>83% of players beat Final Fantasy VI>36% of players beat Final Fantasy VII

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>>520858710more people mod 7 which results in them not executing the steam executable

>>520858872This is the PS1 port on the PS4

>>520858710How many more people played FFVII than FFVI?

>>520858710i'm part of it.I love FFVI, chrono trigger and so on, but i've never really played FFVII until it came out on the ps4.I couldn't stand how boring it is.

>>520858947Doesn’t matter when Me2 has a completion rate of like 70%

>>520858710Autistic people who have no life play 6 and finish.Normies play it until they get bored and moved on to the next fad.


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>>520858710It’s literally the most blantant case of frontloading in gaming history>Midgar>Opening Train scene>Intro cutscene>Falling through the Church>Meeting Aerith>Infliltrating Shinra HQ>Cross dressing>Leaving Midgar>Niblehiem flashback>Soldier March>Golden SaucerAll of the memorable moments happen in the first three hours, which is all people remember when they look back on it with nostalgia. They forget about the fact that they got bored and stopped playing a quarter of the way through due to how awful & boring it is.

>>520858912woah the ps1 games looked like THIS?

I'm playing through FF7 right now and I can only go for about an hour or two until I just don't feel like playing anymore for the day

toxic normies with burned out dopamine receptors>>520859547wow you're retarded if you think that

game is boring, nigga.Disc 1 is kino af but the rest of the game kinda just falls flat. Plus the story gets fucking retarded.

>>520858710I only played FF6 once and it only took 19 hours. It is a short and shit game. I have beaten FF7 multiple times. No interest in the shitty remake.

>>520859547>Cosmo Canyon not memorable>Temple of ancients ending and bosses not memorable>Going to space not memorable>Raid on Midgar not memorable>Getting to Mt.Nibel after seeing it hours ago in the flshback scene not memorableI know you are just baiting but cmon

>>520861095>>520862240Cope harder drones i beat the game, it genuinely sucks

>>520858710ff7 is a tedious core with an horrendous UI and slow, unrewarding combat. Most characters also have the charisma of a brick, especially once you get out of midgard and the devs were out of ideas;

>>520862240Temple of ancients is the pinnacle of the game. Absolute ludo.

>>520859547Not trying to contradict you or anything here, but 7 is more widely popular, hence, normies that look into "le top 100 gaymz" might try it, realize they cant into RPGs, and move on.Whereas if you play 6, you have taste

>>520862407Its cool if you dont like it

>contrarians tried shitting on remake >everyone liked it despite it's flaws>now they're trying to shit on 7

>>520862706>everyone liked itlol sure

>>520862706We always shat on Ff7 newfag. Even back in 2005 it was never rated highly by anyone who played more than one jrpg in their life

>>520862829>nooooo stop shitting on my narrative

>>520861095He's right game gets pretty sparse towards the end.

>>520858710FF7 is like 20 hours longer than FF6.


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>>520858710VII is boring as fuck

>>520862938bullshitweapons waking up and meteor falling are the best parts along with the midgar infiltration and northern crater

>>520862919lol sure

>>520863076No they aren’t you never even played it. After Golden Saucer it’s a tedious chore to play due to how awful the story and how bland the characters are. Once Cloud leaves it’s unbearable dogshit until you finish it

>>520863172You are a try hard. I think ff7 is overrated but the entire memory dive to help Cloud find himself is one the most kino moments in the entire genre

>>520863172Wtf, the whole journey to the crater is the best part of the game. I admit the huge materia stuff without Cloud is a slog but after that it picks up again

>>520862706Zoomer, calling FF7 one of the best games ever was contrarian back in the day, look at the top user rated games on metacritic back in the 2000s.

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>>520863423>metacriticOpinion discarded

>>520858710IIRC 6 had no gayass dungeons with screens connected by effectively random teleporters.

>>520863172>literally describes events of game>NOOOOO YOU NEVER PLAYED IT

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>barry had to fall back to 7 because Remake threads ignore him

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>>520864153I can go read a synopsis of Lord of the Ring and post the major events but I've never read it or watched the movies.

>>520864481okay autist

>>520864562okay reader

>>520858710Normalfags who only pick up a game for a few hours then drop it for social leverage are far more likely to buy FF7 than 6

It's boring

>>520862706>they>it's just one guy. Xvfag, aka Barry

people bought it just to play midgar so they can stay they played 7 when getting the remake

>>520859547First time I've seen this opinion and I couldn't agree more. When they popped out of Midgar into the desert I was like "OK, wtf is going on?" And then the game kept going, and going, and going, until I dropped it sometime after getting the airship. The whole game should have taken place in Midgar like the remake did.

>>520858710Final Fantasy 7 is a zietgiest game, a classic if you will. It attracts the attention of normalfags who just have to experience it. Then they find out the game is "dated" and noting like what ever current day AAA trash they consume and drop it. With FF 6 the majority of people playing it know what they're getting into and know how to actually play it.

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they all got filtered by materia keeper

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>>520865465You're giving them too much credit, I doubt many got that far. Midgardzolom probably filtered the shit out of most of them

>>520865753when i was a kid I literally leveled up and killed midgar zolom because I didn't realize you just needed to run past it with the chocobo, but then because i bought the game used at gamestop the disc two was too scratched to play and so i had to wait until much later to play it on pc where I beat it.


not that it matters but give your source OP so i could tell you exactly why you´re a full grown retard.

>>520867530Was it worth it?

>>520858710Aerith dies halfway through

>>520858710Casuals play 10 minutes of FFVII because it's popular and they can't not be seen ever playing it even though it's meh at best.People who play FFVI actually like games.

>>520858710People buy 7 because it's the popular one everyone knows even if they were born a decade after it released, try to see what it's like, then drop it.People who buy the console port of a shitty looking phone port of 6 do so because they're the cult followers of it that want to make sure they clear it in every conceivable fashion.

>remember Midgar being a grand adventure by itself>replay it>it's 3 hours longI have severely misremembered.

>>5208587106 is half as long.

>all these anons itt bringing up the point that it's "too long"You know in the past I would've called bullshit since every FF after 7 is basically just as long if not longer, but I knew a coworker not so long ago who said his favorite was 9 and that he never played 7 for that very reason. Needless to say I was dumbfounded, especially considering how slow 9 is (I still love it though). I guess some people really do perceive 7 as being too long, as dumb as that is.

>>520870043So long they needed 3 discs to contain it all.

>>520870634brainlet take

>>520870634Wrong. They only needed 3 discs because of the FMVs. All 3 discs actually contain the same main game data, but completely different FMV sequences. If it wasn't for said FMVs being memory hogs, the entire game could fit on a single disc.