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>>520855060Pass is veeneru putting out a reference that most of the western community are too young to get

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PC lobby when?

>>520855754every tim

>>520855802Pls put up the lobby.

>>520856010Do you not want to host yourself?

Alright, threw up a PC lobby. kw is pclobby. See ya soon.

What the hell is the secret to make that 2148x land on the orb projectile

Flubbed the IW input too many times to count there, hahaha.

>>520858449You gotta delay the j623a.

Goddamn, finally did the 4-1.It started coming together when I stopped trying to manually do 6x after the fastfall, and just let it roll with j.2A+B~6. Is there something with that combo that lets that happen, or does fastfall kick just still work like that for some reason? Nothing in the wiki mentions omitting the button press.

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Shit I forget my Chaos combos now.

I don't think I got a single KO on Azhi in that one.

>>520859396I'm trying to remember what the hell the stance was

Damn grim, you have a carmine too?

>>520859624It was 22[X] or something like that

>>520859829Vaguely remember holding D and charging up or down

>>520859816I know a bit. Besides Chaos,Carmine is my third most played Character.

>>520860013Never would have guessed, thought Seth might have been the other

Still waiting for my internet to clear up before joining PC lobby. Tempted to change my sleep schedule over this shit

>>520860690I think I have more games with my Seth than Gord at this point

What's that Seth input after holding 214 that gives his sharp dropkick?

>>520861127Hold up, 7 or 9 depending on which side you want to end up on

>>520861318Cool, I'll have to remember to try that next time.

I like to believe I'm getting better at that

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Ggs Hippie. I'm still debating between Chaos or Carmine as a 3rd character.

>>520861965This shit isn't funny

>>520861965Instead of watching unfunny shit you could be practicing

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>>520862146>>520862214pick a real character mika mains

I finally decided to learn Merks new CLR routes now I just gotta get them in my muscle memory

GGs grim>>520862090I remember when I first started playing and learning to react to hit confirms but it still feels incredibly jank hit confirming from stray Azhi hits since he still feels "disconnected" but I imagine that gets way better if I actually gave him more time.He's in that Seth territory of having so many cool potential BnBs but I haven't studied them enough to narrow them down to the two I'll actually use

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>>520862512If you can do 236A > 236[B] > 623B > 2C > 6C22A you'll probably be comfortable doing most of his non-optimal combos. After that Chaos just becomes a management of what specials you didn't use upon landing a stray hit

>>520862381Share them if any of them utilize midscreen j214[x]Actually, share them anyway

>>520862853Now that it's written out like that, I think I'll take a stab at it

Sorry Sai I might be blowing up your lobby.

It all returns to nothing, it just keepsTumbling downTumbling downTumbling down

>>520863203It's all good hahaha. Guess the game just doesn't like Merkava on PC tonight.

i hate not being able to join early before everyone gets all warmed up. i have to wait almost 2 hours before my fucking shitty internet lets me play online video games with you guys

>>520864637Eh, going in fresh has some benefits IMO (like being able to catch relaxed players off guard with aggressive play).

Ggs PC lobby I'm gonna dip early since I think Im the only ec player here.

>>520865052i just feel like i HAVE to go from 0 to 100 really fucking fast or get shit on the whole night, and that drains my mental energy a lot faster than just slowly warming up

I'm going to need to head into lab at some point to shake off this rust.

>>520865604GGs lad.Thanks for stopping by. Hope we get more EC PC players dropping in more often.

>>520866181The lobbies are actually mostly EC

>>520866332For PC I assume

>>520866332I thought WC played on PC and EC on PSN.

>>520866332Now that you mention it, I'd say it's even split after Sei left funnily enough. Me and Basto for WC, Haun and Tana for EC (at least I believe they're both EC or close to it).

>>520866572>Tana for EC>tfw my internet is so shit people think i'm east

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>>520866514>EC on PSNOnly Dia comes to mind

>>520866514There's a total of 4-5 WC for the 12 or so PC people

>>520866572Nah I'm WC as well

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>>520866634>>520866729Good to know I'm not keeping you up til daybreak in the late lobbies from time to time then, hahaha.

>>520866572Isn't Tana from Arizona or something? I also think Haun is west coast since I usually get good connections with EC and Midwest.

>>520866786Tana is in texas afaik

>>520866826>>520866832Yeah, connections are generally pretty good actually. I just had an image in my head that both of them were from EC for some reason. My brain isn't working right.

>>520866918It's all good my dude. I hope they introduce rollback soon so I can get some games in without worrying about the lag.

>>520866832I do my internet connection to texas because it's a respectable distance from arizona

>missed the chance to get stylish Seth EX grabDarn shame.

>PC lobby went from 4 to a full house all of a suddenhuh

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>>520867435Yeah I remade after my matches. Definitely not waiting that long rofl

>>520866918Sha is also WC.

>>520868068Seems like the mass majority of players are WC after all. Pretty sure atic is too.

>>520868326I only count 6

>>520868326I think Lamp and Frank are WC too.>>5208684296 players is like half the pc player base.

I have NOT been practicing my Nanase

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>>520868981It's ok I haven't eitherI should soon though

>turned around even though I was half a screen away from youwhat happened there?

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So many red throws, so little time hahaha.

>That was an overheadFUCK

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Man I couldn't 623c to save my life there. Ggs for the few games pclobby. Got an urge to play before bed.

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What button does Linne use for antiairs?

>>520870485GGs bird

>>520870485ggs bro

>can't stop eating electric fireballs>even divekick in to sudokuHad a good laugh there.>>520870485GGs m8, have a good night!

>>520870492FFx2, 6C, DP are the gotos for me.

Did the other lobby close haun?

>>520870631no one's ever ready for the 25th fireball


>>520870982Nope, it's still up

>>520870982Room for 2 more if you'd like.