>He doesn't have a rare titleXIV Thread. Post them job/title combos

>He doesn't have a rare titleXIV Thread. Post them job/title combos.

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I want to go to clown town

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I saw some people talking about a place were cool npc gather, where is it??? I just know the tranny pixie goes there


>>520858457anyone know the title of the song when you run out to fight the hippogryphis in the ending?

>>520859434The echo is caused by seeing the star shower, it causes the fragment of the ancient inside you to resonate inside you. Zenos could never naturally get the echo because Garleans are fucked abominations that were more than likely a fabricated race so they have no direct ties to the ancients. Once Zenos was given the echo, his echo started to evolve by just him sleeping. If seeing a shit baby star shower is enough, imagine 27 years of seeing the entire Amorot incident over and over again. He's echo is insane at this point.

>>520858457Scholar, Lady of the Fetch. Because I'm fetching

It's not a magic set if the robe doesn't hide a pair of sexy pants underneath.

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First time having crafters at max for a new patch. Southern Seas Skirt is going for 9m on my server and none have been sold but demand is at 25. Will people get pissed if I massively undercut from 9m? I think we'd start getting action at 5

>>520860295Anything that makes crafter faggots seethe is a good thing.

>>520860295What's the worst they can do?Be passive aggressive at you? Since if they're actually mean you can get them banned for harassment by SE's Hurt Feelings Police?

>>520860598new player here. calling people in chat dudes and bros piss people off?

>>520860295>find relatively easy to make items being sold for a lot>spam the board and massively undercut everyone>watch as the market for the item never recovers


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>>520860180>Garleans have no ties to the ancients>Varis is literally the great grandson of a living one

>>520860214Does this give 2B's ass?

>dude eledibus has autism and alzhiemers yes yes but people seem to forget its because hes a primal as well.

>>520860295there is no price on the item till someone buys the first one

>>520860667I've sold gravel on and off for years now and just stop and start amassing them for when the prices recover.

>>520860847>He's a primalKinda. It's almost in the same way Yysale was a primal


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that final boss remix for the new nier raid is so good


>>520860803Emet took the body of Solus.

Ok, I hoarded a bunch of bacon broth and the medicine. Best way to level desyntesis with every class?

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>>520860963>His wave at the endThis fight was Kino of the highest order.

>>520858457>post character>user uses it as the OP for the XIV threadthanks I guess

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>6.0 will be us going West to the New World>Likely where the Spooky Noise Monster is located at>New Job will be a Healer to balance out the healing role like Tanks were for ShB. Other new job(s) will be DPS (obviously)>7.0 will be the expansion that actually deals with Garlemald and the MoonFeel free to screencap

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>>520860950i sort of see it in the english script at least. >what the fuck thats an ascian symboel what the fuck are you ? NEVERMIND REEEE>what the fuck am i doing i dont remembe. REE IM ELEDIBUSat least to me reminds me of primal focus.

>>520861181I think you have me confused with someone else

>>520861060I say this literally every 3 or so patches, but how will they actually top this one?

>>520861205actually disregard the word im looking for is tempered. nm just fuck my shit up.

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>>520861145Wtf is the spooky noise monster

>>520858457Job: machinistTitle: necromancer>implying i don't have a rare title

>>520861205I think it was less to show primal nature and more to show that even from his justified high horse, he was still flawed.

>>520861383the thing that caused the first calamity and wiped out the ancients

>>520860180If Zenos had the memories since childhood it preceds his jamming a crystal into his hand as a teenager.The Garleans actually could be some manifestation of what the Amaurotines began to discover in tales of shadow - the ability to make life (summons) with souls not by procreation but by magic. I dunno but I am 100% sure the origin of the Garleans will be a major plot point in 6.0 or 7.0, and their origin will not be very flattering. It'll be that of Allagan biological androids/puppets for transferring a mind into, >>520860950Feel like that should be a category of primal, which I guess "heart of" is. Where you summon a primal and then turn into the primal, but the concept created begins to influence you. I wonder if Zenos got/will get influenced by Shinryu (which was a summon of revenge).

>>520861145whats the east indian company in the source? some uldah jews? i really dont want to deal with muh savages and muh colonists. Hope its just a savage untamed wilderness with no civilization or tribals. just explore ancient ruins like based adventurers.


>>520861102>Posting your characterGo back

>>520861392yea youre probably right.

>He doesn't have the Chad Commander Coat

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>>520861475>whats the east indian company in the source? some uldah jews?Isn't it the company Hancock works for?

>>520858457I have Mahjong Master, only title I grinded for since I do love Mahjong IRL. Can't be arsed to do any other rare titles.

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>>520861389lots of people are finding out how easy deepdungeons really areanother buff for tanks or rdps and well see lots of new necromancers after the next content droughtlone hero is already a joke considering how broken lvl70 gnb is

>>520861475>>520861631East Aldenard Trading Company, Lolorito runs it>>520861582Definitely not me, I don't have any dick mods installed

>>520861463Make sense that they're a "created" race since they can't use magic or have the echo.

>>520858457my rarest achievement is winning 1 mil MGP from the jumbo cactpot. I actually got that from winning the lottery. Too bad the bird ring is ugly as fuck


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>>520861463Zenos put the crystal in his hand because it was a technique shown to him by his sword teacher, the one he ended up killing after he was attacked.We know Garleans are connected to Galg but in which way we have no idea. Due to their lack of magic and inability to move Aether, it's almost safe to assume they're artificially created in a way.

>>520861389Your cat is still cute as ever. I hope you had fun with the new update Luciana.

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>>520861774>Cope>Turns out the faggot posts his toon in /aco/ with furs modsThis is why we can't let these faggots in. Not even a fucking step.

HomeRiding homeDying hopeHold onto hope... Ohhh...HomeRiding homeHome, riding homeHope, finding hope... Ohhh...


>>520861475>>520861631East Aldenard trading company or some shit

I’m enjoying the free trial so far but why are there so many faggots in this game? 80% of the characters on my server are female

>>520861962What are you even talking about?

>>520862068you prefer boys?


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>>520862068>he doesn't like being surrounded by girlsI dunno dude I'm pretty sure you're the faggot

>>520861383There is still, I think, debate as to what it is. I find the two leading theories to be:1) Jenova/Lavos. Foreign alien thing that is bad and wants to fuck it up and eat all life.2) It's the planet reacting to misuse/abuse of magic and reee-ing the same way the planet reeee'd against Jenova and SHINRA's use of mako by making the gem weapons. Clearly the gem weapons are different in this world, but I think 2 fits most because it matches the Ancient Amaurotine-era hubris and "recent" (When Emet was on the council, or was recently elected to it) discovery of how to make souls from nothing and to make an immortal being. When such things had been beyond their comprehension. Then the final boss of Amaurot is Therion, whose FF description in another game is a being created by the planet to destroy those who would pervert/twist/abuse the lifestream.This then becomes a way that Zenos would be able to be super saiyan threat. He finds a way to tap into the life-stream an suck on it. Yeah, it'll make him even more of a Sepiroth and I know Nael already assumed Sepiroth's theme but it's hard to escape the hunch.

>>520862126I know most of those are dudes irl which is kinda fucking gay for an online role playing game

I'm probably gonna bite the bullet and resub. Is there any way of making fucking friends in this game or does the community still act like a bunch of insular terrified high school girls?

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>we're azem>sun cats worship azeyma>that unsourceable shit about yoship saying canon wol is a sun catdid fucking john titor create that rumor?

>Got everything I wanted from the nier raid in 1 runGG EZ

>>520860715who is this rei host person

>>520862197Did you know, the majority of gamers are dudes, period. Seems pretty gay of you to like playing any multiplayer game. Why are you so such a gay faggot, gay faggot?

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>>520858457Of Dragon's Deep.It's a reward for the legendary FSH questline of ARR. It doesn't take too long and doesn't require that much effort, but you need to monitor spawn windows and get lucky.

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>>520858457What coat is that?

>>520862526ShB alchemist artifact

>>520862295Resub for a month since there's a bunch of overlapping events, catch up and be done with it like me. This game has been dead to me ever since everyone I knew gradually started dropping off.

which title should i work on then

>>520862115That guy is always posting his character and screenshots in the /aco/ XIV threads with dickgirl mods. And we don't need it breaching containment. Or it's just somebody with an identical looking character using the same screenshot naming convention and gshade preset. But I'm not a retard and know better.

>>520862197The best thing about XIV is that it's full of weirdos and neckbeards and fujos and not 15-year-olds who think anything not drenched in sixty layers of irony is """cringe"""

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>>520861968>>520862030its also kind of sad. mystery niggas just want to go home.

Is leveling crafters by crafting everything in the log dumb?

I miss the fat cat mommy. Why did they never have their own son?

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>>520858457What should I level as before SAM? I just found out that I have to be level 50 and complete a certain quest to be able to play one.

>>520861360Photorealistic Yoshi-P comes down and starts having sex with all the Primals mid transition while the boss cooms to death.

>>520862664You get an XP bonus for crafting it the first time, but it's hardly an efficient way to go about. Good if you want the achievements, I guess.

>>520862685Are you just starting? DRG is pretty fun

>>520862667couldn't find that vagoo under all those fat rolls

>>520862685Buy a boost off the mog and unlock it right away

>>520862664Sounds like way more work than beast tribes and grinding Ishgard.Especially the outdated master recipes

>>520858457Is "Z" rare?

>>520862605I've literally never once posted in the /aco/ threads (they were dead as fuck the one time I looked at them) and I don't have any mods that add dicks for either gender t. that guy

>>520860992>literally starts the thread off with avatar postingyeah no this is the only time they're right

>>520862563Cool, I wish we could use Crafter gear as glamour, their designs go to waste really fucking fast when general crafter gear appears.

>>520862813See >>520861102

>>520862809now it is i guess since you can't get it anymore

>>520858457How can you tolerate dark skin with the awful lighting engine? Dark skin feels like I'm playing with a blackhole that absorbs all light during cutscenesI ended up bleaching my character

>>520862685If you don't care about what class you play, do a tank or healer just for fast queues. If you want a comparable DPS that'll play sorta similarly, go Goon.

>>520862809Modestly, Zetas are a pain in the cock to get but not impossible >>520862913???

>watched her dad get murdered by mhiggers because he decided be an uncle tom that gets a job to feed his family>grows up and decides that she should also get a job>this makes her a villainWhy the fuck were we helping mhiggers again?

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>>520862931Pitch black skin looks good.

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>play tank>get the best glamours>best job quests>chad party leader>also have the most ball numbingly boring gameplay ever committed to a video gamesuffering

garbage lazy dungeongarbage lazy EXeasier than usual 24-manyou could've made content out of g-warrior but fuck it let's just make it a solo duty you do once game is stagnating harder than a raider's fake vagina

>>520862748What's the point of doing that if I've never played? I don't want to miss out on the stories/expansions.>>520862740Hmm ok thanks, I was thinking that or rogue.>>520862967

>>520861360I got faith for them this time. I can see how they can keep the tension escalated with what's going on with fandango and Zenos. But they either have to drag that out over 2 expansions or have it end in 6.0 and then, well, it's tricky because the only way to go higher than Zodiark and Hydaelyn is the scream that ended the world. But with Zenos' remarks of wanting to fight the WoL on a bonfire of the world, and Graha saying it was the final chapter in the star suggests Zenos will be repeating the end of the ancient world.>>520861797If Yoko Taro wasn't such a fucking arrogant diva who refused to let his work be sullied by XIV then they could have easily ran with the idea that the puppets/Automata were some cargo-cult recreation of an earlier, more refined Amaurotine era creation. In the first the squatters made them into the puppets who went awry, in the source they were made more correctly into hollow vessels who then grew souls (Just like in Nier gestalt) with these being the Garleans. But heaven fucking forbid you compromise your waifufaggotry with the XIV its tying into.

>>520862990sorry i was thinking of something else

>>520863042The lighting engine makes it look so off during cutscenes

>>520863042Why do you have a Shadowbringers logo merging into your body

>>520858457I have Necromancer

>>520863056this, i've run heroes' gauntlet 6 times today trying to get the tank head piece and the most excitement happens when i get lazy with my pulls and someone has aggro on 1 enemy for an extra second before i provoke

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>>5208621762 is super gay. 1 is preferable. sad the jazztown aliens got wrekt buy (((parasitcal monster))) but i like it more than environmentalism schtick.

>>520863121It's an old picture from the benchmark.

>>520863080>If Yoko Taro wasn't such a fucking arrogant diva who refused to let his work be sullied by XIVwhere are you getting this from?

>>520863056>best job quests>pld and warDon't get cocky just because you have drk.

I'm this close to filtering Lavos, this is more retarded than Caramel's bullshit

>>520863056>>best job questsPLD 60-70 was a tournament arc and 50-60 even has the characters admit none of what happened mattered

>>520862812If you're a regular here you should know better. Shame on you for posting your guy in the first place. But I'll take your word your not the brown bunny retard who stirs the pot in /aco/

>>520863080how about a burning crusade type shit alien threat before noise threat? just change up the older maps. can they do it?

>>520863080>machines at the end of Automata are capable of interstellar flight>NOOOO IT HAS TO BE AMAUROTINE WTF YOKO TARO YOU HAAACKXIVfags are cringe

>>520863080>Nier didin't get crossovered exactly how I would do it, so Taro is a fucking stupid ass faggotYou seem to have issues.

>>520863242>>520863325DRK is better than every other job quest combined

When can we finally genocide all lizards. So we can move onto getting rid of ugly ass rabbits next.

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>>520863242DRK job quest makes all other job quests in the role better by proxy

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>>520863343I just wanted to show off my Mad Bird Ring bro

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I find it odd that you level as a certain class then swap to another one at a different level. However, I can see how that might make players feel a greater sense of progression.

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>>520863272if not "lavos" how about outside alien threat like midgarsomr and omega?

>>520863080seems like you're projecting a lot lmao

>>520863468Your character isn't defined by their job, they're an adventurer. Honestly, it feels silly that other games force a character into a singular role, as if your character is completely incapable of putting down a Bow and picking up a Sword and learning how to use it. Jobs/Classes should always be an extension of your character, not vice versa.

>>520863062this, shiva unreal sucked too they couldn't even make that dragon whore do one new mech to throw arr vets off

>>520863409>>520863394SAM, SMN, AST, and MCH are all goodNIN and DRG are great

>>520863042fuck off pedo

>>520863468it makes perfect sense for FF. it's just an extension of the classic job system

>>520861576>>520863042Fuck off avatarfags

>>520863605Unreal should just be a feature of the gameAre they saying it takes a whole patch to bump up the HP value of the boss? Come the fuck on

>>520862931I have a pitch-skinned lizard and I never really felt odd watching cutscenes. Probably because I made the eyes really light, I can still see expression.Just lighten the eyes or area around them and the lips and you'll be good to go.

>>520863658That's fair, it does seem in line with jrpgs>>520863602Yeah I can see that as well, I've just been used to the archaic one class per character system.

>>520863605they should just do unreal versions of the CT raids


>>520863468It's typical for FF, even the first one had your classes get jacked up hard in the mid-lategame if you chose to

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>>520863019i was so happy to see her again in the SMN lvl 80 quest. this character really shouldn't be in fucking prison stuck behind in that shit hole nation. make her a scion already we could use the sharingan.

>>520863062>I'm burnt out from only playing one game>Why aren't these new things as fresh as they were 2000 hours of playtime agoPost your playtime and realize that's why you're not excited anymore. Unsubscribe and come back in two years and envoy things again. Because no game can be fun infinitely unless you're an autistic retard like a speedrunner or something. It's only human and you can't fault yourself for it.

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>>520859208Stupid cunts like you give the game a bad name.

>>520863019The game practically beats you over the head with how shitty Mhiggers are. They even have a foil group in the Domans who are entirely based the entire way through.

there were one or two cutscenes that were randomly really dark and over saturated in 5.3, did any one else notice? one was when we went to check on the bodies in the early quests

>>520863773>Are they saying it takes a whole patch to bump up the HP value of the boss? Come the fuck onIf it was just that easy they'd do that. It must take a lot of effort to register new instance IDs and get the map uploaded into the database and serverzone.

>>520862589I just want to make new ones, man. I got the same problem and my old group is a bunch of hyper pozzed boring shticks now. I want normie friends or people that can actually bants.

>>520864002>>I'm burnt out from only playing one gameI haven't played for five months you clown.Realize that they're putting bare minimum effort into the game.I haven't even brought up all the stuff they've promised to add in the expansion and never did.And the argument of "well it's good for NEW players" is stupid because it's a subscription MMO that's meant to keep people subscribed and engaged in the world for long periods of time instead of once every two years.You fucking Yoshi bootlickers is what's actually ruining the game.>>520864081Here's your (You)


>>520864246>Five monthsAs I said. Come back in two years when there's lots more and a fresh new spin on the jobs with full reworks. Yoshi even says you shouldn't stay subbed. And you still haven't posted your total playtime.


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>Rabbits still don't get hats Is it ever coming, or should I use one of my potions to become a Highlander?

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>>520864448>Blonde hairGet the fuck out of here with that shit.

Imagine a XIV where different windows can actually interact with each other while being on the screen and there aren't a billion of tedious yes/no prompts to ensure that controller mongoloids don't just endlessly mash themselves into buying and accepting things they don't want.

>>520864471become an elezen


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>almost done downloadingNice

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>>520864551The necks are kinda giraffe-y

>>520864471If it was going to happen newly modeled items and new cash shop items would appear on them. It's not coming and learn to accept it's a tradeoff for us even getting them as a playable race.

>>520864471Use it, I ended up doing it. Don't expect rabbit hats until the next expansion. They ain't going to divert the art resources needed to do it before then. Even then, I wouldn't count on it being a thing. Bite the bullet and swap until it happens.

>>520864471Some of the new dungeon helmets work

>>520864551what the fuck do duskies actually do?

>>520864487Why not both?

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>>520864548So... World of Warcraft? Yeah fuck off and miss me with that bad shit.

>>520864443You dense goddamn motherfucker the game's entire selling point is that it wants to sell you fresh content because it can't deliver lasting contentHow are chariot/dynamo/protean mechanics going to feel less stale in two years than they do now?Not to mention if you actually quit for 2 years you'll miss the zeitgeist of content tuning at which point you might as well not fucking bother

>>520864471Why aren't you playing as the race closest to the Ancients?

Attached: The XIV Shad Owbringers.jpg (3840x2516, 3.19M)

>>520864634commit crimes

>>520864656>Having a functional UI for m+kb users must be some WoW shit.Really pushing that half of a braincell to the limit I see.

Raid autists are worse than niggers

>>520864717they got uriangers hair wrong but man thats a lot of white hair.

>>520864680I can't tell if you're dense or trolling. Sounds like you just don't like MMOs and expect them to be something else.

Attached: d36.jpg (252x260, 34.4K)

>>520864471at this point its more than sure that is a 6.0 thing

>>520864801Sounds like you're rectum rendered because someone criticized the game you're so mentally invested into for no reason.

>>520864758Be nice to the people carrying you.

>>520864448>tfw now that her father is gone she will have to pleasure old eulmoran men for money

In the next expansion generic boxart protagonist is going to race change to a lizard since we created lizards for some reason.

>>520864849I know they're criticizing XIV for no good reason but there's no need to be rude about it

>>520864487Fuck you, Blond is better just for her eyes.

Attached: 1563815133014.jpg (684x550, 91.04K)

Is it at all possible to make a good looking Highlander?I'm thinking of fantasiaing to boring Hyur after trying pretty much everything else and getting triggered by armor looking shit on potatoes, tail clipping on cats and lizards, wonky animations on Elezen, shitty voices and faces on Roes, and no helmets on Hrothgar and Viera.But it seems I'll end up going the blandest milquetoast Midlander because I can't make a Highlander who doesn't look like she has a skin disease.

Tanned skin and white hair will forever be best.


Attached: 5664542345365436.jpg (906x662, 103.33K)

>>520864246dude wtf there is a pandemic going on. they had to be safe

>He doesn't let his raider buddy pilot his account when their team does reclearsDo people actually think people pay somebody to beat fights for them? The secret behind all the bad Legend players is simply this.

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>>520864997>hydalyn eyeskill it

>>520865051someone mentioned it was the same scene as killing the sin eater in the trailer. pretty neat.


Attached: 1591488785247.jpg (641x703, 154.17K)

>>520865105That's why they went out of their way to hyperanimate MSQ cutscenes?

>>520865139K I N O

>they saved hildibrand for the shit political patches. based pretty smart too.

>>520865139>>520865051it was the same scene as gohan killing cell

so which content replaced ultimate this patch?


Would definitely be weird if someone snuck to the top of the crystal tower and did things to the crystal exarch. Haha.

>>520865136>kill it with dickfify

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>>520865264the most kino story content the game has ever seen

>>520865258fuckingj beaners and their gohan cell saga obsession. dios mio.

>>520865328Wasn't as good as 5.0.

>>5208640025552 hours since launch day. Still loving it.

>>520865291>wants to sneak up to the crystal exarch>not just go to the incredibly willing younger versionWhat are you, gay?

>>520865420It was bare minimum on par with 5.0

>>520865330It actually was

>>520865328>the most kino story content the game has ever seenNidhogg was still betterfucking Stormblood babies I swear

>>520865257The real question is where did Hildi and Greg actually go if Elidibus was able to summon him?

>>520858457Makai MasterMakai Master

>>520865447Lyna can't get to the source tho

>>520865496The shard for fuck SE for skipping his quests in Shad.


Attached: Screenshot_2020-08-13 Thank you SE for this amazing summer event .png (3522x587, 210.47K)

>>520862664It's worth it

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>>520865442Good for you. But not the user hating on XIV. I'm at about 3000 myself and still loving it.

Do you think they are still going to finish off Garlemald in the final two patches?I still can't imagine them doing a full Garlemald expansion, seeing as how Yoshida dislikes it.

>>520865539Hahaha, yeah, we're talking about Lyna, yes, absolutely.....hahahaha, yeah.

>>520865460>>5208654205.3 was pretty good with cat mommy and i talking to eledibus. i wonder why they insist on not letting the scions see us be a mystery nigga at times. seems like they off screen em at convenient times.

>>520864920already are

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>>520865594What do they get out of this? Upboats?


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>>520865659i wasnt around when these were introducedwhen we will get the next iteration? 5.5?

>>520865659>My golden Call of Doody gun is the sickest!

Remember now that we are back it means Lyse is also coming back. I hope you are ready for another song.

Attached: lyse scion.jpg (750x1049, 255.18K)

>>520865594>Stop having fun!>You're not allowed to like games or thank the developer because it's a corporate product!

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>>520865674Garlemald is definitely the next expansion and then probably some shit with Zodiark, Though I don't really see Zodiark as the big bad evil guy.

>>520865723nice. alphinaud and his waifu.

>>520865442Same but 9200

>>520865784I'm ready for her to sit on my face

>>520865659Based and achievementpilled>>520865782Cringe and crabmentalitypilled

>Happily destroying men's confidence all over the world and even in different worlds.>Can't even visit what is essentially her second mother. Y'shtola is a cunt.

Attached: 45435151353547.jpg (588x836, 111.86K)

>>520865784i'd meet them in the middle if they made this gal yda again instead of whatever the fuck she was in sb.

>>520865659>they only glow while using then and not while just pulling them outFucking retarded choice>>520865765yes. 5.5

So did Y'shtola want to fuck Runar or was she just mocking him or what

>>520865807I kind of wish the Ascians arc was really ending, after Emet-Selch and Elidibus it feels like everything after will just be filler.Fandaniel isn't a paragon, feels like a step down in threat levels.

>>520865784Thankfully she's got plot immortality from being used in the level 80 monk quest. So she's cucked from ever being important outside of the "Everyone is here!" Power of friendship finale scene

>>520865765We already do, it's the Relic Tools. We'll be upgrading them over patches, just like our combat ones.>>520865782The bigger dick play is to use the 1.0 achievement tools.

Attached: UCoB & UWU Frypans.png (787x723, 796.89K)

>>520865901shes the leader now telling us to do shit now.

>>520865993Y'shtola doesn't want to fuck anyone. Runar was just in love with her.

>>520865784Give us punchgirl back instead of the fucking autistic whateverthefuck they made her into with SB.

Attached: 1499936703344.jpg (752x812, 134.71K)

>>520865994Well we still have Zenos and it looks like Daniel is just insane so who really cares about him.

>>520862150>the big fucking sin eater in the trailer was representing elidiWoL the whole time

>>520865994>Fandaniel isn't a paragon, feels like a step down in threat levelsReminder you guys said this about Elidibus tooReminder that doubting Ishikawa is a great way to look like a fool

Attached: 1597135814796.jpg (720x698, 72.7K)

>>520866167Zenos should've ended with Stormblood. The whole yandere living for the fight villain thing got old really fast.

>>520865723>hroth monkbased im canon

what do i level next Holla Forums

Attached: jobs.png (580x686, 176.9K)

>>520866261If Ishikawa is writing him. Could be Oda again.

>>520865994I'm expecting Daniel to cannibalize a bunch of sundered ascians in a bid to get stronger

>>520863083Zero and the rest of the Garo titles still have another year or so till they're rare>tfw Makai Master

does anyone have a webm or gif of Urianger being a fucking dork with his cards at the end of 5.3? that got a laugh out of me

Attached: 1560422303514.png (1414x752, 2.52M)

I maxed my goldsmith just now. But really have no clue how to take advantage of it. Any advice?

>>520865881Aye my friend>>520865921I hate it too, I wanna do the stance/sit glitch to have my Pans glow 'n shit.

Attached: Pan of the Luminary.jpg (1920x1080, 227.9K)


Attached: Urianger.webm (1920x1080, 2.86M)

>>520865994Nabriales wasn't a paragon and he was the closest thing to a real threat we saw from the Ascians for two whole expacs

Every time someone talks about titles and how they want to wear the rarest one they own I just laugh because I've had them turned off since early 2015.


>>520866354RDM is fun as hell


Attached: Garo All Makai Knight Tranformation 2 (Tsubasa,Bado,Wataru,Leo) (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC).webm (1280x720, 1.22M)

>>520866513Blessed webm

>chad FF11Adds story patches out of nowhere years later. still kicking with a small team>virgin FF14I-it's gonna be the last expansion next p-please stay with us

>>520866513perfection, user. thank you

Attached: 1562871095272.jpg (352x338, 36.25K)

>want to run the 24man more>already got the card/minion and a glamour on my first runfuck

>>520866504Lets hope the relics actually do it

The most I have is Light of the Land because I thought it sounded cool.

>>520866513>first they did this to him>now he's a chuuniHopefully the group stops shitting on Alphinaud and it all moves over to Urianger.

Attached: urianger is in this scene.png (1920x1080, 3.73M)

>>520866354Finish WHM first so you can make throwawat healer leveling gear away and then finish RDM for the same reason.Then go do tanks and bard at the same time.

>>520866590>he's still tryingLMAO

>>520866525Yeah but the WoL was still kind of a scrub back then.

Jap Urianger sounds like shit.

I really enjoyed the finale of this patch. Haven't been this happy with the MSQ since 5.0 and prior to that, not since Nidhogg. I was worried because 5.1 and 5.2 we're both pretty standard/boring, but 5.3 blew that shit out of the water.

Attached: 1597185691301.webm (1280x720, 2.92M)

>>520866590>quotes 11 still getting fucking content in 2020>actually believes 14 is ending next expansionYou're a fucking genius!

>>520866579Man, if only the DRG looked as good as that did. The cloth bits are so stiff.

>>520866590>I-it's gonna be the last expansion next p-please stay with usliterally headcanon by LYNCHED players.

Attached: SlimyAdolescentCaimanlizard-size_restricted.gif (720x404, 3.89M)

>>520866646they cant really focus on all of the scions at the same time. so they just dab on the males the damn fujos.

>>520866646>nowPlay 3.4 in ng+ right fucking now

I just started the free trial. Should I be following these MSQ quests, or is there a better way to level up in this game?

>>520865460No way. 5.3 is good but its nowhere near the level of kino that was Emet Selch. How quick you fags are to forget.

Attached: Let expanse contract, eon become instant.webm (852x480, 2.75M)

>>520866714Content wise, 5.3 is a bit lackluster. Still waiting for Bozja with seems to be the real meat of the update, coming on september.MSQ wise? Fucking amazing. Imo the best x.3 update we have, followed by Niddhogg then Tsukiyomi.

>>520866871This is literally the most kino moment in the entire story

Attached: ffxiv_08112020_185321_152.png (1920x1080, 2.07M)

>>5208668561-50 is the tutorial, just do the MSQ and you'll be fine.

I really hope that Chemist is the only job that gets added in 6.0. So all the people that told healers to stop complaining about getting nothing except their three options getting gutted have their own taste.

Attached: chemist cat loli.png (1064x792, 1.07M)

>>520866714>5.1 and 5.2 boringWhat part of rising action do you fags not understand? 5.0 was completely self contained. 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 are all part of the same arc. Of course you need 5.1 and 5.2 to set up 5.3.

>>520866954I kinda wish he'd died.

>>520866954The best moment is Ardbert giving you his axe and kamehameha-ing Hades with it.


Attached: 20190706024543_1.jpg (1920x1080, 217.47K)

>>520866954I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

Attached: ffxiv_08112020_200928_930.png (1920x1080, 2.67M)

>>520866981Healer cucks should be quiet.

>>520867002I can understand gradual build-up and still find it boring you spastic. Relax for a second.

>>520866856MSQ is free exp for a dps class since they get shitcanned instance queues, it's also the route to all other content you'd want levels for anywayBefore 15 you have hunting logs and Fates

Sex with Alisaie

>>520866981>Jobs mentioned in XIV but are not playable:>Musketeer (carry-over from 1.0 material)>Onion Knight (Allag)>Geomancer (Kugane Guild)>Necromancer (Mage War)>Vikings (Antitower in Wind-Up form)>Magus (Antitower in Wind-Up form)>Magitek Knight (Cid/Nero/Namesday)>Seer (Kan-E)>Chemist (Miqittin in the First)>Beserker (Dungeon Boss)

>>520866856MSQ mostly, if u want to take a break from story, duty roulette with bonus, challenge logs, job quest for skills, pick up a crafter/gatherer class to mix things up.


>>520866954Nah. Only women and faggots feel sad because their gay catboy figure is about to die, which he doesn't even do anyway because lol, asspull.

>>520867125And you're a pleb for finding it boring.

>>520866981why do little cats have rabbit tails? they are way to short.

>>520867135Will never happen thanks Lalas.

>>520866981>Chemist>Have NIN Ninjutsu but its with potions>You can mix potions to make AoE heals with multiple effects or strong single heal or even gives very short dura attack buffs etc>Maybe put in a really wacky shit like able to minimize your allies to make them invulnerable to damage for 3 seconds at very high cooldownI don’t even want chemist but a healer with NIN’s Ninjutsu sounds neat

>>520867171>their gay catboy figure is about to die, which he doesn't even do anyway because lol, asspull.low IQ take

>>520867106i swear to god the wol does this same animation smile in 1.0 somewhere i just cant find it agian.

>someone undercut the crafter boots from 3m to 400k>now everyone is selling at 400k>literally no one on my server has bought any of the Southern sea glamours>the only thing i've managed to sell is just regular 480 crafted gear and my extra stockpiled materiawhat the fuck is going ON

Attached: 1597032106757.png (601x532, 275.86K)

>>520867125>no explosions and fighting me bored at character development and themes

Attached: 1521432364744.png (645x729, 104.74K)

>>520867231Still better than a gay romance take.

>>520866954It absolutely isn't and you're delusional.The whole Elidibus fight was a direct mirror of Hades fight, just with light instead of darkness this time. You're a thirsty faggot.

>>520867219>Chemist>It's whitemage with different particle effects>Lilies are potion chargesI did it. I invented a new job!

>>520867171>asspull>3 patches of set up

>>520867273Priced to move, ya lalafell

>>520867002This. 5.2 in particular was really interesting in how it kind of turned you against the people

>>520867273There's literally no reason to buy the 490 sets and everyone would rather just make them

>>520867273Market board is the real pvp.

>>520867179I'll take that over being an abrasive autist like you and >>520867301 this faggot. Stay mad.

>>520867273>tfw want to make a boomer Hroth>tfw not a crafterchad>tfw someone sold the boomer shirt and it’s 15 million gils

Attached: 3B90557D-0294-47FC-812D-F2A10C82AA96.jpg (391x407, 29.11K)

>>520867125>Dur. I can't appreciate slow burn kino buildupHave you tried playing Wow? Might be more your speed zoomie.

>>520867418>he mean to be me because i dum me no likeur brain cute

Attached: my brain vs your brain.jpg (960x898, 57.96K)

>>520867273Crafter-fags finally getting theirs after years of fucking with markets. This was the real reason behind getting more and more people into leveling their crafters.

Attached: Laughing Garlean.png (1280x723, 1.01M)

>>520867374We already have whm 2, chemist would be SCH with cards

>>520867273>I don't understand how the market worksProtip, if a lot of people are selling the same thing in search of quick and easy profit, the price get driven into the ground.

>>5208668715.3 was great for a patch. 5.0 had an entire expansion worth of time, areas, dungeons, and trials to work with, so I'm not gonna compare them too harshly.Fighting the WoL at the end though was a really incredible counterpoint to facing Emet-Selch though. Facing Emet was a standoff between two people fighting for the people they love, no more pretenses. WoL was more simply, just seeing you as an enemy in the Convocation's way, but not remembering who gave him the mission, or why. Someone who was everything he accused you of being and straining to keep his pretense up. Fan-fucking-tastic

>>520867374Maybe it’ll be a mix between all the healers user!>WHM big heals at a cost>AST damage buffs>SCH shields

>>520867413the only reason to make the 490 set is to future prep for the real $$$ in 510 crafted gear


>>520863042your character is ugly end your life

>>520867493yes, the surge of players has spiked supplybut demand is nonexistent for some reason, no one wants to buy junk

>>520867496If you want to compare 5.3 as the climax of a story arc, you can compare it to the Tempest section of 5.0 and even then 5.3 outright loses.

Glad we're finally gone from the First shithole as far as MSQ goes

Attached: image.png (1920x1080, 3.55M)

>>520867420What's the best job to associate maximum Boomer Hroth Status

>>520867273Nothing personnel kid

>>520860214what piece?

>>520867374>>520867484>>520867504NINTEN..., I mean YOSHI DON'T HIRE THESE GUYS because they are retarded, seriously.From the start the problem with healers is that yoshi can't pull his head out of his ass and imagine anything other than the shield or regen healing archetypes.

>>520867273And this is why making crafting easier to level and use was a bad idea

>Post yfw a secret critical engagement in Bozjan Frontline where instead of 1v1 you get to ride G-WARRIOR and fight giant mechs while people cheer for you or even help you defeat the big mech but their damage is lower than you, requiring you do to much of the hardwork.

Attached: 2734DE56-F46F-4A0E-8D50-486806BD92E6.jpg (1280x720, 74.04K)

>>520867496>5.3 was great for a patchNo, it was pretty weak. Whereas 5.0 was culmination of many years of setup with Ascians in general, even despite Emet being pulled out of the ass in Stormblood, 5.3 was supposed to be focused on the arc for the character we've already known (Elidibus), who turned out to be just retarded and extremely single-minded with no nuance to him aside from final moments. So in essence they've managed to get a much better payoff with a completely new character than with the one we already knew, despite both having the same premise to them pretty much.

>>520867648Like any Hrothchads. Being a craftchads, unfortunately I’m no Craftchads.Combat job wise? BLM.

>>520867273Something I hate about this game is that stuff is either completely worthless or it's worth several million gil. There's not much middle ground.I just gave up on caring about the novelty shit, I'll get it when I get it. I don't really give a shit about making money.

>>520867612If I wanted to compare them, but I don't think there's much need to except for the parallels in that scene. I don't care much for saying which is better, I like the entire picture that was painted

>>520858457>Playing XIV

Attached: cringe.jpg (434x496, 49.61K)

>>520867770Caster pants from Heroes Gauntlet.

>>520868002>reading one pee

Now that daddy Thancred is gone these two can have a go at it completely unrelenting.

Attached: TCgdULWr2uc.jpg (1000x1415, 532.32K)

>>520867953Probably because you're not looking for stuff in the middle ground.

>>520868101They most likely already did.

Is using the modern legend hairstyle while fighting Wolidibus kino or cringe? It's literally his hair.


>>520868105What's an example?To clarify here I'm looking at the rate the game naturally gives you gil versus the amount you can make by being a tryhard seller. If you only do the former there's plenty of shit that is still impulse buy territory because it's worthless, or near worthless, but then you have items that quickly ascend well out of normal reach in their price.To put it another way, I could buy a full set of the best gear in the game for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy the ability to shiver.

>>520868243you will be sync to 470 anyways. There's no point in getting it

>>520868243>Have to.That's the addiction talking.

>tfw lost to Alisaie

Attached: 165402349793.jpg (1280x851, 351.13K)

niche question but does anyone know what ryne says in the event you didn't do edenscape?in the end of 5.3 she says "well at least I have my only friend Gaia" so I was wondering if she says something different if you skip eden and leave her on the first all alone

Attached: 1573091489101.png (960x720, 565.36K)

>>520868243>the baby has to get better gear to clear ir

>>520868348She says that she can count on the people of Crystarium and Magnus & the trolley boys at Amh Araeng.She wants the barbs.

>>520868101yuri is a shit-tier fetish for obese coomers

>>520868323The iL sync is 475. Hence why your BiS weapons don't get synced down. The same happens for gear at that iL.>>520868426I've already cleared, but my static still wants to farm it but the DPS players suck major fucking dick so every bit of DPS actually counts towards killing final phase.

>>520868619seething fujo

>>520867219I want them to be able to do that, but in advance. Like having 4 buttons that when hit, start up the ninjutsu combo for that button and when you finish it, that button becomes that specific thing that can be used on demand from that point.

>>520868619That's right, the real high tier fetish is>male: ugly bastard, netorare>female: rimjob>misc: threesome

>>520868214Cringe. You're the Warrior of Darkness, not the Warrior Light. Had a paladin today wearing the WoL armor from Labyrinth. Complete cringe.

>>520868650What's been the hiccup for the shitter DPS?

>>520868821>Had a paladin today wearing the WoL armor from Labyrinthbased

>>520860295I made the mistake of buying 10 mil worth of mats when the rebel coat first came out because Isaw it selling for 25 mil thinking at best I’d make 15 mil and at worst i’d make 5 or so. It never sold no matter how often I undercut until it was 9 mil and at that point I just decided to keep it. New clothing is always volatile and will always radically deprecate as time goes on. Just undercut and take what you can while you can.

>>520867980Why jump into a conversation comparing the two then, dumb faggot?

>>520864001We honestly need her just so we could have a TRUST tank that isn't Thancred or you know who


>>520868768you're mostly right

>>520868852Not based at all. He can't even cut open the sky and fill the arena with darkness to counter Elidibus' light.

Since ShB is finished, are we getting a new boss theme for 5.4 and 5.5 dungeons like we did for post-Heavensward?

Attached: 1588552569785.png (640x944, 1.06M)

>>520868767>>520867219Mix of AST & NIN>Mix potions on the way to packs>up to 3 potions able to use at a time, each with their own button>Emergency mixing buttons for fast potions & burst attack/heals

>>520868907just cause

Attached: 1541597759432.jpg (1240x875, 397.79K)

>>520868924we have two tanks alreadyyou'd need a dark knight or warrior anyway and she is neitherwe need magnai though

>>520868849I have no idea. One of them gets easy purple parses while the other 3 are just hardcore grey. I think they just aren't bothering to optimize their Perfect rotations.We kill LL early, same with BJ/CC, and Alex is always comfy... but for some reason every Perfect kill has been to the wire - and a single death just means we die to enrage.

>>520868985We already got a new boss theme in 5.2.

>>520869115That was a remix from another game

>>520865113I feel like I know that Miqote...

>>520869080Oh, ok. I know why. There's no pressure, no drive. Your problem is literally a lack of motivation.If you know these people in real life, bribe them with drinks or pizza. You'll get it done faster that way.

>>520869039None of the TRUSTS are true jobs and instead operate on some in between system.She would be the PLD + sharingan tank

>>520858457WoW > most generic mmo > dogshit > SWOTOR > FF14Kill yourself fucking faggot.

>>520869285Evasion tank, obviously.



What skill will they add on the next expansion that will be ShB or the previous expansion related be?I hope DRG doesn’t get more Niddhogg shit, And I sure hope SMN doesn’t actually summon actually summon Quetzcoatl or some shit.

>>520869080tell them they have to align buffslook at the logs i bet their buff alignment is a mess, the fight is 5:30 minutes with fucked up downtime, pushing on CD doesnt work, and you have to choose a viable opener for your group


Will they unveil the next expansion in Oct/Nov even if it has to be an online event?

>>520869448Maybe. Would you say it's better or worse to hold the opener after the forced marches?Just seems a bit weird to throw stuff out only to be mindjacked.

>>520869445PLD gets WoL's LB4 but less powered

>>520869445sch summons feo ul

>>520869659>tfw they change LB Meter to gave 4 bars and give classes even more flavor and damage.>LB4 are now purely damage, including for tanks and healers.

>>520869624Good guess, might be delayed a month or two because of COVID. They'll want to lineup what 6.0 will be with the 5.5 announcement, so it'll be slightly after the 5.4 release (a week, I'd say).>tfw no cosplay cuties in fanfests in 2020feels bad man

Attached: 1582405614802.webm (789x720, 2.58M)

>>520869626depends on comp, if you have a bunch of fast burst you can squeeze in 15s you should be fineMNK is slow to ramp and likes holdingDNC is slow to dance AND their 20s buff gets cut off by stillness/marchNIN i dunno but they probably have to set up their self buff and shittell your group to also hold their last 3 minute and last 2 minute buffs for a fat reopener at the end, under pots. if you can do AT LEAST THIS you'll have comfy clears

>>520870075>NIN i dunno but they probably have to set up their self buff and shitTenChiJin is the biggest piece of shit because of this

>>520869445>>520869659If WAR doesn't get some of, or at least one of, the moves Elidibert used in the Amaurot solo duty I'm gonna be miffed

Attached: 1572872057293.png (358x374, 135.93K)

>>520870251>BLM gets Quintuple Cast from EX ???? FightYOSHI SAN PLEASE

>>520870361At least give us Double or Triple. If a faggot like Nabriales can use them then so should we.

>>520869445Add skills?You sure we play the same game?

>>520870438Double or Triple working in the way it makes double/triple damage with 1 GCD sounds amazing I’ll be honest.

>>520870169id imagine trying to get dex pot, huton and trick attack off is a major pain for NIN reopeneri really like holding 30s until after forced marches but your team has to actually align well to make it worth it, most people are used to just push on rotation/cooldown.

>>520866981Chemist is stupid when Alchemist is already in. >>520867157If you just mean mentioned in text then Templar and Arithmetician are also mentioned. I hope they go in as dps/healer, respectively. I just want a normal 2h sword knight dps.

>>520870438>>520870528So, Faith?finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Faith_(status)

Shiva Unreal is actually impossible, fuck this game the old content blows.

>>520870664>Templar and Arithmeticianwhere?

Attached: ffxiv_07082020_090924_130.png (1920x1080, 2.58M)

still no unreal clear, god why do people suck this much

>>520870664>Chemist is stupid when Alchemist is already in.Call it Apothecary then you stupid faggot.

>>520870834You think it is bad right now? Wait until Unreal Titan.

>>520870876The landslides, the landslides, the landslides...

>>520870768get good

>>520870768i had a near perfect run that would have been a clear if people were potting/had food on. i honestly think it's tuned too tight for crystal pf to clear regularly

>>520870790I think it was a quest in the FFT raid series, just a one liner where an npc says something along the lines of "what are you going to be next, a geomancer, templar, arithmetician?". I think it was a moogle saying it to that dumbass moogle character.

>>520870831If you're gonna character post, at least make it have cartoony proportions. Or even better, post a canon character.


Attached: 6532453452435.jpg (1424x74, 96.39K)

>>520870876At least I won't have to do it with Murrican EU server ping.

>>520870869It's still stupid because you already have a potion brewing class, the only difference would be that one of them throws those potions in battle while the other sells them on the marketboard. It'd also then make no sense to have levels in one but not the other.

>>520870950food adds 50 dpspots add like 20are you saying you had a sub 1% wipe?


>Elidibus was just a fucking child obsessed with being a hero>he separated himself from Zodiark to try and appease both sides of the ascian conflict>he made a promise to his waifu Igeyhorm that he would never falter in his duty>and he never did

Attached: 1490764805428.png (800x559, 521.15K)

any chance of a crystal chronicles event with the remaster coming out soon?

Attached: 53454543543534.jpg (658x116, 46.83K)

>>520870831Let me motorboat dem tiddys

WAR before 5.3: unga...WAR after 5.3: BUNGA


Attached: ffxiv_09082020_141204_561.png (1920x1080, 2.75M)

>>520866261Fandaniel is an untethered ascian, no more rules. He can cause all the chaos he wants and no one is left to put him back on his leash. In a way, Fandianiel has the potential to be the most threatening ascian we've ever fought. I've never been much a fan of zenos, mostly because he really never delivers on the chaos fantasy he always promises, but now I think square are finally ready to let er rip and give chaos a try.

Attached: 1561148302903.png (1506x943, 2.01M)