Risk of Rain

POV you have no items

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>>520860575Why didn't he just take your items from the beginning?


>zone into stage 1 as commando>an area has: 2 golems, 2 frost beetles, 2 beetles, 4+ wisps, 2+ frost wisps, and some lizards>get obliteratedare you fucking shitting me

>>520860724the prespawns are horseshitespecially since they give like 1/4 of their normal gold bounty

>>520860724>Load into stage 1>less than 1 minute later there is a random squid bosswhy?

>fight final boss>delete all his phases instantly with sea shell + capacitorWow so hard

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how the fuck do you unlock the log for the captains micro bot?

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>>520860843That explains so much. I just thought I was going nuts.


>when the Coalescence hits on the final stage

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>TFW want to finish a prismatic trial to get the prismatic trial item>Every time I decide I want to do trials they're the hard ones

>>520860575I've come to make an announcement. Mithrix's a bitch ass motherfucker. He stole my fucking items. That's right, he took his architect fucking lunar dick out and he stole my fucking items and he said his hammer was "this big" and I said "that's disgusting".So I'm making a callout post on my logbook: Mithrix, you got a small dick, its the size of this leech seed except way smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like. That's right baby, all point, no glass, no gestures, look at that it looks like two chronobaubles and a bong.He fucked my turret so guess what? I'm gonna fuck Petrichor V. That's right this is what you get, my SUPER LASER PISS. Except I'm not pissing on the planet, I'm gonna go higher, I'M PISSING ON THE MOON. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT KING OF NOTHING, I PISSED ON THE MOON YOU IDIOT!You have 3 minutes 40 seconds before the piss drop-el-ets hit the fucking Void Fields, now get out of my fucking sight, before I piss on you too.

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>>520860919>linking redditbtw, the image was drawn by someone on Holla Forums, fag

reposting from last bread

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>>520860575>gets shot down by my still fully equipped turrets *laughs in engineer*

>>520861083Moon Man did nothing wrong, Providence is a little bitch for caring so much for lesser beings. He's a little pussy, especially for tricking me onto the moon.

>>520861030>He fucked my turret so guess what?This whole thing is fucking gold, god bless.

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Captain's pretty fun

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>>520860575>get a singular medkit as one of my first items>flatout have to chip him down at the end until he gives it backI like the idea but MAN if you don't burst him down it sucks.Also can anyone give me a moron's guide to 4+ player hosting?I remember sv_maxplayers but I'm pretty sure that didn't work after the first update.

Boy I sure hope they drop an update that makes the server browser actually usefulI just want to play Monsoon without fucking artefacts on

1097752409877444813/4 USEast

>>520861030kek, based

Oh great merc still get fucked up by magma worm

>Soulbound catalyst>Gesture of the ground>Voodoo DollProbably the best item combo in the game right now.


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>>520860680its probably a technique thats exhausting, hence why he slows down a bit.

>>520861303This became full so I'm hosting one of my own109775240987781877

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>>520861030Holy fucking shit I'm dead God bless user

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>>520860680Almost like it's a fucking video game. Almost like wearing 20 pairs of glasses doesn't actually increase your chance to critically hit at all.

>>520860575So let's go over potential fixes for this update>If Mythy has to stay the same, his final phase should be tweaked to stealing half your items instantly and slowly siphoning the rest, with the gimmick being you damaging him more than he can take your items away. This still makes it an oh shit moment and makes him memorable and interesting without being unfun and irritating to deal with.>Straight up revert Merc back to his original style. Exposed is a good idea but it doesnt proc consistently enough to make it worthwhile and the interruptions to his flowy combo style take away a lot of his mechanical depth and interesting elements. Maybe put Exposed on an alternate version of his dash or on his M2 to make its damage more consistent. Dash attack speed change is almost pants-on-head retarded>Artificer needs a complete rework into something new. Either make her into an aerial bomber who can fly around quickly, or else give her some form of wave clear please for the love of god>Captain not being able to summon supplies in a good few maps makes sense but is gay and unfun. Take it out.>Make BanditHow does this sound?

>>520860904Put on the invader artifact (forget name) and don’t pick up any items. Your doppelgänger will drop the drone item

>>520861702>>Straight up revert Merc back to his original style. Exposed is a good idea but it doesnt proc consistently enough to make it worthwhile and the interruptions to his flowy combo style take away a lot of his mechanical depth and interesting elements. Maybe put Exposed on an alternate version of his dash or on his M2 to make its damage more consistent. Dash attack speed change is almost pants-on-head retardedIt really should just be an alternate M1. I don't see why they both can't exist.

>>520861702>>Artificer needs a complete rework into something new. Either make her into an aerial bomber who can fly around quickly, or else give her some form of wave clear please for the love of godJust play a good character user

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>>520861702Just have him obliterate your items and make the map not be one giant mobility check. It'd me more thematically fitting since he reduces you to nothing as opposed to theft, and it fits with the lunar obliteration ending as well.I agree with Merc. He feels janky as fuck now more than anything, as well his "buff" being hard off-set by his nerfs. Arti only really needs a new R, no drop off on her M2, and a limitless M1.>>520861818I was thinking this too. Why the fuck would you make such a big change to a character people are fine with when you literally have an alternate skill section for different play styles?

>>520861083Good shit

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>>520861818>>520861981This. Exposed is a good idea and I'd like to maybe see it reworked so multiplayer allies can consume the debuff and boost their own damage, could make Merc a little less selfish

>>520861818fucking change her flamethrowers to an actual laser beammake her ice wall a big shock wave of frost instead.make her primary bounce off things, like 3-4 bounces each, so its better for enclosed spaces.

>>520861760So what's the best way to do this? Just complete the teleporter and chill for 10 minutes?

>Playing without command artifact>Stage 5-6 at least before dying every time>Play with command artifact>Somehow die on stage 1-3 every time nowWhat the FUCK is wrong with me? Am I picking items literally worse than getting random shit?



>>520860680he wasn't throwing a tantrum at the start of the fight, duh


>>520861642it doesn't???

Wouldn't it be a lot cooler if in a last ditch effort to stop you, he obliterated your items, but left himself weak (on your level) in the process?Going from two god-level dieties duking it out to two tired guys slugging each other to see who falls first seems like an interesting ending.

>>520860680Because it would be a worse fight design wise.But lorewise >>520861462 is probably right considering he only really has two attack during that phase.

What does the Voodoo Doll even do?

>>520861702just have his final phase break your shit instead of stealing it.he is King of Nothing, so his gimmick should be about there being nothing

So, Rally point delta was one of many survivor camps?

Im a little sad that I was spoiled on his third phase but it's my fault because the first time I got to him I died on the first phase and didn't even consider the possibility that he would have more

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>>520861030godspeed user

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>eclipse can't be played in multiplayerwhat the FUCK?It's the only thing that offers any form and end game/progression and it's single player only? What is this absolute garbage.

>>520862810crash the game

>Finally manage to beat the final boss in Monsoon>Fall off the map>spawned on the meme island>stuck>died in the moon explosioni fucking hate this game

why is the final version so fucking hard?i don't remember getting my ass handed to me right from the get-go in previous builds.

>>520861080If it was then this Holla Forums person is also an redditor because he posted a fixed version with 1 eye there


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kicked from the lobby

>they both proc on turretsholy fuck this shit is in insane

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>>520861303what happened to the lobby :( I was having fun

>mithrix takes my items>get him to half hp>get a monster tooth and a goat hoof back only>stub my toe on a blue orb>lose 15% of my hp>kjaro's band kills me

>>520863307Fuck my net died. It's late though so I'm gonna have to call it, will probably host tomorrow.

>>520861356>soulbound catalyst>doll>ceremonial daggers>5 fuel cells

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>wipe on planet 3/4 almost every timehow the fuck are you supposed to do this? commando doesn't do any fucking damage or any super useful abilities except his piercing m2 which has a cd

>>520863537>commando doesn't do any fucking damage or any super useful abilitiesYepPlay Huntress

>>520863537his alternate m2 astronomically better than his default m2 and his alternate utility is exactly the same as the roll except you can shoot during the roll, so it's better.

>>520863304they always have.

>>520863537Shoot things until they die and avoid getting hit

>You can attach Forgive Me Please to the mobile turrets

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>pick mul-t>go all in on crowbars and red whips>vroom vroom and one shot mithrix out of every phaseI don't think I'm going to play with command on again, it's just too easy.

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>>520862423Grab some plates, medkit and freshmeat


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>>520863615Sometimes I just don't do enough dps and get overrun during summoner charging.>>520863606How do I kill an overloading worm to unlock that.

>Ruined my first run with full release because I didn't realize there's no way back from that cauldron island on Commencement unless you have movement itemsCool, cool. Good wasted 45 minutes.

>>520862506fixed it

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So why are those huge rings everywhere? Even in the void

>>520863790just play on drizzle and one will eventually show up if you keep looping

>>520863798just happened to me on mul-t

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Any tips for a new player [/spoiler]and his BF?

>>520861030Incredibly based

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>>520863823swap the colors of the happiness bars

>>520863848Is it just a chance of a rare spawn summoner boss?

>>520863928yeah, die.

>>520863848>playing on drizzle to unlock shitMight as well just cheat it in, it'd be just as hard.

>>520861030screencaped for posterity

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>>520863824they are part of the prison system i think, and they can replicate/restore the environment. a log talks about them.

>>520863928during your next satanic child rape and sacrifice pray for enforcer, han-d, and bandit to get updated

>>520863606>his alternate utility is exactly the same as the roll except you can shoot during the roll, so it's better.Except it can't be used in air like the roll, but personally I like the little boost jump it does instead so I pick it for that anyway.

>>520864020its more about making it go faster than difficulty dude.

>>520863848>just play on drizzlejust edit it inyou get the same amount of challenge, satisfaction, and achievement out of it, but you don't waste hours of your life

>stuck as engy on the small shop island during moon countdownI am never buying early access ever again.

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>>520864159>just edit it inhow

>>520864142Yeah, that's why you might as well cheat it in, because it'd be even faster.

>>520863928Don't die, stupid. also it's nice you're playing it with your best friend.

>>520863657chef mod or chef model?

>>520864180what do you mean? this is the official full release, 1.0. the game is perfect, there are no flaws.

>>520864180>>520863894jesus do you tards never get any feathers?

>>520864208save file editing, you should find out how with a quick google

>>520863963I like the way you think

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>this character sucks until you unlock multiple of their alt abilitieswhy is it this way

>>520864208google it, retard

>>520864301>don't play on command>check every printer and multishop I come across for movement items because I'm slow as fuck and would like to change that>arrive at final boss stage with only two drinks and a headstomper>cuck island has no movement cauldrons

>>520864301If you go to the moon on stage 5, there's a chance you'll never see them. Feathers are pretty much an insta grab for most characters.

>>520864359Because Hopoo is incompetent and follow the fear of making things too powerful even if it's the risk of making them less fun.

>>520864301No i didn't get any, i also didn't get a single fungus for my turrets in 3 run. This shouldn't be necessary anyway.

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>>520864301Feathers were pointless before this update where the game decided "fuck you, get 8 of them or you lose"

>>520861030>That's right baby, all point, no glass, no gestures, look at that it looks like two chronobaubles and a bong.this is gold

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>>520864301I had 3 energy drinks and 1 feather. Still wasn't able to get off the island as the Engie.

>>520861083Why did he throw the worms in the black hole what purpose was it also are they the guided worms that he threw in?Why is mithrix such a fuckin double to his little bro

>>520864239Chef figure. I'm happy to share what I have if someone is working on a mod, though my stuff is designed for 3d printing, not a game model, so I doubt it would be useful.

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>>520864460No they weren't, mobility is never worthless

Unlimited Blade Works, you item-stealing bastard. Fucking finally.

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>>520864460>Feathers were pointless before this updateShitter

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>>520864590Don't try to force feathers into the "go fast" category. If I'm playing with command on, I'm going to take the items that let me kill faster and outheal any minor scrapes. By doing this, I can just kill enemies instead of jumping around like a retard hoping they don't hit me. If I'm not playing with command on, then it's not my choice either way. I have multiple monsoon clears and at no point have I purposefully chosen feather.

>>520864557I really like those legs, whatever texturing you did on the metal parts looks great.


>first run of Captain was just to figure out his abilities>second run was just some more dicking around>third run obliterate on monsoon and get the skinCaptain is fun, shotgun primary fucking rocks.

>>520863798>>520863894get under one of the massive stone bridges, walk on it as far as you can away from that island and then jump off, you teleport to the bridge above you. gotten off twice like that

>>520864557>>520864798dude those legs look cool as fuck, nice job

>>520864534I mean in the log it's implied that they were kids when they threw shit into gravity wells so providence got so fucking ass blasted at catching Mithrix throwing worms into one that into the later parts of their life after making he made the teleporter to the moon, Providence tricked him into going first through the teleporter and trapping him there.Mithrix did nothing wrong.

Haha wow!This build is so great! I have good mobility.Good DPS.And good defense!Now just to get off the island and get the mastery for captain!Haha wish me luck guys!

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>>520864718>25 stacks of AP rounds>100% crit>10 sticky bombs>10 fuel cells to use with the doll>TWENTY FUCKING TOUGHER TIMESI normally don't really care if anyone uses command but this is just pathetic

captain would be way fucking better if his shotgun didnt need to charge it just feels shitty

>>520860575I wish there was a way to practice vs this faggot, I actually don't think he's that hard but his spinning attack fucks me up every time because it's so fastAnd if you lose you have to restart, wasting 20-30min

I've beaten Mithrix multiple times now but it's not counting any "kills", is it bugged?

>>520864921>rainstorm>get the masteryShit bait

>third run in a row where i get precisely zero healing items by stage 5, not even a single meat to my namei sure do love this game

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>>520865001Charging only reduces the spread

>>520864995I've fucked with command and glass a few times and fucking tougher times just felt like cheating. I had a lot more fun when I prevented myself from getting it and had to dodge everything to stay alive.

>>520865001it doesnt. uncharged is still really good at close range and nonsense dps.

>>520864798>>520864864Don't give me credit for the legs. As much as I'd like to take credit, those are harvested from another figure. Im just using them for my chef figure. I'll end up repainting them to match the rest eventually. My weathering is okay by comparison, see Loaders arms for comparison. If you like them though, look into "world war robot". Amazing figure line, though expensive.

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>>520864995I can do you one better. Or this would be worse, I suppose.

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how'd i do

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>>520864460I just had a commando run where I didn't have the mobility to escape the moon, I failed a jump and spawned on softlock island and it had h3ad-5t. So I traded in all my items to get 7 of them and slowly jet my back to land. Made it to my ship with a minute to spare somehow, absolute emotional rollercoaster.

how do I get rorcheats to work? I have the dependent stuff for it in the plugins folder and everything

How long should you spend on each stage?


>>520865247You should put sacrifice on and beeline to the teleporter

good night Holla Forums boys, good gamesfor reference this mithrax had transcendence, about 6 clovers, bleed, and probably 10 of the magma worm boss itemyes i'm an idiot for being that close to him to begin with

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>save edit >boot world 1>6 mobs in my face, 2 of which being fire lizardsam i being punished

Is this proof that gearbox was involved in this update feeling rushed? Referring to the softlock island as the really nasty issue.

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>>5208652474-5 minutes on the first two stages, 4-7 on stages 3/4/5. From then on do whatever.

>>520865373>i wouldn't use lazy to describe an issue that should be immediately identified the first time you ever go there

>>520865349there was about 10 shatterspleens in him. a single hit was death.

captain has such a blessed m1 but his m2 is absolutely worthlesswhy does it exist? is this a joke?

commando's grenades are shit, right?

>>520865349>there are still people who consistently say that this is the easiest phase and is based entirely on skill

>>520865373of course gearbox was fucking involved, but it's their fault for partnering with them in the first place.

>>520865559It stuns for a really long time


>>520865373Probably. It came out a lot earlier than i expected

>>520865581if we want to get completely technical I could have beat this by creating more distance while making sure that shield regen didn't kick in. but yeah i'm personally not a fan of how it works in general.

>>520865373I honestly don't know if its Gearbox's fault or Hopoo's fault in this case. Both are equally likely.

>>520865559you're meant to use it to stun fast-moving enemies so you can reliably hit them with your shift.

>>520865581If he's got the items to kill you that fast you've got the items to kill him that fast before he takes your items

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>>520865607but it doesn't work on bosses right? Why would I want to pseudo-stun something for a very long time, while damaging it will break the stun, when I can m1 it to death?

>>520865559It stuns stuff like at least 10 seconds if you don't attack them. Of course it's garbage as soon as the procs/aoe starts flying. Just give him 3 charges of it (on the same cooldown as currently) and make it apply merc's Expose debuff on the enemies as well.

>>520865559it can stun any non-boss enemy so its good to quickly disrupt any annoying enemy. its not THE best thing but it can be usefull in certain situations

>>520865632are they better than rapid-fire?

pirated this game and it's really fun, should I buy it? is the multiplayer worth it? wouldn't playing with randoms be a shitfest a la payday2

>>520865603I hope they eventually break away from gearbox like how Stardew valley broke away from Chucklefuck

>>520865209This is almost fascinating because you can tell these people have no idea what actually makes a good build. They just brute-force stack items they think are good and hope for the best.

>>520865742Elite Elder Lemurians are as strong as bosses themselves, I would think it would work on them.

>tfw having fun playing with command artifact on with a friendWho else /pleb/ here and enjoying it?

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>>520865562it's pretty good aoe clear early on, and if you don't have any ukuleles or wisps late they are amazing.

>>520864810>>520864995aww did the little try hard get offended that someone is having fun? looooldont bother replying i already closed this thread

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>>520865793grenades are more useful in single player when there's no chance of characters with good aoe options on your team. I think Rapid is much better in multiplayer if your teammates have aoe.

>>520860904>>520861760can confirm. just did it myself. had to run it a second time because I picked up items before.

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>rebar spam>ruins the rest of the game for me because its so good, especially early game

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>>520865830I would never play with randoms in this game. It's fun with Holla Forums though, we all know how to share and anyone who doesn't we name and shame in the thread so other people know not to play with him.

anyone hosting

What can we do to help Artificer lose weight? She's getting out of control

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>>520865854i used to be the same, but it got boring fast, it's more satisfying to get a god run without command.

>>520865562>>520865870key word with the grenades is consistency, once you get the trick of throwing them at an enemy's feet to get them stuck there you're golden

>>520865854I think command gets old fast, every game ends up with the same build

>>520865854right here friendo

ATTENTION! ACHTUNG!Shrines of order are not balanced at all in regards to scrap. If you see a shrine of order, you can scrap every single white but 1 and all the scrap gets turned into that item.your item might also get turned into scrap and ruin everything but that hasn't happened to me yet so I don't know

>>5208652474 minutes for the first 3 stages5-7 for stage 4-5 as multishops always sell green items there.Stage 3 is a good point to use a newt altar as it's spots are pretty consistant and you will have enough items Have 1 white, green scrap each by then as cauldrons are currently bugged to count one scrap as all.Voidfields is optional, if you have a good build, go to it.>>520865769>>520865768Not him but it's weak compared to other stuns in the game. If you do to much damage or proc it cancels itself and its only good for stunning one enemy. Which you only really need to cancel enemy attacks.

>>520865848So there are bad items mixed in there, then? The person in question was playing commando, for context.

Does taking two healing beacons let you stack them for 20% healing per second?

>>520866028>not newt altering every stage

>>520865854yeah, me and my buddy started playing with the command stuff and we are having a blast.yeah, i can see it getting old and in a way it feels like cheating but we both like the feel of getting over powered really fast and just blasting through everything.

>>520865373Notice how there isn't an actual apology here.>shifts blame to "time constraints" despite a 3 month delay>makes it about himself by saying he's "personally upset"

>>520866048>The person in questionIt was you, wasn't it.

>>520865935How the fuck does she make money like that

Reminder that you can sprint while charging up the shotgun

>>520866095Unless you are playing a high mobility character, getting to the newts is a heavy time sink

Scam mythrix by just getting items like head stompers and feathers and shit he cant use.End up with easy final boss and air based fight he cant hit.The meme build was the meta the whole time.

>>520866151Sure was.

>the "randomly chunked by a flying overhead enemy" episodesick of this one

>get shot by wisp>somehow hit the geometry at just the right angle that I shoot into the sky and die after landing with 1 hpwhy the fug is scorched acres so weird?

>>520861498Slot open, come join the pain

What the fuck I actually liked the early access version of The Rain Formerly known more

>Have a completely bullshit run as chainsaw MUL-T>Got a really early red (4th item) that carried me to getting like 5 more reds by stage 5>Kill everything in basically one hit, teleporter bosses die in .5 seconds to preon+chainsaw>On stage 8>Run up to green specialty mob and chainsaw>Kill myself instantlyOh, okay, no it's cool I didn't want to keep going anyways.

Post your Riskan musicyoutube.com/watch?v=qskLiG0a_0ghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek6hxsP55b8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRlEX_2frYA

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The best part of Captain is how he just shuts down any enemy that relies on non hitscan projectiles, it’s so much fun fucking up alloy vultures and brass contraptions.

>>520866350If you have like 5 quails and/or the head stompers when you jump on an incline you'll sometimes get launched into the air. It's been like this since the first version of early access

>>520866423It got changed? How?

>>520865935Magic her fat away into enough muscle mass to make Loader blush

>>520866454I listen to the kino in game music

>>520866557Just listen to it, especially the rock guitar part near the end it sounds so "whiny" I don't know how to put ityoutube.com/watch?v=EGXPAoyP_cg

>>520866048It just doesn't make any sense. The item distribution is arbitrary and autistic and several items are functionally useless after you stack a certain number of them, but this build went way past on a few.

>>520866423Huh it got changed? I liked the view when the moon was whole more

>>520865854Genuinely more fun than grinding to get "the perfect" run out of 100 shit tedious runs

>>520865373>literally just needs a jump pad to and from>nah it's time constraintsIt sounds like gross incompetence, but maybe both.And no one put a fucking gun up to Hopoo's head and made them sign with Gearbox, just like Bungie jumped ship to fucking Activision of all people. There's no reason to excuse stupid decisions, especially when the game's development shows a history of it.I swear to god people better shut the fuck up about how Gearbox MIGHT have a hand in this game if they want Hopoo to actually swallow their pride and stop making retarded decisions.>Arti's M2>Mercenary's new balancing >item stealing when numerous combos insta-gib the player>Captain deliberately not being able to use skills in the Void (he literally has a unique icon for this)Hopoo is fucking retarded.

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How do I build Loader for maximum bullshit?

>>520865935There is no way to help, It's all forward motion now.

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>>520866064Yes. And yes, it IS overpowered as shit. And yes it does stack with a friendly mushroom covered engineer.

>>520865965thats because you aren't creative, make new builds instead of doing the same one over and over, one of my command favs is:>mul-T for double equip and SPEED>tonic>Hellfire tincture>gesture>every white either movespeed or armor plate>every green razorwire>~60 is good enough to cover most maps>anything but tesla or ceremonial for redsthe trick is not getting too many damage items so it doesn't instakill them, though it will eventually crash if you don't get enough damage from the sheer number of hits being calculated.


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>>520866746attack speed and focus crystal.

>>520866712Yeah a few run with engy and they should have spoted the softlock very quickly. There is no way they playtested this.

>>520866454>weeb ruins thinglike clockwork

>>520866048Mathematically past ~77% crit chance you get more crits per second out of syringes than another glasses, you reach this at 7 glasses, a mask and a scytheThis is also the case with many proc items, stacking to 100% proc chance instead of just taking more attack speed is inefficient unless it also stacks more damage. Don't think anything stacks both chance and damage since the sticky bomb nerf, just either or.

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>>520866969Not him but what the fuck are talking about.

>>520866712This. Mercenary fucking sucks now and Captain is LITERALLY unplayable in hidden realms.

>2 jellyfish go nova at the same time on either side of the only coverfucking niggerpoo

>>520866681What if i don't want only a perfect run but different viable builds and play around them

>>520866746youtube.com/watch?v=enjekGHpE_4just played through hylics 1&2 and can't get their osts out of my head.

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Poison or blight for acrid single player?I assume any MP game with 2 acrids you both go blight or one of each, but dunno for SP.Also what items with command?

>>520866819Try stacking nothing but energy drinks, teddies and cells with meteor equipment and let the never ending hail of explosions clear maps for you

>>520866746just go fast

>>520861498nice filename user

>>520866968>a few runsIt takes two working brain cells for anyone to realize that if you don't have the mobility you'd be fucked.>just barely make it back Merc>realize this must be impossible for anyone else>other characters only have mobility on their alt skillsOnce again, I'm convinced Hopoo doesn't actually play their own game for some reason.

>>520866746get 10 attack speed for your first whites. attack speed is survivability and damage. for greens, stack ATG and then pump wisp. get feathers as needed. First red should always be tesla coil. for boss items you want the knurl, bleed, and molten. a MUST-NEED lunar item is hellfire + drowned. You will be unstoppable very quickly.

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>>520867062>replacing kino somber OST with generic anime intro music cringe

>>520861080the fixed version was posted here first

>>520867225metoerites dont hit air units do they?

>>520867074I went through Void Fields with Captain on Monsoon, admittedly early on in the run (around min 10 or so). Despite Parents, Vultures, Golems, and Elder Lemurians spawning, it went smoothly. I can't imagine the same could be said past the first loop, however.

I find myself realizing once more that I don't like over half of the characters in this game. Not conceptually, not in terms of mechanics and not even for their looks. This is furthered by poor balancing.

>>520864921>people so hung up on you playing on Rainstorm that they didn't realize the softlock

Does artifact of dissonance also spawn the 2 new enemies outside of the moon?

>>520867384if they are close enough to the ground they will

>>520861171>>520864902Mithrix was one of those psycho kids that killed animals for fun.

>>520867375I listen to the game music but you are still a retarded kid.

>>520860575>turn ALL of my items into scrap right before the final stage>1v1 him in an honor duel

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>>520867384They do

>>520867505Come on, it's closer to that kid who used a magnifying glass to burn ants.

>>520867443For conversation's sake, which ones do you like

>>520867375>Risky 2 music>kinoI've been playing this game since day 1, you can only listen to the same synth guitar riff so many times before it starts to grate on you.

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>>520867548too bad you wont get past phase 2 with that strat because of the add phase. asshole even spawns adds during phase 3.would be cool if he skipped phase 2 and didn't spawn adds in phase 3 if you went in with no items.hopoo if you're reading this do this please

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The Parents look really fucking bad.

>Get 5 of the new -cooldown but unlucky items>Eviserate has no cooldown now>Can't rely on procs anymoreOkay let's meme this up further, how do I improve my damage?

>>520867738Get five clovers

>>520867524im older than you faggot

>>520867698i think you could technically do the entire fight as acrid with no items at all since you get mobility from jump and HP% damage from poison

>>520867738Get the new boss item that applies bleed on crit.Get 100% crit and any on crit effects.Get attack speed and on death effects.

>>520865373its definitely gearbox but hopoo is kinda retarded too, it's just gearbox makes it worse.

>>520867718I really like how they look

>>520867660>Hes not a TOOL fan

>>520867738i assume you can get 100% bleed chance and the negative rolls won't matter

>>520867797>I'm older than you!!Way to out yourself, underageb&.

>>520867738Reverse Clover only rerolls for a bad outcome, but if you have a 100% proc chance the reroll will still succeed.

>>520867375>arcsys>generic anime intro musicare you fucking retarded

>>520867801In theory yes in practice probably not. You're not that fast and I'd imagine the Lunar Wisps will probably end up hosing you.

>>520867891calling people kid is a good way to out yourself, underageb&

>>520867797I highly doubt it. And if you are really are this would be even more embarrassing for you.

>>520867874You can, no need to assume. Same with critical strikes and sticky bombs, for example.

>>520867930>>520867971SEETHE WEEB

Anyone else feel like Splatterspleen is noticeably better than every other boss item? With Titanic Knurl being on the opposite end of the spectrum?

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>>520868079yupitem balance within tiers has never been a thing and i expect it only to get worse from here

>>520867965>literally no uCan you make it any more obvious?Better get out of here before some groomer tries to get you

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Where the FUCK are the ser/v/ers?

>Pick Captain>Take every teleporter item>Team gets madUh, I'm the Captain. I choose what goes and what doesnt. What's the problem?

>>520868047please go back to whatever website/discord you came from

>>520861030>you have 3 minutes 40 secondsfucking kek

>>520868125I don't mind it so much with the regular drops since the pool of items is noticeably larger. But with boss items it feels odd to see such obvious differences. Especially since Titanic Knurl has been in since day 1.

>>520867801There's no need to scrap your items before the fight as acrid, since you shouldn't be taking items that let Mithrix meme you to begin with.Get enough movement speed and hopoos to make it on top of the pillars during stage 3. Just R from up on top of there, so when phase 4 and he steals your items, you're already on top of the pillar. Then you can just R him to death again. Highly Skillfull gameplay.

>>520868112>Getting political on a dev accountwhat a fucking faggot, wish I could refund this SJW trash


>>520867654Huntress and Loader basically. I want to like Engineer, Artificer, Rex, Mul-T and Captain but gimped mobility and other poor balancing decisions make me hate playing as them.I'm indifferent to Mercenary (although recent changes are shit), Commando and Acrid but I don't like playing as them either.

How the fuck do you beat this prismatic trial? Wandering vagrant is literally the worst boss in the game and they make you fight it first.

>>520867443Same. Commando, Merc, Loader, and Acrid are all I can tolerate, let alone enjoy, playing.

>>520868169go back to 9gag weeb

>3 months for empty corridor that can softlock me and a hammer boy that steal all my shitHopoo I...>>520868112>>>>/poltard/

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>>520866621That's true. This run was before sacrifice drop rates were fixed and went on for about 3 or 4 hours, so enough items were dropping to the point where I decided to stack what I had to round numbers. I'm aware the glasses and tri-tips are overstacked, at the very least. Things like red whips, banners, and fungus were obviously not meant to be a serious part of the "build" and much of the later items were simply picked up to see if I could grab one of every item in each rarity. I thought the first row was okay in terms of focus, but do tell if I'm wrong about that part.

>>5208667461-2 Afterburners3-4 backup magsInfinite focus crystalsInfinite crowbarsGlass if you wantA few ukuleles a few energy drinks, hoofs and slugs for speed before releasing fully charged punchBecome SaitamaI also get the crit hud equipment, or the black hole equipment then stack wisps and get enemies near the boss jej.

HOASTIN 3-4 RUNSON A FRESH(ISH) ACCOUNTHELP ME UNLOCK SHITUS WEST109775240987871913109775240987871913109775240987871913

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>>520868225so sensitive

>Pick merc>Cant have a revengeance showdown with Mithrix because he keeps calling in his homies like a fucking pussyshit boss

Why do people keep saying that Artificer is bad? Only her M1 sucks.

>>520868195lol believe it or not I already did that as acrid. just without the hopoo feathers and movement items. it's just kiting forever. i genuinely don't understand how else acrid is supposed to do the fight.

Dumb idea for a new item>NameWarrior's scarf>AppearanceA greyish green scarf with bloodstains and tears on the ends of it>EffectIncreases armor by 20% (+10% per stack)>Item TierRed

>>520867212based xeno arcadia listener

>>520861030>That's right baby, all point, no glass, no gestures, look at that it looks like two chronobaubles and a bong.I love you, you glorious bastard

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>>520868225its his personal account lmao




>>520868403>Only her M1 sucks.I'm sorry but you have to have a complete lack of understanding of the game's mechanics to think this.

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So how do you skip the final boss and keep looping other than newting?

>>520867375Risky 2 music feels so bland compared to ROR1 soundtrack, that's probably because it is.

>>520868570Interact with the stage 5 teleport's rim. It realigns itself.

I just want to try captain so I am bringing shame to my family.Please forgive me.

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>>520867278>Making video games is a dream job many attempt but few succeed in>Hopoo make ror1 for fun, big hit>7 years later the sequel releases>Take no advice from community>Rush out an unpolished product>Playtest on drizzle exclusivelyI don't know about you guys, but do game developers hate playing video games?

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>>520868570interact with the outer rim of the teleporter, itll take you back to stage 1

>>520868112People went retard on june, many of them must regret the dumb shit they posted

>>520868550Enlighten me, Im only 8 hours in.

>>520868403>lowest health>lowest health regen>lowest mobility>M1 staple is shit>freeze wall is a mess>flamethrower is a deathwishOnly Nano Bomb/Spear are genuinely good.

>>520868603command is already ez mode dude, are you really that bad?


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>>520868550you can get used to the arching shot pretty well on the m2, but man is it just more tedious to line up the shots when you are being shot at by everything.

>>520868420Dumb idea for a new item>NameWill of Allah>Appearance A simple yet stylish vest covered in red and blue wiring along with several large white bricks taped to it and the wiring >EffectCauses an immense explosion for 500000% your base damage in a 2000 meter radius damaging both allies and enemies. This effect will trigger upon death or early activation via your secondary ability, which it replaces with a detonator.>Item Tier Blue

>>520868570you can change the next level on the teleporter that takes you to the final level, try interacting with the outside of the teleporter.

>>520868606Game creators are often not amazing at playing their own games.

>>520868606You've hit the nail on the head.

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>>520868603Least do it on monsoon

>>520868728>be merc>iframe your own suicide vestsounds like it would be kino

>>520868603>command AND drizzleWhat's the point? Command is already easy on Monsoon, drizzle's just going to make getting items early on take forever.

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>>520868403It severely limits her build options to only crit and cooldown because all she can do is spam m2.>But flamethrower procThen you have no mobility on a character with the lowest health and regen.

>>520868653>ion surge replaces flamethrower and not the shitcicleswhy must we live this way

>>520867839They looked better in 2D

>>520868681no you

>>520868653when you get the purity, it all gets much more managable. its almost like they added this item in just for arti instead of fixing her, that cant cant be, right?

>>520868757Are "video game developers" the only content creators who don't partake in their chosen medium?

Oh fug I just realised why they're called Lunar items

>>520868832Whats wrong with icewall?

>>520868923oh fug so did i reading this

>one of the captain's unlockable skills has an aoe effect of making all shrines and chests cost 0 gold to openbalanced character btw

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>>520868975it doesn't work on any enemies that are actually threatening to you as artificer

>>520868923>>520868992What am I missing

>>520868838I like them more in 3D


>>520869026It's really a waste of a skill late game, healing station is a better pick

is artificer ass? i can clear monsoon as engi easily, decided to branch out into another character (arti) and couldn't... i assumed i was just shit

>>520869026It's one use per stage, that's pretty balanced.There was an item in Risk of Rain 1 that opened every chest on the screen, and that had like a one minute cooldown and it also wasn't amazing.

>>520869038mithrix made them on the moontheyre lunar

>>520862923this should say "look at that fucking no item nigger monkey"

>>520868642M1 is shit as you know, gated by cooldowns, attack speed is useless, etc.Ice wall is shit for a number of reasons, paramountly being that it has almost zero defensive utility besides a short freeze and that it literally cannot do anything to flying enemies.Flamethrower does good damage, but its short range, lack of mobility, and long channel time make it suicidal to use past the early game.M2 is her only decent ability, but adding the arc to nano bomb now fucks your ability to consistently hit distant targets, especially airborne ones.In short, she does nothing well. Her damage is mediocre, she has shit mobility, her survivability it non-existant, and her utility is zero.Compare her kit to Loader, who has better burst and the best mobility in the game.Compare her kit to Rex, who has amazing perfect accuracy zero damage falloff sustained damage, and great self-sustain.

>>520868891I don't even know what character would make use of purity cause don't you want a lot of proc items to even do damage lategame when you can literally shoot once or twice after 2nd or even 3rd loop of monsoon to nearly 1 shot 5+ different enemies by mistake.

>>520869096you can pick up the legendary chest on depths pretty much for free, that's so good on early game that's it's busted.

>>520869184IYeah? Why did you think they were called that?

>>520869132The usable that spawned new chests was the best anyway, especially lategame.

>>520869125That's not really fair. Engineer has 2 other players with him at all times, everyone else is alone.

I really wish I had more people to play this game with. Holla Forums threads aren't always a thing but pubs are trash

>>520868832ion jump is really good. flametrower is a proc move thats just not worth building on arti. I rather have the ion jump for infinite airtime, evasion, a aoe, and another skill to proc runic bands on which is now arti's bread and butter. give your artificers bands, user. she will thank you.

Do the lunar chimera enemies appear in other stages after you loop?

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>>520869203and both of those characters on top of all that just outright surpass arti in terms of pure dps. Rex has all that AND when he comes online and has enough sustain will shit damage with m1/m2 staggering like nothing else. He's fits the role of the "glass cannon" better than arti does.

>>520869125Arti is shit, but engi is also incredibly easy.

Some talented drawfriend please make this but with Providence and Mithrix

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>>520869071The glass frogs are just glass frogs, you can see one on the moon as an easter egg. The newts are separate entities entirely, you see one in the bazaar. The red pillar might have something to do with Kur-Skan, the heretic who was cut up into pieces and scattered across the moon. That's pure speculation though.

>>520869251to sound cool

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Do you still need a mod for 16 player games? Any lobbies?

>>520869035It only doesnt work on bosses and flyers though.

I was in a psychiatric ward these last couple of days, now I'm ready for the update. Any vanilla host to play with and check all the new stuff?

>>520869217arti is terrible at procs, hence why she wants it so much, doesnt care about the drawback. solves her cooldown problems with a single item.


>>520869290all i've seen from personal experience is that there is an event stage where they are the only thing that spawn.

What the fuck is the purpose of Captain's M2?

>>520869260>>520869358engi is pretty great but i do want to branch out... do you think arti will get buffed or should i just give up and pick up comMANdo

>>520869392flyers is arti's bane.

>>520869507play captain

>>520869413/v/ has enough schizos as-is, can you like...play something else?

>>520869365Which is Vergil and which is Dante

>>520869434But most bosses are barely any trouble and wisps are a problem for everyone regardless.>>520869483Cheap stun.

So what’s the point of the last stage besides unlocking captain?

>>520868420why is it red? most characters have 0 armor, so it's useless. The others have from 12 to 20, that'd become 14.4 to 24. It's barely beneficial at all.

>>520867375wow you're so cool and elite.

>>520869507hotpoo doesnt do things that people will enjoy so don't count on arti buff just pick up captain

>>520869507she was "buffed" with a bigger nano bomb and the inclusion of purity and runic bands. hopoo is patting himself on the back with that bullsiht.


>>520869569Providence is Dante, Mithrix is Vergil

>>520869616blowing up the moon.

What does the "the earth is warming" (not exact) dialogue supposed to mean?

>>520869616ending a run with a boss and lunar coins

>>520869026I play with sacrifice on because I value my time so it's meaningless to me.

>>520869619thank you i get that a lot

>Complete the prismatic challenge as merc without losing more than shields>Don't get alt skillOkay.

>>520869674Warning indicating only one type of enemy will spawn for that stage.


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>>520869674that the monsters spawned will all be of a certain type (i think that specific message means lemurians)

>>520869272Nano Bomb's Tendrils proc bands for shit damage, she isn't even good at abusing the one item she is supposed to be good with.

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Was busy but I'm back to draw more RoR lewds. Drop them.

>>520869429doesn't all her skills have a 1 for Proc coefficient so purity is a must on arti, does this help with her M1 recharge too.Any idea who else would want this.

>>520869670But Mithrix never hurt Providence

>>520869740I wanna see huntress with abs please

>>520869720you can't lose health or shieldsyou can lose barrier

>>520869737its pretty bad. the moment an elite flier shows up, you are praying you line up the arc right on the nanobomb or else you are getting oneshot

>>520869740Female merc pleaseShe needs something after what hopoo did to her

>>520869737Is there even any items worth going on artificer. Feel like outside of backup mags for M2 icicle spam to execute with mini guillotines.Speaking of now that I brought it up, you'd think with the nerf to guillotines people would just default Icicle for M2 and find icewall more ideal for execute sinceshe has a lot of built in execute to help her "power" early and midgame.

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elder lemurians are fucking bullshit

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>>520869737Nanospear it is.

>>520868906Game dev here, I've probably played my game more during development than anyone ever will post release.

>>520869096>healing station is a better pick>late gameare you fucking serious? It's fucking worthless late-game as well. everything is going to kill you instantly if you try to stay in the area of effect.

>>520869934her icewall stun is super powerful

>>520869807he threw wurms

>>520869740Mithrix putting a female merc in a mating press.

>>520869871Ah, fucks sake what a waste of time.

>tfw just realized the Golem Chimeras are just Temple Guards from the first game

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>>520869740Mithrix with BIG OL BOOBIES AND SHAPELY HIPS running right at Merc who is letting his guard down completely in awe of her radiant body

>>520869934icewall execute? that doesn't exist as soon as you get one (1) guillotine

What's the xml entry for the washed away achievement? I just want to use the captain

>>520869969And then your damage off bands gets cut down to 1300% instead of 2000%. Catch 22 is a bitch aint it?

Knowing OSP exist makes all my death 10 times more annoying

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>>520869507Arti is fine, the bands are a huge buff

>>520869807He hurt Provi's worms

Attached: 1589486343734.jpg (250x209, 6.23K)

>>520869753her m1 charges fast enough that you can shoot out 6-7 consecutive shots now before you run out. after a m2, you should be back to 4 charges on m1 to shoot out again. Ill take the lower proc rate any day of the week for what should be arti's moveset to start with.

The fuck is this round?

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>Artificer can fly nowY/N?

Hotpoo development thoughts; Mercenary: Mercenary was supposed to be a high skill ceiling character that was weak in the hands of new players and amazing in the hands of good players. Well turns out he's weak in the hands of new players and amazing in the hands of good players so we'll be changing him up a bit to make him useless to new players and frustrating to good players.

>>520870018Could be done with drizzle by the time you get an answer

Shitters like me can finally unlock glass because you can just stack attack speed on captain and have his drone shoot down all the homing projectiles

captain is fun

>>520870018just google for the new entries

>>520869740Loader with a shredded jumpsuit using a Soldier's Syringe to juice up after a tough fight

>>520869096>10% hp per second>lategame>when you get chunked for 90% hp by a fucking wispAnon what.You aren't engi, you can't sit in a tiny circle and expect to live.

Attached: 1582769491484.png (1200x975, 35.31K)

>>520870145Mercenary was braindead easy in his previous incarnation. He clearly still needs some work but you're retarded if you want it to just be reverted.

>>520865735nah not really. all he needs from you is a chronobauble and he'll fuck most characters if any stray bullet hits you

>>520870141She already could and it doesn't solve any of her problems

Why won't they finish Bandit, bros?I find him so much more enjoyable than any of the other characters when I use the mod.

>>520870241Nah, this new direction is literally a single flowchart no matter the situation. Scrap it entirely and start anew.

>>520870130Nevermind round went to shit.

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>>520869934ice wall is strong, problem is that its worthless at tackling bosses and fliers and the cooldown is way too long for something thats barely any damage. for some reason, mitrix is affected by icewall so its really good vs him.


Attached: loaders_have_small_brains.webm (1280x720, 2.86M)

>>520870241t. guy with no balancing ideas but still wants to lick hotpoos boot

>>520870304>getting focused convergence pre-loopLiterally the worst idea

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>>520870304Holy hell

>>520870018literally just play through on drizzle, play engi, place turrets before moon man takes your items, easiest w of all time>>520869553>>520869639captain just seems like lame engineer though>>520870058i did a run a few days ago where i made it to stage 7 boss, 70 minutes in... even with purity and bands idk if i have the strength to do that again


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>>520870304acquire proficiency

>>520870314I can hear the trap music and YEAH BOIs.

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>get to boss as acrid>do well for about 2/3 of health on DOT and occasional melee>starts hitting me with undodgeble machine-gun crystal thing>lose DPS race and die

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Arti's jetpack should provide a movement speed bonus.

>>520870297Same reason Sniper and HAN-D won't be finished. Hopoo doesn't know how to balance them and he's already claimed they won't fit the game so that his fanbase will defend him as he never touches on them again.

>>520870307find 2 guillotines and icewall becomes completely useless, no other skill is relegated so severely like that

>>520870416>playing on drizzle and/or with commandMight as well just announce your raging cocklust to the whole world while you're at it.

>>520870292Fly, not gently float down.

Somewhat new to the game and wanted to play multiplayer. What do these lobby tags mean?

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>>520870448create distance and never be close to himthe only way to win against him on acrid is to endlessly kite because nothing you have scales well at all unless you picked up visions of heresy or some shit. you have to rely completely on poison because anything else will get you instantly gibbed

>>520870516>he thinks he is cool because he gets the unlocks on monsoonyeah, have fun taking 10 runs to do what takes me to do 1 faggot

>>520865854The only times me and a friend do it is when we’re trying for some memey bs. Like me doing nothing but stacking daggers and crowbars in order to domino the whole map.... it doesn’t work

>>520870416Captain really doesn't share anything with engie

>>520869560So I can't play Risky because i personally got myself institutionalized to avoid killing myself after being falsely accused of beating my ex gf, getting a restriction order and probably end up in a trial court?Yeah i'm gonna try other games

>>520870396I should not have shrine of mountain'd on stage 2, honestly.

>>520870481It still freezes shit, which can easily save your life.

>>520870516>cheater insulting people for playing the game

>>520870536i imagine rv means rule voting, dz/rs/mn are difficultiesdunno about a though

>>520869989>>520870307Even though it's Holla Forums, the stigma last few months has been arti is fucking bad despite her being average at best.If anything commando at times feels weaker to me than arti. By the time you complete first loop you have enough items if you went through 15-25+ minutes in RS or even monsoon to complete one early void field and 5 stage run.icewall I've always used to execute things or just freeze golems possibly aiming for me, as for wisps or solus units I usually focus on movement items first the early rounds like hooves sprite and quails.Bosses usually just stay away from a distance to kill em in single player. Multiplayer usually enough people or items to survive so just be the support that captain wishes he could be.Again the execute Icicle spear and walls give to people before they have guillotines feels nice while M1 and R is usually just bonus below average damage until you or even gets so strong after 2nd loop or even 3rd to just one shot everything looking in the enemies general direction.tl;dr everyone has use, arti just has less chances of surviving 1st loop of monsoon than the others unless you get ungodly amounts of luck from item drops. Unless you're a commandbaby

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>>520868757This just seems like the ultimate degredation of a hobby, where developers are disconnected from the hobby. Artists love art, filmmakers love movies, musicians love music, so why can't game devs do the same? If it's not a labor of love, why bother?

Party was too long, going to end the run here and try for Stage 30 Monsoon.

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>>520870572How many liters of semen have you guzzled today?

What time should you aim to get to the boss at?

Ice Wall exists solely to make Strides worth taking to replace it. The iframe + heal + psuedo ion surge is so much better than a pitiful 100% damage (unless on beetle queen) & freeze.

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so is hack the best beacon?you can get 2-4 items for free every stage and just immediately rush the teleporter to keep difficulty downand when you get to lategame all the beacons are useless anyway, so the time saved is worth more than any shitty heal or stun

>>520870572yeah, have fun spending hours of your life to do what took me just a few seconds

>>520870682personally i have the easiest time beating mithrix if i can get to the final stage at around 30min

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>>520870647>If anything commando at times feels weaker to me than arti.Debateable before 1.0, post bleed change you would be insane to think this.

>>520870613Playing on drizzle is cheating just the same to someone like me who doesn't suck.

All good builds start with 10 Lens-Maker's Glasses

>see red item>oh shi->shackles>mfwwhy is this shit red

>>520870592Anon, thousands of years of warriors before you just went blood crazy when faced with such tremendous difficulty. Killing yourself is beta-tier. I don't think anybody wants a beta around them. Nothing personal but maybe you should avenge your honor instead of letting it be stomped on. t. im not from an alphabet agency

Did they fix Gay Baby Island yet?

>>520870516sorry for suggesting an easy strategy for you to use instead of cheating

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>>520870850okay commandlet.

>>520870018just use Characters.Captain in the unlock section, i tried various options for the achievement itself but couldn't get it

>>5208708509. You get the other 5% from Harvesters+Instincts.

>>520870886There hasn't even been a patch yet

>>520870886They haven't patched anything, user.

>>520870859>my face when I have no face

>>52087093120 Instincts

>>520870592fucking retard shouldnt have involved yourself with women

I play Monsoon with Command to get as many items as possible as fast as possible to create engine-breaking builds that crash my game as soon as possible.

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>>520870730>when you get to lategame all the beacons are useless anywayYou can drop them on bosses for damage, but yes.

oc, pls steal

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engi balls just bounce off enemies now instead of exploding on contact?

>>520871053shock stations hold up alright


So, Nano Bomb or Spear?

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>>520865373Even if it's Gearbox's fault, it's ultimately Hopoo's fault for signing on with Gearbox to begin with. Devolver Digital and New Blood would have taken this game in a fucking heartbeat and probably still would if they could negotiate a deal, but the devs decided to go full retard and say>lol let's go with fucking RANDY GODDAMN PITCHFORD's gaming company>early access is so players can test and report bugs? what do you mean?>lol lets delay our 1.0 update for 3 month and then ship it out in a clearly broken, untested, unfinished state

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>>520869413Hope you're doing alright, user. Check back tommorow, I'm trying to sleep. It's 1 in the morning here on the West Coast.

You know why don't they just add Elite equipment to the drop table for 'the horde of many' as a boss drop instead of a 1/4000 chance from any elite? They're cool items, and it's criminal that you'll never ever see one.

>>520871274Bomb as long as you're willing to accept your death as soon as fliers get moderately tanky.

>>520869934you want mobility so she wants a sprint cola or a couple hooves. everyone wants a wax quail next matter is survivalbiility, she doesnt need much to start but you should try to pick up a buckler, slug, teddy bear, medkit, shield gen, etc, no one is gonna say no to defensive items. She does well with transcendence so if you wanna go that route, pick up some stealth kits. damage items, she loves the new runic bands, she wants a few backup mags too, a crowbar makes handling fliers much more managable, she doesnt really like stacking attack speed but she can still stack crit. Thats about my overview of her wants. you can build her differently for sure, but this is what i like. if you are going the purity route, she doesnt like proc chance items even more. if you really cant deal with her m1 and ice wall, you can get visions and strides as well. Arti really likes lunar item shopping.