Why can't Americans design good looking characters? is it a reflection of their modern average population now or what?

Why can't Americans design good looking characters? is it a reflection of their modern average population now or what?

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>>520863403Yes, they're all mutt now

“Why am I cherrypicking unoriginal baiting retard who picks one example who was beaten like a dead horse and fully picked apart a month ago and purposefully (or maybe not, I could be retarded) and ignoring a whole bunch of other sexified western characters in an attempt to subtly blame social justice wahmen and western society as a whole collective”I guess this is how racists think.

>>520863403Judaism. America is a Jewish colony.

>>520863827Yea but Jews actually designed good looking characters, it was them who literally made every superhero that exist. Thor included. So don't blame them.

>>520863910Superheroes are all ugly ripoffs of earlier designs

>>520863701>one examplekek

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They can.

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>>520864134Literally every superhero was rrobust chads in the 40s/50s/60s and they were all made by jews so what are you saying?

she looks like she belongs in the SS waffen and is named Hans

Coom somewhere else freak

>>520863403fuck off coomtard, go jerk off to your fish-eyed anime doll people faggot. you cunts have destroyed this board

>>520863403Have you been to america? most of them are fat and ugly

>>520863701OP said nothing about western characters, he said American.

>>520864216comic books are ugly anti-aesthetic trash

>>520863403Trannies can't stand images of beautiful women because they seethe with jealous rage so you don't get cute feminine, curvy depictions of women anymore.

>>520864463>every hero is 6'5" +, blue eyed, fit, box jawed good looking chads>ugly anti-aesthetic trashok zoomer

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>>520863701>I guess this how racists thinkUnironically agreed. They cherrypick a community of gangbanging retards or crybaby drama queens; use that as irrefutable proof all members of that race are subhuman. Same shit here. Plenty of sexy or better looking western characters that just get completely ignored.

>>520864308>literally an anime website from its inceptionGo the fuck back to discord and stop pretending like you know anything about this place or belong here.

>>520864454This>>520865289Stop flipping the script, I specified American for a reason. Most other westerners make sexy characters, you don't. That's the subject here.

>>520865289Show me a sexy female game character from the west made in the last 5 years. Nah ah. Overwatch doesn't count. Blizzard has been Chinese for a decade.

>>520865315the coomer presence on Holla Forums is stifling. if you're okay with it you're part of the problem

>>520865435>muh sexy polygons>w-why is she so perfect, bros?because she's drawn that way. you ever sit down and think about the sweaty nerd who drew the pictures you're jerking off to? pathetic faggot.

>>520865437You will never have a vagina.

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>>520865504t. balding tranny that's seething that no one will ever jerk off to them

>>520865542when was the last time you masturbated? or how many times did you masturbate yesterday?

>>520863403Mutts often base video game characters off their employees who generally look like mutte d abominations. It is time we move on from mutts. We need more Russian and Swedish hunkalicious protags

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>>520863403Making this thread everyday is literally your hobby

>>520865996I do not. I did not even mention eastern or japanese games once. I did not even mention westerners. Other posters did.

>>520863403american culture and society are a point of contention for multiple interest groups due to america's current influence on global affairs. when america falls, the same groups of ideologues will then infest the next most influential country. its already happening, see cyberpunk 2077.

>>520863910Most superheroes look objectively stupid.

>>520863910>Thor didn't exist before Stan Lee made himAmerican education.

>>520865951>this is what slavmutts believe.

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>>520867624>posting non slavsTypical mutt, They shit all over you with ease. You WISH you still looked this white, mutt. Only in hollywood.ruscalisthenics.org/

>>520867901Hnnnnnnnnng how will Amerimutt swarthy manlets recover.

>>520867901Those are slavs, keep coping.

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>>520868136They're literally non-ethnic russians dipshit. Ameircan thots btw LOL

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>>520863403Is that Pyrocynical?

>>520863403Look at the current state of the US and you know exactly why. They literally went full retard and this year it shows.

>>520868136Standard American

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What exactly about isn't good looking? Do they look too old to you?

>>520868281kek, just be white is a true theory. Afro American women even lust for slavic chads.

>>520868281>>520868391They are slavs you coping subhuman. Slavs are known to be the ugliest "white" people in the world

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>>520868474Americans are naturally cucks tbqh. There's not a single race/ethnicity they don't fetishize. Blacks, Scandinavians, Brits, South Americans, Russians. Hell half of their male pornstars aren't even Americans. Bunch of British, Latin American, Russian, Iberian men fucking American porn sluts. Danny D, Markus Dupree, Manuel Ferrara. Americans get off on foreign men fucking their women

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>>520868830>still posting non-ethnic russiansNot helping your case

>>520868830Bruv, we've all scene the pictures of the Russian soldiers next to the Amerimutts. They mogged the shit out of you manlets.

>>520869057Maybe he thinks insulting turkic peoples and caucasians insults russians somehow?

>>520869057>>520869159Kek, imagine being in denial about them not being Russian. Is Russia only 10% Russian or what? No wonder Chechens bully you mutts into submission

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>>520863403Only a person who has never been to Japan could think Americans are uglier on average. The average jap is an absolute dog and the ones you see in media are statistical outliers on a level you wouldn't believe. I'm European btw

>>520869408>he think posting the lowest demoninator of people in countries represents anythingYou do realize you're worse than the gopniks of Russia and chavs from Britain combined right, mutt? An entire meme of your grotesque people exist for a reason.

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>>520869760This, mutts either look like these creatures or some mutt combination of shitskin. Gopniks > Mutts

>>520869760All Russians look like this. All good looking Russians are most likely kraut rapebabies or have non slavoid ancestry. Sorry Ivan Chechenov but you're all ugly and subhuman mutts.

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>>520869948The krauts are actually the slavic rapebabies, not the other way around. Slavs actually bleached the Germans. This is them outside of the East.

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>>520869948>he doesn't knowSlavs were in Germany since it's founding, and they intermixed with the German invaders. But of course you don't know that, NA education.

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lol that russian chad blog user posted is really making this mutt seethe hardcore

>>520870109>>520870201>Other sources estimate that rapes of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht range up to 10,000,000 incidents, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children being born as a result.[100][101][102][103]Literally from Wikipedia. Meanwhile only 2 million German women got raped and most of them had abortions or died. Still doesn't change the fact that slavs are ugly subhuman mutts lol. I love how r*ssians instantly think you're german or someone else when you mention them.

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>>520870557>soviets>slavs in germany since it's foundingNA education strikes again

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>>520870358Envy, mutts attack euro cunts constantly out of seethe that they no longer look like the white chads they represent in their movies, sad really.

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What compels a man to argue about race on an anonymous video game imageboard?

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>>520870617What's your point?

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>>520871036That slavic heritage in Germany mostly has nothing to do with soviets and occured much earlier in history, mutt.

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>>520863403Basing characters in real people was a mistake

>>520871119Which is basically impossible if we look at historic birthrates or even currently the Czech republic or Poland itself. I honestly don't care about Germany since I don't live there but it still doesn't the fact that slavs are the ugliest subhumans in the world

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