Why is it so shit?

Why is it so shit?

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It’s not

>>520856034The UI looks like it was designed in fucking paint, mate

>>520856001Because you lack the ability to think.

Is this some of sort of browser porn game

>>520856126Sure plays like it>>520856102>No tutorials to speak off>Convoluted systems that don't make sense half of the time>Garbage UII had to look up how to save a guy who was injured by fucking "drafting" one of my colonists, and needing a free sleeping spotWhy the fuck do I need to "draft" someone to give them orders when I'm the de-facto colony overlord anyway

I love everything about it but the temperature system. As soon as a door gets broke the room is instantly room temp. Why can't it work like a vent?

>>520856001any game that needs 50+ mods to be enjoyable is a fucking failure

>>520856434First box

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>>520856001why wont it go below $30 on sale?

>>520856696That "Tutorial" doesn't even cover 5% of what you need to know to survive the first year

>>520856001because it's chinese made, and it's overpriced

>>520856783Dev got pissy people pirated it so he refuses to put it on sale ever

>>520856883>Hmmm people are pirating my game because it's to expensive for them at the current price>I have a genius Idea: I will never lower the price and therefor insure people continue to piratebraindamage.jpg

>>520856856It teaches you the basic, and then you figure out what to do after that. Now this is the problem for you>doesn't hold your hand 24/7You are under the age of 18 and are not allowed to be here, please go back and we'd all be happy

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>>520856963Retarded i know, but true. Half baked paid dlc just adds to that point.

>>520856614>>520856093>>520856001>>520856856>>520856878You need to have an IQ higher than room temp to figure out how to play this game.

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>>520857072>Anime poster>Retarded opinion Every time

>>520856001Because the game will never live up to its inspiration.

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>>520857121>on an anime image board >"Heh stupid anime poster"Again go back

>>520856883what a faggot

>>520857220>4chan>Anime image boardnot since 2015 faggot

>>520857094says the rimworld idiot who is too dumb to get into DF

>>520857094ok zoomer

>>520856001Because it is literally a cross-sectional slice of a much better game.

>>520857786>Gets insulted for being low IQ>"Well you're not smart enough for dwarf fortress!!!"Your retardation knows no bounds.

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>>520857645Literally always has been, I guess someone from plebbit would think other wise

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>>520856614Any game I get to stuff 50+ mods into is the best kind of failure.

>>520856523Just double door everything lmao

>>520857887Z levels would prevent you from watching your operation

>>520857786The only difficult part of DF is comprehending the menu. The game itself is so piss easy that 90% of the fun comes from artificially limiting yourself.

Most of the systems are incredibly barebones.>disease and infection>food poisoning, sensory mechanites>raids and wealth calculations>quests and their rewards>social relationships>faction relationships>faction presence and world interaction>hunting orders>plant cutting orders>nursing behaviors>fleeing behavior in general (completely useless)>traps are 100% cheese or completely ineffective>skill system and its interaction with pawn behavior>resource collection in generalI can name more issues I have with vanilla rimworld than I can actually positive aspects.It gives a blank slate for others to fix. That is why just about fuck all has changed since B19, and no, the magic + royalty mods don't count.

fun fact: more than half the DF retards who come here to parrot about how much better DF is never played DF more than 10 hours but they still use this opportunity to feel superior by comparing two different games together

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Because mods fix it but the dev keeps updating it to shove in shitty "features" and break all your mods.

>>520858347Of course they don't. They're just your generic shit stirrers and DF is the obvious easy shitpost flavour.

>>520857893>don't play rimworld>he must be a mad rimworld playerok champ


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>>520856434There are tutorials, and even ones that look at your gameplay and try to nudge you to doing things to learn concepts, but I suspect you are just here to shit on something you are not willing to even try

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>>520856001>he doesnt have cybered dragons in his game

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>>520860732What does a generic anus do

>>520861445It looses on multiple uses, and if you get fucked too hard you can internally bleed.

>>520856434>filtered by rimworldcasul

Well I like itToo lazy to reinstall for the update though. Too much modding autism.

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>>520856001More like, why is it so perfect?

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Post your current colony.

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>>52086256210/10 picture, kek

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>>520862562I would but the current update fucked over most of the mods I was running, and I don't feel like having all my doors disappear when I load back in.

>>520862954W-why do the doors dissapear user?

>>520863354Had some fucking mod that added blast doors and shit.

>>520856883Bought it on sale this week, what are you talking about?

>>520863590Go figures.

When you make a new colony what kind of theme you like? a mid ages look with knights and magic? an industrial revolution look? a WWII look? a modern military look? some sci fi stuff? fantasy?

>>520860732What mods, user?

The game feels a bit lacking. If you try to make something like dwarf fortress, you better have some complex shit happening in it.

>>520862562this was my base before the major patch update

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>>520864752Try the space ship mod, is ike a vast new game

>>520856001It loses its appeal as a sandbox cause every world plays out roughly the same. Theres an optimal way to do things and if you dont follow it, you are just handicapping yourself.Thats why i dropped after only one campaign that lasted to end game.


>>520864992Might be cool, cheers

>>520864967theres soo much junk

>>520856001It really is. So boring. I don't understand how people get enjoyment out of this shit?

>>520864059Im not sure I have a list of all of my mods back then but heres the weapons I could find at least.pastebin.com/yywcnR8e

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>>520865216yeah we got raided a bunch and nobody showed up to sell anything too.the raids are sometimes gigantic

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>>520865478J-jus rescue the food before burning everything, oh god are those FURRIES?!

post your stories rimbros>get urge to play and download the latest version at the time>as per custom I go download mods, mostly vanilla fitting nothing crazy>find a mod called something like birds and bees>install it, have a pretty standard session>suddenly a raid comes along and the raiders rush my base>the base is just a bunch of small buildings with sandbags separating it from the rest of the map>have my guys rush for cover>my favourite colonist gets his dick blown off robocop style>clean up the raid, patch up my colonists>some days go by and I decide to check on that colonists>he's falling out with his wife cause he can't fuck her>mfw notice her tit got shot off too

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>>520856001No depth.Literally.

>>520865478Holy shit, why are their heads so big?

>>520866509I reluctantly uninstalled that mod. It felt like every person aimed directly at the genitals. But I did enjoy giving my colonists archo tech dongs

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>>520865650everything was destroyed.it was raining cocaine.they all died from horrendously massive cocaine overdose.

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>>520865478Is that without mods?

>>520868457i think before patch i had something like 600 mods going

>>520862562final straw: Misgendered

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It's a "story generator" that doesn't have the deep, evolving systems needed to actually generate a story. Best you can manage is something that has happened to literally everyone once, and the few "stories" you can get are almost universally ones ending in you either retiring the colony or having hours of progress reverted thanks to diabolically weighted RNG.


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>>520869059it just seems like no matter what i do the game wants to fuck me over, i guess that's the point though.I had one time where these drop pods just crashed right into my colonists bedrooms and then they blew up my base and killed everyone.Guess i'll just prepare better next time even though there is no way to avoid them dropping in to your base.

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>>520856001It's fun, but the more you play and understand the more issues you'll find.>Dry Thunderstorms burning entire maps to ash without any realistic counter till late endgame, just one of many early game ending conditions like Toxic Fallout as well>Temperature dynamics are ridiculous, lighting two chairs on fire shouldn't turn the enclosed warehouse into a Holocaust oven>Biocoding just doubling the amount of useless tainted gear from raids>Eating without a table is the same feeling as watching a prisoner be executed I moved onto Kenshi after plugging a couple hundred hours into Rimworld>>520869734>there is no way to avoid them dropping in to your base.You can by building your base inside a mountain. You'll have to deal with bug infestations then, but those can easily be controlled for with some temperature tweaking since they can only spawn in areas above -17C. Doing that basewide leaves everyone with a slept in the cold mood and bad temperature work penalties everywhere, but it sure as shit beats pirates/mechanoids crash landing in the center of a base

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>>520869987i saw one video years ago where the guy built his base into the mountains but also had a tunnel to get in so if intruders came they had to walk through tons of traps. thought that was kinda cool

Everything takes an extremely long time to do. Wasn't this way in the Alpha versions. Somewhere along the way Tynan changed it so every action takes far longer than it should.

>>520870196just do 4x speed and have animals carry things and make things stackable

>>520870185Corridors and killboxes are really good if not absolutely required for mid to late game raids yeah. If you haven't already, I'd recommend installing a mod that lowers or removes the chance for your colonists to have traps activate when they move over them. Mining in takes forever, but it's steady going and mostly safe. If you get any early infestations, you can always ambush them while they sleep with explosives or locking them in with some burning furniture so they roast to death>>520870196>Tynan changed it so every action takes far longer than it should.He also still has steel walls as fucking flammable!

if you don't like that kind of game that's fine, it seems to me your biggest complaint is how barely anything is explained to you. Personally i think that's a big part of the fun for these kind of games, learning as you go and finding out what does what. But it's all personal taste. :)

>>520856034fpbpop is a fagola