Why is it illegal to have attractive women in games anymore?

Why is it illegal to have attractive women in games anymore?

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>>520854118It's not, just play indie games. AAA is dead.

>>520854118why is it legal for you to care so much

I like defined facial features in women, but that's too much

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>>520854118It's not, just play japanese games. USA is dead.

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>>520854302I'm not sure what you mean by "indie games" if it's some pixel platformer shit they're even more pozzed

>>520854118>that face

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>>520854118Life is good for us strong jaw chads.

>>520855134>that faceIT'S MAAM

>>520854118stop playing shit games

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>>520854118Trannies absolutely love this game, so it paid off for them.

>>520856194thanks for the insight on that topic tranny

>>520856278Any time.

When did coomers start thinking they're not normalfags?

>>520856193careful you may summon the NRSautist

>>520854118she cute afyou might be gay junior

I could tell you, but then I'd have to suicide myself to pleasure island. I have to fulfill my dream first, man.

>>520856910didn't see him in a while, I think he might be finally dead

>>520854118Feminists unironically get insecure with depictions of beautiful women in fiction

thats a man, baby yea

>>520857136Haha only us 90s kids will get that one.


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coomer faggots don't play anything but low effort weebtrash and gachashit so i dont know why they care what happens in western games after spending decades trashing them. you're like sjws bitching about games you don't buy anyway.

>>520857361Dial 8

>>520857306Games should just be able to use connected cameras to do this.

>>520854118Women feel threatened by women that are more attractive than them. They see them as a threat to any attention people are paying them.

>>520857507You offering?

Imagine slaving away in Remedy. Days of crunch, kicking fucking NVIDIA shitty documentation to make sure your super cool video game looks the absolute best it possibly can.And then to have all of your work and all of your team's work ruined because some dyke diversity hire in character design decided that this chin, this chiseled mountain jaw, was worthy of being front and center throughout the entire game. This inhuman lump of bone effortlessly destroyed all aesthetic appeal of the entire experience.

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>>520857507I would, but the only women I can pull make suicide seem beautiful. So fuck that, I'm gonna shitpost on Holla Forums.

>>520857306this is a testiment to how artificial and manufactured korean women are

>>520858075I get at least one reply like this every time I post this webm, how insecure are you bitch?


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I can't imagine OP smells any better than your average Smash player

>>520854118if Control is anything to go by, it's illegal to have fun gameplay too

>>520858117way to project your own insecurities, wong

>>520854118>Why is it illegal to have attractive women in games anymore?ESL Paco

>>520858210>literally "no u"

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>>520857306It's not really that close. It only appears to line up so well because the model is faded out when she lines up with it

>>520858245you are genuinely cringy gookaboo

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>>520857951Just pay a whore 40 bucks for an hour to lose your virginity. It's what I did the week I turned 18, then went back to jacking off when I found out it's not worth it.

>>520854118If westerners made the equivalent of cute girls with anime tiddys they'd get #metoo'ed. They have to appease the twitter mob that presides over our media or their lives will be ruined. Those people are ham planet women in their 40s, trannies and jews with weird obsessions with ugliness and grotesqueness. All of these people hate beautiful things either out of jealousy or just a general social sickness.

>>520858329>dumb faggot has nazifacebookfrog savedkys yourself

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>new western game has sexy female characters>players buy and love it>twitter and tumblr throws a fit>players are still buying and playing itI don't see the issue?

>>520855134>>520855780>>520858132Hans Ma'amda

>>520858731name one

>>520857845the problem is that they pick shitty models. Look up the one for Control for instance, she's barely passable even with all the professional photo work

>be Holla Forumscel>never seen real woman irl>NOOOO WHY IS IT ILLEGAL FOR WOMEN TO BE ATTRACTIVEGrow up

>>520857045here: >>520839586

>>520857507heh, found the transfag


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>>520858781Yeah, it's definitely a case of a bad modeling job. All the games concept and promo art still gives her sharp features but she looks like she's in her late 20s instead of her late 30s. It fits her age while still giving her presence as The Director like they were probably going for.

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>>520859060making a concept art and doing a 3D modeling job are two entirely different things

Why are y'all so insecure?

>>520858731Except that hasn't happened in years. What were the last beautiful western game women? Witcher 3? Before that Miranda from ME2?>inb4 OverwatchFuck off, Blizzard is basically Chinese now. Its over. Its Abby and this forever now. Western gaming is over.

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We're face scanning now. Things either look funny or uncanny.

>>520854118look up who started modern day feminism and you'll see why. they ruin everything good and fun eventually.

>>520859192I know that 3D modeling is substantially harder than concept art. I've dabbled with both at an amateur level, I can't imagine how shitty it is in an AAA production.It's still not a great character model.

>>520854118I find her quite attractive. Maybe you're just into dudes.

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>>520859479they quite clearly fucked up the face scan, though

>>520859479>attracted to the face of a linebacker>y-you li-like men

>>520859479>dat American masculine face

>>520859594>>520859628Her face looks fine.Those flat tits on the other hand...

>>520859060Except she looked fine in Quantum Break, they made Jesse look like a bum in Control because canonically she is a bum, she's not meant to feel like she fits in the director role, everything, including her appointment is meant to feel very off and suspicious and unsettling.

>>520859594>The face of a linebackerThis means something in that closeted faggot head of yours, probably.

>>520857507Make me.

>>520859479>>520859734>"quite attractive">"closeted faggot head of yours"she's as masculine as you can be as a woman without going into freak territory, also rather old.Not a great material for a fictional protagonist for a videogame that's for sure, maybe a decent mom or aunt

>>520858731>I don't see the issue?Companies care about "public image", which is why they started listening to Anita even though there was no financial interest.

>>520858847Real women are more attractive than western vidya women at this point.

>>520857507you are pre ot post?if you are the latter please save the world the oxygen and off yourselft

>>520854526Women should be soft, not angular like men.

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>>520859479Aloy was from a qt model but they made her ugly too.Devs must be doing it on purpose.

>>520860208wrong pic

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>>520859734>>520859696I'm talking about the game pic in the OP. >>520859479^isn't as bad. If you think its an accident that the game render looks twice as masculine its not. Trannies rage the fuck out at the site of beautiful women because it reminds them of the lie, the absurdity of what they are.


>>520856193>I'd rather have a weak jawed pathetic half nip child.Ask me how I know you're a fag.>inb4 'y..you like man jaw y..you fag'Attraction is always about creating the most viable offspring, your brain is rotten from hentai and other retarded shit.

>>520860396t. balding tranny seething with jealousy


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>>520857507Are people still saying this unironically because they legit believe that the second someone has sex, they no longer care about attractive women?

>>520854118Why would they do this to her?

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>>520860321needs fatter thighs

Explain to me this, anons:If "women" care so much about he depiction of women in games being too sexy because men "objectify them" (whatever the fuck that even means), then why does no one care about porn or strippers who are real women literally choosing to be paid to be sexual objects? Why do real women not matter, but fake ones, who have no cognizance or feelings, do?

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>>520854118Hopefully they fixed her face in the expansion.

>>520860796Because their tits aren't as perfect as those anime tiddies and it hurts their fee fees so you can't have that. And then there's the trannies that are pissed about any feminine features whatsoever because obviously they can never have any and the result is pic related.

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>>520861027Shouldn't trannies feel happy if any depiction of them is what they want to be like, though? They're mentally ill, so, I guess they'll never make sense, but their ideal self should be what they want to play as in a video game.

>>520860485I'd be jealous if you didn't post a plain asian girl bruh

>>520860796Its not monolithic like people here make it out to be though. There are some of them are ok with sexy women in media and some of them hate the porn industry.

>>520862075>There are some of them are ok with sexy women in media and some of them hate the porn industryI very rarely hear from the latter, here, or on social media. The former, though, I hear quite a bit from. The only time I see people bitching about the porn industry is people from Holla Forums.

>>520860028>they started listening to AnitaHonestly this bitch should've been locked up a long time ago. What she did was vandalism, terrorism, and conspiracy.

>>520856193Why are western devs so afraid of attractive women?

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>>520862282SWERF is the termSex Work Exclusionary Feminist


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>>520862590Jesus, people have way too much time on their hands.>>520862657kek

>>520862657KekStill going to post this tho

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>>520862657It’s almost like these mentally unstable freaks barely even understand reality, let alone what they actually want.They blow their brains out at a rate most similar to depressives, we really shouldn’t expect much coherence from them.


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>>520862326what game is that user ?

>>520864080This year's April Fool's day joke was pretty fun, I gotta admit.

>>520860796The kind of women who complains about sexy women in vydia also tend to complain about porn and prostitution, so I'm not sure what you're getting at here

>>520860609do what? position and light her face anything different from head on and fully lit?

>>520860583no it's because you're a delusional retard whose only sexual experience is through masturbating to women who are paid to look attractive

>>520854118Because 95% of the women working on games are total feminist munters that are proud with themselves & the fact they refuse to either eat less, wash or exercise. They believe that they're sexy or what should be considered sexy even though it isn't & clearly shouldn't. They project themselves into the games & the heads of companies are scared to object as the retarded feminists, liberals & liberal media will fuck them up. Most likely ending up in court cases.

>>520855134Hahaha, thought the same, gj user

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>>520854998Indie games are unironically way less poz on average today than AAA games. Many are even full neg.

>>5208561932 main Mortal Kombats without sexy smoke or cute reptile. Fuck this series.

>>520854118have western video games ever had attractive women?Don't give me your knee-jerk brain reaction, think about it and find an example if you believe the answer is yes

>>520865321>>520855134this is you guys

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>>520865121Why do you people generalize everyone here? Would it surprise you to know I'm married and lost my virginity at 19? I know it doesn't fit your narrative of "lol, virgins" (despite the fact that you're one, yourself), but not everyone here is a loser, bub.

>>520865743and this is you.

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It's not illegal. Maybe you faggots should take your own advice and make your own games with attractive women.

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>>520865869stop seething

>>520854118That's pretty attractive by Finnish standards though

>>520865558SiN Episodes: EmergenceThough all other episodes are never coming out due studio being sold to a shovel ware publisher, lead devs leaving, and finally the studio closing.

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>>520866023And when they do, journalists and game devs will them they should change it because it's problematic.

>>520857762>>520857075Yeah I'm sure that's why Sam Lake cast her you absolute retards not because she's a stuntwoman performing a physically demanding role or anything

>>520865743I have a decent chin, but thank you for worrying about me user.

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>>520866178What, are you afraid of words now? Just don't look at twitter moron.

>>520866132>simply responding is seething.Sounds like you're the one that's angry.

>>520859268>What were the last beautiful western game women?Rdr2

>>520866260Who said I was afraid? I just think it's insecure of people to want things changed just because they're offended by them. If you don't like something, don't play it.

>asian loving incels already ITT

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>>520866271>why are people on the internet so mean to meget a grip, retardgo divorce your wife or whatever it is you breeders do these days

nicely stylized games requires a clear decision on art direction to be made by the lead concept artists that's then followed by the rest of the team. It's not something you can just change midway through development because some exec doesn't like it without throwing away vast amounts of work."just make it all realistic then we'll slap some color filters over the top at the end" is the way AAA game devs do things instead.

>>520866463>breedersFaggot detected.

>>520865743Since reaction images started being a thing way back when ever I see an image of a face posted my brain automatically assigns that face to the poster. Thus when I see wojack and soi shit II can't stop myself from seeing the poster as the a giga-faggot which makes me skip over reading the post the vast majority of the time.


>>520866407>If you don't like something, don't play it.Yeah I agree. I think the people in this thread complaining about ugly women should take your advice.

>>520865190The art designer, director, game designer, writers, producers, lead programmers were all men. So what the hell do female employees "who don't wash" have to do with the protagonist of Controls appearance? There were literally no women in senior roles working on the game. Goddamn you niggers are dumb


>>520857306god korean girls are so hot

>>520865869its not a generalization but a fact

>>520866641Anyone have that pic of skull shavings from korea?

>>520866581Again, the problem isn't ignoring it, though. Pretty women have places in games. The problem is that the vast majority of Western game devs think otherwise and not only don't want to make games with pretty women, but think Japan, or anyone else, shouldn't either.

>>520866664Then what does that say about you, incel?

>>520857306Half the girls in korea could use that same character.

>>520854118because western companies don't need or want the terrorist incel market. You don't even have any disposable income anyway aside from autismbux which is why you mutants can only afford $10 weeb visual novels

>>520864361Check the fillename, newfriend

>>520866716And I'm saying people like (You) should go out and make your own games with pretty women if you think it's such a problem. This is the advice people gave the SJWs. Guess what - they all got jobs at game studios. Why not go out and do the same?

>>520854118Because people who play videogames are ugly

>>520866893Because they try their best (and sometimes succeed) to get them banned from nearly every marketplace.

>>520866559thanks for telling me all this I really enjoy getting to know random anonymous retards better it makes this place feel like a real community

>>520867006name one timeyou have to name oneyou fucking insane delusional faggotyou are living in a fantasy world in your mind

>>520867006They do?


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>>520854118liberals hate anything feminine and beautiful, that explains perfectly why they hate white women, specifically white little girls, and by extension the entire white race. it's a threat to they're evil ideology and shoving these warped tranny features onto the goyim is just another facet of their endless propaganda campaign

because the medium is evolving past the point of purely existing to give teenage boys erections

>>520854118It's not. Many devs are just afraid to create beautiful characters, because some “few“ would seeth. If devs would create good looking characters and implemented them in actually great and fun games, nobody except of those lgbtqblabla retards would care.


>>520867362a genuine chucklethank you

>>520867340Yes. Evolving into glorified movies.

Western vidya industry was infected with a pathology called feminism. Its hard to cure. Blame useless people called "game urinalists" for this happening.

>>520867279Yes, why don't you do that? Or make your own indie game with sexy women. Are you really afraid of getting made fun of by trannies on twitter?

>>520866208Who are we talking about? No specific woman was mentioned.

>>520867013You posted a wojack edit, nothing you ever say will mean anything.


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>>520867436So? I like movies.

>>520866706as if I care

>>520867006Any examples?

>>520867539Or kicked out of the industry. I like you act like Western game devs are at all tolerant of other ideas.


>>520867279>folksopinion discarded


>>520867917You're mad at them because they tolerate ideas other than your own.

>>520868000Ask them yourself. Trannies love it.

>>520867917Make your own indie game and post the links here, people will eat that shit up. But you won't because you're lazy, and you'd rather complain.

>>520868049I don't know where to find trannies. Mind explaining why and how you have ties to the tranny community?

>>520854118Catholics have astral projection?

>>520868043I don't give a fuck what they make, but they sure do care what others make. I can ignore things I don't like. They can't because they're "morally superior" know what's best for me.

>>520856194>>520868000>>520868049>>520868117im dilating

>>520868217>I can ignore things I don't likeProve it.

Western cuck developers hiring mentally ill trannies

>>520868117Any video game community.

>>520867961Should have said bruhs, am I right?)))) Such a basef kino)

>>520868115Who says I'm not making a game? It might not feature sexy women, but why can't others make those games without some people wanting the creators to change it rather than just ignoring it?

youtube.com/watch?v=AxywPdCuRNQTHANK YOU BASED JAPAN

>>520864080I wasn't here at that time, so I have no idea what am i looking at

>>520854118Because anime has rotted your brain so anything that's not anime looks unattractive.

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>>520868236make sure to join the 41% afterwards

>>520854118Because video games are trying to be realistic, and there aren't a ton of attractive women walking around. You'd know that if you'd gone outside pre-pandemic

>>520868049>>520868117Actual tranny here. I don't even know what game that is in the OP, so it can be said that I don't love it.

>>520868276I don't play AAA Western trash, but let me guess, that makes me an incel or some other convenient label you've already cooked up in that tiny little head you have.

>>520868345Those people should learn not to be so sensitive about what trannies say about their games on Twitter.Don't act as if there aren't people here who like to criticise SJW games. We're in a thread about that shit right now.

>>520868217>>520868345>conventionally attractive character in a video game>no one bats an eye>character who isn't conventionally attractive in a video game>the internet explodes

>>520868484You would love it if you played it.

>>520868549>>conventionally attractive character in a video game>>no one bats an eyeWhy must you lie?

>>520868304>uses "folks" reflexively because the digital circles he travels in have conditioned him to use gender neutral terms until he knows the "proper" pronouns>wonders how he gets outed as a sjw fagIt's truly a mystery.

>>520854118She is futt bugly but the game at least has a cool premise and is fun to play. Just ignore the MtF you play as

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>>520868463Video games are best when they're not trying for realism.

>>520868640>oh no kotaku posted another fluff opinion piece, I'm being oppressed again

>no restrictions on hot guysWe won gaybros

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>>520856194Is that why it flopped?

>>520868519You act like Holla Forums and game blogs have the exact same reach and influence.


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>>520868649You are legitimately suffering from paranoid delusions.

>>520868814You are legitimately incapable of hiding who and what you are on 4chan.

>>520868549The only place that still likes pretty girls in games is this place. Meanwhile, every blog and gaming forum hates them.

>>520854994I dislike this image being Kat, because she's not the cool beauty type, she's the genki dork somewhat tomboyish type

>>520868753SJW game blogs have less influence than you think they have

>>520868117>tranny communityOnce mentally ills "communities" were called "asylums". It was a different, more civilized, timeline.

>>520868753Oh, so it's not pathetic when Holla Forums complains about SJW stuff in games, but it is pathetic when SJWs complain about attractive women in games. You should have just told me straight away that you're a hypocrite faggot user.

>>520868809>I will not be satisfied until absolutely no one anywhere on the internet disagrees with anything I thinkwow, what is that like?

>>520868814That's exactly what a CIA agent living in my fillings would say though.

>>520868882Way more than Holla Forums does.

>Helltaker dev makes game with cute girls>everyone loves itIt can be done.

>>520868670Nice subjective statement boomer

It's funny watching japanese streamers confusion when all the women in Tsushima are ugly.Truly america worships ugliness. It has been conquered by a jewish disdain for beauty.

>>520868904/v/ has .000001% of the power and influence game blogs do, so when the blogs complain, guess what? Devs listen. When Holla Forums complains? crickets. It's literally not the same thing.

>>520868890I agree, it's about time the 4chan community was relocated to mental health facilities where they belong

>>520868727>mental illness>winningpick one

>>520868841Kind of like how you are incapable of hiding your insanity.

Nobody complains when male characters aren't attractive.

>>520868670This. Why aim for realism in a medium made for escapism?

>>520869126So it's not the fact that people are complaining about stuff instead of ignoring it - it's just the fact that there are people out there who are saying shit you disagree with, and you want that to stop?

I like how every time there is a thread criticizing Western games, there's a bunch of fuckers who immediately have to come rushing to their defense. It's fucking weird, honestly. It's almost like they're from another place altogether.

>>520869213oh yes they fucking do

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>>520869136Maybe its time to join the 42%.

>>520869213Name a game with ugly males

>>520869082>implying Japan isn't a cesspool of degeneracyIt's weird to want the women in your media to look like realdolls instead of human beings and not the other way around.

>>520869206You fags always fuck up somehow when you post here. Whether it's using "soft" genderless shit like you did with 'folks' earlier. Or a reluctance/refusal to say 'fag' or other "problematic" terms. Or when you forget which memes go with which website.I can't tell if you just don't think about the fact that your posting styles stick out like a sore thumb here, or if you're dogwhistling for more of your own kind. You're just as bad as the Holla Forums tourists.

>>520866836They pay good money to be that way

>>520869305I wonder what percentage of incels commit suicide

>>520860383>Trannies rage the fuck out at the site of beautiful womenTrue. I fly into fits of rage every time I leave my house, it's starting to become quite a problem. Can't even go to the grocery store anymore and if this continues I'll starve to death.

>>520854118Why do you get so irrationally upset when they're not?

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>>520869269Let people like what they like, regardless if you think it's a movie like Western games get called or if people like to jack off to them. That's what I think. Stop trying to get things changed because they offend you. If you don't like it, ignore it. The problem is that one side has way more power than the other, so the weaker side simply ignoring it helps them very little and then whining about the other side helps them even less.

>>520869391If you seriously think anyone who describes a group of people as 'folks' is a sleeper cell from a tranny community, you are legitimately insane.

>>520869136>4chan >community How to tell an absolute reddit/twitter fag from this shit hole of a website. You absolute niggers can't even hide the fact your asses are glowing Go back to plebbit or twitter where you can stay safe in your hug box

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>>520869274People with different opinions? wtf must be some kind of conspiracy...

>>520854118>in western gamesfixed that for you bud

>>520869519I seriously think *you* are a tranny and/or a Reddit tourist. Didn't say anything about sleeper cells.

>>520869537Keep denying it, discord.

>>520869479I agree with you, which is why I think threads like these are retarded, and full of whiners.

>>520869524>hug boxIf anything is a hugbox it's 4chan.


>>520869524>muh sekrit gamer clubnot him but you're just as gay

>>520860383>Trannies rage the fuck out at the site of beautiful womenWhy do you autists always get this backwards? Trannies don't want to play transgender characters, they want to play as the gender they identify as. That's their whole deal.


>>520866884thanks user

>>520860796They just don't want 100% of female characters to all be buxom bimbos who are designed for teenage boys to masturbate to. And since they have successfully lowered it to about 95%, suddenly faggots like you think they are being oppressed.

I wish Control had better world building, the game felt more like a proof of concept than a fully fleshed out idea

>>520869524>do I fit in yet?

>>520859515>>520859594>>520859628They face scan without makeup

>>520869932Yes, because they would totally allow any game to have that. Let's just ignore thousands of articles and bad reviews because of how sexy the game's characters are. Remember reviewers docking points from Bayonetta for her being "sexy"?

>>520861027She's just a girl who works out. You're upset because her biceps are bigger than yours. No one else is upset.

>>520869594And I seriously think you're a nutcase who jumps at shadows.

>>520869307Any game with males

>>520869391You're a delusional redditnigger tourist, please go back to your site and don't shit up 4chan with your obsession about things you secretly want to fuckThank you

>>520867306Caucazoid women look like beached whales. They age like milk in the Sahara desert. They're all feminist bull dykes now. Nothing attractive about them.

>>520867961He's Irish, takes on a bit of a different vibe.

>>520869463It's like chucking 20% of sales down the drain, the coomer demographic still matters.

>>520870150>>520870252t. discord samefag

>>520870071Wow, how many reviewers did that again? One? Two?You and retards like you should unironically kill yourselves so normal people wouldn't have to listen to the fucking shit you spew out

>>520870071And there are people here who unironically dock points from games for having ugly women, I don't see the issue?

>>520870408None of them are professional reviewers

>>520870408Because apparently, game developers have to change their entire policies if someone publishes an opinion piece on the internet about tits.

>this thread

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>>520869416Probably 0%. I've read some research and once you became addicted to porn and masturbation with your hand, sex turn out unsatisfactory. So even if they try it (with a prostitute or something) they will not gonna like it. Sex is truly a thing for us boomers or young conservatives maybe. Incel is the new norm.

>>520870376The infamous discord samefag response/pol/cords would raid 4chan, they'd never do that, no, never!The hypocrisy is, as always, astounding with negative IQ niggers like you because you're too retarded to even notice itPlease kill yourself

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>>520870276Did it ever occur to you that sometimes it fits that a character isn't attractive and it's easier to make them visually different from every other character if they don't follow the traditional "pretty face" (which is really what it all boils down to, people getting irrationally upset it's not the same face they've seen over and over).

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>>520870559I dont gave her freedom at the end of the game. She's my sex slave doll forever.

>>520854994Here's your Japanese game bro

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>>520870071Was Bayonetta any less sexy in the sequel?

>>520870636The proliferation of echo chambers and the internet has gotten to the point where people who are completely conditioned towards only being exposed to the bubble of "reality" they have cultivated for themselves that any time a girl with a face they don't find aesthetically pleasing ends up going into their eyeholes they think they are being mind raped.

You know, for people hating these politics you sure can't shut up about them.

>>520870589>outed as a discord tranny>thinks everyone who realizes this is a Holla Forumstard>actually uses the word 'hypocrisy' in their postHow many layers?

>>520854118Because liberals have gone mentally insane and conservatives refuse to speak up and do something

>>520870487So what? It's clear there are people who'd be less willing to buy a game if it had ugly women in it (and vice versa). If a review's meant to be. a buyer's guide, I don't see the issue with saying it has ugly or attractive women in it.

>>520870880Oh no, someone on 4chan doesn't have my fringe right wing opinions, he must be a discord tranny!Kill yourself, tourist

>>520870880>you used the word 'folks', I have therefore deduced that you are a tranny>what do you mean I'm dangerously insane and pathetic?I couldn't make this shit up if I was tasked with writing a satire of 4chan

>>520860208>>520860321very very bad taste, probably masturbates to "1000 years old" lolis too.

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Almost all of the female characters in western video games ARE attractive. Not everyone considers everything short of same face anime doll to be ugly, you dumb fucking weebs.

>>520870952>>520870969>syncing up the samefagging with the phone nowThe irony is almost palpable.

>>520870905Really? This is what you "refusing to speak up and do something" looks and sounds like? I'd hate to see how annoying and incessant you are when you're actually trying

>>520862326Pic unrelated?

>>520870636If they are going for realism why is it a women and not a dude, considering that men are far more likely to take dangerous jobs and risk their lives for others compared to women?

>>520860609she has a big jaw in real life, studio maps her face to detail, big jaws don't look as good in games because of lighting, texture, camera angle, etc

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>>520859479Where are her hips?

idk, Ellie's pretty cute in the second Last of Us game. You faggots will just complain about anything.

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Closing down theDonald and ChapoTrapHouse really did fuck this entire website over. Fuck Reddit for doing this to us. It was already bad enough.

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>>520871023>>520870867Because it's their entire life at this point, gone are the days where someone could have a different opinion on 4chan without being screamed down by several stormweeniesGG and the election ended what Chanology began

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>>520871298You're just as bad as the stormweenies though, faggot.

>>520871217>Ellie>cuteMaybe if you live among abbos.

The problem isn't that they're "ugly", it's that these coomers call anything that isn't 9/10 or above for ugly.Take this character for example, it's one Holla Forums has repeatedly called ugly but you'd have to be clinically insane to call this face ugly.

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