Unity Bows to SJWs

Remember when Holla Forums made a widely used hand sign into a hate symbol? Tech companies are still falling for it. The following screenshot is from the invite only publisher forum of the Unity game engine asset store, where staff and publisher discuss issues relating to the release of assets. Sadly most archive websites I tried don't work with pages you have to be logged into so if anyone knows a better way to do this let me know and I'll post the full thread.Here's a quick rundown: >be 3d artist>make caricature models of politicians>release it as asset on Unity Asset store>obvious caricatures so no one cares>from WW2 leaders to modern figures>Hitler doing the sieg heil is one of them>based capitalism doing it's job>no one in the staff complains>out of nowhere>some SJW reports a nigel farage model>staff instantly shit pants and remove it>justification for removal is the inclusion of the OK hand sign>staff locks discussion thread where other asset publishers are pointing out how ridiculous the situation is>some claim this is just a one off against this guy because he got salty about it but post has been edited by mod so impossible to knowBut why stop at game assets? Fuck it, let's remove this hand symbol from literally any form of entertainment that exists. Movies, games, comics, hey even novels too. "John quickly signaled OK with his right hand" fuck outta here with this racist shit, his RIGHT hand??? Obvious dog whistle.

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Reply by staff can be seen here, and this is a video of the animation in question : youtube.com/watch?v=ZUpuHT6y0ag

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>>520864236let's not have anything that can offend anyone ever, for max profit.Sigh if any of these worrywarts even understand human nature it's that bitches love outrage... that's how you make a profit, not by neutering your shit

>Group of racists start using common hand gesture to troll the media>Media picks up and reports on it>Racists continue to use the gesture, this time nonironically>Companies start to ban the gesture>Racists outraged :o

>>520864236Our new world order is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

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>>520864653Racism is free speech

>>520864236>Remember when Holla Forums made a widely used hand sign into a hate symbol?Fun fact. That made in HBO watchmen. In fact it the symbol of KKK illuminati that mind control blacks to commit violent crime.

>>520864653So that's the meme they put in your brain to make you self censor the victory sign. It's amazing how something so convoluted got added to the program so easily.

>>520864510he is literally mansplaining in that clip

>>520864653Same racist probably going to get holocaust memorial label as white supremacy because it ignores people of color one day.

>>520864653I had no idea it was racist to post 3D models of politicians doing widely used hand gestures user. At last I see my own moral failings.

>>520864236>>520864510Are these people retarded, it's not like he's flashing it like a gang-sign it's very obviously being used as a hand-gesture use for when talking. People do this shit all the time.

fucking Am*rica

>>520864719Free to speak, not free from consequences.

>>520864736Is it really consequences if you just repeat some prayer that excuse your violent urges to kill people at random?

>>520864653There really is nothing beyond Holla Forumss reach.

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>>520864825and fuck wh*te ppl

>>520864653What kind of person gets upset by shit like this? Don't they have a life?

>it's another americans thinks they're the center of the universe and have moral superiority over everybody else episode

>>520864736>>520864860please tell that to the women shouting "women's rights" in muslim countries.

>>520864236i don't fucking carei don't ever buy unity games because they are all thrash

>>520864653sureand that one hispanic truck driver that got cancelled and fired doing one completely unrelated gesture is obviously racist

>>520864918>Don't they have a life?Being upset is their life.

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>>520864918Not me, but content hosting companies work on a different way, the real problem is people using this unironically, doing the emoji on twitch when a black person is on, things like that.

>>520864728>KKK illuminati that mind control blacks to commit violent crime.I love how SJW and Holla Forums throw around dog whistling when woke Media tend to low key say blacks are violent. Even lovecraft county on HBO blame black on black Violences on racist magic

>>520864965we are and we do

>>520864681>Obama is a white supremacist The new world over was dead before it ever started.

>>520864236And what exactly do you want us to do about it? Only Indies use Unity to begin with anyway, they can just use a thumbs up if they're super autistic about it anyway, or use another fucking engine.

>>520865059i hope niggers burn your country down to ash

>>520865002>>520865086What makes you guys think SJWs are gonna stop with Unity and indie developers? Your game companies are literally all bowing to China lmao. Doesn't take much political influence to get them to follow your command when you pretend to be outraged at everything. Throw a fake tantrum and write a email sending bot and you can have any game taken down in a couple days. I'm not asking anyone to do anything about it. I'm just raising awareness to the fact that this happened.

>>520864871>until the rest of society won't go anywhere near that shitI wish I still believed like I did back then

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>>520864681but user that doesn't count, according to l*ftoids black people/poc cannot be racist

>>520865210>Throw a fake tantrum and write a email sending bot and you can have any game taken down in a couple days. Unless it's an SJW game like tlou then it's suddenly hate speech.

I am utterly baffled that Holla Forums's greatest hoax has had this much impact.The fuck is wrong with the world? Don't feed the trolls.

>>520865086>they can just use a thumbs upUse it while you can.

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>>520865050Thank you. Holla Forums does have cuck mods. there only a few Holla Forums users are Holla Forumsmblr but they got the backing of cuck mods. Holla Forums in the another is the true leftists board that spams reddit circle jerking and redlettermedia memes


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>>520864653How does it feel to be an easily manipulated pussy who sways like sea grass?

What kind of person would use videogames to make white supremacist hand gestures?

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>>520864653>Holla Forums makes stupid meme to troll you>you fall for itYou're the retard in this equation.

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>wh*te people screech at police brutality>but turn a blind eye on China's crimes to Uyghurs muslims


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>>520864837okay kike

>>520865279>Don't feed the trollsThat stopped being the case once the internet became accessible to everyone. Social media did the rest by giving people the means to equate the virtual space with real life. Whatever you say now online has the same impact as saying it in real life. It's totally absurd for anyone with above room temperature iq, but that's sadly what it is.

>>520865279>Holla Forums's greatest hoaxhello tourist friend, hope you've found the last four years enjoyable

>>520865210Except only Indie devs are pussy enough to listen to these faggots to begin with. It's also why you should never trust Kikestarter shit, it gives SJWs influence over the game since they've invested money, as opposed to regular investors who only care about profit and not morals.

>>520864510>>520864236Mah Ess Jay Dubyus.

>>520864236assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/humanoids/humans/politicians-mega-pack-111079You guys have got your €222 Politician megapack, right?

>>520865467You have work to do my resetera friend, his hitler model is still up and... look at that promo material!

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>>520865406lmao that's just the classic "made you look" hand sign popularized by niggers.

>>520865287I knew Todd was based.

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>>520865467kill yourself mutt

>>520865467>Cancel Culture isn't real bro!

>>520865628>white>blonde>blue shirt since dot eyesHow could I not see this before?

Make the black power fist into a "racist" symbol, would be funny

>>520865587How the fuck did we get to litteral, actual depictions of a real historical nazi being completely fine while some british cunt making a hand gesture is totally over the line and is now hate speech? I blinked and missed it I think.

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>>520864837No, that's literally what freedom of speech is about. You fucking mong.

>>520865695>whiteIt>blondeJust>blue shirt since dot eyesWorks

>>520865748>Make the black power fist into a "racist" symbol, would be funnyIt already stolen from fascist Italy to begin with.

>>520865467>just shut up goyim censorship is good

>>520864837>not free from consequencessocial consequences you fucking retard. You can be ignored or made fun of or anything else for saying whatever you want. Jailing anyone for saying anything is absurd, even if you don't agree with it.

>>520865586Of coursestreamable.com/2zt0l6https://streamable.com/2zt0l6https://streamable.com/2zt0l6https://streamable.com/2zt0l6

>>520865587>>520865679>>520865689>>520865910Mah Ess Jay Dubyus and Basedny. Soì boi. It's all Juice and if hot disagree you are Juice.

>>520865748>Make the black power fist into a "racist" symbol, would be funnyConsidering black already stole the history of native Americans, Japanese and russia. we wuz Nazis and Hitler was black trying to take Europe back from whitey probably not far off.

>>520865823No no, he doesn't like you so now he gets to legally kill you. That's free speech

>>520865979brain fried golem

And here.i was, literally deciding what engine to use. Later Unity, don't let the door hit your axe wound.

>>520865979kill yourself mutt

>>520865815I know it's mind blowing user, the adl also says the sieg heil is a hate symbol so I guess this asset is still up only because no one reported it yet. Guess a remainer made the report? idk much about brit politics.


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>>520865979>attempt to make fun of anons>just makes himself look like a tard


>>520865979>Am*rican """education"""

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>>520865979söy overflow is causing a malfunction in this bot

>>520864653Trying to ban minuscule shit like this is retarded and only gives it more power the more you take it seriously. Only mentally ill crybabies on the internet cares about this shit because a few edgelords started using that hand gesture. This country is such a fucking joke.

>>520864681you mean black dicks with white asses?

>>520865287make it happen please, this will be awesome.


>>5208659508/10 you should add a green tint to infected people but would still play

>>520866759There is a green tint to the infected actually it just starts subtle and I didn't really stare at someone in the video. But if you look it's there.

>>520866750I think that's miss(ter) literally wu

>>520865815put really really bottom of the barrel stupid people in positions of censorship basicallythe sort of concentrated stupid you can only learn in college pursuing the soft sciences

>>520865287Would companies really be dumb enough to fall for this?

>>520866823then that's a 10/10 release this as is and I guarantee you'll make money until someone gets mad and the game is removed from steam

>>520866029>we wuz Nazis and Hitler was black trying to take Europe back from whiteyI beg your pardon.What the fuck

>>520866932>Would companies really be dumb enough to fall for this?Do I really have to say it?

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>>520866932>Would companies really be dumb enough to fall for this?this was literally the exact same rationale that started the okay hate sign psyop

>>520864653i hope "white supremacists" start using the gay flag.

>>520864236Oh, no, not the asset store. That thing that only good unity devs nab character assets from.

Why are you idiots upset about this? Isn't this what you wanted?

>>520867295there's lots of good stuff on there. shitty caricatures are completely, and utterly worthless.

>Tech companies are still falling for it.Falling for what? There's nothing to fall for. A bunch of racists and/or shitposters made a racist shitpost that they would use this symbol to communicate their racism to one another. It's like the swastika. It was a perfectly tame religious symbol in India and shit until the nazis got a hold of it. Now it is tainted in the minds of the public because it reminds them of a specific group of assholes. You can do it with anything. If you're a big enough asshole, people will react to it. It's not any form of gullibility on their part. They just don't want to be associated with assholes.


>>520867146/pol/ beat you to that thought by about six years

>>520864653Shit bro, just found out that racists unironically breathe, we better stop.

>>520867393>They just don't want to be associated with assholes.By this logic. Tech companies would break ties with BLM years ago.

I love how 14 year old internet activists have done more to push people back into sanity than any right wing party has

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can we turn being jewish into a symbol of white supremecy so we can ban all of them

>>520867323Upset? No, I think this shit is hilarious. The meme was created so reactions like this would happen and prove you could create a hate symbol out of thin air. The next step is to make more hate symbols in the exact same fashion.

>>520867339There might be, but I find it hard to take a game seriously that can't even be fucked to make their own characters or enemies.

>>520864653>you can only feels stupid for being tricked if you stop and self-reflect!

>>520867546Jews are the final boss user we can't start there. Gotta take down the underlings first.

>>520867393>You can do it with anythingThat's the joke. You not getting it is the best part about it.

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>aha, let's deliberately appropriate this symbol and get people to ban it, that'll make them look crazy!>oh, what the fuck? they banned it, they can't do that!

>>520866938I assume it's VR by the looks of it and let me tell you those polygon assets make me throw up because they're so ugly AND overused everywhere.

>>520867146They tried it was an epic fail.

>>520867647>meanwhile joe normalfag starts wondering if the ADL might actually be full of shit

>>520864653And people say 4chan isn't shifting to the left. Within 3 years, this site will be full of unironic SJWs. >>520864236Companies turn SJW because it's profitable. Most people are SJW or passively support SJW shit.

>>520867146Was tried. The problem is that if something already has a strong political meaning, it's harder to move it away from it then with something that is neutral in that regard. The OK sign had not political meaning in any part of the world so it was incredibly easy to imprint one on it no matter how nonsensical it might seem. Shit like Thumbs Up or a Handshake would be ideal next targets.

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>>520867592as an indie dev, i use the asset store for things like rocks, trees, and random bullshit that doesn't matter, then i re-texture, or edit them. i make all my own characters.

>>520867647the point is censorship is bad and we should make fools of those who censor

>>520864236why can't the nazis ever win 1? First ww2 and now this

>>520867747Joe normalfag gets fired for his job and is replaced by an 80 iq nigress and a pajeet while he eats shit and dies of a drug overdose. Literally no one is questioning the ADL or SPLC. Progressivism is here to stay.

>>520864653did you know that racists breathe air and drink watermaybe you should stop doing it, you don't wanna be a racist do you?

>>520867785that's because since February we've been getting raided non-stop by leftists who hop from board to board to "colonize" them and attack and derail anything that isn't politically correct until they're forced deleted by mass reporting and then they move to the next board

>>520864794>holocaust memorial taken down because it celebrates how efficient whites are at genocide

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Stupid SJWs, how dare they censor our games! Make sure you vote for Trump this November, to stop this crusade against our video games!youtube.com/watch?v=PHboVKpGiaU

>>520864236He knew what he was doing when he made a 3D model of an alt-right demagogue. Don't buy this shit for a second.

>>520864236>Jews endorse SJWsWhat else is new?

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>>520864236why are polshit threads allowed on every board despite the fact that they're objectively killing site traffic? Does gookmoot think an American election bump every 4 years is gonna sustain this flaming pile of shit site? Its already clearly going to be a much smaller uptick this year than in 2016 while monthly traffic continues to decline and the boards continue to slow

>>520867895You're trying too hard, you don't come off as genuinely blackpilled3/10 needs improvement

>>520867978And it's working. That alongside the influx of newniggers from twitter will permanently turn this site into what something awful is now.

>>520868076>thread about game engine and game development>on the video games board>"how is this allowed?"

>>520864837Fuck off lib nigger kike chink faggot

>>520867970Wow never heard that one before

>Banning fingers for moving a few inches.

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>>520868078You must have brain damage. Stop posting.>>520868076It would be nice if companies took the initiative and stopped being political but alas.

>>520868076 If less site traffic means fewer faggots and rebbiters then that's good. Now get the fuck out of here


>>520868228You signed a contract, get fucked chud.

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>>520868076/pol/ boomers are the only people too stupid to block ads

thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/502975-california-man-fired-over-alleged-white-power-sign-says-he-was>Cafferty, who is Mexican American, told the outlet that he was just cracking his knuckles outside of the window and had no idea that the gesture could have a racist intent.LOL

>>520864510>company jargonWhy they always write so much, saying so little? No one is impressed, and it works counter to their PR really.

>>520868301Q taught them about ublock origin

>>520868076>4chan population will not exponentially increase for all timeoh noooooo that sucks :(go fuck yourself

>>520864653This is why you are laughed at

>>520865979I bet it thinks it is clever.

>>520868297I have literally no idea what that sentence means.

>>520864837Okay then why is it called FREE Speech Einstein?

>>520864837This always gets parroted at it's wrong

>>520868228index finger removal on birth when?

>>520868297>uses socialist catchphraes while making libertarian arguments

>>520864653Based baitposter

>>520868350No shit, only leftwing nutjobs think it's a hate symbol

>>520865029Can't believe scuba divers and italian cooks were white supremacy groups all this time.

>>520868517chef boyardee was grand wizard

>>520868363It's a response made out of copy pasted phrases up until the middle part, then more pasta. One of my favorite part is in the top pasta where he literally says "we will change what your post said in order to keep this forum like we want it". At least on here you get (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) when you trigger mods, not straight up rewritting of your posts where you can't see the original.

>>520864510The SJWs won the culture war and there is nothing you can do about it. Adapt or get banned from everywhere including here, eventually.

>>520866932All you have to say is DA RACISTS started using thumbs up after everyone caught on about the ok symbol

>>520864837You parrot that, but you don't even know if that means anything.

>>520868228Wow it's almost like that kind of reductionist logic can be applied to literally anything.>it's illegal to move your fingers a few inches onto someone's genitals>woooow

>>520864236why is it always lefty brits ruining the freedoms of others?

>>520868517blacks can't swim, of course racists are drawn to scuba diving

>>520868593you can't censor the truth tranny

>>520868646the eternal anglo

>>520867785Yes that is why Trump got in. Because people passively are SJW.

>>520868615arranging your own fingers isnt the same as touching someone else you fucking retard

>>520868615But my fingers are just in the air

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>>520868646Because most brits and burgers are lefties so companies try to appeal to them. It's not like right-wingers are capable of boycotting anyway. Why do you think shit games like LoL keep being so popular despite being able to steal all the money you spent on the game for calling someone a faggot? And Holla Forums will defend this because it's left wing.>>520868695Clearly you can.>>520868747Demographics are destiny. There's less boomers than in 2016 and zoomers can vote this time around.

>>520868823an (((agent))) is already heading to your location user. run.

>>520864918Bitches love to bitch.

>>520868253you can deny you're paid shilling all you want, but you'll never make it the truth

>>520868301>It's the underage!!>N-No wait! It's the boomers!!!!Lmao take your meds

>>520868615>comparing touching yourself in non lewd manner to raping someoneIs this the peak intellect?

>>520868297What the fuck does chud even mean?

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>>520868593>won in few cities in a country that soon doesn't matter:)))))

>>520868593Yet they're still crying out. Doesn't sound like winners to me

>>520868957it means "I get all my opinions from chapo traphouse. being politically aware is very new to me."

>>520868076>muh traffic

November is going to be wild you guys have no idea

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>>520868842Nigga, do you honestly think Zoomers aren't in on this shit? Millenials are the main sjw crowd

>>520868997I really want to see how bad things will go if they actually defund the police anywhere.

All trannies deserve horrific deaths.

>>520868593Winners until their Chinese overlords destroy and annex the country

>>520868887Retards come in all ages.

>>520869085No seriously, what's it stand for? Is it used as a response to Chad?

>>520869027>a few citiesAnd the entire corporate world. >>520869042You don't let go of the gas pedal until you've reached the finish line.>>520869148You're retarded. Zoomers are more SJW than millennials. Zoomers are more pro-BLM and are the only group who supported as a majority for the redskins to change their name because it was racist. GenZ isn't even majority white.>>520869191Meanwhile you'll be dead.

>>520869191Never rely on the Chinese for anything besides inflicting mass starvation on themselves

>>520869205Then stop blaming one generation you mouth breather.

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>>520869243>few american corporations that don't really do anything:))))))))))))

>>520869216it stands for Cuck Hick Underage Drumpftard

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so a picture like this could get me lynched on social media today?the world is getting too kooky for me man, I can't keep up.I'm looking forward to see what other ways Holla Forums can influence reality

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>>520869170they already did that did Detroit and Baltimore

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>>520869243If you don't think Holla Forums was filled with underage zoomers in 2016, then you're in for a rude awakening

>>520869170NYC has already imploded in on itself. Seattle MIGHT be able to salvage themselves but I doubt it.And Chicago? lmao we don't talk about Chicago.

>>520869303The zoomers might be dumb but they should still know to block ads.

>>520869216CHUD was this old B horror movie about these creatures that dwell in the sewers and the term is used to refer to maga people

>>520869426After seeing Chicago's mayor I think Lovecraft was onto something

>>520869332You're kidding right? Sounds like a kids with tourettes just sneezed

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>>520869426I love how our media keeps silent about these things. I think they haven't even mentioned the yellow jackets from France.

>>520869314Oh yeah. Getting banned from Paypal or mastercard for being right wing doesn't do anything. Being banned on patreon or gofundme for being right wing doesn't take away your ability to get funding or donations. Being banned from youtube or twitter doesn't take away your ability to speak your opinions or get people to know you and your content.You are too stupid to live.>>520869394/pol/ is one small board on a site that's not even on the top 500 of alexa rankings. If you want to talk numbers, twitter is far bigger than Holla Forums and it's full of zoomers who repeatedly say "kill all whites, communism now". Retard.

>>520869339Well we all know Buddhists uses swastikas so it's only natural.

>>520869436Zoomers don't even know how to pirate properly. Most of them were taught the internet by parents that don't understand it themselves

>>520869562>>520869339They're called the Based Buddha Boys

>>520869332More like sneed and seed, formerly known as chud. :)))))>>520869552>paypal and mastercardProofs? :))))>patreonlmao who cares.Protip: didn't read further :)))))))

its a movie.

Attached: MV5BNzVlODkxY2Yt[email protected]._V1_UY1200_CR72,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg (630x1200, 152.74K)


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>>520869480Why are the left so uncreative? They always have to take from other shit>>520869552and yet Holla Forums managed to make the big ol Twitter bots stop using the ok symbol

>>520869339>>520869562>Bhuddists are time-travelling fascists. So much is explained by this simple revelation.

>>520869628>:)))))sudoku yourself

>>520869552>>520869628Patreon just got completely fucked in court and will have to shell out a gorillion dollars for arbitration fees, might actually kill the platform

daily reminder the vast majority of the world's homophobes and anti-semites are muslims

>>520869552do people unironically believe this shit?> banning you from publishing a newspaper wont prevent you from spreading the truth> you can still have underground meetings> maybe

>>520869714;)>>520869743God I wish. Because of shit like patreon emulation scene has come to an halt. Stupid paypigs and human greed.

>>520869704>Why are the left so uncreative? They always have to take from other shit>What are memes?

>>520869787Sounds based but they're also violent retards and they probably hate video games so no thanks

>>520869426SEAmonkey here. What's happening to New York?I'm not really following the shitshow in amerimutt land right now.

>>520869628>proofsStefan Molyneux, David Icke, Laura Loomer, and more.You failed.>>520869704Wow one small prank vs getting completely blacklisted from most of the internet. Nice ! >>520869743Patreon fucked itself because they were retards. That's still only one company though. Gofundme and paypal will be a-ok and they will keep banning wrong thinkers

Blame Holla Forums for this shit. They're the ones that wanted to see if they could get the Ok sign seen as a white supremacy symbol and it fucking worked.

>>520869704lol yeah the right creates all of its own shit and doesnt take anything from movies

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>>520869802isnt the underground press in deus ex mk ran by their joke alex jones caricature radio host? this game is a warning to all of us.

>>520869787>middle east>asia>northern "EU"Sounds like based to me.>>520869890Who? :))

>>520868593out of all the years ive been using this shithole, people like you are the most pathetic. people that play devils advocate just to bait people. you're such a fucking faggot, take my reply but ill celebrate when you inevitable kill yourself soon. you are more of a loser than any neet with no future could ever be.

>>520864653>racists outragedI hate niggers and I think this shit is hilarious. I never participate in Holla Forums's Holla Forums-tier ebin raids and faggy activist shit, so I can't really speak for them, but I'm pretty sure this was exactly their intent. They trolled the media and a select few mouthbreathing useful idiots into thinking one of the mostly widely used and universal hand gestures is somehow "racist" and a "hate symbol". I bet there are far more PC twitter trannies like you that are aware of its "use as a hate symbol" than there are actual white supremacists who know about it. Now retarded politically correct leftists poop their pants whenever they see it, even though 99.99% of the time its totally innocuous and there's zero "intent" behind it. The end result is that the leftists freaking out about it look like complete clowns (which is what they are) to anyone who is sane and has an IQ above room temperature. What's next? Milk? Water? You gonna stop breathing oxygen because white supremacists do? Do us all a favor.

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>>520869243>the entire corporate world.The entire corporate world couldn't stop Trump from being President

>>520869961NEETchad here, thanks for the complement senpai.

>>520869884Long story short - the mayor and governor are both paint sniffing cockmonglers. Incompetent fuckwads.

>>520869802You do realize underground meetings is how commies and nazis consolidate power right?

>>520870014>What's next? Milk? Water?Holla Forums tried both of these and they were not successful.

>>520870014It just shows how sheltered life average american really lives. Or at least these "open minded traveled SJWs". I bet most of them haven't ever even left the city block they live in.

>>520869895>yeah don't blame the sjw infestation, blame the pranksters!>>520869802 Most people don't care because again, most people side with the sjws.>>520870023And they ramped up the partisan ship and censorship after he won to make sure he doesn't win again.

>>520864236Unity is the engine of choice for the ANTIFA SJWs.Look at the majority of SJW indie trash games that come out


Attached: Screenshot_2020-08-13 The Troubling Link Between Milk And Racism.png (1080x169, 25.36K)

>>520870132>m-most people side with sjwsweird cope

>>520869704Chud in particular was a result of years of desperate search for an insult that doesn't offend anyone.If anyone on Holla Forums took the time to watch the movie they'd probably find a way to convince lefties it's an ableist slur or whatever and have them drop it.

>>520869909>matrixYou do realize its from Total Recall right? and lol at retard leftard thinking the right stole from movies when they use chud as an insult

>>520867393>They just don't want to be associated with assholes.Literally every large corporation associates with China, so you're wrong on that.

I still cant believe the 4chan campaign to make the ok sign a symbol of white supremacy worked kek.Retards gobbled this shit right up.RIP italian hands, you were sacrificed for the lulz.

>>520870132>most people side with the sjwsGet off the internet mate. The twitter bubble isn't as big as you think it is.

>>520869884retard commie mayor who everyone already hated supports the riots and is doing his best to chase all the rich taxpayers and corporations outthe dumbshit gov literally sent covid patients to nursing homes and killed all the old people, its why USA death count is what it is. Most of it is due to like 3-4 states that deliberately killed off its old folk.

>>520870159It is pretty funny really. These "historians" and whatever can always find "links" to anything.

>staff instantly shit pants and remove it>based capitalism doing it's jobyeah fuck off

>>520864236It's funny because the swastika also was a common harmless symbol until a retard messed it up for everyone. Racists brought this on themselves

>>520864236Back to containment, subhumans.>>>Holla Forums or >>>/lgbt/

>>520870132>And they ramped up the partisan ship and censorship after he won to make sure he doesn't win again.Censorship also doesn't stop right wing parties all over Europe and America from winning too. I can tell you're already booty blasted by the Tory win in Britain

I get the impression this thread wasn't made to be about video games.

>>520870176How is it a cope when it's the truth?>>5208702192/3rds of america support BLM and most of them now support kneeling durinf the anthem>>520867393Yeah, in 2020 siding with genocidal countries like china is less problematic than siding with right wingers.

>>520870282>hey guys let's use this symbol for our murderous wartime regime>hey guys let's turn this harmless hand symbol into racism because it looks like the letters WPwow user youre right those things are the same!

>>520870217Italy is pretty racist country tbhfamlam :^)But yeah, it has been pretty funny.>>520870212It is like certain other superpower uses useful idiots to shake the power structures. No way.. That has never happened before though..

>>520870247>Most of it is due to like 3-4 states that deliberately killed off its old folk.You know whats the most ironic part?

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>>520870378>hey lets appropriate this harmless symbol>Hey lets appropriate this harmless symbolThey really are the same!

>>520867393>They just don't want to be associated with assholes.Explain to me how thr model makes is the asshole in this situation.You faggots are fucking over normal people for no reason, while Holla Forums gets away with it

>>520865979u mad

>>520870317Tories are not even right wing, they are worse than even rhino republicans in the us. And right wing parties in europe? Eastern europe doesn't count, it's not even first world.

>>520869704>Why are the left so uncreative?Shocked you didn't attach a wojack edit desu, the left and right internet warriors are both unfunny retards

>>520870369>no proofs:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

>>520870452Yes if you remove all context and logic, they really are! You should work for CNN.

>>5208703694/5 hate niggers, but 1/5 are niggers.Really makes you think? Of course not, because you don't.

>>520867647Why do you think the guy in the op has anything to do with Holla Forums?

>>520867631>Dude, we can fool you into thinking that EVERYTHING is a nazi sign!Yes, and? That's how symbols work. Though your point that you can control the public view on certain symbols is rather self-defeating when a) the only symbol Holla Forums managed to semi-successfully (it's still being widely used without people getting shit over it, because people aren't completely blind to context, so Rapha did an ok_sign when he won QuakeCon some days ago yet no shitstorm was raised over it, but in the context of Nigel Farage doing it the intent is rather obvious) co-opt was the ok sign, but Holla Forums has repeatedly failed to try and do the same things for other things like milk or the Israeli flag, which kind of disproves the theory that they can turn everything into a racist symbol like this retard claims >>520870014b) you seem to believe that you are merely co-opting signs as a joke, whereas these signs are actually being very unironically used by actual racists to identify themselves to others, in which case the media and public sphere is completely warranted in treating it as a racist signIronically memeing something to be racist in order to prove your point that you can control the minds of the sheeple just like that, only for unironic racists to start using it as an unironic racist symbol isn't the big own that you think it is

>>520870520>>520870490>>520870486>>520870483>>520870472>>520870470>>520870452>>520870414>>520870385>>520870378>>520870369>>520870317>>520870282>>520870269>>520870247>>520870219>>520870217>>520870212>>520870191>>520870186>>520870176this doesn't seem to be video games

>>520870414lookit all dem systemic raycisms wher muh reparations at

>>520867393If you watch the video the animation is just him using it while speaking. Which a lot of people/politicians do. Unless your telling me the Digital Foundry guy is a secret racist or something

>>520870587shut up tranny

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>>520870369God the butthurt come November is going to be delicious. You think you would have learned your lesson 4 years ago.

>>520864653So media is the problem.

>>520870483Classic leftard cope>b-b-but they're not leftwing!When you didn't even refute the fact that right wing parties all over the world are winning despite retarded leftard censorship

>>520870587Here is the loli(s) you asked.

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I try to walk this world free of hate and only love. Yet liberals manage to make me feel so much hate. It's like they are personally trying to goad me. Destroying everything sacred and praising all that is evil. It's unbearable to any rational human. I don't know how to resist. My solution was to ignore it, but its everywhere. I cant escape it. Its like I am trapped in hell itself. Did God truly abandon us?

>>520864653>He guys, we can meme anything and get the left to freak out over it>It works

>>520870553I know him personally - he emailed me about this thread.

this thread is problematic smdh mods you know what to do

>>520870520>If you look at the core of the problem you'll find the problemI know it's different speed from being intellectually dishonest to try to obscure the facts the way conservatives like it but oh well.


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>>520865287/pol/ here, people already tried that back around the same time as the OK, but claiming it meant the 14 words. Thumb = 1, other fingers = 4, obviously. It didn't work as well because it wasn't as common compared to the okay sign emoji being everywhere at the time, and the abundance of Trump pics at speeches where he was always doing the OK with his hands while speaking. Crazies were willing to entertain anything that involved Trump and "white supremacy" in the media, so they swallowed all the bait. I do remember seeing the thumbs-up on some Jewish org's list of hate symbols with the 14 reference though, along with the okay symbol, but that was over a year ago.

>>520870483The Tories are right wing, they certainly aren't left wing or centrists. Just because they don't round up browns and gas them doesn't mean they aren't right wing

>>520870729Ok, so why haven't you successfully memed anything besides the ok sign?

>>520864236How fucking strong is Holla Forums? They are way too cringe but it's amazing the retarded shit that they make happen

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>>520870745>to get to the core of a problem you must remove context and logiclearn to code

>>520868297>libshit is paedophilelike fucking clockwork

The scary part is how close we actually came to losing forever. But they can't help but fuck with peoples' bread and circuses and so they are losing their grip now and melting down visibly. The awakening is exponential in growth.

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I always thought chud was chad with a u but it looks like they’re even more uncreative than I thought.>>520870369Have you seen sportsball numbers lately? Viewership is dropping every game and jersey sales go up for athletes who don’t kneel.

>>520870803What makes them right wing?

>>520870824I don't think its Holla Forums being strong but the media looking for literally anything to shitpost about and work people up. Like >>520870762 says the ok hand gesture thing just came at the right time for this to happen


so many jews itt. its a satanic hand symbol the evil zionists of Trumps campaign got the base to do also

>>520864653>Racists continue to use the gesture, this time nonironicallyI always see redditors say this but I never see proof outside of four year old kekistani meetup photos.

>>520870564You're retarded to the core if you ever believed this sort of censorship has any sort of justification. The vast majority of the world still sees the OK sign as a harmless gestures and unlike your retardation of a corporate world, doing that shit still doesn't get you labeled as racist you unironic retard. This is why OP's example is hilarious. A bunch of retard leftard from an urban bubble bans a harmless gesture just because a tiny few racist uses it.

The shift in narrative has gained a lot of momentum now desu.Despite how hard media is trying to push it, more and more people are beginning to see all these """protests""" as the riots that they are.

>>520870892I'm more interested in what you think doesn't make them right wing. What do you think right wing is? Racism or Facism or something?

>>520865979Juice? Where the juice at? They don't know chat

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>>520868076>MUH Holla ForumsKill yourself, retard. Holla Forums is the literal trash can of 4chan and it has nothing to do with Holla Forums. This is YOUR community, not another board invading you. These people you complain about are part of this board just as much as you are.

>>520870924They point to the NZ shooter but the thing is he absolutely used the symbol ironically and he was trying to rile up the mediaAll in his manifesto

>>520870892Intense privatisation.

>>520870924Brenton Tarrant did it

>>520871028Yeah he "ironically" shot them too

>>520870014I believe the intent was to essentially trick people who are unaware into picking a side by having them get caught on the wrong end of someone's political crusade. Essentially, anyone who isn't up to date on the latest trends will make the ok hand gesture and a small sliver of the population will jump at them for their "white pride symbol" despite them obviously knowing nothing about it. Because the natural human inclination is to lash back at people who call you out, this pushes them away from leftist folks who made a big deal of it and into the hands of the right, even if this one occurrence in itself isn't enough to get someone to pick a side.Essentially, it's all about getting the left to attack neutral people with their nonsensical and draconian rules until it pushes people away from them. To that end, Holla Forums has had minor success with the plan.

>>520870564>giant wall of text trying to convince yourself you're not getting trolledbro, you got trolled/pol/ worked you into a ding-dong diddly shootwriting a dissertation on how this is all actually very serious and you're not actually getting trolled and you're really exposing underground cabals of racists is just playing right into Holla Forums's handno one in this thread is reading your post and thinking "wow, he really has a point, what well-spoken and intelligent post". they're reading it and thinking "lmao what a fucking tool".

Attached: 1542226177715.jpg (400x400, 29.83K)

Americans really live in a bubble, the rest of the world does not nor should adhere to whatever some dumb twitter hugbox finds problematic.

>>520871063Did you read his manifesto? Even the first 10 sentences? It was filled with maymays.

>>520870684Name one right wing party in a 1st world country that is winning.>>520870803The tories are complicit in the censorship of british internet and they are banning sales of ICE cars by 2035. They are NOT right wing. They are about as right-wing as Obama was.

>>520870564>but in the context of Nigel Farage doing it the intent is rather obviousOr perhaps he's using it in the sense recognized by everyone except Ameritards. You have no justification when literally Hitler is apparently ok according to Unity.

>>520868076>despite the fact that they're objectively killing site traffic?lol what? Holla Forums is the highest traffic board you fucking retard.

>>520870825>The context is that racists appropriated a harmless symbol (again) and used it unironically to mean such >point that out>NOOOOOOO MY IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO NARRATIVE IT'S NOT APPROPRIATION IF IT STARTED AS A JOKE>Not knowing how to code in 2020Kek.

>>520871142No he didn't and I didn't claim so eitherWhy are you so proud of being ignorant and stupid

>>520870983I'm not that guy I dont even vote but I constantly hear stuff like this and I dont know why.

I literally don't care op. As far as I'm concerned you, Holla Forumstards and sjws can all jump into shark infested waters to get mauled to death.

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>>520871142Comedy can be lethal, you know.

>>520870564See? More unironic SJWs. And then people say there's none of them here.

>>520871175Ah so you think censorship can only be left wing?Don't tell me you also think wanting guns is right wing?

>>520864837Shut the FUCK up, bootlicker.

>>520871173Should have told the court it was all a meme. He could have got off free.

>>520871173Leftards don't read

>>520871252Censorship regarding "hate speech" is very much left wing. They are not getting people arrested for blasphemy or insulting the queen.

>>520871149Yeah, that's what I was getting at when I said it makes them look like clowns to anyone sane.

>>520871275I don't see how that is related to him memeing while shooting people, but if it helps you to cope I don't really care to correct you. It is better when people live in their bubbles. :)

>>520871226I think its because no one knows what left or right wing means any more. The Labour party under Blair used to be just right of centre. The Conservatives are right, but not as far right as the US parties are>>520871346Censorship isn't exclusively left wing politically, even if the Tories did do something considered "left wing" they are still overall right leaning. I really don't get where racism = right wing nonsense came from

>>520871216>make an equivalence between randomly making a symbol into a racist sign out of thin air and a symbol that represents a military that killed millions of innocents>get shown with facts and logic how that equivalence is utterly retarded>proceed to shift the goalpostsseethe, cope, dilate and then kill yourself tranny.

>>520869552>Holla Forums is smallYet is powerful enough to get current president elected and probably will do that again next electionGoddamn, why people still fall to this meme>>520869394This lad know what's up