What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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>>520855854I'm too much of a brainlet to understand what was going on

>>520856080some Catholic thing?

>>520856080tried to take the dark souls "deepest lore" shit and put a catholic flavor on it and forgot to fucking actually talk about the loreiirc basically some fucking thing called the "miracle" basically turns anyone who sins or some shit into fucking weirdo retard suffering abominations or something and you are just some rando fucker who gets a sword that like makes you yourself bleed when you hold it and you use that sword to go and kill the zombie pope who was the biggest sinner of all. and depending on what you do during the game you either just bury yourself in a mountain of ashes and die or get to the top and turn into a tree or something that doesn't change anything

Can someone explain to me what is up with all the gold.I've beaten the game multiple times but I am missing why gold is such a prominent feature on objects and characters.Tbf I also barely read any of the lore stuff on items

>>520857246Im pretty sure they covered all that ingame

>>520857246>t. too stupid to read

>>520855854>What was her problem?Hot oil

>>520857651>>520857490i never played the full game i just read about it

>>520857309the miracle likes gold apparently.some kid prayed until he turned into a tree that leaks gold

>>520855854She seems to be a giant head that is melting.

>>520857309Same reason the Vatican is practically made of it.

>>520858057lmao you are retarded

>>520857309gold is related to purity, i think

>>520857309>all Pope's stuff is made of gold>all the churches in the Vatican have golden featuresGee, I don't know

>>520858057Then dont post you fucking idiot. Jesus Christ. Youre literally just regurgitating half-truths about a game you havent played when you could just stay silent.

How did they get away with this?

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>>520858779You dont see the baby peepee so its ok

>>520858779>Had to make the cringe snake face because fascist rating boards

I do not understand the story of Stir of Dawn at all.The things you fight, what did they do wrong? It was just Laedes emotions manifested in physical form right? Why were they evil. What is the final thing you fight when they are all together? I'm so lost. Is Laedes even important at all at that point. What was their goal. Why does our scholar friend freak the fuck out when he learns they're back and alive?

>>520858057Every fucking time.

>>520858057Jesus fucking Christ dude, fuck you

>>520858057Literally why would you do this? Are you retarded? Why would you waltz in pretending that your opinion matters?

>>520858271The Vatican isn't "made of gold". Gold is, however, a noble metal. It does not stain nor corrupt, it doesn't oxidise nor degrade. It's eternal. This is why wedding wrings are made of gold. Same reason why the chalice with which priests celebrate the Holy Eucharist are also made of gold or at least the interior of the cup is lined with gold.

>>520858617why am i retarded the game kinda sucks>>520858751i read the wiki this shit is straight from there, i don't remember half the shit anyways>>520859513i don't get it>>520859663i did nothing wrong this game sucks>>520859827well i got a lot of replies so it seems to matter

>>520860189I don't even take the stance that you have to play a game to know it sucks, but you obviously didn't even put in the effort to read the God damned wiki in a semi-thorough manner. You've effectively slandered what looks like a good game, fuck off.

>>520860189Feigning retardation is a poor choice of hobby, kid.

>>520860048Saw this post while scrolling around. Legitimately interesting, I had no idea.

>>520857246>he thinks dank soils talked about it in game outside of the item descriptions, the same exact thing Blasphemous did

I'm still going through NG+. I took user's advice and started the Penitence of the Bleeding Heart. user was right, it's super easy and fun. I was a bit sceptical about how the new penitences would effect the gameplay, but it actually makes the game much more fun and finally makes use of previously useless strategies and items. Really, really cool, I'm loving it.Still not in love with the story though. I love the setting and the Catholic inspiration. But it feels so very, very superficial compared to their source of inspiration, and it feels very cynical whereas Christianity is sincere. It's the weakest part of the game for me.

>>520860048Fun fact: Christ's halo being golden was the thing invented in the Middle Ages. Also, gold is known for a long-ass time as a color of the Underworld or magic dimensions in general. I think it has something to do with an awesome golden color you can see after ingesting psychedelic mushrooms.

>>520861326Forgot to ask, how are the other Penitences? The Unwavering Faith looks super interesting.

Are they going to add even more to the game? I was thinking of getting this before the update, but now I'd rather just get it when it's fully finished, now that I know they're expanding it.

>>520861473>Forgot to ask, how are the other Penitences? The Unwavering Faith looks super interesting.Just spam Debla of the Lights gg no re lmao

I don't remember their names, but I finished my true torment run with the "bile flasks don't restore health" penitence, which was a hell of a lot of fun. Since you can get a sacred heart item which, when activated gives you health back whenever you hurt an enemy, it made the fights and health management a lot more tactical in a weird way. Would really recommend.

>>520861359I'm not sure what you meant to insinuate, but halos have been depicted since the earliest Christian iconography. In fact, even prior to that we have depictions of halos in Hellenic art.As for gold having singular properties and these being acknowledged in mythological writing and ceremony, I'm unsure of how you're relating this to Christianity. The use of gold in Christian architecture, art, and ceremony has a symbolic meaning that is insular to other religious traditions.

The Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow was made to revere the silent aspect of the Father; he took the pain without complaining or moaning in agony. You, as a member of the Brotherhood, was only able to survive unlike your brothers because you actually managed to take out the warden.

>>520861621It's not that powerful against bosses.

>>520861939Thats wrong, it is very powerful when you equip the ink blot accessory. I dont use the sword heart though because you get more uses otherwise and waiting to fill up the mp bar for another casting is a pain. You can nearly melt the last boss with a full mp bar.

>>520862143I tried it against Ten Piedad using the ink bloat and that Mea Culpa heart that boosts prayers and it only took 1/4 of the health bar. I also tried it against the Charred Visage and it similarly only took about 1/5 of the total health. I wasn't impressed.

>>520860329it's not a good game though.>>520860334i'm not retarded.>>520861241but blasphemous was boring. that's the difference

>>520862394Its way more damage than what your sword does in that penitence challenge, im not sure what your point is. Its the best spell you can use in that run, along with Cante Jondo for clearing rooms with no effort.

>>520862690Cante Jondo is a fuck you screen nuke. I love it. It's a shame it's so expensive.The game should've let you cycle between prayers. Having to menu to switch is bad game design.

>>520862819>The game should've let you cycle between prayers. Having to menu to switch is bad game design.No argument from me there on that. The game could use a few more qol changes, I dislike how cluttered the rosary bead menu can become too.

>>520855854Someone put her face in a deep fryer


>>520861848The thing is, Chrisht's halo's color was never originally specified in the Bible.Also, Christianity was cribbing from other traditions pretty much from the start.

>>520855854Nintendo rejected her job application for boss position.

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>>520863670>The thing is, Chrisht's halo's color was never originally specified in the Bible.Why is the colour of the halo important in any way? Why is gold being used in iconography offensive to your sensibilities when it has a very clear symbolic (not literal) meaning?>Also, Christianity was cribbing from other traditions pretty much from the start.Aye, Christianity doesn't exist in a vacuum, it would be exceedingly strange if it hadn't commonalities with other traditions. Originality, you see, would be a very poor argument for legitimacy. Hence why flood mythologies exist from Japan to South America and everywhere in between. Paganism didn't carry their traditions however, they were all made obsolete in the face of Christianity, even the Greeks were quick to abandon their superstition when St. John argued with the philosophers, and what little records we still have of these traditions were charitably penned down by Christian monks or preserved my copyists in monasteries.

>>520855854what's going on this thread? lmao

>>520855854She was too beautiful for her own good, people began worshipping her, like a good fundamentalist religious person she was she decided to burn her face.

>>520858779Easy, you don't fight the baby so you don't kill it, hell, the boss name is the baby but you fight a wicker snake with a face.

>kill pope formosusi liked that battle despite being easy

>>520863456You hit some straw snake thing during the fight, the baby just hangs around in the background. That's because they thought killing a giant toddler would be in bad taste for whatever reason.

>>520867885Killing infants is a bit cringe though. That's some Shadow the Hedgehog with a gun levels of edge. I don't fault them for telling Studio 17 to fuck off and rethink their lives.

>>520868073It's a giant creepy baby, who cares. Besides, Dead Space did it already.

>>520868393You were a giant creepy baby once, it wouldn't be any less cringe if a penitent decided to end your existence. I love Despacito's design and all, but I don't know what the boss battle would've benefited from you slaying the babby, the wicker snake is good enough, in fact it's probably more mechanically interesting than what they originally had in mind. What's the inspiration behind Despacito anyway?

>>520858057>Holla Forums - The Vidya

This game is to based for its own good. >Makes game to warn about the dangers of fanaticism>retards think its a dig at christianity>not realizing that almost all modern sects of christianity are missing the point>not realizing that the story of christ has been changed to fit narrativesThe whole message of christ is to live a pious and righteous life. And to have faith is the lord Jesus christ.Not what modern catholicism and most west christianity sects are teaching. Modern theology is so varied that most people dont even understand all the differences.Literally christs message can be boiled down to>Do good deeds and dont seek acknowledgement for acknowlegments sake>don't do evil(various examples of it are given in the bible)>help where you can(dont help junkie hobos with drug money) (help people in actual need with small or large things)>be a leader in your own community and try to lead others to the path of christ and help them love him as he loves them>No one is perfect and everyone sins, this was the whole point of christ dying for us, to absolve us. Thats what he did for us.This game is taking the piss at faith gone wrong.

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>>520858667to the point theres a character mentioned in some descriptions as positing that silver is the true pure metal


>>520869442I have yet to come across any instant death trap, care to elaborate?

>>520869651Any spike trap

>>520868881>The whole message of christ is to live a pious and righteous life. And to have faith is the lord Jesus christ.>Not what modern catholicism and most west christianity sects are teaching.That is oversimplifying it way too much. Besides, it's really hard to establish a concrete analogy between Blasphemous' take on religion and actual Christianity. In many ways, the game is actively trying to be subversive and ambiguous. On one hand, the Penitent helps holy orders, on the other, he's rebelling against the very ecclesiology they are contained within (not to mention the implications this has with real life Catholicism); he helps the kissers of wounds in charity but he also becomes a warden of a blasphemous ossuary filled with the bones of cheaters, liars, whores, murderers. You never quite understand what is the deal with the Penitent One or his excommunicated order, and certainly not in relation to Christianity. The closer analogy that I can come up with (simply for fun and not to offend anyone) is that he's some kind of protestant heretics.It's good that the game inspired a positive interpretation for you. But I just don't see it. I don't see the Lord Christ in this game, but I'm also sure that was what the devs intended in the first place.

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>>520869706Well, there are pits too but I don't get how those would be instant death as in "trial and error" at least.

>>520860048This, and also probably to emphasize greed, one of the 7 deadly sins.

>>520869823It certainly symbolises greed, avarice and excess. But that certainly depends on the context. Gold foil isn't used to ornate churches because it's sinful for example. Though I do think that is a credible interpretation in the case of Blasphemous.

>tfw really want to start NG+ because I just finished the game with 99.86% and I want to get what I missed>Penances are bugged and don't give rewards so I have to wait for the hotfix

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>>520870965What's the bug? They don't give you the new skin after clearing the game?

>>520871034Apparently they give you a rosary bead with a bonus that corresponds to the penance once you finish it, but it's bugged. Not sure if the skins have the same problem but people on the Steam forums said that the devs are QA testing the hotfix before releasing it.

>>520868748Please leave and never come back, that boss was terrible and it's clear that the snake was a last minute decision.

>>520871143I thought that the effect bonus wasn't linked to rosary beads but the skins themselves.

>>520871260Skins are purely cosmetic as far as I know.

>>520862546>i'm not retardedWhat a retarded thing to say.

>>520858057holy based