ITT: guilty pleasures

ITT: guilty pleasures

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Shit taste you casual faggot

your mom

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your mom

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your mom

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your mom

Next poster's mother

>>520853981It's not even good as a FPS.

>>520853981maybe it's a guilty pleasure if you're an actual zoomer retard

Your Mom

Post apoc dress up and settlement builder simulatorgood taste.

>>520854228your'e mom

>>520854256Fuck off OP

>>520853981Its not a guilty pleasure if the people mocking you are Obsidian niggers and reddit fedora tippers

your mum

>>520853981This game is literally a skinner box for retards

>>520854256your mom>>520854382if you think obsidian as a company is what made new vegas great then fuck right off and look at the catastrophe named The Outer Worlds.It just so happened to be that a lot of the old Fallout 1/2 writers had been working for obsidian at that time they were asked to develop New Vegas. They all left after that. Stop trying to fit in, uneducated leddit tard.

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>>520855727404 hours not foundlike if u get it

>>520855869hahaha super based joke my friend :D lol

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hahahaha git in here boys! get FUCKED Holla Forums

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>>520853981Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, yur Dad !God i hate being a sheep but some otherworldly energy forced me to do it

>>520857217Now its forcing you to reinstall and play Fallout 4... You feel that?

>>520857132How are you still missing some of the achievements?

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>>520857436No, you fucking don't

>>520854742Outer Worlds was made by completely different people in Obsidian. Mostly women.

>>520857338 Thats exactly 1 playthrough (after a 1/2 playthrough I aborted) and I haven't even finished the MQ (You're playing FO4 wrong if you care about the story at all). 30% settlement building, 60% sex mods


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>>520857338probably modded it a lotsome mods do disable cheeovesthere is a mod to overwrite that though

enjoying the brotherhood of steel patch

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>>520853981You can actually completely overhaul this to be a decent experience, so I understand if that's the case. Man I hope the NV mod becomes an actual finished thing.

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>>520857698stop embarrassing yourself

>>520857698>This game is very popular>If I dislike it then I'm just being contrarian, all games are worth buying and playing

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>>520857571For me, it was mostly settlement building and single player campaign mods. It's astounding how terrible some of them are. The thing that really grabbed me about the settlement building, though, is the fact that despite Bethesda's terrible fucking engine, the NPC sandboxing in custom settlements really made the place feel alive; it's the little things: I built a food cart area and a pub, and in the morning, they'd all wake up, the vendors would staff their shops, the NPCs would eat, then dick around and work or whatever, then at night, they'd all gather at the pub and have drinks. It's the reason I could never get into Conan Exiles or Minecraft, because in those games, you're really just building shit for the sake of building. In this, and DQB2, you're building things that people ostensibly need and actually use.

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>>520857897>Man I hope the NV mod becomes an actual finished thing.Why? Of all the total conversion mods, even the total conversion mods for NV, why would you be excited for FO4NV? Who the fuck played New Vegas and thought, "Yeah, John Doman was pretty good, but I'd really love to see what xXxTurdBurglarSephiroth420xXx brings to the role."

>>520853981The next Elder Scrolls will definitely have its settlement system.


Is Fallout 4 VR worth playing?

>10 in all stats>rooted>fists of fury>moving target>life giver>crit bank>bloody mess>retarded amounts of psycho and buffout >fists only>play in third person for counter attacks and execution animations>my fucking face when Congrats, I made the game fun as fuck

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>>520853981>#6 most played game in my steam libraryUhhhhh.... Yeah.....

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>>520853981i really want to give a chance to Nuka-world dlc but it's just a mess both in term of gameplay and bugs.>dlc is empty if you want to play as a good guy,>even if you play as a bad guy, the main focus is settlement stuff and not story like far harbor,>raiders still complain about being hungry even if you have vassal settlements giving them mountains of food,>trying to capture Sanctuary hills is just fucked up because of technical issues,the overbitch comic gave it way too much credit

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>>520854143This game sucks dick, it's appealing not to me, but my brain's desire to see things progress and pretty lights, but it plays vocaloid songs which is nice.I need to delete it.I actually can't believe there is some micro transactions that cost like $80, I never spent money on this, but I feel bad for the people that have.

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>>520858491Didn't mean to quote

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>>520853981I main Xiao Qiao in the DW series. She was best in DW4.Also I'm a closet Pang Tong fan.

>>520858480>play as a good guy

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>>520858491you just said your mom sucks dick lmao

>>520857571>sex modsahh this explains everythinh

It's fun.

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>>520858681>not playing as Neutral or Chaotic Good in every game

>>520854039It's not a good game. OP knows that. It's why he called the thread "guilty pleasures". But that doesn't mean he can't enjoy it. Sometimes you just have to turn your brain off.

>>520857787can you mod this one?

>>520857787can you run though this solo kinda like borderlands?

>>520857787based. it's actually not bad

>>520859440You don't really "run" through Borderlands solo so much as you "slog."

>>520860138if you say so

>>520853981I unironically really like MGSV

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>>520854039Except it is

>>520854202It's gameplay shits on every other fallout as well as elder scrolls, so yes

>>520857698popular doesn't mean goodfallout 4 is complete shit in every categoryand you're shit for trying to defend it

>>520860892I do too user, but we deserved better.


>>520853981i can't play fallout 4 cause my female character turns me into a coomer

>>520855869upvoted ;)p.s : thanks for the gold kind stranger!

>>520862530in this momentyou are euphoric

>>520853981Fallout 4 is the best lootershooter Fallout there is. Fuck 3 and New Vegas.If you want an actual good game with a story though, then there's Fallout 1 and 2.

>>520866403>fuck dialog options that actually effect the characters around you another settlement needs your help faggot


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>>520866848>having no dialog options in a game with shitty dialog vs. having dialog options in a game with shitty dialogI really don't care that much. Play 1 & 2.

>>520853981I know man, i can't stop modding and playing this shit game.>>520857698Lol funny because this is truth

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>>520864375you are shit too

>>520853981Uriel’s Chasm the seriesThe games are pretty good.

>>520854039I bet you get bullied on a day to day basis haha fuck you

>>520862530>fallout 4 is complete shitBest selling Bethesda title, immense modding community, over 30000+ mods. Use your brain, think, and name one ONE other game with better numbers.

>>520857954Yo dude no one asked LOL

i feel like fo4 would be better if the 2 shot effect on guns got nerfed and the other legendary dmg effects got buffed.

>all these edgy summerposters too afraid to admit liking a casual mainstream thing because they need to keep up the hardcore gamer facadeBitches please, I was playing Shadow of Amn and Torment before you were even born, Fallout 4 is fun as fuck especially with mods.

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>>520857954Sim Settlements is a blessing for sure. Love that shit.

>>520857954For a person who only loves to explore and loot Bethesda games are a blessing, plus the modding community. I have over 1000 hours into this thing and love it.

>>520853981I'm playing fo4 now modded and its great lel

>>520857954i literally could never get the sandbox to work, I think a mod fucked up the NPC pathfinding, but I literally cant play without place anywhere etc

>>520868472mean to >>520866403

>>520857954Theres a mod called tektopia for Minecraft that changes villagers to actual npcs with needs and jobs. It actually becomes dwarf fortress light as you create their houses and try to optimize their pathing to their jobs/storage/pub/home. I'd recommend it if you ever decide to try minecraft again.

>>520868506Oh, I had a ton of mods for settlements. Things like Place Anywhere, Scrap Everything, those mods that turn random junk into static objects so they don't fly around everywhere when you load the cell, or always somehow fucking manage to clip under the ground.>>520868394I'm not sure if I installed Sim Settlements, but it would make sense. It would certainly make more sense than the barebones AI packages somehow knowing which building was meant to be a cafe and which one was meant to be a bar.

>>520868330based boomer

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>>520868330It's funny because even OP admitted that it's his guilty pleasure and they still seethe because their elite gamer status somehome being shaken

mod tip that flips the entire fallout 4 gameplay loop on its heda: Salvage beacons. You make a radio post at settlement and they send out scavengers. You just deploy your beacons on any container in the world and fill it up with all dat juicy loot n scrap you collected and keep exploring without missing a beat

i agree fo4 is trash and broken but it has its charm and its fun if you dig real deep.

>>520868959I think it's a guilty pleasure because vanilla is absilute shit.

>>520853981>Only 386 hours

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>>520853981this but in VR with CBBE

>>520869318Finally someone else gets it. I made the mistake of playing on survival, but the salvage beacon saves a ton of time running back to base.>When you realize nearly a quarter of your play time is being padded out from looting an area and going back and forth constantly to grab anything not nailed down.

>>520869829Who the fuck plays any Bethesda game vanilla?

Holla Forums pretends to like that fallout in space shit game despite it being like a mobile version of fallout due to the insane lack of content variety but hates fallout 4 which at least had a very decent map to explore and some memorable quests

>>520853981Got a mod recommendations user? i've been meaning to finsih this.

>>520870236fallout in space?

>>520870302I don't even remember the name because it was so underwhelming Just googled it, outher worlds, man what a shit fucking game that was

>>520870175I do, 641 hours in fact>>520869874

I've been playing the f4ee mod for a few days now. Feels like I'm playing Tarkov or Metro or something. Shooting corpses on the ground to check if they're dead, that sort of thing. Pretty fun. Wish the base building wasn't so fucking tedious.

>>520870370>outer worldsanon Holla Forums fucking hates OW

>>520853981>really want to finish this game>dima's minecraft autism vr mission make me want to punch a fuckin wall because it's so unneededAnd here i was i enjoying far harbor. Oh well, guess this monster of uncompressed data can sit on my xbox alitte more

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>>520870849>bethesda game on a console

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>>520870953>FFXV piche's the ultimate pleb


>>520862482That's a fact.It's the everything else from system design to writing that fails in Fallout 4.Finally you can shoot at enemies without VATS, but at what cost

>>520857928yes, form your own opinion instead of following the brainless Holla Forums hivemind

>>520871059never played ffxv. I just find the pics smugness amusing

>>520857424Fucking this. What was it that made my autism squee and feel so engaged with this soulless grey slate?

>>520870849that part took me an hour and I wasn't even having trouble its just that tedious

>>520854039Fpbp>>520857436 >>520857698>>520859267>>520862408>>520868061Seething shittaste retards, go shoot everything and collect junk

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>>520871294Im trying to play it right now. the shooting feels dull and boring but the game really isnt that easy.