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>>520857149>Gaymer journalist opinion matters

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Isn't that what crash fans would want

>>520857149It’s over...

goty shit

>journalists have terrible takes and suck at playing gameswow what a surprise

>>520857149So a faithful sequel.

>all this recent anti-Crash autism

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Toys for bob are a bunch of hacks who couldn't make a good game even if everything had already been done for them? Imagine my shock

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>>520857149Sounds like a good thing

>>520857149Perfect thanks

suddenly looking forward to it

>>520857149Why isn't Naughty Dog developing this?

If you read this article the dude is just bitching about how linear platformers aren't an engaging genre in 2020. It has nothing to do with Crash 4, he straight up doesn't like the kind of game it is and wishes it was a more open, modern experience.

>>520857149>New crash plays like old crashThis is a bad thing?

>>520857835Can't tranny sex in G rated's.

Basednalist musnt haven't seen enough pedo flags in game or crash getting pozzed


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>>520857835naughty dog is dead anonlet it go

>>520857728I can't wait to see doomers try to spin the game as bad once reviews come out and it's widely praised as a faithful continuation of the original trilogy

>Journo opinionDo you really?

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>>520857149It's just Gay journos being shit at games again.Still not buying it though because of Activision.

What the fuck even constitutes a modern plat former nowadays? It feels like nobody wanted to actually make a straight one during the PS2 age (Twinsanity even made a joke about Jak styled fetch quests)

>>520857861oh cool thanks user. I know now just HOW much full of shit the journalist is.

there's a demo? Where the fuck is it

>>520857149>Outdated and rigidThis is a good thing, fuck journalists.

>>520857896for people getting into video games for the very first time (i.e. vast majority of game journos).yes, this is a bad thing.they are used to the super easy handholding platformers like the mario 3d world games.


>>520857835Because there is a God and he's benevolent. Naughty Dog's been shit for years.

>people are surprised the crash game is going to play like a ps1 game with a few new featuresNo shit, Crash shills will still praise this medicore game like it's the best next gen platformer when it's something that could have been on the ps2 with no issues

>>520857861>and wishes it was a more open, modern experience.Utterly repugnant.

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>>520861448>when it's something that could have been on the ps2 with no issuesSounds based.

>>520857637Yeah, they fucked the controls in remasters so if the controls go back to the originals it will be great

>>520857149I've seen trailers and clips, looks and feels slower than regular Crash games but Cortex gameplay looked decent

>>520859410>I can't wait to see coppers try to spin the game as good once shill reviews come out and it's widely praised as a faithful continuation of the original trilogy

>>520861014Journos got special privileges again.

Cash bandicoot is shit anyway. Just a poor mans Mario kart


Why are you still doing this, faggot?Are you really this bored late at night and just want to some easy fodder and repeated canned replies?Are you preemptively shutting down current or future criticism people may have with the game by associating them with journalists?Or Is this just lazy bait to prompt a Crash thread since you're too afraid to actually talk about the games or post the usual Coco porn?

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>>520857149>New game plays like old gameThanks T4B and Beenox. I love it

>>520857149That article says that the new game is plays too much like the old game but that's bullshit since every experienced Crash player who got to play the demo criticized it for saying it often feels less like the old games by being too lose in the controls and thus they've been telling TFB to make it closer to the originals before it gets released.>>520862827This. OP just wants easy (you)s from newfags who only care about literally-who articles and artificial drama.

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>>520863349I want Tawna to crush my head with her tits.

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>crash>outdated and rigid>mario>nostalgic and charming

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>>520865337>crash>everything is still just glorified 2d platforming>mario>isn't

>>520863349>Implying opinions from coomers matter

>>520865813Odyssey is more of the same trash. If you pretend le open world meme makes it not bing bing wahooing, you are delusional.


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Get fucked crashfags

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>>520862827There are two possible reasons but only one outcome.#1. OP really hates Crash for some reason (Seething Sonicfag? Nu-ghty Dog fan?)#2. OP uses this same dumb take as an icebreaker because he wants a Crash thread but is too dumb to create a succesful one without bait.And finally, the outcome. OP is a class-A faggot who should think long and hard about the direction of his life.

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>>520866270Odyssey was fun though

>>520866270oh sorry you were supposed to come back with an argument, not buzzwords.

>>520861161>good controls bad!This is how dumb you sound.

>>520866909Still inferior to Mario 64, which it desperately tried to recreate. Same old but with a twist. To be fair, hijacking enemies is a fun concept and Odyssey did it well.Even if Crash of the Titans did it first, albeit poorly.

How did the crash remasters fuck up the controls? Just curious since I never played the crash games and a lot of people say that the crash 1 remaster is harder than the original for some reason.

>Journalists hates itThat means it's good

>game is already doing away with Uka Uka>perfect Tropy design and Cortex team up They're already off to a good start as far as the story goes. I'm hoping Uka Uka is never seen again or just trapped in the ass end of time in some forgotten period.

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>>520867327Jumping and falling is ever so slightly different and pill shaped hitboxes combined with "realistic" physics (including collision detection and handling) means that you slip from edges.So certain stages that were difficult but certainly doable in the original leave little margin for error for jumps. Slippery Climb, Sunset Vista and High Road/Road to Nowhere are notorious for having small platforms that aren't build for Crash's new hitbox.

>>520867640Uka Uka was the worst fucking thing to happen to Cortex and by extension possibly the entire franchise

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>>520857760this but unironically,If a game journalist tells you about bad gameplay chances are is because the game is actually good, I didn't expect it desu

>>520861448 Ps2 games are more fun than most modern games so that's not a bad thing

>>520857149Hey don't you love how zoomers have killed every genre in gaming except walking sims, fps, and arena garbage?

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>>520867327Its not that the controls are different.Its the fact that the original had square hitboxes and the new one has round ones

>>520857149>Jack webbOldest article i can find is from july 27

>>520857861Honestly, how do people make time for all the repetitive and endlessly grindy open world games that exist today? The last open world game I played was Witcher 3 and that was so repetitive and time consuming that I vowed to nevertheless play an open world game again.

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