him that I can’t put my finger on.

>>520864642Double jumping isn't inherently bad, but it absolutely depends on the game's design. It can definitely cheapen platforming somewhat but it's kind of whatever when it comes to say, a character in an action game with more air control or if you find a mobility powerup in some exploration game.

>>520866229>he's got zero charismanah he's quite charming that's literally why most people watch him

>>520866127>>520866063shit's boring.

>>520864642Yeah. It never really adds anything to a 3D platformer.

>>520864642He's cute. That's his charisma.

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>>520864642I think the current trend of disguising e celebrity threads as videogame threads should continue.That being being said I think Nitro is aight. I havent watched everything but not bad.

>>520864642Depends on the genre. For pure platformers, probably, since it's a crutch that drops the skill ceiling like a brick unless you make levels obnoxious to compensate. For non-pure platformers, where platforming is just a side activity to action, stealth or shooting, then it's just a mobility tool that serves as a nice accessory to core gameplay.Arguably collectathons count as non-pure platformers too, since platforming challenges are just a means to an end of exploration and players would be just as satisfied with a regular environment to fuck around in.

>>520866523he's balding brother soon the cuteness will dissipate

This guys a pussy faggot

>>520864642I dont know much about this dude but he looks like an adult version of Dave Strider which makes him okay in my book.

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>>520865484it is the most basic and assumptive power in a sidescrolling platformer

>>520866180i dont think it is better, you need a run way to pull off the third jump

Nitrochad is based one of the few reviewers i still watch. Framerater is also based.

>>520864642Based Newfie

>>520866180Ok, thanks for autistically clarifying. They're both fall under the umbrella of double jump though. Now answer my question please. Do you know of any games that do double jump similarly to Mario? I ask because I agree that that is the best way to do it.

>>520867329I want to argue semantics with you for an hour or so, that is not a double jump, and midair jump is extra af


It all depends on how the game is built. Double Jumps are simply a form of course correction is all. They don’t inherently make the platforming better or worse

>>520864642Lol he's the guy that had a cameo in the game Heartbeat, he was happy about the cameo, tweeted about it and reviewed the game.Then he found out about the devs being transphobes and he removed the tweet and took down the review.

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>>520865484it covers up shitty controls and level design

>>520866189>I don't play mariocool shit taste bro

>>520865484Did you play A Hat in Time? Do you remember a single jump that didn't require double jump? If so, then why bother with double jumps?

>>520864642Who the fuck is this and why does he look like a Calart drawing?

>>520867428wasn't it the lead devs girlfriend? who wasn't even on the team.

>>520867428the best part is that the devs were lesbians

>>520867428What. Sounds like something a Holla Forumsmblr would do.

>>520867753with social justice, you lose

>>520865484His main criticism of double jumps is that they trivialize the platforming and that all of the best platformers do with only one jump and I completely agree with him. Mario, Sonic, and Wario all do their thing with one jump and in most cases they have different maneuvers to perform to get to other areas. The limitation of one jump for a character comes with better designed levels and better feeling controls since double jumps just don't feel natural IMO.

>>520867428>>520867753>>520867428>>520864642Five Australian dollars on this guy being exposed as a sexual predator online like most male feminists.

>>520866361Yeah because you don’t have any interest in video games you just chose it as a hobby because you didn’t want to get into weightlifting because you might start to question your sexuality.

am i supposed to know who this is

>>520867947Yes. Starts with N and ends with R

>>520867778>Sounds like something a Holla Forumsmblr would do.He made a video defending Canadian cartoons yet half the cartoons he listed are french, American and British.

>>520864642Why the fuck would anybody listen to or watch another human being talk about games. You can just play the games yourself and form your own opinion.

>>520868057Definitely Holla Forumsmbler.

>>520868057>french, American and British...so they're Canadian?

>>520867934Sonic recently added a double jump

>>520867428has the review been reuploaded somewhere?

>>520868080what else am I suppose to watch while I'm eating?

The point of a jump is to reach a point in space. A double-jump allows you recompensation for a misjudged jump arc. It is objectively good game design.

>>520868221Cooking shows

>>520868080Why are you in a place where people sometimes talk about videogames.

>>520868057>defendingI thought he was just reminiscing about the cartoons he grew up with?

>>520868135Sonic doesnt exist past the genesis

>>520868418So I can tell people with different opinions they are lame and tell people with the same opinions they are cool

>>520868221Darksydephil streams

>>520868221Youtube poops

>>520868189Not that i know of

>>520868135Yes, as a crutch for shitty physics and level design. I'm not against the double jump on principle but in Sonic's case right now it is absolutely there to cover up lazy/bad design.

>>520868135Sonic had double-jump as early as Sonic 3. As a power-up.


>>520867405OK fine. Double jump is a term for any extended height you can gain after the initial jump. Whether that be in mid-air or from the ground is irregardless of the fact the jump is doubled up. You must perform one to initiate the other.

>>520868657This user's right

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>>520868221AoE2 matches

Good games with double jumps>Crash Bandicoot>Jak and Daxter>Tak and the Power of Juju 1 and 2>Spongebob BfBB and the movie

>>520867934counterpoint:Valdis Story: Abyssal City has double jumps, but loads and loads of jumps can be made if you do them Pixel perfect leading to early powerups and shortcuts. At first the jumping felt really shitty and sluggish to me, but once I got into the game I fucking loved it.

I think he does a swell job at keeping his game reviews mostly clean and free of cussing, though he's slipping on this in recent videos. He doesn't overreact and put on a character, nor does he exaggerate details and how awful a game is. He mainly keeps things positive and uses his platform to suggest hidden gems, obscure games, and good retro games people would miss.He's knows how to go in for what he needs, and leaves when necessary.He takes a little too much influence from the Eric Andre show though with his humor, but his April Fools episodes are pretty good despite the heavy imitation.I'd say his one downside is that he breaks neutrality and gets political, such as the current fiasco, where he made this after he was added to the TRAITORS OF AMERICA meme list. Bad move imo, I unfollowed him soon after. I rather see him stay clean of this stupid shit like most of his videos have been.

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>>520867428Is the game any good? I bought it to spite sjws

>>520867428>Then he found out about the devs being transphobes and he removed the tweet and took down the review.lol what a pussy

>>520864642hell no, you NEED a double jump. single jumping is backwards, archaic, and plebeian

Double jumps add more mobility and more mobility is a positive a solid 90 percent of the time.

>>520867937lol what

>>520864642It's not an inherently interesting or fun mechanic but it works fine for course correction or making the player do a tiny bit more work to reach a platform. Apart from a few games I can't think of many 3D platformers without some kind of midair correction in place. Even later Mario games had things like the fludd, or the midair spin, or the hat throw.

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>>520864642Yes because it's a lazy way to traverse space. Think about all the moves in a game like Mario, every jump has some level of skill required and provides a specific way to traverse space. Double jumping is free, invalidates skill and forces level designers to take it into account which leads to environments that need to be more spaced out to account for the fact that you can get extra air any time you want for free or else the game would just be way too boring.

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super ghouls and ghosts has the most satisfying double jump.

>>520866291He was a heavy user of early tumblr, he once cosplayed Batter from OFF, and a lot of the posters on his back wall are prints he'd buy at conventions of RPG maker games like Yume Nikki and games inspired by it.He's got that kind of history behind him that radiates a weird aura because he went on to be somewhat successful enough unlike most losers on tumblr.

>>520866523Omg when he wars the silent Hill 2 jacket

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I like that his reviews are upbeat even when the game isn't necessarily good. Refreshing to watch someone critique something without being dramatic and saying it's the worst shit since aids. That said I don't watch all his reviews just the ones that interest me.

>>520866627It will evolve into badassery.

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>>520864642Not on it's own but it promotes lazy level design.

>>520869359>he once cosplayed Batter from OFFYou say that like there's something inherently wrong with that. Maybe I'm projecting.



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>>520869549>>520869723Why are they so bald?

>>520869723Looks better.

>>520869549>cant even grow facial hairfeel bad for the bro at least he won't look like basedjak i guess

>>520869685Not saying it to say that there's something wrong with it, just to kind of exemplify what type of person he is; one of fandom culture. He at least keeps his interests however many years pass, unlike most fandom culture zombies who consume and move to greener pastures.

>>520864642Double jumping isn't bad in itself.It just encourage lazy and uninspired level-design most of the time.

i don't know what arguments he used because i don't watch him, but yes, double jump is a lazy mechanic

>>520867520>it covers up shitty controls and level designIf that fag in OP said that he's 100% wrong. Not surprising, since he's not a game designer and is clearly massively ignorant on the subject.What it all comes down to execution. Anything can be bad if done poorly.

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>>520867630There's some seal the deal levels that require perfectly timed double jumps after a dive, although I suppose that's actually a recovery from a dive and not a double jump. Double jump is used after wall runs to get most height though, where if you were to jump into a wall and run up it, then wall jump off you can do the double jump afterwards in order to get on top of the wall you've pushed yourself away from.

>>520869794They were born that way. Then they grew hair. Then someone shooped it off.

>>520868948>he made this after he was added to the TRAITORS OF AMERICA meme listThe favorite thing about the meme is everything about the list was proven true. We already seeing corporations and democrats trying to distance themselves from BLM after the riots, looting and attempts to bring Chaz into other cities.

>>520869848After knowing someone who would play games constantly but completely forget about most aspects of them 2 weeks afterwards, I'm genuinely all for fandom people, even if some parts will be inherently cringy.

>>520864642I don't care, double jumping is fun.

>>520870005It wasn't the rioting, looting, or chaz, it was actually because a muslim group "hijacked" the movement to promote antisemitic criticisms of Israel.Also the 18 minutes of police cam footage that confirmed he resisted arrest for like 18 minutes while clearly on meth.

>>520864642He says double jumps are bad yet ranked Forces, a game with a double jump, higher than Unleashed

>>520864642>Couldn't just make a thread about double jumpingTo be fair, even if you had some cunt would likely show up and find some way to shitpost about him anyway.You're still a faggot though.Also no, it's not inherently bad, devs just do a poor job designing around it.

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>>520865543Never watched Nitrorad but I really find this hard to believe. Johnny's videos are like watching a 6th grade book report.

>>520870102Yeah I'd just call those true fans, the weird/cringe type of fans you formerly mentioned are more akin to the Tumblr fandom types; kids who are super awkward, use games, cartooms, and anime to forge their entire personality, only to forget it ever existed 2 weeks later when its inevitably replaced by the next big thing.

Some form of Double jumping is pretty much required in 3D games with any serious platforming, it's truly not the most elegant design solution, but the fun factor it adds and the frustration it prevents more than makes up for it.

>>520864642I'm not an ADHD ridden zoomer retard, so I don't know who this is or what they said. That aside, there's no argument to be made against double jumping except "Yeah, well what if the devs do everything wrong and the level design doesn't support it well?" which is completely fucking retarded because you can apply that to every mechanic ever.

>>520864642Literally who? Has he ever developed a successful game? Double jump is FUN, and FUN is a word you absolutely should use while developing video games unless you want people to hate your hot garbage.

>>520870168>it was actually because a muslim group "hijacked" the movement to promote antisemitic criticisms of Israel.Other words the same shit that happen in the 70s. There a reason why schools only teach MLK and quickly black panther disappeared

>>520870005Are you surprised? Holla Forums is usually proven right given enough time.

>>520870352The worst variety that I've seen of this are the fucks who spend those 2 weeks bullying or raising harassment campaigns against content creators, because they do something they dislike.

Who's your favorite toober, Holla Forumsros?

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stopping by your off topic eceleb to laugh at you and also to make fun of that haircut hahahahaha holy shit

Fuck E-celebs and fuck politics, nothing wrong with double jump

>>520870686To be i am little surprised there not a black Holla Forums sub culture considering blacks commit the most antisemitic hate crimes. Than again BLM already a hate group as it is. Considering they have a habit of targeting other minority groups like latinos and asians.

>Listening to a white nazi

If i recall, nitrorad's point is that adding a double jump to a game that didn't have a lot of thought put into, say, the distance between platforms, removes challenge and makes the game boring to play because in a 3d platformer, running and jumping is 90% of the challenge and is 100% of what everything is built around. It's why he also rails against combat focused sections and combat mechanics that are either: too far developed when something more mundane does the job just as well, or when enemies are beefed up forcing the player to spend more time flailing against themit all reflects poor designall in all, he alright.

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>>520871096/pol/ is already arguably a black Holla Forums subculture if you've seen any of their meetups.

>>520870168This still doesn't make action of those officers good. Why they didn't just put him in cuffs after pinning him? What they were trying to achieve? They already had him in car at one point, why take him outside?

>>520871178That's something for investigators to fumble their way through, not the court of public opinion.

>>520868948how is that meme politicalit's literally just making fun of a retard who posted a retarded thing on the internet

>>520871313he like all other creators were promoting you know what, that picture was honestly just the cherry on top.


>>520871178I feel like the Queensland sky sections in Alice: Madness Returns are emblematic of this. The game has a double jump and gliding, so every single jump is spaced out to be as ridiculously long as possible.