Fall guysSuch is life on Yellow

Fall guysSuch is life on Yellow

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Why does Slime Climb filter so many people?

>>520854442I used to like his channel, but it doesn’t do it for me anymore. His music is kinda cringe too.

real talkgreen is lowkey the underdog of this story.

>>520854552i dont know why people say this i don't see it filtering anyonemaybe its just ps4 shitters

>play with a few friends who are good at platformers>make a pact that we peel for whoever one of us gets the tail in the last 30 seconds of royal fumble>one of us always wins royal fumblekek, they really need to remove the finale that can be cheesed by people playing together

>can't win a single game for the entire first week>now I've won two in the last three days (and I didn't even play yesterday)this game is weird man

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>>520854628I'm on PC and it's rare for me to see more than 15 people survive round 1 Slime Climb probably doesn't help that I'm actively trying to get other people killed


>>520854597I literally win fallball 8/10 times with my friends, vs like 5/10 times otherwise because it guarantees I get queued with at least 2 people who are good at fallball. Since I'm dick at it. I've also won 4 royal fumbles because i got the tail at the end and my friend sacrificed grabbed everybody else for me letting me run free with it. You just need better friends that can git good

>>520854715Alpharad. I brought him up because he’s the one who started the anti-yellow trend in Fall Guys

>>520854689its a consistent 3 eliminations for me

>overwhelming majority of playerbase despises fall mountain, royal fumble, and fall ball >game will forever be tainted by them anyway because dev's will never swallow their pride

>>520854840people who despise royal fumble need 2 git gud at cornering and cutting people off.Literally 90% of the playerbase just chases instead of thinking ahead and then complain because they had the tail for the pointless minute at the beginning of the game and couldn't get it again.

>>520854552I stand on the cylinders and grab peoplethen I stand by the pushing blocks and grab peoplethen I stand bumpers and grab people basically I make sure at least half the lobby dies

Roll Out is just one of the most boring rounds, it's a matter of following the same path back and forward while struggling to not fall asleep and accidentally slip.At least the memory game is fast.

Uninstalled today, will reinstall when they add a new way to get crowns

>you can grab after a dive to push yourself back up faster>you can grab onto some ledges to pull yourself upNeat. Any other tricks I should know about?

>>520854794>he’s the one who started the anti-yellow trend in Fall GuysNo he's not lol. My nephew watches his shit and every meme he "starts" is something he stole from somewhere else.

>>520855004i only ever lose fallout when i get distracted by something on my other monitor or forget to look back in time when the round starts lmao

>>520855007>uninstalling a 1 gig gamewhy tho. I understand if this shit was like 50 gigs of boring gameplay but it'd probably take me more effort to uninstall it than just forget about it.

>>520854628I play on PC too and I always have to spectate the last guy because not enough people complete it to actually end the round

>>520854689what's the best way to kill people on slime climb?

>4 of out my 5 finales are fall ball>lose every single one of themI'm just gonna afk when I get fall ball until devs get rid of team modesI fucking watched my goalie afk when the ball bounced towards him what the fuck man

Does anyone want to play together on PS4? We can voice over PC or ps4.

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>>520855282push at pusherspush at end (risky)block at yellow cylinders

jinxed is really the only mode i can't stand. zero agency

>>520854840fall mountain's fineroyal fumble would probably be fine if the tail games in general didn't have such latency issuesfall ball is fine-ish, but the main problem is it has a cap of 20 players and 99% of the time it'll trigger at half that so it always leads to feel-bad situations when you haul ass just to get filtered by fall ball (especially if it's because your team had less players)really the only games that need to outright go are perfect match (boring, nobody ever gets eliminated) and egg scramble (basically just a shittier version of hoarders). Either make Fall Ball have a lower minimum amount (say 14 players I guess) or at the very least make it so more games can be the semifinal round since I think literally the only other thing I ever get besides it when they want to filter it out just a little bit lower for the final is tiptoe.

>>520855327my favorite is yellow cylindersYOU SHALL NOT PASS also the hordes of people tryna walk around us huggrabbing and falling off is hilarious as shit.

>get soccer and tail shit all the time>Hardly get shit like fruit shoot or the circle rod jump game.>Finally get to the end>More tail shit, I can hug a nigger and not get the tail but a fucker (usually a furry) can hug in my general direction and suction that shit off me.

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>>520854442I've said it before but I ONLY win on yellow. I have no clue what anyone else is talking about. Love that about this game.

>>520855360pretty awful take, Egg Scramble is awesome and perfect match just needs to be made more difficult

>>520855327how do i avoid falling off the cylinders while i'm fucking with people?

>won every game as yellow today>lost almost all as blueWHAT IS HAPPENING

>>520855262that isn't how it works, everyone can qualify i believe

>>520855485just dont move around

You gotta be quick if you're going to fuck a team into the dirt.If you're last 1 minute into the match it's over

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>>520855142Because it was pissing me off. It's fucking bullshit that half the items in the game are locked behind getting several first place victories when the game is structured so that the average player will only win once every 5 hours

fall ball would be better with the heavier ones

>Hoodie skin makes it look like my boxing helmet is tied to my headsick

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>>520855615they are cosmetic items and it's cool that for once they actually require getting gud to receive instead of just dumping hours into the game. sorry u r bad user

>>520855302fall ball can't be a finale you dumbass


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>>520855550honestly that's my biggest gripe with egg scramble. shit's already decided long, long before the timer runs out. Every once in a blue moon you can make a comeback but even then that mostly relies on the third team that's leading being greedy or stupid enough to try and fuck whoever's in 2nd instead of helping to dogpile on you. compare that to something like hoarders where I've had games that literally were decided in the final seconds because there's only 7 balls to go around.

>>520855696seesaw is a pleb filter just like slime mountain

>>520855681I mean the match before the finaleeither way it's bullshit, the physics literally doesn't work for me

>>520855550>jumping up the first ledge instead of just yeeting it over the top from the bottom

>>520855768Just gotta employ some stratagem my man, at the beginning of that blue is leading.Shift the tides before the players figure out what to do


>>520855758based, fuck sparkledogs

Post yer riches

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>>520855696>is one of the easiest to winAnon, I want you to look at and consider this image for at least fifteen minutes a day until you're not shit at seesaw.

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The real worst one is fruit chute

>>520854552Maybe because one or two mistakes gets you eliminated? Maybe because the obstacles are complicated by dozens of retards like you jumping through them? I don't know user it'll forever be a mystery.

>>520855921I own a PC

>>520855921Consume, consumer

>>520855961I hated Fruit Chute until I realized you're supposed to hug the sidesStay as far away from the middle as possible and keep holding up on the camera

>>520855921>ps4 "wins"lel

>>520856016Literally have never lost slime climb. You sound so damn salty. Just learn the trampoline trick at the very beginning and you will come in first literally every time and be way ahead of the pack.

>>520855696>Seesaw>You start in the last row

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I just want to be able to grab stuff like gang beasts. In fact gang beast should just put this in their game

>>520856016>People that keep trying after fucking up the bumper jumpNever fucking gets old, if you fuck it up once you should just give it up and do it the old fashioned way, I've seen way too many people fuck up 2+ times and get slimed

>>520856030>>520856113>le PC players are epic prosi literally haven't heard this even implied since like 2007 lol. FPS maybe but PC players are just as much of drooling retards as console tards

Man how do PS4 players live knowing that PS4 wins arent real

Anyone else getting alot of disconnects on ps4?

>>520855662No retard, you don't understand game design. Making a progression system where you can play for 3 hours without getting any progress is objectively flawed and will just cause the playerbase to become infested with tryhards. I wanted a casual party game but fall guys utterly failed to be that

>>520855961fruit chute is based but I never get itthe seriously need to work on the randomization because I see fall ball literally every episode and rarely see maps like fruit chute, jinxed, jump club or the one with rings

>>520856030Stay mad>>520856035Stay mad, also keep consuming Nvidia/AMD products, consumer>>520856113Yep, feels great to just dab on everyone all the time.

>>520856217lol no

>>520856113>Playing on PC when it's full of cheaters

>>520854442>literally ONE MAP>game claims it pairs you with 59 other people WHEN IN REALITY THEY ALL ARE BOTS>YOU CAN ALSO CONTROL A BOT (WHEN YOUR CHARACTER RANDOMLY DOES SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T)>TEAM GAMES ARE DESIGNED TO HAVE YOU LOSE ALL THE TIME UNLESS YOU ARE A BOT>WHEN A HUMAN WINS, THE GAME CRASHESThis game is literally fucking shit. You can't do anything, you paid 20 bucks for literally ONE minigame and snoys got it for "free". Imagine being a fucking snoy and paying an online subscription only to pay fucking fall guysAlso, no one, and I repeat, NO ONE has ever won a single crown in this game. It fucking sucks and all the videos showing "cool strats" are just fucking CGI made by the devs.The twitter account is the only real thing this game has and it's fucking ran by bots too. The likes are from bots, the comments are from bots. Everytime a bot "wins" a round a new twitter comment shows up, isn't that weird?Skins suck too they are fucking retarded. I hope this game crashes harder than fucking TLOU 2 which also fucking sucked. I hope none of you are actually playing this soiboi zoomercore streamer trannyoutuber bait "game". I was told this was mario party battle royale and it's not, but even if it was, it would suck because battle fagyale games are fucking retarded too and only zoomercore trannyera faggotards play them

>>520856303it is casual tho. why do you care so much about getting crowns? There are plenty of noncrown outfits that look good.

>>520856303No i do understand game design. You understand your inability to gain the in-game currency does not mean that it's bad game design right? I've been able to easily afford everything I want lol. God I'm glad I'm not shit at video games like you


>>520856226>script kiddies desperate for validation

>>520856303>he didn't get jacketI hope the crown prices just keep inflating.

The first time I've ever jumped early and I want to die

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>>520856365holy schizo copypasta user

Is the update out yet? I miss bullying people with their TTV link in their name

>Finale>Hex-A-Gone>Drop to the bottom>Clear out a gigantic hole>WinAbsolute mad man.

>>520856389I don't script, but there's multiple videos of females winning the 5 in a row achievement on PS4. You don't see this on PC. Sorry m8, consoletards don't bring the same skill.

Fuck door dash

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>>520856303casuals get casual rewards

how do people grab tails while diving? whenever i try it does nothing

>>520854794We don't talk about literal faggots who make out with other dudes in stream

>>520856338only seen 1

>>520855696>be first>have to wait an hour for everyone else to finish>be last>have to spend 5 minutes waiting for an opportunity to jump at each seesaw

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>>520856532Omg dude. Two games ago, two doors on either side would open, it was exactly fucking that.

>>520856335If you think PC isn't full of retarded kids play literally and game on PC where you can use a microphone. It's either furries, children who are furries, or autistic 15 year olds

You think that's bad OP, check this out.

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>>520856328>buys a new console every 3 years.Meanwhile I'm still using a cpu from 2012 and still getting better fps than you. Oof

>>520856303>playing for unlocks>instead of playing to have fun and watch people lose out in hilarious and goofy waysNever gonna make it faggot.

>>520856509>female >video game Those were really men, sweaty. Try again.

>>520856587oh it is but ps4 players are worse

>>520856672nah, legitimate game grillz have the 5 in a row achievement on ps4. sorry you wont feel the same skill.

>>520856484You were lucky no one jumped slowly in the higher floors

>>520856303>progression based rewardscancerous, no requirement to ever get better at the game

>>520856679i really doubt by any noticeable amount, the finals is really the only place where anyone remotely competent ends up anyway


>>520855048Wow you’re so cool user tell me more about how you’re old and hate popular YouTubers. Tell me to “keep saying it” while you’re at it. You’re so funny!

>>520856631>Buying consoles when they're newNo user, you do what I do and wait until the console is at the very end of its lifespan and get it and all the best games for ridiculously cheap. I also have a gaming PC btw, but I literally just use it for TF2.

>>520856795I'm assuming most of the team dropped out halfway through

>>520856718How many of her beta orbiters forced their way into the lobby to protect m'lady's streak?

>>520856773>5 wins commonly posted on ps4>barely see any on pcdoubt

>>520856374Because noncrown items are intended to look worse and don't act as a progression system because the game gives out way too many kudos. Every online multiplayer game that isn't highly competitive needs a good progression system to survive for more than a few weeks.

>>520856679So what the problem with that? I can just fuck everyone over all the time with no problem and I make it to the finals 90% of the time.

>>520856484It's honestly just not worth it unless there are 10 people MINIMUM

I think hexagone would be fun if everyone was forced to run at full speed at all times. Like a mario game where you get the turbo boost or whatever.

>>520856819jesus christ get the fuck out of here

>>520856484>do this>some cuck stays on top slowly hopping and you lose

>>520856885>h-ha-a i-it's orb-biters g-guys>n-not t-he h-hhundr-red of t-t-thousands of ftp p-playersIf Fallguys ever go FTP I demand there be a proof of purchase item like TF2 to separate the scum from the actual people good at platformers.

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>>520856852Well then continue to consume responsibly.

Ever just pan your camera up 30 seconds into Roll Out to try and figure out how the fuck 11 people are already dead

Imagine getting eliminated on fucking Jump Club

>>5208567954v4 so no clusterfuck, and >>520856859 is right because 2 stopped trying and went afk to collect rewards after their elimination

>>520856919>ProgressionBro you're buying cosmetic items that nobody gives a shit about. Just buy what you like and move on. If you're only playing for a new costume and not the thrill of victory than go do something else, tard. Do you honestly think anyone sees you with the Jacket costume and thinks "OH WOW THAT GUY IS COOL"

>>520854442Their discord is the worst in the history of the internet. They literally have no idea what theyre doing. Fuck the devs and their faggy community team.

>>520856974i reallyh like it the way it is right now honestly. the only game i an genuinely really happy to get (and slime climb, but it's because i like killing 20people on the yellow rolls)

>>520856919>I WANT A CASUAL GAME>BUT I ALSO WANT ITEMS THAT OTHERS CANT GET UNLESS THEY ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING (WINNING)Theres tons of good looks that don't cost crowns. I have the fuckin hotline miami chicken jacket, and the aquarium bottom but right now I'm rocking this shit, which only thing that cost crowns is the hoodie for 2 crowns which you can literally get from free crowns on the season pass.Holy fucking shit, you're braindead beyond belief.

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>>520857119this dude must be on the yellow team xD

I'm a simple guy. I see a furry I push him off.

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>>520857032I will, thanks! honestly I probably would have it on PC but why would I do that when I can get it for free on Playstation right now? Plus I'm going to hook a controller in to do that anyway so there's literally no difference besides the people I'm playing with probably not being as skilled, which is fine with me. I don't mind having 35 crowns rn.

>>520857119what did you expect, it's made for kids less than 13 years old.

>>520856509Probably on Pro, really doubt people can do it that easily on 30fps versions>>520856795Some give up whenever fall ball happens, be leaving or staying idle. If one of the opponent teams stays in the exact spot where that blue guy is they can lob the ball from there is automatically a goal with no defense possible.I hope they patch fall ball with random ball placements, because people already figured the trick and against uneven teams those teams are fucked.

>>520857230How does the grab mechanics work?

>>520854552Because it demands the minimum brain functions


just got to 10 wins, i'm gonna make it, bros

>>520856819goddamn cancer

>>520857303depends how stupid the person being grabbed is

Every time, I swear I have 60 second-place finals

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>that one furry in front of you at the start of the racing course that doesn't move and causes you to get stuck in the crowd

just got round1 slime climb for the first time, we were 7 for round 2.

>>520857046>jump club>30 guys>5 of them fail at once>another 10 get caught rolling glued with each otherShit can happen

is there any way to see ping in this game

>>520857303Grabbing holds another player in place, this wolf was probably trying to walk away to the right while being held so when he we released he flew off in the direction that he was walking

Ps4 got it on psplus. I tried a few matches, it was ok. I guess it's fun with friends

oh boy its tail tagaka go afk until the last 30 seconds because nothing else matters

>>520857191>>520857096Whatever, I see you faggots, much like the developers, know absolutely nothing about game design

>>520857639Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong place, the gay faggot nerd club is about 2 blocks down

>>520857639Just take the pity crowns from the season pass and be happy

>>520857601I just chill on the spinning circles while waving at people

>>520857639you have literally contradicted what you've wanted out of the game 3 times in your posts. I think it's you who don't know what you want out of a game, then blaming the devs for bad game design.

>got to finals 6 times in a row>didn't get hex onceFuck this game

>>520857601They need to decrease the timer of that shit to 1 minute or 45 seconds. Giving the option of having multiple tails could also help

>>520857751try to jump from one yellow wall to another ( the ones at the middle) it's really challenging and pretty fun

>>520857639>but i dolmao

Fall ball would literally be fixed if the game was constantly spawning odd shaped objects instead of being retarded 2 ball rocket league. At least then it'd be chaotic enough for me to not get fucking pissed at it

>>520857751With tail on? Because is not the first time i get an idiot doing that thinking they are safe but they arent.

>survive not 2 nor 3 but 4 team games>get into the final 7>final game is royal fumblejust kill me familia

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>Finally got to Fall Mountain>In first place>Hit a small ledge that I didn't realize I needed to jump for>Slowed me down long enough to loseI'M A DUMB

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I've reached the finals a total of 8 times today and haven't won once. Time to take a break.

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>>520857923Good idea I've seen is to force a golden ball spawn (+5 points) if scores are fuck-uneven so even if your team is super-ultra omega retard you can still pull off a victory.

>>520857957Stay put and look at others going around in circles for 1 minute and then try in the last 30 seconds

If the crown at fall mountain always waited a few seconds before lowering once the first person reached it it might be more interesting?

>get an 18 man fall mountain after a game of perfect match>start in the 3rd row >winholy fucking shit I don't know it if was luck or skill but damn I'm shaking

>>520857774Have you ever played another devolver game before? They're all like fall guys, good premise, gameplay , and art style but ruined by a few bad decisions

>>520858039I've seen rugby balls, which only seem to get 1pt, but never ever a "gold ball" in many hours

>>520854442So are servers working on Steam or am I fucking banned

>threw away 3 early slime climbs because i wanted to kill people at the endi can get 1 or 2 kills and then randomly my push will fuck me over more than the person i was pushing. why does grabbing feel so random?

>>520858037if any of those was hex-a-gone you can only blame yourself for your failures. Otherwise, unlucky bro.

>playing fall back>4v6>Score is 2-3, we're down 1>30 seconds left>Just scored 2 goals>Gold egg spawn>we have it infront of their goal>2 of our faggot ass yellow braindead retards are protecting the normal 1 point ball instead of just trying to do an all out offensive to get the gold egg in and we losefucking hate retards

>>520858067>3rd rowPeople must have fucked a lot, but a win like that is better, because fuck 3rd row

>>520858142It's mostly my fault yes, 5 fall mountain 3 hexagone 2nd/3rd

>>520856226You're right, shit. I think I'm gonna cry.Can someone throw me up a box of tissues? My throne made of all my crowns I got is too high for me to safely climb down.

>>520858039But then it becomes a rng fiesta where you can play like a functional human being and still lose to a literal brainlet thanks to a lucky bounce

>>520858134>he doesn't kill everyone at the yellow roll

>>520857974>finally get to fall mountain>me and another guy neck and neck>we both go all the way to ledge but the crown is too high>sperg out and bump into each other>fucking pigeon in third gets it

>>520858091Cool shit costing wins is a decision that I've seen liked by literally everybody but you. In fact everybody is fucking ecstatic and over the moon the season pass is actually free with the fucking game, and that all the cool skins aren't under a cashshop with a premium currency only gotten by swiping your creditcard.Like seriously, you're the only person I have found who is actually mad that there are win specific variants of skins.

>>520858056Nah then it's just a matter of who the server thinks grabbed the crown first. What it needs is another couple sets of obstacles, and for the current ones to be beefed up a bit so people fuck up more. That and even spawns.

>>520858131>or am I fucking bannedHow can you get banned? Is that even possible?

Royal fumble is so fucking easy. I win it every single time. But it's very rare for me to get it. I want to farm crowns on these dipshits.

>>520858368How good is your internet?

>>520858368Problem with royal fumble is that the first ~minute and a half you may as well spend shitposting. Nothing but the last 30 seconds matters.

>Been playing the last couple of days with no wins>TFW won three games in a row today

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>>520858091It's only published by Devolver. MediaTonic makes the game.

>>520858172a bunch of dudes got fucked by a ball, then one of those spinning things pushed me forward to second place, the guy in front of me fucked up his movement which let me catch up to him then I grabbed him right before he walked by a spinning hammer, after that it was smooth sailing to the crown

>>520858516>the first ~minute and a half you may as well spend shitpostingWho says I’m aren’t?

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>>520858368I don't think fumble is that bad, but how do you avoid it devolving to a gangbang grab ass in the last 15 seconds? I played a 3 man fumble when the servers were exploding, and it was a lot of fun, but when 7 people are grabbing at you when you steal the tail, it feels pretty random who's gonna walk away with it.

>>520858516I've kept the tail the entire time before. Usually as soon as I get it I can keep it for the rest of the round. It's actually acquiring the tail that's the problem, so I try to get it as early as I can.

>>520858283Good game design>top player gets a lot of progress >top 5 players get a decent amount of progress > top 10 get some progress>top 20 get a bit of progressBad game design>1 player gets everything>59 players get nothing

>>520858224that only filters the absolute retards, i want to kill the somewhat decent players at the end with me

>>520858516The first minute and half of royal fumble I spent watching the movement patterns of everybody in the game so I can apply them and use it to dodge them better when I eventually grab the trail in the last 30 seconds.

>>520858514I'm on Ethernet.>>520858516That's exactly what I do.>>520858645I grab it, jump, and dash out. That will usually break it up.

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>>520858645You just use the turntables as much as possible. I'll wait on top of it until I see a corner without people and just swoop around that corner.

>>520858716Bro you still get everything that doesn't cost crowns.You're embarrassing yourself if you go on further lad.


I cannot stand these fucking buggy ass ball modesit's like I hit the ball and 90% of the time nothing happens, hoarders is the worst because theres 30 dipshits to work around


>Playing Royal Fumble>Guy has it most of the time, notice his 3 buddies grabbing everyone coming hear him. >Must have like no wins>Cut him off with less than a second left and snag it>Winning screen still had the puff of smoke from taking it>Could hear the screaming even with no mic capabilities I love playing on PS4. I've had like 10 moments like this because everyone sucks at the game.

>>520854552because it's dependent on where you spawn otherwise you're stuck with mongoloids. have you played it?

>>520858972Have you tried using skill?

>>520858716That is how it works. Getting Gold/Silver/Bronze on events gets you more kudos and xp

>>520858716>Casual party game>progressanon.. you've been contradicting yourself the entire time. There is a Kudos variant of about every legendary skin in the game but the ones that have been designed as crossovers between studios like Valve and Hotline Miami.Regardless of your belief, you're still progressing, not only in the season pass but in your ability to get commons, uncommons, and some Kudos Epics.Also, Legendary Skins aren't progress in a casual party game. Holy shit I don't think I've ever seen a case of Mad cause Bad as bad as you.

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>>520858893You get kudos, which are useless, and CV exp, which is useless after a point. They could literally just add a feature to exchange 25k kudos for a crown and this problem would vanish

>>520858716Nah man, it's all or nothing. The only reason to be salty is if you can't win. It's ridiculously easy to get to level 40 anyway, no need to speed it up even more. I've never maxed out a battlepass in 3 days until now.

>yellow team>keep tail the entire time>lose

>>520859097>skill>in an RNG game

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Does the game have crossplay? No right?

>>520859145>Kudos are uselessyou keep saying this and it doesn't make it true.

just got the gamegive me your spiciest strats

Just a reminder fuck the furfags that grab you on block party.

>>520859138>There is a Kudos variant of about every legendary skin in the gameThis is really stupid. What's the point of the 5 crown ninja outfit that's exactly the same as the kudos one.

>>520859138does anyone have the good version of this image that shows prices and names


>>520859216No, but they've stated they really want it and are looking into it.

>>520859145That would defeat the purpose of crowns being earned by wins. The only incentive to win is to get a crown. The only way you can earn crowns is by winning or leveling up the battlepass. You would be able to just buy kudos and exchange then for crowns, defeating the whole purpose.

>>520859238It's purple and it shows off you've gotten at least 2 wins at one point. Also it might match certain color patterns better than the white/gold one if thats your thing.

>first game of the day >win hex a gone like 4 floors up from the bottomgg ez

>>520859231>exactly the sameyou can laugh at anyone that didnt win enough to buy the good player version. you are a good player right?

>3 wins now>all royal fumbledoes this mean im shit

Attached: 1594741504438.jpg (337x372, 17.18K)

>All of these grab ass games where a guy 30 feet behind me somehow grabs me and gets my tail>Meanwhile I grab on to a guy and hold on for a full second and still don't steal the tail

Attached: 1514269404208m.jpg (634x1024, 28.86K)

Why yes I do grab opposing teams so teammates can get their tails, how could you tell?

Attached: 1560235377232.jpg (1473x1061, 320.48K)

>>520859181How the fuck can yellow be that far behind on hoops?

>hex a gone>on bottom floor>get near someone while running>my character decides he doesn't want to play anymore and falls flat on the groundwhy

>>520859401Tail has a separate hitbox from the guys i think. You can totally jam it up their ass and go right past the tail's hitbox.

>>520859372Yes, and I want to have an exclusive look. Not a "this one cost more" look.

>>520858312I'm just assuming since I can't get in to a game

Attached: 1595793593791.gif (400x300, 3.31M)

>>520859226On hexa-gone, instead of trying to stay afloat try to drop to the last floor asap, after you get there try to take away as many tiles as possible, when the rest of the players get there they won’t find somewhere to land, easy win.warning: it doesn’t work if another retard tries the same strat too

Attached: 6DB7B507-EADE-4AE6-9F11-16E211188924.jpg (401x764, 22.23K)

Who else just hoarding crowns until they see something they actually like

Do I need the dlc for the for pirate and unicorn costume or can I buy it with kudos?

>>520859301Really? Well at least that is a good sign. I mean this is easy money, like no dev can fuck this up.Like I'm afraid of that with most of the time when something fun looks popular and then falls hard.

>>520859673you need the dlc

>>520854552Because if you’re not once of the first 10 or so people to get past the first obstacle on there you’re going to get jammed up with the retards when you get to the moving pipes that push people off

>>520859596I saw the flexing muscles emote and had to buy it for 5 crowns.

>>520859739i think it's easier in the back honestly

Why the hell aren't gloves and shoves separate equip slots? So many of these outfits look samey. You would get way more mileage out of the cosmetics that way.

>>520859673I think that's just DLC.

>>520859673They did find a pink pirate skin in the datamined files tho

>those retards who chase people with tails without trying to cut them offare these guys retarded or what?

i love being on yellow team and having wolf retards hit the ball into our own goal

Attached: 1576232154060.png (1920x1080, 1.88M)


>>520855485Be very careful with your movements, minimize them. It's fine if some people get past you - you can't stop everyone. I usually get knocked off by the horde - the slime isn't a danger yet, but a decent amount of people will get filtered by the bumper + treadmill underneath the cylinders. It's easy to get back up and block again.By the time the slime actually reaches the pillars, there shouldn't be many left to block and it's easy.

Attached: bullying is fun.webm (1280x720, 2.96M)

>>520859138>>520859673theres a pink and red pirate one here tho, so they might be a future addition


Attached: 4355.png (868x513, 9.7K)

>>520859596Me. I'm hoping they come out with a really expensive item in a couple weeks so I can immediately buy it and have everyone try to fuck me over the whole time.

>>520859585>warning: it doesn’t work if another retard tries the same strat tooevery game ive done on hexagone today a bunch of idiots have been doing thisi got a win on the third floor from the top earlier because nobody stayed up

>premade with discord autists>never lose a team game ever again>make friendswhat's your excuse for not playing with people user ?

>>520859814Anon, they can't even properly define alphas on the base bean so that you don't have a gap between your belly and the top of the pants. They made a fun game, but they're clearly super fucking incompetent.

>>520860056I don't like other people.

Finally, I win my first fall mountain...

>>520859943There are variants in rotation that cost crowns.>>520859238

Attached: 1597176220192.png (2604x1989, 3.27M)

>>520860085I blame Unity for making gamedev too easy.

>>520860056im not trans

>>520860185no way. proof?

>>520860360I didn't take a screenshot but I was lucky enough to never get hit by the cannon and hammer

>>520860056I don't know how to meet new people on Discord

yellow team is cool

Attached: 22-0.jpg (1920x1080, 148.08K)

>Game looks fun>None of my buddies want to buy it>lmao just play league faggot its free

Attached: 1570752729626.png (429x410, 10.04K)

>>520855020>you can grab after a dive to push yourself back up fasterdoes this mean Fall Guys has L-Canceling

Attached: 1595779544876.png (441x447, 21.74K)

>>520860283Prove it

>>520860471you dont need friends to have fun in this game

>>520860471i don't think it's really worth $20, especially without friends to play with

>>520860471play with me

>>520860638i cant. i shaved my thighs today.

>>520858716>participation trophies: the postOh suck it up, you don’t give a medal to everyone who finishes the marathon event at the Olympics do you?It’s not a fucking school sports day where everyone gets a medal because “everyone’s a winner in their own special way” or some other vomit inducing shit

>>520860187>Gordon was a preorder bonusFUCK

>level 28>only 3 wins

Attached: 1596654631237.jpg (460x437, 33.3K)

>>520856819You're a faggot m8.

Started the whirlygig late so did an almost perfect run( last could have been better) to flex on the newbs.Im kinda hyped for the day half the lobby will be doing that.streamable.com/mnbe33

>>520859585>>520859980it's already become the winning strategy to stay up high like the devs intended because too many people did it that way


Can someone explain me this?

Attached: Fall Guys_ Ultimate Knockout_1.jpg (3840x2160, 667.39K)

>>520860916i feel so bad about not getting the beta one, literally one of my favorite looks, now missed forever probably

>>520861073it's possible to stand on the crowd

>>520861073you can jump on other fall guys if they pushing against a wall

This round wasn't slime climb by the way.This was the fruit matching game. I afk'd on the final fruit looking at my other monitor and I guess people thought I wasn't moving cause I was on the right fruit.Lmao, 31 to 4 people in the matching fruit game dead

Attached: file.png (2029x1293, 3.28M)

>>520854442>Team Tail Tag>Be yellow team>Have a tail>Grab a blue guy so my teammate can steal is tail>My teammate steals my tail instead and runs away>Blue guy gets away somehow

Attached: 1597161189285.png (500x500, 403.8K)

>>520860187is there any idea of what the ones without prices will be? next season? dlc? i want the star guy

>>520861073They should keep those walls reachable, but make them very thin

>>520861073need someone to boost you by hugging wall, then just double jump on them. it's kinda dificult to do and you might fall on the other side because of momentum.i havn't played a single lobby where there isn't a guy boosting people up, always funny to try to push each other on top

If Hoarders used the Rock&Roll balls (and had like 5 instead of 7) then it would be a good map.>>520854552Narrow pathways with crowds.>>520859075Bad spawn is no excuse. You can wait for the pack to pass you and still get to the second pusher section (with pits) in time for 3 or 4 cycles.

>up 23 to 10 as yellow vs red in egg >both teams still dive right into yellow >im the only one defending i bet my team was all in blue that had 20 aswell

>>520860916a couple days ago i bought the game from the official website because an user informed me it still came with the preorder skin

>>520861150got it once too, 5survivors. was a fun last round

Attached: unknown.png (720x453, 341.99K)

>>520859231Thr kudos variant is not exactly the same, it's a more appealibg color.

>>520861289So did it just give you a Steam key?

>>520860663>muh validationImagine needing another human being to comprehend the concept of fun

Attached: 8E0B106B-E2F5-43B9-93DB-DC63A6F555CD.jpg (448x684, 27.13K)

>>520860187i hate how all the legendaries are just reskins of others, i want some true legendary shit to wear

>>520861331purple > white

Attached: Capture.png (644x238, 70.6K)

AHH So many cosmetics I want to wear them all

>>520861404its the preorder version of the game even after the game came out. just the one game key, not an extra key for the skin

>>520861483>Purple>A real colorpick one

>>520861492got my definitive one on second rotation, doubt i'll ever change

>>520859980True, I honestly think it's a shit strat, I dunno why everyone is trying to spread it. The amount of times I have been above someone watching them run out of tiles while I still have chunks of 2 or 3 floors left above them is, well most of my crowns I guess. Good strat if you want to come second/help a friend I guess. I think a better version of it that I tried when I fell early one time is disconnecting the middle from the outside ring so people fall into the middle section and fight over it, and you have way more tiles to work with around the outside.

>lag slightly behind in door dash>pile up starts happing near the only open door>go around them by jumping on a broken piece of door that landed on its sidepro gamer move

I sure am glad that people conceptually memed Yellow team into a losing team so that any game where you win by not losing it's mutually benifitial to always steal from Yellow team if you're red or blue. essentially turning each game into a heavy bias and turning games with 3 teams into a 1/3rd chance win, more than it already was

Attached: EUkETimXgAM5qvH.png (488x484, 328.83K)

>>520861612post it

>>520859226Don't wait until the 321 countdown finishes to press W. If you start holding it during the countdown your character will start moving in the first frame of the race, instead of after however long it takes you to move your finger down. A mysteriously large number of players don't do this for some reason.

>>520861593Yeah, that's what I meant. Thanks famalam

>>520861707*1/3rd chance to lose

>>520861707I had this shit happen to me tooone more reason to make a solo mode so I can be done with these gay ass reddit memes

>>520859339>getting a premium item for free isn't a good rewardYou went full retard

>>520859390It means your internet connection is.

>>520861073Can someone explain me this?

Attached: Fall Guys_ Ultimate Knockout_20200812232822.webm (1280x720, 1.91M)

>>520861935Don't dive into doors, just jump into them

>>520861935you hit the top of the door

>>520861935for some reason diving sucks against the doors

>>520861935sleek coding

>>520861707it feels great to make a comeback as them though, red are the real jobbers.



>>520861707>Get put on Yellow team 99.7% of the time>Had plenty of games where we get gangbanged by the other teams>Also had plenty of games where we steamroll everyone else

Attached: 1520981766455.gif (245x350, 1.59M)

>>520862206you can grab dive but it's bugy af>I grab dive right up a guy's asshole>no dive>enemy grab dives half way across the map but still gets my tail


It would be cool if there were a lobby with chat you could opt in to, with a pit to jump down to start the search for a gameI'm just thinking that people wouldn't actually enjoy this without the exp and coin system and it needs more stuff in general soonPaintball would be fun, they already stole splatoons music

>>520862352>Dark Souls has a busted enemy hitbox>"Lmao gitgud this game only costed me 5$">Brand new sensation of the year has some netcode issues due to literally everyone and their dog playing it>"OH MY GOODNESS HOW COULD DEY CHARGE 20 WHOLE DOLLAS THIS IS ANUDDA SHOAH"

>>520862270>>520862346so do you grab before diving? because diving then hitting/spamming/holding grab doesnt do shit when im clearly right on top of the guy and hit him

I swear to god the amoun tof 4v5 fall ball semi finals i get. Who the fuck designed this retarded shit? If its 9 players just put us in the fucking final you stupid nigger devs.

>it's a people forget how seesaws work episode

Attached: 1521408266118.png (500x332, 227.44K)

>someone grabs you right before jumping over a pitWhy

I just want a fucking rabbit costume. How has it not been thought of already yet? At the very least i'm hoping it comes out next year around Easter. Same with other seasonal stuff, halloween and christmas for sure.

>>520861935Can someone explain me this?No, seriously. I literally caught this guy miliseconds before the clock... shouldn't it be like american football where clock at 0 doesn't end the game until the play is over?

Attached: Fall Guys_ Ultimate Knockout_20200811194842 (1).webm (640x360, 2.4M)

>>520860187The only thing i want to spend my crowns on is vigilante, all the rest is trash.

>>520862614To make you fall duh, this is a battle royale.

Why do people complain about see saws so much? I have lost to the cakewalk memory game more ti than as than see sales, easiest event by far

>>520854552>>520854992It's the best map to filter people. Grab actually has a function. My only complaint is that the map ends before slime reaches the top.

>>520862505>playing fall ballPlay tip toe instead.

Royal Fumble, but grabbing the tail with less than 30 seconds left adds 5-10 seconds to the timer.

Is there crossplay between ps4 and pc? the group of girls I hang out with only has ps4 and I got no friends on pc.

>>520862834People with bad situational awareness get stuck waiting because they didn't spawn in a good spot and didn't pay attention to the crowd when picking seesaws at forks in the road.

>>520862918No. Devs say they want to add it, but they're a 17 person indie company so don't count on it.


>>520862845Because starting in the last row = Hell>t. A guy that's came in first place in see saw many times

>>520862834they were the fat kids that could never play on them as kids so they dont know how they actually work

>>520862918No crossplay. PS4lets are stuck at 30 fps and have HUGE input delay.

>Round 1 See Saw>Round 2 Perfect Match>Round 3 Egg Scramble>Round 4 Rock N' Roll>Round 5 Fall Ball>Final Royal Fumblejesus christ that was the most cancerous lineup of games possible in a single match, but I won it. Hopefully it never picks those games in sequence ever again

Friendly reminder that when playing hexagone you should be hopping instead of running, you do want to be a good player, right user?

Attached: 92BD8A6E-317E-46D9-AF50-A019DE3CB9D6.jpg (259x194, 5.51K)

>>520863016Aw shit meant to respond to >>520862834

>>520862614I do this a lot

>>520863068What’s cancerous about perfect match?

>>520863116I purposely run around the people bunny hopping to fuck them over

>>5208628344chan attracts some of the biggest retards out there due to people acting retarded ironically so much.

>>520863116hopping isnt beneficial in the early game imo. gives others too much of a chance to trap you into an area

>>520863068See Saw and Rock ' N ' Roll are good maps. Perfect Match is boring but not cancerous.Fall Ball is good with even teams and goalies on each team.I've seen round 4 finales on high player counts before but I've never seen a 6 round match before, does it happen often?

>>520863189Faggots grabbing you to throw you off.

>>520863038>tfw still have 20+ wins on base ps4 despite 30fps and input delay + bad latencyPC blobs with no wins, whats your excuse?

>>520863189it doesn't eliminate anyone. The fact that it picked it in round 2 is the only reason the match went 6 rounds instead of 542 people went into it, 41 qualified. It's fucking dumb

>>520863116dependswhile you're hopping theres people carving out tiles for you to fall through also if the game decides to have an 18 man hexagon match then you're super fucked

>finish first place in a race>disconnected from sever

Attached: 1400458741873.png (338x338, 198.57K)

>>520863068Can Rock N Roll has a timer? I had been waiting for the other teams where both balls are pushed to the corner and it doesnt advance until someone fucks it up>>520863189>What’s cancerous about perfect match?>Game type is Logic>Its actually memorizationWhat does revolver mean by this?

>tfw never going to win

>>520863285It happens occasionally, I got this one a few days ago. It has to be a very specific lineup of games and player count to cause it

Attached: 20200809014149_1.jpg (2560x1440, 490.08K)

>>520856217PC players are infinitely better than PS4 players. Maybe because the game is free on PS4 and you're more likely to get in a lobby with just braindead children, I actually hope they do a free weekend or Tim just releases it for free on the EGS because the 5 win streak achievement is impossible to get unless you use the exploit, which is harder to pull of on PC too.


Attached: Jacket more like idiot.webm (854x480, 2.83M)

>>520863424just try until you get to fall mountain with bunch of unlucky retard

>>520863528basedfuck jackets

Attached: 1580255248314.webm (640x360, 2.92M)

>>520863337>tfw still have 20+ wins on base ps4Your competition is also on PS4.>>520863330More often that not they walk off themselves.It's more of an issue in Block Marty.

>>520863337kek you're beating children who got the game for free. that's who you're playing. there's a reason why slime climb filters ps4 players


Attached: nice.png (384x65, 8.38K)

>block party>stand against the wall to let people jump on top of it>5 people get eliminated by me doing this because they jump over the wall instead of on it

Attached: 1592594179297.gif (425x481, 1.51M)

>>520861731real late but here. i really like the blingbling look, maybe i'll put the golden egg top if i ever get it, but i think it will be overkill

Attached: egg.png (886x1017, 1.16M)

>>520863528That was fucking evil

>>520863897cheating is not cool user.

>tfw no one like Cup N' Shootit's not the best by any means but it's no See Saw either

Attached: 1586912530954.jpg (734x724, 56.29K)

>>520864036I don't hack nor cheat though.

>>520863806>>520863838mad cope

>>520854840Such a massive fucking cope lmao. Fall mountain kinda garbage though

>>520863950When was that egg bottom sold? That’s the last piece I want for my aesthetic but I must have missed it

>>520855007Actually filtered by a kids game lmao they have skins you can buy with kudos for babies like you

>>520864281bottom row is random for everyone

>>520854552More games need to be like slime climb.The fruit panel game in particular is fucking dogshit. It doesn't kill anyone and it drags on and fucking on.The only times I've fallen on fruit panel is when I get so fucking bored that I can't give the game my full attention.

>>520864281>no one gets the same shop, or at least we didn't at some point. i got it day 2

>>520864368Oh snap I didn’t realize that. No wonder I bought something today and nobody else has it

>>520855758>>520863712is there a specific way to grab someone like this and just yank them in one direction? seems like whenever i grab someone it just stops them a little and doesn't affect them that much

Attached: eggfilter.jpg (1137x1113, 230.67K)

>>520864531If you're rocking the Champ top you'd better earn that title

Attached: Ol Mikey.png (758x986, 705.28K)

>>520864554If they struggle it pops them off of you.So if they stop, nothing happens.Basically you want them to panic.Grabbing someone before they jump or when they REALLY don't want to be where they are is the best.

>remaining number is not divisible by 3?>FALL BALL

>get to fall mountain crown first>its going up>get to it 2nd just behind 1st>its going downevery time

>>520856532ez gameyoutube.com/watch?v=pUyGREJ8lyM

How fucking big is their marketing budget? I swear this isn't a natural way of things. I see this game everywhere and it doesn't even seem that captivating.

>>520864727Whenever I do a flawless run it’s coming down at the perfect time. I rarely get a flawless run though because I always start in the FUCKING back row

>>520859075I've spawned in the back and still managed to get ahead of the pack to grief everyone at the cylinders.Slime Climb is literally a gitgud stage.

any other Holla Forums bros already have well over 100 wins?

Attached: Annotation 2020-08-13 014130.png (582x140, 38.77K)

>>520864962i dont think i've even played 100 games

>>520864892its only going to get bigger if all those companies reaching out for collabs follow through

>>520856217It's not a console war thing in this case, it's a "free" game vs paid for. You get a much higher proportion of young kids with no access to money on those, especially on consoles.

>>520864962Pfft no, im way too busy being a chad and having sex and partying like all my fellow Holla Forums bros that don't try hard childrens games lmao.

>>520865089yooooo he mad basedlets fucking goooooo poggers

>>520864962>abusing squads

The only thing more embarrassing than losing at Tip Toe is losing at Jump Club.

Looks like fucking garbage just like every other streamer flavour of the month.

>>520865223you can get fucked pretty easily in jump club by someone grabbing you

Won 3 games so far, 2 hex a gon and one royal fumble.Got really close at the crown race once but fucked up the jumping time.Hex a gon feels like the easiest final event, at least for me.

>hoop game>yellow>get 3 gold rings myselfnot getting memed today.

>>520865254im glad you came to this thread to say that. that's very brave of you.

>>520865223Seems pretty random if you are gonna be the one shoved off by the mob or not though with tip toe

>>520864962127 wins here

>>520864892How big was Uganda Knuckles' marketing budget?

>>520864892>viral gameThey don't need marketing, though Sony is probably helping.

>>520865254for once it isn't. A lot of people have been waiting for a game like that ( a platforming ""battle royal""), and this gfame, while FAR from perfect is the first iteration of what could become a great genre. I'm kinda sad that the first game of this type poped up so late, it would have been incredibly fun playing with the bros in high school :/

theyre gonna add some kind of daily to earn crowns without needing to win for the 80% of players that cant win arent they

>>520865556then there's no point to winning the game

>>520865532>All over 4chan>All over plebbit>Frontpage of Steam since day 1They are definitely paying out the ass for marketing.

I don't know why people complain about stuff like Slime Climb when Seesaw exists

>>520865556likely, looking at forknife, i really expect them to make some kind of daily quests, and the reward for completing them all to be a crown.

>>520865185i wish i had friends, i solo que 95% of the time

>>520865676>Frontpage of Steam since day 1of course you fucking retard, game sold 2M copies in a week, it's gonna be on top for a while

>>520865463Grab better. Also helps in Block Party and Perfect Match.

>>520865556that wont stop me from getting drunk off my ass and enjoying the game still

>>520864892Dude what? It's more like how has it taken this long for anyone to make a game remotely like this? Online mario party still isn't a thing. It's fun mini games with tons of people that you can fuck with. A very simple tried and true recipe for success.

>>520854442Leave Fall Guys alone, you trolls!

Attached: Fall.png (579x396, 59.16K)

>>520865448>fall ball>yellow again>beast on the other team>hexagone>winDoes everyone else just suck shit tonight?

Attached: 1569719904130.png (1920x1080, 3.14M)

>>520854442This guy used hacks and still lost loltwitter.com/FyrusYT/status/1293524498201882624?s=09

>>520865890>Online mario party still isn't a thingpummel party

>>520865923typical jacket

dare i say... based ?

Attached: Capture.png (881x279, 36.02K)

>>520865676You have no idea what viral success is, do you?

>>520865941I hope this faggot was on win 4

Attached: Ch3ater.webm (1920x1080, 2.72M)

Hex a gone really is so much better than every other course. They need more maps like it.

>>520865983Why is their twitter this way?


>>520865983kek, crybaby shitters have no report for being toxic button to feel better about being trash

>>520866053you like it because you don't get it often, and tere is no other stage like that in the game, while the two other finals both have coutnerpartspeople get bored of minecraft TNT-run real fast

>>520865897That was almost ten days ago, why is this still relevant?

>>520856554Dive without jumping. If you jump and dive you won't be able to grab.

>>520866053Fall mountain is fine too once you learn to aproach the hammers from the sides in the same direction as they spin.

>>520866209What I hate about it is it's the one time where the "stickiness" of the jump button becomes a big issue.

>>520865556I hope not, crown items should be badges of honor. If you keep playing and actually put any effort into getting better you'll get them eventually.

I am fucking beyond mad, this has been almost every Fall Mountain lately. I'm like the king of #2

Attached: 20200813170058_1.jpg (1920x1080, 239.03K)

newfag here :( what's the fastest way you found to create and post webms here. having to shadowplay, then cut, resize, convert and remove sound from every clip is so fucking annoying.Any pr0-gamer strats ?

>>520866408PIGEON BOYS

>>520855007Holy fuck, imagine being such a brainlet that can’t even compete with literal snoy underages

Attached: 78435E79-437F-4293-A036-E212EEAA9BE5.jpg (452x678, 21.43K)

>>520866408get on their side and grab them right as they jump. makes them gtfo

>>520856819Based 13 year old vigorously defending his literal faggot pedo idol

>>520865556>>520866345You already get crowns at certain levels, I feel that is fine. And since levels are going to get reseted each season people will get crowns even without wins.

Dislike how this map has such a ridiculously big catch-up mechanic with the fucking paddles to push, no way to reliably come first.

Attached: 20200813170318_1.jpg (1920x1080, 287.99K)

>>520856819imagine simping for a guy that won’t give a damn about you the day you die, a dude you literally have to pay so he pretends to care about you for 5 seconds

Attached: 104DE2DF-038E-418F-B71F-42B302692D83.gif (435x250, 979.86K)

>>520855007Jump Showdown comes tomorrow.

>>520866435sharex with mpv + webm script. it's not easy unless you're into tech shit though. But recording is about 3 presses, and clipping is done quickly in the player itself. Muting the audio and shit can also be done in the player. Here's the script github.com/ekisu/mpv-webm

>>520866620When the paddles aren't moving there is a gap in the sides, if you are already going first you can mantain the lead.

>>520866620who the fuck cares about coming first on a non final

>>520865991>>520865776>Since LAUNCH is pushed from steam store front>seen everywhere, psuhing it down people's throat>it's a mediocre gamelmao you fell for it>>520865890It's simple, that's for sure, you brainlets eat it up.

>>520866814will look into it. im not super tech savy, but enough to follow "any" instructions. thanks user

>>520866914Kudolets. ;_;

>>520866831Interesting, thanks for the tips>>520866914Better rewards, achievements

Don't be a pussy, user. Fucking POST 'EM.

Attached: areyawinninson.jpg (1915x913, 661.29K)

>>520866914You get more xp and money based on your ranking. So getting gold on the events even if you don't win overall pays off.

If you don't go down the middle every single time on whirlygig you're a faggot

>>520866930big streamers have been playing it for weeks iircthe game had a lot of coverage

>>520866930It was being hyped and viral before launch with beta access and streamers, you'd know that if you had any idea what you are talking about.

>>520866914Probably because there are trophies for that, like the win 5 races and the taunt right at the end while getting first place.>>520866914

>>520866985if you have this top i WILL suicide to make you die with me. gtfo owl.

>>520867020If you veer to the left of the conveyor and dive toward the end you'll make it 9 times out of 10.

>>520867035they basically got it 1week in advance and had a lot of beta keys to share, creating a lot of hype and people watching.also it's the perfect game for a streamer, lot of time to watch chat, funny clutches etc...

>>520867103I've been doing this exact strat with little success

>>520867056>point out it's heavily advertised>It was being hyped and viral before launch with beta access and streamers, you'd know that if you had any idea what you are talking about.Are you retarded user?

Is it crossplay

>>520867162You're diving w/out jumping right?

>>520867020>>520867103>they don't know the 100% guaranteed fast shortcut route that avoids middle rngheh

Why is so hard to jump out of enemy bases while holding eggs? Is there a trick for it?



>>520867162An user imparted some wisdom regarding the venerable middle path in the last thread but I won't share it because I want the edge.

>>520866435What. How is that hard. I have shadowplay work like my PS4 share where it captures gameplay and I can save the last 10 minutes or so if I want. Load up webm for retards and then just set a 3.0mb file size etc. And Im done.

>>520867254Not yet, but they said they want to make it crossplay.

>>520867172Streamers getting free keys isn't "heavily advertised". It doesn't cost shit to give out free keys, numbnuts.

Are there plans for split screen? This game would be perfect for it.

I keep seeing gameplay and it reminds me of Mario Royale. Is it the same feeling? When you fuck others over and get to the end?

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>>520867474Keep drinking that koolaid user, consume consume consume

>>520867586fuck star niggers

>>520867694git gud blind boy


Attached: life.webm (1280x576, 1.9M)

NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGERAnd it wasn't even a disconnect issue, only 9 qualified

Attached: 20200813171809_1.jpg (1920x1080, 365.4K)

>>520867474tbf, im sure streamers get a lot of free keys. they must have greased their palms with something to get them to stream the game.


>>520867586A lot of people just get the lead just to fuck with people, a common shit you see on the easier events like dizzy heights is dudes staying until there is only one spot left and qualifying just as the guys in the back just made it to the end just to troll them.

>>520854552>obstical course designed to throw you downward if you fail>in many cases this leads to an instantous eliminationon top of it being one of the harder obstical courses to manuever (mostly because of how many fucking people are crammed into it) it's not hard to figure out.

>>520867887Sounds like my kind of game.

>only getting 40 man lobbies nowdamn its already dying

>>520867879yeah if ur close to the server, gl playing with bad latency

>>520867597>game is popular, they must have spent tons of money to make it popular and trick everyone into playing it, even though I have no idea how a small team got all this money.Or>game is a popular meme train that is a viral hit, which we see happen all the timeGee schizo, I wonder which answer is more likely?>>520867823If you pay attention to streamers, you'll notice it doesn't take them very long to recognize a game that will be popular to stream. These people are constantly looking for a new game to stream for easy views.It's very possible they were paid but I'd say it's just as likely that it snowballed with a few popular streamers playing it leading to plenty of people desperate for similar viewer bases joining in.

>>520867360You need momentum.

the fake door game is so stupid

>>520868006It's midnight in burger land, how many people do you think are going to be playing a children's game at one in the morning hanz

12 wins, boys. Just won a 14 man Hex a Gone.

>>520867360The egg clips on the ledge. if you don't manage a quick 1-2-out bounce then start again

>>520868162>Gee schizo, I wonder which answer is more likely?That they paid for advertisement. Have you ever tried to launch a product? it's hard user. Steam doesn't just push shit for free either.>These people are constantly looking for a new game to stream for easy views.You're one of those people that isn't in a certain profession, but acts like he knows all about it lmao

>>520868347There needs to be at least one "pure dumb luck" game to keep the shitters coming back.

>>520868006Your timezone is asleep.

>>520868470nah its not t. new zealand

>>5208579745 left last with the tail is worse.

>>520854673it's random nonsense lol, don't put too much thought into it

>>520868347Normally I would call you bad but I lost the last time I played it so you're right.

r8 my guy

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Hex a gone is the easiest win by far, Is that just me? Or are you guys also feeling it?

>>520868729Yeah, as long as you don't get me in your lobby it's easy.

>>520855696the amount of players that don't understand how seesaws work is unbelievable. I stood on one side of the first seesaw and watched as 40 or 50 people kept trying to jump on the fully tilted seesaw and sliding to their dooms on the opposite side instead of just letting it reset. At first it was funny, then it was frustrating, then it was just sad

why does everything have to have "seasons" nowstop making me feel like i'm missing something if i don't play the game constantly

>slime climb>front middle>time to shine, gonna be nobody in front of me>prepare for the trampoline jump>6 billion grab circles>get trampled to the backI still qualified, but fuck

>>520868717brown with yellow diamonds/10

>have a stockpile of crowns>have more fun trolling at the finish line that winningit never stops being funny

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>>520868927no one is immune to the retard stampede, you only have to pray youre not the target for whoever is leading it

>>520868717Neefs the devs to add a jester costume.

>>520868925It's so in 2 months they can charge for a seadon pass.

>2 wins in a rowI'm feeling it

>>520869008Whats your favorite grab spots? For me its: >whirlygig right before the final jump>gate crash right before the final jump>dizzy heights right before the final jump>fruit chute at the beginning drop

>>520869183fuck, why is there no jester costume? youd think it would be the most obvious choice with how silly and clumsy these characters are

>>520866018blessed user

>>520869564anywhere that requires a jump, the slime ramp on the one with the doors going up and down, and of course the slime climb end

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>>520869008Dangerously based

I have never seen beans move as hurriedly and precise as when the final tile is revealed in tip toe

>>520869718how do you push people like that?

>>520869898it takes different factors to be pushed like that, you cant just do it

>>520856604I won 14-1 once because I scored two goals and the other opponents on the bigger team just quit. So it went from a 4v5 to a 4v2 curbstomp.

>>520869898if they keep moving while being grabbed, they'll keep their momentum and get flung in a direction when they break free, especially if on slime

>Hoarders into Rock'n'rollJust when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

>>520870059>post slime climb>only 9 people left>fall ballit can get much, much worse user

>>520870126>i'm starting to get good at fall ball, and honestly as long as you have one guy not retarded with you, you can carry

stop making me want to buy it

>>520870285do you have a ps4? if so, you don't need to buy it

>Still no patch to stop the hackersGona quit playing until they fix this shit. I live in Asia, and the chinks just hack non-stop.

>>520870285anon, it's fun. and it won't be for long, because in a month, all left will be sweaty tryhards.It's a unique video game experience, and it won't last long. get in.

>>520870360retarded devs didn't even fucking prevent cheatengine from working, they were asking for it.

>>520870397Nice FOMO advertising kike.

>>520870360>there are hackers in this goofy ass Mario Party ripoffJesus Christ. It doesn't get more pathetic than that.

>>520870484>being made because a game is fun for a whole monthit's a lot fucking more than most games.

>>520870397Seriously stop being a kike or pretending to be a kike you miserable cunt.

>>520870618It can get to the point where there is 3 hackers in one match.Chinks have even started hacking in their names.

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>>52086840113 wins now, 7 man Hex a Gone :)

>2 months per season>when most the world is still semi-locked down from covidMost people are gonna hit 40 in 1-2 weeks and begin to lose interest. Should be 1 month.

>>520857974Not as bad as:>About to grab tail at last second ahead of the guy infront of me. Hes not even done a grab animation yet somehow gets the grab before me and I lose. This has happened to me twice now.

>>520856631I can attest.>FX 8320>GTX 970Solid 60fps.

someone make a new thread

Wait? This games doesn't run at 60fps on PS4? Seriously? Ive been getting a solid 60 on my 3200g PC and thats the size of two beer cans.